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D.C.S.S - Da Capo Second Season

Studio : Feel

Length : 26 Episodes

Year : 2005

Genre : Comedy - Drama - Romance

Synopsis :
D.C.S.S. ~Da Capo Second Season~ is exactly what it purports to be, the second season of Da Capo. All the characters from the first season are back for more fun and adventures surrounding Asakura Jun'ichi. But not all is well as the show starts. It seems Nemu has left the scene, and her precious brother in a less than peppy state. But even without his lost lover, Jun'ichi still has his hands full as an apprentice witch comes knocking, seeking training from Jun'ichi's late grandmother. The neophyte witch, Aisia, easily settles for Jun'ichi as a substitute mentor and proceeds to turn his world topsy-turvy.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : ddogt432
Last update : 2008-04-16
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Score : 5.2
Number of reviews : 5

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Hatsunejima's D.C.S.S. Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : yozuca - Sakurairo no Kisetsu

ED1 : CooRie - Akatsuki ni Saku Uta

Release(s) :

2011-03-14 -- Episode(s) 2 by Jumonji & Giri. BT Link
2006-04-09 -- Episode(s) 26 by Shinsen-Subs. BT Link
2006-03-14 -- Episode(s) 25 by Shinsen-Subs. BT Link

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 Asakura, Junichi Sagisawa, Misaki Saitama, Nanako Konomiya, Tamaki Tsukishiro, Alice Aisia Utamaru Suginami
 Shirakawa, Kotori Mizukoshi, Moe Mizukoshi, Mako Amakase, Miharu Asakura, Nemu Kanae, Kudou

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Posted by : Baboonbutte
Posted on : 2006-10-02        

After finishing the first season, I thought that the second season might be good to watch as well. However, the storyline was pretty much the same... hence: 'Da Capo'.

The first few episodes are a bit confusing as there are new characters, but then you get used to it. The story is basically focused on how everyone likes Jun'ichi, the struggle of the love life of the Asakura siblings and how/why things went wrong.

The story just focuses more on the new girl Aisha, which I didn't really like because I found her character was a bit OVER-determined, stubborn, and unattractive.

The drawings are still the same, and I quite like the different personalities of the new characters... but none of their roles are shown detailed enough in the story.

I like the opening theme and especially the ending theme towards the end of the series.

However, the storyline bored me, and it wasn't exciting enough for me to give it a higher rating.

Posted by : Yuun
Posted on : 2006-04-10        

“Yay!! A second season!!” This is what comes into my mind when I heard the news of the 2nd season going to be release. As a diehard fan of Da Capo series, Da Capo Second Season (DCSS) is definitely must watch for me. Now that I finished the entire series and Da Capo finally met it’s finale in DCSS, I was feeling both happy and sad… I’m happy because finally “It’s THE END!!” and I’m sad because of the same reason as well with additional of other reasons... (Kinda felt empty somewhere when the finale sets in the last episode of DCSS) Most probably, somewhere deep in my heart, I was praying that this Da Capo would never end and keeps going. (I’m a diehard fan of DC after all…)

I don’t really see much difference in DC and DCSS when it comes to animation qualities, Music and BGM, as well as the feeling of calmness from the soft and beautiful landscape. However, is sad to say that I enjoy DC more than DCSS. Is true that the new characters in DCSS are encouraging but there’s hardly any development from them at all!!

The new heroine, Aisia seems to take the lead and everything just tags along. To make things any worst… there’s almost no development from the new support characters and even some of the old characters were seriously neglected. This is quite frustrating since I was really interested in some of the new characters and hope to see more screen time of them. (Example: Alice and Tamaki.) I keep asking myself the same question over and over again, “Why do they even put in new characters when they don’t even plan to develop them anyways?” (‘They’ here is referring to the producer of this series.)

Da Capo was a decent anime with average and manageable characters. However in DCSS, characters were not properly manage and most characters were totally neglected. For me, Da Capo main attraction is the characters… if they neglected their main attraction, how are the producer going to attract the audiences? (Especially Da Capo Fans who were so looking forward for the 2nd season.)

Due to the lack of character development, the story take turn into the worst and starts to make me feel like watching some fairy tales cartoon that often ended up with “… and finally they end up happily ever after…” or something like that. This is a major disappointment to me and I’m certain not happy with it.

In my opinion, the producer isn’t giving much effort in creating the 2nd season. So if you ask me whether I would recommend this series to anyone? I’ll say “NO!” but perhaps you might want to give it a try if you’re really interested and got the time in the world to spend. Besides, this anime seems to made specially for Da Capo fans... if you're a first timer to this title, I would suggest you to watch Da Capo before watching this 2nd season.

Again, I was really disappointed with how things turn out for the finale but other than the characters development, the other factors still at it’s very best. I can’t give this series more than 4/10 points since I was really disappointed and I could hardly consider giving any points at all for the characters development. Sorry… but DCSS really turn me down…

Posted by : PrinceViral
Posted on : 2006-02-20        

The Da Capo gang is at it again in their second series, D.C.S.S ~Da Capo Second Season~. Two years has passed, Sakura went back to America and Nemo left her lover Junichi a letter that she left to nusring school without telling him. The girls take care of the depressed friend while she was gone. Poor Junichi, he will never be happy again. Now that the magic is gone from the Island, things have been normal, until one rainy day a girl soaking wet appeared at the door of Junichi's house and passed out. A Strange little girl with a weird outfit looking for her Master's house, and when he found out it was his and Sakura's grandmother who had passed away, things went to normal to out of control! This girl named Aisia is a magican in training who wants to make people happy with her magic, but is what Junichi needs, or is it?
once again, Junichi is in another twisted life of a magican girl and wishes both of their dreams come true. One wants to learn magic, and the other 'love' again.


The story is less wacky than the first series. I suggest to watch the first series to understand the relationship of the characters.
There are many new characters which are all found in the manga version and in the game (+18). This anime is much longer than the first beacuse its now around 24min, compared to the 15min in the first. The animation has improved a lot, in visual wise and detailing, also since they are now in their senior year, their outfits are now different which I like.
The music still has the oringal sound track and added new ones due to Junichi's actions which are more emotional then before. It blends in well of all characters action which sometimes makes me shed a tear for nice blending.
This anime is still funny and remove less hitting and fighting with magic screw ups which Aisia created. The story is morely of a soap-opera with love and a little magican girl wanting to make everyone happy makes things hard for her which she barely understands.
In the down side, it kinda slows down in story in the begining, more wacky, but slowly becomes serious. Sadly, once again, when it comes to the age range it's between to older chilren or to teens due to the cute characters and the adult jokes and erotic images.
In the plus side, original characters are still there and funnier than ever and new surprises happens to them.
Overall, the anime fun to watch and giving it a 8/10.

Posted by : hara
Posted on : 2005-09-03        

If you want to find out what clich

Posted by : bibbia74
Posted on : 2005-08-29        

I've seen only the first 6 chapters of this, and the review is referring to them. The story starts with the Asakura "brothers" separated. Nemu leaves to find her way as a nurse, so her "not related by blood brother" is alone with a bunch of girls taking some care of him. At the same time, a misterious figure is arriving in the island, indirectly aiming at him...what will be of our hero?

Do you remember "Da Capo"? The characters are the same, the story isn't. Given away the problematics, this new chapter is more light and enjoyable than it's predecessor, with some new characters (and one some less, Sakura for example). The music is good, with a delicate but cheerful sound. Graphics are improved a lot from the past, and now are up-to-date (not fantastic, but good).

At the end? This time all the elements are cheerful (for now), and they render this a perfect anime to watch if you want some romance and humor. Without too much drama.

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