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Victorian Romance Emma

Alternate title : Eigoku Koi Monogatari Emma

Studio : Pierrot

Licenced by : The Right Stuf International

Length : 12 Episodes

Year : 2005

Genre : Historical - Drama - Romance

Synopsis :
"Victorian Romance Emma" is based on the manga "Emma" by Kaoru Mori (who also wrote "Shirley", another manga about a Victorian maid in London, but this time a young girl). It accurately and slowly describes the life of Emma, a maid born from the lowest classes, taken in and raised as her maid by Kelly Stowner, an elderly governess at about the age of 8.

It's Britain's most vigorous period, the Victorian era, where money was made hand over fist and the merchant class was taking over from the almost bankrupt aristocracy as the movers and shakers of the British Empire. This meant a lot of intermarriages between merchantmen and aristocratic daughters, not a place for a dutiful and thankful maid, who is very astonished when she finds herself being pursued by a former student of her master, successful heir to a merchant house, William Jones.

William is truly drawn to her and Emma begins to reciprocate the feeling when tragedy rips the ground from under her feet. Will these two people manage to overcome the social strictures of their times, will William be able to defy the expectations of his family? If the anime is as true to the manga story as it is to the beautiful and quiet art, we should find out.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Estara
Last update : 2007-06-30
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Score : 7.8
Number of reviews : 5

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official Emma Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Kunihiko Ryo - Silhouette of a Breeze

ED1 : Tokyo Recorder Orchestra - Menuet for EMMA

Release(s) :

2005-07-15 -- Episode(s) 12 by IIChan Translation Group. BT Link
2005-07-13 -- Episode(s) 11 by IIChan Translation Group. BT Link
2005-07-03 -- Episode(s) 10 by IIChan Translation Group. BT Link

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Posted by : slashingkid
Posted on : 2008-08-07        

Emma is a romance anime targeted for the mature crowd.
There is a bit of light humor but there aren't any ecchi at all.
Emma is basically about a maid who has fallen in love with a noble.
As you know, the marriage between an upper class man and a lower class woman would have been impossible during this time period. In another words, it was a case of forbidden love.
I really loved this anime because there were a lot of romance to it but also the historical aspect was fairly accurate.
I definitely recommend this anime for those who are looking to watch a mature romance anime.
Also, watch the second season because it gets really good!

Posted by : Yuun
Posted on : 2007-08-22        

Forbidden Love, something that all romance fans always after…
Personally this anime isn’t all great like what most people have told me, however I do agree that there’s a certain level in this anime in which no other anime of the same genre can match. Forbidden Love between 2 different classes is not something new, even if many would argue that the settings of 19th century in London are the selling point of this story but I sincerely agree only at the fact that the setting is superb but not particularly the romance.

What I really enjoy of this anime is the silent comedy as well as quiet moment at certain periods. It gives off a certain level of calmness. The story progress in such a way, that you’ll never see in other anime even with the same genre. The story pretty much climax-less if you ask me and the fact that it moves in such a slow pace yet I was deeply moved & touched by how it ends.

Victorian Age, the time where gentlemen even Nobles or Gentry turns into werewolves at night. It is refreshing to see Victorian Age in other aspect other than what I perceive as. I view this anime as very Educational and meaningful. I would say I’m really attracted to the social life, backgrounds, settings, and the social view on relationship especially the hierarchy of social status. I get the message of what the producer of the anime to tell so I would say that this anime is a great success but depending on how you view it you might enjoy it or otherwise.

If you look forward for only Romance factors in this anime then perhaps you’ll not enjoy to the fullest what this anime has to offer. Truly a remarkable production, I look forward for the development in 2nd season.

P/S: I was wondering but how does the Victorian Age Toilet looks like??

Posted by : PolyGuru
Posted on : 2005-08-31        

Emma is truly a delight to watch in the romance genre.

The story at it

Posted by : Frundock
Posted on : 2005-07-20        

Emma is, I think, a mixed show with various elements made right and a few made wrong.

While never spectacular, the animation of Emma is steady and gives lots of attention to plenty of details, most anime wouldn't even dare to do. City feels alive and many details of the victorian way of life are well portrayed in this anime.

This attention to details shows in the story, where we watch a "yet again impossible love for two people". Ain't we seen that before ? Sure we did, and we don't care, it's still always good to see someone fight for love. That's the strong point, two people loving each other.

However, the story, after getting into places, stales and never progress. It reaches a point where you expect more, but feel left behind. Even if following the manga story, I would have expected a little more developement towards the end of the story.

In conclusion, Emma had many elements to offer a great anime, but it stopped halfway trought the story.

Posted by : siden87
Posted on : 2005-05-07        

The anime is adapted from manga series "Emma" by Kaoru Mori. This anime plot is 100% followed the manga, where emotions of Emma and William potraited into reality.

Yeah, the anime is pretty good with fine detailed graphic just like the manga, and it cannot be denied. The anime is focused on Emma's fiddling action such as slowly take off her spectacles.
I believe most Emma fans will not disappointed with this anime and for those who are still new to Emma, it is good to watch it as it will brought you to dive into the beauty of Victorian lifestyle in Emma. Another thing is if you are getting bored with anime filled with mechanical weapons and disgusting fan-service, this anime is good for you to relax your mind.

Emma settled on Victorian age with aristocrat elements where it focused on status distinction between Emma and William Jones who love each other. Even though William's life is surrounded with high-ranked people, he is more comfortable to make friends with anybody, no matter what their status is. Emma's smile, while they met by chance, has encouraged William to know more about Emma who worked as the housemaid of Kelly Stones. However, their loves is objected by William's father, Richard Jones because Richard want his son to marry another high-status girl named Eleanor Campbell. Pretty interesting premiss, isn't?

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