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Death Note

Studio : Madhouse Studios

Licenced by : Viz Media, LLC.

Length : 37 Episodes

Year : 2006

Genre : Fantasy - Mystery - Drama - Horror

Synopsis :
Ryuuku is a Shinigami (angel of death) who was bored with his job of killing humans with his Death Note, a notebook that has the power to kill anyone who you write their name in the book. One day he decides to drop his Death Note in the human world and watch what happens.

Light Yagami is a brilliant high school student not only at the top of his class but top of Japan as well. This prodigy finds the dropped Death Note and finds out its powers. He decides to use it to create a better world by killing all the criminals!

Pretty soon the world is in awe as notorious criminals all start dying of heart attacks, Interpol and L the world's greatest detective start on the case to find the mass murderer.

Additional Notes: This series ranked #2 in Anime-Source's Best of 2006 poll.

Added : 2006-09-16
Synopsis by : kaiser
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Score : 8.88 Ranked #43 by users
Number of reviews : 57

Link(s) :

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Song(s) :

OP1 : Nightmare - The World
OP2 : Maximum the Hormone - What's Up People?!

ED1 : Nightmare - Aluminia
ED2 : Maximum the Hormone - Zetsubou Billy

Release(s) :

2017-11-09 -- Episode(s) 1-37 by Nep_Blanc. BT Link
2017-10-11 -- Episode(s) 1-37 by Catar. BT Link
2017-10-11 -- Episode(s) 1-37 by Catar. BT Link

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Seiyuu [View Complete Seiyuu Data]

Inoue, Toshiki

Character Design
Kitao, Masaru

 Yagami, Light L Ryuk Amane, Misa Yagami, Soichiro Watari Rem Mello
 Near Matsuda, Tota Aizawa, Shuichi Mogi, Kanzo Teru, Mikami Takada, Kiyomi

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Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2015-04-18        

It's about time that I finish Death Note. I haven't even finished the manga! I simply stopped reading when it became less interesting. I did the same thing to the anime. I think we all know why. It's when Mello and Near show up, I was simply turned off. The beginning of the series had an intriguing cat & mouse game but unfortunately the later half became just an oversaturation of dialogue.

Death Note on its own is a high quality work. The whole "how many more steps ahead" game was very engaging. It was a battle of wits between Light and L. I loved it! The plot is certainly quite original too.

I think everyone will remember how stylized this series was. Only anime could make writing in a notebook look super cool, LOL. The characters were quite memorable too. There's no other character like Ryuk or L. Light had his moments.

Each episode was entertaining. The only downfall I'd say was Misa. She was only there to look pretty and/or be Light's puppet. Sure she was voiced by Hirano Aya, but she lacked a lot of depth. Secondly, the ending was a bit giggle worthy. I somewhat predicted it would end the way it did, but they sure made it... hysterical?

Anyway, I think Death Note will be one of those classic series. It's easily recommendable because it's quite enjoyable. It has its own style and will be quite hard to forget.

Posted by : FireWorks
Posted on : 2009-12-13        

I was skeptical about giving this a shot. Yeah I noticed how many people are crazy over Death Note, but to me the plot never had much potential. A notebook that can be used to kill? I shall create a new world and become its God? It was laughable. Anime with better plots have let me down. Repeatedly pestered by my friends, I thought I'd give it a shot, only to realize how biased I'd been.

Story & Plot:
I still maintain that at first glance the plot sounds boring! But I've learned no matter what the plot one can fish out a real jewel of a story. The meticulous planning, effort and thinking that must have
gone into this complex project is jaw dropping at worst!
Ryuk (a Death God) and Yagami Light (a Japanese student and our protagonist) are both tired of their respective world, the former sorely bored and the latter sickened by the people who go unpunished in our world despite their atrocities and can't see a solution. Purely by coincidence, Light comes across Death Note, a book and a deadly weapon which can be used to kill anyone as long as the target's name and face are known. Having found the solution to his problems and with the non-intervening spectator Ryuk by his side, he sets out to purge the world of evil men, hoping to create a world devoid of them where he may proclaim himself as god.
People die in such a scale it's soon an international problem. L, the world's best detective takes interest in this case. Kira, as the killer responsible is publically known is hailed by some as savior and branded by the rest as a murderer! Personally, I think there is truth in both.
The battle of intellect between L and Light is the primary entertainment of this series, and it gets pretty clear that we are watching the clash of the Titans!
But do I have any complaints?
It was overdramatic sometimes. Sheesh, he's just writing a name, not conducting an orchestra! And I don't like to see someone eating a potato chip, fully emphasized in slow motion!
Secondly, the plot pacing is very inconsistent. It slows down so much between episodes 16 to 24 it's almost boring. But the show leaves such a mark early on, you wouldn't wanna quit just yet.

I see why L and Light are so popular. They made it to my favourites' list with ease.
They bring the best out of each other and the reason anyone likes either one is largely because of the other. They complement each other well yet they are both similar.
Light Yagami, arguably the deadliest character animated, proves himself as even more lethal than the Death Note. Smart, intelligent, arrogant, ambitious, manipulative, and even heartless, he will go to any lengths to achieve his goals.
L drops into the series with a bang, and leaves us with little doubt that he is the No.1 detective. Faced with the impossible task of apprehending Kira, it's amazing what he accomplishes, even though he's fighting with inferior weapons compared to Kira.
Above two steal most of the show but the supporting cast do have key roles and they do it well. Some characters are pivotal for the story's conclusion, but I can't reveal much about them without being spoilerific.
But I'm left complaining about two of the characters.
The first would be Misa (the second Kira) who is just plain annoying. Her childish behavior and lack of seriousness are out of place. Her presence is nothing but a weakness for L to exploit over Light. But she does have her moments of glory. Mercifully, her importance fades near the end of the series.
The second is Rem; while her loyalty to Misa is admirable, I have no idea why she is so fond of Misa.

Just one word. Flawless! The dark animation goes very well with the dark story. I admired the intricacy of the character designs. And the background details were solid. I must praise how well the Shinigami and their world were portrayed. That dark and sinister world of Death Gods gives a feel of death and decay.

The Ops and EDs never grew into me. But the soundtracks really stood out and helped bring the best out of every scene. The character themes are fantastic! For example, L's theme gives an intellectual feel but brings a fast paced sensation at the same time.

I started Death Note with low expectations. But Death Note being Death Note has proven to be one of the most entertaining and memorable anime I have ever watched. It deserves a perfect score.

Posted by : AniMat3d
Posted on : 2009-12-10        

Before I start my review let me say that Death Note is simply amazing. It is one of the most original and addicting series I have seen in a long time. It breaks away from almost every stereotype and puts itself into a category of its own. Besides the slow decline this show took about 75% through the series and a god awful ending, this show is trully amazing.

Story 8/10: The story moves at a steady pace making great transitions from episode to episode keeping the story entertaining but fluid as well. While the story didn't move at a frantic pace, they take no time in revealing what the show is about. Light's interaction with the Death Note takes place in the first episode and L is introduced after the first few episodes. Each square off in a seemingly never ending mind game as they both fight for their own sense of justice. Twists and turns are thrown at you each and every episode as mysteries concerning the Death Note are revealed and the intellectual mind game between Light and L wages on, both trying to be one step ahead of the other. Death Note's storyline is a masterpiece but lets be honest, nothing is perfect. Following Near and Mello's arc I thought the show started going downhill. Light was there to make it interesting at times but I didn't really care for the characters of Near and Mello like I did with L. The ending is by the worst ending I have ever seen in any anime. Every stereotype that Death Note breaks free from is rendered useless when Death Note throws you a predictable and steretypical ending that we've seen rehearsed in so many animes before. Besides the ending the story overall was solid.

Animation 10/10: Death Note's animation was superb. Dark colors reflected the gloomy and melancholy atmosphere complementing the show perfectly. Body movements were consistent and alot of effort was put into each character's facial expressions making it easy for each character to convey strong emotion.

Characters 10/10: The character score is mainly based on L and Light. Light, a high school senior who is probably to smart for his own good. He is the mastermind behind the Death Note. He doesn't quite fit the picture of your typical antagonist, but in his mind he is God and you are just a pawn. If you get in his way or decide to defy his sense of justice he will toss you aside. L, his love for sweets and social awkwardness doesn't exactly paint a picture of your typical protagonist either but he also has a strong sense of justice and will do anything to solve a case. Light and L are two of some of my favorite characters in anime. Misa was annoying for the most part but added some much needed comic relief at times. Supporting character's such as Light's dad and the police force had just a touch of personality making them less irrelevant to the story and more enjoyable to watch. Near and Mello were the only character's I didn't really care for. I didn't hate them, I just didn't care.

Music 6/10: Both openings and both endings were mediocre in my opinion.

Overall 9/10: Death Note's storyline will have you heavily engaged from start to finish while featuring two of some the best characters in anime, Light and L. Despite Near and Mello's arc being kinda blah and a almost unbearable ending, this show is definitely well worth your time. I wouldn't have minded if the show ended after the 25th episode.

Posted by : joem20
Posted on : 2009-09-09        

After watching it three times, I can actually write a great review on this.

Story: 9/10
Very convincing. The plot is a masterpiece and very original. They manage to create a story that has two sides and you can choose what side you prefer. This is a story of the two sides of Justice, and either way they have their good points. The battle of wits between Light and L is really amusing to watch. I cant give a perfect score in the story because the Mello/Near arc is not that good, but overall a very great story.

Animation: 10/10
They say the new generation of anime started in 2006, and this one for me is the best animation of that year. They are like real people that interacts with each other. The character design are very realistic and the movements are constant. Even Light only uses a Notebook to kill, they manage to make it so action-packed that you can feel the power of that Notebook.

Characters: 10/10
Light and L are the two of the greatest characters ever developed in an anime series, and they are in one anime only. These two legendary characters are really great and they set a standard of being a true geniuses. Even you are not an anime fan, you will definitely love these two.

Music: 10/10
All the music is perfect to define what these anime is all about, Dark and Cunning. The opening song is really great and all the BGMs are great in each scene.

Overall: 9/10
I can't give a perfect score because of the flaw in the Mello/Near Arc, but it is one of the greatest anime I've ever watched. This is on a different scale where if there is a 'Anime Hall of Fame' this is definitely one of those. The last episode was superb because even at the last episode, you can expect the unexpected. It is like a real movie and it can make your heart beat very fast. Truly one of the greatest anime of all time and it is a keeper that can be watched by the next generation.

Posted by : phoenixofthewolf66
Posted on : 2009-09-05        

Death Note is probably the most curious and definitely one of the most engaging anime that I've seen so far. You don't have to be a fan of anime to become a fan of Death Note.

In the anime, we follow an honor student, Light Yagami, and one day he finds a note that dropped out of the sky. Anyone who writes another person's name in the notebook with that person's face in mind, will die. Light then decides to use the notebook as a means to wipe out all crime in the world, and he'll become the god of this new world. He soon finds out that when you touch the notebook, a god of death or "shinigami" follows you around to keep track of the notebook. As soon as several deaths of criminals start to look "suspicious" by a detective agency in Japan. A notorious detective only known as "L" (who has solved every case he's been attached to) gets involved, in the "Kira" case. The name given to Light by his followers as he wipes crime out.

First off, I loved the dub. Brad Swaile played the main character Light Yagami, I couldn't find too much past information on what other anime work he's done except for Saber Marionette J and some Dragon Ball Z. Most of the other voice actors aren't "well knowns."

The story is completely engaging throughout the entire 9 disc set (long for an anime). Both the characters of Light and "L" are extremely smart, at most times during the series I was particularly shocked at how well they were figuring each other out and solving almost anything in front of them. "L's" character can be seen as very Obsessive Compulsive and extremely strange, very mysterious to the viewer who attempts to psycho-analyze him. There are very few characters that are exceptional, and "L" is the first near perfect character that I've ever seen in an anime. He's going on a personal list of Great Characters. To delve further into the story is only going to spoil it.

The anime isn't the typical style. It is very eloquent and colorful. Most complaints that I get on animation in anime is that people don't like the way the mouths move. Death Note barely follows that, sometimes the mouths move the same, but there's a lot of thought put into slight smiles or frowns of particular characters.

What music there is in the show is annoying and repetitive. The only exception is the beginning and ending themes in the second half of the series.

I would recommend any one needing a challenge of morality to watch this series. What I got out of it, is that it doesn't just entertain; it makes you think about yourself personally.

Posted by : Kirangelo
Posted on : 2009-08-10        

I'd give Death Note a 7/10 rating, and here's why:

Story -- 10/10. The storyline of this anime is amazingly original and entirely engrossing. At first, it seems simple, a notebook in which people can be killed just by writing their names in it. Simple, right? But then the anime starts to progress and the audience starts to realize that the notebook is more complicated than first imagined, and that there are several loopholes and some disadvantages that come with the Death Note. For instance(not a spoiler), there's lending the notebook, what happens if the owner dies while lending the notebook, what materials you can use to write in the notebook, etc. The storyline becomes insanely engrossing later on in the anime.

Character Development -- 6.5/10. There was very little character development in this anime, I thought. Character mindsets are made when the character is first introduced, and his/her motives and/or objectives never change throughout the entire anime. This adds good emphasis on the whole good/evil thing, but nothing really shocks the audience and nothing unpredictable really happens. Also, I found myself really on the fence as to whether or not I liked or disliked the main character, Light Yagami. Not just Light Yagami, but also the other characters, such as L, Near, and Mello. Usually the goal of characters in any anime is to convey a specific emotion from the audience for a character, but in Death Note, I found myself almost completely neutral. I just wanted to see who would win in the end, I was not rooting for one side or the other due to lack of character development.

I found that one character that could have been used more but wasn't was Ryuk. He was pretty active in the first portion of the anime, but in the later part of the show he was not shown and he barely spoke through the later episodes, which was a problem for me, since he was my favorite character.

Graphics/Animation -- 10/10. The Graphics and Animation in this anime are amazing. The animation is fluid and works well. The coloring on the scenery and characters is also very nice and appealing, though this anime lacks color. The shading is amazing, and everything works really well to portray a well animated and designed anime. I didn't think the costume designs were anything really impressive, but other than that, I found the graphics and animation flawless.

Music -- 7/10. I'm glad to see that this anime doesn't change its main theme/ending theme song as much as some other animes do, which is a relief. I know that this is a dark and melancholic anime and all that, but I was not very fond of the screamo, heavy metal music that the producer's changed it to later. I am glad to say that the first theme song was pretty catchy and fit the theme of the anime, while not being annoying or headache inducing.

Enjoyability -- 6/10. I gave the enjoyability a 6/10. Although I gave the other parts of this anime a pretty high score, I'd have to say that enjoyability for me fell flat. The storyline is very engrossing in the beginning and immediately draws me in. When L first starts investigating the Kira case, I was very well entertained and enjoyed it very much. However, I found that the characters didn't really do much of anything, and there were no surprises, and no unpredictable things that jumped out of me, because the characters were so mundane and subtle throughout the entire anime.

In the last part I found the series to be quite boring. In fact, I would have rather studied or read newspapers than watch the rest of the anime. It just dragged on and on, and I had to struggle to motivate myself to continue watching. The result of this was my attention not being focused on the anime, which resulted in my missing a lot of details that happened in the anime. It just didn't hold onto my attention as much as it should have, with the engrossing storyline and amazing animation and graphics.

Overall: 7.9

Posted by : bisiph
Posted on : 2009-07-20        

Death note combines beautiful artwork, developed characters, and a gripping storyline to make a fantastic anime.

As a Westerner, I have a real affinity towards mystic Far Eastern fantasy culture that deals with the demonic and mortality.

With so many fantastically illustrated animes out there (and Death Note is no exception), what really entices me about Death Note is its storyline and character depth. The viewer is at times ambivalent towards the protagonist. Does one feel empathy towards a being who is designed to murder, even for seemingly altrusitic purposes, or are they characters one loves to hate, hoping the police and detectives will one day discover? It's great fun to root for different sides at different times. The drama in this series is palpable. Death Note incorporates a lot of psychological interplay between characters. The internal monologues that the viewer is privvy to also do not detract from the story, as so many animes tend to do, but instead give the viewer the sense of real emotion being wrestled with.

While characters are pitted against each other, the story also plays with the ideals of honor, familial connectivity, deceit, possession, and duty. This makes for exciting scenes where characters seemingly have to make tough calls for which there are pros and cons for each course of action. One is left wondering, was that really right? Or was it really wrong? Perhaps such contrasts lose meaning in such a universe as Death Note...

I really enjoyed getting into the world of Death Note, and found myself coming back for more and more with each episode. I highly recommend this title for audiences who either enjoy intellectual drama or those who just love a great story.

Posted by : Ranik
Posted on : 2009-06-26        

First of all if you haven't read the manga, it's fine. Just make sure you do both because while there aren't large script changes, they both still seem to have a different atmosphere around them.

I simply watched this anime out of pure boredom and man did it give me a ride. I have read the manga 5 times through and man the anime sure does stand out. I don't even know which is better; I have to rate them separately because they both are so darn good and each have their own likable aspects..

Story: Just what you expected and more, with brilliant additions that shouldn't disappoint any fan. And with nice pacing in each episode, you shouldn't be bored at all. (This explains the weird number of episodes.)

Characters: There are some character developments but not something of "god" degree. Each character felt different than the others, though L and Light both have similar brains - just put in different views.

Animation: Very good and probably one of the best I've seen in terms of quality. The entire series as well as the new parts they added had real nice animation. Like the buildings and the "past" parts really add to the emotion.

Music: I can't say whether its good or bad, but it combined with the animation sure as hell sucked me in. Even though there were some overexaggerations, the music made me go along with the emotions expressed in the anime, which very rarely happens.

Overall: Definitely a must watch for mystery seekers, and if you haven't heard of Death Note then you must live in a hole because the manga has been out for ages and the author is also well known. If you don't like the anime, read the manga and vice versa.

Posted by : EvilMonkeyLord
Posted on : 2009-03-05        

Woah, let me stand back for a second. OK, I am ready to start. This is the kind of anime that if you are a true anime lover than you need to check this out. first off the best story I have seen in a long time in an anime. The characters feel fresh, the story is original, and the artwork is great. So what's wrong with this anime; the story slowly goes down after the 24th episode, but it is still interesting. The show loses a lot of its flare after a certain episode, but you still have a great ending that makes up for the loss.

Animation 9
The characters are animated really well, and you get a lot of really cool animated sequences that makes a mundane scene seem more exciting(like Light writing in the deathnote). The biggest problem with the animation is that the most exciting scenes are of a guy writing in a book. Even though that is a minor gripe, people have to know that this anime won't appeal to everyone.

Sound 8
The intro and outro to the anime are really interesting. The bands that do them are really talented artist for a japanese metal band. The music for the anime is rather average for an anime like this, but it does its job to deliver the emotional tone for each scene and it doesn't clog the dialouge.

Story 7
While this anime has a lot of interesting nuances and motifs that makes this anime have a lot of depth, the anime loses a lot of its luster after episode 24. Every twist and turn gives you a new perspective and idea to think about, but after episode 24 the story drifts from a cat and mouse game to a cat versus snake versus dog. You dont want to see a three way battle that seems a little one sided.

Character 9
This is what saves the story from its slow burn from episode 24. Each main character has great development made into them. Not one character seems to be pure evil or pure good, and thats what makes these characters feel real. If you could kill all the criminals in the world wouldn't you want to be revered as god. If you don't question your personal convictions with these characters, than this anime is not doing its job. For me they did one heck of a job.

Art Design 9
The art approach to this anime was a great choice. The characters feel real, but you still get that anime stylization that the japanese are famous for. The only problem the colors have grated feel that seems to be present in a lot of todays anime. That shouldn't detor anyone from seeing this anime, it just needed to be noted.

Enjoyment 9
This is a great talking centered anime, but it still keeps you interested in wherever the director wants you to go. The only bad is the plot, but the characters are so interesting that it makes up for that ten fold.

Overall 8.4
If you haven't seen this anime, you need to see it now. But if you are looking for something a little more action packed, than just rent it and watch a few episodes and see if you like it. If you are looking for a thought provoking anime, than look no further than Death Note.

Posted by : Veld
Posted on : 2009-02-02        

In a nutshell, a death god drops his notebook which can kill anyone by writing his/her name in it. It so happens that the most intelligent student in Japan happens to find it. He decides to purge society of evil criminals with the notebook and eventually is known by society as Kira. The most renowned detective of our time known only as L sets out to find out who is doing the killing and without almost any information at all he starts to pin Kira while Kira is trying to find out who L is. This show is extremely climactic and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

The Good:
The plot to this show was amazing. The battle between Kira and L is extremely intellectual and made me think very deeply as I was immersed into the genius story.

The characters are very believable and very appealing. Kira is extremely serious, composed, and proper while L is strange, unique, and doesn't seem to care about other people's opinion of him.

I had never seen a serious anime before this one and it totally blew me away. Everything about its presentation was nearly flawless.

This show had very dark animations. It gave off a very serious and even a bit morbid vibe that fit the show perfectly.

The music to this show was very well done too. Though many did not seem to like the thrash metal of the second OP, "What's up People" is one of my favorite songs.

The Bad:
Nothing to put here almost at all. I think the last few episodes tended to drag after the Kira vs. L conflict, but the plot was still very intriguing, and I was still on the edge of my seat so I cannot deduct any points for that.

This was quite simply the best anime I have ever seen. This one kept me glued to my seat until the bitter end. This was a battle of pure logic that kept me thinking and watching on as the suspense built and built upon itself over and over again until the anime's full resolution.

Easily a 10/10.

Posted by : kevinchaosvs
Posted on : 2008-10-27        

Story/Dev: 92%
The basic plot line was, frankly, one of the most ridiculous I’ve ever seen. Let's face it, it's true: a notebook that can kill!? That aside, Death Note certainly is one of the best thrillers ever, both manga and anime. It’s interesting how the author is able to improvise on the old, classic detective tricks and make them more complex i.e. the scene which Light determined that he’s room is bugged. The way L and Light challenges each other was certainly nothing short of fantastic, having me on the edge of my seat for every episode even though I have already read the manga and knew how the story will progress. The element of drama is one pertinent factor in the success of the series. To think that they are able to make a simple scene of writing on a note so over-the-top and to exaggerate the scene without making it appear cheesy or ludicrous, it wasn’t easy, but the production crew did it. They also managed to prevent the long dialogues from becoming boring or monotonous.

Characters/Dev: 94%
Of course, the stars of the show are L and Light. Truly, L has got to be one of the most eccentric character ever. His actions, his guts and his obsession with snacks… … all these little details of him contribute to make him such an entertaining character. L definitely is one character who is both cool and hilarious at the same time. As for Light, there’s no doubt that he’s one of the most badass protagonist though towards the end, it’s no longer about Light trying to be savior, more on him being consumed with power. Near was annoying, though I liked Mello. Pity he had lesser screen time than Near. I know there are people who didn’t like Death Note because they (L and Light) are far too unbelievably hax in terms of intellectual capacity, but for me, I can let that past. After all, this is supposed to be fiction; a little un-realness is alright and still within the limits. The tricks they pull are enjoyable and considerably realistic and that will suffice. The side cast was just average though i.e. Misa, Takada etc.

Animation quality is great, especially the scenes in which Light was writing in the notebook. They even put into details the little actions of L. They really brought out the Gothic atmosphere very well. Fantastic art style too. I particularly like the symbolism of the imagery in the series: the "inner world" in which we see Light and L have a faceoff on the top of the tower, the "red" of Light contrasting the "blue" of L. Another point that’s worth mentioning would be the camera angles deployed – from the way the scenes pans in, to the different angle shots, all help to build on the drama.
Music: 86%
While OP2 wasn’t to my liking, I can’t deny that it really suits Death Note a lot, especially since the second part is when Light “officially�? goes mad. The chaotic imagery brought about by OP2 effectively reflected that madness. Same goes for ED2. OP1 was more to my liking. The bgms are great, especially the ones played during the dramatic moments.

The Flaws aka “why it didn’t get a full 10/10�?
As the story proceeds to the Mello/Near arc, the series suddenly became less dramatic and many conversations became very dry. Many a times, they did not even have any music played in the background. And when they do use bgms, they were simply re-using the same ones for the L arc. Most unfortunately, the bgms for L arc was not very suitable in capturing, or rather, depicting the atmosphere for the Mello/Near arc. They also abandoned the symbolic tower scenes. I was expecting something cool like Yagami on the top of the tower, gloating as L was falling, and then find Near and Mello entering the “realm�? to continue the face-off.

Like what xkrazydog mentioned in his review, I don’t like how they just had to throw in the “suggestive�? scenes (to appease the yaoi fangirls, no doubt). It’s disgusting, seriously. Not because I’m against shounen-ai (true, I don’t like that genre) but that really ruined the vibe of the series. Indeed, the manga had none of those stuffs – Light and L are clear-cut enemies; Death Note is a clear-cut thriller and battle of wits and nothing more.

Death Note boasts unique and original storyline, with complex characters and plot progress. Definitely a great series, though like many have mentioned, the series should have been shorten (for the Mello/Near Arc). Nevertheless, this series is highly recommended. Very high re-watch value.
Personal overall rating: 93%

Posted by : miestersean
Posted on : 2008-07-29        

Note: I gave up watching this series after the first ten episodes.

Plot/story: A cat-and-mouse game with nonstop twists and plot advancement. Because the tension and stakes constantly rise, it's monotone in pace and feeling.

Dialogue: The super geniuses are pretentious and coldly super-human -- the logic and reasoning they are blessed with are ridiculous and have no believability. The secondary characters are fittingly bewildered and confused.

Characters: The leads have no motivations other than a robotic resolve to kill the other; they are distant and unlikeable. All of the other humans are of no consequence, which is a shame as the main character's family is warm and sincere. The death god is entertaining but he isn't impartial, despite what the story claims, and he's as disposable as the rest of the filler characters.

Voice acting: The main character and the death god are consistently in-character and fun to listen to. The rest could be more animated.

Music/sound: The orchestration is well-produced but oppressively dark and melodramatic: the apocalyptic theme that backs the writing in the notebook is overdone, even considering the plot.

Animation/Art: The character designs are sometimes weirdly realistic with an off-putting 3-D look. Otherwise, they are average. The monochromatic visuals are oppressive in their overuse of blackness. The varied backgrounds are plain.

Enjoyment: It's exciting to see the plot unveiled, but the endless dramatic escalation and not being attached to either of the leads was frustrating. Seeing what happens next was not nearly enough for me to keep watching.

Overall: Recommended for those who view action and suspense as paramount in a series. Those seeking emotional and moral substance should pass.

Score: 4/10

Posted by : xkrazydog
Posted on : 2008-07-01        

Ahh Death Note. If you haven't heard of it, then my gosh where have you been for the past 2 years? I'll keep my reviews brief.
To put it quite simply, the story is about a genius boy name Light who gets his hands on a Death Note where he can kill people by knowing their name and face. He passes on judgment on criminals hoping to be a god of a perfect world. L, the other genius is out to capture him. And so goes the battle of wits and predictions.
To put it simply: It makes an amazing manga, but the anime seems slightly off.

OP and ED: Hated the theme songs in Death Note. The soundtrack during the anime is average and suits it very well, but the opening theme song was terrible and makes me want to punch babies. Its hardcore metal screaming rock music that kills your eardrums, and the animation is seizure worthy in a bad way.

Animation and Graphics: Very Nicely done, especially in an anime where not a lot of physical action is taking place. The mood is set just right and the characters are drawn very well.

Now here are the negatives: The characterization is quite off. Like in the manga, the character Light shows the greatest change from an idealistic youth to a self obsessed madman. The anime, unfortunately doesn't highlight that in the beginning, making Light seem psychotic right off the bat. You don't see that innocent gleam in his eyes like in the manga. You just see outright malice.

Second, Even though the anime follows the manga quite faithfully, I didn't enjoy the glaringly obvious assumption that made Light and L seem like they were *excuse my french* Gay tragic lovers. The manga makes no hint of ANY romance, and Light and L are enemies, nothing more. I'm all up for some creative freedom, but that was just pushing it.

Third: Quite frankly, it was 90% talking. Now for a manga, its ok, because the pictures don't move and you can read and deduce what you like on your own pace and it wont hinder the art. But for an anime, an insanely huge portion was just talk. As nice as it is to hear their voices, you get bored very quickly.

Nicely done effort, and the anime was nicely executed, but I found it to be a hassle to watch if you already read the manga. I would say read the manga rather than watch the anime, but they can be interchangeable depending on the viewer. I give it a 6. Average. Nothing more and nothing less. I had high hopes for this anime. But it just moved too slow.

Posted by : Gen3s1s
Posted on : 2008-05-15        

Death Note has to be the best mystery anime ever, involving some horror but mostly fantasy. It has an incredible story that's 100% unique, watching this anime made me want to see more, one episode after another. There is no way you can possibly predict what happens throughout this anime (unless you read the manga of course).

The animation is nice and solid, using different themes to suit the anime. Also they use different themes to suit characters such as, Kira, they use dark colors to go with his deranged mind, Or L his theme is a light blue which I think represents his cool and calm thoughts. Other than that it, doesn't change too often.

The music used for this anime could not be better the moment its played your drawn into the anime, they have different tunes to go with different characters which i suppose can express there chain of thought.

The characters are awesome all unique, however there isn't that many so it's not surprising, they're all likable and you can understand everything about them, even the villian. I like L the most, his mannerisms are just so weird, you may question him but somewhere down the line you're gonna agree, that he's the coolest in the anime.

The story, like I said before, is 100% unique, totally unpredictable. The best thing about the story is watching how the characters may react to certain events and how every action, no matter how small, brings a reaction.

If you're into mystery drama's then this has gotta be the no1 recommendation, and if you're not then just try it out. It's an epic anime, one that can't be beat if in competition with any mystery drama anime.

Posted by : Frundock
Posted on : 2008-05-10        

What a great show ! After reading the tons of great reviews and receiving tons of personal recommendations, I thought I had to give Death Note a shot, and boy was it worth it.

The one thing that striked me was the characters. Creative design and storyline brought a very interresting cast. The way the story flows around them is near perfect. This is supported by a very good soundtrack, and althought it's a bit repetitive it's always well placed, used.

Story was a great idea, well used for some time, but I at some point it did felt repetitive. They would change the protaginist, but with the same goal always in mind. All this lead to an unfit ending for such a well played out series.

In conclusion, I guess Death Note would have benefited from a shorter season length.

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