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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

Studio : Kyoto Animation

Licenced by : FUNimation

Length : 13 Episodes

Year : 2005

Genre : Shounen - Mecha - Drama - Comedy

Synopsis :
It is 3 months since Sergeant Sagara Sousuke saved the TDD-1 from the mad fingers of Gauron. Sousuke is now back in Jindai High, protecting Kaname Chidori from those wanting to kidnap a Whispered.

But Sousuke also has to put up with a double workload: that of a member of Mithryl and of a high school student. Matters only get worse when a new threat appears in the form of a secret organization possessing technology more advanced than Mithryl's own and one of its psychotic members wreaks havoc around the world aided by a pair of lethal Chinese assassins with their own agenda. Now the increasingly stressed Sousuke must not only confront them but personal dilemma as well. Can he keep protecting Chidori? Or will he have to give up his peaceful times in Japan to fulfill his duties as a soldier?

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Yebyosh & leoxjm
Last update : 2010-07-07
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Score : 9.06 Ranked #24 by users
Number of reviews : 35

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid Official Website (Japanese)

A-Source #1 : Spotlight Review
A-Source #2 : The First Season
A-Source #3 : The Second Season

Song(s) :

OP1 : Mikuni Shimokawa - South Wind

ED1 : Mikuni Shimokawa - Mouichido Kimi ni Aitai

Release(s) :

2017-08-16 -- Episode(s) 1-13 by -. BT Link
2017-06-16 -- Episode(s) 0-13 by F-D. BT Link
2012-03-02 -- Episode(s) 1-13 by A-Subs. BT Link

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Character Design
Horiuchi, Osamu

Series Composition
Gatoh, Shoji

 Sagara, Sousuke Kaname, Chidori Testarossa, Teletha (Tessa) Mao, Melissa Webber, Kurz Groseaux, Belfangan Mardukas, Richard Kalinin, Andrei Sergeivich
 Tokiwa, Kyoko Kazama, Shinji Gates Xia, Yu Fan Xia, Yu Lan Testarossa, Leonard

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Posted by : Ranik
Posted on : 2009-08-20        

FMP was a nice series that actually was one of the first animes I saw but never paid much attention too. Sure it had the laughs and a nice story to back up but never really made it feel like I wanted to really watch it. Second Raid however really pumped it all up and really surprised me on how good it was.

Story: Darker setting and more character development made it much much better than the first season (not counting the others since they are just comedy type shows). While much shorter, it was really done well.

Character: Like above, the deep development and the funny villian (those always make it fun... you know, the joker type ones). They did a real good job on Sousuke and Chidori which by my standards really impressed me (or maybe I'm just comparing to the first season too much).

Music: Pretty good. A lot better than the first season.

Animation: Since I got to watch it for the first time on really good quality screen (got a raise). I have to say, even with this being old it really looked cool and smooth.

Overall: You may notice this to be a bit shorter than others... why? Cause there isn't much new things to talk about cause it's good. The previous reviews say pretty much the same thing. I just wanted people to know "yeah, it's dat good" Dood.

Posted by : SSS
Posted on : 2009-02-05        

TSR is much darker and serious than both Full Metal Panic and Full Metal Panic Fumoffu. TSR seems to deal much more with the psychological development of Sagara Sousuke. I think the story unfolds quite smoothly, has a clean resolution, and takes a really interesting look into the mind of someone raised on war. Even without having seen the other FMPs, I think TSR is more than enough to snag a new viewer.

The artwork is amazing, the characters are well drawn, backgrounds are nice, action is sharp. There really isn't anything bad that can be said about the art in TSR, I think.

The music from the opening and end theme is great, I became a fan of Shimokawa Mikuni because of her work with the FMP series.

I think the voice acting for this series couldn't be better, I don't find anyone to be mismatched and there is really good emotion in the dialogues. I don't even mind when Mao speaks bad Cantonese, which is actually Cantonese. It was a lot of fun.

Overall, I give this a 10 because there was nothing I can find worth complaining about or deducting points from. I think a lot of different people can find something to enjoy about this anime, and I personally watched it a lot of times. Can't wait to get the box sets and stuff. I highly recommend this anime to anyone who is interested in a psychological thriller type anime with a lot of action and just a sprinkle of humor.

Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2008-07-16        

After the relative disappointment of the first season of FMP, I lowered my expectations accordingly in anticipation of this third season of FMP.

The first and second seasons were quite decently animated. Instead of 'GONZO', the studio 'Kyoto Animation' took over and straight away, there was a marked improvement on the quality. The mecha looked sharper, the action/fight scenes were very crisp and the backgrounds were excellent. I didn’t notice that much difference with the character designs, but everything else was spot on.

Unlike its predecessors, this 13 episode show was much more serious and dramatic. There weren’t any fillers and pacing was kept fast. Even though Tessa’s role is nigh on unbelievable (she is a 16 year old commander of a crack mercenary team), the story and plot as a whole was more plausible than the first season. Even though this wasn’t as light-hearted or funny, I found it incredibly addictive as the story never lets up right through to the conclusion. Highly entertaining.

I didn’t feel that there needed to be all that much in characterization. Much of the cast were already explored in the previous seasons and as such, 2nd raid continues where it left off. There isn’t as much of the famous double act of Chidori and Sousuke as I would have liked, but the other characters made up for it.

Mikuni Shimokawa has once again contributed the OP and ED for 2nd raid and again, her songs have been excellent choices for the series.

A vast improvement, 2nd raid truly was more enjoyable than the first season. It isn’t as funny as "FUMOFFU", but it nevertheless was just as entertaining and intriguing. I would highly recommend watching this show, particularly after watching the previous seasons. Even as a standalone show, it would definitely be worth your time. 4.5 stars

Posted by : Kimmie-chan
Posted on : 2008-07-05        

Ahhh FMP: TSR ~ took me ages to get around to watching this, I was waiting for the boxset to release, then I had to wait till I had no exams in the way etc.

But the wait was worth it, granted that I don't really remember all that much from the first season. So note to self re-watch first season, then watch TSR. Although I do admit, I was expecting it to be hilarious like Fumoffu, took an episode to help me realize this was proper FMP stuff. All good though, they still had plenty of things to laugh at, mix in your mecha, school life, action and a bit of drama between our leads, also forgot there is a degree of fan service in FMP. And music for Full Metal Panic has always been top notch stuff, Minamikaze definitely in my playlist.

There was much more character development with this season, they expanded on Sousuke's character and showed us that he isn't the perfect soldier and that he too is human. I really enjoyed that. Also the capability of Chidori definitely impressed me. The bad guy this time round was sick ... I mean seriously batting off to kittens and squirrels o.O I was a little disturbed by that. Wish they had spent a little more time on Leonard ... he sorta just appeared into the show and not much is revealed bout him.

But all in all a good sequel, should also mention animation was great, no complaints at all... can't wait till they make the next one haha.

Posted by : simpleandclean
Posted on : 2008-04-22        

Simply put, FMP! The SR is done wonderfully, better than the previous two seasons before it, and is one of the best animes I've seen.

It blends a lot of things together with its Mecha, School life, comedy, drama, mercenary, and romance part. But I think the single best reason it is able to do that is because those parts are all the back drop to the characters themselves. By focusing on main character development and character relations, it achieves the ideal that a show can have any background but still be a drama, comedy, or whatever. Let's look at the main characters.

Saiga - The male protagonist, caught between duty and his own wants giving him depth and development. Also, by making his one dimensional in his war fanaticism, it makes him a moron, and morons are funny. It makes up his strength and weakness.

Chidori - The female protagonist, also caught between duty and her own wants. By allowing conflicting duties of Chidori (order in the real world of Japan) and Saiga (treat everything as dangerous), FMP TSR is able to get not only laughs out of it, but also keep both characters likable. Her shyness matches Saiga's ignorance very well.

Tessa - I'd say this is the "main" support character, and she is a wonderfully counter point to the other two main characters. While still caught between duty and wants, she has clearer vision on her personally desires. Both more expressive as well as a gentler personality, she comes off as a strong but multi-layered character.

Some notes on the anime: I'd say you should watch FMP! (It's good also) first, because this is a strong continuation of the first series (the second series, Fumoffu or whatever, is filler and funny stuff and not plot wise important, I think). But simply put, FMP! The SR is done wonderfully, better than the previous two seasons before it, and is one of the best animes I've seen.

Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2008-01-08        

Excellent. The anime has consistently kept the momentum it builds from the first episode all the way through until the end. It has no fillers and the ending is satisfying. Highly recommended to all.

In terms of Characters the anime expands on the ones already introduced from the first season and brings new life to many of them. We see new dimensions of many of the main characters. I especially like the new sides portrayed by Sagara Sousuke and his captain Tessa. The amount of episodes is definitely not enough since many of the new characters are barely introduced. It's a wrinkle in the anime for sure but they were done pretty well hence preventing a lowering in my review score. Secondly, the main villain this time is satisfyingly insane enough to be a good successor to Gauron, the first season's villain.

The plot is just screaming for a new season. While this season ties up a few strings like the fate of some of the previous villains it definitely opens up many questions. The story is focused. You never get lost in the plot. There were many questions left unanswered but they simply make me want to ask for another season instead of thinking the writers did a poor job. They were left open but not in a way that detracts from the overall experience.

Overall the score I give is 10/10.

Posted by : ch3wyboi
Posted on : 2007-03-01        

Where the first season was average, and after A HUGE bunch of laughs when FMP! Fumoffu was released, FMP! The Second Raid has become one of my favourite animes. The battle scenes in full flight were superb and the animation quality is top notch, I especially loved the OP and END song sung by Mikuni Shimokawa.

With FMP! The Second Raid, I found that it had a more developed feel to it, story wise. Finally we get to see more character development, especially towards Souske, it showed that he has a heart, showed his weaknesses and emotions through that much hardened exterior that he portrays. It was much more "raw", the struggle between Souske's feelings for his ties with Mithril and his emotional ties to Chidori. Chidori, the usually happy and cheerful person, now shown to be vulnerable. This was one of many highlights that I loved from this anime. That emotional RAW feeling that the original did not totally tap into.

The only disappointment that I had with FMP! TSR was that it was too short. I wanted more, and certainly hoped that they would make another season. As many FMP! fans would agree.... there is so much more questions that were left un-answered. Even so I totally enjoyed what FMP! TSR provided, a great combination of action, comedy and a snippet of romance and emotion.

As I said before the animation was excellent. That added to the overall feel to the battle scenes between the mechas, which were fluid, action packed and spectacular. On my 50 inch Plasma, it had that feel of the "WOW factor", and yes I decided to buy the DVD to add to my collection. And I thought the pacing was just right.

Highly recommended! 10/10! Defintely one of my favourite animes to date. Patiently waiting and hoping for another season.

Posted by : Alucid
Posted on : 2006-10-25        

Overall (7/10) -

Alas I'm a big fan of the FMP series, and enjoyed watching the original and Fumoffu a lot. Unfortuately, The Second Raid (TSR) really disappointed me. It reminds me of the Destiny expansion to Gundam Seed which I also didn't like. However if you like that kind of anime then be sure to watch TSR. In my opinion, it had some nifty features but was a big let down and I wouldn't put it on my top 10 list.

Storyline/Character (5/10) -

This is where TSR truly fails. It attempts to stick with the manga and doesn't have time to properly introduce and use all the new characters in TSR. It uses the same old "super bad guy" that Sousuke has to defeat and even they don't leave the lasting impression like Gauln from the original and the love factor is very awkward. Though I'd usually never say this, the anime really should've swayed from the manga because some of the characters just came out of the blue and had 1 scene (ex. Leonard). The few exceptions to the failure of the plot design and character portrayal were the short and underrated "Xia Yu" Girls, Grouseaux, and a couple out-of the ordinary scenes.

Animation (10/10) -

I'd say that the mecha animation in TSR surpasses that of even the Gundam series which is saying a lot. The transitions and movements are very smooth and realistic. Many of the real-life ideas are kept true in here, including lighting, trajectory, and all other sorts of technicalities. (Besides the mech and Xia Yu Lan's ninja movements XD)

Music (8/10) -

Same old, same old, but still good =). Definitely have many of these songs on my playlist, not much more to explain.

Posted by : ap2
Posted on : 2006-10-16        

Here goes the second season of Full Metal Panic! The story is slightly different from the first one, although it still has some connection. The mechas (AS in this story) are quite balanced here, there's no something like "hyper particle cannon" thing or so which can slay thousands of AS in less than one second. Making the battle sequences quite impressive.
Score : 8.000/10

The story is good, but I can say no more. There's no such "deep impact" feature in the story (at least for me, I don't know what you'll think about it). But it's OK for me.
Score : 7/10

Here goes the good score, in fact, I score it perfectly. Animation it's smooth, wether it's the 2D character or the 3D mecha battle is really good. The mecha should be the spotlight here, it's very detailed. The form is quite military, most mecha, I think, is designed for more ergonomic and efficient military purpose rather than just for look. The movement is arranged perfectly so it would look very great. For detail, you can even see shell ejecting from the gun while it's shot.
Score : 10/10

Both the OP and the ED theme it's good. BGM is also good. But they're not that great till make me cry (or something...). It's disappointing anyway!
Score : 7/10

Posted by : Fission2
Posted on : 2006-09-13        

I think the original fmp and fumoffu were better but this one was really great too. It takes place (not certain entirely if after fumoffu as well) after the first one and the criminal organization amalgram opposes mithrel. Lots of good mecha fight, comedy and action.

The plot is virtually the same as the first one (considering it's a sequel) and the cast of characters is pretty much the same. Souske is still...Souske and he still has lots of antics with Chidori. The story is pretty entertaining as it involves a sequence of missions that has a lot of mecha fighting and action scenes.

The animations is top notch as expected and all the fighting is really clean cut with good camera angles. The drawing and special effects are pretty good.

Music op and end isn't that great, as it starting to sound the same as the other themes they had. Overall its still pretty good.

Great watch but not much of a replay value. The story is pretty easy to understand and memorable but personally I liked fumoffu better.

Posted by : jzmagic
Posted on : 2006-08-10        

FMP has become one of my all time favorite anime. TSR, the 3rd series in the FMP line continues from where the first FMP series left of. New mysterious enemies appears before Mithril with unknown intentions. Meanwhile, Souske is going through school and completing dangerous military missions at the same time.

To this date, the animation and art quality for TSR is the best I've ever seen. Everything looks great, from the lighting to the details of the surrounding environment. Character designs are consistent with the first two series and look great. The battles sequences are very well done and the fight choreography between the mechas are great as well. For those of you who hate the typical "Gundam shoots canon, kills 100 MS", rejoice for theres none of that in FMP.

Each episode is very suspenseful, I found myself watching intently as to what would happen next. TSR takes a more darker tone as Sousuke struggles with his feelings for Mithril and Chidori, and Chidori feels the dangers of not having Souske around to protect her. The Character development here is really something here, no longer do we see the rock solid and dense Souske we've come to know in the first two series. The cheerful Chidori slowly transforms into a paranoid and frightful maiden in distress. With all these things going on, the music complements beautifully and really gets the audience on their heels.

TSR was a perfect continuation to the FMP series. The only downside was that it was only 13 episodes long. The series does not conclude with TSR (thank god) so you can bet there will more FMP anime ^^. If you've never seen FMP before, I would definately reccomend you see the first two series before you see this.

Posted by : willy_383
Posted on : 2006-04-07        

Great series. Second Raid was an excellent sequel that seemed to almost perfectly complete the story started in the previous two installments, even though it leaves the possibility for more.

The story continues where the other's left off, adding more background about the whispered, the lambda drivers, etc. The huge difference in this season, however, is that the character development takes huge strides, especially for Sousuke. After two seasons, we finally see him thinking and showing emotion, questioning his capabilites, etc. As with the first season, there is a good balance of action and comedy, but this season definitely had a more mature tone, which made the story much more interesting.

As far as animation and music go, there isn't much change from the first two seasons, which is a great thing. Beautiful animation and backgrounds, and the soundtrack fits the series well.

Overall, a great anime and a wonderful sequel. I hope its not the last that we see.

Posted by : TapDoanBP
Posted on : 2006-03-15        

This is the great anime that has both action, comedy and romance. I think FMP The Second Raid is better than the two first seasons which are FMP and FMP Fumoffu.

Story: definitely good storyline. This season focus on Sagara more than the other characters. He still studies in high school with Chidori while doing his mission for Mithrill. In the first episode I was amazed by the fighting scenes of ASs, than the comedy scene occurs after the battle make the audience doesn't get bored at all. However this series is only 13 episodes, it's way too short and many things unexplainable were left behind. I guess the composer wants to let the audience know these things in the next season?

Audio and Music: the characters's voice are the same as the 2 first seasons and I still love every single of them. One of the other things that impressed me was the backgound music, the explosion, the crashes, the gun shooting... all are fit perfectly. The opening and ending themes are nice especially the opening music, I think it's the best song in the 3 seasons.

Character: there are some new characters in this series, of course good characters and bad characters but it seems more like bad a bit more than good.

Animation: Character's designs are not much special from the first two. But surpringly, the battle between AS was way too good. I love the last scene when Sagara use Arbalest's skill to beat his enemy, it was really cool.

Overall: this series is great worth watching. If you are a fan of FMP series, I'm sure you will enjoy this anime.

Posted by : pangzy
Posted on : 2006-03-12        

Another great FMP series. A great combination of action, comedy and romance hard to find in other anime series.

Storyline: 8/10
Overall, great storyline with some twist along the way. Funny like hell too some of the scenes. Personally i way they overcame adversity due to comms prob and turn the tables on the villian.
A minor gripe that this series is way too short. Who is the amalgam? and what is the lamda drive? This leaves audience hanging in the air. well perhaps they're saving it for FMP3?

Audio: 7/10
Catchy sugary OP and EP. Otherwise nothing too spectular. The sound effects for e radio communications is realistic, with e static and all.

Animation: 8/10
Background details are very well drawn. Good mix of 3D CGI with traditional 2D graphics. Arbalest could be drawn better i feel. As the main kick-ass machine, it does not stand out. I think that e other series especially e M9 controlled by Uruz 1 is way cooler.

Overall: 8/10
*Eagerly awaiting FMP3* -------------------------------------------

Posted by : androy
Posted on : 2006-02-04        

I have watched 2 seasons of Full Metal Panic series and I was really enjoy it. I was so happy after the third season was released that I bought it straight awat when it came out in my country. I belive Full Metal Panic The Second Raid is the best season in FMP series. It contains both the robot fighting of the first season and the comedy of the second season.
STORYLINE: the storyline is the continuation of the first and second Full Metal Panic. Sousuke Sagare still studies in his school with Kaname whlie doing his misson for Mythril. Suddenly somthing wrong happened and a new villan showed up, Sousuke had to leave school to concentrate operating his Alphabet for his misson. The love triangle betwwen him, Kaname and Testarossa still was complex.
CHARACTER: The design of the characters in anime was improved a lot better. Kname Chidori seem like more mature in the show. Sousuke Sagara was also much better, his character was great and he become more human like, his feeling towards Chidori stronger after some event happened. Tetha Testarossa sill remain as she was, I like her resposibility for her crews as well as the misson. Besides, the anime introduced come new characters like two assassin, Tessa's brother (forgot his name); etc.
MUSIC: the opening and ending themes were well done and effects some right parts. It's better than the first season.

In this anime, it didn't get much comedy, most of them are mecha fighting. I like the last battle of this anime, especially when Sousuke was using the Lambda Driver to destroy his enemy, it was so cool, but the ending doesn't seem finished, a lot of unexplained things still remain, so I think there will be another season for this series. Anyway, I love this season and gavee 10 score for it, if you are fan of FMP series you can't miss this anime.

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