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Studio : Studio Comet

Licenced by : FUNimation

Length : 26 Episodes

Year : 2005

Genre : Comedy - Drama - Romance - Slice of Life - Sports

Synopsis :
"Moving out to Tokyo... entering a High school... What has changed!"

Akitsuki moves to his Aunt's place from the Country to attend highschool. It turns out that his Aunt's house is a bath house! Moreover, the first girl who gets angry at him turns out to be his next-door neighbor. Her name is Suzuka.

Despite Suzuka's harsh and blunt nature, she's a top athlete. And Akitsuki develops feelings for her.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Yebyosh
Last update : 2011-02-12
Last update details : Modifyinfo
Score : 7.85
Number of reviews : 41

Song(s) :

OP1 : Coach - Start Line

ED1 : Coach - Aoi Field
ED2 : Coach - Kimi no Koto

Release(s) :

2012-06-05 -- Episode(s) 1-26 by Exiled-Destiny. BT Link
2006-01-08 -- Episode(s) 26 by LunarAnime. BT Link
2006-01-02 -- Episode(s) 25 by LunarAnime. BT Link

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Original Work
Seo, Kouji

Character Design
Shida, Tadashi

 Akitsuki, Yamato Asahina, Suzuka Sakurai, Honoka Hattori, Yasunobu Hashiba, Miki Fujikawa, Miho Fujikawa, Ayano Saotome, Yuka
 Matsumoto, Megumi Miyamoto, Souichi Shirokawa, Nana

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Posted by : Ras
Posted on : 2009-02-16        

To be honest, I can't tell you why I like this anime so much. The artwork is good, but not spectacular. The music is similar, good, but nothing out of the ordinary. Even the main characters will just piss you off half the time. A good portion of this series you'll be amazed at the lack of common sense possessed by the male lead, making blunder after blunder in the ways of love, and not in the cute and funny sense. The female lead is even worse. She's rude and insensitive to Akitsuki the majority of the time, and melancholy the rest. Yet, despite this, I can't help but like it. Perhaps it's that the series is long enough that I actually feel invested in watching the relationship between these two play out.

That aside, I feel Suzuka would warrant a higher score if there was more closure. There is an entire sub plot involving Akitsuki's struggle to become Japan's best highschool track athlete that just gets left hanging at the end. Still, I would recommend to anyone interested in the Romance/Drama genre to give this one a watch. It won't disappoint much.

Posted by : tibbit
Posted on : 2007-10-17        

This anime is for those who like the romance side of life. It follows a young high schooler who won't give up on the girl of his dreams.
I believe this is one of the best played out animes I've seen. It has very few dry spots, but it keeps up on the interesting lives of the young people in the story. Even though it seems pretty slow at times it'll always keep you in suspense and guessing what'll happen. It will grab your attention and keep it to the very end.
(But I really do suggest getting the manga, its better and easier to follow and goes way beyond the anime)

Posted by : etorix
Posted on : 2007-06-13        

There are very few times when the anime adaptation of a manga is better than its manga counter-part. Suzuka is one of those titles.

Even though the manga is still ongoing it lost its spark it once had. The anime finished off at the best moment.

A typical cliche romance anime with a little bit of sports involved. It was a great watch just for the arguments between Suzuka and Yamato. The pacing was well done and the character development was top notch.

A wide array of characters. A typical indecisive main character and a snobby girl the main character falls in love with. The supporting characters made the anime even more interesting especially Yuka and Satome.

Nice artwork, everything was well drawn and the characters emotions can be felt.

I don't bother listening to anime opening and endings anymore -_-

Posted by : GRC
Posted on : 2007-05-11        

Overall - 7.7
Animation - 6.0
Sound - 7.0
Story - 8.0
Character - 9.0
Value - 8.0
Enjoyment - 8.0

Have you ever played the PS dating game called Tokimeki Memorial I? There are twelve girls whom you can choose to end the game with, and this game can range from easy to very hard depending on which girl you aim to get. If you want to finish with Megumi, it's a piece of cake. She already liked you from day one, after all. You only need to be well groomed if you want to finish the game with Mira, or you only need to be very sociable if you want to get Yuko. However, if you want to win Shiori's heart and finish the game with her, it's very difficult. No matter how much she likes you, she will never say she loves you unless you excel in sports and academic, and are able to enter the first grade university at the end of high school.

When I was watching the first six episodes of Suzuka, I had one question in my mind. Why the author chose to name this series 'Suzuka'? Because Suzuka is not about Suzuka. It's about Yamato. However, my doubt was answered in the ninth episode, and the answer is: Suzuka is Yamato's goal. Being a scholarship student because of her excellent athletic abilities, Suzuka, like most highly achieved women in reality, will only go out with a guy who achieves as much, or even more than her. One of the best scenes in this series is when Yamato thought to himself after he started doing track and field seriously that 'the closer I am to Suzuka, the more impossible I feel that I can win her heart'. Why? Because Suzuka does not stand still. She practices hard and improves every day. So Yamato has to decide whether he will go hard or go home: will he choose to do his best to be as good as Suzuka, or would he give up on Suzuka and go out with Honoka who is an easier choice?

Indeed, Yamato is my favorite character in this anime. In the beginning, Yamato was an 'amateur' athlete from a rural town who thought that he was 'good', because he did not know how high the standard in Tokyo is. And though he felt discouraged for a while after his realization, he tried to catch up. I especially liked the episode when Yamato realized that his 'rocket starter' technique is not the most effective, and while it can bring him the second place, he insisted the club president to teach him the 'right' technique because he wanted to be number one, not number two. Yamato is an excellent character. He sets a high goal for himself and works hard to reach it. Once I saw that scene, I had no doubt whether he will win Suzuka's heart or not. If he could impress me, then he would impress any characters in the anime. It's as simple as that =p

Nevertheless, Suzuka can disappoint many viewers to some extent. If you are after an 'idealistic' series, this anime is not for you. There is no miracle in Suzuka. For example, in the first tournament, Yamato had not been practicing for three days. Had this been an idealistic series, he would not have gotten the results he's got. Another example is the competition which occurred two weeks after Yamato tried to change his technique. His result is as realistic as it gets. It's impossible for him to change his technique in two weeks, period. I won't dare to use the word 'realistic' to describe this series, because no anime is completely realistic...but I'd say that the first twenty-four episodes of Suzuka have a much more believable story than many anime out there, and I love this anime because of that.

In fact, I was ready to write this off as an excellent work, had it not because of the ending, which contradicted what Suzuka was trying to achieve in its first twenty-four episodes I have seen. Suzuka's behavior in the last two episodes did not reflect her personality and perspective we the viewers have seen so far. As a result, its ending, while admittedly happy and conclusive, is not very convincing. Therefore, I am unable to say that this anime is excellent. Still, this is definitely one good work. If you prefer a believable and down-to-earth story over the idealistic, Suzuka's first twenty-four episode would not fail to please you. Disappointed from 2005 productions because of the overrated garbage that is Air TV? Try Suzuka. There are a handful of good anime in this 'bad' year. Suzuka is indeed one of them.

Pretty average for 2005 productions really. The weakest aspect of the show.

While I found the OP and both EDs to be good, I cannot give anything higher than a seven to sound category because its BGM is sparse. And when there are some music in the background, they are only average. Voice acting is not that great. The second weakest aspect of the show.

I cut two points due to 1) a number of coincidences in the series, and 2) its last two 'melodramatic' episodes. Apart from that, I found the story to be excellent.

Very good. Had Suzuka not behaved like she did in the last two episodes, I'd have given a ten. But because of what she did, I lowered the score to a nine.

Yes, I'd definitely rewatch this. Suzuka is one of the few good anime 2005 productions have to offer and if you are not against anime which are not idealistic, give it a try. You might not like its last two episodes, but you should enjoy everything else. And if you liked this anime and want to find another which is similar to this, I recommend Maison Ikkoku.

Posted by : sssl0202
Posted on : 2007-05-07        

Suzuka is another incomplete Anime that covers only half of the manga series.

However, that isn't always negative aspect of anime. Ranma 1/2 was another one of those incomplete anime that covers only half of the manga series. Still, being incomplete does hurt this series. After all by ending it early it made the series more about melodrama of past sadness instead of showing the difficulties of relationship which Suzuka the manga is about.

Anyway, the reason why Suzuka is poor anime is because it is based on poor manga series. I have never experienced more frustrating romantic comedy manga/anime ever. I mean it is more frustrating than Love Hina.

Main character is wishy washy character which wouldn't be a bad thing if it was like Ranma 1/2 and used heavily as a gag, but main character being wishy washy here does nothing but add frustration in romance story in this series.

The gags exist at minimum level and the anime is mostly based on drama between two lovers. There is small amount of sports aspect in there, but it is nothing more than just an excuse to give two lovers some common ground AND add even more frustration to their romance.

The fans of the manga series will be glad that Suzuka anime is fairly accurate depiction of the manga series, except that it ends quite early. The bigger story of the manga series is after two lovers get together, but in anime thats where it ends.

To most anime fans looking for romantic comedy, seriously look else where. There are plenty of great anime out there besides this one.

Posted by : NatureDragon
Posted on : 2007-01-17        

Suzuka is basically a sports/romance anime. Yamato Akitsuki returned to Tokyo to study high school and lives in his aunt's place which was a bath house solely for girls. He met Suzuka one day when he walked pass the school's field where she was doing high jumps. It was love at first sight and Akitsuki started liking her. They got off a bad start at first and it was even worse as Suzuka was actually his next door neighbour. Things got better as time passes and their love story thus unfolds.

Storyline/Plot: 2/10
A storyline that is very similar to other romance animes (A guy living in a place where there should only be girls sounds awfully familiar...). The plot thus lack originality and it bores me greatly. The romance part of the anime was trivial compared to the emphasis that was placed on track and field. I must say that the story was a bit interesting when Honoka became Akitsuki's girlfriend but it went pretty much downhill after that.

Character development: 2/10
Akitsuki is a complete jerk and is very insensitive, naive/childish, flicker-minded and has a bad temper too. One of the worse main characters I have ever seen. Suzuka was also as bad and suffers from mood swings badly. She can sometimes be nice to Akitsuki while scolding him the very next second. All these negative aspects of the two main characters made the anime rather dreadful since I would have expected the main guy character to have a few good points to attract the girls. Honoka on the other hand was a typical kind, cute and caring girl who I think shouldn't fall in love with Akitsuki. Nonetheless, the anime featured too many negative aspects of it's characters which was very bad for a romance story.

Animation/Graphics: 4/10
Rough strokes with little details were used which made characters look dull. The overall graphics were also average. Finer details, shadow and shading should have been used.

Music/Songs: 4/10
I didn't really like the first opening and the first ending song. The secong ending song, "Kimi no Koto" by COACH☆, was however quite nice. The background music was average and no where near appealing.

Overall: 2/10
A pretty bad romance story. It would have been better if Akitsuki was not such a moron and so insensitive towards Honoka. The plot would have been better if there was a twist and Akitsuki and Honoka became a couple at the end instead or a guy with better personality appears and acts as a love rival.These would surely make this anime more original and interesting.
Suzuka also lacks bits of real comedy usually found in romance animes. Bits and pieces of comedy should have been added to lighten up this anime.
In conclusion, Suzuka is nether a good romance story nor a good sports anime. I would recommend animefans who prefer the romance genre, think twice before watching Suzuka as there is a lot of other better animes out there.

Posted by : Den8383
Posted on : 2007-01-13        

Storyline: 2/10
Hmm, I thought this story would have a better story than a typical 'puppy love' of a teen and his fascinations. I would think this story is childish to a quite an extent and completely ruins the chance of a more developed romance.

Characters: 2/10
The main lead, Yamato Akitsuki, has a rather simplistic attitude towards all manners of life and his development is painfully slow. Even to the last episode, he can only be seen as a little more than an interesting imbecilic juvenile with a 'solved' confusion about his love life. The female lead, Suzuka Asahina, has a slightly better character development and her personality introduced early in the show, but to the middle onwards there was no more further enhancement, wasting an opportunity to make her into a better story. The rest of the other characters were side-tracked alot and hardly anything more than distractions to the rather confusing and meaningless story.

Animation: 2/10
Hmm, not too impressive for current standards, female characters have large bosoms and their facial appearances are too simplistic.

Music: 3/10
The 2nd ending "Kimi no Koto" by COACH is quite alright, soothing but not too great.

Overall: 2.25/10
A rather disappointing anime as I had expected something better from a sports/romance genre anime. If you are looking for anime in these genre, there are many others that you can watch.

Posted by : Oops_Autumn
Posted on : 2006-11-25        

Suzuka was my first sport and romance combination. From the very begining I was impressed with the inroduction and I wanted to see more. The story is about a guy named Akitsuki who moved into to Tokyo to attend his highschool. He lives in his aunt's apartment complex and finds this girl and is instantly captivated by her. Akitsuki new something would change once he moved to Tokyo. What will it be?

Impressive little story that this 26 episode anime had. The story moved at a fine pace and it did develop it's characters quite well. The romance and sport combo worked perfectly with each other. The balance between the two was also very well done.

The romance section of this anime was great. One of the breakups was well done, but wasn't surprising though. The title is called Suzuka and you can kind of tell where it would go considering the title. Then the sports section was nail biting. I loved it because it didn't completly go the way you wanted it to. It wasn't predictable and was great to see Akitsuki and Suzuka in action. 9/10

This is where the trouble starts. The personalities of the characters were a bit screwy. You can honestly say that it is possible to hate every single character in this story. Akitsuki in this story would be elligible for a professional stalkers ID. He was a bit overly obsessed with Suzuka and wanted to do everything that she wanted to. It was a bit scary at times. Suzuka was overly arragont and was really hard to read. She went from arrogant to shy then back to arrogant. Same issue with Honoka. She went from extremely shy to bold and back to shy. To me these issues didn't make the rating for the anime to fall immensly but it did trouble me at times.

Animation wasn't exactly on the strong side. I didn't mind watching it but compared to Air it didn't even come close. It had room to improve in this section. 7/10

Love, love, love the songs for this anime. They all fit this anime. Both the OP and ED was sang by Coach and you can kind of see why they were chosen for this anime. The OP was called Start Line and the ED is Aoi Field. It completely captured my attention upon hearing it. 10/10

You can say that I am a bit lenient with the grading but I truly did love this series. The personality changes were a bit absurd but it didn't kill the series totally. The personality changes were probably the reason I didn't give Suzuka a 10. Besides that, everything fit into its place and made me really want there to be a second season. I would recommend this anime to everyone out there who wants to watch something worthwhile. 9/10

Posted by : quasiorcor
Posted on : 2006-11-19        

This anime really suprised me...
It's just amaziiiing!
once again I've watched an execllent anime thanks to those backgrounds AS puts for the title of the site :P
I was surprised beacause there werent any ecchi, sadistic sexual scenes or excess of masculinity in the anime as many other "drama/romance" series.
This one is completely natural and realistisc. The characters come in very natural situations and it shows many problems normal people have in their lives when it is about love :)

The story is about this country boy that moves to Tokyo to live with his aunt so he could study in a good university hoping to get a better life.
And he discovers that he's gonna live is in a BathHouse. And this is where many people commit the mistake of not watching this beacause they think it is like Love Hina or one more of those perv animes. In fact there's only 3 scenes in the bath in the entire anime so don't worry.
There he encounters a girl he thinks is the symbol of perfection and as soon as he does that, he discovers that she is his neighbour. Anyway, both of them go in the same class and both of them got a sport history in their backgrounds so they even start training together. then they start getting a relationship, then the love triangle comes and bla bla bla. The more you watch the better and more complex the story gets.
And as a result you almost cry together with the characters.

The music is very good, all of them were very well chosen and used apropriately to each scenes of the anime. Sad music in the sad situation glad in the glad and they got even add dance music to complete the track. The perfect track for the perfect anime romance :]

Excelent! all of them well defined with diferent personalities. Very good indeed. Maybe some of them are a bit overextended in some angles but if not it is just perfect ;) Asahina is the best of them all. She is one of the reasons of why you want to continue watching, seeing that behind that perfection theres a clumsy, cute and shy girl that lived a extremly tragic moment in the past that she cant get rid off.

omg just explaining the story makes me wanna see that anime again hoping that the story will extend T.T it's just too sad that this is only 26 episodes...And I still got the f*cking wonderfull music in my head i.i

and seriously im being quite honest to myself saying how incredible this anime is, if not I wouldn't spend my time writing about it!

For those who say that it wasn't a good romance and that anything special happened hey. Wake up! it's better to say "I don't like any romantic story 'cause in fact I prefer those animes where everyone acts stupid and panties are shown every 10 seconds! :D did i tell you im a perv?" if you know what I mean. Of course I like panties too but the closer to reality the better it is :) when I talk about reality I mean the characters, how they are and how they act, what happens and what doesent happen, I'm not talking about genres of animes saying that fantasy animes are wrong etc etc :P
I'm just extremly glad to find a good quality anime that prooves that when it comes to romance and girls it doesen't have to be ecchi and the girls don't have to act stupid and to things only people with mental disturbtion would have done. Many academic people talk about anime and mangas as thing with excessive masculinity and opressive against the woman, anime companies has been posessed even for pedophilic scenes. I realy have to say that many animes are extreme decadents even if I love anime, But behind all those bad qualitie things you can find those that are really good, just like this one :]

I sincerly give 10/10 ; 5/5 or whatever it is only it completes a whole 1 :P

For those who are after good love stories I recomendid with all my heart :D
If you want an idea of what kind of romance it is about you can compare it to many stories of that manga series that AS has with name "salad fruit" or "fruit sallad" something like that ;)
very pure and natural, things that could happen and may have happen with a normal citizen when he deals with rommance are showed in Suzuka.


of course you will lose some hot chicks if you dont whatch it ;)

and A-S, pls continue putting good anime links as bacground of the title of this website so I can continue clicking on them and enjoying all of them ;)

Posted by : Ravensdark
Posted on : 2006-11-19        

Suzuka for me is absolutely fantastic.

I find myself looking at the character Suzuka and empathizing with her. The responses to the situations that she faces are very realistic. Traumatic events always leave scars that are extremely difficult to heal. The interplay between the two leads is exquisite in how it shows the effect that intense emotional trauma will have on a relationship.

The growth in both lead characters is also very well portrayed. The supporting characters are well balanced in this anime. There is no excess baggage as far as characters are concerned. Each character plays an important role in bringing us to the conclusion. In addition there were no events that I felt could have been removed from the story. It was like building a tower that at any moment could fall from one false move or one misplaced brick. To me the show really lives up to being a romance anime.

As for the sports aspect; the sport was only there as a backdrop for an absolutely wonderful romance story.

Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2006-10-31        

When I first started watching this Anime, I found myself extremely annoyed by it. Like many characters in Anime, the main character is such a moronic weakling that its hard to empathize with him. The strength of this anime is at least partially in how he learns and grows over the course of the series. The more I watched, the more I liked him. So much so that by the end of the anime, I was actually rooting for this guy to succeed.

The basic premise of this series, is of a guy who falls in love with a girl. She is someone who simply can't deal with a relationship right then, and so rejects his love. Throw in the problem that he is very immature, add a rival love interest, who is desperately in love with the guy, yet insecure herself. Weave sports and secondary characters into the mix, and you have Suzuka.

This series is very well done, and refreshing change of pace from many other animes I've seen lately. The plot was terrific and often unexpected, the music while not perfect was good, and the animation was frequently wonderful.

Another strong point of this series is the supporting cast. All of them are well done. I found myself aching for Honoka, who desperately loves Yamato but due to her own insecurities and selfishness loses him. Despite the name making it obvious that their romance wasn't going to be sucessful, I found myself hoping that she would be able to reclaim him. The last few episodes in particular were so well done that I ended up watching them several times.

Overall I really enjoyed this series, and I highly recommend it.

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2006-10-29        

Having read the manga till the whole of the anime already, I was expecting much more from the anime. It was better in some ways, but I think was pretty poorly done in some other parts.

The storyline follow closely to the manga. (or the other way around... I dunno..) Many parts are a cliché and some seems to be only there for the other parts to develop. To be precise, the way the story goes (sports, love, etc) are pretty boring. It keep showing Yamato trying to get ahead in his life, then fails or didn’t do very well, and somehow the problem get solved…

The thing is, the story never got too exciting for me to enjoy it. If I knew better the anime should be more daring to convey more serious emotions for the characters and onto the audience.

I’m sick of hearing Yamato blabbering all the time about what he want to do but too chicken to do so. The only other anime like this is Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu’s Kyon, but it isn’t so bad. At least that has humor. All Yamato do is complain.

But otherwise, the way the story brought out the feelings, especially frustration, pretty well. The thing is that the story zoomed so fast in the starting and only turned out to be interesting in the latter part, around after 19 episode… Impatient people might drop this anime before the nice parts kick in. The fast part in the beginning made the middle seemed slow.

The animation is crap. One of the worst animation I’ve ever seen. Although animation might have not taken such a important role in whether the anime is good or not, I can’t ignore the other side of me kept complaining about the animation. Beside the poorly detailed, the animation does not always flow; many actions seems retarded; many scenes are choppy. The only part worth praising is the flow during the sports scene.

Music & Sounds
The music is above average. Yamato talks too much, and Honoka sounds a bit strange sometimes… It was OK, but they could have improved on the crying parts; they seemed choking instead of crying.

A pretty good romance anime after all, seeing how they end the story nicely. I didn’t to worked up or excited while watching it, though, I lost the enthusiasm early on and didn’t get it back.

Posted by : scarehair3
Posted on : 2006-09-24        

I personally am very fond of this Anime. It provides a mild relief from all the stunningly cookie-cutter animes about love. I found it was a good Plot line, though confusing. I enjoyed the fact that even the main character was talented, he wasn't talented enough. Which is a nice change from the ever present attitude that the main character has to defeat all his enemies AND get the girl. The music track in this anime is a little off, but still relatively good. The constant background piano solo does tend to get Annoying though. The characters are all dynamic and deep, giving them a very "deep" and "real" feeling to them. This is a good anime for those who wish to just have a mildly romatic escape from the inundation of mainstream anime.

Posted by : burnside
Posted on : 2006-06-13        

To put it simply, I hated this anime. However, simple tends to be inadequate in this world, so let me elaborate.

The Plot: 8/10

In a nutshell, it's a romance drama with an underlying sports part. However, the sports part plays spontaneous roles and ultimately ends up contributing very little the plot and by the end of the anime, leaves a gaping hole in terms of story.

As for the romance part, it was well done in certain parts, but then horribly done in others. The writers end up creating a situation that makes our expected ending (let's call it the "true story" ala bishoujou game style) a little bit hard to carry out. However, until that inevitable point where they had to "break things up," so to speak, things were going pretty damn well. However, the "break up" was carried out very awkwardly, and that had a huge affect on how I enjoyed the anime.

As an additional note for the plot, the ending leaves so much to be desired. Important side-characters and secondary characters are left completely hanging, and it just seems like the ending was rushed and done in a "let's just get this over with" attitude.

The Characters: 6/10

This is one of the main points where the anime truly falters. Several hugely important characters do NOT keep their personality at all. I understand the frustration with your everyday anime's 2D personality characters, but that is no reason to decide that Suzuka's personality-changing characters are good. The worst (or best?) example is Honoka, who goes from timid and shy in one scene, to completely forward and bold the next, and then to insecure and shy. Thankfully (well, not really), this is only else-seen in the central characters (i.e. Suzuka and Yamato), and most, if not all, of the side-characters have believable personalities.

The Animation: 9/10

For the most part, animation is pretty well done. I can't remember very many scenes where anything looked particularly bad, aside from occasional (and expected) instances of disproportionate characters. Also, in several points, mouth movement was slightly out of sync, i.e. mouths stopped moving before the characters stopped talking.

The Music: 8/10

Most of the music was very fitting, but as previously mentioned, it is repetitive. Still, also as previously mentioned, you get used to it when you are used to watching anime series longer than 12 or so episodes. Still, nothing was especially catchy, though I did kind of like the OP and a couple of the background songs.

Last Words:

I have to mention that I really dislike when the main character talks himself to death in an anime. That is why watching Chobits was torture for me, and that is one of the first things I noticed about this anime. However, it was tolerable for the most part.

There were also parts towards the end where I really wished the characters were real so that I could bash some senses into them, and even parts where I hoped a cliche would come in. I even thought that the end might have been done better had Yamato been hit by a car in one of the ending episodes (it's not as sadistic as it sounds when you watch the anime).

Scathing review? Maybe. Still, I haven't mentioned yet why exactly I "hate" the series. Yes, it was entertaining, and yes, it wasn't a total waste of time. However, over 10 hours of my life are gone (10.5 if you count the time I took to plot and write this review) for an overall mediocre anime that still leaves me without much closure.

Posted by : hanms
Posted on : 2006-04-19        

One of the first anime series that I watched to the end, Suzuka is a romantic series about a guy, Yamato, who moves to Tokyo in the hopes of a good change in his life. He meets a girl, Suzuka, as she does the high jumps, and instantly falls in love (yeah, i know...). Then, he finds out that they go to the same school, live under the same roof, you know, the usual shounen stuff.

The storyline itself is... well, some bits are quite inspiring, and some are more dramatic... The story is based on the school track and field team, and of course, there's a love triangle. However, the bad things about this anime is that it started off well, with good starting episodes that make you curious about the ending, etc, but as it goes on, the storyline becomes more and more obvious, and the mystery fades away. Also, I felt slightly disappointed at the ending as to what it really meant; you'll know what I mean when you watch it.

Apart from that, yeah, I'd say the anime's worth a shot; it's not that long, and it's just one of those anime that gives you fuzzy feelings in your heart, as well as a slight dissapointment, as I've mentioned above.

I thought the music was very fitting to the anime. Yes, repetitive as all anime music is, but you learn to cope with that... The graphic detail for the people is splendid, whilst the background is quite rough in some scenes.

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Shiki (NEW!)
Chapters 1-22

August 08th
Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer
Chapters 54-64

Yomeiro Choice
Chapters 27-28

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