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Mobile Fighter G-Gundam

Alternate title : Kido Butoden G-Gundam

Studio : Sunrise

Licenced by : Bandai Entertainment

Length : 49 Episodes

Year : 1994

Genre : Mecha - Science-Fiction - Action

Synopsis :
Another Gundam Future. But this time, instead of warring between the Federation and the Zeon, control is settled by each country using a chosen Gundam pilot that enters a tournament that will decide who will rule the colonies and nations. (An interesting take on politics huh?) If you're having trouble understanding this, picture deciding who is president/emperor/etc. by battle-bots competition.

Thus, Neo Japan's fighter Domon Kasshu and his Shining Gundam must travel the globe to challenge the other nations' Gundam pilots and at the same time trying to find his brother, who is responsible for their mother's death and their father's inprisonment. With revenge on his mind and the power of the Shining Finger attack, Neo Japan is off to fight for Justice!

Added : 2002-08-15
Synopsis by : Specky
Last update : 2008-02-26
Last update details : Seiyuu added
Score : 6.5
Number of reviews : 10

Link(s) :

Official #1 : GundamOfficial's G Gundam Site (English)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Yoshifumi Ushima - Flying in the Sky
OP2 : Yoshifumi Ushima - Trust You Forever

ED1 : Etsuko Sai - Deeper than the Sea
ED2 : Inoue Takehide - The Eternity in You

Release(s) :

2017-06-12 -- Episode(s) 1-49 by xPearse. BT Link
2017-02-16 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by EG. BT Link
2013-01-16 -- Episode(s) 49 by Encodergasm. BT Link

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Character Design
Osaka, Hiroshi

Series Composition
Gobu, Fuyunori

 Kasshu, Domon Mikamura, Rain Crocket, Chibodee de Sand, George Saici, Sai Gulskii, Argo Schwarz Bruder Master Asia (Toho Fuhai)
 Kasshu, Kyoji Beardsley, Allenby Zabigov, Nastasha Ishikawa, Ulube Dr. Mikamura Karato Yunfat, Wong Stalker

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Posted by : leoxjm
Posted on : 2008-03-01        

I admit it: As dumb as the show was, I had a great deal of fun watching G-Gundam. You see, G-Gundam is radically different from the Gundam shows that have come before or after it. Al of them have focused, in one way or another, in the consequences and problems of war as we know it. It isn't the case here; as G-Gundamis more reminiscent to a fighting/martial arts anime than to any of the other products of the same franchise. Sure, the Gundam Fight *is* the way war is waged in the Future Century (G-Gundam's timeline), but it is still a martial arts tournament, just that instead of martial artists with awesome powers/skills/techniques, we get giant robots with awesome powers/skills/techniques.

The plot is more complicated than just entering the tournament and winning it (for a 49 episode series that would just be too boring). Instead, it is about Domon Kasshu using the cover of the Gundam Fight to track down and destroy his treacherous brother Kyoji and the powerful Devil Gundam (Dark Gundam in the dub), which are responsible for the death of his mother and his father's unjust imprisonment. Because of this Domon and his partner Rain Mikamura split their attention between fighting the tough opponents who want to win the tournament (for various reasons) and Kyoji.

For the most part the story is straightforward in presentation and development, but there are quite a few turns here and there that freshen it up a little and manage to get some intellectual or emotional response from the viewer. The later part of the show is particularly effective at this, as it shows that Kyoji's story is darker and more complex than it could originally have been imagined. This comes as a surprise also since most of the show is quite episodic, with many episodes being rather self-contained with their own introduction, developments and end.

The concept of th Gundam Fight as the way to determine the most powerful nation may sound quite stupid, but it's always interesting and a lot of fun to watch. In this aspect the Gundams themelves play quite a role. Their design is... well, silly. There's a fish Gundam, a windmill Gundam, a bullhead Gundam, a boxer Gundam, a butler Gundam... the limit is your imagination! each has its own abilities and talents and at the very least it is interesting to watch them. Unlike the other Gundam shows, this time the fighters (given how the Gundams are handled, the term "pilot" is inadequate) call out their attacks, finishing moves, etc. They can even learn and make up new ones, so the limit of what a Gundam can and can't do is never quite clear, and is typically up to the fighter aboard.

The cast of characters is a mixed bag of sorts. The characters are rather stereotypical and, aside from Domon and Rain, they never really develop and remain the way they are introduced. As a different sort of exception are Master Asia and Schwarz Bruder, who have more than one surprise up their sleeves. But even so, the cast is pretty likable. Sure, the guy may be predictable, but they are funny, relatively easy to relate to, and they are just pleasant to watch. While the characters themselves are short of wonderful, they are very well managed.

The animation isn't something really special. It's alright most of the time, and looks good often. Unfortunately it isn't unusual for it to look just so-so either, which is kind of forgivable taking the show's age into account... but even so, don't expect to be wooed by G-Gundam's visuals. You won't be. The eccentric mechanical design is a plus in my opinion, but I can conceive of people thinking it too stupid to pass up. The character designs are likable too as far as I was concerned, and are certainly less hit-or-miss than the Mechs.

The music was alright, pretty befitting of a fighting show. However, I have to admit that I was unimpressed by it. It's okay, but that's about it. Nothing to write home about. The OPs were likable in the context of the show, though I seriously doubt I'd listen to them otherwise. Tomokazu Seki's voice acting as Domon is quite remarkable as well, especially since the role must have put quite a strain on him with all the shouting and being angry he does.

G-Gundam does have its flaws, though. First off, a lot of things about it are predictable. Just by knowing the setting you can already tell how that episode will develop, end, and most likely be right about it. The simplicity of the characters doesn't help and, although it isn't really a minus, some sophistication wouldn't have hurt. Second, there seems to be nothing the shining/god/burning finger can't do. Beat an enemy against all odds? Check. Beat multiple enemies at the same time? Check. Show your friends the right way? Check. What's next? Cure cancer? Even when Domon learns new powers and tricks, the shining/god/burning finger is the keystone of his arsenal, and it makes one wonder "why doesn't he just use his finger already and be done with it?" Third, The relationship between Domon and Rain is managed rather clumsily. It's difficult to not give spoilers to explain it, but both behave erratically when it comes to dealing with the other at times. Sure, it happens with people... but to that extent? I'm skeptical. At least it is good that they manage to make things work in the end, even though that also comes at the cost of the cheesiest, most ridiculous finishing move I've ever seen, possibly in all anime as well.

Still, G-Gundam has a lot of entertainment value and its scarce but neat plot twists and surprises make it a very fun show to watch. It may not be as engaging or thought-inspiring as other Gundam shows, but it is still a lot of fun. This one might be a hit-or-miss to those who're into the other Gundam shows, but I'd go as far as saying that it's unique take on fighting will make it more than a worthwhile watch to those into fighting/martial arts. As far as I know, the concept of G-Gundam remains quite fresh even today, so giving it a go may well lead to some pleasant viewing. I know that was the case for me. You will have to stomach some stupid or silly points, but that's an acceptable price to pay, in my opinion. And since G-Gundam isn't really a show to be taken seriously, having fun with its flaws is more than possible. After all, what other show has a kickass German ninja?

Posted by : GRC
Posted on : 2007-05-18        

Overall - 7.7
Animation - 8.0
Sound - 9.0
Story - 6.0
Character - 6.0
Value - 8.0
Enjoyment - 9.0

Have you been to the amusement park when you were about thirteen years of age? Do you remember how you felt? Personally, I thought the whole day was a blast, despite the fact that everything is as mindless as it gets. G-Gundam made me felt the same way. Created as a fifteen year anniversary of the Gundam Dynasty, G-Gundam is not meant to be taken as a serious work. If the viewers expect deep politics, touching drama, or a substantial story, G-Gundam is sure to disappoint. Nonetheless, if one expects mindless entertainment, plenty of good laughs, and lots of fun, G-Gundam would not fail to entertain.

The characters of G-Gundam are among the most likeable casts I have come across. From Sai Saici, a Kung-Fu fighter of Shaolin Temple who represents Neo-China to George, a French noble loved by the royal princess of France, each characters, albeit shallow and stereotypical, are very hard not to like. I like how each Gundam fighters motivate each other to train and become stronger. I also like how each fighters care for others, though they will pretend that they think otherwise. Three days before they must all leave to Hong Kong, the four fighters still remained in Guyana saying that they were worried about Rain, but in fact it is Domon whom they were concerned about.

The highlight of G-Gundam is the friendship and teamwork between the Gundam fighters and their partners. In one episode, Chibodee was unable to overcome his fear for clowns when he was fighting against the Neo-Portuguese Gundam fighter. Thus, his assistants sang the song which Chibodee's mother always sing to him so that he would regain his confidence. Natasha and Argo are another interesting pair. Though Natasha kept saying that Argo is a 'prisoner'. At the end, however, she said that she wouldn't mind to become his crew on his spaceship. Domon and Rain are great partners. Though both of them said that they must work with each other for Neo-Japan, but we, the viewers, of course know that their relationship is more than that. I had a big smile on my face when Domon was confessing his feelings to Rain. Man, what a dumb dialogue. Can't he be romantic, ever? :p

Nonetheless, G-Gundam isn't for everyone. There will be viewers who wouldn't like the non-serious nature of the show. The best test to see whether you will like this or not is at the fifth episode when it was revealed that Russia will capture all Gundam fighters coming to Russia in prison so that they will win the tournament by default. If that revelation had you rolling your eyes in disbelief instead of laughing, drop this series at once, because there will be more revelations such as this. Much, much more. For example, when Schwarz Bruder came out, I could immediately guess who he actually is. Or... let's take that scene when everyone felt hopeless as nobody knew how to defeat one invincible Gundam. Suddenly someone proposed the easiest way to defeat it: "Turn off the switch." Yeah, that's clever. Needless to say, I was laughing really hard. Those daft comedies are definitely my cup of tea.

Some reviewers complained about the fact that G-Gundam has got action in every episodes. Like Sailor Moon, this can either be the show's strength or weakness depending on what type of a viewer you are. As a person who snored through the thirty-episode long battle in Dragon Ball Z, I found the fast and conclusive battles in G-Gundam to be its major plus. And as each episode has a story to enhance the action, I found G-Gundam to be an extremely well-paced series. Everything flows smoothly from the beginning, the tournament, the final battle, to the very cute happy ending.

Though it is not difficult to see why people would dislike G-Gundam, this is definitely one enjoyable show. I laughed and smiled watching G-Gundam much more frequent than I would ever do in one whole week. I don't recommend this as a good action, good mecha, or even a good Gundam series. I recommend G-Gundam as one good fun anime. That's what it is. Though certainly different from every Gundam series, it's definitely not a bad thing. Turn off your mind. Expect nothing but loads of fun, and G-Gundam would certainly give you a good time.

The animation is good for 1994 production. I love the character design and the design of each Gundams. Be ready for a big laugh at the final battle. The space army of Denmark and Holland in particular are very funny. Man, gotta love those windmill, fish, and shrimp robots on space XD

Both opening themes are excellent, though I like the second OP more. However, its first ending theme sucked. The second ED is better. BGM is excellent and it really suits the mood of this anime. Voice acting is incredible. The Japanese voice acting team really brought the characters to lives. Tomokazu Seki did a superb job as Domon. Don't watch this dubbed under any circumstances or you will miss out a lot of fun.

Gotta love those two Shaolin monks firing the missiles on space XD

As dumb as it gets, but that's why they are so lovable. Allenby and Chibodee are my favorite characters. On a final note, I still have no idea who is that commentator who appears in the beginning of each episode. Anyone knows?

If you purchase the R-1 boxset, I recommend you reading the interview in the last DVD regarding the final attack move in the last episode (Yeah, that 'Love Love' Power whatever that is XD) I laughed outloud reading the director's commentary and his decision to have that 'Love Love Power' move despite strong objection from half of the Sunrise crew. This is now my #1 favorite action anime, kicking Saint Seiya down to the second place at very much ease. Recommended.

Posted by : Ahala
Posted on : 2005-12-31        

G-gundam is not like the other Gundams.
It has a sort of DBZ style instead of the "usual" war between people.
It is a tournament between all the nations. An example of this would be Neo Japan, Neo Turkey, Neo France, ect

Posted by : glidedream
Posted on : 2005-06-22        

This anime is not exactly a classic, but it's still kind of cool. As corny as the "erupting burning finger" is, the whole show is kind of interesting. At the least, the plot managed to keep me interested. I understand that it's ridiculously unrealistic, the characters are horribly stereotypical and one dimensional, the main character is a cross between annoying and introverted, and the music isn't that great, but it's still a guilty pleasure for me. I even watched the english dub, and didn't think it was that terrible. It's certainly not boring. Also, the main villain is quite good, especially when giving his speech about why he turned evil. It's not worth looking for, but if it's on I still watch this show.

Posted by : NagaKarat
Posted on : 2005-06-12        

I enjoy G Gundam. It has a story that did not follow the usual Gundam recipe, the characters are colorful. G Gundam is the Gundam version of the Street Fighter genre. But what turns me off from giving more higher marks is the horrible design of some of its Gundams. Some of them are ridiculous that it shouldn't be shown at all. Especially the fish thing and the windmill ones.

Posted by : SouchiroRaito
Posted on : 2005-06-11        

Well, G Gundam isn't the same as other Gundam series. They don't have all that war drama instead they're fighting a tournament (all the countries have one gundam) to see who has control over Earth, and Earth is the arena.

This show is pretty good if you like more action (shonen) and less story, even though it DOES have an ok story about dono's past and what happened, it really isn't above average.

It's a little repetitive, using "shining finger" to finish off or destroy dono's enemies if he's losing or just as a finishing/signature move, but he does learn more moves along the way. Other characters are presented well, and you can see their personalities quite well.

Each Gundam has its own special and the pilots have their reasons to keep on fighting in the tournament and trying to succeed. You should really look at G Gundam if you like shonen, fighting series.

Posted by : billiamz
Posted on : 2005-01-26        

I thought G Gundam was a pretty interesting show...some of the camera angles were a bit strange, but very creative in the gundam designs. It seemed a little strange for such powerful machines to be so common, where in the earlier series they were incredibly costly to make and extremely rare. I tended to like it when gundams were war machines, rather than arena spectacles. However, the storyline seemed just about as interesting as the other gundam anime shows.

Posted by : Anime_Judgment
Posted on : 2003-04-07        

G-Gundam was a good anime show, but not very exciting after a while. Domon, to me, is too arrogant and is babied by Swartz.

After the training in South Africa, the anime series seemed to slow down and the battles weren't as exciting as the ones from the first four.

One thing that I think is messed up is the final battle. There are little more than four dozen of the same gundams for a couple of countries. I wonder if they were weaker than the rest of the gundams.

Posted by : zoxarkxoz
Posted on : 2003-01-14        

You can always have the 'Erupting Burning Finger'...

Either way, the show is for those who want to lay back and enjoy something that doesn't require you to rock your brains trying to figure it out. (HENCE END OF EVA) The characters are all pretty well unraveled and the plot worked its way up to a climax between master and pupil.

If you catch it .. watch it, if not ... don't stress yourself out.

Posted by : Specky
Posted on : 2002-09-13        

I didn

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