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Paradise Kiss

Studio : Madhouse Studios

Licenced by : Geneon Entertainment (USA)

Length : 12 Episodes

Year : 2005

Genre : Shoujo - Romance - Drama - Comedy

Synopsis :
Yukari is a normal high school girl. She listens to her parents, she attends cram school, so she can get on a good university, she has someone she (secretly) likes. She`s 18.

Then one day she is walking in the street, when a guy approaches her. He is a bit "different" and scares Yukari, who tries to run away from him. She looses her conscience and awakens in an unknown place. She is explained that it`s an atlier, where a group of young fashion students are making clothes for their new designer brand - Paradise Kiss. And the guy "chasing" her actually wanted to ask her to be their model. There are four of them Isabella, Arashi, Miwako and George, the leader. They seem a bit eccentric and Yukari doesn`t want to assosiate with them at first, but they`re not giving up and soon Yukari realizes they're actually nice people and they`re passionate about what they do. As Yukari starts to spend time with them and watches them, she begins to realize there is something wrong with her life. She hasn`t been enjoying it at all. It is time for a few changes.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Vilincica
Last update : 2008-03-04
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Score : 8.93 Ranked #37 by users
Number of reviews : 30

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Aniplex's Paradise Kiss Website (japanese)
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Official #3 : Official ParaKiss Website (japanese)
Official #4 : Shodensha's Paradise Kiss Website (japanese)

A-Source #1 : In-depth Review by Strongbad87

Song(s) :

OP1 : Tommy February6 - ♥Lonely in Gorgeous♥

ED1 : Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To

Release(s) :

2007-01-16 -- Episode(s) 12 by AnimeForever. BT Link
2006-09-30 -- Episode(s) 11 by AnimeForever. BT Link
2006-06-26 -- Episode(s) 10 by Froth-Bite & AnimeForever. BT Link

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Original Work
Yazawa, Ai

 Hayasaka, Yukari (Caroline) Koizumi, Jouji (George) Sakurada, Miwako Nagase, Arashi Tokumori, Hiroyuki Isabella

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Posted by : Kirangelo
Posted on : 2010-02-08        

Story: 8/10. Paradise Kiss has a very engrossing and original slice of life story that you don't see everyday. The story is about a brilliant high school girl named Yukari with no direction in life or what she wants to do for a living. Then a series of events occurs that leads her to becoming involved with a fashion show. The storyline immediately pulled me in because there aren't many animes that are centered around fashion, so this one really excited me. 12 episodes is very short for an anime this ambitious, so I felt like the pacing was a little fast, with several underdeveloped subplots and some rushed scenes and events.

Characters: 6/10. The main character, Yukari, had a terribly underdeveloped progression throughout the anime. She did develop and mature into a woman throughout the procession, but the way it was told and the pacing was so out of place and inconsistent that I never felt like I truly believed in her character. I also found her to be very petulant, snobby, rude and generally very unlikeable. The characters of Parakiss, George, Miwako, Arashi and Isabella were all unique and usually delightful whenever they had screen time. The main romance between George and Yukari was also terribly underdeveloped. The pacing was too fast and the romance felt too rushed because I guess the producers were trying to cram as much in as possible. I didn't believe it at all. It's an "I-love-him" after one day type of thing, which isn't very realistic. There is also a love triangle between Miwako, Arashi, and Tokumori, which was also rushed. The anime is overly ambitious for its 12 episodes, and that is its ultimate downfall because none of the subplots and romances have time to flourish or develop into something believable and likeable.

Graphics/Animation: 9/10. The graphics in Paradise Kiss are so beautiful to look at, it's breathtaking at times. However, it is bogged down by the horrible animation. And I'm not kidding, sometimes the animation just makes me uncomfortable to watch the anime. Scenes are very choppy and not fluent when I feel they should be to match the beautiful graphics. The transition between scenes is very original and a fun, quirky thing to see. Now, the fashion...oh! The fashion! The fashion is so beautifully detailed and designed, it's the strongest part of the entire anime. If not to see the anime for anything else, watch it at least for the fashion, because it is just breathtakingly rewarding. All the clothes are so colorful and creative that it made me want to join George's school.

Music: 9.5/10. I absolutely loved the beginning theme song, Lonely in Gorgeous. It perfectly suited the anime and it was a very, very catchy tune. The ending theme song was also very fun and a good dance tune. However, the anime really has no BGM whatsoever, which I find a little odd. In most scenes when characters are not talking, it's just pure silence. It's not that noticeable and isn't really that big of a deal, but I feel like I would've enjoyed it better had there been background music.

Enjoyability: 6/10. I really wanted to like Paradise Kiss a lot, I did. All the components of a good anime are there, but the biggest problem is the pacing and the way the character development is told. It's boring and cheesy a lot of times, even though the intentions are good. The anime had a strong plot, but lacks good storytelling, which is its ultimate downfall. I didn't like the main protagonist, Yukari, and I felt for a romance anime, the romance was terribly underdeveloped. Really, it was all about the clothes. It starts to pick up towards the ending, but that can't make up for the episodes before it. Even for 12 episodes, I felt that was too long for how bored I was at times.

Overall: 7.7

If for nothing else, watch Paradise Kiss for the gorgeous fashion.

Posted by : Veld
Posted on : 2009-07-31        

A very enthralling story that got me instantly interested and kept me watching.

The Good:

There are some very unique things about this anime. The animation is quite good, but what I thought was really cool was the angles of view that the artist took. When you see a single scene switch from different angles you hear the characters talk like you would hear them from that location. This style made the anime very interesting and struck me as unique and very artful.

Animation: The animation, was quite good. Not the best that I have seen but pretty close. The appearance and movement of every single scene had to be very carefully done to pull a fashion anime like this one together and it definitely accomplished this quite well.

Characters: The characters are generally pretty followable. They are fairly real, and have enough flaws and strengths to make them well balanced.

Music: I loved the opening and ending. The music throughout the anime was also solid. The ending has been stuck in my head for at least two weeks and I still love the song.

Plot: The plot is very followable, and quite believable. Especially for the first section of the plot, the movement is good and the characters and their relationships really bring me in.

The Bad:

Plot: I really feel that the plot was really good, but they ran out of time to make more episodes. There definitely needed to be more. The entire show was good, except for the last episode when it summarized the rest of the progression of the plot without showing it at all. I know it might not have been as enthralling as the earlier plot, but I still feel like I'm missing out and there is something that should happen. Even though it resolves, it resolves too quick and even one more episode to summarize what happened would have been much much better than thirty seconds of narration.

One other thing that bugged me was when the characters would occasionally turn sort of into kindergarten animations for a few seconds. It didn't happen much, so it didn't bug me, but it seemed like it didn't really fit too much. It was cool for the opening and ending sequences, but it didn't really fit in the show.


With the exception of the plot at the end of the show, I really liked it. It would have been an 8.5 or 9 really, but the hole in the plot progression really knocked it down a notch. Because of the ending I really feel like it's more like a 7.5 or 8.

Posted by : kaisap112
Posted on : 2009-01-30        

Paradise Kiss (or ParaKiss) is an anime about two things: learning what's important in life and fashion. It has to be pointed out though that the show might be more suitable for teenage girls (around ages 13-18) than little kids.

Story: 7/10

The storyline is pretty predictable: a "nerd" (Yukari) is pulled into the world of fashion, she becomes a beautiful model, runs from home and falls in love with the head designer (George) while finally finding out what she really wants from her life. We also follow the lives of the other designers and their relationships. Of course there is also one whole sex scene (nothing too graphic), which feels like it was put in there solely to provide fanservice. If you're into cheesy storylines, relationships, and Cinderella, go for ParaKiss.

Characters: 8/10

Since Yukari's the main character, I'll start with her. This typical female high school student isn't all that surprising, but I'm more than grateful that she didn't become one of those "oh I love you so much!!!" or "OMG I'm gonna be a supermodel!" type of girls. She has a bit of a temper, but she's not an annoying character. In fact, over the course of the series she'll be quite likeable.

George, the head designer. He has a strong resemblance to Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club: both kind of over-do it. He is a genius when it comes to clothes, but you wouldn't want to marry the guy.

Arashi is the "punk man," although he seems to be kind of an outsider in the design team. Miwako is his girlfriend, the "cutie" that has to be included in most animes. The Japanese voice actress can get on your nerves after a while, but otherwise, as stereotypic as she is, Miwako is an all right character. I personally wanted to see more of Isabella, the transsexual with loads of money and inheritance, but it seems like he was just a "gay side character." A bummer; he could've brought more depth into the series.

Music: 7/10

The opening song "Lonely in Gorgeous" can get stuck in your head, but in a good way. A song with such a retro sound to it fits this anime very well. The ending though, Franz Ferdinand's hit single "Do You Want To," was put into the wrong series. You'll want to skip the ending after the first beats.

Otherwise, ParaKiss doesn't have a catchy soundtrack. You either completely miss any background music, or then you'll forget it by the start of the next scene.

The Fashion: 10/10

The clothes in ParaKiss are incredible. Starting from the first episode you'll see more and more beautiful clothes and especially Yukari's dress in the last episode is worth a lot of dreamy sighs and glances. Besides NANA, this is a great anime for all those who want to see fashion in anime at its finest. In the end, fashion is the thing that saves ParaKiss from being just another anime out there: it's like a glamorous frosting on a sweet cake that covers the burned bits here and there. It'll make you want more and more.

Overall: 9/10

Paradise Kiss is an above average anime. If you like the show, you'll most likely return to it many times. All the fashion, photo shoots, and shows will make you want to start making your own fashion designs and clothes. The story can be a little weak and predictable, but it looks very stylish with a gorgeous outfit. ParaKiss is beautiful, in style and capturing. If nothing else, it beats all the top model programs out there!

Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2008-07-27        

ParaKiss for me falls into a very unique catagory. Its a show that the first time I tried to watch it, I couldn't. I watched the first 2 episodes, and then couldn't stand any more. I ended up skipping to the end to see how things turned out. And yet, this was a show I simply could not walk away from. The music, and the characters captured me. I kept telling myself to either watch it, or delete it off my hard drive, but I kept putting it off. Occasionally pulling up the first episode again, and just watching the OP, before moving on to something else again. I finally got around to giving this show another chance.

I knew it was a unique show from its odd opening, but the OP and the ED both captured me. They are among my favorites of all time, not just for Shoujo type stories, but in all anime. To me they both stand out as being among the best. The story for Parakiss however didn't grab me like the music did. It was good, but especially at the beginning, several of the characters, and their expressed attitudes seriously annoyed me. It was only upon giving them another chance that I started to enjoy the story, and through it, started to care about the various characters.

This is not a show for children. While the characters portrayed are fairly young, the main girl Yukari is just 18, still she and other characters are involved in real relationships, opening talking and having sex. While there isn't any nudity in this show, nor for that matter really any fanservice apart from a brief moment when George is shown pulling off Yukari's clothes, exposing her panties. Even still, the subject matter is for an older crowd.

The story is about growing up, and making the choice of what to do with your life. Yukari, who has studied all her life, and is being pushed to go to college, realizes after meeting George and the rest of his group, that its not really what she wants to do with her life. Instead, after a bit of exposure to the Parakiss group, she realizes she wants to become a model. But the story is deeper then just Yukari's choice, rather it involves the supporting characters as well. Their lives and dreams. Miwako in particular was enjoyable to watch, everytime she was onscreen.

All was not outstanding though. I can't write this review without saying what bothered me about this story. The weirdest thing about it was the odd animation at the beginning of the story. The bugs, and stuff. I don't know if thats a carryover from the manga, but it was an unnecessary and pointless distraction. The other thing I didn't like was the flower transitions they used between scenes. Basically just minor stuff. Some might argue about the ending, but I thought it was good.

Overall I really enjoyed this series. Having watched the whole thing, I look back and wonder at how shallow I was. What was I thinking to not give this show a chance. This is one show I strongly recommend, not just to fans of shoujo, but to everyone. While its not a show I would watch with my parents, its one I'd talk to my friends about.

Posted by : xxscrimagexx
Posted on : 2008-02-24        

I started to watch this anime because I was bored of WOW. Good thing I did because this anime is very good and unique in all of its ways. The fact that it made me think about life in a different way means something to me and I shall rate it like I always do.

Characters: 10- Each one of them contributed to the story and made this series spectacular. The developement and the movement between these characters were like weaving of clothes. It was magnificent to see them interact and support each other. Whether they were bickering, shouting, helping, or just playing around with each other, it was a work of magic.

Music: 9- This is the only 9 in this whole review. The starting and opening were very good, some of the best from animes I've seen so far. However the lacking was the BGM. The BGM was a big rigid, and wasn't flexible. It was too monotonous, and stayed like that even when the mood and the themes of the story changes. But it was still great music overall.

Story: 10- Where is the 11 or 12 stars? ParaKiss has to deserve something more than a mere 10. I can't just describe this story as a beginning--middle--end because each segment itself has many branches and intersections that will amaze you. The plot was perfect. Not wanting to give too much away--a girl tries to find herself amongst the people in the world and a group of people from Parakiss helps her realizes her dreams-- a ordinary plot likes this develops into something extraordinary. This story was perfect and very good to coming-of-age category.

Animation: 10- The unique part of the anime has to be its animation. Unlike most cheap and underdeveloped animes who doesn't pay its attentions to details, this anime does, and balances the details with the casual parts. And unlike animes that pays way too much detail (Maria-sama ga Miteru, although I still love you guys go Lililicious), this anime uses the casuals and the details to blend. The most fascinating part of this anime if the facial expressions of the characters. It is constantly changing, but consistent. It is radical and unpredictable but always attention grabbing.

Overall: 10- With all those comments from above, how can this anime not receive a 10? A story with the power to change your way of thinking of life is something to be watched. Each episodes' unique will grab you and eventually you'll be craving for more after just like 1 or 2 episodes. A must watch for all anime viewers out there

Posted by : lilaznmans
Posted on : 2007-11-01        

I have no idea why I started watching this, but I am glad I did. This is one of the best romance animes I have seen. Even though it's a shoujo I still like it. The main character, Yukari, is a care-free type girl who changes as the story progresses.

Characters 9/10
The characters were almost unoriginal, but with a twist. The main character has a crush on the smartest guy in school, but after being abducted, she falls for someone else. The rest of the characters are perfect in my opinion.

Story 9.5/10
The story is about fashion and design so you might not think there is a good story line, but I was quite surprised by how well done the story is. The characters become more dynamic as the story moves.

Animation 11/10
If you think the characters look a little funny or drawn bad, then your half right. The characters didn't catch my attention in this anime, but the background was. If people didn't notice the background looked like an art piece all the time, or it was actually painted which i think it was.

Music 7/ 10
I wasn't really paying attention to the ending or opening, but I usually listen to the in-anime music and it is pretty good, but I cant say it was great. I usually don't include the music to overall rating unless it was good enough to remember.

Overall 10/10
I don't think 11/10 is allowed, but I thought the animation was that great. Story is good and Character development is great. Definitely recommended.

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2007-03-28        

Paradise Kiss. Well, this one’s gonna be memorable.

For a shoujo genre anime, it’s as "shoujo" as it can get. It deals with the life of the girl protagonist, who has a very strong personality that is brought out in the series, but still faces her own teen girl love problems and stuff. And the very strong personality that is brought out, not just the girl’s is probably why this anime is so attractive; for some people, that is.
You’ll see why. It doesn’t really contain mature stuff, but you’ll be amazed by the characters; their personality, their maturity and their individuality. It doesn’t have to bring back old stories, memories or what to show the audience that each character have very different style; very individualized styles. None of the other anime have done something like this before (except maybe for Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu).

That is the main characteristic of Paradise Kiss. It’s story was great to, but sadly, it’s not to my liking.


It’s actually pretty short, but a lot of character development has taken place throughout the series. The main plot of the story isn’t the focus of the anime, rather how it was brought out. And you can say it’s a great ending to the story.

Sadly, there are many parts I didn’t like; the development, however suspenseful or cool, seemed boring for me. And the ending too, it’s too… well, you can use emotional, but not that kind for me. Don’t be mistaken though; these two parts contribute to the perfect shoujo anime, but it’s not for me.


Great by far, if you’ve watch quite a number of dramas (not really anime) you’ll see that the drama development is really top notch. Well, I won’t say it look really professional, but really creative and that is professional. (In it’s own way, that is.)

Like I’ve said many times, its main attraction is the powerful personality that is brought out in the characters, particularly the two main characters. You gotta watch to find out why.


I can’t say the animation is fantastic, but it’s creative. Use if real life pictures, some chibi-fied moment of the characters, and very detailed background. The main part of the animation, the dresses they designed, didn’t really seemed all that nice. What’s more, many time the mouth movements to the voice don’t sync.

Music and Sounds…

Great voices from the main characters. No real impressive BGMs though, but the opening and ending songs are great (the ending is a English song), and when they are paired with their respective opening/ending scene, it looks awesome.

Memorable… Why? It’s because I’ve never really remember an anime with such powerful impressions, not just the characters, but also the opening & ending songs, and the drama development. The plot however, is definitely not for me, which in the end, I didn’t really enjoy the series. However if you liked the shoujo anime, you must give this a try.

Posted by : Budak
Posted on : 2007-01-20        

Music : Such a Great Song For a Great movie . i like the song when get nervous and the best part of the music is the Opening Theme . (7/10)

Characters : George the not-understanable guy is a great fashion designer in this anime (well this anime put's many about fashion and give's me idea on making new type of Decorations!) . Yukari the girl who loves george i SALUTE you for being so loyal ! . (9/10)

Storyline : this story make me feel calm when i watch it and give me conspiring to make more idea on my work. About love and fashion fiesta~!.The best part is when george make new design!. (8/10)

Animation : The animation is suitable with the situation like when yukari is mad at george and when they are making 'LOVE' . well the blush effect are good! i also blush if in that situation. (10/10)

Overall : Well i always be remembering this story cause it's so touching that i can cry . I love when they Cry, Mad, Blush, or making 'Love' it's kinda touching . (9/10)

Posted by : hatefulguts
Posted on : 2006-11-13        

Animation: Yes, yes, animation is not Paradise Kiss's strong point, one doesn't have to know anime very well to know that. I didn't personally like that CGI was used for George's car, although it wasn't done badly, and the movement of the characters got jerky at times. There were some scenes which were beautifully done, but if a show has good scenes, why didn't they do the bad ones better? Also, the scene breakers, while cute, where annoying. I was definitely not a fan of the rustling noises I heard whenever a bunch of warped stuffies or tacky spinning flowers crossed the screen. 6/10

Artwork: Most of the time, the artwork was gorgeous. For the most part the features were all in the right places, and the designs for the clothing were...well, I wouldn't wear them personally, but I would fantasize about being able to wear them and still look good. The thing that annoyed me was the 'chibi' characters. They tended to remind me of Pinnochio, whatwith the long noses and tiny eyes. 9/10

Storyline: Well, as storylines go, Paradise Kiss's was pretty good. I don't necessarily agree with strongbad87's indepth review, that I would "feel cool" watching it. Paradise Kiss may not give me the geeky feeling I get from watching the Yu-Gi-Oh! dub on Saturday morning, but chic is not the vibe I get. When I heard chic, I honestly was expecting the entire show to be about a model on the runway. Other than that, I found Paradise Kiss to be inspiring. The storyline, while it wasn't necessarily controversial, made me feel like I was watching an anime that touched on controversial topics. 9/10

Characters/Design: Well, since Paradise Kiss IS a heavily fashion-based anime, it'd be correct to assume that the characters were designed well. But, of course, they all have more to them than meets the eye; Yukari doesn't have a goal in life, eventually rebells against her mom, and my impression of her is, instead of her having a stalwart personality and being a strong woman, that she does whatever George tells her to do. George is more caring than he lets on to anyone (I half expected there to be a huge conflict over some of the things he said!), and Miwako, instead of being comic relief, turns out to be a deep character. (Arashi...well, he pretty much is what he sounds like. He's very brash, although sensitive.) 9/10

Music: There's not too much background music in Paradise Kiss, but what is there is good. My favorite part of the music is when Arashi is singing. It's one of the funniest parts of the series!! Also, the opening theme, Lonely in Gorgeous, IS gorgeous. I have that song on repeat, it's so good. As for the ending...that must be the most trendy part of the show. Franz Ferdinand. I don't really like the song, but the way it cuts in at the end really adds to the episode. 8/10

I can't give Paradise Kiss a really good rating, but it's still one of my current favorites because it makes me think a lot. If I ran into someone like George, would I leave home for him? (Ahem, yes. If it were for George, I don't know what I would do.)

Posted by : congee
Posted on : 2006-11-11        

I was skeptical about this anime from it's summary and the first episode, but somehow, it sucked me in.

As mentioned, it combines fashion and life, and trying to find yourself and gaining control of your own life. It's about living for yourself, and not for others.

The story starts slow and rather boring, but it pulls you in because it sort of leaves you at a cliffhanger, but at the same point, it doesn't.

The music matches perfectly.

The characters fit perfectly, as well as their relationships to each other.

The only thing that I didn't enjoy was the art itself, and the fact that it was so short. It was unique, but it doesn't meet my standards of animation.

Overall, it's pretty good, but it certainly isn't a must see.

Posted by : freezingbeast
Posted on : 2006-10-12        

Paradise Kiss is a beautiful anime about fashion and a story of drama and love. The story is set in very real world conditions. Unlike some fantasy drama animes, this one presents some real life challenges and problems.
The character design for this anime is very well done. Not only does each and every one of the characters have their own background, personality, and looks, they also have their own unique challenges and relationships.
Relationships are probably the best part of this anime. In the anime you can clearly tell the small love triangles and things like that, and that’s what makes this anime stand out in front of the others in the "love romance" category.
Music is very unique and has its own flavor, very interesting at the least.

Probably the only reason I gave it a 9 is because that at the beginning, the story was sort of boring, but at the end, all the characters bloom and the story becomes fantastic.

Posted by : deviln3
Posted on : 2006-10-07        

Paradise Kiss... well the name itself tells you a lot about the anime, and if you can tell from the pictures, well, it's about fashion. From that a lot of people may not even give this anime a chance but they're missing out on a really good anime show.

Fashion drives this anime, but mainly the show is about a teenage girl being pushed into a new world and away from her world which she wanted to escape... as well as getting introduced some other 'fun' stuff.

All the characters in this show are really unique and have some unexpected personallity traits as well as interesting backgrounds, and watching them all getting along can be a lot of fun.

Animation is of truely high quality and a bit different than normal animation we see in other shows, the character design I mean...
Music complements the show rather well. Opening endings are not somthing amazing but above average for sure.

Overall I'd say this is a show you shouldn't miss out on, maybe not on a must see list but certainly up there...

Posted by : akakp
Posted on : 2006-08-21        

Paradise Kiss is a very unique anime that depicts the challenges, struggles, and drama that people have in life. But just like the reviewer before my review, it took me a long time to finish this series and it seemed like the episodes dragged on. It wasn't until near the later episodes that I realized that this series was actually worth watching.

Story - The story revolves around a high school girl named Yukari, who is following her mother's wishes and studying hard to make it into a good college. But while she is living her mundane student life, she gets chosen by a fashion group to model and represent them. George, a spoiled young man who is the leader of this fashion group, nurtures Yukari slowly into the world of fashion and helps her realize that you can still have big dreams in life even though you're not very book smart and don't attend a prestigious college.

Animation - The animation is unique and special in its own way. Even though I personally didn't really favor the animation style, I still appreciate the way Paradise Kiss was made. The visuals brought out the life of fashion in its own way.

Music - The music, especially the opening, fitted this anime perfectly. Yeah it may not be a song I'll listen to over and over, but when you hear the song and watch the series, you'll come to appreciate how well it meshes together.

Like I said before, Paradise Kiss is unique, but also very realistic and that may bore some viewers out there. I became bored of watching this series in the first couple of episodes, but it picked up some speed later in the series. Watching Yukari getting close to everyone in the series, especially with George, and watching her chase her own dreams instead of always doing what other people wanted her to do was worth watching. Paradise Kiss is a good anime, but it's not great and I think it just may be a little overrated. That's just my opinion though and even so I recommend this anime to any casual viewer.

Anime Rating - 8/10

Posted by : fresh_no_concept
Posted on : 2006-08-21        

Boy, did it take me forever to watch this anime. After forcing myself through the first six episodes, the series finally hits its groove and takes off. It's one of those animes I'm glad I stuck with. Paradise Kiss is a nice, solid series.

Madhouse continues to impress with some lovely animation. Given this is a fashion anime (more or less intertwined with other aspects), I was quite impressed with all the different designs and clothing worn by the characters. Yukari's cloting reflected her ever changing attitude towards herself and the world around her; not to mention how fast she grows up in such a short period of time. Development like Yukari's doesn't come often in anime and it's quite a nice chance of pace.

The story seems boring, at first, similar to how normal life usually reveals itself to be. Luckily, great characters can save an initially lackluster story. When the story finally picks up, the characters shine even more. I was quite intrigued with Isabella, especially with her revalation near the end (a revalation that sort of threw me for a loop, mind you). George and Yukari's relationship was frustrating, yet entertaining to watch. The Miwako/Arashi/Hiro triangle; not so much.

Paradise Kiss is a pretty unique and interesting series in terms of presentation. I'll be looking foward to more animes based on Ai Yazawa's work. She has a good perspective on life and its many hurdles. Hopefully, when I marathon NANA, my expectations will be fulfilled.

Whoa, I forgot to mention the music. The soundtrack includes Franz Ferdinand. Enough said...

Posted by : Youki18
Posted on : 2006-07-20        

Paradise Kiss takes the Shoujo genre to the next level. Created in a very realistic world, it follows the dramas of a girl (Yukari) and how she realises her dream of being a model and breaks out of her 'old shell' molding a future on her dreams and ambitions alone.

This anime is one that most females will love, while being very believable, it also lives out the dreams of many teenage girls and shows that you are your own destiny and what you end up with is entirely up to you.

Music(9.5/10)Perfect choice for the series. Tom February6's 'Lonely in Gorgeous' stars as the opening song, a catchy dance theme that reflects the world of models, clothes and the fashionably elite beautifully. The ending song is also very fitting as well.

Animation(9.5/10) The animation is another point of interest in Paradise Kiss. It has a very unique style of drawing, with more realistic effects, the eyes on the girl characters are particularly stunning with long lashes and smaller eye designs, which will make you appreaciate the artists of the show if nothing else.

Story(8.5/10) While the realism of this series is what gives you its magic, some does leave you a bit out of joint. George, Yukari's lover throughout PK, makes you want to kick him in some parts, but then again, a few of the characters can be harsh in this way. However putting this aside, throughout the 12 episodes, Paradise Kiss doesn't muck around, and get's you to the desired point with great effect.

!!Point of Interest!! Did anyone notice before the later episodes that Isabella is actually a boy? !!End Spoiler!!

Although probably more suitable for an older audience, Paradise Kiss is a Shoujo masterpiece that will have girls hooked (forgive me, boys too!) for generations to come.

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