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Alternate title : To Heart 2

Studio : Oriental Light and Magic (OLM)

Length : 13 Episodes

Year : 2005

Genre : Romance - Slice of Life

Synopsis :
This is a peaceful anime about high school life, friendship, and love. Takaaki is a typical guy who spends his days with his childhood friends Konomi and Tamaki. During the spring of season, he discovers other girls of the school that possess unique personalities and they become friends.

Note: Based on dating game of the same title.

Other Notes: The story is not the same as the original "To Heart". The only similarity is that it takes place at the same school.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Himitsu
Last update : 2009-06-14
Last update details : Seiyuu modified
Score : 5.2
Number of reviews : 5

Link(s) :

Official #1 : AquaPlus' ToHeart2 Website (Japanese)
Official #2 : Official ToHeart2 Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Hello

ED1 : Tomoshibi

Release(s) :

2007-09-15 -- Episode(s) 2 by Tatertotz. BT Link
2006-12-15 -- Episode(s) 11 by Shinsen-Subs. BT Link
2006-09-10 -- Episode(s) 13 by Avalon & Aquastar Anime. BT Link

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Seiyuu [View Complete Seiyuu Data]

Nakase, Rika

Character Design
Nishio, Kouhaku

Series Composition
Yamaguchi, Hiroshi

Color Design
Ootsuki, Kouji

 Kono, Takaaki Yuzuhara, Konomi Kousaka, Tamaki Sasamori, Karin Himeyuri, Sango Himeyuri, Ruri Tonami, Yuma Misora, Lucy
 Komaki, Manaka Kusakabe, Yuki Kusugawa, Sasara Kousaka, Yuji HMX-17a, Ilfa

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Posted by : spamiam
Posted on : 2008-01-22        

To Heart 2 is a pointless slice of life harem without the fan service just like To Heart 1. The animation and music is well done especially the character design. There’s nothing memorable about the background music. Everything about this series has a To Heart feel to it (lack of plot, girls, and nice protagonist).

The story revolves around Takaaki and his day to day school life with various girls. The show had an interesting selection of girls ranging from super plain, sibling-like, to robots and aliens. No true love relationship develops as the Takaaki keeps everything mutual with all the girls. It’s something to watch when you have nothing better to watch. If you like To Heart 1 then go for it.

Posted by : Kyo250
Posted on : 2007-03-06        

This is like the name may sound like a romance anime.

This is a pretty short anime and the content is not unusual in its genre.
If one have seen other anime which are in the same type as this one, this wont be a revolution. The plot is simple: a boy in high school with a lot of girls who like him around him. Not so special.
The special thing is how the story is told. The story is created in a way that makes these episodes to keep one watching. The first day starts for a watcher in the first episode and then one can't leave it till the end.
A good thing in this anime is that it doesn't contain to much erotic parts like panties or nudity. Thats a big bonus. More energy is concentrated at the relationships between the main hero and the heroines.
The big and only question this anime makes that keep you through it all is who will the boy choose to spend the most time with? That is a very important and hard question to make. Will the viewers like the actions and decisions of the boy or not? It is up to the ones watching.

Posted by : ch3wyboi
Posted on : 2007-02-27        

I was particularly disappointed in this anime.... i felt that i wasted much of my time watching it. Takaki is a typical boy in anime... there are the perverted sick guys in anime who look up girls skirts and stuff, then there are the down to earth guys then there are the incredible nice nice guys that forgive etc etc, that's to name a few of the types: perverted, nice nice, and down to earth.

Takaki is the nice nice guy that everyone loves... which can get cliche and repetitive at times. Character wise there were some that annoyed the hell outa me, espeically Karin who blackmailed Takaki all the time and what was with Ruuko being an alien....

As I said before it was disappointing.... where the original To Heart 2 pulled at the heart strings, by comparison the To Heart 2 anime story was lack lustre and lifeless.

Don't waste your precious anime watching time with this one... trust me you'll thank me for it. 2/10 for effort.

Posted by : Yuun
Posted on : 2006-08-05        

Ahh… the next generation of the good old To Heart (TH) series. More Pink Sailor School Uniforms ^^ Banzai!! Ahem… well for a Die Hard fan of To Heart series like me… all I can say is that To Heart 2 (TH2) comes with same atmosphere with it’s predecessor and it doesn’t really defer much from TH. Though the story is as boring as always and pretty much talks about an everyday school life for our hero and heroine. Since this is a simple and easy to digest anime, there’s no impact nor drive to attract the viewers.

Sure TH2 got cute girls but they don’t really stand out much compare to other anime like Da Capo which obviously score more hearts then the TH series ever does. Drama and Romance is what TH2 categorize as but TH2 is lacking a lot in the genre. Although I could give some credit to our new Hero and heroine but lacking of proper and necessary development is killing the score for these series.

The opening theme was really nice, fitting with it’s predecessor To Heart and To Heart ~Remember My Memories~ was very nice, sweet, soft, and pleasant to my ear. Slow pace songs which have been the theme for To Heart have been my favorites for many years.

Since TH2 gives me the same feeling of watching TH, I would say is pretty much the same and TH2 is a so-so series. Seriously not suit most audience out there and I only recommend these series to those who wanted something for a change or someone who actually like To Heart like me.

TH2 could have been a much better production as it has much better potential then TH but then again, perhaps it might be for the best since I was quite satisfy with the series and hoping for the 2nd season of TH2.

Henceforth, a 6 out of 10!!

Posted by : lockyterra
Posted on : 2005-12-24        

To Heart 2 basically follows the format of the original To Anime series. Each episode, a new girl will pop up and the main character talks with them... alot. If you're a fan of the original To Heart, then this might interest you. I've only seen 4 episodes up til now and it is not impressing me. Not as emotional as To Heart ~Remember my Memories~ nor is it as engaging as To Heart. The characterization is too typical, nice quite guy with a (kinda) rude friend, shy little sister person and a big bossy bigger sister.
Not impressed with the series, but it might get better, but right now, it's pretty low in my books

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