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Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran

Alternate title : Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran
Studio : Unknown

Licenced by : Bandai Entertainment

Length : 13 Episodes

Year : 2000

Genre : Action - Adventure - Comedy - Historical

Synopsis :
Ran, a "beautiful traveler" in her own words, and a female samurai to others, wanders around the countryside napping and doing various other things.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Kflute
Last update : 2007-03-24
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Score : 7.67
Number of reviews : 3

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Bandai Channel's Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Kaze Makase / Leave it to the Wind

ED1 : Kaze Makase 2 / Leave it to the Wind 2

Release(s) :

There are no release available for this anime.

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Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2008-01-11        

Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran is a series of episodes about the life of a wandering samurai named Ran, and her friend and fellow wanderer, Meow, a martial artist. Each episode is a standalone, meaning there is no real plot or character development. In addition, the episodes are very repetitive. Essentially the girls blow through town, end up fighting, and of course winning, defeating their opponents, whoever they may be this time. Despite this lack, the episodes are quite good. Each one is different, so you never get tired of them. The fight scenes are actually good as well, so likewise you never get tired of them.

The animation is dated, as might be expected since it was made 8 years ago. However even still its done fairly well, and is very consistent in quality throughout. The music, is what really left a lot to be desired. Particularly the OP. Sure maybe the typical samurai theme music had to be used, but it is really tired and boring in my opinion. I really would have preferred them to go in a different direction.

Another thing to consider in watching this. Its a made for TV samurai show, so its not the bloody gore fest that some samurai shows are. Killing is done with swords, but blood and body parts do not subsequently litter the ground. Its the sanitized version, and to me, thats just fine. I prefer my shows without the gory realism.

Overall this is a fun anime, suitable for anyone to see. I definitely think its worth watching. Not especially memorable, but fun nonetheless. I recommend it especially if you are looking for some light humor, without any meaningful drama.

Posted by : MadDoctorD
Posted on : 2005-12-30        

This show happens to have been made in 2000, but the animation style and everything to go around it makes it seem like it was from the early to mid-nineties. When I first saw the show, my first impression was that this was rather old. Surprised when I found out it's vintage was much more recent? Yes. Most certainly I was, but enough about that.

Tsukikage Ran is a lighthearted tale about a wandering female samurai who drifts from town to town in search of things to do and for sake to drink; along with her rather unwanted traveling companion, Myao, a martial artist, they travel the countryside and from town to town in search of something meaningful to live for; and for some reason, always managing to get into trouble with the corrupt local politicians and locals wherever they set foot.

You can almost say that this is the predecessor to Samurai Champloo. It has a simalar basic conflict, a small group of adventurers (Actually a couple of misfits) have to face off with the feudal Japan underworld. Of course, this takes a slightly more kid-friendly approach to everything, even though they do go into and come into conflict with Yakuza, smugglers, corrupt politicans, drug dealers alike. Each episode is a different conflict and each episode the meddlesome duo manages to get themselves caught up in a domestic crisis. As soon as the problem is settled, they move on to the next town.

Both of the consistant charecters are very much likable and are very fun; and both continue to surprise the viewer because of their unusual antics and unpredictable behavior. The charecters are rather consistant throughout the show and quite contrast each other. One of them, Ran, is levelheaded, collective, and dirt poor but when it comes down to sake, she can down several dozen flasks without getting the slightest bit whoozy. Unlike her counterpart, Myao has zero alcohol resistance, is spastic, tempramental, clumsy and very easygoing. Quite a match-up for being companions on traveling. Both act as catylists for the other and never cease to be entertaining.

The entire show is done in the classic cell animation style, which further induces my thoughts about this being a older show, rather than today's digitalized and pixelated anime. Believe it or not, it's quite smooth, and the action sequences are played out by how long they'd take in a realistic timeframe. However, they can be average at times and truthfully, there's barely any bloodshed throughout this show, dispite what kind of action takes place. So therefore, it's kid-friendly and good fun for all ages.

Music is composed of mainly traditional Japanese music; really it's quite different from what most anime fans are used to. The opening song sounds as if you are in one of those classical Japanese oprahs except that it plays with typical string instruments such as violins and such but has that same oriental tone in which we are all familiar with. The BGM, within the anime however, is simple and is played on traditional Japanese instruments with the western strings at certain parts. Personally, I liked the BGM for the most part, but really didn't care for the opening song.

Like I said above, each town is a different adventure and different circumstances so I cannot place exactly what can come out of watching this at the tip of my finger. In other words, each episode leaves you with a different impression, and thus making it a whole new experience. Because the episodes are disjointed, so you can watch the series in any particular order you want! All you have to do is watch the first episode first and the last episode last and from there, you're good to go. Sadly enough, this show doesn't make too much of a lasting impression because the plot isn't well defined and the charecters have no clue what they're looking for.

Although, it's not a bad series for those of you all who have time to kill.

Overall: 7 / 10

Posted by : Egeria
Posted on : 2004-05-31        

The sake driven samurai Tsukikage Ran travels aimlessly across the land on a journey without a destination. Her sole companion, is a cat-like girl named Myao whose fighting technique is known as the Iron Cat Fist. In their travels, the two find themselves in plenty of trouble even as they attempt to solve the problems of those they meet.

The graphics were nice. Pretty standard with its own occasional quirkiness.

The music was definitely different than most. The opening song was very slow and drawn out. It sounded Chinese at first. I didn't really like it the first time but after listening to it again I found it wasn't too bad. The ending song was pretty good, had a nice beat to it. The tunes and melodies were generally happy or carefree.

This one was surprisingly good. It's a lot like Rurouni Kenshin except that the wandering samurai is a girl and she's actually wandering around rather than staying in one place. Character development was nicely done. Tsukikage Ran is a pretty laid-back character with few cares in the world. She's generally quiet and calm but is easily sent into a frenzy when she sees sake or an elephant. A little awkward. The other person is Myao, my favorite character. Myao is the happy-go-lucky character whose joy seems to come from simply being outside and on her own. She's happy all the time and when she's not she's wacky, bizarre, or ridiculously dramatizing a situation. The ending wasn't really an ending, they simply continue on with their travels. This one's something I would probably watch again some time. It has some weird humor but I'd recommend it just because it's so innocent and light-hearted.

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