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Girls Bravo Second Season

Studio : Anime International Company, Inc.

Length : 13 Episodes

Year : 2005

Genre : Romance - Ecchi - Comedy

Synopsis :
The second season picks up directly where the first season left off. Alien-resident Miharu is just now getting use to her new life on Earth as her feelings for Yukinari begin to take a fuller shape. Of course, friendly-rivals Kirie and Lisa won't give up their stake on Yukinari while Fukuyama continues his lusty pursuit of Miharu.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : xenocrisis0153
Last update : 2006-12-21
Last update details : Modify info
Score : 7.33
Number of reviews : 6

Song(s) :

OP1 : Ever After

ED1 : And Then

Release(s) :

2006-04-21 -- Episode(s) 13 by LIME Anime. BT Link
2006-04-21 -- Episode(s) 12 by LIME Anime. BT Link
2006-04-21 -- Episode(s) 11 by LIME Anime. BT Link

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Seiyuu [View Complete Seiyuu Data]

 Kanaka, Miharu Sena Kozame Stacy, Lillica Judo, Tomoka Rana Nanaka, Koyomi Hare Fukuyama, Lisa Fukuyama, Kazuhara Kojima, Kirie
 Sasaki, Yukinari Hayate

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Posted by : xenocrisis0153
Posted on : 2006-05-05        

Review based on all 13 English-dubbed episodes...

ANIMATION: As you'll hear me say in the following sections, season two is a direct derivation of season one... or more accurately, it is the continuation of the unresolved story (honestly, I don't even understand WHY they decided to call this "season two"). So given that, the art style is exactly the same, which is actually a great thing. I love the solid and vibrant colors of the characters, objects and backgrounds. It seems to be mostly 2D graphics, but there are a couple instances in which more advanced 3D imagery is used. The visuals are a major draw for this series' audience (10/10)

MUSIC: The background music for this season is the same that I embraced from the first season. Great variety and very fitting for the on-screen action. The opening and closing themes have been changed though. I really enjoyed "Going My Way" from season one and even though "Ever After" is a good, catchy and appropriate song, it does seem to be a step down. The ending theme, "And Then" is excellent though, so that makes up for it. (9/10)

CHARACTERS: All of the basic introductions were handled in the first season (so if you skipped over that, you will need to go back). The cast of Girls Bravo is transcendent. Despite everyone having completely different personalities, it's a real tight ensemble-reliant cast that works well only with all the pieces in place. No single character really takes the spotlight and yet, if you take even just one person out, the whole thing would probably fall apart. Miharu Sena Kanaka does end up getting a lot of the attention due to her cheery, kind and considerate attitude. She really shines through making her too adorable to resist. Being the main character, she also doubles as a source of comic relief (when she butchered the name of the main character, Yukinari Sasaki, by calling him "Yukinuki Suzuki" I nearly died laughing... and of course, there's the infamous banana-scene floating around the internet). (10/10)

STORY: Romantic-comedies are always challenging to review. What may be considered "filler" in most anime series is actually the substance of the story in this genre. Girls Bravo is probably considered more of a love-triangle (well, love-polygon since there are many people involved in one way or another) than a harem anime. Even though there are some sci-fi elements, the plot is really thin and sometimes seems to even fall flat of it's own low goals. Sometimes the story loses sight of what it's supposed to be focusing on making the audience grow weary of what is happening. Fans who do stick through it though are greatly rewarded by the final two episodes in which the story comes together nicely at the end. The last episode features a climactic incident in which all the characters participate by adding their signature qualities that they've established throughout the run. (8/10)

OVERALL: I said it in my Season One review and I'll say it again... there is too much fanservice for my taste. Normally I wouldn't be disappointed, but I think there's something more to be said about the difference between "playful teasing" and "giving it all away." Girls Bravo has a great cast, a decent plot, and attractive art and music. I just view the fanservice as stooping to a low that they could have done just as well without. There was a lot of yuri (female-female love) which, again, I wouldn't criticize as being negative, but when EVERY character seems to be drawn that way, I begin to wonder. Maybe I'm just disappointed by the cool and calculated Kasame turning into a blubbering, hyper-aroused lunatic everytime Kirie is in the same room as her. Well all in all, a fun adventure with a very satisfying ending. (8 out of 10.... 4 stars)

You'll Like This If You Liked: Girls Bravo Season One (of course), DearS, Chobits, Love Hina

Posted by : LeeChamFun
Posted on : 2006-01-24        

Girls Bravo Second Season. This is the 2nd season of Girls Bravo but I didn't get the chance to watch the 1st season. Therefore, my review is based on the 2nd season alone.

The story is about a guy that will grow 'hives', something that will cause him feel uncomfortable, when he touches or is touched by a girl. However, it appears that there's one special girl that won't make him grow 'hives' and that's one of the heroines. Therefore, the guy is really attached to the heroine. This 2nd season, did not have much story, most of the episodes consist of fanservice of the heroines. The only part that I found containing storyline is the ending part. However, if I were to discuss it here, it would be a big spoiler. Also, aside from the girls from 1st season, there's another new girl in this season that looks very much like the hero.

The animation is at decent level. Well, at least I don't feel too disturbed when watching.

As for the OP & ED, they're nothing too good. Just that the OP is full of fanservice, if the anime itself is not enough.

To sum it up, this is a decent anime. If you didn't like the 1st season, you definitely won't like the 2nd season either. Therefore, watch it if you think the 1st season is okay since the 2nd season contains a little of the story.

Posted by : seefutbow
Posted on : 2005-12-04        

After watching the first season, which I really enjoyed, it was a no brainer to pick up the second season. The second season however, is hardly as good as the first season. No real character development is required this season because all the same characters remain, and only one or two new characters are introduced near the end.


-The animation was definitely top-notch. All the characters were animated extremely well and very consistent. Nothing crosses my mind in terms of characters looking different from one scene to the next. The characters also were all drawn in very vibrant colors which was very nice. Very easy on the eyes.
-The background music was a definite plus. The laid back music really conveyed the overall theme of the series. The background music really made it easier to watch.
-The female cast. All very attractive ladies. No complaint here.


-Overuse of nudity. The first season didn't have nearly as much nudity, granted the first season was originally censored in a few scenes. The 2nd season could have had a much larger target audience if not for the total overuse of nudity. The opening theme was enough to prepare you for the overwhelming amount amount of nudity that you would encounter in this season.


-The lack of a solid plot/storyline throughout most of this season didn't hurt this series that much, but it was definitely lacking at certain times. It felt like they scrambled to dump in a storyline in the last couple episodes.

A good series overall, but not something I would recommend to anyone. Being as I have watched many anime, I may have become desensitized to the nudity in this series, but it would not be the same for other viewers. Definitely not a series I would recommend to someone for their first or one of their first series (of course I wouldn't recommend it to little kids either or maybe even elementary), but that's just me. I want to give this series a higher rating because I really liked the characters and the first season, but it doesn't deserve it.

To summarize it all, this series is a fun, light, harem comedy with a bunch of ecchi. 7/10

Posted by : Modsoul
Posted on : 2005-11-27        

I really enjoyed watching this series. It was really entertaining. The plotline was a bit hazy, but it made up for it at the end. The characters were great and always making me laugh. The anime mostly focuses on Yukinari and Miharu, watching thier relationship grow and thier feling for one another expressed. If I was Miharu, seeing Yukinari sleeping with a naked women, I would be pretty ticked off. Most likely scream and yell. But that's not in her nature, which makes her unique. Although, I do wonder what happens after the end of season 2 because there are new characters added to the anime yet again.

Most characters were good (9/10). The only one I really didn't like that much was Tomoka because she was annoying to me; because she had a really annoying voice. Others are great; Miharu is funny and happy as usual and Fukuyama never ceases to amaze me. Although the only bad thing was (except Tomoka's annoying voice) the lack of variety in names. For example, Yukinari and the final added character at the end, Yukina. Also, I find it odd that so many people fall for just this one person. An example would be three women falling for Yukinari. Although this may be odd to some people, I believe it adds to the humour of the series. It's funny watching them compete for the same person.

Plot/Story/SubPlot was unclear sometimes (8/10). For instance, episode 8. You won't understand a thing until the very end of the episode. What happens throughout the series is every day life, until the everyday life of Yukinari and the others is revealed; sorta.

Animation was good (10/10). It was especially good on the last episode when Kirie and Hijiri are fighting. Although it was kind of surprising that two women can fight like that. Same thing goes for Maharu, fighting off all those women all at once.

OP/ED themes I don't mind (10/10). They really suit the series if you pay close attention to the lyrics and to the story. Although I doubt a lot of guys will enjoy the music. There are some odd times where there will be music playing in the background of what's happening and it suits it as well.

In the end, it is really funny, drawings are good, story is alright and characters are really unique. I enjoyed watching the second season of Girls Bravo. So, if you enjoy a laugh now and then, a "little" (not really) bit of nudity, and fiction, I recomend you to watch this series. But you will have to watch the first season first if you are to understand any of it (which is also hilarious).

Posted by : laoniang
Posted on : 2005-04-03        

After watching the 1st series, I really can't wait for the 2nd one and finally, it is now showing!! I'm so happy!
As usual, large breasts and nice body shapes abound for every girl in this series.
There is more fun than the 1st series (of course!) and there's more unexpected laugher from these characters!
So far I had already watched the first 4 and I really can't wait for the next one to come! Until now, the one that I like best is still the girls fight. HahahaZzZ...that was a lame but cute fight. Wearing special costumes for each round, fighting within a muddy ring, and fighitng a maid (unexpected also) in the finals. All of these can only be found in this anime. I really like this as this has a lesbian sense and it was really a very cute one.
Be sure to watch it~~!!

Posted by : Yuun
Posted on : 2005-04-02        

I'm getting more headaches than I used to after watching this season 2. The 1st season was really funny and entertaining, but somehow in season 2... the story is getting really off and they added more and more fan service.

Why? You ask me why? Just look at how big Miharu's breasts are? Not to mention, most of the girls in the anime have breast size possibility of "Z cup" ( No such cup, my creation ). Due to the impossibly huge breasts, it somehow ruins the character image but I guess some people just love big breast girl, so I can't say much here.

As for the interesting part of this anime, it is that the comedy is quite funny at times although it is ridiculous especially when it involve Fukuyama ( The villain... I think... ). Since everything related to him always involves perverted acts.

Seriously, I find me laughing myself silly at the fan service comedy sometimes. Since Girls Bravo 1st season left me with a good impression, I guess I'll continue watching it because I was really curious on the outcome of our hero and heroine.

This is an Fanservice and Comedy oriented so I would suggest that the audience watch it with those intentions. Overall I still prefer the 1st season, but I hope that I can see improvements in the later episodes.

If you really want to watch a worthwhile anime along the same genre, allow me to suggest: Midori no Hibi or School Rumble.

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