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Hikaru no Go

Studio : Pierrot

Licenced by :

Length : 75 Episodes

Year : 2001

Genre : Sports - Shounen - Mystery - Drama

Synopsis :
Proof that if you make an anime about ANYTHING in Japan, you can sell it. Go is actually a type of chess-like Othello-ish game where you and your opponent are trying to place chips to surround each other and control the board. So how do you turn this into a anime? Go back in time to a prince whom is being tutored at how to play Go must pit his two teachers against each other to decide who will stay and teach him. Caught in a cheat by his opponent, (I was framed!) the teacher Sai is forced to leave the city, and thus with out Go to play, drowns himself in a river. BUT! His spirit lives on inside the Go board, and when Hikaru touches the board, the two are joined, and now Hikaru has the ability and skill of a master Go player to guide him through the game. (And help with history homework too...) If nothing else, the series is um, unique. ^_^

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Specky
Last update : 2008-03-12
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Score : 9.03 Ranked #29 by users
Number of reviews : 61

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Crystal Moon - A Hikaru no Go Fansite (English)
Official #2 : Konami's Hikaru no Go Trading Card Game Website (Japanese)
Official #3 : Shueisha's Hikaru no Go Fansite (Japanese)
Official #4 : Studio Pierrot's Hikaru no Go Website (Japanese)
Official #5 : TV Tokyo's Hikaru no Go Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Dream - Get Over
OP2 : HAL - I'll Be the One
OP3 : Nana Katase - Fantasy

ED1 : Kids Alive - Bokura no Bouken
ED2 : Mizuki Arisa - Hitomi no Chikara
ED3 : Dream - Sincerely ~Ever Dream~
ED4 : Shela - Days
ED5 : Dream - Music is My Thing
ED6 : Dream - Get Over ~Special Mix~

Release(s) :

2017-10-23 -- Episode(s) 5 by Koten Gars. BT Link
2017-10-23 -- Episode(s) 4 by Koten Gars. BT Link
2017-10-23 -- Episode(s) 3 by Koten Gars. BT Link

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Character Design
Motohashi, Hideyuki

 Shindou, Hikaru Fujiwara, Sai Touya, Akira   Fujisaki, Akari 

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Posted by : Ravensdark
Posted on : 2009-09-24        

I know very little about the game of Go. While I actually learned some about how the game is played by watching Hikaru no Go, I found that the show was very good in its own right.

The show had no super powers though it had the supernatural ghost of a long past Go player. This show had a lot of character development through pretty much all of the primary characters. I liked how each of the characters always had their ups and downs both in life and in their game play.

The only thing in this show that I truly found completely unrealistic was the ghost.

The music was outstanding. The music emphasized the story and flowed with it very well. There was no music in the show that I thought could have been done better differently.

The animation fit the story line very well. Some of the characters seem more to be a gag type.

Overall this show lived up the the potential it promised.

Posted by : animenthusiast
Posted on : 2008-07-29        

For an anime about Go, it's pretty much perfect, yet what cannot be ignored is that it is BOOOOORRRRRINNNNNG. In an anime where the characters where 10% of the characters middle school students and 90% senior citizens, you can't really expect a bunch of heel-clicking excitement. Kind of out of my interest range. If this anime were funny, then it would have something going for it.
I can see the Gundam SEED influence in this anime. Obvious in the beautiful music and character design (subtle influences in clothes, eye design is identical). Though I can't say I understand why creators of Gundam SEED would be interested in anime about Go, nonetheless, I loved the music. I can say with total certainty that the music was the reason I continued to watch this anime. It's just that good.
You could say this anime is flawless, but that's because it doesn't shoot for high marks. It plays it safe in cloud 6. When it comes to genius in the body of a child, Detective Conan is more my cup of tea, or even Yu-Gi-Oh! is better.

Posted by : meeting12
Posted on : 2007-10-26        

This anime, despite it's strange/boring sounding premise, is actually very good. Most people (including myself initially) would probably pass over this anime due to it's length and rather dull sounding storyline, but I was pleasantly surprised by the story and characters. Let me warn you that this isn't an anime for those looking for fan service or DBZ-esque fights (although the animation for actual match sequences are sometimes a bit over the top, considering they're playing a board game). Watch this anime if you're looking for something a little different, but entertaining nonetheless.

Posted by : sssl0202
Posted on : 2007-10-15        

Hikaru no Go I guess can be considered a sports anime. However it might not be completely accurate because it also has a ghost roaming around.

The basic setting for anime is about this ancient Chinese board game called Go, and our main character Hikaru is haunted by a ghost that is obsessive about Go and due to his influence, Hikaru learns to play Go.

And then it is pretty much straight-forward sports anime. Kid that is uninterested in the sports by chance come across the game and becomes a player who thrives to be the best.

This was actually done quite well. Aside from the ghost influence, Hikaru's motivation and maturity is very well paced and quite realistic approach. Characters do seem overly dramatic at times, but doesn't really reach an unreasonable peak.

However, there is a serious problem with the anime Hikaru no Go. It is understandable that Go is a game where it takes incredibly long time to play, but the Go match itself should be the highlight, just like basketball game itself was highlight of Slam Dunk. Same with Hajime no Ippo. The match itself is what fans look for. The entire dramatic build up, showing character progression in terms of training etc was for that match. Unfortunately, matches in Hikaru no Go is over incredibly quickly. It shows you beginning few moves, middle few moves, and the end. That's for most detailed matches, other they just skip through it almost entirely.

To fans who are watching, the expectations of two rivals going face to face is something they look forward to. To not go into details of the game is quite a large flaw. I couldn't help myself but to feel left out. Characters constantly talks about what a great Go player each others are, but anime never shows us if they really are a great player.

In sports anime, that is pretty much all your look forward to. The match itself. The drama and everything else is just build up to that point. In that sense, Hikaru no Go has failed quite a bit, which is why my scores is not the highest.

However, Hikaru no Go indeed is very entertaining anime. The dramas and character progression has been done extremely well so anyone can enjoy. Fans who aren't knowledgeable to the game Go doesn't have to be intimidated by this anime because the drama that revolves around Go is the focus of the anime, not the Go itself. So you don't have to worry about staring at some board game you don't understand.

Asides from fairly large disappointments anime provides by having void of great Go matches, this anime is entertaining enough to allow me to recommend to everyone of all ages. It is also good way to promote Go to people around the world. I can't give high rating to a sports anime that has theme of Go that is fairly brief on the matches, but I also cannot give poor rating to an anime that has such a great drama and character progression. 7 seems to be like the magic number for this anime.

Posted by : fishcracker
Posted on : 2007-04-27        

Wow!! This is the anime that you should never miss at all costs, it is so interesting and I spent sleepless nights to finish the entire series. I was addicted to it before I even knew it, btw I don't even know anything about Go at all.

It is about this boy called Hikaru Shindou who accompanied by his ghost friend fujiwara no Sai went on to beat other players in go.
It is interesting to see how his rivalry with Akira Touya went about after Hikaru beat him with Sai's help and how Hikaru went on to discover his own strength in Go.

There was a saddening part of the anime where Hikaru is no longer motivated to play go anymore. I almost cried at that part.

Well, even if you don't know how to play Go(like me), it is still very interesting and in the end I managed to understand how to play a bit of Go as well.

Posted by : ludenu
Posted on : 2007-04-10        

My roommate introduced this anime to me. My first impression was: "What? The story revolves around a board game?" But I decided to check it out anyways, and I'm really glad that I did. The anime itself is clever, amazing, funny and well interesting. The tension shown during games gives the show excitement and draws you in further.

Animation: 9/10
Beautiful, and over time, you can actually observe the protagonist AGING. There's few animes that actually show such detail in character development. Overall, the animation is done really well.

Music: 10/10
All the music played throughout fit their moments perfectly. All the music and sounds were appropriate considering this 'unique' genre.

Storyline: 7/10
Outstanding story. It's about a boy that's aiming for his highest potential in the board game Go. Characters evolve to fit in with the story. The story really draws you in and keeps you anticipating his next game. The only drawback is that when the anime comes to an end, it seems that there should be more, and that it isn't really completed to its fullest.

Overall: 8/10
All in all, an excellent anime. The story is strong, although a bit incomplete. I recommend it to everyone, and the manga as well, as it helps to understand more towards the end.

Posted by : Ethil
Posted on : 2006-10-31        

Hikaru no Go is one of the best animes I've ever watched, not a lie. To make an anime, that is about a board game into something like this... You just have to be a genius.

The story is kinda awsome. If you just read about it, you wont get it, it will probably sound boring, I mean, this anime is about the boardgame Go and Hikaru, a young boy who plays it. Dosn't sound that exciting, does it? But far from the truth, this anime rocks! I dont know how the do it, but you sit with your eyes fixed at every game he plays and watches closly everything he does. This rocks.

Love it. Got one of the best music themes of all anime. The intro and ending songs is also very good. The music in this anime gets you sucked in.

The characters is pretty original. Hikaru is a young boy, bored as most of us are, and he is also quick thinking and never does the same mistakes twice. Sai, the Go-ghost that follows Hikaru around is also and very intressting character, and you really tend to love him, he's got a really cool personality.

One of the best. It's happy, sad, exciting and everything, and I think its hard to make an anime that's about a boradgame (said that a lot of times now) this exciting. You must see it. I've already seen it twice xD

Posted by : CrashOverride
Posted on : 2006-10-13        

Hikaru no Go is one of the best animes I've ever watched. The storyline is very creative and keeps the audience enthraled. I mean, seriously, who ever thought that a Heian era Go lover's spirit would haunt a Go board and teach a boy (Hikaru) to play Go and thus make him turn over a new leaf and love Go?

This anime is exciting beacuse you'll always be wondering who will win a Go game and whether Hikaru will ever catch up with Akira (his eternal rival and the reason why he's playing Go). It's funny at the same time because Hikaru's friends (Waya, Fukui....) are very entertaining. Especially Fukui.

I actually cried a few times when I was watching this anime because it was so touching. Fujiwara no Sai (the ghost) is funny, naive and innocent but at the same time he's hurt and upset (you'll have to watch yourself to find out why).

Overall, this anime is highly recommended. It has a lot of moral values because it teaches us about friendship, to never give up and always try to improve oneself.

Posted by : freezingbeast
Posted on : 2006-10-04        

Hikaru no go is a very entertaining anime. The story goes that a boy meets a ghost from a old go board and gradually try to reach "hand of god" It is amazing how they can make a boring game like go, very interesting in this anime.
The music to this anime is pretty good, and from my opinion, the first opening should be the best one because it leaves such a long lasting impression on me.
Character design is pretty good, but the part I liked is that the characters actually change over the years.
Story is pretty exciting in the beginning, but later on, it turns pretty boring with the Sai arc, that is probably the only reason I gave it a 8
Overall, good I would recommended to people, even for those that don't like go that much.

Posted by : ironstove
Posted on : 2006-09-05        

Ok now don't get me wrong, I'm giving this review to the anime but not the manga.

Story - 1. Pretty much followed the manga throughout and even made the bonus episodes. I'd say through and through, the story was very good BUT!!! the anime failed to resolve anything. After one of the characters vanished, the anime just ended. Basically, the anime just ended about 3/5 into the manga storyline (kinda like Kenshin). This is where the anime gets the bad score; it just kinda dropped dead halfway in and left viewers on edge expecting more episodes only to sadly leave them all dissapointed. I highly recommend reading the manga for anyone that has only watched the series and wants to see how it ends (though I'm not giving the manga's ending a perfect score, it's definetely better than the anime's which has no ending and just suddenly stops for no reason).

Music - 9. This anime has one of the best OST's I've heard. Doesn't fill the CD with a bunch of junk songs just to fill in the space. You'll be satisfied.

Characters - 10. WOW THEY ACTUALLY AGE!!! haha. This anime covers about 3-4 years I believe, and the characters actually age! Wow, when it first starts out Shindo is a cute little boy then as the anime progresses, he slowly grows up into a teenager. I personally didn't notice the change that quickly until I saw the flashback episodes and I was shocked by how the characters had changed without my knowledge; very nicely done! And the personalities are all unique and enjoyable (except certain characters that I thought deserved a punch to the face). They are very well developed but in the anime due to it's abrupt ending, the characters never really reach their ephiphany unlike the manga.

Graphics - 9 very well drawn, this anime had a fairly good budget and the artists worked very hard. It's not the best I've seen, but still up at the top.

Recommended? No. Unless you plan to read the manga where the anime left off after, I don't suggest watching the anime because it will always leave you thinking about what happened, and not in the good way. This anime just stops with no resolution and it's a real dissapointment because the story wasn't all that bad. If the anime had just finished up the series I probably would have given this anime a 8-9ish score.

Posted by : PaperMailJar
Posted on : 2006-08-28        

Ahh, although Go is the well known term, the chinese name of Go is weiqi for those who think this game should be called that. In this anime, you watch someone learning how to play this game.

Hikaru is just beginning middle school, and he's searching his grandpa's attic with one of his friends. After a while, he comes across an ancient Go board. He cleans it off, and finds blood marks on it, but his friend said he was delusional and that she doesn't see anything. Before he knows it, a ghost appears before him. Sai, the ghost, is a master go tutor for a prince from long ago. When he was facing agaisnt a different tutor for his job, his opponent cheated and he lost. He blindly went and drowned himself. Now Hikaru is dragged into the Go world, and he and Sai must search for the Divine Move.

I admit, it's not very interesting to some. However, the anime just makes you want to play go for some reason. I can't explain why. And you are probably thinking, "I read online that a game of Go can take anywhere from ten minutes to two days! I don't want to spend all of the anime watching one game." That is the turn off for many people in this anime.

But it's alright, the anime speeds up the matches, so it's at least one match per episode. Also, to balance it, there is alot of character development, and only half the entire anime is based on the game.

The characters... Hmm, I can't say I can describe them. Hikaru is a bit to self-centered and sometimes ignores Sai's feelings. Touya, his rival, but not really a villian is over-acheiving. The rest are secondary characters, or they don't appear much, so it's hard to judge.

The animation is smooth and crisp, and the sound the Go stones make on the board gives you this feeling of accomplishment, even if you aren't playing. The music fits the child atmosphere in the beginning, and later, it becomes a teeny more serious. It's a great anime overall.

Posted by : animefan13
Posted on : 2006-06-09        

Go?? When people come across this word for a board game, they ask, 'What's go?" that was my my first thought when I came across this title. Go is a board game that chinese people first started except this anime takes place in japan. I think it's pretty interesting how they made Hikaru no Go an anime that you never wanted to stop watching because not that many people are interested in go. I gradually became interested in go just because of this anime and how each episode kept you going.

Shindou Hikaru is the main character of this anime. In the beginning, he's searching through his grandfather's stuff and finds a go board. It's stained with blood that Hikaru can only see. After that, Hikaru hears a voice; Sai's voice. The voice that only Hikaru can only hear. Sai is a ghost that is stuck within the go board his grandfather has.(hikaru can also see Sai too but he's the only one that can see and hear him). Hikaru then takes up go and runs into Touya Akira. As the story goes on, Hikaru becomes a pro and many interesting things happen. I thought they were interesting becuase Hikaru plays so many different people and grows quickly. Hikaru no Go is anime you can't stop watching!!!

I thought the music was awesome!!! Not only did it go with the scenes very well, but I also thought the opening and ending songs were great!!! I would rate the music a 10/10 because of all the wonderful singers and beats.

I also thought the storyline was awesome!!! I would rate it a 8/10. The reason I docked off a few points was because the same thing basically happens. He'll play go, win or lose, and then keep growing.

overall I would rate hikaru no Go 9/10 because of the great music, characters, and interest level it kept you at. I think you should definetly watch this anime because it keeps you at a fair interest level, has good music and characters, and is just an awesome anime to begin with!!!

Posted by : derfman1963
Posted on : 2006-02-03        

Hikaru No Go is an anime about a middle school student name Shindo Hikaru. Hikaru has been possessed by the ghost of a Go master named Sai. Go is a board game that uses two different colored stones on a grid. You capture territory and pieces by surrounding your opponent and blocking off areas of the board. It was quite popular in Japan the first part of last century, but waned a little as of late. This manga and anime actually gave the game a little boost in popularity. It is still very popular in the rest of Asia. The story follows Hikaru as he goes from grudgingly playing the game with Sia directing his every move to his entry into the professional Go world on his own strengths. Along the way he meets many other players both young and old who marvel at his(and Saiís) ability. I found it very interesting because Hikaru does a lot of growing in the story. He gradually becomes enamored with the game, and becomes a formidable player in his own right. It was nice that the author didnít make him invincible. That would be just too boring. This is a drama, but there is a little comedy too. This is one of the best anime of itís time, and genre. Enjoy.

Animation: There is not much action, so the anime depends on setting moods and background to keep your attention. It succeeds in that respect. The special effects for when Sai is playing/watching the game is good at setting the mood and intensity of the game. The characters are well designed and grow as they get older, a plus. None of the characters are over done, and there is only a few SD moments from time to time. Overall good.

Story: This is where it really shines. For a story about a little known game (in the west) to grab your attention says a lot. This is a story of reaching your highest potential. It succeeds very well in that aspect. The characters grow mentally and physically. The rivalry between the main character and his opponents keeps the story gripping. You canít wait for him to face them. Overall Outstanding.

Music: Very good. Appropriate for the genre. Nothing distracting.

Overall: I have to give this show an outstanding. The story is just one of the best Iíve ever watched or read. The animation and music are good enough, though not groundbreaking. A must watch/read.

Posted by : masterdude
Posted on : 2006-01-25        

A perfect score.
Hikaru no Go is definently the best anime I've watched.

The story revolves around this game called Go (that I was also influenced to play by the series for an ewntire year and became 4k or so), a Japanese game (origanally chinese though) that consists of two players taking turns to place stones on a board with the goal of controling the most blank points (territory). Sounds odd? maybe, but it's still a genius game and a brilliant series. In the series the hero, called Hikaru, finds a ghost from a 1000 years ago that wants to play go. And so, their adventuers begin...

The story is based on the pattern of the hero getting stronger in one thing that he's really talented at, not very original but very well put out. The hero passes many clubs and rivals before reaching his ultimate goal, all of them great characters done very well and every single one of them has a unique character that develops with the plot and Hikaru.

The animation isn't ultimate but it's certianly great.
The soundtrack is one the best I've heard, perfect work in that, well chosen songs that go on with the games, you just can't forget the music at the important points of every game or when someone makes a brilliant move. Very remarkable.

Posted by : Aeyious
Posted on : 2006-01-17        

If "anime about japanese chess? what the?" is your first thought, get ready for something unexpected.

This is one of the animes (to me) that is like watching Slam Dunk. It makes you feel like playing basketball and watching Prince Of Tennis makes you feel like playing tennis. And watching Hikaru no Go WILL make you feel like playing chess.

I thought the show is getting boring when Hikaru, with the help of Sai, the master of chess, is always winning, later on. Hikaru now tries to follow Sai's footstep and tries to learn the Ultimate technique, the "Move of God" or "God's Move".

I love the music, and though is not a high graphic and action anime, the storyline makes up for it. Seeing Hikaru's growth is very encouraging. Suitable for most people.

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