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Peto Peto-san

Studio : XEBEC

Length : 13 Episodes

Year : 2005

Genre : Fantasy

Synopsis :
In Peto Peto-san, monsters and humans live together; even the kids of the monsters and humans go to school together. However, with this comes prejudice.

Hatoko Fujimura is a shy girl. She's a monster called a "petopeto" (thereby bringing her the nickname "Petoko") and has a "special ability" (anything that she fancies that touches her sticks). She transfers to the school where these monsters and humans coincide. However, her "special ability" gets in the way when she is attracted to her classmate, Shingo.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Chikage_Shampoo
Last update : 2006-07-15
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Score : 7.5
Number of reviews : 2

Song(s) :

OP1 : Isako Saneyoshi - Shiranai Nai Sora / Not an Unknown Sky

ED1 : Isako Saneyoshi - Kaeri Michi / The Road Home

Release(s) :

2017-09-26 -- Episode(s) 1-13 by Doremi & Sailor Spork. BT Link
2006-06-22 -- Episode(s) 13 by Doremi & Sailor Spork. BT Link
2006-05-28 -- Episode(s) 12 by Doremi & Sailor Spork. BT Link

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Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2009-12-03        

Petopeto-san was definitely a series that was unpredictable. Whether this is a good or bad thing is really up to you. There were many surprising features beginning to end. Having said that, the events that did occur were pretty mellow. There were no major intensities of drama, comedy, or adventure. Every element was pretty neutral. The defining feature in this anime were probably the zaniness. There were some strong personalities in the characters, but some super powers were literally pretty "random". Peto Peto-san was a fun anime to watch sometimes, however, their execution was scattered and they did not seem to have any direction or theme.

The story revolves around a good-natured young girl with the knack for sticking to people. She attends a school where humans and other "monsters" go. You won't see any normal special abilities in this anime! That's right, there are no 'cool' super powers like hypnotism, telepathy, and the like. No way. There are people that can meld into concrete, those that stick to others, and those being able to communicate by text on their foreheads. Strange, no?

The first surprise was that this series was much more sexual than expected! Seeing how the character designs are cute and "moe", I thought it would be more about comedy or cuteness. The very first animated scene are the two main characters laying down, holding each others hand, half naked. I kid you not. Luckily though, the perversion goes down as you watch the anime, and the eccentricity goes up.

The OP and ED songs were nice. They are different from your typical songs. In fact, there are so many things different in Petopeto-san versus other series. I wouldn't be able to justify how weird it can get. It's not "Excel Saga" weird where it's pretty blatantly obvious. This series offers the weirdness in more subtle ways. Jeremy was probably the most animated character. His reactions were very refreshing and funny. Though anime always features comedic-relief charactesr like Jeremy, I always find them entertaining.

The appeal is pretty much the cute characters. The blob thing was probably the most valuable part of interest. The story was not well-rounded. They did not have a solid beginning, middle, and end. Petopeto-san was very unpredictable, you never know where the characters will say, go, or do- at all. The end wrapped up abruptly which did not give me an overall impression that this was planned thoroughly.

Posted by : Will_uknight
Posted on : 2005-08-02        

Petopeto San is a new anime out for the summer season (in Japan) that many of you may not know about, because there are no fansub groups working on it. The reason for this being that it is a Media Factory title (the guys that threatened legal action against Fansubbers last year).

Despite this, (or perhaps because of it) this is a fascinating series (or the first episode is at any rate).

The concept seems rather similar to Shuffle, another anime out this season (Shuffle is nasty btw, very very very lame anime). They are set in schools that are currently engaging in species mixing. This however is where the similarities end.

Shuffle has angels, demons and people with stupid star trek ears that make you long to get some snips and administer some ear resizing.

Petopeto San's different races are more mythological based (Japanese mythology that is, so don't expect to recognize a lot). Our main character is a Petopeto, or a creature that is identical to humans, except for the fact that she tends to stick to other living beings. The only way to get unstuck, is to fall asleep (at least it's original). Another character is a kappa (which in this instance means she is like a mermaid) and has a natural affinity for water. Most of the other kids in the class are also of different 'races', and transfer students. (transferring from where, the twilight zone?)

This all seems rather doinky, silly people with silly abilities, but remember i said this was a hell of a lot different then shuffle.

The main character Hatoko is a shy(ish) girl who has never been to school before because of her 'racial difficulties' (ie randomly sticking to people). On the outside she seems a very nice (and cute girl) but later we learn that she has deeper issues then what's on the surface. Her father was kicked out of his parents home, due to marrying a 'monster' (Hatoko's mum, too hot to be a monster). This (and i assume other similar experiences) have landed Hatoko with insecurity issues and the feeling of being less then human (or a 'monster')

One girl in the class seems a vile 'pure human' type and labels everyone from other species as being monsters.

Surprisingly, none of this is corny or overplayed. It seems very natural and you just accept these issues as a concern (after you get over your initial incredulity). The story progresses smoothly (even though there are a few timejumps) and feels very natural.

I didn't really notice the music that much, but what i did hear, i liked. The OP is also refreshingly creative, and not the bland pop crap that many shows resort to, these days.

This is another show right up their with Kamichu, and i will be following it avidly. I just hope i can continue getting subs for it

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