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Bokura ga Ita

Alternate title : We Were There

Studio : Artland

Length : 26 Episodes

Year : 2006

Genre : Drama - Romance - Shoujo - Slice of Life

Synopsis :
Nanami has just started high school. She wishes to make many friends, but makes a huge mistake already. She forgets a girl's name so she asks a random guy in the hall what the girl's name was. The guy tells her it is "Mizuhara". During the nomination for a class president, Nanami nominates Mizuhara. It turns out that the girl's name was Mizuguchi, not Mizuhara, and so Nanami ends up being the class president...

Nanami gets angry at the guy, who is named Motoharu. She also finds out that Motoharu is very popular and is liked by at least 2/3 of the class. Well, it looks like Nanami is in the rare 1/3!

However, after a failing moment (her math test), she goes to the roof top and spots Motoharu. Though Nanami feels that Motoharu is an irresponsible and crude guy, he has a charming smile and develops a liking for him.

Added : 2006-07-24
Synopsis by : Himitsu
Last update : 2007-09-07
Last update details : Seiyuu modified
Score : 7.46
Number of reviews : 13

Link(s) :

Official #1 : MXTV's Bokura ga Ita Website (Japanese)
Official #2 : Official Bokura ga Ita Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Mi - Only You

ED1 : Mi - Aishiteru / Love You
ED2 : Kaori Asou - Koko ni Ite
ED3 : Mi - Sunset
ED4 : Izumi Katou - Suki Dakara
ED5 : Nozomi Sasaki - Futari no Kisetsu ga
ED6 : Izumi Katou - Utsukushisugite
ED7 : Izumi Katou - Kimi ga Iru
ED8 : Nozomi Sasaki - Merry Go Round
ED9 : Izumi Katou - Kotoba

Release(s) :

2007-01-09 -- Episode(s) 26 by The Triad. BT Link
2007-01-09 -- Episode(s) 25 by The Triad. BT Link
2007-01-04 -- Episode(s) 24 by The Triad. BT Link

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Original Work
Kogawa, Tomonori

 Takahashi, Nanami Motoharu, Yano Yamamoto, Yuri Takeuchi, Masafumi 

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Posted by : rosewisteria
Posted on : 2008-11-06        

I spent two days watching all episodes of Bokura ga Ita and there is just one major flaw with this anime- most people who are watching this anime (young teenagers-young adults) haven't been in love yet. That's the problem. How can you possible love this anime if you haven't been in the same situations as the characters? This is why I am spending my time to write a review for this anime because I've been in the exact same situation as Nanami Takashi, the main heroine. Minus the dead girlfriend aspect of course. Hopefully, I can stay as unbiased as possible.

Story- 10

I almost did not give this anime a chance because of many synopsis on the internet. This is a shoujo anime in which the lead girl Nanami Takashi falls for the lead boy Yano Motoharu. Eventually, Yano falls for Nanami too and they begin going out. That's the easy part. Now, let's add the fact that Yano's ex-girlfriend died about a year ago and that his ex-girlfriend's sister Yuri Yamamoto is in the same school as them. Oh, and she has feelings for him too. Need more complications? Yano has a best friend name Takeuchi who has feelings for Nanami. It's a love square and most shoujo fans are familiar with this. Nanami and Yano's love is so powerful that neither Take nor Yuri can deter them right? That's how it goes right? Ah, but Bokura ga Ita adds so much more than that.

Bokura ga Ita is the first anime I've watched in a while that shows the real side of relationships in anime. Relationships aren't always so happy and beautiful. When a person is in love, he or she becomes like a feverish child (a comparison from the Bokura ga Ita manga) who demands a lot from his or her partner and does a lot of stupid things to hold onto this love. A person in love does not see his or her actions as "right" or "wrong". They simply do it because they feel like they must; there is no other choice in their heads. A lot of us may call either Yano or Nani stupid for their choice of words or actions but that's because we're the audience and not them. When you're in their footsteps, would you have done the same? Differently? If you do not know, you may not have the right to criticize in the first place. People in love do not think before they do/say certain things. The ups and downs in a relationship. The good and bad days. The smiles and tears. The misunderstandings, the breakups, the miscommunications, and all the selfish sides of being in love. All of this and more are portrayed extremely well in this anime through Nanami and Yano.

Animation- 7

The animation is the main reason why I cannot give this anime a full score. There are times when half the face is missing or an odd drawing of the hands. There is a lot to nitpick in this anime in regards to animation. However, this average animation does its job well. It is easy on the eyes and the dialogue is able to flow better thanks to the lack of distractions from the animation.

Music- 9

The beginning is pretty and likeable. I wouldn't download it or anything but it really fits the early happier mood of the anime. The endings are the selling point though. Unlike most anime, this one has multiple ending songs, which I believe the geniuses behind this anime pick according to the mood of the episode. Most of the time, I am very emotional by the end of an episode but the ending song ruins it. This does not happen in this anime however. Whenever I am sad by the end, the song kicks in and brings me to tears. Most of the songs are very fitting and almost too perfect for this anime. The background music really gets the job done with crucial scenes. Without the magic of the music, I wouldn't have spilled so many tears over this anime.

Characters- 10

I have a love and hate relationship with the characters. And that is why I gave the characters a 10. They made me love them and hate them according to the correct scenarios. All those scenes in which you hate Yano? The writers planned it. All those scenes in which you want to smack Yuri? The writers planned it too. All those scenes where you feel like you have to pause the video and cry? Yup, they were guilty too. By themselves, Yano and Nanami are not very special. Yano is a realistic, teenager boy full of angst and charisma. Nanami is also a realistic, teenager girl full of angst and jealousy. However, the two main characters are so realistic and so human that I feel like I can believe anything they say and have faith in anything they do. When I watch Bokura ga Ita, I don't think of the characters as characters in an anime. I think of them as real people and for that I care for their happiness and that's why this anime is so heartbreaking.

Overall- 9

I cannot stress enough that this anime isn't for everybody. If you haven't been in a relationship before or been in love or anything of that sort, do not watch this. It will bore you. It will make you go 'what the heck is going on' and 'why are the characters so stupid'. However, if you have been in relationships or at least been in love before, this anime will definitely strike something deep within you. You've been through all this before- probably a bit less or more. The storyline is very slow in that it builds up the characters, the relationships, and a lot of plot elements but that is why I like it. It's realistic and people in love actually behave like this. The only disappointing thing about this anime is the animation but if you don't mind that and want a solid storyline, believable characters, and a message about love in general, this is an anime for you. Just make sure you have a tissue box next to you first.

Posted by : iloveanime
Posted on : 2008-03-03        

Story: 7/10
The story is interesting and funny but having sex when they were still in high school? not good.
Music: 8/10
The music is good and some music sounds nice to the ears. I like the music
Characters: 7/10
The characters are okay, but I'm kinda bothered because they sometimes draw one eye only. It really bothered me
Overall: 8/10
The show is funny! I was really laughing my head off, while the ending is sad too. I cried forever at the ending of the show.

its really a great anime, you have to watch it!

Posted by : Xristyan
Posted on : 2007-06-17        

This is probably as shoujo as the genre would get. Lot's of drama, even if the very essence of it is shallow they portrayed it in a way that it sounds so deep, and funny enough I'm willing to bet some people would think the way these characters do.

Story (8)
This is pretty much a shallow storyline involving highschool love. All those tingling sensations, those conflicts and such that are not really deep but sure hit close to home.

Animation (8)
This is basically a hit or miss for most people. Some would be surely ticked off with they way they draw the characters while others would suggest it accentuates the whole series making it unique and others don’t really bother with it cause they focus more on the other details of the series. I would be one of those that think it accentuates the entire series, I think it fits the way the series was laid out. Soft easy colors and simplistic drawings making you tune in more to the conversation rather than the animation.

Music (7)
Nothing epic, nothing that stuck in my head, but I guess I shall give it props for having a decent timing in providing the right tone and atmosphere for some scenes.

Characters (8)
They are believable enough. The main characters seem unique enough and have a certain depth to each one. And their development all through out the series was done satisfactorily. Nothing really bad to say about it.

Overall (8)
I think female audiences would appreciate this anime more, or maybe they can relate more closely to this, the art style of the series tends to tick a lot of people but I would ask that you get over that little detail and give this thing a try.

Posted by : hpikkachu
Posted on : 2007-06-12        

okay, maybe I should try explaining myself. xD

Here's your typical shojou anime. Girl likes guy, they get together, some other girl like the guy and some other guy likes the girl. Very typical but for some reason I really loved it. Nana-san Jr (I'm gonna call her that to simplify things) is sooo cute. she's really sweet although dopey at times. She meets Yano, the guy that all the girls like and who all the guys aspire to be like. She decides that she's not going to like him; he seems snobby and arrogant. After ups and downs and that, they get together. YAY! but then Yano has 'issues' involving his ex. she died in a car accident, sitting in the car of HER ex while going out with Yano. IS HE OVER HER?! a lot of the series is devoted to answering that question, and yes, it gets repetitive sometimes. anyways, the younger sister of the late ex likes Yano and always has. and if that wasn't confusing enough, Yano's best friend might like Nana. Are you sitting there scratching your head? if you are, then go get this series. I think I'm making it sound heaps more complicated than it actually is. ><"

I really liked it. took me a while to get used to their noses; it annoyed me for a while. LOL. The animation was the thing that first drew me to this anime. The colours reminded me strongly of Honey&Clover. It ended up being a very unique feel though. =]

it was pretty good. a lot of songs were used. like A LOT. all really good songs though... really captured the moment.

Look, I was completely HOOKED. I thought it was FANTASTIC. Then again, I'm a teenage girl and I thrive on this stuff. The girls are funny and the guys are all ideal *personality wise* LOL. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I do admit it became repetitive at times.


Posted by : soranyuri22
Posted on : 2007-02-14        

Bokura ga Ita really caught my interest in the beginning. Sure the plot could have developed quicker but since the story went at a stedy pace, it makes you appreciate the situations and character development throughout the story.

The music was okay, sometimes a little bit over the top but I didn't mind it. The majority of the time, it matched the situation. As for the art, you are not always able to see the full face because the artist decided to leave half of it blank in certain situations. I think that not being able to see a full face was just the design and art of the anime. You get used to it after a while.

The character development is defined and appreciated as you see this couple face tough situations throughout their high school lives. You will definetly find yourself loving certain characters and hating others. It's just a matter of how you relate to each character

I would recommend this anime to the people who enjoy romance, because this anime is filled with it.

Posted by : Asool
Posted on : 2007-02-14        

Only a few episodes were really intersting, then everything began to become boring and not necassary to happen even for the plot, The end is not really something would be considered to " end " and the last 15 episodes couldn't be more boring, not important things that happens, the same story of the dead ex-girlfriend over and over, both friends liked her but we didn't get to see a real conflict, the whole anime was talky talky .. even the characters.

The drawing doesn't stand out, I mean it's simple - too simple - we can see missing things in the features of the characters but in some scenes I admit it was too good that I sometimes capture some picutres.

The music is very normal, the ops and eds as well, hmmm... in general, there are better animes.

Posted by : akakp
Posted on : 2007-02-11        

Nothing really made Bokura ga Ita stand out in terms of story plot or characters. The animation was a bit different from your normal romance/drama animes, but that's about it. It's sort of a typical romance anime and viewers should know what to expect. Just add about 50% more drama and overreaction to each "serious" moment, especially from Yano's girlfriend Takahashi who seems to get dramatic over every little situation. But other than the realistic and sometimes annoying romantic drama, Bokura ga Ita had a very light and tranquil feel throughout.

Story - Bokura ga Ita follows the high school roller coaster ride of our protagonist Yano, and his girlfriend Takahashi. The anime revolves around typical "High School Drama" with many scenes/situations being depicted in a very realistic manner. But the really annoying part is that some of the smaller non-serious situations tend to get blown up with Takahashi either crying or getting mad at Yano for a long period of time etc etc. In other words the main characters acted really stupid at times, like when a situation wasn't that big of a deal the protagonists somehow made some kind of drama out of it.

Animation - Probably one of the only aspects of Bokura ga Ita that stands out. In some scenes the characters seem to have only one eye, no eyes, half a face, things like that. The animation is very uniquely and nicely done in my opinion, fits the laid back atmosphere of the series. The animation brings a feel good, super light atmosphere to everything going on.

Music - The opening was catchy, and the ending themes pretty much always seemed to change. I pretty much just skipped through the opening and endings almost every time though, just wanted to watch the anime ya know? The music throughout the series fitted many of the scenes/moments nicely.

I actually watched about 20 episodes of Bokura ga Ita and stopped watching the series for about a month or two because of a lack of enthusiasm to finish the series. I finally got to finishing all 26 episodes and I have to say that it was a pretty decent anime that took a long time to watch. The anime moves very slow almost too realistically, and situations tend to come up over and over again. The way Yano and Takahashi handled their relationship became a nuisance later on in the series. I think the character that I enjoyed the most was Takeuchi, Yano's best friend from high school. He was generally the calm collective one but also knew when to take action if necessary. He was the most chill character throughout the whole series.

Like I said before Bokura ga Ita has a very peaceful/positive/realistic atmosphere which is a big plus, but the anime is very slow moving, redundant, and makes a lot of situations more than it is. For some reason I enjoyed the ending and thought that it was well placed. Even though the series pretty much ended how one might've expected, it still left viewers wondering "so what's going to happen later on?" Bokura ga Ita is still a good view if you're into slow paced, realistic, romance/drama animes. If you're into typical and overreacting high school drama animes then watch this series, and you may either end up getting sick of it all or actually enjoy all the romance/drama that is Bokura ga Ita.

Bokura ga Ita Rating: 7.5 out of 10 - A watchable anime with its share of good and bad moments

Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2007-02-04        

From watching Bokura ga Ita, I learned that people act like idiotic crumb bums when in love.

I enjoyed watching Bokura ga Ita for the most part. I liked the art, animation, music, character design, but not too fond of the voice work, characters, or the execution of the story. Things were too dramatic, and the characters somewhat unlikeable. You really feel that the characters are really STUPID. The decisions they make, their reactions, and how they behave. This probably shows real love and relationships. The events, emotions, and dilemma's are portrayed realistically. At least, that's the impression I received.

Most will be turned off by the design, I believe. But I found it really pretty. A lot of use of pastel colours and little use of back splashes (mostly bubbles and sparkles), I found that these small changes give a different tone and more emotion to each scene. You'll also notice that characters have only one eye, or no face at all! People will be bothered by this, but I think these "lack in" details make it more artistic.

I think the seiyuu choice Takahashi is terrible. She would ruin the 'moment' a lot with her whiny voice. Yamamoto also had an unfitting voice, unless she expresses extreme emotions, which is rarely (never!). There were frequent use of chimes and bells, a bit overused I think. Lastly, no song really stood out, the OP was so-so and even with the wide selection of ED songs, they all sounded pretty much the same to me :/

There were some funny areas, and truly romantic moments. But at the same time, there were overly dramatic times, and corny lines. Most of the time, I can relate to the messages given, but I disagreed with a lot of the dialogue here.

Good drama/shoujo anime, but I really disliked the actions of the characters. My favourites were Takeuchi and Takahashi's friends (Mizuguchi & the other one...).

Posted by : Eternal_Rain89
Posted on : 2007-01-01        

I really enjoyed this anime, I have to admit although the plot may not be as original as other animes, this is one of those animes that makes you very emotional; or at least for me it did! For example, there are some moments that actually made me tear up; other parts were also pretty funny, so there is some humour in this anime also. However I would rate the animation and music higher than the plot, just because I loved the cute side notions that added to the humour, and also the opening song always cheered me up! If you're a person that loves to read shoujo mangas (this anime is also out as manga), then I think you would really enjoy this type of anime:light,funny,cute with a little bit of romance (triangle love)!!

Posted by : Plekto
Posted on : 2006-12-30        

Audio/Visuals: 6
First off, this is very much a story as opposed to eye-candy, so the entire thing is done in an almost flashback style of drawing as if "this is what happened back in...". It's very basic, so don't expect this to be visually stunning. While the artists can draw better, they are keeping it simple on purpose. Yet the style also works because it allows you to concentrate on the characters instead of everything else.

As for the music, appears as if some of the music has heavy influences from Tenchi Na Konamaiki and Full Moon, so there's very good music throughout.

It's very realistic. While there's some of the typical throbbing foreheads and bulging eyes and so on in all anime, it's very close to what you'd expect people to be like in real life. At least teenagers. She obsesses over every little thing, and he is a wonderfully flawed and typical teenage guy. All of the characters have a very love/hate aspect to them in that parts of them are good and others are almost intolerable. But what do you expect from teenagers?

Of course, that's why it's so good, IMO. Lots of inner talking and phonecalls back and forth and so on - and it turns out that later in the series... it gets very complicated for everyone. But it does take about half a dozen episodes to get into - it starts off slow and keeps exactly the same pace. There is no neat resolution at the end of every episode. But life's not like that, is it?

P.S. Sex in *Japan* is just about that casual at that age. She's actually quite a bit more conservative about it than most people.

Posted by : pahoua
Posted on : 2006-12-07        

The plot is very simple as the previous reviewers has stated. Yano and Nana falls for each other but the relationship is failing because Yano can't get over his ex and it's effecting Nana. Now don’t let the over done plot kill it for you and say the anime sucks because it's how the plot was development that lets you judge. Yano Motoharu may be your average popular charismatic bishounen but Yano has one of the most realistic personality I’ve seen so far yet. I’d believe teenage boys act that way, hell I’ve seen them. Nanami Takahashi on the later episodes changes as well and though Nana is your plain cute bishoujo that falls for the hot guy but she's demanding like any girl would be on their boyfriends. It may not appear like she is but she pushes him a lot for her benefit.

The art may not be as perfect as most anime but it's a shoujo. For those not ready for it, don’t expect too much. I didn’t expect it to be as sloppy as it was too. The side views of Yano face just looked better on paper. In the anime, the jaw lines just didn’t look right.

The OST was better than I thought, actually, I loved it. Before the anime I read the manga and didn’t know what to expect, boy was I pleasantly surprised. The background music blended in well enough to suit my taste and the op and ed songs were pretty good. The voice of Mi was quite soothing to the ear.

Overall 9/10
The points don’t add up but I like the anime enough to call it Excellent! I enjoyed my time watching Bokura ga Ita very much. I’ve seen many shoujo's and I know! Bokura Ga Ita is one of the best. As I said, the plot is not that special and neither is the character design but it's the development that counts. I’d say this anime is more for the hardcore anime freaks who has seen their share and would appreciate rare animes like Bokura Ga Ita.

Posted by : able144
Posted on : 2006-10-22        

Why did I see this ?? I don't know someone tell me plZ !!

The drawing is horrible, I mean for God sakes why being lazy and not continuing the drawing ??? it's rare to see a full face for the person unless they are hugging or sometimes talking !! everything looks white and cute but not really suitable !!

And I have to say this : whats up with all the NANAs ??? I mean I heard this name in the anime many times in a few episodes why all the Nanas ??? no more better Names ??

The story is very very very simple and it would have been enough to be less than 13 episodes actaully, a Guy who is trying to love a girl peacfully by surpassing his past with a girl who betrayed him, I have no idea why who is betraying who ! what love is that ? Even the main girl Nana is kinda weird too, a lot of her actions are not right and not suitable for the character

The music ? mmmm it's ok .. the OP is too too normal, the ed is better and soundtracks are not really that WAW !

Posted by : Merar
Posted on : 2006-10-15        

Well, this anime is not that bad. Maybe the events are little boring, however, when it comes to the emotion scenes it gives you plenty. A lot of bad comments were directed to the drawing, but well, honestly it is getting better as the process of the episodes go on. However, they could have done a better job, sometimes they omit the eyes, or even the faces and the backgrounds, I don't know whether its out of being lazy or if it's the design itself. I accepted it and in time got used to it.
As for the story, it's too simple. Yano who lost the girl he loves and couldn't accept that she betrayed him and fell in love with the simple girl his classmate Nana-chan. The stroy revolves about those two and how they are going to succeed as a couple since there are some obstacles like Takashi's ( Yano's best friend ) love for Nana and the fact that Yano still not over with his feelings about his ex-girlfriend, who died in a car accident along with her lover.
The only annoying point here is how they treat sex as a something could be happen between couples in high school. We see Yano regret doing that in the past for a specific reason, not to mention the kissing! Other than that I have no problem with this anime .. its good !
As for the soundtrack, it is not really outstanding, totally normal and fitting the moment some how.

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