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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Alternate title : Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

Studio : Sunrise

Licenced by : Bandai Entertainment

Length : 25 Episodes

Year : 2006

Genre : Action - Drama - Mecha - Military - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
Almost a decade ago, Japan was under attack by the Britannia Empire. The whole land was destroyed and it suffered many casualties. Now this land is deemed Area 11, and it is under control of this Britannia Empire. Citizens are deemed "elevens" and law is enforced through the use of "KnightMare Frames" - large battle-type machinery (mecha). Many conspiracies and lies occur in this Empire, and the citizens can do very little to stop their power.

That is, until Lelouch - a principled, and intelligent student is trapped in a truck driven by "terrorists". This truck he fell in carried a secret weapon thought to be "poisonous gas", this item was stolen from the Empire. But once opened, out comes a girl. And once Lelouch was cornered the girl asks to form a contract with him.

"I will give you power, if you grant my wish. You will be a human, but something more than a human at the same time - you will be like a king".

Additional Notes: This series ranked #5 in Anime-Source's Best of 2006 poll.
The Code Geass: Black Rebellion DVD is a special edition/compilation of this TV series.

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Score : 9.05 Ranked #25 by users
Number of reviews : 38

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Official #1 : Bandai Entertainment's Code Geass Website (English)
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Official #5 : Sunrise's Code Geass Website (Japanese)

A-Source #1 : In-Depth Review by leoxjm

Song(s) :

OP1 : FLOW - COLORS (episodes 1-12)
OP2 : Jinn - Kaidoku Funou (episodes 13-23)
OP3 : access - Hitomi no Tsubasa (episodes 24-25)

ED1 : Ali Project - Yuukyou Seishunka (episodes 1-12)
ED2 : SunSet Swish - Mosaic Kakera (episodes 13-23)
ED3 : FLOW - COLORS (episodes 24-25)
ED4 : Hitomi - Innocent Days (episode 25)

Release(s) :

2017-07-23 -- Episode(s) 1-25 by Prof. BT Link
2017-07-22 -- Episode(s) 1-25 by Erai-raws. BT Link
2017-07-22 -- Episode(s) 1-25 by Erai-raws. BT Link

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Character Design
Kimura, Takahiro

Original Character Design

 Lamperouge, Lelouch Kururugi, Suzaku C.C. Stadtfeld (Kozuki), Kallen Lamperouge, Nunnally li Britannia, Euphemia (Euphy) li Britannia, Cornelia Fenette, Shirley
 Ashford, Milly Cardemonde, Rivalz Einstein, Nina Asplund, Lloyd Croomy, Cecile Gottwald, Jeremiah Nu, Villetta Guilford, Gilbert
 Darlton, Andreas Tohdoh, Kyoshiro Ried, Diethard Ohgi, Kaname Chawla, Rakshata Tamaki, Shinichiro Shinozaki, Sayoko Sumeragi, Kaguya
 Mao di Britannia, Charles V.V. el Britannia, Schniezel la Britannia, Clovis

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Posted by : princexcharming
Posted on : 2015-11-13        

rated 10/10
I love this anime..such a mix..though the plots are complicated.. I still can't wait to watch the new episodes.. I so enjoyed this anime xD. The openings and ending all my favourites. Very nice! The character I love the most is the villain protagonist, Lelouch vi Britannia or Lelouch Lamperouge. He is a prince, yet a villain, have a great power, geass, intelligent yet handsome. So, what's not to like about him? He is the 'key' of the anime, right?

Posted by : joem20
Posted on : 2009-07-24        

This is one of the most overrated anime for me. Even it has good animation, the story has massive amount of flaws. I have nothing against Lelouch or anything, it’s just like I can’t take the lack of explanations how Lelouch do something impossible.

Story: 5/10
The story is good but if you think that this is a complicated anime where you will think and think, for me, I will say that if you want to enjoy this anime, don’t take it seriously. The story about the Geass is very unique, but the problem is they lack to explain all the rules and limitations of Lelouch’s power. When you watch it all along, you will be surprised not because Lelouch did a great tactic rather you will be saying “Oh, he can do that to?�?. The other problem is this anime is a fast paced one, which is not necessary for this kind of anime. If I site a scene and give its flaw, I don’t think this review will be as short as the normal ones so I will not do it. As for me, I think the creators want to have all the genres in this anime, and I don’t like this fact.

Animation: 10/10
Hands up for this one. All the episodes have not just constant animation but the level of animation is way above in any other normal anime. The fighting scenes between Guren and Lancelot are really the best. Their facial expressions are really drawn very great and that’s what I like the most.

Characters: 6/10
As expected for CLAMP, the character design is really great. All the characters are handsome and beautiful. But the character development was not good. Lelouch can do everything but he has a soft heart which contradicts on what he is doing. They lack the explanation why Lelouch can pilot every single Knightmare he use, be it a new (Gwain) or old ones (first Sutherland he use). As for Suzaku, I was annoyed because his principle is very wrong.

Music: 8/10
All the music is very good and appropriate on each scene. The opening songs are really great; especially the first opening song but I don’t like the second song. The sound effects of the clashing mechs and missiles flying are really realistic, really great.

Overall: 7/10
I watched it 4 times already and it’s just I am not satisfied in the development of the story, or rather I am disappointed in this anime because they have the potential to surpass the greatest animes of all time, but failed. If you are to watch it and have a great expectations to it, just don’t take it seriously and convince yourself that Lelouch can do the impossible.

Posted by : Veld
Posted on : 2009-03-27        

A very interesting series a bit reminiscent of Death Note. A seemingly normal guy is given a strange and mysterious power, and the world goes crazy from there.

The Good:

The plot was very good. The situations were not as thought out and complex as Death Note, but the whole scene was more strategy than mind games and trying to find out how people think. Lelouch really creates amazing strategies against all odds to fight an oppressive, overpowered empire.

There were some amazing plot twists that I absolutely did not expect at all. The twists were all very interesting, and none of them were stupid or unreasonable as many writers try to add just for the sake of a twist and not for plot.

I like the moral dilemmas that the characters' faced. It really brought out the depths of the characters true personalities. What really packed the punch was that people who on the battle field would have killed each other are living their lives together peacefully when off the battlefield. Some are even good friends.

The Bad:

From the get go, I would have thought that the super-powered prototype which can only be used by the super idealistic good guy was really cliche, but the meaning of the plot around it was amazing and made up for it. For Suzaku and Zero to be battling with each other brings so much meaning and moral dilemma to the series. Is it right to war against an evil empire, or is it better to try to make it better from within? Can you participate in the empire without being tainted by it? etc.

The animation sort of bugged me for the army. The Black Knights' mechas were a whole lot more interesting and well drawn. I guess the army should all have the same machines, but I think that they could have at least two or three different models or so. It seemed to me that the machines driven by Zero and the Black Knights are overpowered also, but the sheer numbers of the Brittainian Army will overpower them with reinforcements if they don't move quickly and precisely so the difference is less of a plot problem.

The only thing that really bugged me about the series was the chess battle with the scale. (Each player puts the captured chess pieces their side of the scale and if the one side goes past the weight limit, the bomb attached either goes off or is diffused.) I just kept thinking, "Why doesn't he just push the scale down with his hand?" It was an interesting idea, but it just seemed so ridiculous that I thought it was laughable.


Side note: I really feel bad about the second season. I felt like the series could have been finished amazingly in 15 minutes after the last episode, but the second season just changed the plot a lot it seemed and added all the dreaded fan service that just didn't need to be there.

Overall a very good series. I am not much of a fan of the mecha anime, but I liked the plot to this one a lot. It may not have been sheerly amazing, but it was very enjoyable and very plot filled. I would give it an 8.5 out of 10, but I guess I have to give it an 8/ 10. It doesn't have what it takes to get a 9 in my book, but still quite solid.

Posted by : AJtheFourth
Posted on : 2009-03-23        

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is a fantastic show. I was weary of the 'mecha' category attached to it, because I am decidedly NOT a mecha fan. Fortunately, Code Geass relies a lot more on stylish animation, amazing character development, and strategy rather than 'my larger robot can beat your robot.'

Animation: CLAMP did the character design which meant a lot of elongated stick-skinny characters. I'm a big fan of a lot of their work, and also a religious viewer of xxxHolic, so this didn't bother me, but I can see how it could bother some. The fight scenes are all well-choreographed, and the animation stays very clean, although it's nothing spectacular. 8/10

Story: The story relies a lot on character development and that is where Code Geass shines. Unfortunately, it also relies on a lot of standard plot devices. If you're going to use these plot twists to drive your storyline, you have to present them in a different or exceptional way and Code Geass doesn't reach its full potential in this area. The ending is actually the worst episode of the series, which doesn’t exemplify good story-telling. The story is at its best when we are inside Lelouch/Zero's head, whether he is planning and scheming a way to conceal his double life at school, or commanding the Black Knights from inside his Knightmare Frame. These well-written strategy parts immerse the viewer in the story. For someone like me, who isn't a fan of mecha, Lelouch's scheming was a great way to include the viewer in all of the battle scenes. 6/10

Characters: Lelouch is an intriguing character. Often compared to Light Yagami from Death Note, he too is presented with a magical solution to change his life and the world. Lelouch is far easier to relate to than Light and I think it's important to see the differences in his character to fully appreciate the series. Unlike Light, who wants to change the world in his image to become a god-like figure, Lelouch is far more down to earth. He wants to avenge the death of his mother, and create a world where his sister feels safe, using the Black Knights much like he uses any other chesspiece on a chessboard. Lelouch still cares about many people who are close to him, and as his double life and the geass power begins to take its toll, we are privy to see his slow realization that his actions have consequences that even the most brilliant strategist cannot predict.

The opposing character to Lelouch is his childhood friend Suzaku. Suzaku’s aim is to raise his status and change his world through hard work and integrity. Even when the system turns on him, and Lelouch as Zero presents him with an escape, Suzaku sticks to his morals and sees his situation through honorably. The remaining cast is decidedly static and present various anime stereotypes, romantic, mecha, and otherwise. The Black Knight /student Kallen is the only other character who is flushed out at all. This works to Code Geass’s advantage sometimes, since it’s Lelouch and Suzaku’s struggles that the series focuses on. 8/10

Music: I loved COLORS’s song FLOW, although I agree with the previous poster that it doesn’t fit the series all that well. The background music is good, nothing exceptional, and all other opening and ending songs fit the series well despite the fact that none of them really stuck with me. 7/10

Overall: For me, Code Geass is a solid seven out of ten. There are points where everything clicks and the series really shines; however, there are other points where forgiveable mistakes are all the more annoying when compared to what the series could have been. 7/10

Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2009-03-07        

This anime is nothing short of epic. It has everything that one looks for in an excellent show regardless of the medium: Breathtaking story, memorable characters, shocking twists, etc. Anything less than 10/10 will not do the anime justice.

My favorite part of the anime is how well the story is told and how each event has repercussions that is felt by all characters. From the desire of finding his mother's killer and the granting of the Geass by C.C., Lelouch starts a chain of events that would encompass nations in a bloody battle. I especially enjoyed the splendid military strategies that the anime painfully set out and executed. The ruthlessness of some of the strategies is also quite refreshing. It is great to watch Lelouch use to his liking any tactic that serves his purpose without any regard. But Code Geass isn't immoral like School Days because he is held accountable and is not allowed to escape judgment. This accountability is where the theme of forgiveness is introduced, and superbly counter-balances the theme of vengeance that Lelouch handles with aplomb.

This show would never be possible if Lelouch is anything short of Machiavelli's prince reincarnated. He is wonderfully portrayed and his dialogues are excellently written. His actions are devious and fit his character. Most important of all is that he is unpredictable. It is so refreshing to watch an anime where I can finally feel genuinely shocked from what Lelouch is capable of perpetrating.

It's not to say this anime didn't have blemishes. The weird movements used for all of Lelouch’s proclamations look silly and reminds me of Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club. Some of the tactics Lelouch thought up seems more like a miracle concocted by writers that can't think up anything smart. For example: in the climactic battle of the Tokyo settlement Lelouch resorts to sinking the whole city. The problem is that the audience is not given prior knowledge that such an absurd mechanism existed. It seems the writers just pulled it out of nowhere and had a weak excuse for its existence.

Ultimately, the blemishes are minor enough to be negligible. With an excellent story and cast there is nothing significant that warrants lowering the score from 10/10.

Posted by : kevinchaosvs
Posted on : 2008-12-19        

Code Geass, the dark horse of the productions of year 2006, a series in which I initially didn’t intend to watch, as I was expecting it to be just another mecha produced by Sunrise to accommodate the fact that there was no Gundam for that year. Even the first episode had that trademark protagonist stumbled into scene while enemy was stealing weapons storyline. Thankfully, it turned out that I was gravely mistaken. Code Geass turned out to more than just a mecha series.

Story/Dev: 90%
The plot isn’t anything special, nothing really unique either. It is essentially a rather typical storyline about a discarded Prince who seeks revenge. A storyline rather common in Shakespearian plays revolving round conflicts among the Royals. Then again, the theme of revenge has always been a delicious storyline, popular among many and for many ages. So, how is it that a series consisting of so many generic storylines is able to become one of the most phenomenal series of the recent years? All I can say is that Sunrise played its cards really well in the production of Code Geass.

What is so special, and thus made it deserve a high rating, is how the story develops. And it is how it progresses that makee the overall storyline complex and so engaging. The concept of the Geass itself is also rather fresh. I have to compliment the production team for their analogies and references to Celtic myth. Also, I have always loved the symbolism of Chess, however mild or insignificant it is, that is being portrayed in anime, and CG had lots of them. They certainly have done a splendid job in the scripting of this series.

Characters/Dev: 95%
The characters’ development is the strong point of this series. Indeed, Lelouch is certainly not the generic clear-cut good guy. And yet, branding him a “villain" doesn’t really fit the bill either. As far as anti-hero archetype goes, it does seem like Yagami Light is the closest in comparison. But of course, on a deeper level, Lelouch is a much, much more complex character than Light, which is understandable considering the nature of the series’ stories. In addition, even the antagonist Suzaku is more than what he seems to be, and I certainly cannot simply classify him under the archetypal justice-upholding Hero. Because, similar to Lelouch, his personality is much darker and much more complex than that. The side cast, on the other hand, is the generic make-up (At the base of it all, this is Sunrise after all). Yup, you have the Princess, the klutzy girl, the scientist, etc. Though I have to say that Lloyd made a rather deep impression because I found him to be a very hilarious character and I laughed at his awesome one-liners and nutty archetypical scientist personality. Of the friends/enemies duality concept, I’ve heard of complaints about how it is just ripping off from Gundam Seed. However, I have to say that Code Geass has taken the relationship duality to an even deeper (and more realistic) level, making this aspect to be even more intriguing than that of Seed’s.

The roles are also changed in this series. In most mecha, the protagonists are usually the ones piloting the mecha and fighting in the frontline. Lelouch, on the other hand, plays the role of one who leads and plans the battles. In short, the protagonist of Code Geass is the leader and strategist, rather than just the soldier. But on the other end of the spectrum, the viewers can’t help but question if, by the end of it, Lelouch is really the “King" controlling the scene or the “Pawn" being played on by the Emperor. Or that they are essentially the same since the “King" is but another chess piece on the chessboard, and that Lelouch can never escape from the Emperor’s control no matter what he attempts to do.

Of the voice-acting cast, I dare say that Jun Fukuyama has pretty much stolen the show. His role as the voice of Lelouch was definitely nothing short of terrific in how he managed to bring out the arrogance of Lelouch. Really, Jun sounded so different from when he voiced for his other notable roles (eg Watanuki from xxxHOLiC) that I initially didn’t realize it was actually him.

Animation/Graphics/Design: 95%
Since character designs are done by CLAMP, I just have to give this section high score simply because I’m a fan of CLAMP’s art styles. CG boasts beautiful character designs and fantastic animation quality. Lelouch’s emotions, particularly his facial expressions, are all very accurately and realistically shown. The only complaint is that the character design for Suzaku is a freakin’ Syaoran. Why, CLAMP? Do they really *have* to throw in a Syaoran for almost everything they draw? As for the mecha, I don’t have much to say. After all, it is the usual Sunrise style and all.

Music: 93%
The music is fantastic too! The first OP, while no doubt good, is not really fitting for this anime: the mood of the song is too “happy" for a series such as Code Geass. I disliked OP2 though. OP3 was also good, though it resembled too much to a Gundam-ish sort of OP. BGMs used are really well chosen. I like generally all of the EDs. Personally loved the Inserts by Hitomi.

At this point of time, I doubt I’ll need to recommend this series: it’s already too well known. Now off to my review for Code Geass R2 in order to truly finish my review for Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion!

Personal Overall Rating: 90%

Posted by : Paraclyte28
Posted on : 2008-11-04        

This review is based after watching both seasons
OK. I'll start this review by saying that Code Geass is one heck of an anime.

There are two main points that I base my ratings on, the Plot and the development of the Characters. Code Geass certainly has a great plot and a great set of characters. As long as these points satisfy me I don't really care much about the animation and music. Although they are good, too.

I was so happy that I waited for the whole series to finish before starting to watch it because I couldn't bear to wait a week to see the next episode. I felt many emotions during the whole series. Sadness, laughter, anger, fear, shock, thrill. It was unpredictable. Just when I thought that I know what will happen next, I would be wrong. I didn't even know what side to choose because one side's objective will change suddenly.

Although Code Geass did have some similarities with Death Note, what made it different for me is that Code Geass had an ending that I liked. I also liked how sometimes there are happy moods in Code Geass. Whereas in Death Note, it's mostly dark moods that I felt.

The character developments were astounding. There are many characters that changed through out the whole season. Most animes only develop the protagonist and antagonist but many of the characters in Code Geass changed. Sometimes I did not know who was going for the right path. I was rooting for a character to win then all of a sudden his true objective was shown and I hated him for that.

Overall, Code Geass is a perfect anime for me. I thought that the writers of Code Geass had balls because they killed such important characters. I liked it.

Posted by : PestilenceX
Posted on : 2008-10-08        

Code Geass is definitely one of the best series I have seen.

The best ever? Well no I wouldn't say that, there are still a few rough edges and as has been mentioned before it doesn't feel like the people who were making it actually expected it to be this popular.

Why did it become so popular nonetheless? Code Geass is a show that almost forces you to watch again because almost every episode ends with a cliffhanger

I'm writing this after seeing season 2 so I can say most of the answers are actually answered in the end, but even at the end there is still one question that lingers.

Code Geass definitely has similarities with Death Note. But where most who mention that seem to enjoy Death Note more I have to say I think Code Geass is better.

Code Geass is less cerebral and has more action. But the big difference I think is really Lelouch himself. And personally he is also what won me over apart from Death Note's anti-climatic ending.

Lelouch actually has doubts sometimes. He obviously doesn't show them to often so it doesn't get all mushy but just enough that it is credible for him to continue and so you also know why he is doing the things he does.

This makes him a lot more human and makes it so you actually want him to succeed because you sympathize with him.

In the end I chose to give Code Geass a 9,5

The plot gets a 10 from me. With all the cliffhangers, it's obvious the story is sometimes nearing the fine line of becoming unbelievable, especially in season two. There was one point where I had to raise an eyebrow at the pace some things went, but in the end that is the strength of Code Geass, as it always keeps you at the tip of your seat, never really knowing what will happen next and always leading to great confrontations

The characters are part of the rough edges I mentioned. It's quite obvious all characters are really there to make the story around Lelouch possible. Only a few changes are really noticable in the other characters. Obviously this has also, in large part, due to the incredible speed the series moves on so it isn't just a rough edge; it is also a choice. One that made in my opinion Code Geass the success that it is. It is one of those things where usually it fails miserably and everyone forgets it because the end couldn't keep up with the highspeed start, but if it does succeed you have a jewel worth watching a few times again just to check what you missed the first time. Still I only give a 9 here because even though it was a choice that went great with the show, it is definitely something I missed sometimes.

The music I felt was great. It was nothing too extravagant and added to he overall feel. Now, I'm not really someone who looks at music in the first place unless it bothers me, so I'm not going to give a number here, but I liked it and felt it added to the scenes shown. That, in my eyes, is what makes good anime music.

The artwork is definitely a big plus. I love the style used and also how it was all put together. The mecha'sand faces of the characters were always shifted in such a way you never had many doubts who was piloting what mecha. Also the mechas had a lot of variation and grandeur.

In the end I would like to give it a 9.5. It is the greatest show I have seen in ages, but at some points you can still feel the balance weighing and wonder if a little more of this or that wouldn't have made it even better.

Now I can't vote 9,5 so having to chose between a 9 and a 10 I chose a 10 seeing as I'm definitely not holding out on such a great show.

Posted by : erobe41
Posted on : 2008-07-09        

Code Geass is a mecha that revolves around the main character, Lelouch, and his struggle to change the world. Lelouch obtains a power, a strong power able to aid Lelouch in taking down an empire.

The characters don’t really develop aside from Lelouch and Suzaku. Lelouch starts on the inside and ends up outside of the system as he tries to take down an Empire in which he was once royalty. Suzaku starts on the outside and finds his way on the inside as he holds his ideals to change the world from within the system. Lelouch develops through the story by learning how to distinguish chess from real battle. He comes to a realization about the consequences that accompany his actions and that somebody has to bear the weight of the all the evil it takes to make the world right. Suzaku follows his own ideals that the world must be changed from the inside. He develops a sense of all of the barriers and hurdles that are set up to keep the system intact. All of the other characters have no real character development and are there for support of the development of Lelouch and Suzaku.

The character animations are beautiful, while the mecha fights also have their own animated flare. The OPs are very upbeat J-Pop while the background music adds quality to the episodes.

The only problem I have with this anime are the few questions left unanswered by the end of the series. The whole series ends on a big cliffhanger, but there are also mysteries in which the story didn’t reveal enough about, like the history and C.C., the mysterious woman who granted Lelouch and the others' powers. Also, the mystery that Lelouch tries to solve throughout the whole series gets little development. These mysteries that remain untouched and unanswered take away from Code Geass’ ability to stand alone as a series.

Besides the unanswered questions that develop throughout series, Code Geass is a really good anime. It manages to stay compelling while depicting the Lelouch making tough decisions in order to change the world. The suspense always seems to be present within this anime. I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys mecha animes and to anyone who likes animes that make you think and keep you on the edge of your seat. If you remotely enjoy this series, you will have no problem enjoying Code Geass R2, which also keeps the story captivating and suspenseful. 9/10.

Posted by : kitty_xx07722
Posted on : 2008-05-02        

An important thing before you watch Code Geass: If you just started watching anime or just started watching mecha/military, you should watch the series twice to get it.

Why am I giving a full 10 stars? Because this anime is a very complicated anime that actually makes you think after watching it. Unlike animes like El Cazador, or even Mai-Hime, you just watch and finish it. The entire thing just plays before you and stops at the end of the episode and continues the cycle until the season's over. But for Code Geass, you have this mental battle to pause the movie to think about everything or continue watching it because of the suspense. But not only the plot attracts you, the art is unique. Code Geass is a rare and hard to come by anime - an equal scale of both excellent plot and excellent art.
The music... I loved the first and second opening themes, but the third.. Let's just say not as much as the first two. I was perfectly satisfied the ending themes. The music the inside the episodes clearly named what'll happen next, which is good, since that's why they put it there.
Overall, I think Code Geass is a really good anime to watch on those days when you have nothing to do.

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2008-04-28        

I can see why Code Geass got so popular, but at the same time, I can understand why anyone would give it a low score.

Mid-way through the series, I began to feel strongly that Code Geass is simply Death Note + Gundam Seed. After reading other reviews it seems that a lot of people feel it like me too. Code Geass, like Death Note, is a lot about the protagonist with a secret weapon trying to change the world under an alias, with violence. The difference is that Code Geass has a mecha which promised action and girls which promised fan service, and Death Note delivers more cruel killings and actually has a deep plot.

Code Geass does not have a deep plot. It relies on too many coincidence for the plot twist, and Lelouch has too many close shaves. And a character's death, which is probably caused by Lelouch’s incredibly good or incredibly bad luck... those chances for it to happen are hard to believe. The reason for that death is so incredibly lame that I still cannot accept it. And what are the chances of him getting that overpowered Knightmare? The only parts which Code Geass is in-depth are mainly Lelouch’s strategies. The plot does not go much further than that.

Overlooks that, one can’t deny that Code Geass is enjoyable, SUNRISE style. They know what the audience wants, and they deliver, although some of it kind of gets old if you’ve watch a number of SUNRISE productions. Clumsy tsundere girl, talkative suggestive bold girl, shy girl in love, etc.

I don’t really think they planned for it to be such a success though, as I don’t think they used best choice voice actors or opening ending themes. The animation remained pretty good for the studio’s standard, but I thought all of the songs isn’t any good except for ED2, "Mosiac Kakera". I would admit that "Colours" by FLOW is a good song, but it wasn’t a fitting song for Code Geass.

But in the end, it’s still a enjoyable show. I guess I’m just a little upset with the way the plot plays out.

Plot: 6
Story Style: 9
Animation: 8
Music: 7
Value: 8

Posted by : Akixix
Posted on : 2008-04-24        

I absolutely love this anime, it really brings out the real me. While watching this, you'll seem'll laugh then cry and then get angry and cry again. Please, ignore all the comments saying how it just follows the negative path of all the other mecha/ninja anime's...It really flies high above them all.

The plot was something that I could settle with and understand completely. Though the pace of the show is pretty fast, your pulled along at the edge of your seat waiting for the seconds to go by quicker so you can find out what happens next.

The art design was beautiful. The characters eye's sparkled, the sunsets had beautiful reds and pinks, and the nicely made Knightmares was something to see(or watch?)

My review on Code Geass can't fully explain how good it was. All I can really say now is that watching it would be the best thing to do.

Posted by : SleepyLafiel
Posted on : 2008-04-23        

Re-review? Alright, as my prior review on this series (after 23 episodes) did somewhat jump on the praise bandwagon. While my final thoughts on what is season one of a potential uber-franchise were nowhere near my initial, much should be said about how the creators of CG managed to create a decently original and, at times, outstanding mecha anime series. But because of it's "expository" nature and the absence of all logic near the end, it hardly deserves to be mentioned in the pantheon of anime, as again, there are better shows out there that understands how to close a chapter of a larger epic.

Compared to previous Sunrise produced anime, most notably the Gundam Seed/Seed Destiny series, there are more than just a few parallels. But because this is a review of season one and season one only, to compare the two franchises using both seasons would be unfair. Seed and Seed Destiny, however, fell completely into the trite, taking absolutely no chances with its main characters and settings. It settled, apparently, for what each side of the fanboys wanted, resulting in a mess that's tied primarily to the marketability of the characters. With that, the action and drama of one CG season already far surpassed its cousin, although it liberally borrows and remixes many of the characters and plot.

But what characters they are. Many people compare Lelouch to the fan favorite, Yagami Light, due to their ruthless methods to achieve their goals, and there is some credibility in that. However, there is a key difference, and that difference is what makes Lelouch, perhaps, superior to Light; a conscience. It is that conscience that makes CG much more fun to watch, and this show is completely carried by his character, as compared to Death Note, which had the perfect foil to Light in L for assistance in the characters category. In many ways, CG is the franchise that it is today because of LL. Unfortunately, as time went on in the show, less and less attention was being paid to character interactions, and the ending settled for a dramatic, cliched, and illogical standoff.

But that's just one character of the many that drives the plot, and each play their roles well. Up until episode 23, the development of each was nearly flawless, with even seemingly cliched caricatures breaking out of their GSeed mold and bringing new ideas to the table. Countless goons that follow a mask and his ideas more than what's actually behind it, shades of Char. A regicidal self-righteous hypocrite; shades of Kira/Heero/Amuro. A king that sees his children as toys to an unknown plot; shades of... hah, let's not kid ourselves, way too many of these to count. But each are remixed enough to seem new, and the degrees of hate people on message boards harbor for each shows how well it worked. Definitely cool stuff, but it all comes up empty. Once we got past episode 23, it all delved into the most typical type of showdown, ending on a whimper rather than a roar. To leave the audience with a collective "huh?" is never a good way to tell a story, and that is exactly what CG did.

The production qualities of the series and its presentation is nothing short of astounding, staying consistent throughout the series. And yes, although it did become a "New Robot of the Week" thing by the end, the designs of each were very sharp, distinguishing themselves from each other and from their Gundam cousins. Sound and music were also top-notch, with Lelouch and most of the voice actors for the Black Knights being a step above the typical. Lelouch's finger gesture poses also provided much of the humor in the series, and when combined with the vocal-tone shifts typical of said finger pointing, further bolsters his place as one of the more interesting and watchable characters around.

Mind you, much of these complaints are aimed primarily at the first season, and if I had the power to review season two at this time and include what happens in there into this, perhaps it would score higher. But this is a review for season one, not the collected CG works, and standing alone, CG was somewhat of a failure. Tight, well-knit storyline with sharply crafted characters in a believable setting; it had no reason to fail. In some ways, it's impossible to rate this show on its own; it's more "Lost" than "24," to use American shows as a rubric, and taking each season by itself will always lead to confused questions and questionable content.

Even with the complaints, CG is an outstanding anime. The story of one man against an empire never grows old if told well, and CG has an amazing hook in the form of its lead character. To anticipate his plans and seeing them succeed is gratifying in a way unique in anime. Had there not been the misstep of the conclusion, this would have been an easy 10/10, but because there is a second season, and because the first 23 episodes did happen, it's a forgivable offense. Code Geass is not to be missed, and it is well worthy of its franchise status.

Plot: 9/10
Characters: 10/10
Sound/Music: 9/10
Visuals: 9/10
Presentation: 7/10

Posted by : haosama
Posted on : 2008-04-20        

Noteworthy is the series’ creative take on "Knightmare Frames"; most Frames are notably smaller than other anime bots and the possession of wheels/ rollerblades underneath their legs, both aspects underlie a greater emphasis on speed and make the swiftness of these machinations much more believable. And despite initial robot designs that seem crude and primitive, later versions are real eye-candy for audiences (particular the Lancelot) and further serve to advance the already high enjoyable of Code Geass’ mecha fight scenes. That along with superb "epic like" music and appealing character designs by CLAMP makes Code Geass highly enjoyable.

But Code Geass’ high quality also makes its flaws much more noticeable. The race issue between Britannians and "Elevens" is repetitively shallowly executed, resulting in despicably crappy dialog. Some plot events transcend the believability of even anime, such as Lelouch accidentally releasing the Geass on Princess Euphie and causing the massacre of countless Japanese. At times, the story strays off course, concentrating on less important, immature events like a school fair or Lelouch having his Zero helmet stolen by a cat. And as most cliffhanger endings do, they leave the audience feeling cheated and deceived.

The biggest problem with the series is its overabundance of characters and its failure to properly develop most of them. Diethard seems like an obsessive maniac with an unbelievable motive to back Zero. Nina is a stupid nerdy girl with a crush on Euphie and acts horribly erratically in the finale because of the princess’ death. Mao’s character development barely suffices, characterizing him as a childish maniac rather than a convincing villain. And despite Kallen’s importance to the story, her past isn’t developed beyond the mention that brother died resisting the Britannian regime. Our main villain, the emperor of Britannia, is only characterized by his "survival of the fittest and no equality" dialog. And we really don’t know much about C.C. either. Other than Lelouch, only Suzaku Kururugi is well adapted, serving as juxtaposition against Zero, while still a hypocrite in his disapproval of Zero’s actions.

Alternatively, while the anime fails to adequately portray its secondary characters, a superb job is done on Lelouch. The series’ most enjoyable moments are a result of depicting Lelouch’s intellect, that manage to deftly surprise the audience. What Code Geass does best is characterizing Lelouch throughout the series; his grief and strive to win at all costs. Deception is a key trait of Lelouch that is well- illustrated; his need to hide his identity from the Black Knights, his orchestration of the "suicide" of the Japanese resistance leaders. Lelouch’s unorthodox methods have in turn isolated him; even from the ones he loves and cares about most.

Consequently, he believes himself as a person beyond redemption. As Lelouch himself put it:

"I cannot marry a goddess because I have sold my soul to the devil."

And because of the deft characterization of Lelouch, this anime undeniably excites and thoroughly entertains its audience, making Code Geass one of greatest conceptions of modern day anime.

Posted by : yoza
Posted on : 2008-04-19        

Code Geass was very willing, and incredibly able, to create a loathing among its viewers for the British Empire, which ruled the developed world. I recently came to hear that this would have been an alternate reality for the present day had the yanks not liberated themselves years ago... who knows eh... but that is another topic altogether.

Characters: 8/10
The characters didn't really see much change or growth bar Lelouch, tho I personally feel he was born to be a rebel leader. The sub characters all play small to mid range parts generally revolving around the school and Lelouch's private life outside of the main plot. These characters also allow the series to take itself a little less seriously by throwing in your basic comedy elements.

Story: 9/10
As stated above there are school scenes, some of which can fill entire episodes... These school times are in my opinion added to stop the anime from becoming too overbearing. Nonetheless they came to be slightly distracting during the latter part of the series where the story became incredibly compelling. Apart from that, the story was amazing. Before the first episode is complete you will be seething with the hatred Lelouch harbors for the British empire, and by the half way mark in the series, you will be cheering the rebellion on. Without stating why I liked it, the final few episodes of this first season were breath-taking and although easy to see coming, were still astounding to watch (except for whatshisface in the spikey ball spaceship ~_~ ).

Music: 9/10
The music wasn't memorable at all really... but whilst watching this, I remember the music setting the scene quite well.

Overall: 9/10
An anime that doesn't take itself overly seriously, but does have a main character that does. Simply put, this was great to watch, had an engrossing story, with a slightly hasty ending. Watch this before R2 finishes airing, and join the multitude of fans dying to watch Lelouch take on the world to save Japan.

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