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Coyote Ragtime Show

Studio : ufotable

Licenced by : FUNimation

Also involved : ADV Films

Length : 12 Episodes

Year : 2006

Genre : Science-Fiction - Drama - Adventure

Synopsis :
The Earth Federation Government is worried that the war on the planet of Grazeland may escalate to the other planets, and thus intends to destroy Graceland through the use of photon bombs. Enter the mysterious "Coyote" (Space Outlaw), known only by the codename of "Mister" as he leads his band of Coyotes to prevent the annihilation of the planet "and get his hands on Pirate King Blues' legendary treasures with the Pirate King's daughter" while evading the pursue of Angelica of the Federal Investigator as well as the android assassins from the Criminal Guild: Madame Marciano's Twelve Sisters.

Additional Notes: This anime was originally licensed by ADV films, but ARMS Corporation transferred its distribution license to FUNimation Entertainment in mid 2008.

Added : 2006-07-07
Synopsis by : kevinchaosvs
Last update : 2012-09-04
Last update details : Modifyinfo
Score : 6.75
Number of reviews : 4

Link(s) :

Official #1 : ufotable's Coyote Ragtime Show Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Naoki - Coyote

ED1 : Sana - Usuragu Kioku
ED2 : Naoki with Power Sound - COYOTE

Release(s) :

2006-10-21 -- Episode(s) 11-12 by AnimeYuki. BT Link
2006-10-21 -- Episode(s) 11-12 by AnimeYuki. BT Link
2006-10-06 -- Episode(s) 10 by AnimeYuki. BT Link

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Posted by : MrSentimental
Posted on : 2012-09-03        

So, I started up this one for free On-Demand (the right price). It seemed intriguing enough at the start, and Angelica seemed to be an interesting enough lead character. It appeared to be Cowboy Bebop-like, and I was not surprised when I read previous reviews mention the comparisons. But as the episodes progressed, it was obvious this was no Cowboy Bebop.

I did not find any real interesting characters in this one. The good guys. The bad guys. It didn't matter. I couldn't find anything likeable, smart, or exceptional about these guys.

The storyline was similarly boring, especially where I was not interested in the characters. The action scenes were nothing great. Lots of generic soldiers or guards getting offed. Those cutesy, babish, robot assassins made me groan: "You've got to be kidding me."

The sound was OK. The music tried to be cool like Cowboy Bebop, but nothing came close to "Tank" and I didn't find it any kind of a draw here.

So, maybe if you see this one first before Cowboy Bebop you might consider it passable. Otherwise, we're talking a lame Cowboy Bebop wanabe here. I was glad when it was done. 3 out of 10 Rating. 1 1/2 STARS.

Posted by : kevinchaosvs
Posted on : 2011-01-18        

[Story: 6.0]Coyote Ragtime Show debuted with a very explosive start, presenting the audience with the jailbreak of a famous outlaw (or 'Coyote'), who is known only as Mister, with the assistance of his fellow Coyotes. The first few episodes are very action-orientated: jailbreak, crossfire with the show's main villain, a policewoman on his trails, successful escape is preceded by a flashback of a heist pulled off by the deceased Pirate King - so much events, so much hype.

Sadly, as though the series had used up all its vigor for the beginning, it got rather bland as the story progress. The later half of the series was just them trying to get to the planet on time and getting their hands on the treasure while evading the various pursuers. And it really is strange that CRS turned out to be such a mediocre series, for it has with it plenty of elements that should have made it interesting.

[Characters: 5.5] A main weakness of the series are the characters, who are rather insipid; there really isn't much to say about the protagonists as they are a standard bunch of archetypes. While it's true that this is first and fore most an action flick and not a drama series and character development is not a necessity, it would still help to have more interesting personalities. First few episodes, they were pretty cool but as the series progress, the cast hasn't got much left to offer.

[Art: 7.0] On the whole, the art quality is good. Not spectacular, but good enough. The action sequences are decent - again, nothing to really brag about, just decent. Also, nice designs for the 12 Sisters clad in elegant Gothic Lolita.

[Music: 6.5] Though not memorable, the music is generally pleasant, suits the series.

[Summary] CRTS isn't bad, it's just well, there isnt much to sing praise about. It's just an average action series.
Personal Overall Rating: 5.0

Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2008-09-21        

I had heard rumours of a 2006 production that bore uncanny resemblance to that legendary 1998 title, "Cowboy Bebop". Could Coyote Ragtime Show truly be Bebop's successor, or is it a mere cheap imitation? Review based on ADV (UK) DVD release.

The animation by 'ufotable' was pretty decent. I liked the character designs, particularly of the 12 sisters and Marchiano. Franca, Bishop and Katana weren't the most original designs I’ve come across, but they still stood out enough for you to take notice of them. Mister, Swamp and even Angelica Burns were nicely done and I enjoyed the screen time they had. The backgrounds and foregrounds were animated well enough, but I wasn't convinced of the dog-fighting where scenes were recycled on a number of occasions.

Where "Bebop" focused more on the isolated bounty and (mis)adventures of a particular character, Coyote had a main focal in finding the treasure of the Pirate King. This kept the story and overall plot ticking along nicely, with virtually no filler episodes thankfully being made. Others have said that this show was nothing more than a Bebop clone. In a way, without the influence and success of Bebop, Coyote might never have been made. Instead of bounty hunters, we have pirates and the main antagonists from both shows are assassins from criminal organisations. That's where the similarities end though. Bebop was slower paced, but Coyote’s break-neck speed never lets up (the 12 episode length did help). If I had never watched Bebop, I would have found this original, entertaining and exciting stuff.

The character development wasn't the best I've seen. Aside from Franca and Angelica there wasn't all that much. There wasn't any real character depth but in light of the 12 episodes, I wasn't expecting anything special in this department. Of note, I actually enjoyed both the bad and good guys. It's been such a long time since I last came across a cast as 'likeable' as Coyote's.

Again, the OP was a jazzy number, much like Bebop's "Tank!" The ED was a very soothing, slow piece that brought a pleasant balance to the immense pacing of the show. The English dub wasn't fantastic. I ended up listening to the Japanese dub virtually for the entire series.

I really enjoyed watching this. I wasn't expecting much from what many regarded as a cheap knock-off, but I was most surprised by how entertaining it turned out. I know I've mentioned Bebop 7-8 times, but try not to make the same mistake I did in pre-judging and comparing Coyote. For it's 12 episodes, it turned out to be a very good show with plenty of positives and very few (if any) negatives.

Posted by : lastknownwolf
Posted on : 2007-08-17        

I give this Anime a 10 for everything. Character developement was initially confusing but by the 3rd and 4th episode I knew them all enough to know they had secrets and agendas and I couldn't wait for the next episode to find out!

Plot and story are well layed out with the main character introduced not in the beginning episode. Rather the story focuses first on one characer than as the story progresses, the true protagonist is revealed and I was left questioning the supposed good and bad guy relationships.

The animation and story got me thinking of similarities to Cowboy Bebop but the animation and settings were the only things similar and Coyote Ragtime Show has themes and plots all it's own on par with the more well known Cowboy Bebop.

Overall the story was deep and meaningful as well as well thought out and ingenuitive. perfect score all around!

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