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Alternate title : Zipang

Studio : Studio DEEN

Licenced by : Geneon Entertainment (USA)

Length : 26 Episodes

Year : 2004

Genre : Historical - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
An American designed and built Agis cruiser operated by the Japanese Navy is on a training mission with its allies, the Americans. During the mission, it gets sent back in time to WWII and the crew has to decide whether to get involved in messing with history, breaking their alliance with the U.S., and fighting in a battle where they were going to be (historically) defeated.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Cptn_Morgan
Last update : 2007-03-03
Last update details : Link added
Score : 8
Number of reviews : 3

Link(s) :

Official #1 : TBS' Zipang Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : AUDIO RULEZ - Rashinban / Compass

ED1 : BEGIN - Kimi wo Miteiru / I See You

Release(s) :

2006-07-23 -- Episode(s) 21-26 by DigitalPanic. BT Link
2006-05-23 -- Episode(s) 20 by DigitalPanic. BT Link
2006-04-04 -- Episode(s) 19 by DigitalPanic. BT Link

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Posted by : noobracer
Posted on : 2006-01-23        

Based on the first 13 episodes I have watched, I find Zipang a pretty decent, but somewhat controversal, anime. When you watch it, you can't help but think about the horrible things the Japs have done in WW2 and the recent saga regarding the historical educational text....

The story is pretty decent with originality although it reminds me of a movie where a US carrier gets thrown back into the 1960's during the Vietnam war. I guess that's where they get the idea from.

The animation is also decent, but characters aren't particularly well drawn. The facial features and ears are pretty poorly done for a "serious looking" anime. The ship images like Yamato seems to be CGed but it doesn't really look good on screen.

The only tech issue is that I feel they made the Aegis Cruiser Murai seems overly powerful. Although it has advance weaponary and equipment. Its armour and overall firepower isn't that of a WW2 era battleship like the Yamato. One hit from the Yamato's 18" gun may be enough to sink it (mordern ships aren't that heavily armoured compared to WW2 ships).

Posted by : ZeusIrae
Posted on : 2005-11-05        

Ep 1-9
The animation is good.
The music is unintresting, but there's nothing horrible.
Now, we have to talk about Zipang's main quality: the plot.
At the beginning the story looks very classic but it's not. Because the Mirai is a japanese ship and it makes a big difference. Should the Mirai help Japan or should they stay neutral? Is staying neutral even possible? Should they help the US?

The Mirai's crew is facing several problems with no easy solution in sight. Of course the japanese and US forces will enter in the game, making the Mirai's situation even more complicated.

Zipang does a very good job at showing every aspect of the Mirai's dilemma. It has also a few very intresting characters sometimes even frightening.

I have to say that Zipang's tone is very patriotric but not nationalist. The author doesn't try to hide Japan's faults. The few historical characters that appears are realistic. The anime is for the moment, faithful to the manga.

Posted by : kushan26
Posted on : 2005-05-22        

Seen: eps 1-3

Zipang is an incredibly original anime in the new crop of releases so far this year. Having an interest in World War II, this immediately caught my attention, particularly with the science fiction elements involved.

- Excellent variey of characters.
- Very good attention to military detail.
- Strong plot so far.
- Very good art, though some characters are, for some reason, missing the whites of their eyes.
- Excellent music. Wish I knew who the composer was...
- Excellent animation, particularly in the battle scenes (the Battle of Midway was incredible).

- Military terminology and acronyms are thrown about constantly, leading to some confusion. Fortunately, the subbers who subbed the eps I have included explanations at the appropriate times in the episodes. Could have led to much confusion without them.
- Sometimes, the animation seems to...skip, for lack of a better word. It might be a problem with the eps I downloaded, I don't know. However, it doesn't detract from the show, though it is somewhat noticeable.

Everyone should be able to enjoy this anime, though those who dislike military shows may want to stay away.

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