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Hunter x Hunter

Studio : Nippon Animation

Licenced by : Viz Media, LLC.

Length : 62 Episodes

Year : 1999

Genre : Fantasy - Adventure - Action - Shounen

Synopsis :
Hunter x Hunter is about a boy named Gon, who lives on a remote island with his Aunt. One day, Gon is almost killed by a wild bear, but luckily is saved by a man - a professional hunter.

Gon learns that his long lost father, Jin Freaks is also a professional Hunter, one of the best in the world and so makes it his target to become a hunter as well.

And so, Gon leaves Whale Island with his registration for this year's Hunter License Exam and into a long and exciting adventure...

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Synopsis by : mun-jai
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Score : 9.12 Ranked #17 by users
Number of reviews : 33

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Hunter × Hunter Organization - A HxH Fansite (English)
Official #2 : Ingrid's Hunter × Hunter Fansite (English)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Keno - Ohayou
OP2 : Wino - Taiyou wa Yoru mo Kagayaku

ED1 : Minako Honda - Kaze no Uta / Song of the Wind
ED2 : Masato Nagai - E-Jan - Do You Feel Like I Feel
ED3 : Masato Nagai - Hotaru

Release(s) :

2017-08-04 -- Episode(s) 0 by -. BT Link
2004-04-03 -- Episode(s) 0 by Anime-Kraze. BT Link
2004-03-01 -- Episode(s) 2 by Anime-Influx & LunarAnime. BT Link

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Original Work
Togashi, Yoshihiro

Character Design
Goto, Takayuki

 Freeks, Gon Zoldeyak, Killua Kurapika Leorio Hisoka   

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Posted by : Stragus
Posted on : 2009-10-15        

I love this anime more than any other anime in world and I have watched this like 7 times and this was the anime what made me fell love in anime. This is by far best shonen battle anime and in my top 5 best anime ever plus it has the best anime character ever.

Animation: Good though the manga isn't the prettiest I have seen and later in the OVAs the animation becomes even prettier. But more than prety this anime is cool. I'm 21 year old guy and I hope I could be like the characters in this anime it's so cool. 9/10

Music/VA: Very good. I actually own this soundtrack and I listen it a lot. And to my mind the opening in ova Taiyou Ha Yoru Mo Kagayaku is one of the best openings ever. 10/10

Characters: This anime has very good main characters that I really like and admire. Gon Killua is the coolest assassin in any anime (sorry train). i don't usually like characters like Leorio who are bad (so the main character would look better) but he actually is very well developed character. Kurapika was ok but when I first watched this I thought he was she. At least he acted like a girl like beating Leorio because Leorio walked naked in their room. Anyway in my mind Kurapika was the worst of the main cast but was still a very complex and good character. This anime has a lot of cool bad guys and the best anime character ever in Hisoka. I love him because he's so twisted and evil and fun and sick that I have a mental orgasm every time I see him. But one thing I realy like in the characters in this anime is that they weren't one dimensional arctypes but very well developed and realistic characters. 10/10

Story: In a nut-shell Gon wanted to find his father and he had to join the Hunter organization in order to find him. He finds new friends along the way. I won't spoil it anymore but I'll just say it was very good. It was a lot better than in any other shonen battle anime (such as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and Fairy Tale). 10/10

Overall: This anime will hold a special place in my heart forever. Within its story is great characterisation which wasbetter than any other shonen battle anime. It was almost perfect and I just hope and dream that one day we would see the chimera ants arc. 10/10

Posted by : miestersean
Posted on : 2009-08-20        

Its hard to describe what this series is about. It changes, in fact, the focus of its story twice from its original trajectory. These changes are justifiable when looking at the overall direction of the storyline, but in these shifts, the series varies greatly in how it is presented and how enjoyable it is to watch.

The series begins with a bang. Hard-hitting action, witty humor, and likeable characters immediately impress, with good writing and execution making the episodes flow smoothly and enjoyably. The underlying plot beneath all of this, though, is what makes the early third of this series so good. Though this portion employs a fairly routine shounen plot arc, it has a twist.

The difference here is the seriousness and maturity of the plot. Instead of characters talking about how lethal their attacks are, brutal, grisly, and sometimes disturbing deaths are frequently shown. Also, many of the characters have dark pasts and others suffer emotional breakdowns. With all of this going on, the viewer is drawn in, rather violently, into the world portrayed.

The second third of the series is the weakest of the series, and it comes close to making the viewer give up the series with its mediocrity. Gone is the fast-moving, adult-themed plot of the first third of the show. In this segment, the plot is stuck in one location, the character cast shrinks down considerably, and the fighting becomes repetitive and reminiscent of lesser series like Dragonball Z. Making things worse is the abundance of overly technical dialogue that explains this new fighting system.

The last third of the series is somewhere between the first two in quality. Taking the new fighting techniques of the second third, its action sequences regain most of the viciousness and immediacy of the first thirds. People die violently again, and theres no more endless explanation of whats happening in the fighting. The story also starts moving again in both location and character development, especially the latter, as a whole smattering of new characters gets introduced in a small time frame. Some of the new characters are appealing, some are so-so, and others are bland. They all get equally small amounts of screen time, though, so its hard to get too attached to any of them and they balance each other out to make the characters somewhat interesting overall.

Then theres the ending. Though the story seems to cut off right at a critical juncture, the plot events left unfinished in the series arent focused on much at all in the previous episodes, so the viewer isnt left wanting, but instead is curious about where the story will go next.

Hunter x Hunter is a meandering series with a plot that changes as much as its quality. One moment, its showing what the shounen template of anime can achieve, and the next, it displays how badly a show can become when it obsesses over its fighting system. As a whole, however, the series is above average. Its pros outweigh its cons, and because of that, its a worthwhile time investment.

Posted by : joem20
Posted on : 2009-04-18        

One of the classics that will stay in the minds of those who watched it. It's a keeper that can be showed in the future generations for its magnificent story and great characters. Each episode will leave you such excitement, great laughs, touching dramas and powerful lessons in life.

Story 10/10:
At first, you will say that this is another typical storyline like searching for a missing father and meeting other ‘friends’ that will help Gon in his search. But as the series goes on, it has more interesting topics like what it is like to be a Hunter, the principle of ‘Nen’, and the objectives of the group Genei Ryodan. I also like the fact that each main character has their own goals that pushes them to become real hunters.

Characters 9/10:
Each character have great development from start to finish, but I will give a 9 because of the lack of originality in the main characters. I can see the characters of YuYu Hakusho in them.

Animation 9/10:
The quality of animation was constant throughout the series and was not rushed. Movements were precise and fighting scenes were great.

Music 9/10:
BGMs in each scenes was great and the opening theme was just really good. You can sing it even if you are not Japanese.

Overall 9/10:
I will give a 9 because this is the highest I can give in a TV series. It's a classic that will give entertainment for many generations to come and deserves to be acknowledged for all time.

Posted by : Kiraya
Posted on : 2009-01-21        

Hunter x Hunter is one of the best anime I've seen yet: I've watched it 5 times already, including all its seasons and OVAs. Hunter x Hunter takes you onto an adventure in a land that's based on fantasy and yet still somewhat realistic in a way. It has quite a collection of amusing characters and a quite well built plot. Although it didn't have many twists that impressed me, the anime was fun to watch even in the 5th time and I bet that I'll end up watching it again soon.

Animation-wise, its based on a pretty old style and yet it was quite impressive for an anime that was released in that very year. 9/10

Music-wise, the whole experience of having a song matching up the scenes and making us wonder into the world of Hunter x Hunter makes it all the more fun to watch, although you have to admit that it was lacking something, and yet since I don't know what it was lacking myself, I'll give it a 10 just to be fair. 10/10

Plot-wise, it had a saga-based development with a couple of twists along the way, but in my opinion, this anime was meant to be an enjoyable anime without unnecessary thinking and more action and comedy (mostly action though), 8/10

Action-wise, I was very impressed by the flow of the battles there; they're showing everything from the flow of a chain, to the impact it creates, to the smallest pebbles flying around, but that wasn't the only fight that impressed me. The other two were the ones that the Jocker took part in - the speed, the flow, the strategy and ideas, it all was too impressive, and I simply have to give it a 10/10.

Over-all, I have to say that this anime is awesome, has pretty good music, amazing action scenes and a fun plot. I honestly can't complain about this anime no matter what I do. 9/10

Posted by : mstice
Posted on : 2008-02-25        

To preface my review let me say this: your favorites aren't always the best. Even though this was one of the most enjoyable animes I have watched (and I've watched it three times), I can't consider it among the elites because it doesn't excel in all its aspects, and that's what it means to be the best.

Characters 9/10- The characters were great. They were all unique and each brought an entirely original aspect to the cast. Given that this is essentially a kid's show, I was surprised to see how complex, dark, and sometimes intensely creepy many of the characters were. This ain't no Pokemon.

Plot 9/10- I really like the plot. It was great watching the characters develop throughout the series, and I was sucked into their world and lives. The twists you encounter along the way are excellent and original. The only reason I take off a point, and I know it isn't really the shows fault, is because of the abrupt ending that left so many pivotal points in the series hanging.

Music 6/10- This is one of the areas where the show is simply mediocre. It wasn't that the music was bad, it's just that it wasn’t better than average in any way, shape, or form. In other words, if you only put in minimal effort you can't really hope for more than a D.

Animation 7/10- The other area where the is show is pretty much mediocre. The animation is on par for other series targeted towards a younger audience. It's neither very detailed nor very original. The simple, bright style does lend itself well to the fight scenes, which I thought were pretty good.

Finally, I'm giving the show a bonus point for the fun factor. Like I said, enjoyability doesn't make a show great, but you still have to give Hunter X Hunter some credit for the sheer amount of entertainment it brings to the table. I give it an 8/10.

Posted by : l2andy
Posted on : 2007-06-04        

One of the top 5 anime for me if not the number one seat. So I am just gonna put it bluntly.

Story was terrific in my opinion. Gon being 12 is curious about everything for it is his first time experience or gaining knowledge of certain aspect of the world during his adventure.

Character development through out the anime was noticeable. Gon, Killua, Kurpica, and Leorio who to me is what this anime is focusing around greatly showed progress in expressing who they are through out the HxH.

Music was up there, I mainly like the second opening.

Artwork or graphics was most likely unique, I really don't know seeing how this aired during late 90's I believe. Anyways I like how everyone was drawn and the background was well done also.

All in all this is a 10 for me and just to let you know I have watch this around 6 times in the past 2 years because it is that good.

Posted by : Blissbee
Posted on : 2007-04-05        

This anime is good. If you like Naruto, you'll like Hunter X Hunter!

I watched the first 62 episodes and half of the first OVA. The reason I didn't finish the series is because there is no ending to this anime. So, to save myself from a terrible anti-climax I stopped watching.

The main character, Gon, can be compared to Naruto: very kind, naive boy, but Gon is more normal, I guess. The fun thing about Hunter x Hunter is how he meets new friends. The friends he meets are so different from each other and at least certain characters will certainly catch your interest along the way! That person to me would be Hisoka you have totally no idea if he's a friend or foe. The action and the development of Gon and Killua make you wanna finish the anime in one go. The anime is really addictive.

The artwork is actually nice I think Leroi looks really cute... hehehe.. ^_^ and Hisoka with his hair down... hmmm >O<... OMG I'm a female perv!!
Although it wasn't finished the story was still fun and I would really recommend anybody to watch this anime.

I saw Hunter X Hunter before Naruto and the first thing I thought when watching Naruto. I thought it was a rip-off but don't worry. The stories and adventures are completely different. Naruto is definitely not a rip-off. Besides it's known the mangaka of Naruto said himself he had a lot of inspiration from other manga's. So, it's possible Hunter X Hunter is one of them and doesn't everyone seek inspiration at least Hunter X Hunter gave him great idea's or I wouldn't be so addicted to Naruto!!

Posted by : Azureus
Posted on : 2007-03-17        

This anime is one of the ones I would never forget and it's one of the best action series out there. It may have Naruto edge to it but there are so many elements that differ and attract you this anime.
First of all,you must never judge the show on it's appearance or quality. It's quite old but once you get to the OVAs the animation is beautiful. The first episode is by far the most boring of them all like most anime. I wouldn't recommend skipping it but just bear with it and you'll find yourself watching exciting stuff soon. There are alot of episodes in the Hunter exam arc but they're pretty crucial to the series and hey, it is called HunterxHunter.
For me the last arc was superb which earned this show a couple of stars. I started my own HxH marathon by practically watching all of the episodes nonstop. If you don't like this show then I guess there's always shows like Naruto. But with HunterxHunter it's one step ahead in many ways.

Posted by : sianon
Posted on : 2007-02-18        

Not a bad boy goes in search of destiny series. Gon looks a little too much like Goku from DB and he is the usual nothing can get me down type, but he has a darker side to him that the usual anime happy go lucky hero. He shows doubt and frustration a bit more, at least. Killua, his assasin and best friend is a lot more original. He is a bona fide good guy with believable influences pulling towards turning bad, like his family and his own view of the world.
The adventures follow the same format as a lot of adventure series, but the details themselves are original enough so that you don't really notice. There are a lot of contests between different Hunters that show off different skills that are interesting enough. Things really get interesting just as the series ends and the plot switches to OAVs. The plot has more to do with Gon's quest to find his father and Greed Island.

The only thing that is wrong with this series is Hisoka, the main villan. As a villan, at the beginning, he is everything a bad guy should be--- evil, cunning--- but then he starts obsessing on Gon to the extent that---well, some people like that. Ew, ew, ew. They ruined a perfectly scary villan, and those are hard to find.

Posted by : Wizards1rule
Posted on : 2006-12-07        

Hunter x Hunter the best anime and manga in the world, it can capture your soul just by watching the first episode, it has the best plot line in all the anime I have watched over all my years as a anime fan. A great deep anime to watch.In this anime there are absolutely no fillers, a gift from god himself.

Story: Gon meets a Hunter trained under his father and finds out his father (G is a Hunter, Gon wanting to find his father soon took the Hunter exam, meeting up with friends and foes. He goes through challenge after challenge to become strong enough to find his father.

Characters: Gon- A carefree kid who acts so carefree he looks dumb. Some people compare him to Naruto and its true they are both alike, Leorio- A quickly angerd guy who strives to become a doctor, Kurapika-A deep character who has an intresting and dark past, Killua- A dark, mysterious kid who is the same age as Gon who takes the Hunter exam 'cause he was bored.

Overall: 9/10, it is simply a great anime to watch, it captures you into the story easily. You can become absorbed into the adventures really easily. Great work, simply have to watch it.

Posted by : hatefulguts
Posted on : 2006-11-06        

From the moment I saw it, I was completely charmed by Hunter x Hunter anime. I know this isn't a manga review, but I just want to point out that while the two follow the same storyline, I believe the anime is much more well-developed than the manga, both in the storyline and artwork.

Storyline: I noticed that a lot of people compared Hunter x Hunter to Naruto, which I completely understand. Both feature a young, happy (to the point he seems idiotic, no offense) boy fighting to reach his goals. However, Naruto did not come to mind when I was watching Hunter x Hunter- Hunter x Hunter contained no fillers and wasn't episodic in the least, which, with such a long series, I find to be pretty amazing. The anime storyline basically elaborates on the manga storyline, and is never boring. It evoked in me a feeling of dread during many scenes that were much less frightening than those of violent or horror anime, and the only way I can really describe it is the feeling I got from nightmares during my childhood. That quality isn't something I often notice in anime, and says to me that the story was really well planned. 10/10

Characters: Honestly, there aren't many anime that can mix the insane character designs featured in Hunter x Hunter with business suits. Actually, I never reallly imagined the whole 'ki' thing mixing with mafia bosses and gangs, but for some reason I ended up really liking it! Lots of character variation. And I also really liked how some characters stayed the same (namely, Gon stayed the same adorable kid) and others were constantly changing (Killua-I was sitting on the edge of my seat, wondering whether he was evil, or going to turn evil, the entire time.) The character plotlines are explained pretty well, Leorio in particular, who wasn't really explained in the manga, became easier to relate to when his reasons for becoming a hunter were explained. I enjoyed how the 'bad guys' turned out to not all be so evil. 10/10

Artwork: Having the eyes and nose in the right places is a big thing for me. It seriously pisses me off to see one eye two inches higher than the other, especially when the scene isn't comical. So yet another thing that draws me to Hunter x Hunter is the fact that everything is proportional and well drawn. A big thing that bothered me with the manga was how sometimes scenes/characters were drawn sketchily, or only the background used halftones (the gray parts if you're not familiar with the term.) Also, in the manga, some characters were drawn vaguely (Gon and Kurapica) whole others were drawn with a lot of detail (Kuroro) making them seem like they were from different stories. The artwork in the anime definitely evened that out and made it easier to watch. 10/10

Music: I wasn't a really big fan of the music in Hunter x Hunter. The first opening theme, Ohayou, contained possible shounen ai in the opening animation, which I personally wasn't averse to, but I disliked the song itself. I did like the most recent opening by Wino, but I didn't consider the others even worth watching. The ending themes were pretty good but I didn't like them so much that I would watch them at the end of every episode either. I didn't even notice the background music half the time, which can either be a good or a bad thing- and when I did notice it, the background music was about average. It kind of reminded me of the heart-warming music you hear in children's shows when the characters make a new friend. 8/10

Overall, I rate Hunter x Hunter TV a 9/10 despite its being my favorite because a 10/10 would be like the god of all animes. But I do hope that the anime is finished one day (although I suppose if they want to keep it true to the original story, the original story has to be finished first), and that the quality stays as good as it is now.

Posted by : ph900921
Posted on : 2006-10-07        

I’ll first briefly introduce the storyline. Gon Freaks lives with his aunt but is thirsting for quest and other adventures—most notably the Hunter Exam because his father is currently a famous hunter somewhere in the world. His dedication runs deep and people recognize this and his quick-learning capacity. This desire leads him to many adventures including involvement with a top-secret and extremely powerful mafia group, but his friends are always there to support him. The entire series basically runs on a 3-part sequence, but I won’t go into detail, so you can find out yourself!

I really enjoyed the entire series. Many people will have different opinions on which arc was their favorite, because the three have such different aspects. This variety helps the story from being the same old plotline again and again and will keep you interested throughout. It’s less of the extremely violent and more of the determined child risking his life to achieve his goal and to a point is quite inspiring.

What I liked particularly about this animation was how he has a variety of different friends—his assassin friend Killua, kind, meditative Kurapica, and everyones favorite: the sort of blumbering but just as determined doctor Leorio. All these characters make an interesting combination with Gon.

I would definitely highly recommend this animation to everyone. It’s interesting, and has entertainment for everyone.

Posted by : sheepcong
Posted on : 2006-09-29        

Okay let me start by stating this sanime/manga as really my favourite!

I had started reading its manga syears ago where it's only avaible in comic books stores. Then I came across this this anime where I knew I could never ever miss it.

Hunter x Hunter is a smart anime where every little small area would impact on what will happen soon after. Although it might be a bit lengthy, it's simply brilliant. And it might create laughs at certain times. This makes me wanting more!

Posted by : PaperMailJar
Posted on : 2006-08-03        

I might be rating too high, but it's my first anime, and it's still my favorite one to date.

This anime is about Gon Freaks trying to find his father who left him when he was born, after learning he was one of the best hunters in the world. Gon tries to become a hunter, which is the first step of the many to find his father. He's not your regular strong main character, in the beginning, he's actually pretty weak. Along the way, he meets some friends, such as Leorio, Kurapika, and Killua. Together, they chase their dreams of becoming a hunter for different reasons.

The character personalities are original, in many aspects. Killua, is carefree-ish, and silly, but deep inside, he is supposed to be a heartless assassin. Kurapika keeps an anger throughout the show, finally evolving into extreme vengence machine during the end. Leorio seems to be regular on the outside, but inside he's keeping the fact that his best friend died. Gon is carefree and innocent, and well, he is! But he is often bothered when he knows the strength difference between him and the enemy.

The anime keeps a child-like feeling when you watch it. Probably because of the soothing music in the beginning, and the sad ending song. It doesn't change in the anime, which bothered me a bit, but I kind of liked the songs.

The story is quite simple in the beginning. Pass the hunter exam parts, and try to discover more about Gon's father. However that changes randomly, going from trying to get Killua from his own family, and learning Nen. Nen is a skill that very little people can learn and master. It is connected to Naruto (which some manga chapters of Naruto remind of HunterxHunter) sort of, and is a energy draining skill that can cause huge amounts of damage. This is turns into the skill that now fighting changes completely.

All in all, this anime is fun to watch and will keep you interested to the end.

Posted by : hackinmage
Posted on : 2006-07-10        

Hunter x hunter is in my top ten anime's of all time. This is not because of the artwork; the artwork is average nothing to write home about. The music I thought was interesting, but nothing amazing (unlike that j-rock intro for naruto, that was something else). However, the voice acting is quite good, and the plot is fast paced and amazing. The characters themselves are intriguing in their development, as well as exciting to watch! However, they are not especially unique, the characters each personifying typical anime genre characters; Gon is the loveable protagonist, killua being the "cool friend", and so on.

For those just getting into the hunter x hunter anime series, I must warn that there IS a portion of anime that is very dark and a tad bit slow, however it picks up quickly again, and the greed island ova's are quite awesome.

I give this my full recommendation!

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