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Fate/Stay Night

Studio : Studio DEEN

Also involved: Geneon Entertainment, Inc.

Licenced by : Geneon Entertainment (USA)

Also involved : FUNimation

Length : 24 Episodes

Year : 2006

Genre : Romance - Magic - Harem - Action - Fantasy

Synopsis :
Emiya Shirou is the son of a magician long dead. Dabbling with little magic, he has managed to survive so far without a problem, until one day he witnesses a combat between two men with mystical powers. Shirou gets chased by one of them, who is attempting to eliminate him, but the sudden appearance of a swordswoman stops the attacker. Now he is part of the quest for the holy grail, a magical artifact sought by magicians and their magical servants.

Additional Notes: This series ranked #4 in Anime-Source's Best of 2006 poll.

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Score : 8.86 Ranked #44 by users
Number of reviews : 50

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Geneon Entertainment's Fate-Stay Night Website (English)
Official #2 : Geneon Entertainment's Fate-stay Night Website (japanese)
Official #3 : Official Fate-stay Night Website (japanese)
Official #4 : Type Moon's Fate-stay Night Website (japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Tainaka Sachi - Disillusion
OP2 : Tainaka Sachi - Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni

ED1 : Jyukai - Anata ga Ita Mori / The Forest Where You Are
ED2 : Jyukai - Hikari
ED3 : Tainaka Sachi - Kimi to no Ashita

Release(s) :

2017-08-06 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by Doki. BT Link
2017-08-06 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by Doki. BT Link
2017-05-18 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by JacobSwaggedUp. BT Link

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Original Work
Nasu, Kinoko

Original Character Design
Takeuchi, Takashi

 Emiya, Shirou Saber Tohsaka, Rin Archer Mato, Sakura von Einzbern, Illyasviel Berserker Kotomine, Kirei
 Mato, Shinji Rider Caster Kuzuki, Soichiro Assassin Lancer Gilgamesh Fujimura, Taiga

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Posted by : GaileOxstain
Posted on : 2015-10-24        

I’m a little late getting on board with the “Fate Stay Night” franchise, even in spite of its wide fanbase. It’s often considered one of the great classics, and I can agree with that, even in spite of the dust that has settled on its cover.

Shirou Emiya was the only survivor of a massive fire that devastated his town 10 years prior. He has since gained an appreciation for life after he was taken in by his adoptive father, who as it turns out was actually a magus. Shirou learned a bit of basic magic from him, but not enough that it seriously impacted his life. However, Shirou’s life takes a hard turn when he witnesses a fight between two warriors of a heroic caliber. Having been spotted, one of the warriors turns his blade on him in order to silence any witnesses, but Shirou manages to save himself when he accidently summons a heroic warrior of his own, an honor bound woman who goes by the name Saber. Shirou soon finds himself dragged into a war for a mystical artifact capable of granting any champion’s wish, the Holy Grail. With death and destruction on the horizon, Shirou throws himself into the fight alongside Saber and fellow ally Rin Tousaka in order to protect and save the lives of others. But will his noble intentions prevail? Or will his naivety spell his own doom?

“Fate Stay Night” is such a creative take on the tried and true clichés of heroic battles that it’s no wonder the series still remains popular to this day. Each of the servants summoned by their masters from the seven classes (Saber, Archer, Lancer, Berserker, Rider, Assassin, and Caster) are actually based on real life storybook heroes and historical figures throughout history. From the well-known heroes like King Arthur and Hercules, to the lesser known heroes such as Cú Chulainn, “Fate Stay Night” has no shortage of fanservice for the fantasy and history buffs out there, and it’s interesting to see how these different historical characters interact with each other in combat.

As far as the story itself goes, the plot is divided into two types of episodes, the combat episodes where the Grail War is carried out between two or more of the seven chosen servants and their respective master’s ambitions, and the casual episodes which are usually spent on either building up the fights or building on character relationships. There’s a surprisingly equal balance between these two elements, and they support and blend into each other in a way that helps carry the story fluidly and clearly without straying from the plot in the least.

That’s not to say the story still didn’t have its fair share of issues. The story has a bad tendency to oversight important plot points until they are brought up in battle or with no context whatsoever before they are presented. Other times character background revelations are presented vaguely and are not adequately explained before the story moves forward.

The cast of “Fate Stay Night” is surprisingly deep and many characters undergo a great deal of character growth over the course of the series. Granted there were a few characters that I felt were deprived of said growth as well.

Shirou is sadly known on the internet as the “People die when they are killed” guy, but this redundant statement actually speaks volumes about his character. Simply put, he understands the value of human life and that death brings an end to it. For that reason he fights in the Holy Grail War in order to keep the destruction and death that happened in the last war from happening again. He doesn’t believe in killing his opponents, strives for a path away from conflict, and is willing to sacrifice himself in order to achieve these goals. This naïve ideal of his however comes under fire constantly throughout the series where he finds himself helpless to protect those he sought out to shield from the pain, only to inflict pain upon himself with nothing to show for it. In the process he slowly discards his selfish selflessness and realizes the value of cooperation, trust, and even love.

Saber on the other hand is more disciplined and objective in terms of her personality and actions, as to be expected from the King of Knights. She carries out her tasks like a professional warrior and will strike down all those who stand in the way of her goals, and because of that she comes into conflict with Shirou’s pacifistic chauvinism of mercy and protection. Unlike other masters, Shirou treats Saber as a human being even in spite of her insistence that she sees herself as little more than a tool. However Shirou slowly warms her cold heart as they go about their daily lives and begins to see the value of the here and now rather than the doubts she harbors from her past.

Supporting Shirou in the Grail War is Rin Tousaka, another master and a skilled magus. Despite being a fellow competitor in the war, Rin skates somewhere on the line between ally and rival and becomes more of an educator to Shirou concerning the world of magic. That’s not to say she’s entirely supportive of him, and in fact she jabs at his ignorance and ideals whenever she gets the chance. But even so she always looks out for Shirou through a weird mix of pseudo-tsundere pity and sympathetic compassion. However I felt that in the process this distracted from her individual character. Her history with her magus family as well as her motivations for seeking the Holy Grail is slowly forgotten the longer the series carries on.

While Saber was strict and professional, Rin’s servant Archer in comparison is a pretty relaxed guy who possesses power and style in spades. His true identity is unknown even to him, but it matters little to him and serves his role as a loyal servant of Rin’s with unwavering dedication. While he does question Rin’s actions in helping Shirou, an enemy in the war, even he ends up helping Shirou through harsh yet constructive criticisms of his aspirations and his magic power. Archer’s true self and motivations hint at something bigger, though these secrets are sadly not elaborated upon in the anime.

Another notable master/servant pairing enlisted in the current Grail War is that of the Berserker Hercules and his master, the cute and fearsome Illyasviel von Einzbern. Berserker may just be a feral beast that hungers for battle, but Illya is much more cunning and sadistic than her doll-like stature projects, and is more than willing to resort to any mix of comfort and brutality to suit her needs. But despite this wide range of emotions, how she came to be such a devilish angel or the specifics concerning her origins are never elaborated upon. Heck, we don’t even find out she isn’t entirely human until the end of the series.

“Fate Stay Night” is blessed with some of the best and most iconic character designs. From the elegant and sturdy Saber with her signature armor, to the badass appeal of Archer’s black and white and red all over attire, few anime will be able to replicate that degree of appeal and commanding overall design. However, on other fronts the series honestly wasn’t always so put together. At times the animation was shoddy, and the artistic design often wavered between cutting edge graphics for its time, to art that looked like something out of an early 2000’s series.

Music/Openings Endings:
The music score of “Fate Stay Night” is surprisingly unimpressive despite its legacy. The first opening delivers a mystifying number that seeks to match the series magical themes, but doesn’t have anything truly special about it. The second opening aimed to be more powerful and emotional, but ironically lacks staying power. And finally the ending goes with a piano tune with a confident lyrical performance, but it is not particularly memorable.

Final Analysis:
I honestly haven’t completely bought into the “Fate Stay Night” craze, but I can still see why the series has a lasting legacy. The story knows how to balance combat and casual in its story without chopping up the plot, incorporates good use of fantasy elements, the characters undergo a great deal of growth and evolution as the series goes on, and the character designs are a true spectacle to the eyes. So if you have a healthy hunger for fantasy heroes, compelling character growth, or just want to see King Arthur and Gilgamesh throw down, then “Fate Stay Night” has what you’re looking for.

That’s why I’m giving “Fate Stay Night” 7 Noble Phantasms out of 10
Draw your Sword

Posted by : kevinchaosvs
Posted on : 2010-01-30        

[Story: 8.5] Ah yes, Fate Stay/Night, dare I say the most famous work of TYPE-Moon. With the plot of Magicians summoning the spirits of famous heroes as their familiars (Servants) to fight in order to obtain a powerful magical artifact and lots of background about how the magic in the story’s world works thrown in along with the fanciful abilities of the various Heroes easily make it a very alluring Fantasy anime. With a good storyline, excellent concepts, intriguing characters and even more fantastic magic, Fate Stay/Night is certainly enjoyable.

The anime is based mainly on the Fate route (Saber’s route), with a few scenes from Heaven’s Feel and Unlimited Blade Works blended in as well. Personally, I found this to be one of the weaknesses of the anime. It would have been better to just focus on one route rather than try to cram in too many materials and some of the events thus appear quite vague, lacking a sense of completeness, especially with Sakura’s scenes in the latter part of the show.

[Characters: 8.0] The array of characters is easily the highlight of the series, particularly with how Nasu drew inspirations from diverse sources of mythology – some of which are common and famous (such as Heracles), but some are of more obscure origin. I also like the alterations being made to some of the Heroes’ back-story.

And yes, Emiya Shirou is annoying. And I agree wholeheartedly. However, as one who has played the visual novel, I’ll have to say that him being an unrealistically naïve idealist is (unfortunately and sadly) crucial and relevant as a plot point of the Unlimited Blade Works route. Though I have to admit, I think the author could have toned down Shirou’s absurd bravado by a large margin. He could have created a naïve, stubborn wide-eyed idealist without making him foolishly reckless and annoying and still not affecting the overall plot.

[Art: 8.5] Fate Stay/Night’s character designs is practically TYPE-Moon’s trademark art style. From the details to the weapons to the armors, the art quality is certainly fantastic. However, some of the fights were rather disappointing.

[Music: 9.0] The music is excellent and I loved both OPs. In fact, I found myself preferring Tainaka Sachi’s version of Disillusion to the one in the visual novel. The ED was somewhat forgettable though. Overall, its bgm is fantastic too, reflecting the atmosphere of the series well.

[Summary] True, it could have been better, but as an anime, Fate Stay/Night handled itself well. With a nice mix of comedy, action and a fair bit of drama, matched by lots of interesting characters, this is definitely recommended for fans of Fantasy/Magic genre.
Personal Overall Rating: 8.0

Posted by : FireWorks
Posted on : 2010-01-23        

Fate/Stay Night is what I call an epic. As to why?

“The plot was original, and executed pretty damn well.”

  • The plot is captivating, considering it's from a H-game. Seven Mages are chosen to flight the Holy Grail War every 10 years. Each participant summons a Hero from the past, present or future to fight as their Servant and the last surviving Servant and his/her Master obtain the Holy Grail which would grant them any wish. We follow the Emiya Shirou and his Servant Saber.

    This plot is just superficial, what seemed at first to be just a simple story of how Shirou and Saber fight and kill the other six servants, unexpectedly transformed into a tale so twisted I was hooked at every turn! There is a constant feeling that there are other events going on apart from what's being shown (and later revealed) and all parallel events will eventually converge.

  • “Saber is soooooooo cool!”

  • Saber is one of the best characters to ever grace the anime culture. Her undeniable beauty, grace and magnificence, the calm and focused personality, backed by fine combat skills make her one heck of a gal. Great personality development as well. There are some who hate FS/N just because they couldn't accept her identity. No hard feelings fellas, but such qualms seem insignificant to me.

    I liked the other characters as well, especially Rin and Archer. Tsundere is quite a popular personality and that's exactly what Rin is. As to why Archer is cool, watch till around episode 14 to find out!

    And last, we have the notorious protagonist. Running headlong into a deathtrap and all that high and mighty talk about justice is just pathetic. But I must concede that he develops into a somewhat likable person in the end, glad I had some faith in him.

  • “Hard to find action as good as F/SN's.”

  • Um, it's not really that hard to find competitive ones, nevertheless the fluid action is top notch. When you're pretty much tired of shows where fighting is mostly raving (you know the kind - ”My zanpaktu controls the wind! As long as you stay on ground you'll never beat me! Hahaha!”), an attitude that says “talk less, fight more” was refreshing.

  • “No anime scores without good music.”

  • Though the openings are good what really stand out are the tracks. They highlight the true essence of the show at every scene, capturing the thrill of every battle, the mystery and suspense, and the depth of character's emotions. The very last song of the last episode (“Kimi to no Ashita”) stood out especially.

  • “The ending was great!”

  • This is somewhere that the masses have divided opinion. Though I do wish it could have turned out another way, the ending still deeply appealed to me and there are others who share my opinion.

  • “Well, nothing is perfect.”

  • That's obviously not a reason for me to like this show, it's just that this one falls short here and there. First off, the abominable Emiya Shirou who started off a total loser. And then there was the animation when the faces got distorted sometimes or the background was inconsistent, but it's not often.

  • I've seen this series four times already, yet it never gets old. What's most important is that this anime is highly enjoyable, and as long as it is, I'm willing to ignore a few minor shortcomings and award 5/5 stars.

    PS: For a hint on Archer's identity, watch till the end of the credits on episode 14 and connect with an earlier event. The revelation still awes me!

    Posted by : Stragus
    Posted on : 2009-10-15        

    This anime had only one bad thing: the main character Emiya Shirou. He is the most anoying anime character ever. Nothing in his actions made sense and his only purpose in this anime was to make it slower and angst about everything. I just can't undestand what saber saw in him. I just hate him more than any other fictional character ever created. And it's almost ironic considering the fact that most of the characters in this anime are great.

    Animation: One word - awesome. It realy helps to create the mood and all the little details were done right. And I think I have a crush on Rin. So good work on this part. 9/10

    Story: At the start I thought this was another "girls with big swords" battle anime but I couldn't be more wrong. This was one anime which plot twists honestly surprised me. overall veru unique story. 9/10

    Music/VA: Nothing wrong, not epic but somewhat good. 8/10

    Characters: I loved Rin (more than is healthy to admit). Archer is one of the coolest anime charaters, Illyasviel von Einzbern was amazing and I had to just ask why this story wasn't about them. I didn't like Saber probably because she somehow liked Emiya and was always in the same scene with him. Alone she would have been a great character but Emiya ruined her like he almost ruined this whole anime. 9/10 without Emiya with 5/10

    Overall: Great anime which was ruined by the most annoying lead character in the history of man. But the story is too good to miss. So I can't honestly whether you shouldn't watch this. I give it 6/10

    Thanks a lot Emiya you ruined an awsome anime.

    Posted by : Lightningcount12
    Posted on : 2009-08-18        

    Story (9/10): Fate/Stay Night presents an interesting concept with 7 magicians (magi) each summoning 7 legendary heroes (servants) and fighting a war for the legendary holy grail, which will grant the master and servant any wish they want. I was impressed by just how good the story was for an anime based on a galge game. The pacing was a consistent balance of action and character development. There were times when parts of the story, like the Rin-Sakura relationship and background could have been fleshed out more, but the story as a whole was solid for all 24 episodes. I also appreciated the appropriate, and very good, ending.

    Characters (9/10): Given the mix of various legendary heroes and villains this is obviously set-up to be an interesting cast. And fortunately the staff handles these epic characters well. Saber is a very noble character whom you immediately respect and radiates even in her most flawed moments. Archer is one of the coolest characters around with his general demeanor, combat, and his wise, albeit cynical, remarks. Rin is my most loved character in Fate/Stay Night. She has a cool beautiful look to compliment her immense magical talent. She has a tough, confident exterior, yet is not afraid to show her more compassionate, more pragmatic side; a very unique attribute in tsundere-like characters. Unfortunately, the main character, Emiya Shirou, has a tendency to annoy. He proves to be reliable and is generally a good character with good, strong morals. However, he also was too naive for too long, too preachy, too much of a self-righteous masochist in shouldering pain, and too sexist about not wanting Saber to fight. Overall, this has a cast with good main characters complimented by good side characters, like Sakura and Illya. The other servants are also cool and possess good sub-plots of their own.

    Animation (10/10): Everything in this anime looks beautiful. The servants all illuminate in preparation for and during battle. There are several brilliant still shots of characters, which I suspect come from the game this all originates from. The magic and close combat are always well done. The scenery is at its best during sunsets. The female characters are all very pretty, without resorting to shameless fanservice outfits (even their school uniforms are conservative). The characters eyes seem to really strike me here. Frame-by-frame this anime is wonderful on the eyes.

    Music (10/10): Wow! "Anata ga Ita Mori/The Forest Where You Are" is quite possibly my favorite ending ever, especially with Saber tranquilly and beautifully standing on a grassy hill. The other two ending songs only run for one episode each, but they are both good as well. Both openings are well animated and sound great, the first being a slower more calm opening to bring viewers into the story, while the second is faster and generates excitement as the fighting and severity of the series really begins to pick-up. I felt the other music and sound was at times enchanting, and at times helped emphasize some of the more creepier moments.

    Entertainment (9/10): This is a great well-paced action-drama, with comedy that does not show up inappropriately. The battle between Archer and Berserker ranks as one of my all-time favorite. Watching Fate/Stay Night will leave viewers with several memorable images and moments. Fate/Stay Night is the complete package with good re-watch value.

    I would recommend this to any anime fan.

    Posted by : nitrojin
    Posted on : 2008-09-26        

    Fate/Stay Night is superb piece of work. This show is a pretty big jump in quality and plot compared to Type-Moon’s other works, and for that I’m very impressed. This calls for a nice, short, detailed review.

    Story: (10/10) This was one of those anime with a REALLY, REALLY UNIQUE plot. I often found myself unable to guess what would happen next. Both the beginning and ending were very nice; I loved it.

    Music/Soundtrack/VC: (10/10), I can't really find anything bad about this; the opening and ending were stellar, as were the VC work and other OST.

    Art: (10/10), the art work was just too perfect to ignore. Nice exquisitely done backgrounds, fight scenes, and, I almost forgot, stunningly hot girls.

    Characters: (10/10) All the characters on Fate/Stay Night were very lovable and had dynamic personalities.

    Overall: I watched this show quite the while back. I was simply looking for a way to burn time, but by the time it was over I was regretting that I breathed it all in at once. Even though the ending seemed a little soar, it went well with the song and I soon found myself in love with it. A definite must watch for anyone.

    Posted by : Terentius
    Posted on : 2008-06-19        

    Fate Stay Night is a show that blends magic, action, romance and a strong Arthurian legend with a difference. Was it an entertaining difference though?

    Overall I found the style of the animation to be very pleasing. The action scenes were drawn beautifully, with some gorgeously unique armour and character designs. I have come to expect strong female characters to be over-flowing with attitude and/or cleavage (think Revy from "Black Lagoon"). Not with Saber. There was a conservative appearance about her that oozed strength and femininity. This ‘covered-up’ appearance was a welcome relief from the scantily clad heroines of other shows. The rest of the cast were also distinct in their designs. Some of the backgrounds should have had more detail, but I have no complaints with everything else.

    From the very beginning, FSN appealed to me with its well-crafted story of ancient heroes and their quest for a magical Holy Grail. There were very few moments throughout the show where I felt bored or confused. I suppose more could have been made of the back-story of previous wars for the Holy Grail. The plot was thoughtfully conceived, with very few extraneous or unnecessary segments. The ending did feel anti-climatic and was perhaps the one major negative out of the entire show.

    I was genuinely surprised by the depth of the characters motivations and personalities. Each of the humans and their magical warrior partners all have their own distinct characteristics that grow and change over time. This was seen beautifully between Saber and Shirou. There was an obvious awkwardness between the pair that eventually evolved to a very touching romance. I was moved by the very human frailties seen in the cast. To expect such idiosyncrasies in the main cast was great, but to also observe it in the peripheral characters was a huge bonus.

    Overall, the score was very moving and emotionally reflective of what was seen on screen. The score had more of an effect on me than the OP and ED. That is not to say that the songs were poor, but I found them better than average but nothing special.

    After initial skepticism, I have to admit in defeat that FSN deserves its place in A-S’s hearts as one of the best shows around. Full of story, romance and kick ass action, FSN deserves 4.5 stars. It loses out on 5 stars, due to background animation inconsistencies and an anti-climatic ending.

    Posted by : leoxjm
    Posted on : 2008-05-24        

    Yeah, I liked Fate/Stay Night. What isn't there to like? Good-looking characters, magic, action, romance... Definitely an appealing show. There's no doubt that it also has some non-trivial weaknesses but, more than anything, this is a show that makes itself be loved by its audience.

    I think that the story of the Holy Grail War was pretty interesting. Magically summoned heroes duking it out to fulfill their wishes? Sounds good to me! Within its context, the story of FSN makes lots of sense and is quite intriguing, even considering the surprising twist and revelation about it at the series' end. Most episodes have a fight between servants going on in them. Some bigger, some smaller, so there is always some action going on. It really isn't a "fight show" per se, so fans of constant action are in for a disappointment, but there's enough for more moderate ones to be kept interesting. Admittedly the first few ones are gratuitous, kind of to establish who is there and what they're capable of.

    Sadly, it is in the management of its characters that FSN makes its most glaring mistake. Especially with the male lead Shiro. His character is stubbornly a "macho man" who refuses to have girls fight in principle. Who said that armor-clad warriors wielding mind-blowing powers needed to be protected by a high schooler? What's worse, he never really grows to see the error in his ways. His idealism, so advertised to be costly in the end, never was, which leaves Shiro living in his dream world from beginning to end. Despite his trials, he never grows up. I also didn't like the fact that, although there were plenty of chances to do so, his differences with Archer were only slightly bridged; but not significantly. Doing so would have definitely helped both the character and the story, but it never happened. This might be passable for a side character, but not for the main one. Rin was more interesting than Shiro in many ways, an even her development is better. Too bad that she was sort of dropped by the end of the series and that she loses importance as the episode count increases.

    Saber is managed well on the other hand, and she actually shows some growth and evolution throughout the series, be it in her relationship with her master or in the way she deals with her past. I like how that went. I was not bothered at all by the revelation of her identity (as I bet others were) and think it was actually managed well. The other characters are alright, each with their little story behind them and with at least token amounts of character development. Had the main character been better developed, the cast of FSN would have been thoroughly enviable.

    The animation and artwork are pretty good. Some small but necessary liberties are taken from the original designs of the game, but they translate quite nicely on the screen. In fact, I actually like the way the anime looks more than the way the game does. As always there are occasional dips in animation quality, but nothing horrible or really detracting. The series' visuals are complemented by a superb soundtrack by Kenji Kawai, who always delivers when it comes to making solid BGM that are enjoyable in and outside the show.

    The other problem I had with FSN, aside from the obvious lack of development of its most prominent figure, lies with some inadequate plot management and one hole. First off, the series climaxes too early, at around episode 14 with some of that trailing off up to episode 16. But it's kind of downhill from there. The last third of the series is less impressive than the first two. Caster as a main enemy was never really that interesting or threatening. Although the series picks up again after her part, the previous quality and excitement are not quite reached. Even the final battle isn't as good as it could have been; and it is glaringly obvious that there were many other choices the writers could have made in this regard but didn't. This could have been a lot better, too bad it wasn't. This is not to say that the ending lacks emotional punch or anything... just that the part before the emotional punch could have been done better, perhaps even enhanced whatever came after.

    That aside, FSN's story is always managed at least with competence, except for Ilya's sudden "sickness" and plot-advancing relevance, which popped out of nowhere but were supposedly there all along. It is almost as if a scapegoat was needed to suddenly introduce new elements to freshen up what had been slowly becoming stale (see above) and this was the best they could come up with. I have to raise my eyebrow to such unnatural and sudden developments.

    Still, Fate/Stay Night pretty much always makes for a pretty good watch. It could have been better... and by far, but that doesn't not mean that what we're left with is not good. Highly recommended for just about everyone, except for those who like very deep anime or are very serious when it comes to character development. It is no masterpiece, but will do more than well enough for a good, very enjoyable watch.

    Posted by : kengvi
    Posted on : 2008-05-23        

    Fate Stay/Night is the anime that would never win any critic Oscars or anime-of-the-year award, but it will surely win hearts of many watchers of all ages and genders. For me, overall, this is one of the best, if not the best, anime for the past 10 years

    Some may feel annoyed by the personality of the main Character, Emiya Shirou, but I think his character is well written and developed, and I personally loved him from beginning to the end. And Saber, another main character, is the main reason of Watching (and re-watching) this excellent anime. With her great look and cool-turn-warm personality, it's very hard not to love her after completing this anime.

    Some people also bemoan about the ending part of this anime, but after thinking about ten other possible scenarios, I believe the ending of this anime is the best option (even though not expected).

    Animation and music are superb. You will appreciate Fate's animation and music, especially when watching on big plasma screen with top-notch home theater system and connected Subwoofer. The ending song is so deeply sensational and I have to re-listen it again and again.

    Like I said, this anime does not have some attributes that will win any awards like others, but it will make you feel surprised, in-love, cheerful, entertained and fulfilled from the beginning, and at the end you may feel, like me, that this anime should have had more than 24 episodes. And lastly, I have never loved anime character before in my life, Well, not until Saber comes.

    Score 10/10

    Posted by : Gen3s1s
    Posted on : 2008-05-08        

    There is only one thing wrong with this anime one big enough to take away 3 points from my rating. Emiya Shirou is a doush and a big one at that. All he does is slow down the freaking story and get on your nerves, A jackass that thinks too big of himself and that even though saber is his guardian he refuses to let her fight and because of that, for the first I don't know 9 or 10 episodes nothing happens.

    The characters other then Emiya are all great although they all have one big thing in common there all confident in their actions. I guess they should be, seeing as the the characters have kick ass guardians at their disposal and the guardians have to be because well.... they're guardians. Other then that one thing they completely differ from one another none of them are funny the greatest of the bunch is saber in my opinion I love her invisible sword.

    The animation is crisp there are some nice little details however one thing that can sometimes seem a little shoddy is the background. Now I don't know if it's done purposely in order to make other areas stand out or if they just got lazy but its still all very nice and some scenes (mainly action) can take your breath away.

    The story is well thought out combining history with fantasy is a great idea. Its a completely solid story although it's short and the ending in my opinion was lame but not lame enough to hate I suppose alot of people have different opinions about it.

    I don't like the OP, I don't mind the ED. However the background music does justice for them both as it can really draw you in although it isn't something memorable.

    All in All Fate/Stay Night is an anime that I would recommend but be warned the main character that I moaned about earlier will, make you want to punch your moniter/TV. I'm serious you must have really low standards of cool guys if you actually like him, he does actually turn out to be ok but the fact that I wasted time watching this douche complain about how women shouldn't fight irritates me to no end.

    Posted by : theultimatebrucelee
    Posted on : 2008-04-18        

    I can't say I watched over 100 anime, but I did however finish well over 50. Fate/Stay Night is, without a doubt, going to be in my top five for a long time. This anime's got everything story, character, music (the only thing in my mind thats not perfect), and excellent graphic.

    The story is well developed, the main character, Emiya Shirou is a normal high school student who loves to solve other people's problems. one day after school, through accident, he realized that he had the power of a magician. His destiny as a magician, to lead his servant and destroy all other servants to obtain the Holy grail. Sound normal? Well, you are in for a surprise! Though the first few episodes weren't that interesting because I couldn't put the story together, but after Saber showed up, the story had evolved to a different level and got better ever since! And the ending even made my eyes wet...the final sense is just unforgettable.

    Music, though I didn't like the opening song, the closing song is cool. But they are not as well done as background music. The character design is beautifully done, few anime can compare with this one.

    You don't need to like action or fantasy to enjoy this, all you need is to be able to enjoy awesome anime! I highly recommend this one!

    Posted by : haosama
    Posted on : 2008-04-15        

    This anime is like a burnt cake left in the oven a little too long. Negatives such as lack of detailed background and explanation hampers in-depth development of the series’ story and characters, resulting in crappy and shallow logic, dialog, and a half-baked plot that stands out like a sore thumb. But negatives aside, you can still taste the goodness that was meant to be. Fate Stay Night excels with highly entertaining fight scenes, captivating music, high quality animation, and employs several stimulating development/ story elements that make this not-so-well-done anime still enjoyable and entertaining to watch.

    7/10 C+

    Posted by : cohj
    Posted on : 2008-01-28        

    I've watched over 100 anime, four of them have made me burst out in tears. This one was one of them.

    Plot: 10/10 : This anime has some mystery , romance and action. A little something for the whole family. Not only that it's very original, the twists in the plot you are NEVER going to expect. I cannot even explain how good the plot was.

    Characters 10/10: they the characters have depth, they have feelings, and you can definitely feel every single thing that they feel. All the characters are very well developed. You get to know them all and although they may seem uneventful at the start . stick with it, and you will not regret it.

    Action 9.8/10: How I wish I could give this anime another perfect score. I have never heard of this idea of a kind of weapon, or how they got their weapons. It's a completely new idea and it was pulled off very well. Some of you may have noticed instead of a ten I gave it a 9.8. I cannot explain it well but just something about the action scenes left me wanting more.

    Music: the music is amazing and helps set the mood spectacularly . I liked all the songs a great deal. I really do not have much to say. I remember the very last song that they played. Gave me the saddest feeling I have ever felt, yet within that sadness I felt a bit of contentment like the what the characters had found. The music really helped me connect with their feelings.

    Overall, I found this anime more then just pleasing or exciting or tragic. It left me with a feeling that life rarely gives me. A feeling of pure contentment. A feeling of utter and complete satisfaction . you all might not get the same feeling I get from this anime. It is impossible to put the feeling into words, but if you get anything even close then you will agree this anime was well worth watching and this anime still stands as my number 1 and I have found nothing to even compare it to. It is a masterpiece.

    Posted by : sssl0202
    Posted on : 2007-12-26        

    I have really difficult time swallowing this. Bending foreign legends is one thing, but gender-bending them is a bit too far.

    Anyway, that's not the reason for my mediocre rating. Fate-Stay Night has some other serious problems. First, the main character has a rather difficult to accept personality. He is too goody-goody, to the point it is incredibly annoying. Another problem with it is lack of good, detailed story telling. Too much of magical details are rather poorly told. Then there is a problem with mood. Fate-Stay Night has rather heavy mood, but there is one odd character that tries to lighten the mood with gags. It just feels too out of place and ruins that good heavy mood created by the anime. Also gags should be funny but it aren't due to heavy mood created by the anime. Also, the story doesn't seem to have much point to it. It feels like everything just comes out of blue and just go with it. Without much ground they built it up from, the story never becomes very strong. It provides good moments that reaches for your emotions, but story as a whole doesn't stand up very solid.

    With great action, animation, music, and interesting story set up Fate-Stay is worthy investment for your time, but ultimately the lack of fine details don't allow Fate-Stay Night to be good as it could be.

    Posted by : ErwinRommel
    Posted on : 2007-12-10        

    Finally I have a series that I can use as the standard for all action animes. This is a surprisingly good series since it follows in the veins of Bleach, Shakugan no Shana, etc. The action scenes are tight and the battles are wonderfully drawn. Since this series places emphasis on the action scenes it deserves the 9/10. This anime should be the one to recommend to anybody of all ages.

    The story is quite linear and the twists that occur are very predictable. You'll easily guess many of the mysteries and hidden villains. But what matters is that the plot didn't descend into boring School drama or into a Dragonball Z derivative. The characters got powerful but they were generally evenly matched with the enemy which provides for some good entertainment.

    The characters.... Man I hated the main character Emiya Shirou for the first half of the show. He is condescending, and ungrateful towards the heroine, Sabre. She saves his life and his response to her is that "Girls shouldn't be fighting and wielding swords". But he changes and you notice that he changes so it became very intriguing to see what he turned into. This anime differed from many of its own genre in that care is taken to ensure the main characters were appealing and we could feel what they were going through.

    What kept me from a 10/10 is that some of the critical support characters just seem to be treated as irrelevant to the show. Although Lancer and Archer were necessary to show but I found nothing about them that seemed appealing. They had identical personality. The same can be said about Rider as well. They all acted the same when each of them descend from wildly different mythologies which describes all three of them very differently. It would be nice to see them act out their respective demonic or godly personalities more often.

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