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Hajime no Ippo

Alternate title : Fighting Spirit, The

Studio : Madhouse Studios

Licenced by : Geneon Entertainment (USA)

Length : 76 Episodes

Year : 2000

Genre : Action - Comedy - Sports - Drama - Shounen

Synopsis :
In order to help out with the family's business, Ippo abandons his friends. Soon, the kids at his school begin to retaliate against his aloofness toward them and starts bullying him. In order to counter this (ala Karate Kid), he seeks out a professional boxer named Mamoru Takamura, and begins a tough training regiment with him. After a while, Ippo decides to become a boxer, and this is his story.

Alternative Synopsis :
(by elkein)

Makunouchi Ippo is a timid high schooler who helps out in his family's fishing business. Because of this, he doesn't have enough time to hang out with friends and also gets bullied often. At one time, a professional boxer named Mamoru Takamura saves him from a group of bullies. Seeing that Ippo was unconscious, Takamura takes him back to his boxing gym, where Ippo gets sucked into the world of boxing.

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Score : 9.36 Ranked #3 by users
Number of reviews : 95

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Dynamite Glove - A Hajime no Ippo Fansite (English)
Official #2 : Geneon's Hajime no Ippo Website (English)
Official #3 : VAP's Hajime no Ippo Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Shocking Lemons - Under Star
OP2 : Shocking Lemons - Inner Light
OP3 : Tsuneo Imahori - Tumbling Dice

ED1 : Naoya Mori - Yuuzora no Kamihikouki
ED2 : Naoya Mori - 360°
ED3 : Saber Tiger - Eternal Loop

Release(s) :

2017-09-25 -- Episode(s) 1 by -. BT Link
2017-05-29 -- Episode(s) 1-75 by anime-mx. BT Link
2017-05-16 -- Episode(s) 1-76 by Yellow-Flash & Nondel. BT Link

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 Makunouchi, Ippo Takamura, Mamoru Kimura, Tatsuya Aoki, Masaru Miyata, Ichiro Kamogawa, Genji Yagi, Haruhiko Mashiba, Ryo
 Yamada, Naomichi Zangief, Volg Ozuma, Jason Saeki Mashiba, Kumi Sendo, Takeshi Umezawa, Masahiko Eiji, Date

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Posted by : CherrynKinnz
Posted on : 2010-07-16        

Wow wow wow wow wow. One of the best and most memorable anime I have ever seen.

The story is incredibly inspiring. There are some spots in the anime where the main character goes through some tough spots. Usually, the problems are overcome with hard work and dedication. It really shows you what perseverance can do for you.

The animation, of course, isn't the best since the anime is very old. Nonetheless, it is very crisp and nothing looks off. Like a reviewer below me has stated, the muscle detail and crisp frames in the matches are truly a sight.

Music was great as well. Most of the ones that have been memorable to me have been played during the actual fights. They are intense when they need to be and calm/happy otherwise.

Despite being 76 episodes, the anime was enjoyable throughout the whole thing. That said, it's quite surprising for me to like something like this anyway. I'm not into sports; definitely not boxing. But this anime is an exception.

Posted by : joem20
Posted on : 2010-04-27        

The story is very inspiring, how a young boy that once bullied manages to be a boxer and conquer the world of boxing by eliminating all that stands his way. I love the story about Miyata, on how his rivalry with Ippo started and all the side stories about Aoki, Kimura and Takamura. They manage to show how hard a boxing match is, and how high the stakes are in.

This is without a doubt one of the best animations ever in a sport genre anime. The definitions of their muscles are really detailed and their movements are very consistent. Every punch they throw and take are felt by the viewers, just like watching a true boxing bout.

Every character in this series has a great character development. Every boxer has a good story in their sides and you can't help it if you find yourself being one of the fans of these boxers.

Their opening and ending themes are cool and refreshing. After somebody won a fight, you can feel good because of the music.

One of the most exciting anime to watch. Every fight is unforgettable and for me, the fight between Sendoh and Ippo in the finale is timeless.

Posted by : Aoren
Posted on : 2010-03-17        

Hands down my favorite sports anime.

Story line: The story is about a young and upcoming boxer so it is not as if the plot can be overly complicated in my opinion. He can only train and fight, win or lose. So if anyone was looking for some serious plot twist there really couldn't have been. The only sports anime (in my opinion) that ever had a serious plot twist is 'Aoki Densetsu Shoot!', (but even in that anime, it was a forseeable turn of events).

Animation: Nothing amazing but to be completely honest I got so into the anime it didn't matter what it looked like to me by episode five. But I will admit that sometimes they did make the characters look pretty stupid in order to gain some comedic affect.

Characters: I thought that the characters of Hajime no Ippo were perfect. To me there was no 'annoying' character which is rare for me to say about an anime. Ippo was a good lead. Takamura, Kimura, Aoki, Miyata and the coach were all well crafted also.

Music: Perfect is a way to describe Hajime no Ippo's music. I usually hate at least one of the songs but for me both the opening and ending were catchy and I found myself singing along.

Cons: for me there really isn't any strong cons worth mentioning. Although will say I do NOT recommend this for anyone who wants and amazing story. The individual characters all have good background stories that are eventually revealed whether its in this or the next part of the series.

Pros: Good sports anime (if you're a fan), great characters, decent animation, and is overall a feel good anime about Ippo Makunouchi and his friends roads to there only individual goals.

Definitely worthy of 5 stars in my opinion.

Posted by : senku44
Posted on : 2009-02-22        

Not to be a critic or anything... but Hajime no Ippo is not really as great as people make it seem...

It has a good storyline, I have to admit, as it continuously talks about boxing, which this anime is basically about. We also see a grow in the characters, as time go on. What is missing from the anime, though, is multiple genres: it fails to give out more than just action and adventure, which although is excellent in those genres, fails to get my full attention.

As most animes the background music is very good. The support characters are also very excellent in supporting the main.

Overall the anime shows promise, but refuses to show more emotions to the characters. It is a good watch to pass the time....if you have nothing else to do.

Posted by : miestersean
Posted on : 2009-02-05        

Hajime no Ippo is all about boxing, and it focuses on the quest of its main character, Ippo, who is the complete opposite of a static character. From start to end, we see him transform as he applies himself more and more fully to boxing. While Ippo’s life is the main thread that ties this show together, the supporting characters are still significant and enjoyable. All of Ippo’s rivals in the ring are fleshed out to varying degrees as they come in and out of Ippo’s career, and we get to know Ippo’s friends from the boxing gym quite well. The natural character interaction that comes from these characters generates lots of humor and drama that balance out the intense boxing sequences well.

The show has a feel of momentum and progression because the boxers consistently get stronger and all of the characters develop and get to know each other better as time goes on. In order to drive this advancement, the show uses a cycle of training, fighting, and reflecting for each of the matches, which are the focal points of the plot. While this design could drag down the pace of the show, it doesn’t, because long processes like months of training get encapsulated into only a few minutes of show time. Also, the show keeps you off guard because it’s unpredictable in how events come after one another. A side note is that there are some segments (and entire characters) of the show that technically advance the plot, but still really feel like filler. These are the low point of the show from a plot standpoint.

The art used in the show is interesting. The character art is rough and old-looking, with raw character design and distracting hatching used for shading, but the physiques of the boxers are stylized nicely, and the action looks smooth, detailed, and flashy, in a good way. The music is also a mixed bag. I liked all of the OP/ED songs chosen, particularly the openers, but the background music is very questionable. It repeats itself a lot, and often doesn’t fit with what’s actually happening in the show. And in some cases, it forces you to ignore it in order to keep engaged with what’s going on. I also wish they didn’t use the OPs and EDs in so much for background music. Once you hear one come on during an episode, you’ll be disappointed that it’s being used again and you’ll know that, like all of the other times a theme was used, it won’t add anything to the show.

In conclusion, while Hajime no Ippo has its flaws, it’s an entertaining and often addictive watch. It hits strong emotional peaks in matches, excels with its side characters and humor, and has very engrossing action. It’s accessible to everyone, but more so for males.

Posted by : drew06
Posted on : 2008-02-09        

Hajime no Ippo is the first anime that changed my mind about sports anime and is the first one I had seen at the time.

I like the story a lot. It is about how a boy named Ippo would go from a shy kid who would get beaten up to a champion in his weight class. The humor is also there and had me cracking up laughing as much as the action kept me hooked, and it balances the two out so it's not serious all the time and can come up with random funny moments out of nowhere making the show very interesting. It never gets old.

The animation is another good thing about this anime. The art in Hajime no Ippo is very detailed and doesn't overdo it with the muscles. It makes the characters the right size for weight class and the blood and bruises also help make the anime realistic.

I also like the music, especially the opening and closing themes. They were pretty good and something I would listen to.

I think this is one of the best animes and definitely the best sports anime I have seen.

Posted by : elkein
Posted on : 2007-11-02        

After reading the manga available here in anime-source,
I decided to check out the anime version of the series. Turns out, it kicks ass!

THE STORYLINE is simple, yet intriguing. It's basically a story about an ordinary guy that starts to box. But as he goes on boxing, we see the finer points of the sport, The harsh training it requires.

THE MUSIC is decent. They didn't skimp on the budget here. The opening and ending themes were decently made.

THE ARTWORK was great. When I went to watch the first episode, I was thinking it wouldn't be too great.
It definitely surpassed my expectations.

THE ANIMATION was good. When the boxers weave with great timing, the anime emphasizes it well. When they throw their best punches, animation slows down, making the strike seem a lot more special.

THE REALISM was...well...a little off. One guy was punching half-way across the ring.
Another guy was throwing hundreds of punches in a few seconds.

All in all, the anime is one of the best series I've ever watched. A lot of people will enjoy it, boxing fans and anime lovers alike.

Posted by : jernas
Posted on : 2007-09-03        

I was always heard people making a big fuss about this anime, I was so hesitatant to watch it because of the art. To be honest, the art was one of my important option of choosing anime, but NO MORE!

Sports genre is one of my favorite genre now let's START,

Hajime no Ippo is a masterpiece in my point of view. First, the depth in emotions and characters. The development of the characters from weak to strong and from strong to be weak again and so on give the story kinda of challenging your own strength to step on your feelings and try to recover after fails.

The story is so fresh, so heart-warming, comedy and it gives us how is the life of being boxer and how you can deal when something doesn't go as you wish ...give up? or not?

The comedy in this anime, I have to say, is just unique, it might kill you from laughing over and over. The characters are the main issue in the comedy of this anime. Takamura, Kimura and Aoki without the combination of these three the anime will fall *laughs* I enjoyed this anime a lot!

The Artwork , it tricked me and it might trick lots of people other than me. I was so concerned from the drawing, but BELIEVE ME don't judge it via only the artwork. Besides, now that I have seen it till the end I just think that the art is just AWSOME! I love it!

the Soundtrack is just marvelous. At first, you find it so so.. then hmmm good then WAOW! =D the funny type for funny momments, the actions for the actions momments Seiyuu = Voice Actors I was so shocked when I discovered that Ippo's voice was actually Kaidoh in PoT, and it only makes more interesting right? ;) give a try and have a look =D and all voices are just fit perfectly !
I only just wish to have a second season since it reaches 80 Vol + and the anime only covered the first 35 Vol

To conclude, Hajime no Ippo has brainwashed my head and let me skip and drop lots of anime. If you like Hikaru no Go or love COMEDY genre this is for you! BELIEVE ME! Give it a try! it is WORTHY to watch .. well, it is A MUST to watch if you are an anime fan!

Overall, this is a masterpiece anime/manga that I only wish to have second season which to be like other popular anime Naruto and Bleach who reached above 100 Eps for me I want it to reach 500 T.T for my Hajime no Ippo ! This anime is 100000000/10 !

Posted by : Blissbee
Posted on : 2007-06-04        

I've just watched Hajime no Ippo up till episode 75 for me this episode gave me a decent closure concerning Ippo.

I think sports genre is probably 1 of the best genres suited for anime.
It makes you become addicted to the main character's drive to exceed not only himself but the best!

The story of Hajime no Ippo is heart-warming, funny and at crucial times death-serious. I was very pleased with the pervert jokes XD although I'm a girl this kind of nasty humor just cracks me up.
I've been giggling and squealing thru some of the episodes!!!!
I also enjoyed the side characters a lot Takemura, Aoki, Kimura, Nekota, Mashiba and a lot more interesting characters are introduced.
All with their own background to fight till the end.
What I also liked is that there were nearly any filler episodes.
Two episodes were recaps of event happened previous in the season.
And some explaining backgrounds of some of the side-characters but I felt that those episodes only improved the series more.
I really enjoyed the episodes explaining how Aoki, Kimura and Takemura met.

I enjoyed Hajime no Ippo till the very end to me it's 1 of the best anime series out there!

About the artwork/animation...I never understand what people are talking about when they are commenting about the quality of the animation. My partner has made his own animated television series and having learned a lot from him. Japanese animation uses fewer frames than American or European animation. So animation wise most anime are not that great they look nice but there's actually hardly any animation.
But because of this Japanese are probably the best at lay-outs. Every image has it own speed creating an illusion of movements. I think Hajime no Ippo shows how important lay-out is.
I myself do not watch anime for the artwork I enjoy the stories most of all! This series was made around 2000 because of this the style isn't as sharp looking as some of the current anime's but it doesn't look that old-school. But like I said when the story and characters are this good I think bitching about the style actually isn't worth commenting about XD...but here I am ranting about it.

I actually don't want to talk about the music...but here we go...
The English was just bad...I just don't like Japanese English hahaha.
I did like the textless/lyricless opening it had something it was expressing the numbing brainrush during a fight.

Overall this anime is just awesome and I'd recommend it to everyone looking for a good sports anime to watch.

I'm going to watch episode 76, Hajime no Ippo Champion road and Hajime no Ippo Kimura.

The only disappointment I have about this anime is that after the Champion road and Kimura. The ride will be over and I'll never get to see more of those crazy side-characters or how they'll continue to battle on. Hajime no Ippo sucks you into Ippo's daily life it's going to be sad when I've reached the end...just to realise that I was enchanted by an animation of a life never exsisted.
And contemplating about people in real life who have the same strength and ambition perhaps even the same struggles.
>O<...wahhhhh I'm talking all mushy nonsense...I just love this anime I wish it could just go on!

ps: pardon me for my crappy English and long comment =_=..!

Posted by : zangetsu112
Posted on : 2007-05-29        

Hajime no ippo( aka Fighting sprirts) is the best sports anime I have ever watched, mainly due to the intensity of the fights that occur as well as how technical it is in explaining actions -how each boxing move is executed.

The plot was quite decent. It was interesting due to how most of the characters' backgrounds are well developed to a certain degree, showing not only their face value image but their true personality as well. With each character contributing to a certain factor in the series - could be the comedian, antagonist, bad guy etc.

In addition, the comedic factor contributed greatly to my continuous watching of this series. It is not the sort of anime made up of so many puns that tend not to be funny, but actions made by characters - especially facial expressions - and other factors made some sections extremely funny.

I would greatly recommend this series to any out there. It is one of those animes that would keep you watching continously for a long time. I am eagerly awaiting the continuation of this great series.

Posted by : joll3
Posted on : 2007-05-03        

Hajime no Ippo might have one of the worst plots ever, a bullied boy that discovers boxing and he gains great strenght, power and some friends instantly...

Despite this really, really, really lame plot this series is one of the best sports anime's out there. The character development is great and you really can see the maincharacters and the side characters evolve just not in fighting skills but as persons and becoming better and better friends.

The animation could have been better, but then again this series is from 2000 and alot has happened since, if you compare it to other series from 2000 it is one of the better.

Well, not only are the fights heartbreaking and you almoast stand up and scream to cheer for Ippo. But they are synced with one of the best usages of music ever used in an anime. All the background sounds and music comes exactly when you want to hear them.

This series is not only exciting, but it's really funny and you get to laugh your ass off once in a while when watching this series. I really do recommend everyone to see this series which is one of the few series that actually makes me care about the characters as if they really existed...

Well, my grades are:
Plot: 8/10
Music: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
-development: 10/10
-voiceacting: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Posted by : Bugoron
Posted on : 2007-04-02        

Hajime no Ippo is, by far, one of the best animes I have ever watched. As far as sports anime is concerned, I have seen none better.

Makunouchi's quest to understand what it means to be strong is highlighted by the numerous experiences he has in and out of the ring. His personal struggles shape the character and add depth to Ippo. One thing that I think most don't realize is that the story, while it talks about change, is not actually about a full blown metamorphosis in character. It is never intended for Ippo to be someone completely different when he is compared in episode 1 to episode 75. The focus for Ippo is the idea of finding an inner strength within his own character that was always there to begin with; Ippo has always been strong, he simply never realized it, and no change of his natural characteristics is necessary to find this strength.

The animation, though not stellar, works for this anime, as most of Ippo's regular life is drawn with a simplicity that contrasts his very different boxing life, where in most fights the art is more complex and captivating.

The music is great. Were I able to find a copy of the soundtrack to this anime, I would pick it up in a heartbeat. The opening and closing intros throughout the series are perfect for the anime, and the BGM tracks are a nice compliment to the story.

Overall, I am thoroughly satisfied with Hajime no Ippo, and eagerly await news on the continuation of the anime.

Posted by : ChiNammer
Posted on : 2007-03-29        

I'll start off by saying, Hajime no Ippo is a great anime. Sure the animation is not the greatest, but it does it's job. I am more compelled with how the story unfolds and where Ippo will end up in the sport of Boxing.

The anime grabs you and keeps you wanting more. You can see Ippo evolve after the first few episodes, from a wimp, short and picked on by others, to a man that does not back down in the face of adversity. He gains the respect of his peers with the way he holds himself in the ring. The anime gives you motivation and brings about a message that, if you don't give up and work hard towards your dreams, they will become reality.

Hajime no Ippo has a great story line, although it unfolds rather slowly. The great use of comedic relief, even during serious periods, was great and some times unexpected. It holds a cast of great characters who seem to grow and reveal more about themselves after each fight. A great deal of effort is put in to convey the life of a boxer and that each boxer fights for a different reason.

It was hard for me to stop watching because you can see the potential in him and want to see what he can accomplish. I recommend this anime to anyone and everyone.

Posted by : Vortex_Magus
Posted on : 2007-03-26        

Hajime no Ippo was a decent anime. Although a lot of people seem to revere it for some reason incomprehensible to me, I will disagree with him.

The artwork was fine, although not particularly stand-out. While the artist will never win any points for beauty and none of the scenes really touched me with their fine artwork, he managed the get the storyline across and create easily identifiable characters, which is really all he needed to do. The music was fine, although not particularly standout. The writer of Hajime no Ippo does a good job of building dramatic tension - most of the fights had you on the edge of your seat, and were very exciting.

My primary problem with Hajime no Ippo is that the characters change very little, if at all. I had SERIOUS trouble finding any differences at all between Ippo in the beginning and Ippo in the end. He gets more skilled at boxing, but as a character he barely progresses. Even getting a girlfriend doesn't seem to change him very much - he's still awkward, shy, and mild-mannered. This is a problem throughout the entire anime, and perhaps the one reason I didn't rate it much higher.

I'm all for story development, but the characters should change with the story. Sadly enough, I just didn't see much development of the main characters, period.

If it weren't for its only two saving graces, the fights and the Miyata-Ippo relationship (which, by the way, seems to go nowhere to me), Hajime no Ippo would have been very dull indeed.

Posted by : arsetothem
Posted on : 2007-02-20        

One of the best sport-based anime.
the best parts of this anime is obviously the fighting scenes. Hard punches and sweats flying all over the place, the truth is I don't even like boxing, but fighting spirits/ Hajime no Ippo is the only boxing I love.

as for the characters, that's one ripped body!!! totally awesome,
the music is great too. It's a perfect combination to this anime. It has it all, action, comedy, ecchi (a bit), drama, and further more ACTION!!!

recommendation for sport-based anime: HAJIME NO IPPO!!!

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