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Uta Kata

Alternate title : Fragments of a Poem
Studio : Unknown

Length : 12 Episodes

Year : 2004

Genre : Drama - Magic - Shoujo - Slice of Life - Fan Service

Synopsis :
Ichika notices that she forgot a very valuable item when she and her classmates were cleaning the old school building. Ichika happens to find it, but is unable to reach it because it's somehow WITHIN the mirror. She then spots a girl in the mirror and the girl, Manatsu, proposes to give back Ichika her cherished item, but only if she does her summer homework.

Ichika agrees to this trade and discovers that Manatsu's homework is actually to reflect on her experience of the 12 Djinn (spirits). Unfortunately, it's not all fun and games for Ichika, she experiences pain and observes the sins of humanity. There's also something else that Manatsu isn't telling her, something that would threat the world on the other side of the mirror.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Himitsu
Last update : 2007-06-28
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Score : 7.55
Number of reviews : 11

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official Uta~Kata Website (jap)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Savage Genius - Omoi wo Kanadete

ED1 : Savage Genius - Itsuka Tokeru Namida

Release(s) :

2017-07-27 -- Episode(s) 1-12 by AnimeYuki & Spork. BT Link
2005-08-21 -- Episode(s) 10 by LunarAnime. BT Link
2005-07-22 -- Episode(s) 9 by LunarAnime. BT Link

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 Tachibana, Ichika Kuroki, Manatsu Takigawa, Satsuki Kawamura, Keiko Munakata, Michiru Kogure, Saya Toudou, Sei Toudou, Kai

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Posted by : GaileOxstain
Posted on : 2013-09-09        

The magical girl genre is one full of little girls dreams, or of cheap fanservice geared toward lolicons. Uta Kata on the other hand is a bit of an oddball entry within this mix however. It is really aimed at the shoujo demographic, nor does it really seem geared toward the perverts. Instead, Uta Kata tries to take a deeper route aimed at exploring the light and the darkness of the human condition. And while the series did dig deep, the series kind of forgot to bring a ladder, resulting in the series getting trapped in its own hole in pursuit of this path.

Ichika is just your run of the mill 14-year old middle school student. Innocent, honest, and moving at her own pace along the path of maturity. However, one day she left her cell phone with the charm given to her by her tutor and crush in the old schoolhouse during a cleaning session. When she tries to retrieve it she sees a girl named Manatsu in the old school's mirror that was not her own reflection, however in the girls hand was Ichika's cell phone. Wanting her precious charm back, she makes a deal with the girl to do her "summer homework" in exchange for the charm, and upon striking their deal the mysterious girl emerges from the mirror. Confused by the sudden supernatural happening, Ichika is thrown for another loop when her charm starts glowing and she ends up donning a elegant outfit and sailing up into the sky alongside a god-like figure. This being is called a Djinn, an embodiment of nature's power, power with Ichika has been bestowed. This power grants her the ability to see the world and the people within it from the eyes of the elements around her.

This is her assignment. To awaken all 12 of the Djinn's powers and chronicle her feelings when using them. Thrust into the task given to her, Ichika goes about her summer vacation with her friends, using the Djinn's powers to silently help them in their time of need. However, something doesn't feel right. As Ichika goes about her task, it becomes apparent that Manatsu isn't telling her something. Something that is causing Manatsu's guilt to pile up behind her strong faced facade. And with each Djinn used, Ichika gradually starts trekking down a path that she cannot turn back from.

At first this series comes across as a rather bland magical girl series that lacks any real promise. While other series such as Cardcaptor Sakura focus on actively hunting down the magical beings, Uta Kata instead has all the beings already at the girl's disposal but only uses their powers once in the entire series rather than throughout. In fact, most of the time it actually feels like the use of these powers is unwarranted given the situation and serves only to fill a "Magic of the week format".

Rather than being focused on the magic, the story revolves more around Ichika's life itself and what her new powers has allowed her to see. Her new found sight gives her all the opportunities to help, but it also opens her eyes to the darker aspects of human nature that up until then she had been childishly oblivious of in all incarnations of the deadly sins. From lying, to cheating, to jealously, to pride, Ichika bears witness to all of it, and in the process becomes susceptible to these actions and emotions as well.

To tie in with these gloomy emerging feelings, an ominous sensation seems to loom over the entire series and of the Djinn trials themselves. It becomes rather obvious early in the series through Manatsu's underlying guilt and the presence of a dark observer that something is being plotted behind the scenes surrounding the test of Djinn, but the exact details are never revealed until the end of the series which keeps things interesting and entices viewers to keep watching. However, the serious revelations and answers at the end of the series feel a little disappointing considering the all build-up to the final moment, and many questions still went answered. Questions like "Who is really the one behind creation of the test of Djinn?" and "For what purpose was this test of Djinn made" never get the proper answer or explanation by series end.

The cast of the series is sadly rather weak and underdeveloped with the exception of Ichika and maybe Manatsu. And it's a real shame considering so many of the supporting cast members had SO much potential for character growth. Character development is primarily centered around Ichika as she endures the test of Djinn. As previously stated, she starts off rather pure, innocent, and naive to people's darker natures, but with each passing Djinn used and power of sight granted, she gradually becomes more and more aware of the evil and misery that plagues the modern world from love affairs, to envy, to depression, and self-doubt. This new-found knowledge gradually erodes at her delicate optimism and gives way to more debilitating pessimism that corrupts her soul both emotionally and physically to the point where she even considers giving up in all mediums of the phrase. But it is this internal struggle that truly makes her a human character going through the maelstrom of adolescence.

Manatsu gets some character development, but it's hampered due to her confidential connection with the ominous underlying plot. For the most part she comes across as an energetic and opinionated girl, but behind this outward personality lies a girl torn between the job she was given and the trust she has built with her friend.

The rest of the cast was rather underdeveloped which is a shame considering how many routes went unexplored in many of the character's back stories. With Ichika's twin tutors Kai and Sei for example, it becomes rather obvious that they underwent the same ordeal Ichika and Manatsu are currently facing, but again thanks to keeping much of the plot revelations a secret until the end, they really don't get the proper roles they deserve outside of being indicators of the struggle that Ichika would endure. And it would have been nice if they had been given a proper episode toward the end of the series in order to provide proper exposition and allow the viewers to establish an emotional connection with them.

Last off are Ichika's long time friends Satsuki, Keiko, and Michiru. Again, all of these characters had so much potential, but despite all the underlying hints at their back stories, none of them are properly explored. Satsuki is heavily implied to be the victim of physical and or sexual abuse at the hands of her father, but the specifics are never really clarified, and it would have been interesting to see how Ichika's relationship with Satsuki would have changed in reaction to learning this. Keiko comes from a wealthy and guarded family, and while it is implied that she endures a great deal of personnel struggles because of this, again, this potential sprout of character development is not watered or explored. And most significant of all is Michiru, who despite possessing some form of extra-sensory perception in being able to sense the powers of the Djinn, doesn't really play much a role in the magical aspects of the series despite the strong potential for her to get involved in Ichika's struggle and be a friend to her when she is most in need.

The design of the Uta Kata is not exactly A-list material. The character designs feel bland and poorly detailed, the settings feel all too static despite their best attempts to be colorful, and the animation is poorly rendered. The only real praise I can give this series artistically is its wardrobe. My highest praise goes to the magical outfits that Ichika wears based on the Djinn she is using. Each of the outfits she wears are both beautiful and inventive borrowing much of its design style from Cardcaptor Sakura. Tomoyo would be proud.

Music/Openings Endings:
The score is okay are far as technical merit goes and it at least reflects the dual nature of the series. The opening is brimming with optimism in the face of adversity which mirrors Ichika's character at the start of the series, while the ending is more solemn and pessimistic which corresponds to Ichika's deeper internal struggle in the series second half.

Final Synopsis:
I've heard people compare this series to Madoka Magica given its darker undertones within the magical girl genre, but the two series are quite different. Rather drop a bombshell toward the start of the series, Uta Kata leaves time to let the ominous and darker themes creep up on you. Although not a tale about selfless sacrifice, this series instead weaves a complicated tale with magical themes of one girl's christening into maturity and the sins that come with the awareness of adulthood. The series is rather vague on its themes, the story feels generic and unspecific, and the art lacks depth, but for what its worth, Uta Kata has quite a few merits going for it. I recommend this series mostly to the mature or adolescent female demographic who will no doubt be able to relate to Ichika's life and trials. All others may not find the series as appetizing.

That's why I'm giving Uta Kata 6 Djinns out of 10.
Rite of Pasage

Posted by : xenocrisis0153
Posted on : 2006-02-16        

Review based on all 12 fansubbed episodes.....

ANIMATION: A beautiful series, the artwork is greatly detailed and carefully attended to. The design of the characters gives the series a real lift. Backgrounds and objects are masterfully rendered. Being a magical girl show, there are plently of transformation scenes and other special effects, all of which sparkle and dazzle. (10/10)

MUSIC: Savage Genius performed both the opening and closing theme music and did exceptional work for the two. The opening, "Omoi wo Kanadete" is lively and upbeat, while the closing, "Itsuka Tokeru Namida," is soft and sweet, but still adds the melodramatic tone that the series begins to mold itself into as it goes along. In-epsiode instrumental music is very fitting to the events taking place. (10/10)

CHARACTERS: The main cast is relatively small, and generally likeable. The two focus-characters, Ichika and Manatsu-chan, are cute and realistic. Their interaction with each other and others seems natural, as well as their overall personality developments. Ichika's personality goes through tons of dramatic shifts, possibly making it the main draw of the show. Plenty of episode-specific guests do make appearances, and though they don't add any particularly rememberable performances, they do contribute enough to keep the story moving. (9/10)

STORY: A twist to the regular magical-girl genre, Uta~Kata has a more serious, and somewhat disturbing, undertone. Though events occur the same as they do in other magical girl animes, the ones in this series grow darker. The first few episodes are light and airy as we get a feel for the characters, their personalities, and the world they live in. But as we get closer to the end, the show becomes very focused on the plot. There is a lot of mystery shrouding the main story, a lot of which probably could have been cut down a notch, but in the end, you realize it was a fun ride afterall. (9/10)

OVERALL: One word... unique. I really enjoyed this series. It's not so much the sum of the parts mentioned above, but really the whole in which it all came together. If any one of those parts mentioned above faltered, this series would not be as great as I would consider it. The cast is cute, the story is interesting, the music is exceptional. I recommend this to all anime fans, especially those who think they have seen everything there possibly is to see in a magical-girl anime. Uta~Kata will not disappoint you. (9/10... 4 and a half stars)

Posted by : eisenmeteor
Posted on : 2005-09-14        

First impression: Well my first impression is not that very good. From the intro I got the feeling it was yet another kind of magical girl anime. With other words not something that I liked that much. But then again you can't always trust your first impression since it could be wrong a lot of times.

Animation: It's pretty good and so on but... I'm not sure how I like the designs since it feels like they are like 12 or something like that. I think they're supposed to be 14-16 something like that and it throws me of a bit. Other than that it's quit good. And even if it does have the whole magical girl aspect in the show it don't reuse the whole half nudity transformation that they do in most magical girls animes. Why don't they you might ask well because she uses different skimpy outfits every time so there you have it but then again not all of them are skimpy.

Sound: I really do love the outro, I listened to it so mush that I'm sick of it and yet that very song is coming out of the speakers as I?m writing this review. I'm not that picky about sound and animation since that?s really not my thing, I believe that if you get too caught up in that you might miss out something good. As long as I don't dislike it too much I don't care. That not to say that they have bad voice acting in the show it pretty good... but I do get quite annoyed by the whole ROGER that they say a lot of times or yohkai (No not demon) as they say in Japan.

Story: Now you might wonder why the hell did I continue to watch this if I don't like the whole magical girls genre if you're not wondering start asking that now. To be honest I didn?t have any plans to continue watching it but before I checked out the first episode I had already dl 6 of them so I thought why the heck not. Much to my surprise it won me over so that I can't stop watching it and started waiting on the next episode in short it got me hooked. What really won me over was the story; it's not your typical magical girl anime for you. It's darker and mysterious. You don?t have any change into a super girl to kick the ass on some monsters that want to invade the world, I hope you heard me NO such thing in this anime... so far at least and I doubt there will be any of the sort in it. So why with the whole semi nudity change into a costume... as silly as it may sound it's because she's doing someone else's homework. It all starts with summer break and the students are cleaning up the school. Then this girl Ichika drops her cell phone in an old storage place. When she later goes there she finds that the cell phone somehow got stuck inside this giant mirror and a girl she dreamt about show up and walks through the mirror with her cell phone in exchange she's going to summon the spirits of earth and write about it. Ok so it sounds crapy but I just don't want to give away too much of the story since it's good or maybe I'm just not cut out for this. But keep in mind it's not all happy and lovy dovy like other series. I'm a bit disappointed with the ending... it's not quite what I had expected it to be and in some ways it didn't answer all my questions on the series. I hope the OVA will cover up those things.

Characters: You have a few main characters and a few support characters the usual. There is a lot of character growth. Even if it's short you do get to know them and see who they really are and so on. A lot of things happens to the main character during this time and you don?t really understand all the things about the characters you want to know more about them and how they are connected to each other and to be honest I could not see where this was heading or what's going to happen in the end.

Value/Enjoyment: I'm the kind of person who don?t like to re-watch most things unless it's that freaking good... this show has a great set of characters that you don?t really know what's happening to them and a great story where you understand some things and some you won?t until they reveal what?s it?s all about if they do it. But this might as well be one of the series that I'll re-watch some day like maybe 2-3 months from now. The first episode did not get me hooked or anything like that... it felt more like another anime series out of many but a few episodes in it got a lot darker and things start to changes and before I knew it I couldn't wait to se what was going to happen.

Posted by : Kestrel
Posted on : 2005-09-12        

I started watching this anime only because of my boredom. I thought the graphics were cool so I started watching it and I watched it 'till the end. From the first episode to the end, I found it extremely dull. There was no character development what so ever, and it seemed to me that the producers tried too hard. They tried to get the audience to feel emotions when there were no emotional connections to the main character at all. This is the worst anime I

Posted by : jsy3k
Posted on : 2005-08-23        

At first, I never thought of getting this anime, but did it anyway, and started downloading the anime. I could say that I was completely shocked, but at the same time amazed at the message that they are trying to convey. Friendship, love, sacrifice, self-pity, self-recognition: All of these elements exist in the anime and mixed together to make it very interesting and intriguing at the same time.

Genre: Fantasy, Magical Girl, Drama

Storyline: Very Good!!
Storyline is definitely superb in terms of length and pace. This anime is exponential type (starting slow, but always increasing in terms of excitement and twist). The twist started quite near the end, but it is enough to make the anime interesting, and at which it peaked at the end.

Graphics and Animation: Incredible!!
The graphics are a definite plus here. Every episode will have different costumes for the main character when she changed into a "so-called" magical girl. The interesting thing also is that each costume are drawn by famous mangakas, which makes the costumes unique from each other. Animation is also very smooth: Rarely any jerkiness and incredible amount of details.

One amazing thing though about this anime that this anime has a significant amount of fanservice, and it is on a 14-year-old-girl!! I wonder why they need to put these things in the first place!! That literally spoils the anime a bit, but nevertheless, does not really affect much of the overall enjoyment of the anime for both genders.

Sound: Marvelous!!
I can say that this anime really excelled in the sound department. Sound effects are incredible. The background music is also very good as it really depicts correctly and accurately the mood of the scene. The opening and ending theme also fits perfectly for Uta Kata. The opening, Omoi wo Kanadete, is a fast paced song which has the fun and catchy tune. The ending, Itsuka Tokeru Namida, is a slow, sad and melancholic song which sounds very mysterious. Both the songs describes the anime very closely.

Opinion: Very Positive!!!
A very good anime, which I do not regret downloading at all. This anime really blow me away with everything that it shows. If only the fanservice is taken out, I would have given this anime a perfect point. Other than that, this anime can be said as "near perfect". Really recommend this anime to all people, genders and age too :D

Posted by : Yuun
Posted on : 2005-06-16        

"Uta" means poem and "Kata" means fragment, however, by conbining both "Utakata" you'll get the meaning Bubble.

We live our lives constantly overlooking ourselves by unconsciously wearing masks, therefore, we never get to explore our reflection in front of the mirror. All we do every mundane day is fixing our hair and appearance before our reflection.
The message that this anime attempts to convey at us is to look deep within ourselves.

Our heroine, Tachibana Ichika, a typical fourteen-year-old girl, meets up with Manatsu who I presume as her alter-ego. Who say you can't make friends with your own reflection? Heard of Yin and Yang Balance?

Kinomoto Sakura (CCS) has a wardrobe change at all times for almost every episode right? This concept is applied in Utakata as well.

The storytelling theme revolves around the meaning of friendship which becomes interesting for the scope's development. However, there are some scenes that trouble and somehow confuse me, because I cannot make up my mind whether this is a show meant for kids or adults?
For certain viewers, it might trigger loads of doubts such as what is the actual relationship among Ichika and Manatsu? Are they friends? Enemies? Or perhaps, lovers? But come to think over it again, Ichika is Manatsu, Manatsu is Ichika... Yin and Yang concept. o_O

Then, I praise the artwork which is nice and perhaps that explains what drive me to keep on watching the TV series. To tell the truth, before watching up to episode ten, I was not able to understand an "inch" on what was really going on.
As for the characters, I unanimously like Sei-san (the hero, I presume) not just because of his gentleness, but also due to his cool attitude. That's something which I wouldn't mind to be friends with my own mirror-self who might be as cool as he is :P

The music score and bgm are magnificient! Superb, in fact; the opening theme seems beautifully nice too.
Moreover, the seiyuu casting is fitting as well. Then, the character design is one of its kind with a weird "eyes" design but maintains to stay original, however, I confess that it gives me the creeps if I stare at those eyes for very long enough. Either way, the girls are cute, the guys are cool, so what else can you expect from the animators who made the character designs?

I desire to grant this anime a higher rating, but the confusion it creates during the earlier arc of the story turns disappointingly and much too complicated leaving some questions unanswered, such as why would "That whatever so-called GOD" does for us, the human beings? To teach humankind a lesson? Nevertheless, this is a cool title to spend your free time, and for those who love suspense might want to try this show right away. There are many enygmatic events and endings for each episode that will keep you on asking for the following ones.

P/s: I still don't get what Bubbles has to do with our reflection, is it because we can see ourselves in the bubbles? Hmm... looks like another Spiral style of ending to me...

Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2005-03-27        

Uta~Kata is quite short in length, but it is a well composed series. The character and costume designs are a favourite of mine. The animation was very well done too. This time, I actually took note on the background music, which was another favourite. Uta~Kata could have done a better job in explaining the mirror/illusion concepts because that has a lot of potential. Certainly, it's a concept that will encourage and enlighten us.

What I didn't like about Uta~Kata was the oh-so-useless "fanservice". Note the quotation marks. Showing panty shots and cleavage shots of 14-year-old girls, it's hard to see that as entertaining. At first I thought it was foreshadowing, further watching resulted in this conclusion: the camera angles were idiotic. This was the main reason for taking out points.

On the other hand, the art and animation really impressed me. The character designs had nice, soft complexions. The colours used also seemed "Old-English", even though the setting is more recent. I didn't notice any explicit details on the background scenery, but it was nice nontheless. The blasts of light and magical transformations were nicely done (again with the weird camera angles though), no further comments. My favourite feature, the costume designs. It's another Cardcaptor Sakura, the different costumes for each element/power. The cutest one was the Green Wind Djinn. I didn't really like the eyes though, the pupils seemed small, it was hard to ignore them with the focus on Ichika's eyes too. Anyway, Anime Yuki and Spork did loads, especially informing that each costume was a design from different mangaka artists. Their little costume notes were helpful and entertaining.

The opening and ending themes really reflected the theme presented in this series. It gives off mysterious and melancholic waves, well the ending does. As for the opening, it's fun and catchy. I really like both songs, preferably the opening song. The background music was nice, it sounded more like music in the romantic period, thus presenting some scenes with an Old English aura. The sound effects seemed non-existant though...

Uta~Kata is something different, they managed to surprise me couple of times. They present something cliche and turn it around. This is where the interaction between the characters is important. And so, characters were brought up nicely. There were many side characters, but they always focus on the main one: Ichika.

There will be blood, there will be some sad drama, and there will be pointless panty/cleavage shots. If you don't mind these, then give Uta~Kata a try. I sympathized with Ichika and Manatsu, they were nicely developed characters. Throughout the seires, they present mystery so it gets you thinking, and finally they give it all out at the end. Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to you.

Posted by : Reeder5002
Posted on : 2005-03-08        

This story is kind of a brand new idea based on an all too familiar concept. It's one of those where it's interesting but sometimes annoying and heartful, but sometimes cheap. It's certainly interesting for whatever it is.

I have to say the animators did a good job with the animation. The characters were just so well drawn and just as cute as buttons. Everthing was sharp and clear with great movement. Certainly not in the league of the best, but its just done really well. The characters themselves were... typical for some and completely new for others. The main charecter had the polite girl who doesn't want to make waves approach and then her "new" friend is quite unpredictable and fresh. The development is also phenomenal. Superb changes occur and personalities shift slightly. Another aspect that just works well for this show. Then the musical aspect of the show is just as good. Decent op with a likeable ed. Certainly nothing to complain about.

The story was great. I mean it reeks of mystery and false truths. It's also one clever show. There's intresting little hints all around but as good as this makes it, in the end I thought it hurt the show. And I mean it was only hurt by the ever too obvious ones. Say for instance she finds a rock under her bed that day of significance, without being a genius its most likely known it will come into play later and for that reason.... the simple obvious-ness of the way it was done, made me take away a point. Another thing was the ecchi. Now I'm a fan of ecchi anime. It's cute and in this case it was sorta well done. But we're dealing with 13-14 year old girls and its very slight but the show woulda been just as good without it. It really felt unnecessary and I just felt bad seeing that stuff. So there goes another point in my opinion.

Overall, I have to say I liked this anime though. It's not a favorite but it was well done and there's so many reasons why its good. The few things that hurt the score were somewhat minor and if you like the magic girl animes, then they're easily overlooked and you have a true gem here. Either way it's a show that I think most would enjoy and so I encourage all to see.

Posted by : crago2000
Posted on : 2005-03-08        

Uta Kata is a mystical anime about a girl named Ichika who discovers a girl who appeared from a mirror. This Girl is called Manatsu. She grants 12 powers, from a talisman, and persaudes Ichika to let her stay over for the summer holidays. The Catch. Ichika must write an essay about the experience from using these powers.

Later on in the series it gets a bit darker with the relationship between Ichika and Manatsu. There are plenty of themes in each episode about freindship, trust, love etc which are reflect on greatly.

The animation is top quality, espically the dresses Ichika wears when she transforms. Everything seems to flow together. There is plenty on fanservice there to, a bit worrying if you don't like to see 14 year old girls panties. The score also goes well with the animation and the opening and ending themes are a nice touch.

Overall this anime starts off slow and you maybe confused on what is happening but stick with it. After it picks up and the plot is revealed it is an action packed thrill of a ride.

Posted by : Ganiam
Posted on : 2005-03-03        

One day, I was sitting, bored to death, in front of my computer, wondering what I could do to make the moment a bit more entertaining. It was the beginning of the Fall Season, and decided to pick one random Anime out of the list of new shows, and told myself that even if it was horrible, I'd stick with it and watch it until the end. The show I picked that day was Uta Kata...

As soon as the show started, I was surprised by the drawings; They were splendid... Don't get me wrong here, I rarely get into Animes or Games from their look, but this time, something about them made me think I picked would be a great show. Not only were those drawings gorgeous, the music had the same kind of "aura", if I may call it that. Neither of them were outstanding, but for some reason I was immediatly drawn to them.

The first episode wasn't too original : A girl meets another one who magically came to our world by going through a mirror, and for some reason decides to let her stay at her house for the summer. Strange stuff happens, and the girl from our world starts getting in contacts with gods ( or Djinns ) through a magic Bracelet her private teacher gave her.

The first half of the show was similar to most "magical girl" shows, where the girls started using her new acquired powers to help people, but in the later episodes, the story takes a different turn and she starts hurting her friends and herself. This Anime could somehow me compared to Narutaru, but even though the last few episodes get really dark, it's nowhere as disturbing as Narutaru was.

While being a pretty good Anime, Uta Kata has it's own share of negative points. First, and most important, is that there is close to no character development at all beside the main cast. The closest you'll ever get is a hint that a character was being raped during her childhood, which couldn't even be considered a spoiler as it is completly unrelated to the story. The dialogues are uninteresting, and it seems the Directors decided to follow H-Game's lead and insert some random Ecchi scenes involving 13 year old kids...

Drawings and Animation : 9/10
Music : 9/10
Plot : 6/10
Characters : 3/10
Addiction : 7/10

Overall ( not an average ) : 7/10

Even if it has a few flaws, Uta Kata is worth watching only for the Graphics/Music.

Posted by : Soichiro-kunn
Posted on : 2005-02-23        

I started watching Uta Kata thinking it was another magical girl series. It has the magical transformation scene and that is where the similarity ends. I found myself liking Uta Kata right from the beginning because of the subtle atmosphere of the series. Though it might be boring for some people, this series is actually quite deep.

There is a strong plot behind the series and could get you hooked. The series takes its time to tell the story, and the plot unfolds nicely. Each episode deals with the reality of a typical junior high school girl; love, friendship, jealousy, innocence, et cetera. Each episode is also explored and told beautifully.

Although the series only focused on one character, it truly captures the ups and downs of her life. This works well too since the story and plot revolves around her. All side characters are developed to further support the story with each giving more character flavors.

The music is beautifully composed and I really liked the OP and ED. The music score of Uta Kata is very melodious with many haunting tunes throughout the series that is integrated well into the scenes.

This is a very warm, down-to-earth and heart felt series. Uta Kata is actually more of a drama, which deals with the long-standing coming-of-age theme. It also takes itself quite seriously and at times thought provoking. I really liked watching Uta Kata, one of the best series I have seen in a while.

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Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer
Chapters 54-64

Yomeiro Choice
Chapters 27-28

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