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Noein - Mo Hitori no Kimi e

Studio : Satelight

Licenced by : Manga Entertainment

Length : 24 Episodes

Year : 2005

Genre : Action - Romance - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
It was during the spring break of a girl called Haruka, living in Kantachi. One day, Haruka saw at the top of the church's steeple, a man surrounded by snow that shone in blue light. The man's identity is the Dragon Knight, Karasu (Crow), who resides in one of the futures, 15 years from Haruka's time, called "Lacrema Timespace". He is also the adult appearance of Haruka's childhood friend, Yuu.

The world in 15 years, Lacrema Timespace, uses high technology to protect the world of humans against "Shang-ri La Timespace" that resides to destroy all timespace. The result is an ever-expanding war with "Shang-ri La Timespace". However, Lacrema is slowly losing out due to the over-powering attacks of Shang-ri La. The key in stopping Shang-ri La's attacks is "The Dragon Torque". To find its whereabouts, the heads of the Dragon Kinghts sent their Dragon Knight troops, along with Karasu, to the world that was 15 years before.

Haruka's summer holiday when she was 12 years old. Haruka told the depressed Yuu, who was forced to do entrance exams, "If you ever leave home, I'll come with you." In front of the two there, the blue-lit snow fell again and Karasu appeared. A faint light began to appear around Haruka's neck. The stunned Karasu said, "Who was to think that "The Dragon Torque" is...". Can the young girl, Haruka, who holds the key in saving the despaired future, change the future? What are the choices of Yuu and Karasu? The fate that surpass time begins now--.

(Note: Translated from the official site)

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Himitsu
Last update : 2008-07-26
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Score : 8.82 Ranked #50 by users
Number of reviews : 17

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Eufonius - Idea

ED1 : Solua - Yoake no Ashioto

Release(s) :

2013-03-07 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by OMFG. BT Link
2012-11-07 -- Episode(s) 1 by Asenshi. BT Link
2006-08-06 -- Episode(s) 24 by Shinsen-Subs. BT Link

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Character Design
Kishida, Takahiro

 Kaminogi, Haruka Mukai, Miho Tobi Atori Hasebe, Ai Kosagi Fukuro Fujiwara, Isami
 Karasu Gotou, Yuu 

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Posted by : joem20
Posted on : 2010-04-20        

A very deep storyline about how different time dimensions connect with each other. It is not easy to catch up with the story if you miss a single episode of this one. But I enjoyed it because it allows the viewers not just to watch but to think in every scene.

When I first saw it, I thought the animation was outdated, but when the dragon knights appeared and the effects went out, I knew that this was not a typical anime. I like how their faces distort when they go all-out in every fight.

All of them have great character development, and Haruka is just lovely.

The ending and opening song fits the whole anime series, it is mild and you can relax after watching an episode full of thinking.

If you want to see an anime that has a complex story that is enjoyable, this one is for you.

Posted by : Gen3s1s
Posted on : 2008-05-06        

Noein has a nice deep storyline that will seem confusing at first however everything becomes clear somewhere down the line.

The story like i said is confusing at first but it goes deeper and as it goes deeper things become clearer making the story perfect no loose ends and no unanswered questions what so ever.

The characters are unique but most lack depth in terms of development other then that there isn't anything wrong with them. Some you'll like some you'll hate none of them are memorable so they aren't great.

Action is unique thats it really they use cool effects but its not gonna keep you on the edge of your seat or anything.

The animation is incredible its a different art style but what i like about it is that there are loads of effects so it looks great needless to say they can really make things shine in a big way.

The music isn't a strong point in this anime but its not important. Its noticeable at best the OP and ED aren't worth praise never really listened to it, so to sum up the music doesn't really capture any of the emotions displayed and as for OP and ED like i said isn't worth praise.

Noein Has a deep and compelling story to it with amazing animation to go with. It could have improved a lot in some areas but its worth the watch and thats the only way i can put it really.

Posted by : JackBauerInSpace
Posted on : 2008-04-21        

Another show that starts off spectacular but lets annoying cliche's ruin everything. The concept is mind blowing, the idea of parallel universes and alternate selves in an action show! The animation is also great! Sadly the most important part for me are the characters and they are lacking, the worst violation this show makes is the main character, the little girl who has dimensional powers.

I hate it when a show rather than having the main character twist their view point to evolve with the story it does it the other way around. Which is to say the universe reflects the views of the heroine which puts the main character regardless of circumstances as the correct person and always winning. Because of this the path forward is never confusing, there is a clear good and a clear evil. This makes for a boring and expected story, while the multi-dimensional story is unexpected the social and underlying story is as generic as can be and for me they have to both be good.

Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2008-03-19        

This certainly was one strange anime at first, but like most things in life, they start to to grow on you.

I found this very confusing at first. It's one of these shows that explains itself only towards the end (that is, if the viewer has the patience to continue). The story of alternate quantum realities was very intriguing and this coupled with the interaction of the 3 main characters (technically, they were only 2 as Karasu and Yuu ARE the same person) made for a very different show. Different, but original nevertheless and I suspect from viewers, this was perhaps the main reason why Noien has received such good reviews. It definitely receives 2 thumbs up from me!

This show was produced from the unknown studio of Satelight Inc. As a result, it had a very different look to it that most anime fans were unfamiliar with. At times, the animation of the characters seemed bizarre and even 'underdone', but the backgrounds and CGI were extremely colorful and vivid. It would have almost been off-putting for most. Instead, it made the world(s) in Noein all that more wonderful to marvel at. It took guts, but this show managed to pull off this unusual art style brilliantly.

Lovely OP and suitable BGM. Dramatic music matched the action scenes, but what really was great were the more serene moments. This was where the music really came to the fore and reflected the mood of not just a scene, but perhaps of the entire show. Very impressive.

This may not be every fan's cup of tea. Quite rightfully, the animation that was on offer isn't what most are accustomed too. As is the misleading and confusing first few episodes. However, if (like me) you give this little gem a chance, I'm certain you'll eventually find an extremely well crafted and original show that deserves to be seen by a wider audience.

Posted by : Sosuke
Posted on : 2007-11-21        

This anime started off to be really confusing, because I didn't really understand that there were 2 different time spaces concurrently being displayed. And because of the deep past of la'cryma and the present, where, our main characters all come from, this anime was really well carried out.

The characters all have their own unique personality. Haruka is lovable open happy character and with Yuu, a serious warm defending character etc. My favorite character has to be Atori, because during the anime it showed all sides of him, hate, love, warm, sad, even a little crazy, his character was really well played!

The music was also really good, the opening "Idea" I repeated that song for a while and it still hasn't gotten boring. The melody matches with the theme of parallel time spaces... I think!

The video quality of the anime was not as good as I would have liked it to be. The fighting scenes were really bad in my opinion, because when they are fighting, it become sketches, which totally ruins the mood. The anime didn't really have much color to it, and not really solid... seems like more of an old anime. But some of the scenes were well done ~ i really like the place where they were on top of the mountain and looking down at the beautiful night scene !! I wish to go there and have a smoke, would be so chilling... ~

The end was sort of weird... but the whole anime was weird too . But the show had it's own uniqueness which kept me watching until the end !!

I give this an 8 ... would be full marks if the quality of the fights and the color of the anime would be more solid.

Posted by : chamanbuga
Posted on : 2007-09-16        

Noein is an anime about a girl who is regarded as the Dragon Torque. Simply put, she is a vital for the existence and protection of the future, 15 years later. Soldiers named Dragon Knights sole purpose is to capture her and bring her back dead or alive.

Animation: 9 Superb animation with vibrant color schemes and excellent rendering. In some action sequences the anime goes into manga mode, but it does well to show how chaotic these scenes are.

Music: 10 Noein's OST stands in the lines of the Last Exile, Naruto, or Death Note. Not in terms of same type of music, but moreover the level these animes take the music to project the mood of the specific scene.

Story: 9 Difficult for the average Joe to understand. Since I have taken a few Quantum Mechanics courses it was not really a challenge for me. Nevertheless, through the course of this anime, the story is well explained and well built.

Characters: 10 Along with Music this is the strong point of this anime. Each character is built sufficiently enough to care for and for the viewer to develop a relationship/sympathy for. This anime leaves you with sympathetic emotions for nearly every single character. Moreover, there isn't really a "bad guy" feeling left for any character. Character development parallels that of Death Note.

Overall: 9.5 A must watch if you have nothing to watch these days or are just waiting for the next episode of Bleach, Naruto, Claymore, or Kaze no Stigma to come out. However it is necessary to watch the anime back to back rather than putting long breaks in the middle of each episode. The viewer can get lost and confused if they don't remember the exact workings of each episode.

Posted by : crazy3jackal08
Posted on : 2007-09-14        

This anime sure got me by surprise because I had this series sitting in my closet for months. The only reason why I watched it was because my friend nagged me too.

The first 5 minutes or so will definitely catch your eyes, watch and see. It leaves a lot of questions to be answered, which are revealed as the story progresses, which is a good quality in a great series.

The action is on another level that I haven't quite seen elsewhere, not sure what I can compare it too. Interesting ideas brought to light within the series with cross dimensions.

If you read between the lines, There are some parts that give a deeper meaning in life, saying how there are so many paths we could take depending on our own determination and all that great stuff. And it shows how people can truly define the term "Survival of the fittest"

This is a series I would definitely say is worth looking into. Its gets a bit complicated later in the story so really pay attention or you'll get lost in the loop.

Posted by : DUDU-sama
Posted on : 2007-09-01        

Ok, I'm writing this because a friend pesters me too…

Noein is really an underdog anime. Though it's wasn’t really a hit like titles like One Piece and Eureka Seven, Noein is pretty enjoyable on many levels.

First is the depth of the solid plot. There's a lot of explaining in the story, but that is to make you understand the whole structure of the story itself. There's a lot of twists in the plot unlike most anime out there, and in the end everything really fits together nicely in the great ending.

The style of the animation isn't very common, unlike those usual large eye and moe drawing styles, but it's unique in a sense. The character design are more closer to the real human proportions, I suppose that is a attraction to the series by itself.

I didn’t really like the music, due to it's moody nature. But you have to admit that it feels quite different from the usual kind of songs that you hear, and the dark theme does suit the genre of the anime well… it bit of mystery feeling.

I feel that this is a really underrated anime… hardcore anime watchers, or some who crave for some different kind of action/mystery anime, you definitely should give it a try.

Posted by : Melancoholic
Posted on : 2007-08-04        

I have a bad tendency to only review anime that I have really enjoyed. It's not good because, if everyone did that, then every single anime would only ever get high scores. Even the really bad ones, simply because somebody, somewhere is bound to like it. So I've decided I'm going to do something to rectify this and start giving bad reviews for anime I didn't like... after I've reviewed Noein, that is...

Okay, okay, so I've given this 90%. But that's not just because I'm a fanboy, it really does deserve that score and I'll tell you why: the story involves quantum physics. That's not a recommendation in itself, but if you're looking for something which tries to be a little different from the multitude of cut and paste anime representing their various genres, then this is definitely for you. In fact, you should watch this even if you aren't searching for something a little bit different. You see, it's not just the fact that Noein takes an engagingly complex and controversial branch of physics and attempts to marry it with a charming and clever story that makes it deserve your love, it's the fact that it succeeds with such aplomb! The fact that so few people seem to know about Noein is nothing short of criminal...

The vibrancy of the world(s) created is a real achievement and its characters stand up well within it. The animation is innovative and instantly recognizable, again doing things that a normal anime wouldn't even attempt. The story, as has been mentioned, is charming and nips along at a pace that never lets you get bored, even when it's giving you a short lesson on the intricacies of quantum physics. Of course, said science stuff is fascinating, but, really, you don't have to understand it all to enjoy this brilliant series.

All that's not to say the anime is perfect. It has its flaws, for example, sometimes the animation suffers (often under the cloak of being 'innovative' which isn't always genuine, though admittedly works more often than not), I felt the story lost some of its impetus towards the end (mainly with the jump to Shangri-la), and I was never a fan of the OP or the ED. The BGMs on the other hand were definitely one of the (many) strong points of this anime. I now have the soundtrack and listen to it pretty regularly because its so evocative.

So, in conclusion, I can highly recommend this to you if you want something a little more taxing, mentally, if you want something different from the majority of anime out there, or simply if you want a rollicking sci-fi adventure. Watch this and I'd say the majority of you won't be disappointed. Oh, and spread the Noein word.

Animation: 9 - It has moments where the quality drops, but then so do virtually all series. Overall, spectacular and innovative.

Character: 8 - Solid and charming characters, above average, but not out of this world

Story: 9 - A great sci-fi yarn full of complexity and interest.

Music: 9 - Even if you don't like the OP and ED, the BGMs are outstanding, hence the score I've given this one.

Overall: 9 - WATCH IT NOW!

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2006-10-07        

This anime is... wow. From the number of series I've watched at the same time, I haven't seen a great work like this in a while now.

Like the Gundam Seed series, this anime is able to perfectly blend the romance and action together in the story. I got addicted to it soon after the fist few episdoes and it just keeps you glued to it.

Plot: 10
A very original storyline, although it keeps reminding me of Serial Experiments Lain, although this isnt a horror. As the story starts to twist you'll see how in-depth the plot is. A really good ending.

Story: 9
Character design is done extremly well in terms of showing the individual's own personality and moods, as well as their own past and furtures. Unique to this series, it also shows their "counterparts".

One thing I do not like about this series is the slow tempo. The story actually isnt all the complicated, but it reveals pretty slowly. But it isnt so bad is the tempo is pretty much constant unlike GS which became really slow around the second half to have a rushed ending.

Animation: 8
I've seen much special effects created in many series and actually, the ones in this anime isnt all that special. While most of the series are pretty well drawn, some parts are not done well, example the possible furture of the gang, and the childhood of Haruka and Aoi.

I suppose the sub-standard of some scene (like the showdown between Fukurou(Owl) and Karasu(Crow) and the scene of Karasu being devoured by Noein) are meant to be that way to maximise the intensity of the scene. If I call this a special effect, it is really unique and creative, not mentioning really well used.

Music and Sounds: 10
Special effects sounds are perfect, and the character voice acting sounds really nice and cute espiecally for Haruka. The music is totally superb, but I think I heard something similar somewhere before.

Overall: 9
Sadly this underdog anime isnt able to get much attention due to some reason (it wasnt able be to aired in japan or anywhere else?). Well it wasnt able to make it to the top lists on this site either due to lack of viewers and comments. I would recomend everyone to watch this.

I do hope this anime will reach 10 review so as the stand in the same league as some of the best ones out there.

Posted by : Faebinder
Posted on : 2006-03-16        

Wow such a good anime, alas it has some stereotypicallity in it... details.

Art: 9/10. Excellent artwork, way above average especially in the quantum fight scenes with detailed motion of bodies. The scenery and background was average though.. however that does earn it a high score in my sheet.

Music: 7/10. I am not too sure about how good is the music. The opening was average and the ending was average at best. Intraepisode didnt add much to it either.

Story: 9/10. Great story to be honest and very imaginative. The time effect on other time is very very consistent and everything matches well. No fillers but there are still a few boring phases.. like 2 or 3.

Character Design: 7/10. I don't know why we always get typical characters in anime but the heroine is very very typical girl with power to save the world but doesn't know how to use it... it's like scrapped princess or witch hunter robin. The other kids are pretty typical with their personalities so in terms of character grows and deepness I think this anime rated low.

Overall... great show to watch... you will not regret it despite all negatives.

Posted by : Izzile
Posted on : 2006-03-14        

This is the best anime series out of those I've been watching recently. After watching the first five-ten minutes, it looks to be another run-of-the-mill "superpowered dude is gonna save the day" show. We're treated with some nifty CG machines pounded on by flying people shooting energy balls. Woohoo. Sounds like more stupid DBZ action.

However, I gave the show and chance and continued watching, and was happily surprised. This series is going to be a great addition to my collection. It is still showing in Japan and is 23 episodes long.

A young girl, Haruka, and her friends discover that beings from another universe/timespace are looking for the "dragon torque." She meets one of them named Karasu, who turns out to be her good friend Yuu, but 15 years in the future. Apparently, this "dragon torque" has the power to save all timespaces/the universes, but its true meaning has yet to be fleshed out. Haruka's other friends play a large part in the future world as well.

Strong characterizations for the most part. The main characters, Haruka, Yuu, and Karasu, are given complex personalities, and we get to see their struggles in their particular situations. The other characters aren't explored fully, but that is due to a lack of screen time.

Oh my. The OST rocks. Dramatic, depressing, and cheerful music rolled into one package. WHEE!
The voice-acting is well done as well, although...gosh Miho gets on my nerves.

Awesome visuals and amazing fight scenes. Some of the fights were animated differently that others, giving each one a personal touch.

Oh gosh. What can I say? An amazing series so far. I just hope the conclusion lives up to the rest of the series.


Posted by : Jblackshear
Posted on : 2006-01-15        

Noein is one of the best anime available for download. To be honest, I have never quite seen anything like it. Balancing fine drama and action, it seems to bring both of these worlds together. While parts of it may ring familar to experienced anime viewers, in my eyes it is fresh and original.

Animation is excellent, the makers make excellent use of CGI. I often find myself noticing minor objects that are smoothed over. Most anime don't bother with this in depth detail, but Noein does.

Each character is well cast, and they develop as the anime continues. The questions started in episode one are answered as the series continues. Nothing is immediately forced on the watcher. As they continue keeping up with the episodes, more and more becomes clear as the questions are slowly answered.

The music fits the mood perfectly. When episode one first came out, I found myself watching the 'action' scene over and over to hear more of the track.

A great anime with awesome potential!

At this review, we are at episode twelve.

Posted by : Tetsujin
Posted on : 2006-01-12        

Noein is quickly becoming my favorite anime of all time. Initially the most striking thing one will notice is the very unconventional and interesting art style. If nothing else, it will convey to the viewer that they are watching somthing very unique. This quality goes much deeper than the drawings as well. Every aspect of "Noein" is refreshingly different than anything I have seen before. From the story to the character interactions to the music, everything is amazing and fits perfectly together as a single whole. Perhaps the thing I enjoy most about "Noein" is having no idea what direction the story is going to go in and then being refreshingly surprised when it arrives. "Noein" will forever be a classic in all timespaces.

Posted by : mj31382
Posted on : 2005-12-28        

Superb... is all I can say.

At first, I watched this anime just for fun. However, after watching the first episode, I was totally amazed by the artwork, storyline and design.

The story is simply splendid. Haruka (the Dragon's Torque???) was brought to the future, 15 years later by Karasu, her old childhood friend to save Shangri-La's invasion. The storyline, at this point is quite confusing but little by little the truth will be revealed at the incoming episode.

The animation is so lively, and the way of the story twist gives me such curiosity as well as eagerness to continue watching.

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