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Gate Keepers

Studio : GONZO

Also involved:

Length : 24 Episodes

Year : 2000

Genre : Adventure - Comedy - Fantasy - Mecha - Science-Fiction - Shounen

Synopsis :
It's 1969, and Japan is in the beginning of its steps to become a technologically advanced world power. But amongst this revolution and building, a force of evil aliens (Invaders) are quietly out to oppose mankind. Enter A.E.G.I.S. Mankind's only opposition to these evil forces. By recruiting special people with different abilities to open "gates" A.E.G.I.S. can begin their defense of the earth.

Ukiya Shun is your over-stylistic kendo fighter, but when the invaders show up to step on his town, he discovers that he has the ability to open gates, and protect his family from the Invaders. The show starts as an "assemble the players" (Quite a big diverse group once they're all there...) and then "develop the plot." Gatekeepers is the first full TV series released by Gonzo, and provides plenty of bright colors, and cell/3D animation mixing.

Added : 2002-08-15
Synopsis by : Specky
Last update : 2007-09-04
Last update details : Seiyuu modified
Score : 6.6
Number of reviews : 5

Song(s) :

OP1 : Asu no Egao no Tame ni / For Us to Smile Tomorrow

ED1 : Kyou Kara Ashita e / From Today to Tomorrow

Release(s) :

There are no release available for this anime.

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Seiyuu [View Complete Seiyuu Data]

 Ukiya, Shun Ikusawa, Ruriko Konoe, Kaoru Asagiri, Reiko    Banda, Tyoutarou
 Specks Commander Shirei Ochiai, Keiko  Red Invader

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Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2007-03-16        

If you read what everyone else has written about this anime, you will get the idea that this is a decent anime. And you would be correct. Its decent, and thats about it. The biggest problem has to do with the plot. The music is good, fitting the anime quite well. The animation was excellent, with the characters being very well drawn. However the plot was predictable, and very subpar.

The first few episodes are used to introduce the main characters, and then the supporting characters. Now, right off, you know there are going to be filler episodes that give us background on the supporting characters. That takes up a few episodes. Around episode 12 or so we are introduced to the final villain. So, we immediately know, that around episode 22, a conflict will occur that will build up to a final climax in episode 24. We may not know all the details of the build up, but we can guess around the 12th episode. Sound predictable so far? There will be the typical depression that the main character goes through, angsting over whether continuing to fight is worth it... His supporting characters will pull him through though don't worry.

Basically typical cliched anime. I suppose if I hadn't seen all this a dozen times over, I might be more accepting of this series. Because other aspects of it are quite well done. I suppose I was just wanting more. As an example. The main character called his heroine Rurripe, short for Runny-nosed Rurripe. A name she hates. Her name being Rurika. Now this is meant to be amusing, she then hits him over the head, for calling her that etc. Now, what I would have found amusing, is if she confronted him about it, and said, since you insist on calling me Rurripe, thats fine, I'm going to call you something insulting as well. And then proceeded to call him some insulting name the rest of the show. See to me, that would have been original and amusing.

To sum up, if you are wanting to see a typical, predictable, anime, with decent production values, then this is the show for you. If you want something a bit better, keep looking.

Posted by : Irumi
Posted on : 2005-07-10        

This anime recieves a decent 8.

The plot lines are predictable and common, although the bits of comedy and romance spice it up a bit. Fight sequences are not very good, as they are too short and not very action-packed.

Animation is awesome, though, as it partly uses 3D images. Thus, effects are lovely. Music is nice, too, as it goes well with each scene.

Characters are introduced well, although there is not much character development (except Megumi). I was dissapointed too, when Ruriko's Black Gate wasn't as cool as I expected it to be. It was just like the Gate of Life in black.

Watching this is fun and all, but not worth watching it again.

Posted by : pboy2k5
Posted on : 2004-01-03        

I personally could not say much about the original Gatekeepers. The story is about a group of teenagers who are recruited by a secret organization in order to protect the earth from the alien invasion. There is a lot of comedy in the series and also some element of romance placed in some episodes. The storyline is obviously linear without any significant events that would have made this anime interesting. Pretty much the show is very predictable. Still this anime is worth watching before the audience continue on with its sequel, Gatekeepers 21.

Posted by : darkhunger
Posted on : 2003-05-07        

Gonzo's very own classic anime, this is the work that eventually led to works like Vandread and Kiddy Grade and established Gonzo's expertise in the field of action sci-fi anime that combines 2D and 3D art.

The setting and time of the show at 1969 is very original for an anime, and makes it a bit interesting to see historic events from that era play out in the anime. The plot and characters, however, are not exceptionally original or deep, but do contribute to some enjoyable moments. Keiji Goto's designs are a wonder to look at once again, and the OP and ED songs are very catchy. The animation is good for its times, and the addition fo the 3D graphics adds a certain flavor.

While the plot and characters aren't deep, this show provides a unique setting, some interesting moments, some of the most unique looking enemies in anime, and decent fun.

Posted by : Specky
Posted on : 2002-09-16        

Gate-to OPEN! ^_^ Gatekeepers turned out to be a real treat for what I

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