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Eyeshield 21

Studio : Gallop Co., Ltd.

Licenced by : ADV Films

Length : 145 Episodes

Year : 2005

Genre : Shounen - Sports - Comedy

Synopsis :
Eye Shield 21 is an anime about Kobayakawa Sena. He's a first year in high school, and a pushover. Since he was every one's errand boy, he developed very quick legs, he can do a 40 yard dash in 4.2 seconds, the fastest time in all of high schools. That ability made him a target on Hiruma Youichi's list. Hiruma is the captain of the American Football club, and the most violent and feared people in school. Once drafted, Sena becomes Eye Shield 21, an unknown player for the University of Notre Dame.

Added : 2005-02-17
Synopsis by : Idjota
Last update : 2010-03-09
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Score : 9.05 Ranked #26 by users
Number of reviews : 21

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official Eyeshield 21 Website (Japanese)
Official #2 : TV Tokyo's Eyeshield 21 Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Coming Century - Breakthrough
OP2 : 20th Century - Innocence
OP3 : ZZ - Dang Dang
OP5 : SHORT LEG SUMMER - Hanno no Runningback

ED1 : Rikkenzu - Be Free
ED2 : The Trax - Blaze Away
ED3 : Beni Arashiro - Goal
ED4 : Aya Hirano, Miyu Irino, Koichi Nagano & Kappei Y. - Run to Win!
ED5 : BACK ON - A day dreaming...
ED6 : BACK ON - Flower
ED7 : SHORT LEG SUMMER - Song of Power
ED8 : 20th Century - Innocence

Release(s) :

2014-01-24 -- Episode(s) 1-145 by HorribleSubs. BT Link
2010-06-20 -- Episode(s) 87 by DigitalSubs. BT Link
2010-06-20 -- Episode(s) 86 by DigitalSubs. BT Link

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Posted by : zangetsu112
Posted on : 2007-06-21        

Eyeshield 21 is one of the best sports anime (next to Hajime no Ippo) in my books. The anime is supported by great variety of characters ranging from Hiruma (devilbats quarterback), also usually called a demon (Akuma) to Sena (the main character) to Shin and many more.

This anime also has its comedic aspect done quite well. There are always instances that would make you laugh, because of how unusual the situations are or how a character's actions is out of the ordinary.

The story itself is good. It is basically a teams (Deimon Devilbats) journey through different American football matches with the hope of reaching the finals to attend the Christmas Bowl. Each opposing team poses a new threat to the deimon team as each team has a special ace or aspect that makes them potentially difficult to defeat. The battles between the players also makes this anime quite awesome to watch as well. Teams and even players having some "special football move" that increases the intensity of the game.

I would give the whole anime a rating of 9 out of 10. Go ahead and start watching ,you will surely enjoy it

In general, I would greatly recommend this anime to whoever reads this (everyone out there).

Posted by : blazerflare
Posted on : 2007-05-18        

I was introduced to Eyeshield 21 by my cousin. Initially I thought that it is an anime that is for american football fanatics and would be a very boring anime. But after watching several episodes, I knew I was wrong.

The anime mainly rotates around Deimon Devil Bats, a high school american football team and its running back, Kobayakawa Sena a.k.a. Eyeshield 21.
The team was initially made up of only 3 people. The brain of the team, devil quarterback, Hiruma; The muscle, linemen Kurita; The kicker, 60-yard Magnum, Musashi.
It is interesting to see how the members of the Devil Bats are gathered together, slowly evolving and getting stronger after every episode; how the cowardly Sena earns the name Eyeshield 21, and slowly changes into a more dependable person.

The anime is full of drama, romance, suspense, action and comedy. The anime teaches the rules of american football, making it entertaining as well as educational. It is different from fighting anime like Bleach, One Piece and Naruto, but it is just as entertaining. Definitely a must watch.

Story : 10/10
Characters : 10/10
Music : 8/10
Entertainment Factor : 10/10
Overall : 10/10

Posted by : shabba169
Posted on : 2007-01-03        

Eyeshield 21 is an anime about the boy Sena, as listed above various times. The anime itself is very well balanced, and the main characters are Shin Seijuroo and Sena Kobayakawa (the long time rivals) the anime got me hooked immediately because the rivalry between these two was emphasized from the beginning, with Sena as the underdog. while Sena has to deal with a lot of other strong opponents, still, Shin remains on the scenes, usually by giving smart ass comments or predictions. The action scenes in this anime are good, and the missing links that you'll know that return, but just not when or how (Musashi!!) are nicely done too. The music style leaves a little bit of work, but the rest of the anime is superb, thats why I gave full score.

Posted by : Kaitou_sinbad
Posted on : 2006-11-28        

Well I was looking at the top anime list on this site and I found this anime, and this is my opinion.

Story: a kid used to do errands for people because they bully him. Therefore developing very fast legs. He gets accepted into the school and later joins the football team as Eyeshield 21, because he can run as fast as a professional runner. His identity kept hidden from others because people would kill for his legs.

Characters: good animation, detailed characters. Hiruma being the coolest of all by far. It's original, all I can say. not many animes have a football captain who motivates his team by shooting bullets at them, and kicking them in the back when he's proud of his team. I laugh everytime he fires his bullets and when he does his YA-HA laugh.

Music: so the opening in my opinion went from bad to worse. I thought the first opening was okay, I was starting to get used to the opening when they changed it. The new one is slow and boring and does not match the anime at all.

Overall: I give this anime a 9/10 mainly because the opening is so bad. Other reasons are because I can't stand the stupidity of the manager. her conclusion of why Eyeshield and Sena are never seen together is that they don't like each other. and I couldn't stand in the first 20 episodes all Sena did was complain and show how scared he was.

Guys if you watch this anime be ready to smash something because this anime sometimes drives you nuts. After you get passed the first 20 episodes or so, you will like it

Posted by : wmk92
Posted on : 2006-10-24        

Eyeshield21 is most definitly 1 of the best sports anime at this time.

~ Story 9/10

the story is almost the same as every anime there is the main character (Sena) that has super talent but when he compete's against shin he realise that there are people beter. then him and then he tries to get even beter. but at times it gets really funny like with Hiruma

~ Characters 10/10
The characters are drawn much better compared to the jumpfesta of eyeshield21 so it gets bonus points.

~ Music 8/10

The opening musics are okay but I don' t like the ending songs (my opinion)

~ Overall 9/10
If you like sports anime then Eyeshield21 is an recommendation for you!

Posted by : khairina
Posted on : 2006-10-04        

Eyeshield 21....

It was the first anime sports that I look foward to. I knew Eyeshield 21 from the manga (my brother bought it).

It was about sena who started highschool. He used to be bullied by other boys since he was a kid, and proctected by a GIRL (Mamori). Since he had to do a lot of running from bullies, he has a unique running technique. He's the fastest runner in the school.

His life changed when he joins the American Football as secretary team but been forced to be the official player by hiruma (the Deimon's Devil Bat captain), where Sena is called as EYESHIELD 21 as his position is runner back.

He met a lot of different players with different unique skills. As his target, he want to over come his rival Shin (linebacker from Ojyo Knight)

I like the characters of EYESHIELD 21. The characters are original and colourful. Sena, the coward and ambitious boy. Most important that he's the person that value the meaning of friendships and team-mates.monta brighten the anime with his facial express of humor. Hiruma is the coolest captain cause he can organise different kinds of techniques during the game (although he is the most meanest in the school)... don't forget about the Huh Huh brothers, Mamori and Kurita...

The songs in this anime are pretty good. The mix of the songs and the anime kind of bring out the mood.

Overall, I like the anime and the manga. I also recommend it to some of my friend that love anime (fanatics in anime and its products). Furthermore I like Hiruma's character. He's the best...yea ha...

Posted by : semtex
Posted on : 2006-09-22        

Background story:

This story is about Sena, a normal little highschooler who has just started highschool. He got through elementary and junior-high by running errands for bullies and getting protected by a GIRL. Starting a new life, he decides to join a club, only to get hijacked by Hiruma to join the American Football club where he will be known as ' Eyeshield 21 ' for his 'Golden legs'. Yeah you read that right!

Original Plot: 6
Eyeshield 21 doesnt have a very unique plot, well which sports anime has? Like several the other sports animes: The main character got huge talent, he meets a rival who is vastly superior and the goal is of course is to surpass the rival.

Story: 8
48 episodes have been released and its starting to get very intruging, because how the plot is brought out is supported by good story and characters. Sena will meet unique friends both in and outside the team and opponents(who are also geniuses in their own positions), but I give it one extra point because it fits perfectly that Sena is a running back and Shin is a linebacker, giving Sena a tough barrier to overcome through the story.

Animation: 8,5
Not the best I've seen, but it fits this kind of anime perfectly. Don't know what I would have thought of it if it had Kyoto animation quality (Air and Kanon remake comes go mind^^). Saizen also goes for DVD(mp4.) quality, so I'd rather download those than Xvid for better quality.

Characters: 10
What unique to ' Eyeshield 21 ' it's it huge cast of character both main and side characters. Since american football team consists minimum 11 players you tend to get interested in a couple of characters, but I just love all of them since they all get to shine and develop to their fullest.

Music & Sounds: 8
1st opening get you really in the mood to watch more, it really helps!!!
2nd opening is to build the excitement for the main event. To make things short here: It fits well for both music and sound, especially at the matches.

Overall: 8
Bear through the first few episodes and be rewarded. I watch it actually for Hiruma's devilish schemes, man I love that guy. Since the anime follows the manga pretty close I chose to read it after episode 48.
PS! I suggest you watch the American Football! It really helps for those who has no clue about American Football like I did^^

Posted by : redragon3883
Posted on : 2006-08-31        

I am always interested in sports anime and this is my third sports anime I had seen (in my lifetime?), the first being the Prince of Tennis, and second being Hajime no Ippo.

This is an interesting anime which makes it different from the other 2 sports anime I had viewed in the past.

The first thing that I like about the anime is how it had taken a western concept (american football) and turn it into an interesting and good anime which people of all ages can enjoy, it is also educational in that the audience can be able to learn a little about american football and appriciate it more.

Second this is that the difference in all the character is contrasting, Sena being the main character of the story is a coward at the beginning but grows as the story goes. Hiruma, being the "demon" of the team always looks threatening but on the other side, he always think of a way to help the team improve. Kurita, the giant and gentle person who always support the team and never gave up. Mamori, a god-send perfect manager who can memorize every signal. Monta, the catch-crazy monkey who wish to become the best catcher in Japan. This is just to mention some of the character, there are many more interesting character in the anime...

Thirdly, the drawing style of the anime is simple and childish (in a good way), the emphasis the use (like Hiruma's ear, Monta's face and kurita's size) is use to a good extent to amplified to humour of the situation. I always laugh when I look at them.

As this is an ongoing anime, I might change my opinion in the future, but looking at it now, it has a good future in the sports anime history which will shine brightly.

Posted by : hackinmage
Posted on : 2006-07-06        

Due to my sole mastery of hindi and english, I must wait for the anime fan-subs to come out, thus I must base this article partly on the manga, but mostly on the anime! I've seen up to episode 40, so I'm not too far behind!

This anime is a relatively straight forward sports manga, of the prodigy type. A genius, previously unknown, joins a team and becomes the team Ace. The anime's art isn't amazing, but it's nothing to cry about, it's a solid 5.

What brings this anime up in my mind is not just the sound, the voice acting is quite good, but the plot is extremely solid and well drivin. Unlike some animes where one is waiting for the plot to breach through a bleak period were backgrounds are developed but no real entertainment value is provided, this anime constantly performs.

If one's looking for a good anime to add to their list, I throughly suggest this anime, however it's NOT a must see must have anime.

Posted by : gglypher
Posted on : 2006-07-06        

When I first started watching this anime I had my doubts. I personally don't like sports anime that much and the first episode was a little silly but after that I got completely sucked in.

The characters are pretty well developed and everybody on the team all have their little moments that show more of who they are. I especially like Hiruma and the Huh Huh Brothers as they are all simply hilarious. one character that I really hate though is Mamori-san. But if an anime can get you to hate a character than thats good right?

The music is pretty good. I liked the ending songs better than the openings, but there is one song that they play in some episodes, Be Survivor, that totally rocks! One of the best songs I have heard, and its played really appropriately in the series as well.

I wont say that the animation is anything special but the characters are all pretty unique.

The overall story itself is really good though and it just gets you hooked. It's hard to explain but this is one of my favorite series ever!

So in conclusion, go watch this one. It's funny, touching, exciting, and most importantly addictive!

Posted by : corrakun
Posted on : 2006-04-15        

I liked this anime. Normally, I don't like sports animes, but this one drew me in. There's a lot of stuff going for this anime, which is why I think it'd be great if more people watched the anime and read the manga.

I started off by reading the manga from my school library. They only have up to volume 4, so I got kinda pissed and went to Chapters, where I found out for the first time that there was a manga. I think it was good that I read the manga first, so that's what I'm advising you to do. Normally, it's better if you start off with the manga before the anime. No difference here.

This anime's still going on, so it's pretty recent. However, I didn't like the drawing in the manga so I don't like the animation in the anime. This anime closely follows the manga, something that's near unheard of. Anyway, whenever there's a manga first, the anime has to stick kind of close to the animation. While I have nothing against the artist of Eyeshield 21 (heaven knows they draw better than me), it wasn't very appealing to watch. The colouring was a little too bright, too. As always, the screenshots in here are better than the anime itself.

The voices--ahh, the voices. Actually, I didn't really check this anime out until I found out that Miyu Irino, the voice of Syaoran in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, is the same voice as Sena in this anime. Being the Tsubasa freak that I am, that's when I really checked this out, and that's why I absolutely love the voices even though Mamori's voice was a little too...I don't know, soft and gentle and breathy. It gave me shivers, especially since Mamori's supposed to be strong and doesn't care about getting Hiruma mad.

The plot wasn't special. More sports, score, meet new people, oh, look, more friends. Next!

The character development was really nice. Sena gains courage, and according to the back of the Shonen Jump manga book, "comes of age in this heartwarming story of fighting for what you believe in." Err, bleh, but that's okay, because some of that actually does happen. Then you've got psychotic teammates with weird fetishes, like using guns all the time, and...well, yeah. I really liked it, and I think it's what really sold the anime/story/manga. No wonder there's an artist and an author for this. Wanna replace the artist, though?

I recommend this to everyone. Some rough translations may have more vulgar language, but that's okay, because it isn't anything you haven't heard before. Even little kids can watch this. Of course, that doesn't mean that you're too old for it, either. You don't even have to like sports. My favourite sports anime is only my favourite because of the romance (Suzuka).

Posted by : crago2000
Posted on : 2006-03-13        

Eyeshield 21 is based on the Shounen Jump manga of the same name. Unfortunately it does follow the manga 100%. Unless you have read the manga you probably don't care but it makes you want to read the manga once told.

So does this effect or enjoyment of the show. Well lets have a look.

Sena has just started high school and meets up with his childhood friend Mamori. She used to protect him when they were young. As you've guessedm, Sena is a target for bullies and was an errand boy in his early years.

But due to this, he is able to run really, really fast. This catches the eye of Himura, the captain of Deimon's Football team. (Note: American football, not the English football). After much persuasions he joins the team under the guise of EYESHIELD 21.

Only a few know his secret but he is able to run the 50m dash in 5.5 seconds. Which makes him a target to other strong players.

This is nicely animated. It isn't a crisp sort of animation like Bebop or Outlaw star but a cartoony type of animation which is better for the games and characters movement.

Some scenes, do at times, feel repeative especially the scenes where Sena or his rival are running. But other than that it's nicely polished.

The other gripe I have is that some of the characters don't look like their manga counterparts especially Monta who looks completely different. But if you haven't read the manga you probably won't care.

The Intros and Ending are nice to listen to. The BGM is kinda not there. You really don't hear it as the action diverts your attention. I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing. You decide.

Last word.
First thing first, if you have read the manga watch this at your own risk. I have heard alot of manga readers complain about how this is nothing like the manga and stuff has been cut from the anime.

Other than that, it seems fine.

People who haven't heard or read Eyeshield 21 may feel a little bit disappointed if they've watched other sports anime before. But don't let that scare you. This is a fun show. It sucked me in and I love it.

Posted by : FFDragon2
Posted on : 2006-03-10        

Though I'm not a large fan of sports anime, Eyeshield 21 is still one of my favorites. The story situates around the formation of a football team after a protégée of a runner joins the team and other players, each with their own back story, joins the team.

Story: 9/10 The plot mixes between the story of the overall team and each player’s story. This keeps the plot interesting but also tends to draw the overall plot out which is further lengthened by each game the Devil Bats play.

Animation: 9/10 The animation of Eyeshield 21 is excellent but certain aspects like making three yards looking like 300 again act like a double edged sword.

Sound: 9/10 The opening and ending songs are all well done and the music during the games are good as well. The voice acting is also well done and leaves nothing to be desired.

Posted by : syidee_ragnarok
Posted on : 2006-01-24        

Eyeshield 21 was one of the anime that you SHOULD watch. It's because the story goes very well with one small boy that had always been bullied and can't do almost anything suddenly become a great american football player.

This anime also can teach us the basics of american football. Me, who doesn't know anything about this sport suddenly knows the rules and the ways they're playing it.

In addition, this anime also shows the courage to do something. For example, Sena tried very hard to become a great running back to compete with Shin from Ojyo Knight and Panther from Nasa Aliens.

Furthermore, it also had many comedy scenes besides touching moments. This can change viewers mood that was sometimes boring watching the slow part of this anime.

We also can learn the values of friendship from the Huh! Brothers.

That's all my reviews about Eyeshield 21 and I hope you watch this anime because it was worth than just a sit home and doing nothing day.

Posted by : blastfaizu2
Posted on : 2006-01-22        

This anime is crazy and wacky (that's why I'll give it a ten star!!!)

At first when I read the manga series episode 1 I have felt the aura that'll make me feel crazy about this series. And when I watched the anime ... I am feeling crazy about this series.

The storyline is not so fast, yet, not so slow. In other words it is perfect. As for the characters, they really look funny and crazy. Such as Hiruma which looks like a demon (his ears and teeth makes him really look like a demon) and Raimon Taro that looks like a monkey (a monkey that is well at catching).

I have no comments for the voice casting except for the voice of Hiruma which I think should be more brutal to fit his looks. Other than that, this anime is perfect for those who have a lot of free time to spend and for those who want to release their tension.

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