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Great Teacher Onizuka

Alternate title : GTO

Studio : Pierrot

Licenced by : TOKYOPOP

Length : 43 Episodes

Year : 1999

Genre : Comedy - Drama - Slice of Life

Synopsis :
Ekikichi Onizuka and his best friend Ryuji were infamous biker gang members until they decided to head to Tokyo for a new life. His friend Ryuji manages to study and become the manager of a store while Onizuka strives to become a teacher.

A former delinquent with a violent past trying to become a teacher? Watch the hilarious adventures that happen when Onizuka gets the worst classes to teach and his obession with innocent high school girls!

The main story follows Onizuka as he tries to get a new job as a full time teacher after his teaching assistant job in the movie (episode 1). He always seems to be stuck with the worst classes to reform.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Kaiser
Last update : 2011-09-20
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Score : 9.37 Ranked #2 by users
Number of reviews : 129

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official GTO Website (French)
Official #2 : Pierrot's GTO Website (Japanese)
Official #3 : Sony Music's GTO CD Website (Japanese)

A-Source #1 : In-Depth Review

Other #1 : A Great Teacher Onizuka Fansite (English)

Song(s) :

OP1 : L'Arc~en~Ciel - Driver's High
OP2 : Porno Graffiti - Hitori no Yoru / Lonely Night

ED1 : Kirari - Last Piece
ED2 : Miwaku Okuda - Shizuku / Drip
ED3 : Hong Kong Knife - Cherished Memories
ED4 : L'Arc~en~Ciel - Driver's High

Release(s) :

2017-09-13 -- Episode(s) 1-43 by Erai-raws. BT Link
2017-07-09 -- Episode(s) 1-43 by AnimeRG. BT Link
2017-06-14 -- Episode(s) 1-43 by F-D. BT Link

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 Onizuka, Eikichi Fuyutsuki, Azusa Kanzaki, Urumi Miyabi, Aizawa Kikuchi, Yoshito Yoshikawa, Noboru Murai, Kunio Nomura, Tomoko
 Uchiyamada, Hiroshi Uehara, Anko Kusano, Tadaaki  Fujiyoushi, Kouji Fukuroda, Hajime Sakurai, Ryoko 
 Danma, Ryuji Murai, Julia  Sakurada, Tadashi Kujirakawa, Fuyumi Fujita, Akane Uchiyamada, Ryoko Uchiyamada, Yoshiko
 Kadena, Nao Izumi, Naoko Asano, Mayuki

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Posted by : ilovecheetos
Posted on : 2015-08-16        

GTO!, yes GTO! This anime holds a very special place in my heart.
GTO maybe perverted and radical and some way since Onizuka the main character possess a happy go lucky personality. But as you go along with the episode of the series. The characters are well developed and Onizuka teaches some valuable lessons not only for the characters but also you being the one watching.

Whenever i watched GTO it reminds me of my early days in highschool back when life is simple and having fun with your classmates seems like there is no end.

A must try for every anime enthusiasts.
Whether you are a new anime fan or old enough to reminisce the entertainment you've experienced when you first watched this GEM of an anime.

Cheers GTO!

Posted by : Ras
Posted on : 2010-07-24        

Great Teacher Onizuka is hands down, one of the best anime ever made. Here's why.

Animation: Not the greatest, even by 1999's standards, but for some reason it fits well for GTO. The coloring seems rather muted, and it makes use of still frames a little too often.

Music: Pretty damn good. GTO's opening theme is one of those that you won't forget. Normally I skip through many openings for anime, but I like GTO's so much that I listen all the way through. Music during the show is passable to excellent.

Characters: The writers did an excellent job of fully developing the stories of the main and many of the lesser characters. Their back-stories provide good insight into their mannerisms and motivations. Onizuka's combination of former gang leader and caring, but quick to anger, teacher is endearing and very likable.

Story: There's a reason why GTO has such a die hard following. The story is just that damn good. I don't recall even one episode where I just wished it would get over with so I could move on to the next. Each and every episode is entertaining. The situations and faux pas perpetrated by Onizuka will have you laughing until your out of breath over and over. There is very little in the way of repetition, every episode feels fresh, and subplots are fully developed and not left hanging.

If you haven't watched GTO, your selling yourself short. You won't find one more well done or more entertaining.

Posted by : CherrynKinnz
Posted on : 2010-06-23        

Great Teacher Onizuka is about this guy named Onizuka who decides to be a teacher. Yeah, as if that wasn't obvious enough...anyway...

Straight to the facts.
Animation isn't the best. I let this slide however, since this is something made before 2000. I give them props though because the quality of the work (not the quality of the frames) was outstanding. No weird looking or off frames seen anywhere. And I'm quite the nitpicky person with that too.

Music wasn't quite memorable, it was just there to be there.

Plot was the reason why I only gave this an 8. The story and each episode was interesting enough to have me keep watching I sat through all episodes of Inuyasha and if you have as well, I hope you know what I mean when I say numerous episodes were quite boring and very filler-filled. GTO on the other hand, actually kept me hooked throughout the whole series. The only problem I have is that some of the episodes do appear to be fillers once you look at them generally. They're basically consisted of him confronting a delinquent and the delinquent likes him in the end. The end. That was the basis of most of the episodes. All in all, there really was no plot since he always stayed in the school.

However, I must commend the people behind the script because the lessons learned in this anime are quite far and beyond...I don't think many anime will touch upon this many subjects as much as GTO. Then again, GTO is entirely based on morals and lessons.

The characters were quite lovable as well. There's every type of character. What makes Onizuka so appealing is that he can be this courageous intelligent person who kicks ass (literally), then he turns into this perverted pig in the next second. You have your basic smartest person and the innocent one...etc. You know where I'm going so I won't bother.


This wasn't something to DIE for...sad to say I won't be watching the series again. It was good but not entirely memorable. However, I do recommend it if you are bored, or looking for just SOMETHING to watch.

Posted by : xxscrimagexx
Posted on : 2010-03-10        

First of all, I just want to say that this anime should not be receiving a rating of less than 9.5. In fact, anything other than high 9's or 10 is just wrong. For a show of only 43 episodes--and each episodes containing 20 minutes of materials--it has taught lessons that might take people years to find out. Lessons of life, of honesty, of maturity, and most important of all, responsibility. Lessons that people have written tedious books and 50-page essays about, and still cannot fully express them. But I think GTO has done a great job in presenting these lessons, and did a fantastic job of showing some of the best ways to face them. And I just think that for an anime to do something other than pleasing the viewers but actually gave meanings to the story it was presenting, it just greatly improves the show. And this is how I rate the story.

Characters: -10- Hands down, without a doubt, this has got to be the strongest department of the show. At first I thought with the central cast as Onizuka and 20+ side characters, the show was going to be a bit boring because of the concentration of work being loaded fully on Onizuka. But as the show progressed, it showed more and more of the side characters and their stories. And my oh my, what stories they were. Each were unique, yet somewhat connected. The development of the side characters and their involvement with the story is outstanding. Adding Onizuka as the central figure and the characters just connect and synchronize in a way that most other animes cannot achieve.

Music: -8- I think I'm being mean but this is actually the right score for it. The OP and ED wasn't very interesting. But I did gave it a 8 because of the BGM. The music that is subliminally played in the story hit it off pretty well. This department of the anime is definitely the weakest part.

Story: -10- The story and the plot of the anime sounded simple. It was a catchy one at the beginning, a gangster trying to be a teacher, but then as the story developed, so did everything else. I think the stories of Onizuka and his students kept me in the story from the 1st minute to the last. Every one of the episodes was unique and every one of them hooked me. Even the FILLERS were interesting because it turns out to be either something meaningful or just outrageously enjoyable.

Animation: -10- I do have to say, since this is a 1999 anime, that its drawings were not that good. I've been watching anime mostly in the 2000's so the animation really cannot be compared. But one thing I do have to point out is though there was never ONE camera angle wrong with the show. NOT ONE. Everything that needed to be showed, were showed. Everything that needed to be inserted subliminally were showed subliminally. It's like this anime is alive by itself. The things moving in there knows their place and thus put themselves in the right focus. It takes a really good production team in order to do that.

Overall: -10- It was just a great show. That is less than enough but there's no other words to describe the GREATness of the show.

I truly and highly recommend this show to any and ALL anime watchers. I don't care if you are romantic, a horror lover, an action junky, or a mecha lover, this anime (although it doesn't have it all) will rock your world.

Posted by : kengvi
Posted on : 2008-10-04        

GTO is one of the most popular Japanese anime series of recent memory on the school-life story of a super-human and unrealistic teacher. After spending almost 6 months (tediously) watching all 43 episodes, I rate this anime as average in all aspects except for the main charactor, Mr. GTO.

Mr. Onizuka (GTO) character is the blood, skin and bone of this anime. His wildness, craziness, stupidity and unrealistic superhuman nature are what this anime is all about. The first 2/3 of the episodes were quite predictable and a bit boring. It always starts with nasty students planning and trying to kick Onizuka out of school, who later change into a Onizuka follower. The plots involved were repetitive until it became very predictable. The most exciting part starts just when Kanzaki Urumi the student with an IQ of 200, appears on the scene. Besides Onizuka and Urumi, the other charactors were poorly written and very predictable.

The animation, drawing and coloring was also very poor. The background music was also poor. However, GTO had some excellent songs for the opening and ending credits.

For anime focusing on life at school and teachers, I think the works of Masanori Morita (Rokudenashi Blues, and Rookies) are much much better.

I give 6 out of 10 for GTO. Good anime, but not great.

Posted by : miestersean
Posted on : 2008-08-03        

Plot/story: The plot is based on students' struggles with overcoming emotional insecurities, and instead of advancing a continuous storyline, it uses a series of mini-arcs that use a repeating conflict/resolution structure to develop individual characters one at a time. This format stagnates but it is the characters that carry the series, not the plot. Similarly, the characters make the handful of fillers, mostly found in the middle of the series, tolerable. The school/class setting is used tastefully, with much of the show taking place outside of the school entirely to keep the surroundings fresh.

Dialogue: The conversations flow smoothly and each of the characters has unique phrasing and diction in his or her speech. The standout speaker is the main character Onizuka, who is preachy when giving advice but refreshingly brash and irreverent otherwise; he's a fresh breath of air.

Characters: The aforementioned Onizuka is a fascinating lead with a curious split-personality: he is selfish and perverted but also caring and mature. The supporting characters are likeable and are dynamic, each with his or her own significant, though exaggerated, transformation. Impressively, all of the characters in the show adapt to each other's presence when interacting and act as real people would.

Voice acting: Onizuka again shines, brimming with attitude and range in his delivery, even in reading intermission title card phrases. The other characters are also strongly voiced with feeling in various moods that range from relaxed to frantic, bringing their personalities to life.

Music/sound: The two OPs are catchy driving rock, the first metallic and energetic and the second more melodic and hook-based. The three EDs, however, are weaker, the first two standard ballads and the third forgettable rock. The in-show BGM is cheaply made and distracting but it manages to add to the different atmospheres of the episodes.

Animation/Art: The background imagery focuses on realism more than beauty and looks polished but unassuming. The characters are thinly-drawn and look flat but they have appealing designs and natural body movements and postures. A unique feature is the clothes: Onizuka has a different outfit on for each episode, and the t-shirts characters wear when not in school uniforms have stylish designs. On the other hand, a negative is the overly crude facial distortions used in the beginning episodes, but these improve drastically after the first ten episodes.

Enjoyment: The show does best in its climactic scenes that are packed with action, suspense, and emotion, but it is a bit shallow and predictable compared to heavier-hitting series. Still, there is a wholesome vitality that pervades the scenes -- all of the characters are ultimately sincere and good-willed. However, the cyclical nature of the plot causes the series to lose momentum between arcs, though this resolves once the viewer gets immersed in the next character. A great aspect is the frequent humor, which is top quality and plays well off of the characters' quirks and even elements of popular culture.

Overall: This series is recommended for those who enjoy semi-mature humor, drama, action, and character-driven story lines. Everyone should find something to like here and have a good time watching all the way through.

Score: 8/10

Posted by : Tearjerker
Posted on : 2008-07-31        

How do you start a review on such a great title as GTO?
I could be at it for ages and still have plenty to say about such an excellent anime.
First off, as many have mentionned before me, it doesn't take a genius to take one quick look and tell that Great Teacher Onizuka is one of the older animes out there. For a newer generation of anime fans, this might constitute a fundamental flaw, and might give you a bad first impression, but all it takes is one complete viewing of the first episode to move past such shallow premise and comprehend that GTO is much more that meets the eye.
Plotwise, the anime is fairly simple, but what makes it expand powerfully into a myriad of colors is the charisma of the characters every episode brings in.
For example, Onizuka himself is a personality few will be able to forget. His energetic voice acting as well as his elaborate faces and antics make every single movement he makes extremely appealing and hysterically hilarious and all together enjoyable.
This goes without mentioning the colorful blend of other characters in the anime that compose the mighty palette and great strength of GTO.
The music is also a key element in making GTO exciting and fun. Most will remember the energetic theme song strung together by L'Arc-En-Ciel to match the anime's mood perfectly.
Although I will not go into details, some have considered the ending to be upsetting, but if one thinks about the main character's goal and personality, it couldn't make more sense. Nonetheless, those who wish for a more satisfying conclusion will find plenty of relief in the manga, which I have also read and found to be just as good as the anime, with a story extending even further than the forty-some episodes.
All in all, Great Teacher Onizuka was an instant classic and it's no surprise that it remains among the top faves here in Anime-Source.

Posted by : sheepcong
Posted on : 2008-07-06        

This is one of my favorite animes. I got hooked on it because of the manga. The show is a lot like the manga; the story is almost the same. It is really funny. This is a show that will hook you. The characters are great. They are all funny and there are so many of them that you will probably find one that relates to you in one way or another.

Story (10/10) - I have to say it never really disappoints, as it has so much character development and back story for tons and tons of characters. It's hard to find a story you won't like in this 42 episode anime.

Characters (10/10)- Some of the best. Definitely Onizuka has to be one of my all time favorites in anime badasses. The rest of the cast is good, too; you will find at least one (if not all) that you will like in this one.

Music 9/10 - It was okay for the most part - a lot better then some animes I've seen. It fits the mood of the series and was really enjoyable to listen to.

Overall (10/10) - Overall GTO does not disappoint. It's really rare for an anime this GREAT to come about. The only downfall in watching the series is that you will be begging for more when it's over and will love every minute while you're still watching it. Enjoyable from start to finish.

Posted by : marxmann05
Posted on : 2008-04-22        

Ah... Great Teacher Onizuka, what lots of people think of as the number 1 comedy anime of the 1990s.... or at least thats what I think. Personally, this is one of my favorite anime, not only is it light hearted and hilarious but it have some lessons to teach us too... although I can't seem to remember most of them, anyway on to the review!

Its really unfair to judge a classic anime by graphics since we all know that GTO's visual style was outdated about a decade ago. But if you ask me, it is still decent to watch, its not like you're going to get cancer from watching it or anything. Since it would also be unfair to give the graphics a perfect score, I just wouldn't give the visual any score, but if I do have to, its going to be between 7 and 8. However, one thing that you would never forget from the animation and visual is onizuka's varying ugly faces. Its just so funny that after years of not seeing the anime you can still see onizuka's ugly face clearly in your mind just by the mentioning of GTO.

Sounds/music/sfx: 9/10
The songs used in GTO are great and not tiring, and they actually carry the feel of the show. I usually don't watch the ending credits of anime but because of the ending songs, I can stand to watch it. The sound effects used are just like any other anime. English Voice actors are same as always, meaning sometimes good sometimes bad and sometimes you just have to do Japanese dub and English sub.

Character: 9/10
I'd say that character development in GTO is good to the level that you become familiar with the characters and feel for them. Over the series we see the characters slowly developing until at the end of the series they have grown or changed in some ways. Each character has his or her thing going on, of course we still get the usual cliche like the mischievous group of boys, the clumsy and slow but big boobed girl, the nerdy guy, etc. etc. etc. The only thing I have against the characters is that apart from Onizuka's favorite students and the antagonist girls, we don't know any other face or name from their class, I mean they could have made it like school rumble where even the minor characters are known at least by face. But I guess that just complicate things. Anyway apart from that, the characters in GTO are usually either lively or problematic.

The anime revolves around the newly appointed teacher and self proclaimed Great-Teacher-Onizuka. We follow him as he help and teach his students about life lessons. And his ultimate purpose in the school is to stop the harassments of teachers by a delinquent class. And he does so, one by one he gets the students to side him. But there is always that one person who wouldn't budge.

If you ask me, GTO doesn't really have any real plot, I mean it does have a big major plot but if you watch it episode by episode, that doesn't seem to come out until the last few episodes. What I mean is that, for most of the episodes, you can just watch them individually without wondering what happened last episode, but there are some of them. It doesn't get old, unless you keep watching it straight in a row. I've seen the show 3 times already with an interval of at least 2 years, and i think the fourth one is coming this summer.

Overall: 10/10
If you love comedy, and you enjoy life or at least would like to enjoy life, then you can handle the drama brought by this great anime. Despite the years, I have yet to find another comedy-life/drama anime that surpasses GTO. So bottom line is, just watch it and enjoy. Don't let the year fool you.

Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2008-04-21        

Great Teacher Onizuka is an interesting show. On the one hand its got a lot of humor, as the main character acts in ways that are just so extreme as to cause laughs. However he is not a great teacher, but rather a horrible one that manages to effect positive change in the lives of many of his students.

The artwork is very old school, though considering this show was made in 99, is understandable. The animation, the music neither are particularly outstanding, though I admit I rather enjoyed the first OP. The plot is the main problem, as there really isn't a plot to speak of. Each episode Moronizuka has a problem that he solves despite, or because of his stupidity. Either that or because some friend of his who has been impressed by his single-minded devotion and open heart intervenes to save him.

The biggest problem I had when watching this is due to this in fact. I couldn't help but wonder as I watched this show, how it is that Onizuka managed to even get into college, much less get a degree. Considering how stupid he really is. If they had made his character just a bit more intelligent, at least believably intelligent, then for me this show would have been much better. On the one hand I can see why so many people rank it so highly, but for me it just didn't resonate. Perhaps because there were many small details that irritated me as I watched it. Things like a teacher flirting with his students. While these were some of the things that made the show funny and watchable, they were to me some of the things that I found most disconcerting.

Overall I recommend the show. Its an anime classic that everyone should watch, at least once. Even if after seeing it, you may not ever want to watch it again.

Posted by : Kitsilver
Posted on : 2008-04-06        

GTO is not one of my favorites.

I give it points for originality -- Onizuka is certainly unique -- and comedy. Some episodes are meaningful and a few characters memorable.

But I can't forgive the art and perverted nature of Onizuka. Older art styles generally don't appeal to me, but Onizuka is just ugly. His lecherous and perverted character is annoying; I mean how many times does he get in trouble because he did/thought something gross? Sexual humor gets old when it's done again...and again...and again.

Onizuka is a good guy at heart and helps his students in his own unique way. That's what I like about this show, how he helps his students as a guide, a friend, instead of an authoritative figure. The students can relate to him and grow because of it.

I can see why GTO gets such high marks, but I can't get over the art and perverted humor. 43 episodes tends to drag too, compared to a tighter 26 episode anime. So I give Great Teacher Onizuka a 5/10.

Posted by : Odin_The_God
Posted on : 2008-03-06        

Not only funny but the plot has meanings too... Each episode through the events that happen in it gives a special meaning to what teachers and students feel, how they get along and eventually how students grow up through those events... It is all about a teacher without knowledge on Maths and Physics, but knows a lot about real life... He knows how to treat his students and make them enjoy even the most boring day at school...
It didn't make me laugh a lot but it did make me think a lot...
That is why it deserves a 10/10...
Wish there was more...

Posted by : jayou521
Posted on : 2008-01-22        

GTO is one of the funniest and most touching anime I've ever seen, as well as one of my favorites.

Onizuka Eikichi is one of my favorite anime characters. He may be a pervert, but he has a big heart and it shows in every episode as he shows his students how to enjoy school again (even though they are all trying to bring him down). We get to know a lot about the students in his class over the course of the anime. As each of their problems are solved, there is a visible change in their attitude. There are just enough episodes for us to get to know and care about all of them. The only thing that felt out of place was the ending, but I'll get back to that later.

The music which is played matches the scene greatly and definitely helps a lot. Onizukas' theme is one of my favorite anime songs. Every time I hear it, I can't help but smile.

The animation is pretty good, considering it was made in 1999. I especially liked all the funny faces Onizuka makes.

It's a shame that it had to end the way it did, but the anime ended before the manga did, so I can forgive them. There is nothing better to do than watch it again since you will be wanting more. That is why Great Teacher Onizuka deserves a 10/10 and its spot as one of my top 5 anime

Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2007-11-05        

After nearly a year since I last saw this, it's about time I finally write something about one of my all-time favourite shows: GTO.

Story (9/10) - I first heard about this show after coming across the Tokyopop Manga and after 26 volumes, I was eager to see how the anime compared. With the exception at the end (otherwise it would've been a 10/10) the anime is faithful to the Manga. Again with any animated adaptation, some killer gags were left out, but the essence of the jokes and humour was there.

Art (10/10) - This is one area I was thoroughly impressed with. GTO is a visually driven story and the anime had to be top-notch. It was! The Onizuka's trademark facial expressions from the manga always got a laugh from me and it was great to see that it was faithfully preserved here. It's hard to imagine it's nearly 8 years old, but the quality has and will stand the test of time.

Characters (10/10)- Some of the most original. What you might consider to be real villains are really very human characters and after finding more about their backgrounds, you eventually understand why they are what they are. Of course, nothing can compare to a manga's effort in character juxtaposition, but this comes as close as it can get.

Voice Acting (Jap 10/10) (Eng 8/10) - I felt that the acting by the main actors was great, but was 'partially' let down in a way by efforts of some of the peripheral characters. Bear in mind that this is the only fault I found with it. The english VA's efforts were noble, but could anyone really replace the original Onizuka??

Music (10/10) - Enjoyable trademark themes here. The opening credits were great. Onizuka's theme always got my neck hairs on end. I could say it's almost as characteristic as the Imperial March for Darth Vader.

Overall (9/10) - All I can say is that after 43 episodes, I was saddened to see the end of one of anime's greatest shows. Apart from the gripes above, I was just DYING to give this my first 10 star rating. For that, truly something special must have happened. This is as close it comes. However, if someone were to ask me for the most balanced recommendation I can think up of, I'd say watch this. There can be no higher praise than that from a cynic like me.

Posted by : GodOfDeath6000
Posted on : 2007-10-21        

GTO is definitely one of my favorite animes of all time. Eikichi Onizuka funny, powerful, and can change people with his retarded schemes. This anime is guaranteed to make you laugh. I found watching the development of the characters very enjoyable.

The ending was a bit disappointing, but after a bit of reading I realized it was because the manga hadn't finished by the time the anime did so I guess they made it up on the spot.

I must say, although it's a bit off-topic, the manga was great.

I think the art was very unique, especially with the many over-dramatizations of Onizuka's face. It was a bit hard to get used to at first, but it really does grow on you.

As for music, I don't really pay much attention to it. However, I enjoyed both the openings while not really caring much for the endings.

This anime is just uniquely awesome.

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