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Glass Fleet

Alternate title : Garasu no Kantai: La legende du vent de l'univers

Studio : GONZO

Licenced by : FUNimation

Length : 26 Episodes

Year : 2006

Genre : Adventure - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
After conquering the corrupt Aristocratic Alliance, Lord Vetti managed to establish his own Empire, promising to unify and bring prosperity to the Galaxy. But the situation did not change for the people, Aristocrats continued to run the show and Michel Vaurban in turn created the People's Army, with the aim of overthrowing the new establishment. But Michel is aware that the forces of the People's Army are no match for the numerous and experienced imperial forces and that they need a savior to turn the tide decisively.

After being cornered by an Imperial warship, Michel's savior appears as Cleo, the rogue captain of a glass ship bearing the standard of the long-dead royal family. But Michel will need more than words to turn the fiercely independent Cleo into the figure that the people so desperately need to defeat Vetti's powerful empire.

Additional Note: The show's original TV run consists of 24 episodes, but there are two additional DVD-only episodes [one of them being episode 16.5 (not a re-cap episode)] which bring the total length of the series to 26.

Added : 2006-03-31
Synopsis by : leoxjm
Last update : 2008-03-02
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Score : 3
Number of reviews : 2

Link(s) :

Official #1 : FUNimation's official Glass Fleet site (English)
Official #2 : Official Garasu no Kantai Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Mihimaru GT - Tsuyoku Tsuyoku

ED1 : Plastic Tree - Namida Drop
ED2 : ANZA - To the other side

Release(s) :

2007-04-11 -- Episode(s) 16 by gg Fansubs. BT Link
2006-12-11 -- Episode(s) 24 by gg Fansubs. BT Link
2006-12-11 -- Episode(s) 23 by gg Fansubs. BT Link

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Original Character Design

Series Composition
Yonemura, Shoji

 Corbeille de Veil, Cleo Volban de Cabelle, Michel Sforza de Roselait, Vetti Deon de Lac, Ralph Rachel Eimer Nowy Badat
 Heizak Silvernail, Jean Silvernail, Sylua

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Posted by : leoxjm
Posted on : 2008-03-21        

This is the standard bearer of a handful of animes carrying an unwanted distinction of mine: I never finished it, and I don't ever intend to. I think that watching well beyond the first half of Glass Fleet and feeling tortured by it means that no matter how great or awesome its finale and final stretch are, they won't justify the appallingly craptastic spectacle that came before it. There really isn't anything about the show that I considered really worthwhile at any point. Maybe at the beginning, but all the potential this show had remained untapped. It is a waste with a vengeance.

Glass Fleet's story is about a sort of "people's revolution" against the might of Lord Vetti, who failed to make good on the promise of liberation for the people and became just another tyrant lusting for more and more power. Enter the righteous Michel leading the proletariat in its struggle, only to land flat on his/her face because the proletariat is obviously poor, disorganized, and has practically no fighting capability. Therefore, he/she needs some sort of hero to rally the masses and finds it in the "space pirate with an attitude" known as Cleo, who doesn't want such a job but ends up coming around.

You might have noticed that I used "he/she" when it came to talking about Michel, but that is really the most accurate way to say it. Anyone with at least half a brain will notice at first sight that "Michel" is female, but that for some reason everyone treats her as male. Then we find out that she's passing herself as male (for reasons I won't specify) but, surprisingly, everyone just buys it and it is "surprising" when they discover that "he" is a "she". I'm not sure what the makers intended the audience to believe, but if they were really trying to surprise us, they failed. They only succeed in making us realize that even the smartest guys of the cast are stupid enough not not tell genders apart. Bad sign.

Cleo isn't an interesting character. Despite his "more than meets the eye" backstory and connection with the Royal family, the guy is not interesting. Most of the time he's gratuitously stuck up, moody and a bit of an asshole. It even looks like the reason why he gets involved is more because he hates Vetti's guts than anything else which isn't really a bad reason, but it's still all about him. While there isn't a need to turn him into a bleeding heart thinking "oh, the people" like Michel is, I think it would have been better if he would at least care for people other than himself and his crew. At least as far as I got, the character was fairly static, and not compelling enough for me to not care if that changes or not later.

Finally, we have Vetti... who is a fairly creepy character if you ask me. His sexual orientations are quite questionable throughout, and his bizarre relationship with Ralph opens the likelihood that he's also a pedophile. That is probably not uncommon among stuck-up, power-hungry feudal lords of Vetti's type, but his personality is about as "gratuitously ambitious" as his sexuality, so they successfully manage to make him absolutely devoid of saving graces (aside from fighting prowess and intelligence... hardly "graces"). While lacking saving graces isn't a bad thing for a villain, I was under the impression that Glass Fleet was trying to be elaborate and sophisticated. It never really comes together as such, probably because they never try well enough with things such as character management.

Rachel is also a lackluster character. She sees clearly through Vetti's lies, only to get entangled by them and going whiny because he doesn't love her, even though she's always aware that he never did and would never have. While initially she's a potentially interesting character, she's managed with such clumsiness as to make her a complete waste.

The remaining cast is just as bland. Each of them can be accurately described with a single line: Ralph is Vetti's loyal lapdog (sex toy?). Eimer the spunky, tomboyish girl. Nowy the bespectacled, shy geek. Badat the effective drunkard. Hizack, the gratuitously angry, over-the-top weapons specialist. The maid and butler are the loyal maid and butler. And that's about it. These guys are static in their roles.

The first impressions this show makes are modestly good, but unfortunately it just gets worse as the episode count increases. Even then Glass Fleet might have been bearable if it had lasted for half its length, the halfway point of the series features a battle of "finale" proportions... which turns around "just because". There weren't any ongoing/unfinished plots of any real significance at that point, everything looks like it's the endgame... and the series then gratuitously drags on for twice the length such a show should have had. Even past that point, the show's politics remain so simple that a child could have conceived of them. "kill the king, kill the kingdom", "we need a saving hero", "I'm king, everyone does as I say because I say so". Yawn. We get it. We don't need another dozen or so episodes of clumsy storytelling and mismanaged characters!

Just as mismanaged as the cast and story are the shows physics. Now, I know this is anime, so I'm not gonna complain about "noise in space" and stuff, but can't we at least be consistent or even have token respect for the basics of space-faring? The thing is, space battleships get punctured, wrecked, etc... and the people walk around in them like normal. No depressurization, no lack of air, no nothing. Ok, fine, but what does a character does when he wants to commit suicide? Space himself and die right away. Vetti and Cleo's duel also takes place in open space, and both do just fine. What the hell? and can someone please explain to me how does a ship made out of glass survive impacts that completely destroy metal, a more flexible and shock resistant material? Even if they pitched any sort of explanation I'd be happy, but they don't even bother with more than "the Royal Family's technology is the best!" So I guess we're just supposed to take it for granted. Just like everything else, apparently. I've never considered myself a big physics freak, but... geez. Even that part of Glass Fleet makes me feel like my intelligence is being insulted!

Visually, Glass Fleet isn't all too impressive. The space battles are CG animated. I personally didn't think they were too great, but that was probably because they clash so much with the more traditional-looking character animations. It almost looks like you're watching two different shows at times. The unbelievable physics don't help here either. I wasn't too fond of the character designs either, but they pass. At least their realistic-serious looking style goes well with the mood the show was supposed to have. The mechanical designs for the spaceships are even better, because they really look good. Cleo's ship, in particular, has a nice, sleek design that successfully screams "I'm special and you're not". The music struck me as adequate and fitting but, since the rest of the show is so lame, I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. Even if the soundtrack is as good as it could possibly be, nobody should watch this series just to listen to it. It's not worth it.

Glass Fleet I just as devoid of saving graces as its villain Vetti. There simply isn't anything good about this show, nothing to take attention away from its multiple flaws. It tires to be smart but isn't. The characters simply suck. The animation is like a roller coaster, with highs and downs all over the place. There's simply nothing to like. It certainly had potential at first, but it never realized it. Seriously, avoid Glass Fleet at all costs. Just about any other anime, no matter how mediocre it is, will make for a more worthwhile watch.

Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2007-01-16        

I normally won't write reviews about shows that I don't finish. However on rare occasions, I will make exceptions. After forcing myself to sit through the first 8 episodes, this is one of those exceptions. I've been trying to think of the best way to describe this show. After some thought, I've come up with this...

Predictable and pointless drama.

The coloring was decent, music is ok, and thats about it. The story is an overly dramatic attempt to make a sci fi action oriented adventure. However they neglected to consider plot, and especially couldn't be bothered to write some original dialog. Instead this plays out like many other bad Japanimes. I almost fell out of my chair laughing as I watched the fleets engage. All I could think of, was how pathetic the whole thing was. No strategy, no tactics. Its as if someone who has no idea about the military, battles, or warfare, was asked to draw a battle, and rather then find out how it might look, simply drew something to look pretty and impressive. All the ships are lined up, perfectly oriented for being blasted. Oh, but the other side does the same thing, so I guess its all right then. BAH! Then to make matters worse, we are treated to lame explosions on the supposed space ships.

The saddest part about this is, had they bothered to consider just a few things, this could have been a good anime. For example, don't have your characters preen and pose as if they are on camera. Make them appear more natural. Stop the pathetic, stern and determined dialog. Come up with something fresh and original. And above all, decent animation. If there is an explosion, the ship shouldn't be looking fresh as a daisy. Finally, a little humor goes a long way.

Overall I strongly urge people to give this a pass. The pathetic animation, lack of plot, and overly dramatic story simply make this one unbearable to watch.

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