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Kanon -2006-

Studio : Kyoto Animation

Licenced by : FUNimation

Also involved : ADV Films

Length : 24 Episodes

Year : 2006

Genre : Romance - Harem - Drama

Synopsis :
The story is about Aizawa Yuuichi, who has recently returned to a city where he had once lived 7 years ago without memories of the place itself. Eventually he meets his cousin Minase Nayuki and begins living in her house together with Minase Akiko, her mother once again. As time goes on, Yuuichi eventually meets girls, gradually retrieving the shards of his memory of the experiences he once had in the city, even as some involved things that were not so normal....

Additional Notes: This series ranked #13 in Anime-Source's Best of 2006 poll.

This anime was originally licensed by ADV films, but ARMS Corporation transfered its distribution license to FUNimation Entertainment in mid 2008.

Added : 2006-03-29
Synopsis by : ZGMF-00X
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Score : 9 Ranked #30 by users
Number of reviews : 26

Link(s) :

Official #1 : TBS' Kanon 2006 Website (Japanese)

A-Source #1 : DVD Review by XenoCrisis0153 (Volume 1)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Ayana - Last Regrets

ED1 : Ayana - Kaze no Tadori Tsuku Basho / The Place Where the Wind Arrives

Release(s) :

2017-08-06 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by Doki. BT Link
2017-08-06 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by Doki. BT Link
2017-08-06 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by Doki. BT Link

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Executive Producer
Tsukada, Megumi

Series Composition
Shimo, Fumihiko

Shimo, Fumihiko

 Tsukumiya, Ayu Aizawa, Yuuichi Minase, Nayuki Misaka, Shiori Kawasumi, Mai Sawatari, Makoto Minase, Akiko Kurata, Sayuri

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Posted by : gilvanl
Posted on : 2011-03-27        

Well, I have to say that I greatly loved this series, and I suspect all talk about Kanon.

My feelings about Kanon is that it overflowed with innocencee and recalls the best feelings I have deep in my chest, in a sense of a clean, true and sincere feeling about the world and people. Kanon, in fact is the name of the deity of compassion in theBuddhisttpantheonn, and Canon is a form of musical expression where multiple melodies are connected into one harmonic piece (just like the stories told in Kanon).

I can gave any but the maximum score to Kanon, specially in the 2006 version, because of the animation, the great sound, and the great story.

Some people will find this show very boring, because it is just about a everyday life story, and even the supernatural parts are not too awesome. If you think like that, please go for some hardcore (and perverted) show like Berserk or Claymore. And more, if you have done to the real military fight, and have came of from it in a single piece like me (more over if you have dear people to care for), you may love Kanon and despise the other animes I listed before.

Posted by : AJtheFourth
Posted on : 2009-02-06        

This series is amazingly powerful and perfect for curling up and watching a few episodes, tissues at hand, with a blanket and cup of tea.

Animation: It's Kyoto Animation, so of course it's going to be amazing. Living in a very wintery place, I was amazed at how well they captured the overall muted effect of snowfall, or the colors of a cold winter sunset, which is actually very different from a more straightforward summer sunset. Anyway, tangent, the animation was breathtaking. 10/10

Story: 'Kanon' is actually a fairly straightforward harem story, so its strengths lie in its ability to tug at our heartstrings through the interaction between characters, and boy, do they ever. Some of the story ideas aren't that original, but the way they are presented is beautiful. 9/10

Characters: I went into 'Kanon' thinking I would hate Ayu, her blatant 'moe' appeal, and her 'uguu' sound effect. I'm not too proud now, to admit that she became my favorite character. Her character is that appealing, that you won't mind the way you're manipulated, in the best way possible, into liking her. Yuuichi is amazingly likeable as well, and voiced by a very strong Tomozaku Sugita. 9/10

Music: As in 'Air' and 'Clannad,' the opening theme mirrors the series perfectly. It is rather slow, which is fitting, but you probably will find yourself skipping it mid-series only to pick it back up again once the show is nearing it's conclusion if only to compare it and try to pick up clues about the plot. The background music was exceptional in 'Kanon' as well. 10/10

Bring the tissues! This show is worth watching, and is rewatchable to the point of dropping the money to own it. 9/10

Posted by : xenocrisis0153
Posted on : 2008-12-29        

ANIMATION: Without shocking anyone who already knew this series was animated by KyotoAnimation, Kanon 2006 gets perfect marks in the art department. Combining stunning computer-designed backgrounds with incredbily beautiful and rendered characters, there is nothing that is not appealing about what is presented here. And while the majority of anime series out there like to show the unhindered beauty of the summertime season, this seris shows off the enchanting beauty of the Hokkaido Region in the midst of its famed wintertime. (100/100)

CHARACTERS: Being a harem series, there is the ever-present revolution of many cute girls centered around one male lead, Yuuichi Aizawa. As with most typical dating-simulation-based anime, all of the girls have attractive, yet differing, personalities. The range here is quite wide, so finding at least one girl to have a personal crush on is not hard at all (for me it was Sayuri with her ever-cheerfulness). Though the individual cast members seem to keep seperated in terms of their personal stories, as the series moves on, you will see them gravitate more toward the center and begin to interact much closer, all the while staying true to their own personalities. The only person I had issue with was the main male lead, who despite his tragic situation, I felt was too gruff and blunt with the sweet, docile girls. Makes me wonder why anyone would fall for someone so brash as him. (95/100)

MUSIC: Perfection once again. The opening theme, "Last Regrets" by Ayana, is a slow ballad with a techno beat. As the song reaches its bridge, it picks up into something quite heavy and emotional (though it is unfortunate through the run-time alloted to the anime that the music will end right before the song gets to this point). The ending theme, "Kaze no Tadori Tsuku Basho/The Place Where the Wind Arrives" also by Ayana, matches the OP in terms of enjoyability and its message. The in-episode OST is always fitting and enjoyable. (99/100)

STORY: There is a mystery to be solved here, and though the ending will wrap things up succinctly and solidly, many things in the series may not make perfect sense until you reach the final minutes of the final episode. Given that, pacing here is still impeccable as every episode will keep you deeply engaged. There is an excellent mix of cuteness and comedy, romance and drama, plus a bit of the supernatural stuff. Not fully understanding what is happening may drive you nuts at times, especially given all the cryptic dialgoue, but considering that the main character is going through the same problem, it helps you as the viewer relate to the story all the much more. (98/100)

OVERALL: ... oh, Key/VA... why must you make me shed so many tears? You know by now how much your dramatic tales get to me, how they tear apart my heart with your sad tales, and yet, I always keep coming back for more. Fact of the matter is no production group out there even comes close to achieving the level of emotion expressed in these stories... the others being Air TV and CLANNAD TV. Kanon 2006 matches up with its sister-series quite evenly. Every sub-story just adds another character and their tragic tale designed to test your emotions. And as Key/VA likes to have it, there is no telling how far they are willing to go in regards of what they do with their characters. Numerous times throughout this story, events would occur that would literally make you burst into tears immediately upon witnessing it. If that's not proof of good story-telling, then I don't know what is. All in all, much happens in this series, and every event is significant to its overly appealing and well-wrapped conclusion. If only every anime could be like this... (5 stars... perfect)

Posted by : doctodd
Posted on : 2008-10-02        

This anime is really good. Everything about the production from a visual standpoint (art design, animation, direction) is first rate. It's not Makoto Shinkai quality but it's definitely above average. They did a great job with the "love story in snow" visual design. The music was fine, although nothing outstanding.

The story was also very good, moving in places, and worked well as a fairy tale. It was very melodramatic like Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien. Unfortunately it also relied heavily on tired, lame plot devices like terminal illness and car accidents. The comparison with Makoto Shinkai seems apt because part of the story reminded me of a narrative theme from The Place Promised in Our Early Days, the theme of lovers who are separated by some circumstance but who are connected through dreams. I also had a hard time accepting that so many girls would be into a guy like Yuichi. He's a very boring and uninteresting character. Even though he would deny it, he is definitely what we call a "player," having had a history with or getting involved with five girls. He gets involved with someone, something happens, and by the next episode he's moved on to someone else. When he finally decides he loves someone, you wonder if he's being for real. You could definitely tell this anime came from one of those "choose your babe" PC games like Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, or School Days.

Overall this is an enjoyable anime, not the best of its genre, but one of the better titles from the last few years.

Posted by : Obliviator
Posted on : 2008-06-13        

Kanon is a romantic drama based anime. It's about a guy called Aizawa, Yuuichi coming back to the town he used to visit when he was young. He can't remember much about the past, and the series thus is mainly about unveiling his past.

Characters (7/10)
The main is Aizawa Yuuchi; he's quite funny, but he's not really a kind of guy who's a favorite. My favorite character, Tsukumiya Ayu, is incredibly funny and has a good story behind her. All the other mains are funny as well and they all have their own story.

Music (8/10)
The OP and ED are very calm and peaceful. They suit the calmness and peace of the town and the mystery of the past.

Animation (9/10)
The animation is very good. It shows emotion nicely and draws beautiful scenes. That really all I can say.

I recommend this anime to anyone who likes dramatic stuff once you've watched it. You won’t ever forget it.

Posted by : moonstar
Posted on : 2008-05-29        

This is one of the most touching and sad animes I have ever watched. The story focus around a boy, Yuichi, who has lost his childhood's memory of a town he used to visit and the girls who await his return. As the story progress, he begins to recover part of his forgotten memory. The plot is deep and it is sometimes hard to understand certain characters behavior which can only be explained after all the mastery of his past is solved. Apart from that, the story does contains some humor, which is a great addition to its sad storyline.

The main character is a very caring person, who show high level of commitment into helping those he likes. He even goes to school at night to help fighting off demons even if might cost him his life.

The graphic is very well done. The scenarios changing from the evening sunset of a busy shopping district to the early morning calmness of a residential street to a dark windy night in the forest. All of them are done beautifully. The female characters are cute and well animated.

The soundtracks are nice and well executed. They range from a happy, fun school day to a demon slaying battle theme and they are well suit to the environment. The opening and closing theme songs are nice and the sad opening them song is nice complement to its storyline. The characters' voices are realistic and successfully portray the characters' moods. The lead female character, Ayu's favorite phrase 'uguu' is particularly cute and humourous.

All in all, Kanon is one of the best animes in term of its sad and touching storyline and its beautiful voice acting and graphic.

Posted by : Gen3s1s
Posted on : 2008-05-07        

Kanon is nothing short of amazing it's full of impressive characters, music, and the animation is beautiful. Its everything you'd expect from Kyoto Animation.

The characters are all superb. Not one of them is annoying no matter how you look at them. They are all beautifully designed and their are personalities that have never been done before. A little too unique I suppose. Each character differs from one another and you will definitely enjoy getting to know them via character development and personality. The character development travels deep into a characters past which can be repetitive seeing as it's done with every character you meet, but it's good, thanks to the fact that there stories are amazing and everyone of them are definitely worth remembering.

The animation is the same as Clannad's, big eyes which will eventually become unnoticeable, scenes that look beautiful with incredible attention to detail and an amazing shine effect that makes things sparkle. Its special but nothing new. I think Kyoto Animation needs to use something different, maybe characters with regular size eyes one day.

The story is incredible not just the stories within the story although it may seem like its all it is, however there all just events that occur to make the main character who he is each forcing him to remember them in his past, Which can seem lame but trust me it isn't it's all greatness with some sad, happy and funny moments.

The Music fits the anime perfectly it really captures every emotion imaginable played at exactly the right time, no matter what. The OP and ED could be better though, I suppose it suits with the sort of dreamy effect it has but the anime itself is hardly dream although there is one little thing, but still it could be better.

All in all an unforgettable anime. If you're a fan of Kyoto animations work, then this wont let you down. It captures a wonderful world filled with superb characters, beautiful stories and so much more.

Posted by : kannagisai
Posted on : 2008-01-17        

Ok, it's settled. Kyoto Animation studios the absolute pinnacle of anime production these days. Pretty much everything they do is spectacular and you'd be hard-pressed to find too many detractors. Kanon is one of their more recent titles, a remake of a 2002 OAV. The key to the success of this and many of their other series is taking an unexpected approach to a familiar theme and then going slightly into the supernatural to explain the deviation. It somehow works for them, and Kanon is another superb example of this formula.

I would have loved to give this a perfect score, but I have recently viewed all of the studio's works consecutively and have noticed a somewhat disturbing trend -- they're all basically the same. As previously stated in the last paragraph, it works well for them, but if you take into account the similarities in each show, you begin to feel like you've done this already. That being said, watching Kanon independently is a beautiful, comprehensive, and very entertaining experience. Each episode, especially towards the end of the series, has such emotional impact that you want to thank yourself that you've allowed yourself to be a fan of the medium. It's seriously that good. The basic story is a somewhat of a metaphor for the impact of a promise in a child's eyes and how the memory of those events can foster feelings of extreme joy or sorrow in the future. The characters are given their own mini-arcs of sort to explain the relationships and I must say that the ending will not disappoint (for a change, right?).

Kanon is highly recommended. A definite must watch if you like good drama or love a well structured story. Well done Kyoto.

Posted by : LacusCC
Posted on : 2007-08-15        

The first thing that strikes you when watching this anime is the beautiful artwork and superior animation. It's very, very well done. Probably the best I've ever seen in a show of this length. It's a solid 10, no questions asked.

Then there's the opening theme. Personally, I didn't like it at all. Sure, it was dreamy and appropriate considering the story, but watching it even once was a chore for me. The ending song was a bit better, but not exactly good. When it comes to background music, it ranged from average to good... I guess the game-like music was intentional, although at times it didn't fit at all. Bringing up the sound-score is the voice acting, which is top-notch all the way.

The story was... pretty predictable most of the time. I liked the first introduction arc. Characters were introduced very well, and it was funny, as well as being incredibly cute. As the show continued, through each arc, I liked it less and less. The melodrama got worse and worse for every character they focused on. It was so extremely over the top that I couldn't sympathize with the characters at all, and Yuuichi felt like a complete stranger after a while. The main story or mystery or whatever was pretty nice, I guess, but not original and both predictable and inconsistent. I guess it's like this due to different paths you can take in the game, but when every path is presented semi-consecutively, it just becomes a mess.

The characters are mostly pretty solid, although most of them also have some pretty hardcore childhood memories that just seem too far fetched. Also, many of them are very similar to each other. The early Yuuichi is by far the most appealing character, followed by Nayuki. Unfortunately, Yuuichi changes during the show, and becomes quite the opposite of what he was.

In the end, I felt that watching this anime was more of a chore than a pleasure. It started out pretty good, but after a few episodes it took a dive for the worse and completely failed to sway my emotions; shows much less focused on drama than this have done a better job at it. The only reason I'd ever watch any part of it again would be due to the animation.

But hey, if you're very emotional and willing to ignore some plot holes and a LOT of cheesyness, this is probably the show for you.

Posted by : enhanceD
Posted on : 2007-07-27        

I'd have to say this was one of the most well-constructed anime i've ever watched. It keeps you entertained throughout the whole series and brings out many aspects to keep it alive, such as humor, romance, and heck, some action too.

Animation: It's great. From start to finish, I never got tired of it, and it stayed rather consistent. Though some may question the character designs (big eyes), I got used to it in no time.
Plot: Very smooth and interesting. If i'm not mistaken, there wasn't a single filler episode, and each episode had some vital happenings contributing to the plot. The transitions between each arc were executed very nicely to make them all connect. There is also a supernatural element involved, and, to me, it made Kanon all the more interesting.
Characters: Unique. Each character had his or her unique personality, and many even had a trademark word or phrase. Each episode develops the characters nicely and keeps the plot lively.
Music: It wasn't anything remarkable, but it matched with the overall mood of the anime well. The ED is probably the most notable song of the series.

What can I say, I'm glad I watched this anime. In fact, it might even be rewatchable because of the humor involved. All in all, this is something that shouldn't be looked over.

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2007-07-26        

I was hesitant to watch this anime as it is written by Key, who made Air, which very much depresses me. However, I'm surprised by how interesting the episodes develops, which made me stick to this series to the end. My first impression wasn't very good; it just seem like a series with high quality visuals and audio (expected from Kyoto animations) and detailed character designs (expected for a visual novel to sell), but seeing how it chains them together nicely into such a story, it has became one of my favorite animes.

I’ve never watched Kanon 2002 when I wrote this.

Each of the female leads had their own arcs which unfolds consecutively, aside from Nayuki and Ayu who unfolds together. It seemed a little awkward how Mai is used cheaply to create a link between them, but that’s ok. The style of Key is always about leaving but cherishing the moments that (they) had, which is kind of depressing (like Air which I’ve felt so depressed after watching) but luckily the ending concludes everything nicely.

I agree with jpooj about how one unresolved character seems to be making the anime "imperfect", which can make the series ends even better but well, didn’t. But what happens to her is still a mystery (seeing the end of her arc) but I guess that’s the best way for her due to the own background.

Story Style
One bad thing about what I've seen is that ALL these characters are, well, somewhat far from reality, as these kinds of "behaviors" are your typical anime style of protagonist-focused personalities (act cute and practically sticks to the protagonist no matter what happened). Which makes it very different from series what focus more on real life behaviors, like NHK. Thankfully this is a plot concentrated series, which makes this unimportant.

The atmosphere setting is amazing, with all the background animation, sounds and music, that really pulls you into the story and become part of it. Full of character development, it feels like I’ve already watched a series in just 5 episodes. Despite it’s kind of slow pace, it’s actually hard to get bored watching this.

I find it hard to get over Shiori’s killer phrase: Sonakoto yuito kirai desu! (laughs)

Designed by Key, animated my Kyo-Ani. Need I say anymore? Excellent.

Music and Sounds
Sticking to the original visual novel music is nice but the OP tends to get boring, although the great visual effect accompanied with the song delivers impact. The ED conclude each episodes wonderfully, but I tend to skip it (on to the next episode).

Their voices are really attractive (like Shiori's Killer phrase above) with VAs like Tomozaku Sugita and Horie Yui (although I'm surprised by how old some of the VAs are).

Well, I could overlook some of the flaws with it’s ending and alluringness. Although it never got me “high" (a style I look for in anime), it’s really, well, heart-warming to deserve a 10.

Posted by : Oops_Autumn
Posted on : 2007-07-20        

An anime full of "uguu", "nyuu", and "auu". I mean how much can a person expect from an anime? Those three words etched into my brain for eternity.

Kanon 2006 is a most memorable feat. We rejoin our heroes Yuuichi, Nayuki, and Ayu for a re-made thrill. The original Kanon had few flaws and Kanon 2006 did well in smoothing those patches out. The original Kanon, being released in 2002, was great and upon hearing an announcement of a re-make I was thrilled. To start off, obviously the the graphics were cleaned up and the colors became outstandingly vivid. Character designs also changed a bit but a bit for the better. Again this anime was depressing but maybe it was used as a device to contrast the happy ending. The story really hits you and your flooded with feelings of sympathy and empathy.

The characters were essential to bring back feelings our sorrow. Ayu is as effervescent as ever and Yuuichi is as crafty/sarcastic as ever. Is that a good thing? In my book, it is as the perfect combinations of characters brought a performance that I can never forget. So that means that the characters were all cleaned up and were given a face lift. The music also received a face lift and it surpassed its predecessor.

Overall this anime perfected its flaws from its past and went above and beyond. Its a sad and cruel story yet still lovable. I highly recommend this anime to all anime viewers as it is essential to any anime library.

Story 10/10
Characters 10/10
Music 10/10
Overall 10/10
Talk about a clean sweep!!

Posted by : hurricanedra
Posted on : 2007-06-18        

This anime was great in all aspects. Almost everything I could think of about the anime was superb. I'll start off with:

The Storyline
Now, I don't like leaving the best for last. This time, the best is first. This anime's storyline is absolutely amazing. Every character's arc was perfectly portrayed, told, and created. This anime excels at evoking emotions, especially mine. ^_^ The sad parts are sad, amazingly so, but when they add funny, happy parts, it doesn't feel out of place. What I liked best, however, was the constant referrance to dreams and memories. I've always loved things like that. ^_^

The Characters
Now, once again, this section is great. Every character was enjoyable to watch, and funny at times. My personal favorite, Ayu, was absolutely adorable throughout the whole anime. Her constant "Uguu~" made me smile every time.

This anime was beautifully portrayed; the colors and animation were flawless in all aspects. The snowfall looked beautiful when a dramatic setting was required, and harsh and freezing cold, when it needed to be. One scene contained an absolutely stunningly beautiful sunset.

The music goes well with the theme of the anime. Well, the OP does. "Last Regrets" was a great slow song, and in itself was a perfect choice for an OP for an anime such as this. The ED, of course, works perfectly also. Being the ending theme of the actual Kanon Visual Novel, it works perfectly as the ED of the anime also.

Storyline: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Visuals: 10/10
Music: 10/10

Posted by : gpooj
Posted on : 2007-05-27        

Really, I don't understand this "more than 10 out of 10" business. Here's a realistic review for anyone who wants to watch this anime.

Story (9/10):
This is the story of a guy named Yuichi and the revovery of his memory. Yuichi often visited his aunt and cousin in their town while he was a child. Now that Yuichi is attending high school he is returning to the town of his childhood memories. One catch though. Yuichi has lost the memory of his previous visits due to a tragic event that occurred during his previous visit. The mystery slowly unfolds as Yuichi meets people he had been acquainted with in the past. Did I mention it's really sad? Keep that in mind if you're about to watch this, you won't realize till you're almost half-way through. If you liked Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, this is almost similar, without the adult theme.

One good thing to know is that Ayu is the secondary main character. That knowledge should make the story a little easier to understand. You may not notice this because she is almost completely neglected throughout the majority of the series. Again, there's a reason for this that I will not divulge.

Music (5/10):
Hmm, can't say I really liked the music. I didn't notice it much during the episodes and I didn't really like the opening or closing. I didn't find that the closing which seems to be so popular to fit the mood at all.

Style (8/10):
Good style, except for one little flaw. Aside from one other character, Yuichi is the only guy. Having said that, all the girls in this series appear to be 5 years younger than Yuichi (aside from his cousin) although they claim to be the same age. There's almost a reason for this, but I won't divulge.

Lasting Appeal (8.5/10):
It's so sad it's almost ridiculous at times. That kinda stuck with me, so, points points points.

Pros :
Very emotional! If you like that, and being sad, go for this one.
Cons :
How all the girls look like they're 12 with the exception of his cousin Nayuki.
Interesting Parts :
How everything works out in the end, except for one thing. You'll know what I mean if you watch it. It still bugs me that everything didn't work out. Look very carefully when they show the tree stump on the last episode, in the corner just behind it you can see the only unresolved character. Maybe just to remind you that the ending could have been happier, but isn't...I dunno.

My opinion (7.5/10): (rounded up for star ranking)
Hmm, that doesn't add up at all does it?) Oh well. Yuichi is the kind of person most guys wish they could be. He's able to say things in every situation and cope with ridiculously traumatic events. The number of times he bears having loved ones torn away from him is definitely far more than I could ever handle. I recommend this to anyone who's been known to enjoy a sad journey that turns out in the end.

Posted by : NatureDragon
Posted on : 2007-05-19        

Storyline/Plot: 12/10
A wonderful storyline which touches my heart. The storyline was very detailed with (sorrowful) sub-plots blending well with each other. This makes the whole storyline flow smoothly and you will find it easy to understand why certain events took place in the beginning episodes. The story also adds in the element of supernatural stuff which spice up the entire storyline. An overall excellent romance anime which catches my heart.

Character development: 12/10
Yuuichi, the male protagonist, was given the entire series to show his true feelings, thoughts, emotions and the memory of the what had happened 7 years ago. His character may seem rather nasty but he actually do care for all the others.
The female protagonist, Ayu, may seem to be given minor roles to play until her arc (last part of the story). However, the minor details of her adds a lot to her character. With her existence shrouded by mystery until the end, which makes the concluding few episodes really heartwarming.
Other female characters also have their own arcs to shine and have their story blending into Yuuichi's. This makes this anime a masterpiece. Other side characters were also given their roles to play which I find it rather wonderful.

Graphics: 10/10
The female characters were drawn with cute small lips and slightly longer chins which makes them distinctly kawaai and unique. The actions of the characters were also well elaborated and the environment settings were also lovely drawn.

Songs/Music: 12/10
"Last regrets" by Ayana was a slow paced lovely song extreme suited for kanon as its opening theme. The ending theme was also lovely and heartwarming.
By placing in the original music of Johann Pachelbel's "Kanon(Canon)" adds extra merit to the anime as this is a very beautiful piece of classical music piece.

Overall: 12/10
I really love how Kanon melted my heart at times (even broke my heart at times). With each characters playing significant roles to the main story in their own arc, you would be amazed by how well they were actually able to blend into one main storyline.
Kanon is a must watch for romance anime fans and deserves to get a better than perfect score for its well crafted storyline.

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