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Honey and Clover

Alternate title : Hachimitsu to Clover
Studio : Unknown

Also involved: J.C. STAFF

Licenced by : Viz Media, LLC.

Length : 24 Episodes

Year : 2005

Genre : Comedy - Drama - Romance - Shoujo - Slice of Life

Synopsis :
Honey & Clover is a show that focus on a group of friend and their struggles. Finishing their studies, finding work... finding love. Their relations are numerous and life has a strange path ahead of all of them.

What do you want to do with your lives? Who do you want to be? And with whom?

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Yebyosh
Last update : 2008-03-05
Last update details : Link modified
Score : 8.91 Ranked #39 by users
Number of reviews : 45

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official Honey and Clover Website (Japanese)

A-Source #1 : Spotlight Review by Carieen

Song(s) :

OP1 : YUKI - Dramatic

ED1 : SuneoHair - Waltz (eps 1-12, 24)
ED2 : The Band Has No Name - Mistake (eps 13-23)

Other #1 : Spitz - Sakana

Release(s) :

2017-01-22 -- Episode(s) 8-10 by -__-'. BT Link
2017-01-13 -- Episode(s) 1-7 by -__-'. BT Link
2012-11-07 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by ANE. BT Link

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Kuroda, Kazuya

Original Work
Umino, Chika

Character Design
Shimamura, Hidekazu

 Hanamoto, Hagumi Takemoto, Yuta Morita, Shinobu Mayama, Takumi Hanamoto, Shuji Yamada, Ayumi Harada, Rika Nomiya, Takumi

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Posted by : Chikage_Shampoo
Posted on : 2009-06-29        

Oh, Honey and Clover...I've been wanting to watch it for a few years now, ever since I first heard the rave reviews about it. It's very difficult, however, to rate this series as I have two main quirks about it:

1) I couldn't stand many of the characters, and
2) I thought I liked slice-of-life romances but apparently I don't like all of them.

Honey and Clover, by itself, is perhaps an excellent anime. It attempts to explore the various complexities that exist in relationships, the ambivalence of youth, the transitions people make from "one life" to "another" and the pains and sufferings, the bursting emotions that come and go with life. In this sense, Honey and Clover succeeds.

This strength, on the other hand, is what makes Honey and Clover so frustrating. It is realistic. It is crude. Told from the perspectives of many of the characters (except a few of those "objects of affection"), the series refuses viewers the enjoyment of "rooting for the underdog" (or the "strong presence") in terms of relationships. And as for some characters - such as Morita - a completely biased opinion cannot be made at all. "Do I like or hate this character? Why can't I understand him/her?" This frustration is similar to the one experienced with School Days, as only a few certain characters are focused on (thus leaving the rest up to the viewers' imaginations...or common sense) although fortunately Honey and Clover reclines from the vulgarity of the first series.

In fact, the characters can probably remind viewers of people they know. There exists no stereotype in Honey and Clover - no one completely cool, nor completely sweet, nor completely understandable. Truthfully, many of the characters were just plain uncool, and the only reason I was rooting for a certain character was because he/she seemed less frustrating and less boring than the other. This touch of realism adds a certain depth that is almost nonexistent in many other romance animes, (Thank goodness it's not a harem!) and one almost feels like he knows the characters already, albeit they might not be friends.

Nevertheless, although I could see that this was a good anime (perhaps even a great one), I just could not become attached to any of the characters. Perhaps their complexities threw me off. Perhaps I was expecting too much from the rave reviews (even if I do not expect my opinion of characters to be affected by this). To put it bluntly, however, I could not bear all of them except one (who wasn't even a main character). I am at a loss, but throughout the anime I felt empty, felt confused, felt muddled - just like the "main" character Takemoto. Honey and Clover is intriguing in that respect.

As a side note, I watched this after Eden of the East, so I could not help but think that Morita looked an awful lot like Takizawa Akira. I believe this made me like him more, as I am not sure I would have liked him otherwise.

The anime's other characteristics were memorable in only some aspects. The art is certainly different; one would probably either like it or hate it, probably think it was a bit plain, but it seems like it would be pretty recognizable. (I remember thinking of this series when I first saw the previews for Eden of the East.) It wasn't the best, but it fit the anime well.

The music, on the other hand, is something else. Forget the opening and the second ending. Those two songs either bored me to death or grated against my ears. The only song worth mentioning is the first ending, "Waltz," which, when timed during the first few episodes, fit the anime perfectly, with excellent transitions from episode to ending. Other than that, I must say that I have never (okay, I'm exaggerating, since I've heard some pretty annoying themes over the years - like Spiral's opening) experienced such horrendous music mixed into an anime.

This is a review with mixed feelings. I could see it was a good show, but I could not bring myself to like the characters. Because of that, I felt that I was not in tune with the ending nearly as much as I should have been. All in all, the series felt - save for some parts - real, and young. It will drag somewhat in the latter parts (again, because of its strengths), but it is an anime worth its time in the slice-of-life/romance genre.

Posted by : shoPanda
Posted on : 2009-03-15        

I absolutely loved Honey & Clover, the only issue I had with it was the opening and ending music which I think could have been a bit better.

Story: 10/10
For a slice of life anime, the story in Honey & Clover was quite complex. The timing of the comedy was perfect and the balance between comedy and drama was good as well. While slice of life isn't exactly my favorite genre, it was still able to keep me captivated through the whole series.

Animation: 10/10
The animation in Honey & Clover is unique, to say the least. At first, the softness and lightness of the animation was a bit weird, but I grew to love it by the time I finished watching Honey & Clover.

Music and sound: 9/10
As said, the opening and ending music was not perfect. However, the background music and voice acting was amazing.

In conclusion, it was incredible and I recommend Honey & Clover to everyone.

Posted by : jamesabc
Posted on : 2009-02-12        

After watching the first episode I thought this would a good anime to watch and I was right for most of it. I really liked the artwork through anime and how they showed emotions. The characters were also nice to watch as they interacted with each other. This anime was relaxing to watch with good calm music, also the comedy was funny too with it comming at random times to keep you awake. I was amazed at how they could fit such short stories into each episode as it seemed that not much would happen. There were also some very nice scenes through the anime which i would like to watch again.

I was disappointed in the ending as it did not conclude and resolve the issues that were around at the start. I did enjoy this anime so I would give it a 9 out of 10 rating.

Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2008-07-05        

I've had a hard time writing a review for Honey and Clover, as well as a review for its sequel. The reason is, that while I enjoyed the show, I didn't particularly care for how it ended. Not only the first season, but the second as well. The story itself is a slice-of-life, romantic, drama type show, with lots of humor thrown in. There are the usual love triangles, where a girl loves a guy, who loves a different girl. Another guy likes a girl, but can't confess. And intertwined between these friends, is a story of school, growing up, and finding work.

The artwork was not all that outstanding. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't great. The music, the OP and ED were irritating at first, though I grew to like both eventually. Oddly, I felt the same way about some of the voice actresses. For example, initially the VA they chose for Hagu, her voice really bothered me, because it didn't seem to fit, however by the end of the series, I couldn't imagine anyone else doing her voice.

Hagu was by far my favorite of the characters, and the reason overall I was disappointed by this series. I wanted to see her and Yuta wind up together, and with the indefinite conclusion, and the possibility that it doesn't end up that way, it makes it hard for me to rewatch the show, or to recommend it as highly as I would had it been a bit happier. When it comes down to it though, I really did enjoy this series. I just need to warn you. Don't go into this expecting a nice romantic story. You'll be disappointed. Heartbreak and unrequited love is a part of life, and this show definitely has that. If you don't expect anything, then this show is great. Great characters, fun to watch. Take a look.

Posted by : Gen3s1s
Posted on : 2008-05-02        

Honey And Clover I don't get it what is it aside from a comedy is it a romance a slice of life?

The Animation is great, different with a sort of washed out effect with all the blending and such so to sum up the animation its unique.

Its somewhat funny i suppose i like the characters but i don't get why that small girl is there or why she's so small and why everyone is going crazy over this tiny a** girl she's annoying other then her the characters are great i cant pick a favorite i mean there all likable but its not like there's one that you'll want to remember.

I don't like the OP or ED never really listened to it i don't think there's any background music, either that or i never noticed I'm guessing its because i never noticed and me saying that is a true testimony towards how bad it is.

The story how a couple of kids make there way through college...thats about it thats all there is to it if i need to explain it then imagine minami ke or lucky star not as funny and a lot more pointless. It might be for you i mean the colors are nice the characters are alright apart from that one person. So to sum up I DID NOT LIKE IT.

Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2008-03-12        

Honey and Clover was an interesting show combining the likes of slice of life, romance and comedy. It started off predictably enough with an introduction to all the main characters.

Story-wise, there was a nice, slow build up even though at times it felt like it was going nowhere. It has a very solid plot (for once) and a story that won't leave you confused.

Characters here are multi-layered and highly enjoyable to watch. All of the major characters have a serious and humorous side and it broke up the monotony of the sometimes, overly serious love-triangles forming up during the show.

Animation was nice. Very cute and brightly colored as expected from J.C. Staff. Understandably it can be off-putting to some, but I found the bright colors reflected the youth of the characters. I noticed that when they showed elements of themselves that were 'maturing' the scenes became darker or more morose, as in scenes involving rain or walking a barely lit street. This was a nice touch.

Music was rather distracting at first, but soon after, you realise that it was rather fitting for the maturing characters. Nicely done opening credits complimented Yuki's OP "Dramatic."

I enjoyed Honey and Clover and even if it isn't excellent, it's still a damn sight better than some of the other shows out there. Romance fans would enjoy this as I did.

Posted by : YuyuiSakura
Posted on : 2008-02-23        

I totally love this anime...

A combination of romance & comedy anime. And also show about life.
I fell in love when I first watch this anime.

The anime started with an introduction of the characters.
There are also many memorable scenes that you can remeber or just laugh about.
The story is actually quite complex.
It show lives of college students, their teachers, family and colleagues in work.
It also shows their experiences, thought and emotions.

I was really hooked with the unrequited love between the characters, their secret longings, profound sorrow, faithfulness and loyalty, easy companionship and of course the light moments. Each episode made me laugh, cry, have a long though or just think about it.

The animation and music of Honey and Clover is great!
I really appreciate the use of colors and soft music in the episodes. I also like the OP and ED

The animation is well made and the music suited for the anime.

Each character has it own story, and make this anime very unique...
That can make his or her stand out.
I like the chemistry of the characters, the soft expressions and their individual characteristics that make them that guy or gal.

I do recommend this anime for those who love a warm and funny story.

Posted by : Kana-chan
Posted on : 2007-07-13        

Honey & Clover is an amazing anime. I was quite reluctant to watch it at first, thinking that this would be another "mellow" romantic story, especially when I saw the word, "love-triangle" from the synopsis. However, there was absolutely no need after all!

Honey & Clover has one of the most solid plot and characters in all the anime I've seen so far! (and I've seen many...) Yes, there is in fact some stuff about love-triangle and relationship in it, but that's not all. The main story is about 5 friends who go to the same art college; friendship and love between them, the process of becoming adults and finding their place in the world. I find myself sympathising strongly with what's happening throughout the show, although it might lose some of its appeal to younger viewers... I think. But you won't find yourself deeply touched by the story only. The show really has one of the best comic moments of many comic animes!! >.< It's really funny! Whenever an anime is funny, the it's got somewhat bad plot, and whenever it's got a good plot, then it gets too serious and bored. But in Honey & Clover, the balance between the serious moments and the comic moments is more than perfect and you just get drawn into the story in an instant.

Another great thing about the anime is the music. The title actually comes from two songs that the mangaka likes and there are many insert songs done by the same artists that are very good and fits the anime.

Characters are also very interesting too. They sometimes feel unreal -especially someone like Morita - but on the other hand, they are not impossible either. The character development is pretty good too, especially the main protagonist, Yuuta Takemoto. Because you watch him - and also the others - at all stages you really get to sympathise with them and come to understand them.

Lately, I've been to absorbed in animes like Naruto or Bleach and so this kinda slice-of-life anime seemed not-so-exciting-enough but overall, Honey & Clover is one of my fav anime, on the same level as Naruto. I would recommend this to anyone! ^^

Posted by : Valor
Posted on : 2007-01-06        

Well I don't have much time to write so much so I'll simply put it like this...

It was a pretty good anime, much romance and comedy, maybe sometimes too much comedy when you wanted to see the result of the romance - you instead saw the comedy, and that was pretty annoying.
But as I saw episode after episode I really wanted to see more of it, the 6 first episodes I got tired of, but as I saw it more and more I couldn't walk away from it, I really started to love Honey & Clover, and wanted to see more and more.

So I'll give this anime a 8/10 - could be more romance and drama instead of sometimes boring jokes.

Posted by : GreyCloak
Posted on : 2006-12-23        

At first I was kinda put off by the title but hey being a romance genre fan I then decided to watch the anime. When I was finished it left me wanting for more. I felt like happy-sad or like a chocolate.. the choco taste left on your tongue makes you either fulfilled or uncontented.

The anime started slowly with a nice introduction of the characters. I specially like the "Love at first sight" scene between Hagu and Takemoto. There are lots of memorable scenes that you can stockpile either to reminisce or laugh about.

The story is quite complex. It deals with the interconnected lives of college students, their teachers, family and colleagues in work. It revolved on their experiences, emotions and their perceptions. I was really hooked with the unrequited love between the characters, their secret longings, profound sorrow, faithfulness and loyalty, easy companionship and of course the light moments. Each episode was woven subtly and I really appreciated the tale. It made me laugh, cry and symphatized.

The animation and music of H and C is superb. I really appreciate the use of soft colors and the interjection of soft music in the episodes. I also like the Opening song and video ( My girlfriend liked the prawn hand thingy.. she was really surprised when she saw it for the first time). The animation is well made and the music suited for the anime.

The characters... I can sum it in one word.. UNIQUE! Each character has his or her own traits that make his or her stand out. There wasn't any brash introduction of a character rather each was subtly introduced and magically developed with each episodes. I like the chemistry of the characters, the soft expressions and their individual characteristics that make them that guy or gal.

I do recommend this anime for those who cherish a warm and engaging story. I further recommend to watch it with someone close to you. I definitely adds zest and warmth to your relationship.

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2006-12-21        

Honey & Clover is a very nice anime about life. Or should I say a very beautiful story about the lives of these youngsters looking for something they wanted. I usually didn't like these life animes, but this one got so popular with such a high score that I gotta check it out.

I think it's okay, but that's an overall opinion. The beginning was okay, but as the story goes I kept seeing the same kind of things, and it was dead boring. I had to pull myself (and lucky I did) through the middle of the story, although it give me a few laughs every now and then...

Then towards the ending the situation got more intense, then led to the final part with only main character. This last part is the best ending I've ever seen, apart from Cardcaptor Sakura. Very meaningful, very memorable... Especially the last scene.

There isn't much actually, but the story progress nicely throughout the episodes, and we get to see the fullest character developement of all the characters. Terrific ending, I might add.

It pains to see Ayu crying, but I suppose it had to be that way. There are many heart-wrenching moments without nearly any heart-warming moments.

Personally, I HATED this kind of colour scheme they use, excessively bright. But wasn't pale, nor it look like a amateur's work. The animation's actually pretty good and really, really detailed, but as they didnt use they character drawing style most anime used, the girl's faces look a bit distorted.

Music & Sounds...
Morita-san VA was good, otherwise the rest is okay. I like the song Waltz, but other songs were nothing really more than "unique", or "fits the mood damn right".

I didn't give it a high score because I don't like life animes, so this is considered good already. Well, if you don't like life animes, you might want to try provided you have high "boring" tolerance. If you do like life animes, this is a MUST WATCH X100.

Posted by : hatefulguts
Posted on : 2006-11-21        

Honey and Clover...the first thing I can say is that, it's like the anime version of Friends. They're all maturing together, there's inter-group romance, and unrequited loves, except Honey and Clover is much more dramatic than Friends. Anyway, when I first started watching Honey and Clover, I was amazed. I was expecting something super sappy story that 'everything turns out OK with our main characters in the first five episodes!' but luckily for me, that was not the case.

Storyline: 10/10 The storyline doesn't seem to have a concrete plot or anything; it's just some college art students (who have issues/crushes on each other) and how they develop and grow up with each other. It's kind of that coming-of-age feeling that goes with FLCL, without all the wackiness and sexual references. Of course, Honey and Clover has its own brand of humor as well; I haven't come across another anime yet where a character can pull off high-waisted pants and a ruffled shirt as well as Morita can. The humor just blends into the storyline very well, so Honey and Clover isn't the kind of show one would get tired of watching very easily.

Characters: 10/10 Well, they're...interesting, to say the least. In case no one noticed what I put up top earlier, there's definitely a lot of unrequited love between the main group of characters. One thing I must point out is that every character is unique and distinct, without being "out there." All the characters in Honey and Clover are very natural, with the possible exception of Morita, who has his own distinct...not natural traits. Like his money making skills. They're out of this world, I wish I had a skill like that. The voice actors are also exceptional, they also do the best stammering I've heard in a long time ("Mo-mo-mo-mo-mo-morita-san! d-d-do-do-doshite?!" Well, it's cute, if you catch my drift.)

Music: 9/10 Um, the opening animation is a little odd. And I never really could bring myself to listen to the entire song, so in my opinion it's not noteworthy. The ending theme and animation, on the other hand, are very good. I made a point of always watching it at the end of the episode. The background music was decent as well, as it always matched the mood of the scene.

Animation/Artwork: 9/10 The animation for Honey and Clover was not the best I've ever seen, but it was definitely up there. And it's not as if there needed to be stellar animation for this particular storyline, so it matched pretty well. The artwork was gorgeous; I loved the pale colors and designs. The features were all in the correct spaces (except once every few episodes) which is important to me. The backgrounds were all done well, whether they were actual scenery or the single-color patterned screens (forgive me for not knowing what they're called) which I found impressive (I absolutely detest how they do that in shounen anime instead of just putting in the background, but in Honey and Clover, not matter how much it was used, it didn't bother me.)

Posted by : jayhan
Posted on : 2006-11-03        

Honey and Clover is one of the anime that explains the life of teenagers.
It has a sentimental and nostalgic feeling to it making the fans wanting for more.9/10

The Story-The story like I said has a sentimental and nostalgic feeling making the fans dying to watch the next episode.The story brings a lot of message about life,love,money and adulthood.

The Graphics-The drawing is very well done from the illustrations,characters,places,scenery and buildings.However its not the best artwork you have ever seen.But it still deserves some credit.8/10

The Audio-The music in this show is great!The intro song,Dramatic by Yuki gives out an energetic aura when you're watching the show.The ending,Waltz by Suneohair,also isnt that bad.

Overall-Overall Honey and Clover is a great anime based on love comedy,and more.There is also a sequal to Honey and Clover which fans of Honey and Clover would be please.10/10

(First Review,be nice)

Posted by : fresh_no_concept
Posted on : 2006-10-06        

Honey and Clover seems very simple at first; your by-the-numbers school comedy with the added twists of college life and that "different" kind of animation. If the series continued on like that, I would have put the series aside without another glance (came really close too). The show carefully bides its time, planting seeds for stories that will later blossom into some full blown drama that should keep most glued to their seat. By the end, the show becomes the polar opposite of what I first interpreted it to be and I must say that I enjoyed it.

While the animation wasn't as unique and stylish as I had first heard it advertised, it is good animation. The people at JC Staff do their jobs well. I do give credit to the original author for creating such fun characters. The soft features just appeal to my visual senses. Added to that is an awesome soundtrack. I'm especially fond of the ED, Waltz and all the piano pieces found throughout (it gives me something to learn).

A higher score would be given if it wasn't so bipolar in its story presentation. All's well that ends well, however, and Honey and Clover ends it with the best of them. A nice series that can be watched by all, especially if you're currently feeling those college blues. Be sure to pick up the even more impressive second season when you are done.

Posted by : Fission2
Posted on : 2006-09-21        

Honey and Clover didn't make much of an impression on me and made even less as it progressed. The concept of Honey and Clover from the summaries kept me from watching it, even without the title. Through some prodding from my friend I watched this anime. All I can say was oh yea, I was right, I hated this anime very much.

The plot form this anime was somewhat boring. Although it boasted romance, I found the characters annoying and thus the plot had very little impact on me. Lots of anime viewers are either graduating to university or out of it, or even in it. This anime is supposed to relate wel with this audience. Personally to me, I cannot relate to the chracters, not in the slightest. The comedy wasn't that funny and certainly not in great enough quantity when it was.

The characters, especially the blond were all very annoying. She in particular is someone I taint with disdain. I could nto stand how these people kept saying how cute she was or whatever when she clearly was not. She's a brat, period.

The art is absolutely horrid! The animation's half decent but the drawing style was incrediably annoying. Everything seems to be really hazy and bright for some reason.

The music was so-so, bgm is medicore.

I did not enjoy this anime at all. Lots of other people seem to enjoy it so you might be a part of that happy majority. I cannot however and thus, cannot recommend it to anyone.

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