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Alternate title : The One Being Sung

Studio : Oriental Light and Magic (OLM)

Licenced by : FUNimation

Also involved : ADV Films

Length : 26 Episodes

Year : 2006

Genre : Romance - Mystery - Action - Adventure - Fantasy

Synopsis :
Something is burning... sharp fangs... suddenly a gentleman is awake from his nightmare staring at an unfamiliar ceiling. Beside him is a beautiful girl who attends to his wounds. It seems like he has passed out and was saved by this girl who introduces herself as Eruruu. What surprises him next is that he finds out that he has no memories of his past, and doesn't even know who he was. What's more, he is wearing a weird looking mask that he cant take off.

After being assured about his whereabouts by Eruruu, he starts a new life and starts to blend into the villagers. However, their peaceful village doesn't seems to last. Something within the woods seems to threaten their everyday lives. However this is just the beginning, what is in store for our amnesia hero? Why is he wearing a mask he can't take off? Why did he ended up in that village? What is the nightmare that keeps haunting him? Something is not right... but what is it?

Additional Notes: This series ranked #9 in Anime-Source's Best of 2006 poll.

This anime was originally licensed by ADV films, but ARMS Corporation transfered its distribution license to FUNimation Entertainment in mid 2008.

Added : 2006-04-09
Synopsis by : Yuun
Last update : 2015-10-31
Last update details : Link added
Score : 8.83 Ranked #48 by users
Number of reviews : 24

Link(s) :

Official #1 : MXTV's Utawarerumono Website (Japanese)
Official #2 : Official Utawarerumono Website (Japanese)

A-Source #1 : Utawarerumono OVA
A-Source #2 : Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen

Song(s) :

OP1 : SUARA - Musouka

ED1 : Eri Kawai - Madoromi no Rinne
ED2 : SUARA - Kimi ga Tame

Release(s) :

2015-11-04 -- Episode(s) 1-26 by -__-'. BT Link
2015-10-21 -- Episode(s) 1 by -__-'. BT Link
2015-04-21 -- Episode(s) 1-26 by Exiled-Destiny. BT Link

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Character Design
Nakata, Masahiko

 Eruruu Nuwangi Touka Kurou Gura Dori Dii Hakuoro
 Urutori Kamyu Aruruu Yuzuha Sakuya Karura Tuskuru Benawi
 Oboro Teoro

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Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2008-02-14        

Just looking at the girls already makes me think that the Wikipedia article about it's origins as a porn game has some merit… Anyways, Utawarerumono is a solid anime that delivers an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend this series (Don't forget to watch the DVD specials, they are freaking hilarious).

The story revolves around the one named Hakuoro and the anime documents his rise to power in the country of Tusukuru. The story can be broken down into several sections based on whom Tusukuru is fighting against. The story is very linear in each section and they all appear to be made from the same mould. They weren't all that interesting but overall enjoyable.

This series works best when it is combining comedy with action. This is why I think it belongs in the same genre as Bleach and Naruto. To compare it to twelve kingdoms and its epic world-changing politics is quite unfair to this series. This series somehow manages to keep a lighter mood compared to other anime involving empire management. Unlike Twelve kingdoms or Naruto I keep coming back to this series. So it is a good blend of both genres. It has the lighter comedy mixed in with the more gritty war scenes and politics.

Hence to conclude this series is enjoyable and takes the best of what made Naruto and Bleach good while also borrowing the elements from Twelve Kingdom. It's good just not outstanding, 8/10.

Posted by : sssl0202
Posted on : 2007-12-24        

Utawarerumono is a fantasy anime based on, I believe, a strategy game.

I've never played the game so I don't know how much it relates to the game, but as an anime Utawarerumono is fairly interesting.

It deals with kingdoms in its fantasy setting and revolves around mostly wars and battles.

It is quite similar to another anime I've watched called Twelve Kingdom, in a sense that it is about a character who works himself to become a king and deals with the problems of his kingdom. Unfortunately, Utawareumono is unable to match the quality of Twelve Kingdoms in so many ways.

I'll write this review in more of comparison between these two animes to make judgment of the quality of this anime easier.

First the mood for both anime is quite different. Twelve Kingdom uses more of fantasy world that relates to reality of life. Both anime might have mythical creatures, but the way people lives in Twelve Kingdom is more believable that such world just might exist in parallel universe. Starting with personalities of people in that world, the cities being not as bright and clean, etc etc etc.

Utawareumono has more of Miyazaki's movie-like fantasy world. The characters are too noble without a hint of personal interest, the cities are usually very bright and clean, and even the mythical creatures look beautiful and noble. It's a world that feels more like a dream than a realistic possibility.

It's funny to talk about fantasy world being a realistic possibilities and such, but that's how anime makes you feel.

Both anime taking different approach to the feel of their world is not something you can compare. Both have their strengths and choosing one other another is not a flaw. I just wanted mention it so I wouldn't be misunderstood I gave lower rating to Utawareumono because it didn't follow Twelve Kingdom directly.

Well, now let me explain what Utawareumono lacked to not receive higher rating.

One of the flaws of Utawareumono is that it lacks detail. The political situation of the world is rarely covered and portrayed into very simple manner. It's left simply there is a bad king, that's why you need revolution. King of another nation is bad so they have to fight to defend their own nation, etc. They don't go in much details and just tries to portray them as evil you must defeat. In Twelve Kingdom, the unfit kings are given stories what they did wrong, and what their intentions were. They go in details to create deeper understanding from the viewers what it is needed for people to revolt. Also Twelve Kingdom shows the positives and negatives of revolution and difficulties that follows it. Not to mention how difficult it is to succeed. In Utawarerumono, the revolution was handled quite easily. It never really makes you feel any tension because it was solved so easily, and ultimately it drains quite a bit of drama out of the story due to it. That alone is quite a bit of flaw because Utawareumono takes portrays itself as more of political and strategic anime, and immediately it lacks that element.

Second flaw would be characters. I am fond of noble characters and such, but many of the characters seems rather unfit for the role and very limited with personalities they have. I'll use kings from Twelve Kingdom and Utawareumono as the example. Yoko, the queen in Twelve Kingdom has shown the viewers multiple sides of her. She showed the viewers her past, the selfish side of her, noble side of her, her weakness, her flaws, and her strengths. Hakuro in Utawareumono, doesn't show much personalities. Only personalities he shows is that he is calm and he is nice guy. He is almost robotic.

It is much easier to be attached to Yoko than Hakuro due to that, but not only that, Yoko shows why she is fit to be a queen. She doesn't just show mercy to her people, but she shows her strength by punishing them when needed. Most of all, she has certain level of authority. Hakuro shows he is a genius and he is very benevolent, but he never shows much of the authority of a king.

Such details is what ultimately becomes the difference between two anime. Twelve Kingdom manages to provide the viewers enough tension and drama using those elements which ultimately makes the story be much more powerful. Utawaremono lacks such detail, thus resulting their story told in much weaker fashion.

Utawaremono does have other positives to make up, such as music and animation quality, but ultimately that lack of powerful story telling just becomes glaring weakness and flaw and fails to really reach out to viewers and reach for their heart.

I do think it is a shame they couldn't make more detailed storyline and put more effort into showing all the aspects of characters.

Utawaremono is interesting anime to watch and for fantasy fans it certainly does a decent job to be worthy of your time, but it just doesn't do enough to be called must have.

If you are looking for fantasy anime that is based on political and military strategy, I recommend this anime but make sure you don't miss Twelve Kingdoms.

Posted by : xxscrimagexx
Posted on : 2007-04-05        

I, too, was first curious about this anime because for two reasons. First, it had a high rating which meant that all you anime-fans out there really liked this and also because it's in the romance section which I am a BIG sucker for. I think that this anime has a exciting twist to those romance fans out there because this isn't like the harem/shounen-ai/hentai stuff. This is actually quite sophisticated and it isn't all about love. I give this story a 10 stars rating because it deserved it and this is how it is split up.

Music: 10 - The opening song and the end fits the story very well and it kind of reveals what type of story it is. The background music made the story very much alive. It somehow follows the story using just sound and beat.

Animation: 9 - Very much what I expected of 2006 anime. It's original and refreshing, but I didn't give a 10 because the style somehow changed towards the end.

Story: 8 - Made me cry of course, like all the other high rating ones on anime-source. The ending and the flashbacks of the future aren't very convincing. But overall it fit very well like a jig-saw puzzle. Probably of the weak point of the story.

Characters: 10 - It has a wide variety of characters. All of them are very believable and each of their secrets are better than what they really show. This is probably one of the strong point of the story.

Overall: 10 - Since I can't give 9.5 10 wound have to do. This story has made me realize (hopefully you guys will realize this too) that true love and friendship can't be bought or forced. Hakuoro gained that many friendships just by persuasion but by put his heart and everything he has on the line. He started with nothing, hence the amnesia, but in the end, he gained what possibly no other character in the story has dreamed of. True love and real die-hard friends.

Posted by : armedlord
Posted on : 2007-03-18        

What some may not have known is that Utawaremono started off as a Strategy type game with a few sexual scenes for the PC. There is also a PS2 version without the hentai/sex scenes. Japanese though.

Just letting you know a little about it's history for those not in the know.

Now, what can I say about Utawaremono other than that little history lesson?

Let's see, first off is character development. It appears that only Eruruu and Hakuro have some kind of devolopment and not that much at all from what I can see.

Eruruu's thoughts of how she feels about Hakuro, which from where I can stand, does not appear to have any reason to be there in the anime. I suppose it's the nightingale effect -you nurse them back to help and you somehow become romantically attracted to the person- that gave the creators of the anime the reason to do that, but whatever.

Hakuro...he's...well he's like a robot mostly in the anime it appears. I suppose that can be blamed with him not having any memory before being found by Eruruu, but still. He's extremely smart despite that as he apparently whips of strategies within seconds. His memory is what basically drives what little development that I've seen and recall really. Broods about who or what he could be and such. That's it.

The other characters just appear to be there and never get fleshed out properly. All i can see is of how their skills develop in fighting during peacetime. That's it. Except for maybe an episode or two, it's mainly focused on Eruruu and Hakuro's development. Any flashbacks also mainly come from those two as well.

I do have to say that there is some kind of character development...but only somewhat in the DVD specials and they still involve Hakuro in them somehow.

Plot? Bah, the only plot is Hakuro's memory problems and fighting/wars erupting with him in them in some way or another...both actually being connected in a way that gave me headaches thinking about it. Trust me, nearly every episode has at least one or the other at least.

Music? Ah, now that's one of the things that makes this series shine! Other than the opening and the ending, I am quite sure that it was mostly using classical instruments, not to mention that it certainly gave the feel of being within Japanese culture of old. It certainly fitted in within the settings of Utawaremono.

Voices? Eh, all I can say is that they at least appear to fit in correctly with how they look. I don't know about the english version of voices so I wouldn't know.

Art/Animations? Well made out I think...although considering that I'm a guy and most of the cast are of the female type, I can say that at the very least, the women are GREAT looking. The men however, some of them are way too 'bishi' for my tastes...let alone the twins who are supposed to be male what what I can remember. Crazy 'trap' twins. Can't tell if they are or are not really.

However, one of the things that you'll notice that in most of the fight scenes, it's basically a rehash from eariler episodes. At least, that's only against the cannon fodder troops when that happens. The only times you get to see something new is when there's an important character/villian in the anime. (like Touka against Karura)

To get to the point. Utawaremono is an okay to decent anime only if you know the history of the game a bit. Otherwise, you'll probably think it's more or less boring and probably confusing. Like some of the anime I have watched before, this series probably had a tight budget so that we don't really get to have a more fleshed out series that had a real good potential for becoming into one damn good anime. Also since I think that the series must have been run by Hakuro/Eruruu fans, that made the other characters development nil and just eye-candy basically to me. Seriously, You would have to probably play the game just to understand the other characters.

Finally, this anime is of the Serious Drama genre (except for the DVD specials, which is pure crack IMO). If you want to watch something like comedy, then this is not for you. Sure, there are times when there's an amusing moment from time to time, however, it doesn't change the fact of the series being deeply serious most of the time.

Despite how flawed my opinion is, this is how I see Utawaremono and it'll stay that way for a loooong while.

Rating: 7/10 (4.5/10 if it didn't have the music nor how the characters looked)

Posted by : xfool
Posted on : 2007-03-17        

I was curious about this anime as its rated pretty high but found it to be rather average instead. The story on the whole is rather boring with uninspiring villains and characters. The ending part seem rushed and leaves too many things left unexplained(wats the deal with that tail?). The anime also have a strange mix of cuteness and violence(nothing gory just lots of blood at some point). The fight and battle scenes are not bad with some cg thrown in.

Anyway the only reason I continued to watch it was the mystery identity of the main character(Hakuoro) but that turn out to be rather disappointing at the end...

Overall the only strong point I can see is the animation and the music, the plot is weak and unconvincing with a poor ending. Most characters are decent enough but none really stood out, the main character is pretty boring and I don't felt that he have much leadership qualities.

score: 7/10
mediocre action anime with some cute characters.

Posted by : killer_hamster
Posted on : 2007-03-08        

This anime combines many of the commonly seen characters from any anime you would be likely to watch. Which can be seen as both a pro and a con at the same time.

The wide variety of characters from the basic hero (memory loss included) to the sister type in love with the basic hero. There are characters that everyone may like and they are all jam packed into a single series.

Having too much can cause a feeling of having an incomplete story or that an ending didn't finish for all of the characters. A lack of closure can but a bitter ending to even the greatest of stories.

The animation was of a very good quality even throwing in some CG animation every once and awhile to make you really get into the anime. Definitely much higher better quality than anime currently out.

In a nut shell, the anime, itself, has a very detailed story, too detailed and then not enough detailed at some points, and a must see if your into a action packed story that you want to immerse yourself in.

Posted by : Melancoholic
Posted on : 2007-02-19        

A strange and somewhat perplexing anime, not in terms of content, but in terms of its overall impact. I can honestly say that I liked it, that it kept me entertained (almost) throughout every episode, but at the same time I was also very aware of its flaws, of which Utawarerumono has many. This fact kept me from losing myself totally in the world that's created here and by the end left me feeling just a little disappointed rather than satisfied.

Generally, this anime is pretty strong. The artwork is vibrant (though sometimes the CG sticks out a bit) and overall the animation is good. There is sometimes an over reliance on reusing action shots which is a little disappointing, but the action scenes themselves are generally excellent, so I won't complain too much. Strangely, considering a lot of Utawarerumono is so cute and moralistic, it doesn't shy away from bloodshed and death as well, which is nice to see.

The characters are nicely drawn, both in terms of art and in terms of personality. There isn't anyone who seems particularly fresh in the world of anime, in fact quite a lot of them fall into many of the cliché pitfalls that litter this genre, but they're so well created, I found myself not caring. The lead, Hakuoro, is a slight exception to this: he's not always convincing as a tortured man thrust into leadership. And as Faebinder has said, the villains aren't great. They're little more than caricatures and not very good ones at that.

As for the story, well I have to say it's not brilliant. The pacing is off, the ending is rushed, vast stretches of it seemed unnecessary (most of the series is taken up by Hakuoro's new territory fending off attack after attack from what seems to be EVERY one of his neighbouring countries) and the twist at the end isn't particularly convincing. That said, the actual events that were portrayed were perfectly decent enough to keep me interested, even if the meandering route they took sometimes grated. Finally, I have to say something about the 'enemies' at the end of the series. For me they really stuck out, especially considering the world that had been painted beforehand. They were quite unbelievable, even after the twist was revealed (which felt more than a little unbelievable in itself).

Oh, and the way they resolved the story of one of the longer running characters left me cold. You'll probably see what I mean at the end... It involves someone talking to a stone.

Animation: 8 - Generally good, the artwork is vibrant and the fight scenes well done. However the CG often looked out of place and some scenes were reused to often.

Music: 8 - I actually thought the music was a strong point. The BGMs really helped to portray the world and its characters and the OP and ED grew on me a lot, especially the ED.

Story: 6 - The unfortunate weakness of this anime. Not convincing enough and not well paced enough and at times outlandish and unbelievable.

Character: 7 - I wanted to give this an eight as the characters were generally very good. However, the poor villains and the clichés made this a seven.

Overall: 7 - A strong enjoyable series that is unfortunately undermined by a myriad of small flaws (and one or two big ones). Still, seven for me is a good score, and I wouldn't want to put anyone off watching this. It's certainly entertaining.

Posted by : BabyRichelle23
Posted on : 2007-01-20        

I have read it from somewhere that it is like a sequel from the 12 kingdoms, yes it seems similar infact it was becoz in the 12 kingdoms there is a girl ooh forgot her name... she is the destined to be the empress then they fought the other emperors sort of like that and in utawarerumono it is very similar and thats it how the story revolves.

When i watch this anime, i noticed that every episode pass there is alot of twist in the story, in the first glance i thought it is just a medieval anime but when the story get deeper there are alot of unknown event happened.

So far, i liked it but im just in the episode 12 in youtube then i skipped it and watched episode 24, 25, and that is the real story of hakuoru-san's life in the past.

About the characters, whoa very
interesting for me it was but i
don't know if others found out it interesting. I really like Eururu because i love the way she squeek were in the episode one when hakuoru touch her tail and it was very funny but Eururu is a great person i mean she dedicated to all the things she does for her younger sister, to her grandma, especially to hakuoro and to others as well. About Eururu and
Mukuru her giant mutikapa pet, there was a a great relationship
between this two and i really like all of them.

About the music, i really like it alot because it brings back the memory in the past and i enjoy listening it.

And the secenes...very bloody and gore i think this anime should be rated 16 coz it is very bloody...and can't stand to look at it and it is true and it can't be avoided and have no choice but to skipped it. And the thing about it, it seems every time they had been attacked by random enemies the scenes were repeated...and it was kinda sucks..that watching the episodes with a repeated scene so far i enjoy it though it is bloody and gore!

From the first episode to the last episodes are both great i enjoy it
alot thogh haven't watched the whole series and i skipped it because im curious. In the ending gah i thought that they willl happily ever after but it is not always like that and it is good thing that Eururu shows her true
feelings to hakuoru.

All over the score for me is 10/10

Posted by : Faebinder
Posted on : 2006-12-30        

I don't know... this anime kept going up and down for me from 8 to 9 to 8. The problem is that the anime had too many classical conflicts/outcomes for what happened in it. Details.

Artwork: 9/10. It was above average but nothing supreme. The fights were sometimes fluid but many a time they would be flash/cut. I will give them credit for at least going to some gory details which brought it up to a 9. I disliked how they emphasized a lot of fanservice.

Music: 7/10. It was less than average.. opening was blah and ending was worse. The intramusic episode was typical. It basically just supplied enough to get by in my opinion. They could have done a better.

Story: 8/10. The story setup was great... it started very solid and continued well.. then after a while it deteriorated to a bunch of chicks with bad ass swords.. At least the filler episodes were minimum... This story could have ended with bigger bang than what it did.

Character Design: 7/10. Seriously, a lot of the characters were so classic and typical in personality... luckily the drawings were different. The bad guys were horrible. absolutely horribly done and made the anime worse. When setting up a the villans, one needs to make sure that the watcher hates the villan.. not laugh at them for being incompetent... it basically drops down the seriousness of the story.

Overall, it's mediocre to above average despite the great setup... I wish they would have not committed the usual classical issues of many anime.. crappy villans, predictable story and a lot of fanservice.

Posted by : kuey
Posted on : 2006-12-21        

Utawarerumono, putting aside the rather difficult-to-pronounce name, is a very unique series based what can be called a medieval setting in which the flames of war are spread throughout a nation. This series is for those who like series with unique storylines, who can put up with a bit of tail-chasing within the plot, and enjoy medieval action scenes, most of which are depicted in wars. Also another small note, those who prefer the sweet sappy ending where everyone lives happily ever after would probably not find this series as enjoyable as others may.

Utawarerumono isn't a series which particularly shines in any aspect, be it animation, music, story, characters; however that being said the way in which it is compiled. There are many different characters in this series and what can be considered as a major positive for this series is how the roles aren't overlapping which tends to lead to plotless characters. In Utawarerumono each character has his/her own unique role, be it a major or a minor one. The animation in this series while not the best out there, certainly is above average which certainly boosts this series. The music likewise, whilst not the best, is utilised in a fashion that makes full use of the impact of music. Music generally doesn't play a leading role in scenes rather if anything it plays a supporting role, and as with supporting roles, without them, the lead can't be effective. If there can be considered a standout in this series, it would most certainly be in its originality, and the unique plot and idea. Utawarerumono isn't a repetition of previous ideas with a varying twist, it provides us with a whole new concept.

There is no such thing as a perfect series, but Utawarerumono certainly does come close. However what potentially brings this series down is the occasional tail-chasing in the plot. On top of that at times a new twist may leave the viewer saying 'what the?!' Another aspect of the series which potentially brigns the series down is the amount of characters. Whilst the implementation of so many key characters was done well it leaves many unexplained histories. Some character's pasts are explored whilst others are left untold. Overall it doesn't impact greatly on how ejoyable the series is, however it does leave a little to be desired.

Overall Utawarerumono is a great series which is fun to watch. The combination of the medieval theme and war setting sets us up for an action packed series which can potentially raise questions in ourselves about the nature of humanity and human evolution. Though you don't need any intricate understanding of human philosophy to enjoy this series, it has a certain straightforwardness that allows most viewers to enjoy it and understand what is going on for the most part.

Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2006-12-07        

Utawarerumono is a name I would rather not try to pronounce, much less try to spell. It is the story of a person who has lost his memory. While trying to remember who he is, and where he comes from, he is adopted by a family, and then must fight to protect them. One thing leads to another, and he is caught up in events beyond his control. Simply by choosing the best option available to him, he is led step by step to become the ruler of a kingdom, and beyond.

The biggest problem this series had was repetition. You know that something is going to attack him, his family, or his kingdom, and that he will have to do something to protect them. While this was explained in the plot, after awhile it really became old.

This really was a good, solid anime series. The music was good, the animation was great, though occasionally reused. Overall it was a quality show. But it just couldn't make that leap from good to great. While I give it a high score, having seen it, its not one that I would go back and watch again.

Posted by : Xristyan
Posted on : 2006-12-05        

This series started out great, and then by the end it fizzled down and didn’t really live up to its supposed hype at the start of the series.

Art/Animation>> 9
I have got no qualms regarding the art and animation. I think its one of the better ones. Though I get a little annoyed with the repetitiveness of the fight scenes. Same move, different background, an obvious shortcut.

Story>> 5
It should have been higher if they managed to be consistent from start to finish. But as it turned out a great build up in the beginning and then at the end things just went tumbling down and I drowned at the revelations.

Characters>> 6
The grading for this is connected with the story, without a good plot there won’t be any decent character development. Like the story, they all started out great but everything got rushed in the end.

Music/Sound>> 9
This is probably one of the good things about this series to save it from being a total failure. But no matter how good the song is it just won’t put the series on a much higher scale or grading.

Overall>> 7
Too bad they tried to squeeze it in a 24 episodes series when the style of storytelling they did for the first half of the show is for a longer series.

Posted by : congee
Posted on : 2006-11-28        

I've been told to re-write my review now that the show is over, so here goes. Much of it is similar to my old review because the show really was great from beginning to end.

Firstly, Dog-girls? who doesn't love that?

Anyway, the op is outstanding! It really is. I find myself listening to it over and over again, since it is just too good. The intro itself shows that the show is very promising. The Ed is not as good, but it still fits into the theme of the show really well. The background music fits the show quite well as It's very ear-pleasing.

The characters are pretty good so far: The main male character, Hakuoru, has a good personality, but of course, the whole 'character can't remember his past' thing is a little cliche. That mask is a semi-turnoff too, but overall, he's a really good character.

The other side characters are really good too. The sisters, Eruruu and Aruruu are just adorable, as well as the cat, Mukuru. They have a cute sisterly/motherly bond, and how the little one acts towards Hakuoru is just the cutest.

Oboro is a little annoying, but it's okay. His type of personality is needed; otherwise the show would just have too many nice people. He's determined, and a little hasty. His little sister, on the other hand, is just the cutest and sweetest little thing.

The story itself was promising. It started off promising, stayed so til the end. If you watch the intro, you'll see that there is some pretty promising action scenes.

The animation is decent. It's not superb, but it's certainly good. Unlike some other "action" shows, this show actually has fighting scenes. Some other action shows that I've see pretty much blackout the actual fight scenes and show the characters spew out blood. That's not the case of this show.

The only reason why I took off a point was because of the history with Hakuoro, that we saw in one of the episodes where he finally got a glimpse of what really happened to him. I really don't like that they somehow brought mechas into this. Otherwise, it was a quite good show.

Posted by : azuresoul
Posted on : 2006-11-21        

A truly fantastic series. From start of a wounded man to an emperor and finally unraveled to be a god. I am so impressed with the story, with a clean mixture of drama, love, fantasy, warfare, you just cannot leave your eyes off it. Watching the battles really remind me of Romance Of The Three Kingdoms (laughs). well, overall:

Story: Just as i said earlier, protagonist Hakuoro (he gains this name later) starts off the story as a mysterious wounded man. He is saved by a strange species whom have ears and tails. (well, he looks human enough except for the weird mask) Eruruu, the female protagonist is a huge impact towards him, and the whole series. So try not to miss her out. And from then, Hakuoro sets off on his tale as a man who lost his past, in search of his lost memories. He leads a rebellion, becomes emperor, defends his kingdom, and finds out his true identity and the truth of the world. The ending is also fabulous. Though its a sad ending and some of you might probably complain, but i can promise you the perfect ending just leaves you with comfort and a huge sense of satisfaction in your heart. Well, say no more. Just go watch and enjoy the series.

Animation: particularly enjoyable. Every scene as well as every event carefully draw, coloured and edited to create a fresh, crisp atmosphere in this series. I can promise no doubt about this series. I am impressed afterall.

Music: well, it may seem weird at first, but slowly you would understand the magic of the op as well as any BGM in this series. Puts a new outlook and feels young for the op, and the BGM adds a very creative and active intensity, dramatic feels to the series.

overall: an excellent recommendation to anime fans out there. why not sit away from clichéd anime series and stick to utawarerumono, i am confident that you will enjoy this series. I truly wish animes can be like this =) (2nd season? maybe? but i afraid any 2nd season might hurt the beauty of the ending)

Posted by : Oops_Autumn
Posted on : 2006-11-11        

Where to begin?! No words could ever describe the joy and thrill I had in watching this anime. I caught sight of this anime at the top of the ratings and decided to try it out. I'm happy to say that this anime was a ride of its own.

Complex and yet simple at the same time. The story completely flowed and didn't make you bored. Every second of the anime had a purpose and it completed it. The development of the story is amazing. It explains the story at the right pace for the viewer to understand. I also have to say that the plot was almost unpredicitable, the ending especially. I found myslef dumbfounded and completely at awe at how the anime ended it self. 10/10

Crisp, clean, and colorful. The animation had no flaw to it. The battle scenes were carried out splendidly and every once in a while you were treated to 3D effects. I was simply amazed! It wasst time I hav the fire ever seen 3D effects incorporated into an anime. The characters were also very intresting. They all had their own personalities and they never failed to surprise. 10/10

No other songs could have filled its spot in this anime. It just had to be these songs or you might as well not have this anime. The songs were catchy and set the right mood and atmosphere for this anime. 10/10

I loved every second of this anime. It contained every needed element of a great anime. Every episode leaves you with a sense of awe and wanting for more. My only regrets is that it the anime had to end and that I didn't pick this up sooner. This anime is a must watch and I would reccomend this anime to everyone out there. 10/10

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2006-11-06        

All right, here’s one for The One Being Sung.
...Although I still have no idea what "The One Being Sung" stands for.

The story takes place in the FUTURE, although the setting is based in what it seemed like medieval Japan. The story’s focus is on the wars you’ll expect in the samurai sword clashing and arrow-shooting era. Much like a war story like The Three Kingdoms or Juuni Kokki, but since its in the future, expect these Dog people, Cat people, Bird people and Angel people to be praying to these two genetically modified humans as if they were gods.

Ok, well, they aren’t genetically modified, but you probably got the feel of it already.

This anime is about Harem (without the ecchi), and struggles and glories of war, and the angst of a superhuman protagonist with a missing past. That killing 3 birds with one stone. I like the series for its originality though, I’ve never seem something quite like this.

Well I only have one complaint for the plot. While the ending ends perfectly for the fate of the counties, I feel that it didn’t really end so well for the characters. Well, nothing much has changed for the lives of them.

The main character could have used more facial expressions.
There could have been much more character development and progression. Kamyu has hardly any development before becoming the main problem here.
And the reusing of the fighting scenes kinda sucks.

I like the way they keep the pace nicely throughout the series though. And some parts are REALLY funny…

Although there are no ecchi scene but the fact that nearly every single one of the developing character turn out to be female seemed a bit overdoing it. But, wow, you can expect really good animation, but don't expect CG.

Music and Sounds
I really liked the opening theme, but the ending theme is dead boring.
The sound effect here is brilliant. Sword clashing, animals noise and even echo are done nicely. But like the main character’s face, his voice could have hold more expressions.

I’m left with a bit of empty feeling after watching, after all the last battle ended too easily and fast. And I want to see more character development too. Although this has been a really enjoyable production, it keeps me wanting for more. There are still better ones out there.

Posted by : DUDU-sama
Posted on : 2006-11-01        

By far, I think this is the best anime that I have watched so far. The integration of all the elements to a good anime is there; good animation, good music, any also certainly a good story too!!!
STORY: 9/10
A good storyline to begin with,that is simple but still good I like the part where Hakuoro found out that he was a god. ROCKS!
MUSIC: 10/10
I just simply love the sountrack. its my current ringtone now!! And the things is, both the opening and the ending songs are good and match the tone and the genre of this anime.GOOD JOB!
The animation is also one to praise about. Everything is so nice that you can say that the animation is just simply flawless. Got to congratulate the ones who made this anime.
OVERALL: 10/10
I think this is a very good anime to watch for those who wants a kickass anime. I recommend this anime to everyone to watch. Hope the rating for this anime rises!! watch it k!!

Posted by : gglypher
Posted on : 2006-11-01        

When I first picked up Utawarerumono I thought it was going to be another one of those dull anime with cliche romance and a predictable plot. I did however stick with it because the opening theme had a lot of battle action and after about episode 5 it really became interesting. It became much more action packed and enjoyable to watch and soon I became completly hooked. This one is really worth looking into.

Art - the animation was pretty good. The art was very beautiful and the colors had a sort of vividness that brought a real flasy kind of feel that really worked. The people are all a little differnt (they have like animal ears and tails; some even have wings) but it serves an an interesting originality. the sceneries were also well made.

Plot - I really enjoyed the plot of Utawarerumono. it was somewhat fudalistic japan/china based. it was very addicting and sometimes unpredictable, especially the ending. Never saw it coming. It also has good progression in the story and progresses through time quickly but doesnt feel as if it was rushed.

Music - music was very good. Both the opening and closing songs were good songs and added to the traditional feel of the anime. the other music inside the anime really complemented the situations.

Characters - the characters were all developed well especially when you consider the ammount of main characters and the fact that the series itself was only 24 episodes long. Each main character has his/her own little story that acompanies them. They also all have differnt weapons and fighting styles.

The onlything I guess I think could have been done better was the way that the battles were done. I was very happy to find that there was plenty of action in this anime but sometimes it gets a little predictable. The same people doing similar moves on extra soliders. I even found some fight scenes being repeated in different battles. In this sense I was a little disappointed. Because of this aspect Utawarerumono gets a 9/10 from me. Go check it out!

Posted by : Yuun
Posted on : 2006-10-14        

When I first pick this anime up I’ve already known that this originate from a RPG+SLG based Hgame. Knowing this I never really put high hopes Utawarerumono. It seems like I was into a big mistake thinking this is just your ordinary Harem anime out there. This anime is definitely one of the few master piece I’ve ever watched in my years living as an Anime Fan.

This anime comes with amazing artwork ranging from character design to background details. One could almost realize immediately that the producer means business when he is making this series. Everything is smooth and battle scene was superb, without using dark colors and shading, this anime were bright and clear giving me a complete view of everything. Though it could not rival with some anime out there like AIR but Utawarerumono definitely owned a seat of it’s own in this area.

Story plot, Characters & Their Development:
While cute girls and cool guys could be a main attraction to every anime, Utawarerumono isn’t an exception either. Not only having beautiful character design, every character were developed clearly and detailed. Everyone has an opportunity to develop their story and background without being abandoned. One could almost feel the feeling of the characters and being touched is just one of the few amazing traits of this series.

Personally I was really touched by the grand finale of this series. Knowing a Harem style anime the ending can’t be good, but surprisingly I could never ask for a better ending. Frankly speaking I could not see that coming and was caught off guard at how this series ended.

The story starts off with 1 question and the producer carefully draft the story plot and as the character develops it matches with the main story and goes with the flow. The climax was breath taking and of course I was thrill to see another EVA Battle in another anime. I’m glad that all questions were answered in the end and everything was perfectly fitted into this War, Adventure, Life and a little romance type of anime.

Yes this is a war anime, and when it comes to war everyone slightly get the idea of what have in store for them. Friendship, Betrayal, Love, Loyalty, Traumas, Sincerity, Trust, Lost of the beloved, Sacrifices, Heroism and etc. This is what you gonna get from Utawarerumono~! I enjoy every single thing Utawarerumono could offered me, one must understand the entire story to fully enjoy the anime. I've watch this whole series twice and figure out almost everything. I also come to realise how magnificient this anime is... simply amazing...

Music, BGM, Character’s Voice:
Could it be any better?! I doubt so~!
The seiyuu (Voice actress) behind the characters did an amazing job in bringing up their characters. Everyone was so lively and suitable. Aside from that, the amazing opening and mythical ending definitely caught anyone’s attention at first heard.

SUARA who sang ‘Musou Uta’ definitely give the series a good kick off. The opening suits me well since I love the sensation of mythical musical gives me. Unlike most songs these days that prefer to go with electric guitar and modern instrument. You can feel eastern traditional musical instrument being played for the music for the opening ‘Musou Uta’. Not to mention a meaningful lyrics and amazing music. BGM wise is just so-so since most couldn’t really bothered with it unless it is really good or the total opposite.

A true masterpiece I’ve discovered after several years of my last one. I thank god Utawarerumo were made. This anime is a must watch for everyone out there. Whether it be with families or friends, this anime simply suits everyone without worrying about fan service or different cultures. Though I would advice children to avoid this series since a little violent in WAR type anime definitely unavoidable and perhaps not suitable for younger viewers. Happy watch and I hope you enjoy Utawarerumono as much as I did~!

Posted by : archangelblade
Posted on : 2006-10-03        

Honestly, when I first heard about this series I didn't know what to expect, then after watching the first ep...I was hooked. There are many things that make this series especially good, and out of all the more recent animes, I liked this series the best. Reasons are many but I'll stick with the basics.

Music: this series has one if not the best opening and ending songs I've heard in a long time. Everytime I watch a new ep. I listen to both opening and ending songs. Which for me is rare, as I usually skip them.

Artwork: I have to admit the art work is very good. Not like some anime where you can tell if time, money and effort wasn't put in. The texture and style are very easy on the eyes. The way the characters and backgrounds are drawn have both a soft and warm feel to them, making the anime very appealing to watch.

Storyline: I've got to admit this series has a very unique storyline, and it doesn't suck lol. It mixes in happy moments and sad ones, while inserting them beautifully.

characters: the main characters aren't whinny or weird as in some anime, each of them has a unique ability or skill that makes them stand out. Oboro is among them my favorite for his agility, speed and skills in close combat. The sisters are obviously the cuties and their personality seems like the only real thing from keep Hakuro from becoming irrational, the other main characters fill in more then support roles, all of them are much like a team, and not one is really left out or underplayed.

Overall: I have to say this is one extremely well thoughtout and done anime. Iwould recommend all who have some free time to wach it, and own it when it comes out on dvd. It's one of those animes worth buying.

Posted by : Ethil
Posted on : 2006-09-22        

I have watched 25 episodes now and really, this anime rocks.

A man is found unconscious on a road in the forest by a young girl called Eruruu. She brings him home and gives him treatment, together with her grandmother and younger sister, Aruruu. He is wearing a mask that is impossible to remove, even though he tries hard at the beggining. He is later named Hakuouro.

Characters: 10/10
The characters are all veeeery good. Hakuoro is the normal nice guy, but he still has some cool features and the same goes for Eruruu. Aruru is soooo cute <3 She got a curious personality, and always stands up for her friends. People like Benawi, a samurai leader, and Oboro, a rebellion fighter.

Storyline: 9/10
Very good story, though it is a little bit mainstream, got a lot of original stuff and all.

Animation: 9/10
I love the animation. Though the fighting scenes really suck. But still, it's cool ^¨ And all the girls are pretty and all the boys cool.

Music: 10/10
The opening song of this anime is fantastic, it really gets you tuck every time. The endingis okay I guess. Well, the music rules!

I would recomend this anime to anyone and everybody. It has its sad parts, its cool parts, its cute parts... It has everything! almost...

Posted by : Dragonvtblades
Posted on : 2006-09-21        

A very interesting series. The character designs are pretty cool. I watched 25 episodes so far and it's getting really good lol even though there is only one episode left.

Characters: 10/10 many different races it's pretty cool. each has there special features which made it fun to watch different styles in fighting things like tthat.

Music: 9/10 most of its good but sometimes I think the music is a bit too much.

Story: 10/10 the plot is pretty original even though I havent watched much anime only watched like 80 anime titles lol yea I had no life when I was a kid =p

Posted by : bryan
Posted on : 2006-09-17        

This is the only anime that actually pulled me into the story... compared to other animes, this anime has the best storyline eventhough there's not much action in it, it's really good. About this anime, there are different types of people with weird looking ears such as: fox ears, bird ears, chipmunk ears...=.= etc, there are angels and demons and people with the artist loves to fuse things up!!

Anime Graphics : 10/10
The Graphics in this anime is amazing, it has beautiful landscape, wide panorama, styled smoothly and enough detailing..

Anime Songs : 10/10
Well... this anime is a fusion of different type of ages and years... so the song mixed up using pop + rock + historical/oldies

Anime Characters : 10/10
Awww... look at Eruru and Aruru, they're both just as cute and adorable, the other characters as well, all well designed!! and their outfits are awsome.

This anime is worth watching and you MUST watch it,it's really eye-catching and breath-taking,it made me cry a little, and it made me laugh a little and most of the time, it made me wanna watch what's next on the next episode,too bad it's gonna end soon ^^

my rating : 10/10

Posted by : Fission2
Posted on : 2006-09-09        

One of the only animes that I watch almost religously. Since the demise of other series such as Shakugan no Shana, Fate Stay Night or Melancoly of Haruhi Suzumiya, this anime has ranked one of the best animes I have ever watched and the one I look forward to the most.

Plot 10/10:

A perfect score for the originality and screenplay. Characters were hilarious and there were very good transistions in all aspects, including from comedy, recuperation and battle.

Characters 10/10:

Very good personalities and good dynamics. The characters all looked really good. Very diversed and their reactions are unique and humourous.

Animation 9/10:

An almost perfect score and deserving. Brought to life very well although the downside would be the cloning technique used to replace drawing each character individually in mass battle.

Audio 10/10:

OP and ED very good, I listen to them both regularly. Also the sfx is very good and the voice acting is superb.

I love it and you will to. Check it out while you can cause its gonna be licensed. Something this good has gotta be licensed.

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