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Alternate title : Twin Love

Studio : Telecom Animation Film Co,, Ltd.

Also involved:

Length : 13 Episodes

Year : 2004

Genre : Comedy - Harem - Romance

Synopsis :
Nozomu Futami, a 15 year old boy is going back to the hometown of his mother, who is deceased. There, he encountered the Legend of the Twins which tells of the sad story of a pair of twins who had fallen in love with the same man.

Would the same sad fate befall him? Especially when he reunites with his childhood 'sweethearts' Kaoruko and Sumireko Ichijou who had both swore to marry him when they grow up. Making matters worse, he met more twin girls who express a liking for him.

Added : 2004-10-06
Synopsis by : Yebyosh
Last update : 2007-12-31
Last update details : Seiyuu removed
Score : 6.71
Number of reviews : 14

Song(s) :

OP1 : eufonius - Habataku Mirai

ED1 : eufonius - Yawarakai Kaze no Naka de

Release(s) :

2010-03-31 -- Episode(s) 1-13 by Ishin. BT Link
2005-04-18 -- Episode(s) 13 by Ishin-Anime. BT Link
2005-03-23 -- Episode(s) 12 by Ishin-Anime. BT Link

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Posted by : Edvin
Posted on : 2009-05-16        

Futakoi manages to do a lot of things right, but it could've been much better with stronger characters.

Futakoi is a pretty formulaic harem anime--the main protagonist moves back into his old hometown after his dad left to work oversea with his aunt. And while there, he had a lot of girls falling for him. However, the twist here is that the girls clamoring around him are all twins, ranging from his own little cousins, his childhood friends, some middle school siblings he met randomly, the rich and naive pair who moved to his school, the teachers, and a pair of animal loving, glass-wearing girls. In a sense, it's your typical stereotypes, except they come in pairs. The pairs are varied enough, but I feel that they tried to cram in too much into such a short anime. As a result, 3 pairs of twins barely got any screen time.

While the basic premise of the story lacks originality, it is not painful to watch. Most situations are, believe it or not, quite believable. Well, apart from anything revolving the rich twins, Kira and Yura. I have known a few pairs of idential twins in my life (I count 3 pairs of the top of my head), one of which is actually my brother's fiance. And I can say they actually do act a lot like Kaoruko and Sumireko.

Most of the story revolves around the school life and nostalgic recollection of the protagonist's life. While this developed his character very well, as well as that of his childhood best friend and side kick, it did not do much for the girls. In retrospect, I think it feeds into the theme that the main character can somehow understand how he feels, but never what's going on in the girls' head. It's frustrating for him--but it shouldn't have to be frustrating for us viewers.

The drama didn't kick in until much later in the story, which is a very big plus for me. You know the old climatic scene--all the girls found out they actually like the same guy, and things get really awkward.
But even when it did, it only lasted about 15 minutes in real time (which is about 2 hours in the anime time). I have to say this is most refreshing.
This alone would've earned it a 9/10 in my book.

Visually, the show is quite appealing. While the animation quality is not as good as some of the newer premier anime, it is consistent and never jarring. The scenes are quite varied and aptly designed, although it feels rather empty sometimes.

The audio department isn't bad. The bgm is never catchy, but does not detract from the mood. The OP and ED were both fabulous (and they are on my winamp playlist, thank you). In fact, I only started watching this anime because I heard the songs. And while most of the character's voice does not stand out, and I adore the voice for the Soju and Sara.
Futakoi a nice and relaxing anime that doesn't take itself too seriously. It keeps a healthy balance and walks to fine line between cliche and novelty. If you have some spare time, definitely give it a try.

Posted by : Scamp
Posted on : 2008-02-29        

I've always had a thing against twins in anime. It always seemed like they are simply there so they can have even more characters but every time, they are the exact same. Then you have Futakoi, an anime about twins.

Let the 'fun' begin

The animation is not great. The only way to tell twins apart are a different colour here, a ponytail there. You might think that since there's two of them they might have a better time to develop their personalities since they are basically the same person but sadly nearly every character is one dimensional.

The lead I classify as a type:2 typical harem lead, who has next to no personality bar he's kinda nice (type:1 being the wimpy loser guy). Actually I prefer type:1 because at least he would provide some laughs. There are very few laughs in Futakoi, possibly a grin every other episode.

What a harem will typically offer you is 3 things; comedy, romance and hot women. First off, the girls are about 13 so that’s out of the question. Virtually no comedy as I said before. Finally, and probably the biggest problem with this anime is the fact that none of these girls seem to actually be in love with our lead! This makes the whole story fall flat on its face.

It gets a 2 rather than 1 simply because harems have this weird way of drawing you in. Oh, and you occasionally get a grin. But honestly, unless you like anime twins, stay away.

Posted by : solidsnakex
Posted on : 2007-06-08        

Well if you are into harem anime, this one is for you. It didn't turn me off too much but it also did not interest me that much. Here's my opinion for the anime.

Plot/Story: 5/10
Well there really isn't a real or interesting plot behind this anime, basically just about a boy being into lots of relationships with twin girls, the difference between this and other harem type like those mentioned in other review for this anime, Love Hina, that those females involved are twins. There
s a slight comedy in some episodes, however, the ending kind of sucks.

Character/Animation: 7/10
Well there's nothing amazing about the design and animation for the characters, just that some of them are quite plus points for this.

Music: 6/10
Some light-hearted music....but not something I would listen to for long.

Overall: 6/10
Well basically if you have no other animes to watch or you really have nothing else to do, you can have a look at this anime; however, I would suggest you find something to do. If not, try to finish this, and watch the 2nd part. Futakoi Alternative: that one seems much better than this but most of the characters are reused so I would say try your best to finish this. Though the story between the two are different, you still can watch it. Why don't you, just like Mai Hime and Mai Otome?

Posted by : Devil-Dawg
Posted on : 2006-11-27        

This anime was as some say Twins-a-palooza. It had love and twins.

The story is about a boy who heads to his old home town to see someone or thing. He meet twins everywhere he goes. He made a promise to one set to marry them. So a 9.9/10

The plot was as readable as water is clear. It pulls you in around the 2nd episode, but not so much. That is a 8.75/10

The sound and music is the setting for it. It is something you can pass easly. It gets a 8/10

The only troble I had was if that was me how would I pick a set? But for him he could not even tell which one(set) he would like to have.

Posted by : Oops_Autumn
Posted on : 2006-11-25        

Futakoi is definitly on my top 5 worst animes ever seen. This anime went from nowhere to nowhere. Allow me to guide you through this anime and hopefully this will make you steer clear away from this anime.

The story is complete nonsense. The story itself had too many twins to actually keep track with. There are about 5 pair of twins that apparently all love the protagonist. The story shows that the protagonist learns that almost all the twins love him. How much more intresting can it get? Not much.

Some of the twins that are introduced have as much importance as a pebble. The vet twins for example have half of one episode to show themselves. The story doesn't develop them and their appearances from then on are completely random. Another group of twins are the drawing twins. At the end of their little story you wonder what the point of their appearance actually was. The twins idea can be seen as a good idea but when they make the twins almost completely identical you figure that the producers just wanted more characters to shove into the anime. Seeing the twins thinking the exact same thing got very aggrevating. The protagonist also was very annoying. He rambled about nothing and zoned out every 5 seconds of the anime to go ramble about nothing again.

The story could have been a good one considering the fact of the myth and the legend fit almost perfectly to end the anime pretty well. The downfall of that was the fact that they made it too perdictable. It was a little too easy to see where the anime was going to go and how it was going to end. Some episodes also didn't make any sense. They just threw it into the concauction and hoped that it would work but it seemed that all the anime really need was the first two episodes and the ending. That could have summed up the anime pretty well without the unwanted and uneeded garbage that was in the middle. 1/10

Animation and Characters
The animation and characters are terrible considering when the anime came out. The voice over for the protagonist is terrible. I don't want to offend the actors voice but it sounded like he had and egg stuck in his throat when he was talking. The animation was also totally atrocious. The characters were all ugly and the colors were dull, boring, and unattractive. The characters' heads were completely over sizing their body and was out of porportion. 1/10

The OP and ED wasn't that bad and I would even have to say that it was mediocre. It wasn't great but at the same time I didn't despise listening to it. The strongest point in the whole anime is the mediocre music. 7/10

Terrible anime in every perspective but the music selection. The story went from nowhere to nowhere. The story explains almost nothing and the ending leaves you with a, "what just happened?", feeling. I advise everyone in all age groups to steer clear away from this anime. It just isn't worth the viewers precious time. 2/10

Posted by : LeeChamFun
Posted on : 2006-01-24        

Futakoi. This anime is the first anime that i had watched and i definitely like it.

The story is about a guy who went back to his mother's hometown because his father was transfered to some where for work. In this town, there was a pair of twin that had promised to marry him when they grew up. However, other than the pair of twin, there are more pairs of twins that had a crush on him. Who will the hero choose? The childhood pair or the new pairs?

The animation of this anime is above average and I myself quite enjoy it.

The OP & ED was quite average. i don't recall it anymore, so don't bother.

To sum it up, this anime is worth watching. Watching the cute twins fighting for a guys was quite amusing.

Posted by : 1412kid
Posted on : 2005-10-03        

Another Harem style anime again. What more, twins; just great. Futakoi has no much different compared to animes like Sister Princess. Anyway, here I begin.

The story is pretty straight to the point. A guy came back to his hometown, met girls, no I mean twins, have some good or bad time together and the end. The story seemed to have lots of influence from other animes namely Love Hina and Sister Princess. Still, what really seperates Futakoi from the rest of the Harem styled animes is that the story is very plain.

Chracters are moderate. This is very notetable with the technology they used in the character design and their interaction. However, for the first time I have to recognise characters by their hair design(Twins are so similiar to each other, what do you expect?). Anyway, some chracters are actually loveable. Oh, did I forget to tell you that some characters are actually bothering the flow of the anime? They exsistance is such a mere "lamp post".

The animation is not very impressive at the time of the anime's release. I felt that they could actually used better animation to improve it(the anime). Still, the anime is "consumable" with the quality of the animation. In short, plain simple.

Perhaps music is the only strong point of the anime. They actually have nice OP and ED songs and the BGM blends well with the anime. Thumbs up in this area.

In the whole, there is much improvement needed to be made. Not a bad anime but perhaps far too simple. I give it a 3 out of 5.

Posted by : siden87
Posted on : 2005-05-07        

The theme is easy: twins, promises, and life.

Futami Nozomu has lost his mother while his father works in Hawaii. This situation has forced him to return to his hometown where he he can study in a school and work at a graveyard area. Not much time later, he finds out that he is trapped in a legendary love story between a twin girls. While in that city itself, there are a lot of twin girls who comes in his life!

So, what is so great about this anime? Firstly, the very interesting background music. The plot and storyline are also easy to understand as well as the cute characters. This anime also includes some light comedy elements. On top of that, the animation quality is smooth and nice!

Unfortunately, there is are a few matters that makes this anime "a little" interesting. It's because the character's personality do not expand throughout the anime and are not very realistic. The appearance of side characters are also a setback. One more thing, it's beyond your expectations: too many twins! This makes the audience confused so they have to refer to the hairstyle to recognize the twins. The ending is also predictable.

But this does not means that this anime is not good because I was really entertained by this anime, so maybe you will be.

Posted by : Yuun
Posted on : 2005-04-20        

Another Harem anime, sharing the similarities with Angel's Tail, Hanakyou Maid Tai and Sister Princess where the female over exceeded the Male amount.

The art is rather simple and the settings is just like the current world in Japan. The colour used should be more detailed and logic. The toning is below average, once in a while you'll realise that the character's shadow is not at the right angle. However, it is still acceptable being a simple anime.

Story Plot:
Much too simple... Despite being a romance anime, it is way too simple. If we were to compare this anime with other anime, perhaps Futakoi Romancing level is around the same with Sister Princess but maybe a little much better... Thus, nothing really much here to elaborate. Nothing serious really happened as well, accept that if you think getting kick by a goat is serious... ^_^

Often, anime with such approach should have attractive characters in order to get the story moving. Futakoi is of the same concept, instead of having 12 sisters like in Sister Princess, we have 6 twins in Futakoi which also equivalent to 12 girls as well. Lolz!! Whats more? All of them are unique on their own and cute!! However in terms of personalities, I prefer Sister Princess's characteristic as the sister's personalities are much more unique. ^_^

Our heroines are the Ichigo sisters and the extremely wealthy Sakurazaki Twins. Other twins is merely a support character that just shown themself in only some episodes and perish in the rest. Best example would be the twins that operate the venetarian clinic, you hardly see them or even know them.

The weakness of this anime would probably be the Character Developments. For crying out loud~! Other then the main cast... we hardly know anything of the other twins. Honestly, I feel that they should have just prolonged the story into 26 episodes to make way for the character development.

Is way too average, nothing memorable... I forgot totally about the songs so I think it should be so~ average that I hardly remember them.
BGM is not well organized and should put more effort in.

A very simple and average anime, nothing really seems to happen in the end. Everything is still the same, if you have free time to waste then you might want to try this anime out but do not put high hopes in it.
However you might want to skip this series if you got other anime to watch... for an anime like this, a little fan service should be there but "Nah..." is just the same with sister princess so is dead boring in a way...

Either way, if you like Harem anime... you should try Angel's Tail base on my recomendation, Futakoi is far beyond Ange's Tail aka Tenshi no Shippo achievement.

Posted by : eternitymas
Posted on : 2005-04-12        

This is a really hilarious anime as it has so much fun in it. Little primary school looking kids having such a great time enjoying each other's company.

I really envy Nozomu having so many twins liking him, but in real truth I know it could never happen. But I like how he reacted to their infatuation towards him. It really brings some humourous moments for me and make me wonder whether love is really that complicated.

This anime has great scenes which makes you feel like you want to live in that anime knowing about the situation in that particualr scene. It also has a great ending as the story grew on me making me wonder what shall happen to Nozomu and all the twins around him.

I would like to say this is a great anime to watch, it should not be missed and should be watched together with the younger generation to see how they would react to such a wonderful anime.

Posted by : chikage_shampoo
Posted on : 2005-03-07        

Futakoi is another cute anime.

I didn't really mind the animation. It was done in a cutesy and simplified style, yet it was pretty catchy to the eye.

Characters were pretty okay, but there were too many twins, in my opinion. They just kept being introduced more and more... and besides one of the sets, I couldn't exactly tell which twin was which. The main character's actions were pretty believable, however, and it was a plus to the anime.

Storyline was plain and simple. It wasn't exactly original but what they did with it was pretty interesting. Comedy was predictable yet effective and it did the trick.

I actually didn't like the opening or ending songs of Futakoi. They were sweet and soothing, but had the opposite effect on me. It wasn't the songs' fault, I'm sure of that, but I just didn't like them.

Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2005-03-03        

Being surrounded by twins, every guys dream - or is it?

Futakoi starts off refreshing, introducing cute characters and smooth animation. The colour used was more soft than normal, but this really complimented the opening and ending song, which I'm quite fond of. The characters were a bit unrealistic, a lot of them too timid (very annoying). There were also a lot of characters. I still don't know the names of some of the main twins, well their differences that is. I was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed this though. Yes this is Harem and yes the protagonist is miraculously loved by all the twins he meets, but the flow of the story and the interaction between the characters showed itself to be a pleasant watch.

At first, I liked Nozomu-kun as the main character. He is not wimpy nor overtly horny. He's actually kind of cute whom regularly has innocent fantasies of twins holding his hands or hugging him. He is, well, normal and of course very kind. He has to be, what other excuse is it to have four pairs of twins to love him? There wasn't a character that I disliked. However, the twins did not seem to have any distinct personalities. After 13 episodes, I still couldn't tell Kira-chan from Yura-chan or Sumireiko-chan and...Kaoruko-chan (almost forgot). Their similar hair styles and clothes don't help one bit. There were alot of characters and it was hard to keep up, but since the twins had no independent personalities, I didn't count them as individuals, I counted those twins as one.

The music is what I liked. Although the opening themes and ending themes weren't impressive, I never skipped them because I enjoyed the songs. The background music was also a nice touch to some of the more dramatic or serene moments. I think the voice work was nice overall. Nozomu's voice was about average, the innocence was captured in the Sakurazuki twins (I'm surprised they both had different seiyuu's), and I liked the voice work from the Teacher-twins.

The background story is what everyone expects from a Harem anime. Yup, childhood promises. This premise is brought up only a little, and does not play significantly throughout the story. In the beginning it was funny how the "trials" Nozomu faced were one small stupid goat and a group of delinquents calling themselves the Ichijo fanclub. Near the end, this series sure gets a bit melodramic compared to the beginning. The ending was not the worst, and at least concluded. But it didn't answer the questions or the drama brought up. Instead, it only had the purpose of leaving a wishful feeling. I personally thought this anime flowed in well.

Posted by : Yebyosh
Posted on : 2005-01-13        

Futakoi is a simple story of a 15 year old junior high school boy, Nozomu going back to his mother's hometown and ended up with a lot of female twins cloistering around him. It is based off a PS2 dating sim game which is clean of the ecchi stain that people generally envision of such games. The story itself is void of any steamy or heady stuff. It is just a case ofwatching a boy wondering how nice it would be to have certain girls his age as girlfriends, and then seeing the experiences he goes through.

The story is simple as stated above. It maintains that simplicity for the first half of the series. Nozomu just gets introduced to the other twins and little hi-jinks ensues there. The comedy is pretty standard fare ( funny misfortunes and misunderstandings befalling the lead ) but mostly effective. Obstacles to our protaganist are also introduced in the form of Billie the goat and the band of stalkers shadowing the Ichijou twins. These obstacles are pretty much the standard "hit and kick the protaganist but act so innocently in front of others" roles. I found them irritants rather than of any comedic relief. The background story of a pair of doomed twins and the one they loved is also introduced here, allowing us to associate the curse of falling in love with twins to Nozomu. As there is no action nor powerful emotional moments in these early episodes, one can be forgiven to think that the series is plain.

The later part of the series however starts to shine. The plot of the entangled mess of lovelines is boosted with side-characters that took part actively to sort out the mess ( note that some of these people are uninvolved romantically but rather they do so out of concern ). Another supporting character was introduced as the competitor of Nozomu. This guy is 'better' than Nozomu in every conceivable way and introduces the element of self-doubt and that "guy better than us" that we have all experienced at some time. Nozomu's reactions to this guy is believable and his final decisions on it are positive that Nozomu's character rating improves in my eye.

Then again the mess of the emotions is also brought out in the twins. While a pair remain yet naive ( personally I found this trait to be way, way exaggerated till this pair of twins appear as idiots ), another pair confront each other in a riveting scene. The emotions conveyed in that scene of love and betrayals, hopes and the despair selflessness were done so well that it had my full attention.

Sad to say though that the conclusion of the series is a disappointment to the above-mentioned buildup. It is a cop-out to have that sort of happy ending in which the build-up is seemingly ignored. Just so for the producers to avoid making a decision that might displease segments of viewers. They opted instead for an ending that is acceptable to all rather than taking the risk to making it outstanding.

Graphically, the show is done in a cutesy style. Every character has the standard cute mode of large head-small body with huge eyes and a small mouth. A timeless style that has went on for years, mainly associated with children's shows. This might be also due to the case that the show is on young teens and hence an emphasis ( which this art style provides ) on innocence. The kids look like kids and the adults as adults. Everything fits the style with nothing out of place and the smooth animation makes watching this show easy on the eye at the least.

The Songs were nice and sweet. Soothing on the ear. Sound effects were excellent though it is hard to say that this actually benefited a show on the spring time of our lives. It only stood out in the Opening Sequence where one actually heard the gurgling of the brook, the footsteps pounding and pattering out, and such.

Overall, Futakoi is a junior high school romance show that is sweet, catered for those who want a simple happy show with a little bit of angst. The failure to conclude the deep buildup in the later half renders this a simple show to watch. This show is good enough for leisure watching. A show to while away the time.

Posted by : Loveless
Posted on : 2004-12-02        

Type: Female Harem, Targetted at Teen Males
Themes: Twins,Promises,Astrology.
Rated: PG (so far)
Synopsis: Our protagonist has to move back into his hometown because his father wants to work at an observatory in Hawaii. Our protaganist wants to leave his father to his work, so he would live with his relative's friend. He meets several friends and plans to finish high school.

Pro: Fairly Pleasant Music
Pro: Storyline is understandable and presented
Pro: Has something the protagonist wants and has conflicts with.
Pro: Humor is existent for a chuckle or maybe a laugh

Con: Conflicting Force/Antagonist is too apparent
Con: Protagonist sometimes thinks retardedly
Con: Too many twins, though you expect it
Con: Character names become confusing and you just name them by hair style.

My Opinions:
This isn't bad nor great. It is something you'd expect and the producers delivered that. Basically you get what you bargained for... a Twin Harem thingy.

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