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Studio : asread

Licenced by : FUNimation

Length : 24 Episodes

Year : 2005

Genre : Harem - Comedy - Romance

Synopsis :
Rin our typical hero leads a wonderful life by freeloading his childhood Friend's house, Kaede. Kaede is not your ordinary girl though, she can cook, cute and very devoted into serving Rin. Kaede is also an Idol in their school and even have a fan club named Kitto Kitto Kaede (KKK) devoted to guard her. Things are pretty peaceful around the neighbourhood and school. However things can never be the same when the appearance of 2 beauties from different world, Sian from God's World and Nerine aka Rin from Demon's world. Not to mention that both of them are suppose to get married with Rin however Rin can only choose either one of them.

Things get crazier when both our new princesses got their own fan club as well, Suki Suki Sian-chan (SSS) and Ran Ran Rin-chan(NNN) both fan clubs devoted to guard Sian and Nerine (aka Rin). With so much pressure to handle and frequent runaway from the crazy rampages of 3 Fan Clubs members, Rin take some short break during his way from School to his house. On the way he meet with another Girl who seems to attach on him dearly... who is she? Why is she looking for Rin as well? What relationship does she have with our Nerine and Sian?

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Jacob Goh Yung Hong
Last update : 2009-01-01
Last update details : Seiyuu modified
Score : 8.55
Number of reviews : 31

Song(s) :

OP1 : Yuria - You

ED1 : Hashimoto Miyuki - Innocence

Release(s) :

2013-01-07 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by TsUNDeRe. BT Link
2012-08-07 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by Doki. BT Link
2012-08-07 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by Doki. BT Link

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Original Character Design
Suzuhira, Hiro

Series Composition
Suzuki, Masashi

 Tsuchimi, Rin Lisianthus Nerine Fuyou, Kaede Shigure, Asa Primula King of Devils (Maou) King of Gods (Shin-Ou)
 Kareha Shigure, Ama Thyme, Mayumi Midoriba, Itsuki Benibara, Nadeshiko

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Posted by : primula
Posted on : 2008-04-20        

Story - 8
A harem anime that goes a bit over the top but has things that make it very unique and enjoyable. Gods and demons inhabit the human world; the main character is surrounded by five beautiful girls while being harassed by jealous fellow men. The story gets a lot more dramatic near the end of the series.

Animation - 8
Very nice animation, the characters are drawn especially well.

Sound - 7
Enjoyable music that goes well with the tone of the series, from serious to humorous.

Characters - 9
Very nice character development throughout the series as Rin figures out who he likes. All the different personalities make the series interesting; especially the five girls from Kaede who is devoted to Rin, to Primula who shows no emotion.

Overall - 8
A nice harem anime, worth the watch if you are into romantic comedies and serious dramas, which Shuffle happens to have both of it.

Posted by : brucege
Posted on : 2007-06-03        

Although I only picked up Shuffle for light distraction between sub releases of Death Note, I stumbled across the most beautifully drawn, though-provoking harems I have ever watched.
In the beginning was a lot of the typical harem elements and intros to stock chars (the loyal house wife, the quiet princess, etc.) Very little worth noting happened at first, but already in the first episode viewers can sense something amiss in this ideal setup. Asa, the most realistic and complex character of the series, was the only character that drove the early stages. The pain in happiness, the truth in lies: the series glances over many such philosophical topics.
Later on in the series viewers see that all the chars have their own secrets and developed personalities. The harem explains itself wonderfully, even some of the things viewers take for granted in the genre-for example: the reason for Kaede's subservience and the result of the harem protagonist's indecision. The anime provides both answers and, more importantly, psychological insight. The famed ep. 19 has one of my absolute favorite "Oh SH*T!" moments ever. You'll know what I'm talking about.
The artwork is gorgeous like everyone else mentioned. Besides the pretty stuff, one thing in particular I loved was the variety and subtlety of the facial expressions, especially when the girls go psycho. The anime also makes intelligent use of color. It's not just that the girls all have a designated hair color. Color is used as a motif and occasionally to foreshadow. The later episodes also use it to reflect a dramatic change in atmosphere.
I had to give Shuffle! an 8 because of its ridiculous fan service, and because, in the end, it is still a harem.

Posted by : Master_M2K
Posted on : 2007-04-24        

The King of Harem Anime
Romantic harem, comedy where the lead male Rin (who I'm jealous of), has to choose between 5 girls. However it ends up bringing something new to the genre, drama and unpredictablitly.

This anime is about Rin, an average male lead of any Romantic comedy anime. He lives with his childhodd friend, Kaede ever since both his parents and her mother died in a terrible accident. Kaede has obvious feelings for him and only expresses them by cooking and cleaning for him mostly, however his feelings for her are not really revealed. Rin is incredibly unpopular with the guys at school because they are awfully jealous of the underserved affection he gets from Kaede. But things managed to get more difficult and confusing for him when the princess of gods, Shia and the princess of demons, Nerine join his class. It seems they both know him from a previous encounter and so their fathers have arranged Rin to choose one of them to marry. This ends up making all the guys even more jealous of him and he regularly gets threatened and chased Kaede’s, Nerine’s and Shia’s stupid fan groups, with hilarious outcomes.

As in all harem animes there is always one guy surrounded with girls and the guy here is Rin. The difference is that Rin isn’t as shy and unconfident as most the leading guys are (Keitaro) and he can be quite forward with the girls. It is because of this that he got himself into some quite heated moments with most the girls. Enough about about him though, the girls he has chasing after his kind, loving affection are:
• Kaede, Rin’s childhood friend who he has been living with since his parents died. She constantly tends to his need, which she says is her only purpose in life, however she has a major problem with controlling herself when she gets emotional.
• Nerine is the demon Lord’s daughter and behind her shy exterior lies an extremely powerful demon.
• Shia is the god Lord’s daughter who’s very lively but has a hidden secret about a different Shia within her.
• Asa is another one of Rin’s childhood friends who’s bold, eccentric and never afraid to flirt with Rin, however it’s always jokingly to mask her true feelings.
• Finally there’s Primula, a young girl who’s grown very attached to Rin since they first met.

I love this anime because it stands out from the rest. Even though it’s a harem anime like "Love Hina", the story was fresh, unpredictable and as the story goes on it became extremely hard to tell who he would choose in the end, if any. The storyline is very funny and addictive to begin with but halfway in, the drama kicks in and things get really serious. From here there are tense moments with a lot of surprises and moments you feel like crying, good thing the comedy is there to bring you back up.

To summarize, this was an amazing harem romantic comedy, which stands out from the rest, with amazing animation and audio to help set the mood. However I have to say there was way too much irrelevant up-skirt, panty showing, which may attract too many perverts to this show. Well if you’re a fan of this kind of anime then you should definitely check it out.

Posted by : jamesabc
Posted on : 2007-04-20        

I really enjoyed this anime series as it was very well made.
The story is a bit strange how the daughters of the god and demon worlds come to earth to be chosen by a human male and wouldn't the demon girl Nerine be sort of evil instead of nice.

I really liked the scene in episode two where Primula and Rin meet at the arcade and Primula wouldn't let go of him. With the music playing in the background it made that scene really good.

The music was also very good, having the right songs at the right times, especially the sad songs during the dramatic scenes makes you feel emotional. Most noticeable are found during some scenes near the end of the series.

In episode 19 something unexpected happens that will shock you as one of the characters acts out of character, so you should look out for that episode.

This is a really good anime as it has comedy, sadness and lovable characters.

I give this anime a 10/10.

Posted by : todudwns
Posted on : 2007-03-25        

I was going to give this a 6/10 or 5/10 if I had just watched the first 10 episodes or so. Near the end, surprisingly, it ACTUALLY got serious and became more interesting.

One difference I noticed from other harem animes was that HE DOESN'T GET A NOSEBLEED EVERY 5 MINUTES!!! That's one thing that REALLY irritates me when that happens to the main characters of all other harem animes. I mean, WHO GET'S A NOSEBLEED BY LOOKING AT GIRLS' UNDERWEAR? So, yeah, that's one big difference.

So the first half or so of the anime is REALLY childish and stupid... It makes you embarrassed just listening to some of the talking.

Just like Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, this anime is based on a hentai game. This definitely has some serious romance near the end (not just blushing and standing next to each other like baby animes) and the ending is quite good for an anime that started off as a 6 year old's cartoon.

All in all, pretty decent. You'll have to endure the beginning though...

Posted by : Ikuzou
Posted on : 2007-01-21        

Wow, this was a satisfying anime that skimped in a few areas, but is pretty good overall. All the characters have enjoyable personalities though, at some points, they can be annoying or quite freaky. Note though that this is an anime for more mature audiences due to the fact that there is some nudity in it, though it's all flashing and nothing actually bad.

Rin is a typical guy that lives with his childhood friend, Kaede, ever since his parents and her mom died in the same accident. They live the normal student life, though the world is a bit different from ours.

In their world, its almost just like ours, only with the inclusion of demons and gods. They aren't much different from regular humans except for the fact that they can use magic and also have different sized ears depending whether they came from Shinkai or Makai (heaven or hell). Think elf ears.

Anyways, at school, there are rumors that 2 new transfer students were coming. Little did he know that it would be impacting him. The next day, the father's of the transfer students walk in and introduce themselves as the King of Heaven and the King of Hell. Whats even more surprising is that they both go over to Rin and announce that one of their daughters are going to marry him. And should he marry one of them, he shall either become the next in line to rule one of those worlds. Which girl will he choose?

Very nice. It is animated really nicely and all the character models fit their personalities. Only gripe is that sometimes the skin colour looks a bit pale even though they arent even really doing anything. But it's not really a problem. The animation is also really nice since it portrays emotions well and small details.

I was impressed in this department. Normally, music doesnt stand out to me in an anime, but Shuffle's music is quite exceptional. I really like the opening theme and the ending theme. Also, the background music is reall pleasant to listen to, usually up-beat, though changing where it needs to be. All the characters sound how they should, though I think Sia's voice seemed a little forced in the beginning, but felt more natural later on.

All the characters are believable from Shin-san (the god of the heavens) to Primula (a girl who seems to be devoid of emotions). This anime also does a quite good job at showing change in the characters. All characters had their back-stories explained, though actual focus and screen time seem a little different. When explaining Nerine's story, her story got a bit muddled with a focus on Primula since they pretty much share the story. Also, Nerine only got one episode focused on her while others had quite many. Also, I didnt get the really feeling of anything when Rin learned he could be God or the lord of Makai.

Really enjoyable with a few moments that are a little annoying. I mean, in the 3rd quarter of the story, I couldnt believe how dense Rin could get all of a sudden. The ending seemed somewhat rushed and messed up, but it got the general point across. I recommend it to really anybody, though I repeat, this anime has little bits of nudity in it, mostly just breasts. Now, all I have to do is play the game...

Posted by : Cavalier
Posted on : 2006-12-12        

Story- Typical Harem anime that has one boy surrounded by many many girls that all love him in one way or another and not all immediately from the beginning. It actually has a nice darkening near the end but screws it up with an ending that throws everything else that has happened in the story out the window. If you can overlook all of that and can just be satisfied by the eye candy then this is for you, I know thats the only reason I saw it.

Characters- The boy, well he's like every other harem boy... average and a big big wuss, just how they love em. The girls on the other hand are extremely varied, from tomboys to gods and demons you won't get bored trying to choose the girl you love the most. If you like the loli... shame on you you dirty old man :P

Music- Decent overall, nothing special really.

Overall- Typical Harem with some bright moments shrouded by the ultimate disappointment that is the ending. Hey, at least the girls are totally worth looking at and enjoying. 6.8/10

Posted by : insomniac1970
Posted on : 2006-12-12        

Shuffle! is the story of a second-year high school student named Tsuchimi Rin whose life changes when 2 new students transfer into his class: one from the world of the "gods" and the other from the world of the "demons." Their fathers, rulers of their homeworlds, state that their purpose is to marry Rin and to rule with him.

Let's be honest, I was prepared to hate this anime. It was based on an H-game of the same name. I expected nothing but non-stop fanservice (which isn't always bad) and an insipid story. What I saw instead was one of the deepest romance animes that shatter the mold of what harem comedies should be.

Plot- The story is really different than other harem comedies in that the girls are more fully developed as characters with each backstory fully explained. When Rin chooses the girl that he wants to be with, you know exactly why the others were eliminated. Additionally, there is an excellent balance between the cute, the silly, the serious, and the tragic. If you are expect just another silly harem comedy, Shuffle! is not that at all. The story starts up light and gets progreesively darker, beginning with the Primula arc in episode 13 until the shocking final episode. The ecchi moments, of which there are a few, do not overwhelm the overall story. 10/10

Art- A visually beautiful anime with the backgrounds perfectly watching the mood of the story. The girls are not the same girl with different eye and hair colors, they are unique facially and physically, which was impressive. The beach episodes are among the best, artisically, that I have seen. 10/10

Music- I LOVE the opening song "You" by Yuria. I like it so much that it is the first song on my mp3 playlist. "innocence" is a solid song as well and adds to the moodiness and angst that the characters experience in later episodes. The incidental music was well-chosen and was not intrusive. 10/10

Acting- The only complaint that I have is with Nerine's voice, which sounded nasal. Japanese and nasal just doesn't work for me. Others didn't like Sia's voice, but it was fine. All the parts were well-acted and real. You could really feel the the emotions that the characters were experiencing through the VAs. I hope that when the English version comes out, whenever that is, that the American VAs capture the characters as well as was done in the original. 9.5/10

Content Rating- There are a few scenes with exposed breast and some panty shots that leave little to the imagination, but they are not the focal point of the story. Rin is not a raving pervert, which breaks the harem anime mold, so he is not obsessing about all the female flesh being thrown at him. That being said, I would not think that this is apprpriate for middle schoolers, so I agree with the 15+ rating being applied, especially because of the blood in the last epsiode.

Final World- Shuffle! is entertaining. It keeps your interest, and it leaves you guessing until the last few episodes. It completely changed my opinion of animes based on H-games. I found the balance between ecchi, romance, comedy, drama, and tragedy to be as close to perfect as I have seen. 10/10

Posted by : Oops_Autumn
Posted on : 2006-11-07        

There's going to be some trouble actually pinpointing the greatness of this anime but here's a shot.

Not a typical harem anime story. You don't find yourself wondering why a person actually likes that other person. Shuffle! managed to develop that part of the anime beautifully. Every character in this story has a story to tell and the episodes where they do tell their tragic past you find yourself stuck. They develop the characters almost to perfection. Then you find yourself in anticipation to find out which girl the protagonist chooses. The story is paced to suit the mood and the feeling of this anime. All the elements come together and make a wonderful story. 10/10

All has their own little surprise in a box. Everyone is like their own little Happy Meal. They were also very unique in their own sense. The surprise is that just when you think you know a character, you find yourself watching an episode about them and your perspective on them changes. Kaede, the best example, had a strange twist but all the more enjoyable. I personally grew attached to almost every character and found myself into the anime even more. 10/10

Straight to the Ipod with this type of soundtrack. The Opening was very suited for this serious anime and left you ready for the next depressing story ahead of you. In some cases it also left you ready for the love life that awaited the main character. The ending is the one I really enjoyed. It concluded the anime and left you wanting more. It was also very well suited for this anime. 10/10

Loved it the whole way through. It seemed that every episode had a purpose and allowed the viewer to get a feel for it. I would have to recommend this anime to anyone within its age range. So that means about 15+ and surprisingly to both genders. Girls won't be too offended by the fanservice. Its occasional and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. So go out there and enjoy! 10/10

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2006-10-28        

Well, what I'll like to say is: THIS ANIME KICK ASS! Pretty much makes the ones I've recently watched look like trash.

Plot Setting
Well, I would say that the story got off a pretty bad start as there are zero development on how why the protagonist gets all the girls. Although for once, he kind of deserves it. The two "main" female characters just liked the guy for some tiny childhood memory... Everyone just likes the main character for no reason.

The Story is interesting yet strange in the way that the girl which ends up to be with the main character isn't the usual "childhood friend", the two specially introduced characters, or the quiet melancholy kawaii background character. Pretty unexpected? But what’s unique is that the chosen one is the only one who has gradually developed feelings for the main character over the episodes, unlike the others who just happened to like him in the first place. If you’ve played the Shuffle! game,

It’s a little sad that in one of the later parts, the story only focuses on the developments between the couple, and the anguish of Kaede. The other characters simple disappeared, and it feels painful to watch's Kaede's desperation.

Overall, the story's so good that it develops intensively into the character development of all the characters, where else Ichigo 100% has minor problems developing for THREE girls, this Shuffle! did it wonderfully for FIVE girls. It even has plenty of episodes dedicated for them, including their own unique past and personalities dedicated to each character. (I suppose H-game turn animes are usually good at this)

I have no complaints for the animation, except for the fact that the characters looked too similar sometimes. I kept mixing up the two green-hair girls at first.

Music and Sounds
Shia's voice sounded really strange sometimes. Nerine seems to try to hard to be soft spoken. Other than that, the voices are good, especially that of Rin and Kaede. The opening song rocks! The ending songs are really good as well.

Definitely this is going to be one of one favorite, the ones I will remember for long. 10 without doubt. Although the starting isn’t all that good, the latter parts compensate it all. An anime I’ll recommend to everyone.

Posted by : StrykerBlue
Posted on : 2006-10-21        

I'm almost at a loss of words of how to praise this anime, so we'll get right into the details.

The art was almost too fantastic to believe.
Character design was very impressive--every character, even if several may wear the same school uniform, is memorable in his or her own way. An almost flawless animation with a great deal of detail in every single action and scene portrayed in the anime was surprising refreshing. Scenes that included one of the girls being embarrassed were especially well done, using quick eye movements and much of the blinking to express shyness. Background art was well done, though not the best I've seen. Overall, it seemed a lot of time and effort was put in by very talented artists to create the animation.

The opening and closing songs weren't very catchy at all; I actually skipped the op and end every episode other than the first and last. In-episode music, however, was astounding as far as anime goes. Very seldom would you hear some crazy/stupid synthesizer trying to eat your brain away; several acoustic guitar tracks made me smile every time I heard them; every piece of music was perfect for the situation it was played in.

At first, this seemed like a regular harem anime--lots o' girls, not-so-girl-smart guy, extenuating circumstances, etc. Once ye get to around episode 15, things get very interesting. Multiple personalities, artificial beings, childhood horror and regret, apparent psychosis--all make for an anime with a darker side that reminded me of Evangelion. Another immense shock was the fact that the main character didn't end up with the childhood friend that just so happens to be a girl. Then the fact that the aforementioned friend actually hated the main character for a good portion of her life was an impressive plot twist.

Only reason that this anime did not get a 10 out of 10 is because, at some times, Rin seemed to be completely oblivious so the fact that so many people around him were suffering because of either his indecision or his blind ignorance. Other than that little nit-pick, this anime deserves praise equal to that which the gods receive.

Posted by : Fission2
Posted on : 2006-09-09        

Shuffle- pretty good title for an anime that shows a guy that shuffles girls around like...every other episode. Its a harem type and one that pushes it to the max. This is what an ideal harem anime should look like as I thouroughyl enjoyed it. What can I say...I wish I had Rins' kind of charm.

The plot revolved around one guy that gets the oppurtunity to become the new ruler of hell or the new god in heavan, depending on who he chooses to marry. Thats right, he has the choice to choose from the princesses of both HEAVEAN AND HELL. Lucky bastard, but thats not all. Just because he has the choice over these 2 girls, that doens't limit the possabilities. He can also choose...from pretty much any girl he comes into contact with. All in all the entire story is about how he deals with the troubles of relationships and about his real emotions.

Thats only the beginning of it however. He meets a variety of different (and very very cute girls that define the meaning of the word kawaii) girls with their own personalitites and troubles. This anime takes a new twist over in the second half and the ending was completly unpredictable. Themed heavily on the nature of relationsips and appearences and emotional supression.

The animation was really good, and the character designs were excellent. Eye candy. The Music and Voice acting was done very well and the op was addictive. It really grows.

A very good harem type anime and recommended to anyone, even to the female audience as the this anime was not perverse to the point of errotica but limited to fanservice and comedy. 14+ and there's no going around it (even wowow had to put it up...must be 14 or older to watch lmfao)

Posted by : sayoku
Posted on : 2006-04-24        

The truth is, I was extremely impatient with Shuffle!, thought it was just another harem, dozens of flawless girls fighting for the troubled protagonists’ affection...but boy was I wrong!

Rin Tsuchimi, a 17 year old high school student, living with his childhood friend Kaede Fuyou, who dedicates her body and soul serving Rin, unconditionally. While living in a world where demon, god, and human coexists peacefully, Rin finds himself surrounded, one on each side, princess of God race, Lisianthus aka Sia, and Nerine aka Rin, princess of the Demon race, nominated themselves as Rins’ marriage candidates. Not even Primula, a mysterious demoness child escaped Rins’ ‘wrath’.

So the story goes on with Rin developing relationships with each girls, but the question remains, who will he choose??? Would it be Kaede? Sia? Nerine? Or live up to the name of Mr. Lolipedo and choose Primula? Or is there another girl who shall become Rins’ real love interest?

The opening song You by Yuria is quite catchy, along with the great opening theme, though the ending song, Innocence by Miyuki Hashimoto would have to be my favorable one.

Actually I started to lose interest in this anime. Other than providing fanservice, from panty-showing, to full nudity, the story was rather dry during the first half of the series. Shuffle! starts to get serious towards the 18th/19th episode, and the twist of the story really turned my opinion about this anime around (I still think the first half of the anime is a waste of time, though, so I skipped a ‘few’ episodes...)

The ending was not what I expected at all, did an excellent job at presenting the emotional elements of the story/characters. Though, Shuffle! is still a harem in the end....

Posted by : TamerChris
Posted on : 2006-03-17        

This pretty much summarises everything:
I love Shuffle!

From first impression, this looks like another harem title since the pictures on the box set are taken from the H-game it was developed from. But don't worry because it is not. Though the ecchi scenes do surprise me on later episodes but this shouldn't be a concern since it only lasted a few seconds each time.

Now about the show. As have been said, the main lead, Tsuchimi Rin, is different from other leads in the harem genre. He deserves the attention he gets. There's no doubt he is a a proper guy who doesn't go fooling around girls unlike his friend, Itsuki who is the representation of the usual lead in harem animes.

The girls who hang around Rin mostly behave like what you can see on any titles which features a guy surrounded by guys. However, the good thing is that later episodes tell their backgrounds. And what I found interesting is that this shows depicts how the main character's relationships develop with each girls.

The music is definitely nice, or more appropriately, suits the anime, especially the OP/ED songs which actually is more suitable to the more serious episodes.

The only downfall in Shuffle! is that I don't like the chioce that the lead makes in the end. I know that's the only way all unanswered questions will be explained but I still think he should have not chose the girl he did near the end of the show.

Anyway, I still love Kaede, um... I mean this show. Recommended for older teens. The young may not take the darker sides or the ecchi scenes too well.

Posted by : congee
Posted on : 2006-03-02        

I liked it, but I did not love it.

The Story: Well, it seems to be your typical "all the hot girls fall in love with a boy" type of thing, but luckily at least in this series, the boy kind of deserves it. I guess the better difference in this story is why the girls are in love with the boy. It only really started to get dramatic towards the last 5 episodes, and the last episode was extremely disappointing, at least quality-wise.

The Characters: Well, besides giving annoying voices to the girls, they all seem to have some pretty annoying parts to them. Just as you start to like one character, the story introduces something new that just completely makes you go "what the hell?". It's still nice that each girl gets their own segment to reveal their past in the story.

Art and Music: Neither really seem to make me go wow, but it's fair enough. I do enjoy how the girls look, even though they look like your typical big-eyed, crazy-colored hair girls. The OP/ED, however, do seem to match the story quite well.

This gets an 7/10 from me simply because while it had great potential, it didn't quite meet its potential, especially towards the last episode.
Don't get dismayed though. It's still something worth seeing. Even though there were a few episodes that weren't that great, there were actually a couple of episodes that made me tear. It's still worth watching.

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