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Devil May Cry

Studio : Madhouse Studios

Licenced by : FUNimation

Also involved : ADV Films

Length : 12 Episodes

Year : 2007

Genre : Mystery - Fantasy - Horror

Synopsis :

Additional Notes: This anime was originally licensed by ADV films, but ARMS Corporation transfered its distribution license to FUNimation Entertainment in mid 2008.

Added : 2006-10-13
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Last update : 2008-07-13
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Score : 5.11
Number of reviews : 9

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official Devil May Cry Website (Japanese)
Official #2 : Unofficial Devil May Cry Fansite (English)
Official #3 : Wowow's Devil May Cry Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : rungran - d.m.c

ED1 : I'll be your home

Release(s) :

2017-10-23 -- Episode(s) 1-12 by -. BT Link
2017-09-13 -- Episode(s) 1-12 by Erai-raws. BT Link
2017-09-13 -- Episode(s) 1-12 by Erai-raws. BT Link

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Character Design
Abe, Hisashi

 Dante Lowell, Patty  Lady

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Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2010-02-18        

I had heard some interesting (but non-complimentary) comments about Devil May Cry. Here's my opinion. Review based on MVM entertainment DVD release (UK region 2).

Perhaps the only real bright spot in the entire show. I found the animation to be almost fitting for this video-game adaptation. The fight scenes whilst gory were choreographed well. The character designs were faithful to the original source. Most of the action scenes take place at night so some of the decent visuals were dulled. As an aspect in its own right, the animation was more than commendable.

A very poorly conceptualised story really let this show down. It felt very disjointed and even though the backstory was very interesting it never really went beyond that of a typical hack and slash anime with minimal plot. There was hardly anything linking each episode with the last and as a result continuity went right out the window. Very very disappointing.

With an anti-hero like Dante, much could have been done to have explored his past and his heritage as a half-breed devil/human. This was never touched upon and all that was left was a brooding, annoying main character with very little to offer except his ability to wield a huge broadsword and his trigger fingers (not exactly an uncommon trait in anime heroes). His personality remained one-dimensional and apathetic to the point where I wouldn't care about his fate. The peripheral characters were also handled very poorly too. Except from a last minute effort with Patty Lowell's past, there remained very little in the way of extra character development.

The OP was an instrumental piece which felt inadequate for such a violent anime. I expected something much more like the heavy rock/heavy metal song along the lines of perhaps Black Lagoon's OP. The ED again was very forgettable and added little to the anticipation of the next episode. I found the Japanese and English VAs both decent, but I felt the Japanese Dante was more in keeping with his character. The score wasn't anything special.

Extremely disappointing as a whole. Aside from the above average animation there wasn't positive to mention. This was created more as an adjunct to the 2007 videogame release of Devil May Cry 4. Unless you are a huge fan of the games, please avoid. In fact, you’ll have far more enjoyment (and longer lasting appeal) if you played the games instead of watch this very poor videogame tie-in.

Posted by : Faebinder
Posted on : 2008-05-04        

This anime could have gone so far... but ended up being no where. If you think you will watch a nice demon series, then you are mistaken.

Graphics: 9/10. While I enjoyed so much of the drawings and I thought many characters were well drawn, the fights were too simplistic. More could have been done other than the classic cut and flash fighting scenes.

Music: 7/10. This anime could have used a better creepier song theme. The intramusic episode was nothing major.

Story: 6/10. Horrible. Lost potential. Many of the stories are so scattered apart that you lose interest. Despite being a small number of total episodes, the series has no real connection. You lose interest by episode 5.

Character Design: 7/10. Other than the main character, the rest of the characters are average with nothing fleshing them out. Main villan? What main villan?

Very disappointing.

Posted by : kevinchaosvs
Posted on : 2008-04-26        

This show was disappointing on many levels.
To be as fair as possible, I will first begin by saying that I’ve never played the game, so my review shall be purely on the anime itself, no reference or comparism to the game. At all.

Animation/Graphics/Design:75% Good Gothic theme graphics, but points deducted for the lackluster animation for fighting scenes
The fighting scenes were pathetic. Characters were shallow, their personality fixed throughout, no visible development..
The design for the enemies ( the “Akuma"/ “Demons") was just the average ones for monsters---big, horned, sharp claws ,fangs, ugly---typical. Pathetically typical.

In spite being only a short 13eps, the series was basically filled with fillers with no plot progress, whereby Dante basically just undertook “jobs", killing the same ol’ demon bunch.
There wasn’t much exploration into Dante’s history/background, making the series even more shallow for plot progress

The only good thing I can say is the music for the opening theme… … maybe the Gothic style graphics as well and that Dante’s gun looks cool… …and that’s all that’s worth mentioning.Seriously.

In short:
Those who intend to watch this for actions : Don’t bother
Fans of the Games : Even more so, don’t bother to watch.
“disappointment" will be an understatement (if the Gamers still insist on watching)

Personal Overall Rating : 35%

Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2007-12-10        

This anime reminds me of why Devil May Cry 2 the game is so disappointing. Dante is utterly boring.

This isn't because I'm a fan of Devil May Cry games and expect Dante to be like the guy in the games but his stoic character shows nothing. He's not lazy, he's just plain. His poor gambling skills isn't a funny gag, it makes him a loser and frankly annoying. It's painful to watch him fight because his actions are utterly predictable and shows no awe. Any guy with colored hair can wield a sword and ram it into big monsters but they do it with style at the least. Not only were his moves lacking in style the action scenes were simply far too short. Overall, he has no life as a character.

I bashed Dante mainly because this anime has no solid storyline and focuses on Dante's everyday life so it is crucial to this anime that Dante is a solid character. It was utterly shocking to see that the main character in such a deplorable state. The director and story writers are incompetent to the point I question their conscience for releasing this anime. The animation quality is good so I KNOW they had the money and time.

4/10, watch this only if you are a BIG BIG fan of Devil May Cry games and were curious.

Posted by : 145447
Posted on : 2007-10-13        

Plot : The plot starts to unfold only during episode 10 or 11, we know something big is planned so we keep following the series, they did this perfectly. But the end, in my opinion spoiled the whole show.

Music : The OP fits the anime and amazing background music, it has the potential to make the battle more intense...if there's any...

Characters : OK, if you played the wouldn't really care about the characters development cause they are explained in the game. But the producer produce this anime with "the-viewer-had-played-the-game" mind and everybody's like...why he did this, why she did that, why she have those powers!...

Animation : Fluid animation...but the fighting scenes are too short...all of the demons are killed in 1 even they have the technology...its not fully used

Score : 3/ had high potential but destroyed by lousy producing team

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2007-10-11        

I wasn’t expecting much from Devil May Cry, mainly because game-turn-anime series usually isn’t very good. I think most people would roughly know what they’ll expect after seeing the first episode; Dante kicking demon ass, but nothing (much) else. And they’re pretty much totally right.

Sure, there’s a beginning, there’s an end, and they’re somewhat connected. Sadly, there are no twists to the storyline, if there is anything much to be mentioned. Aside from the first and last 2 episodes, the series mainly shows how Dante’s life went after the story from the games. All of these seemed like small side stories didn’t get too interesting, but it wasn’t bad until they made them ending look like it came out of nowhere. Sure, it’s linked to one of the characters, but, like, as if we didn’t know that will happen anyway.

Story Style
The quiet laid-back but strong protagonist is already getting a bit old. What makes Dante different in the games is the style he delivers while kicking demon ass, but none of that is shown in the anime. Perhaps because of the way Japanese animators think, outsmarting opponents and “final hit" should be the way to go… Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with Dante, killing one of the most important things that made Devil May Cry unique. Plus, the fighting scenes tend to get boring fast. Luckily, they usually don’t last too long.

Dante used to be quite handsome. Now he looks like a tired middle aged uncle. Amongst the characters, only Patty seemed nice to look at. Can I blame bad character design? Plus, they definitely need more innovation in the fighting scenes; none of it looked moderately exciting.

They, however, have a good OP to bring in the atmosphere for the show. But then, the atmosphere might to wrong altogether.

I do enjoy some part of it, but I suggest catching this series only if you’re bored. None of it is actually bad… but none of it is actually good. 2.5 for quality and 2.5 for enjoyment, giving this a score of 5.

Posted by : PsiKro
Posted on : 2007-09-14        

Devil May Cry features Dante, a demon/devil hunter who's always in debt. Being based off the game (which I havn't played), I wasn't expecting too much when I watched this - which was good thing for me.

Animation/Art/Design:I think the animation is one of DMC's stronger points. Its always fluid, be it a fast fight scene or a slow talking scene. The coloring and shading accompanied by the CG elements in the backgrounds really make it stand out. Even boring scenes where Dante's drinking his strawberry can keep my attention because of how nice everything just looks. In terms of character designs and such, they were pretty good too, particularly lady who had a blue eye and a red eye. It was pity the story never really took off, but in terms of animation, it was excellent: 10/10

Story/Plot/Characters: This is where it starts falling apart. Despite the beautiful scenery and above average animation, this anime lacks story. Nothing really happens in it ... About 9 of the episodes consist of Dante killing random demons that really have little to no significance in the show. And considering that the whole 'powerful/cool main character kills bad guys/demons' concept is overused, its not very unique either. Characters/Villains also randomly appear without explanation, and are disposed of without explanation. Whats worst is that we don't even know anything about the characters. Sure, they're cool and all, they got some nice guns, they look cool, talk cool. But we don't really know anything about their past. We don't know how they came to be the great demon hunters they are today or how they met, or how they feel about things. Even without a major plot device, if only the characters were better developed, I would rate this section to be average. But it fails. Don't watch this anime for an intriguing plot. Don't expect one at all:4/10

Music(Openings, BGM): The music was pretty nice, particularly the opening theme which I loved. It really stuck with me, and although there wasn't any particularly memorable BGM, it still suited the mood well. The closing which was pretty slow and calm, was a good choice I think, it really concluded certain episodes well by finishing it off in a calm and a somewhat sad mood. 8/10

Overall: The anime has a lot of action, theres a few demons getting killed in every episode. It could end up getting boring and repetitive to some people (the whole Dante magically pwns every demon he meets thing), but hey, it entertained me. In terms of characters, they're cool, but not enough information about them is given to really attach ourselves to them. We can't relate to them or feel sad for them. The animation and music however, is good, and Dante's big sword makes up for some of the flaws. Just don't watch this if your expecting something impressive. Because its not. Its more of a series you watch to pass the time. Although my scores don't match up, I'm giving this a 6.5/10 overall. It entertained, but it didn't quite deliver.

Posted by : Hex
Posted on : 2007-08-12        

Plot/Story: (since there basically is no plot yet I wont rate this)
Characters: 5
Animation: 10
Music: 5 (too much emphasis on how cool the current scene should be)

After watching 9 episodes of Devil May Cry I am rather disappointed. Each episode feels tedious and consists of plot twists that are nothing but vague flash backs to something compleatly unmentioned that APPARENTLY happened during the time span of the episode to explain why 'Dante did not die after all' or why 'Dante was able to kill the demon after all'(A good example is episode 9).

Furthermore I dont think Dante could become less interesting than he already is unless he picked up smoking and started wearing dark sun glasses to help further his role as the "Tough guy main character that always wins and has a dark past that will eventually come back to haunt him in a couple of episodes".

However, quite possibly the SADDEST thing about this anime is the action. Every fight is basically the same: Nonstop gunfire with chunks of concrete/grass/wood/glass/human body parts/etc. flying around. Meanwhile neither dante nor the throw-away monster he is fighting gets hurt (even though Dante basically always hits the demons with his gun(s), they are just never hurt enough for them to even matter) untill Dante takes his sword and One-hit K.O.s whatever it is he happens to be fighting. Woohoo!

The animation is good though.
Hopefully the producers will hire a professional writer instead of a high school kid for the next episodes.

Posted by : Miroku2192
Posted on : 2007-07-24        

Having watched half of the series (6 episodes), I decided to write this review:

Animation: 9/10
The animation seems to get a little better as the series goes on. At first, I was complaining about how the animation sucked because when they were drinking, the beer didn't even just...yeah if you're picky like me, you'd give it a lower rating. But as I gave it a few more episodes, Devil May Cry started turning out to be better. I.E. - the fighting scenes

Music: 7/10
None of the music is really memorable, except for the opening song. Otherwise, the music in the episode is just so so and doesn't perfectly fit in with the animation.

Story: 7/10
Although this has big swords and guns, and a few charming women who can fight...this isn't like other superior series such as Claymore, Black Cat and Black Lagoon. It doesn't have much a story, but it's based off a video game where the main characters go around blowing demon heads off with guns. Unfortunately, after 6 episodes...which is half the series, nothing really develops and the story is just becoming a drag. Each episode is like it's own little story. It becomes somewhat repetitive and boring.

Characters: 6/10
Pfft! BORING! You don't see ANY developments in these characters! They introduce two sexy young ladies who kick ass BUT! why are they so good? What makes them who they are? What motivates these people to go around and kick these demon butts?

Overall: 7.3/10
It's a decent anime if all you care about is action. It's got some alright episodes...but if you're really looking for something thats good and will get you hooked on waiting for the next episode, watch something like "Claymore".

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