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Glass Mask [2005]

Alternate title : Garasu no Kamen [2005]

Studio : TMS Entertainment

Length : 51 Episodes

Year : 2005

Genre : Shoujo - Drama - Romance

Synopsis :
Maya is in love with dramas and this often distracts her from working efficiently at home, her mother's ramen shop, and at school. She has an incredible skill though, from one drama watching, Maya is able to replay the whole script in both words and gestures. Her gift doesn't go unnoticed. Tsukikage a renown actress spots Maya and tells her about a theatre school she's developing. Though Maya doesn't have the money, she promises to try her best, and to pay Tsukikage afterwards.

Maya's mother refuses to let her child to some acting school. So, Maya runs away from home. At the school, she's not the best actor. She stutters, makes awkward motions, and is pretty much amateurish. The students of the school wonder why she's favoured by Tsukikage and on scholarship. But soon, they come to realize that Maya's perspective completely differs from their own, which allows her to climb the ladder of success.

Added : 2005-02-27
Synopsis by : Himitsu
Last update : 2009-11-28
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Score : 9
Number of reviews : 2

Link(s) :

Official #1 : TV Tokyo's Garasu no Kamen Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Candy - Promise
OP2 : Ikuta Aiko - Zero

ED1 : Aina - Yasashii Sayonara / Tender Farewell
ED2 : Sister Q - Step One
ED3 : Splash Candy - Sunao ni Narenakute / I Couldn't Become True
ED4 : Core of Soul - Hello Hello ~Another Star~

Release(s) :

2009-12-27 -- Episode(s) 29 by Hatsuyuki. BT Link
2009-12-20 -- Episode(s) 28 by Hatsuyuki. BT Link
2009-09-26 -- Episode(s) 23-26 by Hatsuyuki. BT Link

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Theme Song Arrangement

Original Work
Miuchi, Suzue

Character Design
Hirayama, Akira

Series Composition
Saeki, Toshimichi

 Kitajima, Maya Himekawa, Ayumi Tsukikage, Chigusa Hayami, Masumi Aoki, Rei Minazuki, Sayaka Sawatari, Mina Kasuga, Taiko
 Sakurakouji, Yuu Onodera, Hajime

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Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2009-11-28        

I felt that this anime was a very genuine and very successful production. They took a simple story of a girl in love with theatre & arts and made an engaging masterpiece. Glass Mask was able to keep feelings, characters, and relationships fresh thoughout all 51 episodes. This is not an easy task to fulfill.

This is based off a 3-decade old manga! I'm unsure of the details, but I believe that it is still being published today. With such a devoted and passionate back story, there should be high expectations for the anime. After completing the anime, I am very interested in getting my hands on the manga.

The most valuable piece for me in terms of this anime, is that it was somehow made to be enjoyable thoughout all-time. That is, there will be no sign of "dated-ness" as time progresses. This is what I believe. While watching this series, I could not precisely pinpoint the generation/year for Glass Mask's setting. This results in a very priceless piece for anime culture.

At first I was unimpressed with Maya's character. She was naive and overly obsessed with drama. However, her development and growth became the very essence of my love for this anime. Maya is a prodigy for drama & arts. Her insightfulness goes way beyond typical perceptions of role-playing. The most engaging aspect of this anime was the competitive environment during Maya's endeavours. She was always challenged, even shamed at times- however, she took those challenges and surprised everyone in sight.

Romance was also a very authentic aspect of Glass Mask. The romance themes did not occur until the second half of the series, but it was incredible and wonderful. It was very unique because of the roles of the two characters. They face many barriers which include age, economic status, and tragic events. You won't know what I'm talking about until you watch it. But let me say, I was significantly influenced by the romance aspect. I loved it :)

There was little use of comedy. Glass Mask still was an excellent production without a strong theme of comedy. If there were any funny moments, you grab onto them quickly. In fact, you can say that the comedic aspects were much more distinguished and valued at that moment. The main theme was drama. There were only a few heart-wrenching incidences within the anime, however, they made significant impact.

Music was a complementary feature for the anime. I especially loved the music played once the anime started producing the Scarlet Angel arc. OP and EDs were enjoyable, and they will be of value to me due to association.

The most disappointing feature was of course the ending. There was a considerable amount of hype towards the "Scarlet Angel" play, however, I was quite unimpressed. Also, I had hoped they would develop the romance between Maya and so-and-so more. I think the ending could have been improved immensely.

In short, I really enjoyed watching this anime and I'd surely recommend it to a specific audience. Not to be recommended to those that want action and high prevalence of comedy. Nor to those that wish for a psychological thriller. Glass Mask features grounded drama and romance, that has a great deal of valuable characters.

Posted by : ophenix
Posted on : 2005-07-25        

Review based on the first 5 episodes:
I realy like this show. It's slow paced but the cherecters are well developed and very `real`. The graphic display of the herion`s acting was really interesting and the animation in general was very much to my liking.
The graphic resembles old school mangas such as "Kaze to Ki no Uta" and "Hi no Tori 2772: Ai no Kosmozone". A style rarly used in new anime and one which I'm very fond of.

The sound track and voice acting are really great and portray the characters in a very reliable manner.
I reccomend this anime to anyone who likes drama anime.

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