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Fansub News and Releases
Releases: Releases temporarily down
Posted by Crawen on Wednesday, May 3rd 2017
As some of you might already know, the fansub community has taken a resent blow which is limiting releases.

Nyaa Torrents, which was our main source of releases went down a few days ago and news has it that it is permanent.

One alternative is Tokyo Toshokan, but they seem to be under constant DDoS attack so they are also out of commission for the time being.

Some fansub groups are still managing their releases using magnet links and other solutions while figuring out what replacement tracker to use.

We will keep you informed about further developments as we find out more ourselves.

So what about until then?

In the meanwhile, we are going to experiment with magnet links instead of torrent links, although these will probably not cover all show or releases from different groups. If you have any suggestions, then let us know in the comments. Or even better, if you know of any releases then please submit them by going to the related anime and click the "Submit a new release" link on the right side, right under the screenshots (if there are any).

EDIT: We needed to make some changes in our system to support magnet links which took a bit longer than expected, but the releases are finally starting to roll in again.

We are going to focus on the newest releases first, working our way back to the ones we skipped as there's a good chance that most of you have already seen those episodes by now.

EDIT 2: a few anime torrent sites have risen. Some were already there, but suddenly got a renewed effort in development, others were created from scratch. Two of the better trackers so far seem to be and

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Anime Reviews News and Stuff
Orange Review
Posted by chikage_shampoo on Sunday, September 25th 2016

Heartbreaking and bittersweet, Orange is a beautiful example of a romance done right. It's my favorite series from this past anime season.

Click the picture or HERE to read my review.

(comments? | 821 reads)

Anime Reviews News and Stuff
sweetness & lightning review
Posted by chikage_shampoo on Tuesday, September 20th 2016

One of my favorite offerings of 2016 so far, the slice-of-life series sweetness & lightning is about a dad, his kid, a girl, and cooking. Lots of it. Prepare for a lot of cuteness, and prepare to get hungry.

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Anime Reviews News and Stuff
Love Live! School Idol Project Review
Posted by chikage_shampoo on Sunday, September 18th 2016

Ever wish you could be part of a pop idol group? Not just that--but a sort of superhero pop idol group that will save your school? That's what three girls aim to do in Love Live! School Idol Project.

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Anime Reviews News and Stuff
Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace - Reviewed by GaileOxstain
Posted by Crawen on Tuesday, June 28th 2016
Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace Cover

It’s been four years since I first started reviewing anime here on Anime-Source, and I have since produced over 150 individual reviews of commendable length. But it’s time for me to hang up my hat and go back to being just another anime fan who watches merely for the sake of watching. And so I have decided that my hobby should end where it first began, with “Bodacious Space Pirates”.

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Anime Reviews News and Stuff
No Game, No Life - Reviewed by GaileOxstain
Posted by Crawen on Wednesday, June 15th 2016
No Game, No Life Cover

In many ways, life is nothing but a game. And for the longest time was one I felt that I could never win at simply because the rules are skewed against my “play style”. Sure I could alter how I play, but that takes all the fun out of it. Turns out all I had to do was just find the game I was good at, just as Sora and Shiro have in “No Game No Life”. And the series brought victory to all as a result.

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Anime Reviews News and Stuff
Amnesia - Reviewed by GaileOxstain
Posted by Crawen on Sunday, June 12th 2016
Amnesia Cover

On the insistence of a friend, I was urged to watch “Amnesia”. Frankly, I was hesitant considering the series is named after one of the most overused cliché tropes in gaming, anime, and pretty much every other form of media. To my surprise the series renewed my expectations quite a bit, only for my faith to be dashed for a completely different reason than what I was expecting.

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Anime Reviews News and Stuff
Natsu no Arashi: Akinai-chuu - Reviewed by GaileOxstain
Posted by Crawen on Monday, May 30th 2016
Natsu no Arashi: Akinai-chuu Cover

The summer is just starting to heat up. Can the same be said for the second season of “Natsu no Arashi”? Yes, in the sense that it still feels like it’s trying to heat itself up.

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Anime Reviews News and Stuff
Natsu no Arashi - Reviewed by GaileOxstain
Posted by Crawen on Saturday, May 28th 2016
Natsu no Arashi Cover

With summer just around the corner, it seems fitting to focus on a series about the magic of our summer youth. “Natsu no Arashi”, while relatively unknown, is appreciated as one of SHAFT’s sleeper hits, though I personally didn’t get as invested as the rest of the fan base.

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Anime Reviews News and Stuff
BLOOD-C: The Last Dark - Reviewed by GaileOxstain
Posted by Crawen on Wednesday, May 11th 2016
BLOOD-C: The Last Dark Cover

“BLOOD-C” was such a disappointment that I truly believed it killed the Blood franchise for good. The prospect of a film sequel did not raise any hopes in fans, and no one thought this spinoff would be anything less than a stain on a cult classic. But then something miraculous happened, like any good monster, the series rose from the grave.

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