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Trinity Blood

Studio : GONZO

Licenced by : FUNimation

Length : 24 Episodes

Year : 2005

Genre : Action - Comedy - Fantasy - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
Armageddon, a devastating war fought between mankind, ended with an excessive price. Now, a few hundred years later, mysterious beings began to emerge from the darkness. In the old age, mankind called these beings: vampires.

As turmoil spreads and alliances dissolve, caused by extremist vampire factions, the enigmatic Vatican is the only organization that stands to bring peace to the land.

Faced with the fierce vampire threat, the Vatican employs Abel Nightroad a powerful Crusnik, beings that exists to suck the blood from vampires. Armed with his gruesome blood scythe, Abel makes known that he is at the top of the food chain...

Other Notes: The original source is the novels written by Yoshida Sunao. A Shoujo manga series drawn by Kyujyo Kiyo was then adapted off these novels, and now we have this anime...

Added : 2005-02-14
Synopsis by : Shin Hayashi
Last update : 2008-03-04
Last update details : Link modified
Score : 7.55
Number of reviews : 33

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Trinity Blood Official Site (Jp)
Official #2 : WOWOW presents Trinity Blood (Jp)

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Song(s) :

OP1 : Dress (Blood Trinity Mix)

ED1 : Broken Wings

Release(s) :

2008-10-18 -- Episode(s) 7 by AnimeParty Studios. BT Link
2006-02-24 -- Episode(s) 22 by RevQuest & AnimeForever. BT Link
2006-02-05 -- Episode(s) 21 by RevQuest & AnimeForever. BT Link

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Posted by : kevinchaosvs
Posted on : 2008-05-04        

Abel is just plain cool in his semi-released Crusnik state—his Blood Whip/Blade/Scythe swinging and swaying, his eyes gleaming crimson, contrasting with the backdrop of a dark shadowy night– Wicked! So powerful is the scene and so stylish. Throw in a Classical-Gothic setting and this series compels a certain ancient majestic aura.

Unfortunately, the above praise hold true only for the initial 10+ episodes of the series. Things start to go downhill after that.

Story/Dev: 56%
A very typical Human vs. Vampire storyline. As such, there was nothing impressive or outstanding, and the storyline pretty much predicable. Not much development in the plot either; not much twist or climatic scenes. In fact, as the series progress, it got more and more... ...uninteresting. Indeed, I do not deny that some scenes were powerfully emotional and dramatic... ... but those were, in my humblest opinion, not enough in saving the series. There was also very little development in the characters.

Animation/Graphics/Design :76%
As said earlier, I like the Classical-Gothic style designs. The atmosphere created was just fantastic. True, seeing Abel in his Vampire form in the very first episode was awesome. But having to see the same sequence of releasing his seal over and over again, the usual repetition throughout the entire series... ...let's just say that I got bored. Also, the animation for the actual fighting was also quite lacking (and boring for the later part), making the actions in the series disappointing.

The biggest disappointment was the ending, which barely felt like an ending. I am aware that it is due to the fact that the manga is still on-going. However, they should have at least found a better way to wrap up the series. Also, I'm highly unsatisfied with the finale battle with the "boss". Apart from having the worst fighting scenes throughout the series (which is ironic since this was supposed to be the best), the design for the fully unsealed Crusnik form for Abel was simply awful. It was horrendous. His semi-released form was so cool, yet his full released state was appalling and resembles a... ...Digimon (no kidding)

Music: 70%
Nothing very outstanding either. Good, but pretty average.

In short, the only thing that really captivates me is the Classical-Gothic Art style (that was what prevented me from giving a rating lower than six; that's just how good the graphics/style is)and Abel's very initial entrance in his semi-released Crusnik Form. While this anime is still worth the watch, don't expect too much. Well, you might end up enjoying the show more than me, since, from what I see, there are a mix of good and bad reviews, denoting mainly a difference in expectation/taste. (or maybe I'm just plain fussy)

Personal overall rating: 64%

Posted by : bilyar
Posted on : 2008-04-01        

I basically watched this anime at random as I was looking through some titles and the name caught my eye for some reason so I decided to watch it.

Story: 7/10
The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting where two races, the humans and the vampires, are in a power struggle for control. Father Abel Nightroad is an agent of the Vatican which protects the humans from the vampires. Unknown to most, Father Abel is a crusnik, a vampire that feeds on other vampires. The story was your standard vampire vs humans story with a few twists here and there. I liked the overall pacing of the story. There were a number of episodes that I really enjoyed and the buildup to the end was great and I was so into it. Then the end came and I was like "what the hell just happened?" The ending was a real disappointment as a whole lot of things remained unresolved and only one thing came out of it and that wasn't even what I was looking for in the end.

Characters: 7/10
The characters were pretty average to say the least. Abel seemed like your everyday comedic and fun hero who has a serious and bad ass side although I really like him when he is in crusnik form. There were characters that I just plain hated and couldn't stand seeing. These were the Pope, who I wanted to punch in the face every time that I saw him being the weakling that he is, and Ion who was just this annoying snotty brat. There were characters that I really liked like Catarina, William and Astharoshe. Overall the cast was ok.

Animation: 10/10
I found the animation to be of top notch quality. The fight scenes were excellent. The art is amazing especially the character art. Everything looks good here.

Music/Sound: 8/10
The music was lackluster for me. They didn't really do much for the anime. The seiyuu were good for the most part and I enjoyed Abel's and the Pope's in particular because although I found it annoying, the Pope's weakness was captured perfectly.

Overall it was just your average vampire anime. Come for the excellent art, good seiyuu work and excellent animation, stay for the exciting story until the anime promptly breaks you in the end with a very unsatisfying ending. If only the ending was better I could have easily given this a higher score

Posted by : haosama
Posted on : 2008-03-08        

Big disappointment. I loved the character design, art, music selection but was woefully let down by the storyline. Midway through, the series dips in quality, with illogical premises and illogical actions as excuses to upstart a highly "turmoil" situation. More development needed on many characters. The series after episode 12 makes use of extended, stretched, and forced plots to reach an unsatisfactory finale. In the end, Trinity Blood just becomes one big colossal mess.


Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2008-01-20        

The anime is a poor man's Hellsing and Hellsing wasn't all that good an anime to begin with. Minimal amounts of action and predictable fight scenes dominate this show. A protagonist that is in an anime meant to dish out some hellish punishment on the enemies does everything but that. The story pacing is too slow and disjointed with the best only occurring once half the series is over. While I've seen it in other animes, the fillers in the first 13 episodes were still disappointing. The gothic tone of the anime is nice but simply all for show. It's just another anime with characters that pose in cool looking outfits. I cannot recommend this anime.

Let me give you one example. The big climactic battle lasted for I would say a minute and they spent the next few minutes on some flashback that had absolutely no significance and a shot of the earth's horizon with some awesome music; that's it. The subplots are no better. Our main character Father Abel doesn't kill because some lady died. It is never explained clearly how she died and we never find out anything significant about her (Was she his Girlfriend, Surrogate Mother perhaps?). The big mysterious organization with a sexy German name is a one man show and the big villain behind it is predictable.

There were some good points, for example, the music is superb and the few episodes involving the character Seth are wonderful. But that is still only about 4-5 episodes out of 24. Music is rarely a significant factor and it's more like icing on the cake. Hence, my score is 5/10.

Posted by : xkrazydog
Posted on : 2007-09-08        

Trinity Blood piqued my curiosity while I was chatting with a friend of mine. Apparently, he held this anime in high regards, I wasn't so sure... After all, Vampires never really suited my fancy. Although this anime was nice, it had a few glaring flaws that affected its overall performance.

The animation was nice, one of the few great aspects of this anime was the beautiful city scapes and designs from afar. The cities are always lush and thriving. Although when battles on the street occurs, the close up background is average. Also the character designs are very nicely done, everyone is dressed very stylishly in suits and robes. Lady Katarina's outfit I thought was the best out of them all.

Battles move very quickly, and the fighting is decent, too bad the actual fighting scenes are too short to give it a full score. They also combine CG with character weapons and aircrafts. The weapons look pretty cheesy and hinder some of the good aspects, however the air ships look pretty nice.

Some of the characters you can brush off quite easily, like Abel was pretty funny sometimes but on more than one occasion I merely saw him as a copy of Vash the stampede except in black with silver hair. Also his amazing power seems like a cheat sheet that almost always dominates against an enemy. There was only 1 or 2 battles that he didn't use it... he barely survived the first time and the second he fell in the ocean. Good game. Oh did I mention that EVERY Female pretty much loves him?
Sister Esther was not much to write about either. She's the typical female who's nice and strong willed at the same time. She also has this HUGE crush on Abel that you can see a mile away.

The only characters that I thought were quite realistic and actually developed nicely was Astha Astharoshe, Ion, Pedro of the inquisition squad and the Pope. Though Lady Katarina, Father Tres, Seth and Lady Noel are also really nicely done. All in all, the supporting characters and their designs were very nice.

The Storyline was also quite average. Post apocalypse and high tensions between Man (Terrain) and Vampire (Methusala). With a divided religious government who want to either obliterate the vampires or make peace. Its nothing new, but I not bad either. There are tiny factors in between like AX, and The Rosencruz that dot the path between these two main powers. The Plot is at times quite confusing because half the time you find yourself lost or the story is moving too slow.

Ahh... Pacing. The Pacing of the story is quite annoying. The story seems so dragged out and unimportant at times that I couldn't watch more then 3 episodes in 1 sitting of this anime. They also hurl a new character at the audience every episode, making you forget some of the previous characters and sometimes they'll appear out of nowhere a few episodes later. Not to mention, most of the anime is basically talking, with fighting left only for the last 10 minutes of the show usually ending up with Abel going god mode and killing everyone.

In addition they talk about politics CONSTANTLY, and adding Difficult long names (plus titles) along with terms like Methusalah, Terrain and countries, your head will swim.

If the show was a little longer with the usual 26 episodes, this anime wouldn't be so laggy in the beginning and crammed in the end. I would give a higher score if the ending wasn't a total car crash. Aside from that, watch this anime if you have free time, but if your looking for the thrill ride of a life time, this won't be it. (You'll see Abel in his killing god-mode that's like NOT fair in the book of fairness more than once, I guarantee it!)

But at least you'll enjoy the best looking supporting cast. This anime doesn't fail when it comes to cool likable characters in the background.

Posted by : moonie05
Posted on : 2007-08-03        

Trinity Blood presented one of the freshest concepts about vampires that I never thought about. The show has some bad spots here and there but its mostly fulfilling.

With this anime, you can't even slack off for one episode because you have to follow everything to actually understand the whole series. Cast and characters are great but they are always scattered everywhere. It's also the same with Trinity's episodes, never really staying in one spot or focusing solely on the same thing but jumping everywhere. Confusing as the plot in the beginning, jumping every where does not help because you can't really remember all the characters in the beginning, their events, and so forth. When the production finally comes back to them, I'm always like "Um...when did this person appear?" Their scenes and dialogs leave many question behind when the anime ends. In Trinity Blood, some actions are taken without a solution or an explanation for them which makes you wonder why all the time. Scenes and dialogs were there but make absolutely no sense, ideas were there but no origin or logic was there to back them up.

I also thought that some episodes were just taking up space in the series. They're not exactly "fillers" but do nothing important in the anime, so should be cut for more important details. A lot of characters but not enough screen time for them all, they only appeared at a particular time for a particular "arc", and their later appearance makes no impact.

Graphics were nice for all the characters. Details are everywhere showing you the landscapes or characters' personalities. The political ideas were very sophisticated surrounding the pope as the king and the church as well as the country. The romance is mild or none at all but I wasn't actually hoping for that.

Opening and ending songs both are good. The choice for the opening kind of confused as why did Gonzo choose something called "Dress" to present this anime but nevertheless good. The ending is kind of sad and the song is "mostly" in English. Both of them had good animation, the beginning had mostly dark colored scenes and the ending have white snowing scenes showing some contrast there.

Overall, good concepts but it needs more explanation and details to the plot. Music is good, no complaint there. The graphics were nice but sometimes a little dull, not much in the way of lively color. Recommended if you have nothing watch and is a nice break from some of the longer animes.

Posted by : Yuun
Posted on : 2007-06-11        

“Oh My God!?" is what I’ve been saying for almost every episode till the very end. I’ve watch plenty of vampire related anime but so far, I dare to say Trinity Blood (TB) is the best among all of them. TB never failed to amaze me to the very end of the series, although some of the plot were quite predictable but most of the time it caught me off guard. I’ve watch plenty of GONZO’s productions but the best I would say goes to Trinity Blood.

ARTWORK: This anime is by far one of the few that the animation truly caught my attentions. Extremely detailed, realism, beautiful, and solid color used makes the anime extremely eye catchy. The buildings and battleship is truly breath taking! Defying the law of physic to the max, they offer you extremely elegant and gothic looking battleships. Rome was so beautifully detailed and drawn looking almost like the real, (Of course with some spices added to it.) Methuselah’s city was totally breath taking making me wish that such city actually exist in our world. You can’t help but enjoy what the elegant animation quality TB can offer for you. The fighting scene was totally awesome with smooth and crisp fighting scene. There’s not a single repeated scene and everything feels refresh at all times. We’re talking about GONZO here after all…

MUSIC: The BGM and Music boost with truly an unbelievable suitableness with the scene and anime. The opening song is enough to totally hook you in, while the ending gives you the feeling of mystery. Personally, the BGM is the most noticeable in the entire series. The BGM plays the role to bring up the mood perfectly and I’d say that without it, TB would have lost 30% of its spices.

CHARACTERS: No doubt! The character design was extremely beautiful and elegant. Not only they look mature and detail as well as extreme consistency throughout the series, their costumes and gears extremely fitting with their work and cool. Esther is one of my most favorite girl, she got so much development though she never appears in the early stage until the later on but as a heroine, she really stars the entire series. Beautiful, cute, elegant, strong, determine, kind, loves, and many emotions revolves around her. Abel, in my opinion requires more development bout his past but nevertheless he is a very likable character with humors and actions.

STORY: There’s much emotions in TB’s series plot making it very touchy at all times provided if you understand it’s serious plots. There’re many sacrifices, heroic scene, and meaningful fights from the beginning to the end. With slow introduction in the beginning, and gradually starts to develop into the main plot as well as breathtaking climax. I don’t felt much connection with the story due to it’s variety from beginning to the end including much unelaborated details. However, I think the story plot was much better than most Vampire series out there. What I felt a sad was the story neglects the important element in most vampire related series, Romance. There’s hardly much development between Esther and Abel despite seeing some hints here and there.

CONCLUSION: Is a must watch series out there especially vampire fans not to mention it introduce you something other than humans and vampires, the Crusnik! Making TB much original in its plot and more interesting compare with the old classic vampires. As mentioned, TB becomes one of the best series in my list but I would have wish for a much better ending, better romance, and longer than just 24 episodes. Trinity Blood a 9/10 point anime, minus 1/10 with the lacking of the previously mentioned 3 elements.

Posted by : rae214
Posted on : 2007-04-17        

This is my 1st vampire anime, and I have to say I want to watch more of it. Trinity Blood offered something new for me, and maybe thats the main point why I like it. Aside from that, here are the details.

Story: I have to say, it actually piqued my interest. Sadly, there was a lot of loopholes and unaswered questions, like, who was the woman? who were they really? There were a lot of unexplained points which I was looking for. Also, I feel that the anime was too short. I have this nagging feeling that a lot was cut from the original manga to make it fit 24 episodes. Also, the flow of story was too fast, which is I think the reason why there were a lot of unanswered questions. So to summarize it all, I think the plot was good, however since the main storyline was fast paced, it missed out on a lot of thing reducing the whole story from would have been great to merely passable.

Music: Dear lord, I have to say I love the music and the BGM. I especially like the song during the time Esther and Ion were together. The opening song was great too, it really gives the vampiric mood. Of course, I still think the ending was the best song ever, since it makes you feel good.

Drawing and Animation: If I could give this anime a 100 I would just because of its drawing. I love the way the characters were drawn, the details of the suits they wore, the colors, the cities... all the drawn stuff was really good!

So there. Its a so-so anime, okay to watch and can be enjoyed, but will disappoint people who want to know all the details of the story.

Posted by : Blissbee
Posted on : 2007-03-07        

I really like this anime I wished the series was longer.
I also liked the music used for the series, especially the sad song in episode 23. I also like the intro song sang by Buck-tick; the lyrics are beautiful and is a good match for the whole vampire ambiance.

The story of the anime is actually sad/gloomy, but it is compensated with humor which appeals to me.
This anime makes me wanna learn to read Japanese because the creator of the series died before the anime was finished (this might explain the weird 24 episodes). I'm really interested in the original Trinity Blood novels he wrote.
This anime isn't for everyone but if you like vampires this anime will be nice to add to your collection.

I do must confess one thing although: Trigun and Trinity Blood are two completely different anime. The story of the 2 brothers is actually the same. A good brother turning evil so he can give his brother a purpose to protect the world and fight for a better future (something he first didn't believe in). So basically, although the bad guy is a super villain he's probably doing it because he loves his brother more than anything in the world. This is also something that brings tears to my eyes and makes me love this anime even more.

I hope this review will help those interested in watching the anime ^_^. And please don't pay too much attention to any grammar mistakes (I'm Dutch after all).

Ow and the intro-song by Buck-tick is called dress!
I quote: *I don't have wings (feathers), Why?* Hane ga nai, naze?

Posted by : hjmaster2
Posted on : 2007-02-26        

Finally, an anime that has vampires, action, drama, good plot line, and vampires! I feel like it's been an eternity since the last time I saw an anime like this that's constantly suprising me.

The best part of this anime is not the vampires, but rather the political situations that are occuring. You are constantly making presumptions and predictions, even if it's unconsiously. And as more and more things happen, you gain more faith in your prediction untill something COMPLETELY unforseen happens. This throws you off completely and leaves thirsting for more.

I recomend this anime to anyone. If you like vampires, this is for you. If you like good action, this is for you. I you like drama, this is for you. If you like outstanding anime, this is for you.

Posted by : Viseroid
Posted on : 2007-02-08        

The Story- Interesting concept of vampires as human colonists from Mars fused with nanomachines. However, the anime itself provides very little detail about the characters backgrounds leaving me to search around and wikipedia many of the characters.

The Characters- Clumsy hero, check. Whiny heroin, check. Super shallow bad guy, check. Character development, nope. Other than over used stereotype personalities the characters of this anime have very little to offer. And why does the main bad guy never explain himself? For a main antagonist he only appears in three episodes; one for about five seconds and the second speaks about two lines. The Pope character is a joke.

The Audio- So so, wasn't a big fan of the intro or the ending songs. Most animes around the standard 26 episode length change at least once. This anime keeps the same intro and ending througout the entire line.

Voice Acting- So so. Father Abel's clumsiness was not as convincing as Vash's. Esther was kind boring as well.

Artwork- Everyone is pale. Pale, pale, pale. Except for one guy actually. Just about everyone's faces look like corpses in the fact that they appear to be void of all blood. Animation is mediocre, it is neither fluid like Naruto or beautiful like Last Exile. Though Father Tres reminds one of Initial D.

Overall- A bit of a let down. The first few episodes barely connected and sort of left me lost. The ending was ridiculous and barely gave any insight into what had happened during the final confrontation. Badly executed open ended ending. Main character resembles Vash the Stampede too much. Might be interesting to some vampire fans but for those interested in this type of genre turn to Chrno Crusade.

Posted by : MrSentimental
Posted on : 2006-10-27        

I really enjoyed the artwork style. I enjoyed some of the likeable and interesting characters. And Abel was pretty cool when he changed from that good-hearted, omnivorous, goofy priest into the kick-butt vampire shredder.
The story was very slow at times and I was hitting the old fast forward button. The plot really wasn't that good. Pretty uneven at times, with a good share of annoying holes here and there. When I started liking some of the vampire characters, I then started remembering: "Hey! These guys like to EAT us!", and I got kind of torn. You know what I mean? They explained more about some of the key characters in the end episodes, and that was like: "Where did THIS stuff come from?!?!". It needed more action. Also, not a lot of romance here. There was a tiny bit of humor on occasion, mainly around Abel being a goof. Abel was a Goof-ball one minute, and a power-packed, merciless protector of the innocent the next.
The music during the series worked well. I'm not sure yet about the OST. The opening and closing themes weren't necessarily keepers.
It kept my interest for the most part, but don't expect to be overly impressed. 3 1/2 STARS. 7 out of 10 rating.

Posted by : Silence
Posted on : 2006-10-23        

I'll admit this is a little late coming to the game as with anything I watch, but overall I think Trinity Blood is mainly an average anime that isn't really much more than an interesting inital hook, good music and one bad *** android.

As with many reviews before this the main character is simply a rip off of Vash The Stampede. He plays the idiot throughout the anime but without the hidden inner strength Vash always portrayed. It seems that as a character (when not in Krusnik (spelling?) form) he is relatively weak, displaying no real abilities besides a generally good shot and some acrobatic jumping. While this could be attributed to a lack of desire to use the nanomachines because it might require him to drink more blood, all in all, any other member of AX could wipe the floor with him provided they don't give him time to talk. Vash may have acted like an idiot, but he was an intelligent skillful idiot, often masking his skill with mishap. Abel just seems to get thrown around a lot, then go Krusnik and for at least the first half of the anime, dispatches his enemies quickly.

The rest of the characters are decent enough, by far the best character being Tres the Android. If for nothing else, his awesomeness is explained by his simplicity. You know what he is, so the lack of background behind him doesn't hinder you. You know what he's capable of, so he always looks awesome in a fight. Which brings me to where the series really fails.

There's conflict in the story, vampires vs. humans, there's fake symbolism (random names and places that seem to be casually thrown in without any link to the storyline), and theres some real symbolism dealing with societies distrust of one another brought on by a devil like figure vs. an angel like figure, though the roles are switched. However that doesn't drive the story alone. You're given the idea that you should be paying attention to Abel, waiting to see what his background is, except, it... never quite gets there.

I had to look up the novel (which I might have to read) in order to figure out some sort of idea of where he (and the Krusniks) even came from. I would have been willing to accept a simple matter of food chain as an explaination (except the fact that I'd piss my pants if I even caught a glimpse of who has the Krusnik's for dinner), if it werent for the fact that many scene's give you the impression that they aren't necessarily created, sometimes even outright saying it. This begs the question of why and by whom, questions which aren't really delved into at all; not enough to justify their existance anyway.

All of the other characters seem to not have all that deep of a story to them, most of the time it's a simple mention of their past without going into detail. Thats all fine and dandy, but... Abel's character is basically given the same treatment, so he's really just as deep as the rest of the characters. I'm starting to ramble so I'll get to the point. It leaves you generally unsatsified at the end, none, absolutely none of the major conflicts are resolved. Lack of understanding of what a Krusnik is really capable of, made the final battle anticlimactic.

It's generally a cool anime, cool looking characters, best of all, there's a cool android. If anything, watch it for Tres, the 5 or so episodes he's in anyway...

Posted by : ken3173
Posted on : 2006-10-01        

Trinity Blood IS quite an ok type of anime but not the best for me. The Show is kinda confusing and sometimes it very hard to follow the story line, but the fighting is not that bad. After some episodes ,finally I can follow back and can understand like when Human beings eat cows and birds,Vampires suck the blood of Human beings and Krusnik suck the blood of Vampires - like a food chain.
The Between part is like politics. This is where I kinda got lost. But finally, the ending, I can understand what they were trying to tell about the story line.

I Give this anime 10/10 cause at 1st I was lost then when I look back, I understand, kinda must focus nicely.

Well the movie should at least improve their picture so it won't be so dull and more clear a bit. The Opening Song (Dress Blood Trinity Remix) and Ending Song (Broken Wings) is kinda nice especialy the ending is like a sad type of song ^_^

Posted by : heroic_decepticon
Posted on : 2006-01-13        

This is a vampire anime from the same studio that made Hellsing. So I watched it not expecting an amazing story but some kick ass action. Disappointed on both counts.

The story is mediocre at best and non-existent at worse. Watching it was like watching trains passing by; a series of events connected by a common thread but having no particular relation to one another. For trains, the track is the common element; for this anime, its the title. The anime tries to be original by giving flashy names to characters and places and by excessively quoting philosophers, but it is far from original. Pointing out all the similarities between Trinity Blood characters and characters from other animes would take more space that this review would accomodate; so i'll just point out one- Abel Nightroad is a near carbon copy of Alucard from Hellsing. But since both series are done by the same studio, they are not exactly ripping anybody off. Ha! Now that is original- rip off your own idea.

Flashy names do not make a story; yes Albion is England, Abel and Cain are biblical characters, Methuselah is Vampire is a foreign language. SO?!? What is the connection between them? How do they inter-relate?

Add to the above a sucky ending and you got an anime that I will not watch again anytime soon. Score- 1/10

The pace within each particular episode is actually rather good. You will be aching to see a fight. Sadly, none of the fights turn out to be good ones. And since the powers of vampires is not explained (at all), I have little clue as to which was an easy kill and which a tough duel. Score- 4.5/10

The backgrounds are beautifully painted. Vibrant colours complimented by beautiful tones and hues. Designs for locations and costumes were excellent. However, I could do without the cheesy CG in certain scenes. For example, Abel's blood scythe should not be CG. Score- 7.5/10

There is NONE. This is one of the few series where I have finished watching and found myself not identifying with a single character. Score- 1/10 (at least they tried).

Music is good. Trinity Blood has got a melancholic orchestra type soundtrack that compliments the overall vampire theme suitably. Music during fight scenes adds to overall excitment but sometimes is overdone and too loud such that it drowns out characters' voices. Score: 7/10.

My overall score is obtained from adding the scores from the 5 sections, converting that to a 100%, then divided by 10 to get a score out of 10. Fractions are rounded up.


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