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Galaxy Angel

Studio : Broccoli

Also involved: Bandai Visual Co. (USA)/Honneamise

Licenced by : Bandai Entertainment

Length : 26 Episodes

Year : 2001

Genre : Comedy - Mecha - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
Milfeulle, Ranpha, Vanilla, Forte, and Mint. All are a part of the Galaxy Angel group. Consider them as problem solvers, or security people, who do chores, etc. for other corporations. Each person has their own personality, and these clashing personalities are what make the show pretty funny.

You've got the lucky ( but flaky ) gal, your weapons expert ( meaning trigger happy ), your Emotionless girl ( think Ruri ), your "Body Conscious" gal, and your cute little "Owners Daughter".

Added : 2002-08-15
Synopsis by : Specky
Last update : 2008-03-06
Last update details : Link modified
Score : 7.8
Number of reviews : 5

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Bandai's Galaxy Angel Website (Japanese)
Official #2 : Madman's Galaxy Angel Website (Japanese)
Official #3 : Official Galaxy Angel Website (English)

A-Source #1 : DVD Review by XenoCrisis0153 (Complete Collection)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Angel-tai - Galaxy Bang! Bang!

ED1 : Angel-tai - Horoscope Rhapsody

Release(s) :

2017-01-10 -- Episode(s) 1-26 by -. BT Link
2004-11-04 -- Episode(s) 26 by KickAssAnime. BT Link
2004-07-20 -- Episode(s) 50 by AnimeHaven. BT Link

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 Sakuraba, Milfeulle Blancmanche, Mint H, Vanilla Stollen, Forte Franboise, Ranpha Volcott, Commander Huey O. Normad

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Posted by : xenocrisis0153
Posted on : 2006-08-10        

Review based on all 26 License-subbed Episodes...

ANIMATION: Being the first of at least four anime seasons, this title is a couple years old and thus comes from around a time in which 2D and 3D animation were just beginning to be melded together. Given that, the animation quality compared to today's smoother and more fluid series isn't up to par. I'm not saying the art is poor or unattractive, it's just that there are some parts that need work. However, more often that not, the visuals were quite pleasing. (8/10)

MUSIC: Galaxy Angel gets a special treatment when it comes to music since, like its other seasons, the first season's opening ("Galaxy Bang! Bang!") and closing ("Horoscope Rhapsody") themes are performed by the japanese cast members. The songs are interesting, melodious, and fitting for the series, but standing alone, they're not anything that stick out among the better anime themes out there. The background music is great though and always appropriate for what's happening in the episode. (8/10)

CHARACTERS: Finally, we come across the defining element of the Galaxy Angel universe; the characters! The Angel Brigade is made up of five total sweethearts, yet they have traits that make them... un-angelic. They all really know how to push eachother's buttons. So what we get is a mix-and-match of the girls and the different dynamics that result when the various combinations are put together. This makes for great comedy and an interesting series where we get to see our favorite Angels interact in different ways. (10/10)

STORY: There is a basic rubric of a plot, but there is very minimal linearity among the episodes. Essentially, it's a science-fiction future-space comedy about five girls in a galactic military unit assigned with the task of searching for and retrieving items classified as "Lost Technology." Lost Technology can really be anything... sometimes extremely odd devices that make some episode more fantasy than sci-fi... but this is where most of the comedy comes from. Each episode focuses on a different mission (well, some episodes have nothing to do with LT, it's really random) and the effects that some mysterious LT items have on the girls. There are plenty of small jokes, puns, and episode-long setups to bigger gags, the variety is the best key to the magic of what makes this series work so well. (10/10)

OVERALL: Galaxy Angel is not your typical anime. I may have said that once or twice before, but this anime is purely on a different level. It's simple comedy that is set in a sci-fi world and it never fails to entertain. The characters are wonderful, the episode-long storylines make for quick laughs, and the constant changes in missions really keep the show from getting stale. An incredible adventure awaits in the first season of this long-standing franchise. If you like comedy, this is highly recommended. (9/10... 4 and a half stars)

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Posted by : MrSentimental
Posted on : 2006-08-05        

Cute, silly, harmless, light-hearted stuff. The angels were likeable enough. I guess Forte would be my favorite. She's got the kooky attitude, fear of bugs, and the guns that made her the most interesting. She even was somewhat, kind of, sort of, sentimental in one episode (with Milly). The boobs weren't even necessary. I guess you could say there is fan service here, but nothing extreme. It might make things inappropriate for the real younger crowd. Myself, I just got kinda bored with the series after a while. The ending was just kinda like: "Huh?... That's it?..." Nothing real intense or super emotional to see here. But nothing offensive either.
The artwork was good. The voice actresses/ actors did a good job. I liked the ending theme. Catchy. The rest of the music during the episodes was well done. Good quality is lots of ways. But I just kinda lost interest myself after a while. That's just me. It's recommended if you enjoy this kind of stuff in Anime. Otherwise, 6 out of 10 Rating. 3 STARS.

Posted by : Yuki-san
Posted on : 2005-06-18        


Posted by : estrella
Posted on : 2004-12-07        

A cute cute anime. You can tell from their looks. All of them have their own personalities and they show them often. The episodes do not link to each other, most of the episodes just end with no endings really...then after a huge havoc, characters go crying towards the screen and it ends. But the characters were really cute. There were even hamsters, the songs were cute too...galaxy bang bang and horoscope rhapsody is nice. Nice drawings and erm.. nice colourings too... however it didnt really captured my heart so I rate it a 5, its too cuteeeeee!!! ears shaking [flop flop]

Posted by : Jsy3k
Posted on : 2003-08-06        

Cool anime with incredibly cute and varied personality characters. One of them is incredibly lucky, second's a gun busting lover, third one is a genius but with a bit of a twisted mind, fourth one is quiet and religious and the last one really likes hot guys.

It is one of the most hilarious animes around. Along with a provocative animation style very fitting to the characters and pace of the show and also a winning sound scheme, this is definitely a winner in my book.

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