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Digimon Tamers

Studio : Unknown

Length : 51 Episodes

Year : 2001

Genre : Adventure - Comedy - Drama - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
Aside from the rest of the Digimon stories (Adventure and Zero Two), Digimon Tamers is completely new and has nothing to do with the past series (has no connections whatsoever).

In Japan, there lives a boy named Matsuda Takato, a fan of the popular Digimon Card Game. One day while playing, a blue card mysteriously appears in a box of cards he had dropped. Confused about how the card got into the box, he decides to swipe the card with his Digimon card reader. What results from the scanning of the blue card is that his card reader turns into the D-Arc (the equivilent of a Digivice), and a Digimon he created, the dinosaur-like Gillmon (Guilmon in U.S version) comes to life.

At first, he wast terrified of it but he soon befriends his Digimon. Later on, he finds out that he's not the only one with a real live Digimon. He meets up with a girl named Rika (Ruki in Japanese version) who sees Digimon as tools of battle with the fox-like Digimon, Renamon. She's the anti-friendly type and Henry (Lee in Japanese version) with the stuffed animal-type Digimon Terriermon.

A man by the name of Yamaki is trying to destroy all the Digimon in the world, and many other enemies come to destroy the world. The only way to save the world is for those three main characters (Takato, Rika and Henry) to set their differences aside and work together!

Added : 2005-04-03
Synopsis by : Andrew Hyeon
Last update : 2007-04-05
Last update details : Link added
Score : 8.33
Number of reviews : 6

Link(s) :

Official #1 : DigimonTamers Resources: An Unofficial Fansite (Japanese, English)
Official #2 : Toei Animation's Digimon Tamers Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Kouji Wada - The Biggest Dreamer

ED1 : AiM - 1st Ending - My Tomorrow
ED2 : AiM - 2nd Ending - Days ~Aijou no Nichijou

Release(s) :

2010-09-07 -- Episode(s) 8 by WolfPackProductions. BT Link
2008-11-17 -- Episode(s) 7 by WolfPackProductions. BT Link
2007-05-12 -- Episode(s) 6 by DATS. BT Link

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Posted by : StormSephiroth
Posted on : 2012-07-14        

This digimon series was good but not the greatest one yet. The characters and plot is a little darker than usaul which is a good change of pace. The digivolving was more digital like and the bio-merging is a nice touch. The ending was so sad that it made me cry. This is my second favorite digimon series and I hope that more digimon series like this or better.

Posted by : theflame
Posted on : 2007-03-08        

Digimon may be a kid's show but I still like watching it. I only like two digimon series and this is number two.The story is nice- the Digimon are real and the people who play the game and like digimon get digimon.It is simple and sweet I give it a 10/10.

The art work is great it gave a new dark look to the colorful styles of the digimons shows before it.T he characters also looked different, but they looked more like children and there heads were big. I give the artwork a 10/10.

The only thing I didn't like about the show is that all the characters seem like whiney brats with emotional problems. There always crying about one thing or another. I give there personalities a 8/10.

All in all I like the show; it is really easy to follow and has a lot of action but has too much crying. If they added some love intereset(from characters that needed love, you know who),and if the characters were a little older, then the show would be perfect(for my taste).I give it an all an all - 10/10. If you watch, please enjoy!

Posted by : technomo12
Posted on : 2007-02-25        

Anime Rating is 9

Character: nothing much to say but things start out to be a bit too complicated then in the end, they learn the many good and bad ways of life

Plot: the progress of this anime is quite smooth they don't give any loose end or parts that ask the question why, who, or what, and in some episodes thay give some or many valuable values

Animation or way things move: the quality of the animation is like water running down a stream or better yet smooth flowing in addition the 2d and the 3d parts where the digimons evolve are awesome

Action: I counted the parts that have many hardcore moments but most of them are all talk or some story about the past or maybe some story of friendship and such stuff

In other word it lacks a bit of action and adventure from my point of veiw so I give it a 9!!!

Posted by : nwf
Posted on : 2006-12-11        

I am a big digimon fan, but I was starting to lose interst in the show after the second season. Then came Tamers, it was darker but not too dark for kids to see and had a great story with the best characters in the series I have seen so far. I'm a teenager and I still enjoy this season of digimon.


The sligtly darker look comes from the fact that a guy from Evangelion came and helped out and it shows the most in Guilmon's forms. Another good thing is the digivolutions the champions dv is finally inproved and it looks alot better the dvs to ultimate and mega is good as always but I think they should get rid of the cg because I like Renamon's dvs the best, but the best part of the dvs is there are only three of the so you won't have to wait 10 oh my god hurry up and vaperize this guy already minutes. The backgrounds have been inproved, but the people in the background sometimes look like blobs.


The opening is the same. The voice acters are pretty good, expecially for a kid's show, and what I like is that the digimon's voices don't change when they change.


The best so far in the series, they had a great idea to make the adults more important and it worked pretty well. They reduced the number of main characters and digimon which made the digimon more important characters, they are more like real monsters than the sidekicks like they were before.

Takato and Guilmon-Takato is a fanboy who makes his own, seems like he was made for anime fans to relate to. When he first mets Guilmon he almost pees himself, but once he starts to him he treats him like a pet, after a while you start to see a cycle where he is afaid of him then he treats him like a pet again and so on and so on. He also has a semi-romace with Jeri(I say semi because it's like they both have a crush on oneanother). Guilmon is the first virus digimon to be on the good side. He acts like a baby through the how thing, except when he fights then he is a crazy butt-kicking michine and he has great dvs the ultimate, maga and his strongest form looks like more like a Eva in that order.

Rika and Renamon-Rika is the kid of a model who lives with her mom and her grandmother with no mention of a father in the whole series, though the movie says he is divorced, she is kind of the classic angery tomboy who only sees Renamon as a tool for fighting and proving that she is the best, but she becames nicer and friendlier to Renamon, however is still the thoughest one in the group. Renamon is like the other two, Guilmon and Terriermon are like the idiot little brothers while Renamon is like the serious big sister that actually has something going on in her head. She is the first digimon owned by a girl to become a mega and has the best story of the three in my opinion.

Henry and Terriermon-Henry is the oppsite of Rika, he is nice has a lot of family and doesn't like to fight. He is the smartest of the group and seems to be able to pull a solution out of nowhere when everyone else can't think of a thing. Terriermon is the one that gets treated like a doll half the series and has his own catchphrase. He is kind of confusing because he has a dog's name but all his forms except his last one look like bunnies.

There are a ton of other characters like the guy who is trying to kill all the digimon, Jari who has a puppet and sort of likes Takato, Takato's two friends who are one of the main sources of comic relief, Henry's dad who was one of the people who made the digimon, Henry's sister who plays with Terriermon and calls him "princess pretty pants", the Davas and the Saverins, Impmon who starts out as a digimon who hates humans to one who wants to digivolve so bad he would destroy his friends to become strong. I fear the day I have to review bleach.


The story starts with some humans trying to destory the digimon and some digimon trying to destroy the humans with the kids and their digimon inbetween. It latter involves a virus that is trying to destroy both. It is a good change from the old stories where there was some evil digimon trying to destroy everything. In fact there is no really evil group in this story, each side has a reason to hate the other side, heck even the virus is doing what it was made to do so it really isn't evil either.


A nice chage of pace for the digimon series, they removed the whole destiny thing and got rid of that thing where the digimon come back after they die. A great show I hope Savers is like this one.

Posted by : Imppala
Posted on : 2005-05-13        

This series was definitely the best one so far. With the Digimon card games going strong, the creators had the interesting idea of using cards to give the digimon certain powers. Also, the idea of needing to so-called fuse with the digimon to attain Mega level was probably one of the best reasons, yet why such levels were not available earlier on. The Tamer need to understand and really be of one with the digimon. The only pity was that as the series went on, the usage of cards kinda fizzled out, and degenerated into the old story of Digimon (I shall digivolve to a higher level, previously not available for some reason or circumstance, and suddenly nothing can stop me from defeating you, not even your strongest attack.) Geez. At least there isn't the old cheesy stuff about fate and destiny, which makes this all the more realistic. An okay anime series in my opinion.

Posted by : Masayume3456
Posted on : 2005-04-17        

Of all the Digimon series, this seems to be th best. Not only did they merge Humans with Digimon to gain ultimate strength, they also showed a closer bond between their worlds. Digimon were shown as more like their digital counter parts rather than pets in the earlier series. Also, card upgrades emphasize the fact that these creatures are actually digital.
The story, compared to Digimon 2, flows more smoothly and is more structured. There is an actual story going on and shows character development and growth of relationships. Digimon 2 only showed the growth of their powers and the only character dvelopement seen was the joining of Ken with the Digidestined. In this series, all the characters discover their inner strengths and how they relate to their digimon.
The story this time seems to be more realistic than the older series. In the older series, there seems to be an evil Digimon plotting to destroy or take over the digital world. This time, the Digimon are fighting against a virus that threatens the digital world's existance. And, how do digital beings destroy a virus that eats digital data? That is this series source of interest.

Overall, an "okay" anime title, but if you've seen the previous Digimon series, this is definitely the best of the rest.

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