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Nodame Cantabile

Studio : J.C. STAFF

Length : 23 Episodes

Year : 2007

Genre : Slice of Life - Comedy - Music

Synopsis :
Chiaki attends a renown school that specializes in music. Chiaki is a very skilled pianist and he isn't the most modest person. His inflated ego, however, becomes the root of the argument he has with his instructor. His instructor then kicks him out of his division, and Chiaki is left with Tanioka Hajime-sensei. Chiaki falls from the instructor that teaches the best students, to the one that teaches the worst students.

He meets a girl named Megumi Noda (Nodame) who seems to have a gift in playing by ear. She's full of energy and does play quite well. But she's poorly skilled at sight reading, is childish, and is a total slob! He has to attend classes with this poor excuse for a girl??

Since he probably won't excel in playing the piano, he starts thinking about his true dream of being a conductor. Then again, Nodame's behaviour and attitude toward music opens up his senses in a different perspective.

Additional Notes: This series ranked #06 in Anime-Source's Best of 2007 poll.

Added : 2007-01-14
Synopsis by : Himitsu
Last update : 2015-06-07
Last update details : Link modified
Score : 9.35 Ranked #4 by users
Number of reviews : 34

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official Nodame Website (Japanese)

A-Source #1 : Nodame Cantabile OAD
A-Source #2 : Nodame Cantabile: Finale
A-Source #3 : Nodame Cantabile: Paris-hen

Song(s) :

OP1 : Suemitsu & The Suemith - Allegro Cantabile

ED1 : Crystal Kay - Konna ni Chikaku de...
ED2 : Suemitsu & The Suemith - Sagittarius

Release(s) :

2016-09-21 -- Episode(s) 1 by -__-'. BT Link
2015-06-07 -- Episode(s) 1-23 by C1Anime. BT Link
2010-12-20 -- Episode(s) 1-23 by Froth-Bite. BT Link

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Posted by : CherrynKinnz
Posted on : 2010-07-30        

Amazing. A work of art (literally).

Nodame Cantabile starts with Chiaki, and how his slight downfall in his musical ambitions turns up again with help from a crazy woman who calls herself Nodame.

Characters were definitely memorable. There is more to each character than meets the eye, which makes the overall experience really enjoyable, since you just want to know what happened. The greatest change came from Chiaki, which was a big plus (there's a scene that makes you go AWWW). Anyways, the characters are very varied and I guarantee you will like at least one.

The music was enjoyable, of course. This is, after all, an anime about musical performances. I can't say I loved the OP, but the first ED was picked out very carefully and I could tell. The timing for it coming in was always perfect.

As for plot, nothing much changes, but little bits occur through each episode.

Animation was pretty much perfect. Nothing to be said here.

Nonetheless, this anime was VERY enjoyable. You might get bored and confused for the first to second episodes, but please keep watching it; it definitely gets better. Practical comedy and sophistication is melted into one glorious creation called Nodame Cantabile.

Posted by : AJtheFourth
Posted on : 2009-11-05        

Nodame Cantabile is a wonderfully funny, amusing, and touching ride from start to finish.

Animation: One thing J.C. Staff does very well as an animation studio is to mimic the style of the original manga so the characters that you may have fallen in love with on a book page, leap into life in their animated form. Nodame Cantabile is a great example of this from Nodame's 'fish face' to Chiaki's permanent bed-head look. All super-deformed moments are pulled off well for comedic effect and never come off as annoying or cutesy. 9/10

Characters: All of the characters, including the periphery ones like Mine and Kiyora remain interesting and well-developed throughout the series; however, all of them serve to further the character progression of our two leads, Noda Megumi (Nodame) and Chiaki Shinichi. Chiaki makes the most progression from the start of the series to its conclusion, finally able to accept emotion and eccentricity thanks to Nodame. Since he is the main character focused on in the series, some of the episodes that are more heavily Chiaki-based do become a bit stodgy and boring. This is where the character of Nodame really breathes life both into Chiaki and the series as a whole, while also managing to develop a bit more herself, from a stubborn free-spirit to a person with a bit more focus, drive, and determination. 10/10

Story: Nodame Cantabile excels in its storytelling when it focuses on the development of Nodame and Chiaki's relationship. Along with developing romantically, it also shows how two people who are complete opposites can be drawn together by a similar interest and end up developing and inspiring each other emotionally. This series the the type of show that after you watch it, it inspires you to go out and do something with your life or try to inspire someone else. Few series have this much emotional impact. 10/10

Music: The music of Nodame Cantabile excels in setting the mood as well as complimenting the characters' development as they all study as a music conservatory. None of the larger musical numbers (all classical pieces inserted in the form of concerts or recitals) seemed too long, and they all added a great deal of emotional depth to the story and the characters. The opening theme, 'Allegro Cantabile,' by Suemitsu and the Suemith, reflects the whimsy and spirit of Nodame's character. Even if you are not a lover of classical music, this series has the potential to make such an emotional connection, you may find yourself adding 'Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2' to your playlist. 10/10

Overall: Nodame Cantabile will make you laugh, cry, and inspire you to do something great all at the same time. Simply a wonderful anime to watch, and worth watching over and over. 10/10

Posted by : xxscrimagexx
Posted on : 2009-03-15        

This is one of the most consistent anime I've ever watched. From the way it starts, and to the very last episode, everything was intact. Not only was its solidity strong, its attraction was too. Despite there were some segues (hate calling them fillers because it sounds bad), the show still remained funny, and light-hearted; and that's exactly what I like. Here's how I split score up.

Characters: -10- It was focused and the main characters, Noda Megumi and Shinichi Chiaki, were developed very nicely. Their connections are very real and when moments of light-heartedness comes in, laughter is basically unavoidable. Now what made this story even more interesting was the involvement of the minor characters. They meshed up perfectly with the story, and changed accordingly with the story. Can't ask for a better team of characters.

Story: -9- Well, it may not be a 10, but it was still good. Somewhere towards the middle it slacked off just a bit, but it immediately picked up and moved on. Great as always.

Animation: -10- It was very realistic, and for once, the eyes aren't bigger than their nose and their mouth LOL. No but seriously, the drawing was great.

Music: -10- Jesus! Where's the 11 or 12 for this category? The opening was awesome and very catchy. The ending and BMG were not bad. Now, the best part were the music the characters had to perform. It made me fall in love with classical music.

Overall: -10- It has to be a 10 because not only is it a 10 pointwise, it's a 10 because it deserves it. The story is very interesting, keeps the viewers alive. The music helped too, because it kept this anime together, music, meshed this anime together. Characters were awesome, the involvement of the minor along with the development of all characters were just GREAT!. Finally, for all those people that had no interest in classical music, maybe you guys should watch this and listen to its sweet sound because you never know, you might start loving it like I did.

Posted by : kevinchaosvs
Posted on : 2008-05-22        

Story/Dev: 75%
Nodame Cantabile is very much a simple story of students in a School of Music; of the students pursuing their passion in music. What really made me give this section such a high rating, was watching how the story progressed, which was nicely done. No over the top melodrama and heart wrenching romance, simple yet emotionally touching.

Anime often has the tendency to exaggerate even simple events, sports or activities, for example, Prince of Tennis with the players doing stunts you know it’s near impossible in real-life. Nodame Cantabile, however, has none of those. There’s dramatization, but it’s done nicely and appropriately.

Nodame Cantabile has plenty of hilarious scenes, well complimented by that of romances, all superbly perfected by the music used in the background. I particularly loved the ending, which is simple but really captures the emotion well.

Animation/Graphics/Design: 75%
The design and animation quality are simple, but nevertheless effective in bringing out the light-hearted atmosphere. However, one must take note of the realistic animation sequence when closing up on the actions of the characters playing the instruments, notably the piano and violin.

Characters/Dev: 85%
I like how the story progress with Chiaki starting out as being arrogant, but throughout the series we can see the gradual change in his personalities, like how he learns to accept others’ talents, learn to be more sociable. Then of course there is the lovable Nodame, herself, with her unique trademark “weird noises�? (“Mukuu! Gyabo!�?). Ayako Kawasumi did a really wonderful job as the seiyuu of Nodame, in bringing out the laidback personality of the character. The there's also the rest of the eccentric cast to contibute to the success of the series.

Music: 100%+++
The main highlight of the series, featuring Classical masterpieces such as Mozart, Brahms etc. The music itself already commands a certain ambiance and serve as an attention grabber on its own. What’s even more impressive is how the pieces are cleverly chosen for the scenes: no music in the series is there merely for the character’s competition; every piece chosen and played at a selected scene accurately reflects upon the thoughts and feelings of the characters as well as the atmosphere of the situation. Tranquil piano pieces, to grand and majestic concertos, to elegance of the violin pieces… …bewitchingly enchanting!

Indeed, the music is really influential in making the viewers really feel for the characters, drawing the audience into the story and be indulged in it. The way the story plays out along with the pieces are just so emotionally captivating and refreshing that I was totally engaged by this series, no dull moments.

However, I’ll have to say that if you’re not into Classical music, you may not enjoy this series. After all, it is how the music and the story combine to deliver such a masterpiece is what really mesmerizes.

It certainly was no joke with the saying, "Music is magic."

Personal overall rating: A Solid 100% for a work of such caliber

Posted by : DiVi
Posted on : 2008-05-12        

Nodame Cantible is a slice of life, music, kind of romantic but more comedy anime. The greatest thing about this anime are the characters due to the fact that you don't have to focus on many, you mainly have to focus on Nodame and Chiaki But also its funny as hell.

Story 7/10
The Story is good But it's not the greatest part of the anime, however it's interesting enough although mostly it'll probably capture you due to the humorous moments between Chiaki and Nodame. There isn't much depth to it and it can seem like it's going nowhere but it's nothing terrible, the ending is probably the best part of the anime(not because I was glad it was over or anything) thus far 7/10.

Animation 6/10
The Animation changes from time to time but not to much, they change the animation during comedic moments which can really improve it in a big way. The animation as a whole, while its not terrible, it's unique. But it's not the type of unique that you'd call impressive.

Music 10/10
The music is really good however it's mostly classical. However Background music is amazing it calms and soothes you not only does it do that but it captures the emotions during scenes. The OP and ED fit the anime perfectly there both incredibly catchy and memorable.

Characters 10/10
There are a lot of characters however they mostly focus on Chiaki and Nodame, other characters follow showing a story arc about them at certain moments there short and lack depth. The only characters worth knowing in my opinion are Chiaki and Nodame there the only memorable ones as well.

In the end i gave it a 9/10 because the story didn't interest me that much but again i loved the ending so therefore all problems with it were fixed the only reason I decided to give it a 9 is because of the animation and Nodame's repeatedly irritating noises. I enjoyed this anime alot it made me want to play the piano, so I would definitely recommend it so watch it and see if it effects you.

Posted by : Gen3s1s
Posted on : 2008-04-29        

Nodame Cantibile is an average anime, greatest thing about this anime is that the characters are unique and satisfactory. Each are funny in their own way and serious in their own way.

I'm not a fan of a classical music but I still enjoyed it. Despite this, I do enjoy the OP and ED and the background music as it is quite calm and soothing, you could literally sleep to it.

The animation is simple, but I won't go further into this subject because there's nothing great about it. Not much effects and nothing that makes it stand out. I do however like how they change the animation whenever something funny happens something deemed necessary nowadays.

This anime seemed only o.k to me but I assume someone who enjoys classical music would enjoy it more sometimes it seems as if though the romance isn't there and the odd sounds Nodame makes can sometimes get annoying.

The thing I like most about this anime it ends not in a way that I could have ever expected. But again the classical music isn't my cup of tea so thats why I gave it a 7.

Posted by : seefutbow
Posted on : 2008-04-29        

I was originally introduced to Nodame by a friend, who had watched the drama. I watched a couple episodes, and I was quite pleasantly surprised by Nodame's overall comedy and enjoyable story.


-For a series about students who attend a music college, the music was naturally a strong point for the series (otherwise what a failure the series would have been). The opening and endings were wonderful, and both themes fit the series really well. As I don't regularly listen to classical music, I wasn't sure what to think about the multitude of classical pieces the characters were made to play. At times, the classical music was enjoyable, but sometimes I would have rather the story progressed rather than listen to 2 minutes of some classical piece I have no idea about.
-Nodame Cantabile did a wonderful job at maintaining a constant level of comedy throughout the series. Even when the series would reach more dramatic areas in the story, the directors were able to provide much comedic relief regardless. On top of having a good amount of comedy, the comedy was funny! Even if some of the scenes were predictable, the scene was still funny.
-Chiaki and Nodame's believable relationship progression really made the series a joy to watch. Chiaki didn't exactly fall head over heels for Nodame. Quite the opposite occurred. The two develop a believable relationship after a considerable amount of time.


-Personally, I didn't really find the character designs too attractive for such a recent series. Nodame Cantabile had sufficient animation, but the animation wasn't exactly all that great.
-I haven't learned to play any instrument for an extended amount of time, so I wasn't able to understand some of the music terms, which made some scenes quite boring. Some of the classical pieces also didn't resonate with me, which made some scenes really boring.


-Nodame made some really funny noises that I couldn't help but laugh at. She has to be one of the more memorable characters if not just for her weird noises.

I enjoyed Nodame Cantabile a lot, but the series wasn't all that memorable for me. The story progressed at a good pace, the series maintained a good level of comedy, and the music was pretty good, however the series just wasn't great. At times I was quite bored with the music and would consider skipping ahead, but I wouldn't in case I missed some important dialog. Nevertheless, Nodame Cantabile was a very good series that anyone can enjoy.

Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2008-04-02        

I had read some of the reviews of Nodame Cantabile and was naturally intrigued as the show's premise is one of classical music (one of my great loves in life).

It was a lovely, but unusual story about the burning passion people have for classical music. You see the main characters grow and mature over time and this is covered brilliantly over the course of a number of years in the show. Loads of humor, some romance, but most of all a very original story.

I had always thought of Chiaki as an overly arrogant guy, but much like Noda and the rest, you eventually grow to love them all. Extremely well thought out character development that shows that not everyone is what they seem. JC Staff's ability to show the weaker side of the characters is what made watching this show such a blast. However...

This is perhaps why I absolutely adored Nodame Cantabile. The choice of pieces was eclectic. Genius musicians such as Rachmaninov, Beethoven, Mozart all feature. Granted, some of the pieces were abridged, but their execution on screen really was a joy to behold. Watch the finger movements of Noda and Chiaki when on their respective Piano and Violin. Or the beautiful scenes of the performances and recitals in the concert halls. Everyone will have a favourite piece from this show. Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue' was the highlight of the show for me and was beautifully crafted. Great OP and ED too.

Definitely one of my all-time favorites. If you enjoy classical music then you owe it to yourself to watch this show. A great comedy in itself, but the combination of music really will make this one stick in the memory for years to come.

Posted by : fresh_no_concept
Posted on : 2007-12-20        

I have always been a fan of classical music and consequently, I was immediately interested when I picked up Nodame Cantabile from the bookshelf of my Barnes and Noble. While I enjoyed the story, I couldn’t help but think that some of the emotion and themes weren’t expressed because the music isn’t there (Audio-manga??? Nah…). One year, one J-Drama and several Starbucks coffees later, out comes the anime production. I’m happy to say that I was satisfied with what is presented.

Nodame Cantabile’s focus is classical music. Amid the comedy, the androgyny and lovers’ tensions, the anime always returned to its bread and butter. It is a pleasure to just listen to all the compositions and my only complaint here is that, due to time constraints, many of the pieces were abridged. The characters themselves are quite the eccentric bunch as we look into the lives of an overachieving prodigy and an underachieving prodigy (Chiaki and Nodame, respectively). Watching the polar opposites bounce off each other is just as fun to watch as the musical sequences and I felt they captured most of their moments quite well.

JC Staff continues to impress. The production is very similar to the way Honey and Clover is presented (a series that I’m quite favorable of). My main concern was the execution of animating the musical sequences. The beginning was none too promising but I imagine they were conserving the budget for all the later episodes because the animation of the instruments takes off about halfway into the series. As for music, it’s classical. Enough said. My only complaint here is that they veered away from a perfectly good ED halfway through. What was wrong with “Konna ni…"????

Well, I’m pretty much in favor of anything that comes off the “Noitamina" anime block and Nodame Cantabile is no exception; a clean-cut, spiffy little anime series for all to enjoy. =)

Posted by : Kwik-i-mart
Posted on : 2007-12-11        

This show has everything. Humor, romance, all set amidst an amazing soundtrack, that blends everything together in an amazing orchestra. Nodame is a piano genius with the desire to not play in front of others, but rather to teach Kindergarten. While teaching kids is certainly an admirable thing, with her talent, her neighbor, who gets roped into taking care of her, is troubled. He is Chiaki, himself a genius, but his goal is to be a conductor. Taking care of Nodame, while trying to overcome his own issues, and convince her to become a pianist is what this show is all about.

The animation is fairly good. As I mentioned the music is amazing, and is what sets this series apart from any others. What adds to this amazing show, and makes it, in my mind, worthy of a perfect score, is the humor. Nodame is such an amazing character. Helpless, and hilarious at the same time. She is what really takes this from an above average series, to an outstanding one.

I cannot recommend this series highly enough. If you like classical music, or even if you don't. You will probably enjoy this series. Give it a chance.

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2007-12-10        

So everyone was telling me to watch this. Although classical music isn’t really my type, I already know I would like this series even before I finish the first opening theme.

You can’t really call it a love story, since much of the romance became comedic. Overall, it is very J.C staff-like, a fairly good plot, with incredible story development. Noda Megumi is girl with talent but no aspiration, and Chiaki is a arrogant genius with a phobia that held back his future. It’s a pretty simple plot, actually, how these two rather unique characters interact and change each other. Though it didn’t deliver a much happening ending I’ve hoped for, it still ends off really well.

Story style
First thing you’ll probably know is that the series has a lot of humor, particularly because of the two very different personalities. But what attracted me, even before I started watching it, is that the story uses its music to drive to storyline, which boosts the emotions of the characters. This is already done particularly well since J.C staff style already uses the Melancholic kind of mood to develop the characters, and the music really pushed it to perfection.

Animation is good throughout the series, and some of the artistic stills used for Chiaki’s conducting and the smooth animation of fingers on the piano are really good. Nodame’s crazy speech (Mukya?) is also rather unique and funny.

I’m not that interested in classical music, but the opening theme “Allegro Cantabile" quickly became my favorite anime song, and it’s brilliant that they played the full version at the end. I didn’t pay much attention to ending themes though.

If everyone haven told you to start watching this, I’m telling you now. 5 for quality and 5 for enjoyment, total score: OVER 9000!!!

Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2007-11-07        


Music plays such a significant role in anime, you'll realize that it's especially true here. A good piece can bring forth just about any emotion; it can make a battle more intense, or a melodramatic scene very, well... dramatic. I have some good experience with music, and I enjoyed Nodame Cantabile immensely. I'm not saying that if you know little about music, you won't enjoy it, but your experience with music will exponentially influence your intake on this anime. Actually, I didn't know much about Composing, but it's amazing that they were still able to perk my interest when it came to those parts.

You'll definitely like this one. There will be a favourite classical piece that you'll fish out, and if not, the OP and ED songs are quite enjoyable. As a sidebar, I loved how near the end of the episode, they fade in the Ending song (especially with ED1). Excellent use and theme of music.

And it's not just the music...

The cast of characters are also a masterpiece. Each character will have a personal fault, but this makes them shine more. The personalities were very colourful~. Nodame is a girl that I liked immediately, maybe because she made hilarious sound effects? Chiaki took a bit of time to resonate with, but overall, he was a very interesting and admirable character. The general style of this anime is colourful.

The only problem I would have with this anime is its lack of romance. Well, there was plentiful themes of romance, but it was unsatisfying! This is all my personal opinion. Frankly though, I think they concluded Nodame Cantabile quite well; it left me with a feeling of warmth and love~

Posted by : Macmula
Posted on : 2007-10-23        

I dont usualy tend to write reviews of animes but this time I just had to. Anyways I'm going to keep it as short as possible.

This anime is the best I've seen for a long time. It makes you love its characters from the very beginning. The music in Nodame Cantabile is super fine quality master piece from the best musicians all time.

I can recommend this anime to anyone who is even slightly interrested of classical music or romantical endings (made me smile).

Posted by : kenshin514
Posted on : 2007-09-11        

Since I can't give this series 8.7, I have to round it up to 9.

I have to say that I was very surprised that I enjoyed this anime a lot. I am definitely not into classical music and I am not a big fan of shoujo anime, but the way how they presented this series makes it very entertaining to watch. Once you start it you can't hardly stop

There always have some funny moments in every episodes. The animation is pretty decent as well.

The 2 reasons I didn't give it any higher. First, to me, the story-line is too simple. There are 2 prodigies who have opposite personalities. One is mature and serious about music. Another one is childish and want to play music freely. They both faced difficulties in the past, which made them not want to go outside the country or try to learn music the correct way. They are somehow help each other to overcome their fear and starts some romance little by little. Yep, it is simple as that. Then again, many shoujo anime are like that too.

Second, there are too many characters that didn't make any big impact to the story-line. They just come and go. There are about 20+ character, but all you need are only about 7-8 of them to make this a great series.

This anime fits the theme as music brings people together. If you like honey and clover (the same company that made this series), then you will definitely like this series.

Posted by : Sagen_Iwome
Posted on : 2007-08-31        

Recommended by my friend, so I gave it a try to watch. Me, myself love music and orchestra, I have learned piano till grade 8, so this anime really brought back a lot of memories, and appreciation of music, it really taught me how to enjoy the music, not just practised for exams, blinded by strict exams and theory exams.

story: 10/10
story started with a girl named Nodame who didn't have a target of life, she behaved free-spirited way in playing piano which Chiaki drawn by her skills. Well, some of the funny joke scenes are a bit lame, but the progression practising orchestra was getting really good and somehow kinda touched while the Rising Star Orchestra which was conducted by Chiaki dismissed. This story really told how Chiaki and everyone put their passion in music and aimed to be better and higher.

music: 10/10
used all famous piano pieces as soundtrack, sure good of course. When there were depressed scenes, there was Beethoven's moonlight sonata song, with funny scenes, there's Tchaikovsky's sugar plum fairy song, its really fun to watch!! Personally, I like Sonata in A minor by Schubert which I'm learning it, lol, and the Beethoven symphony 7. There I go, I loved music again!!

characters: 10/10
I've never seen such a messy character, Nodame as main heroine, she was totally opposite of Chiaki's character who was a perfectionist, tidy, independent and ambitious. But, Nodame's free spirited character softened down Chiaki's character which they really made a good couple to each other!!! I would say it's the best couple I've ever seen, after Tamaki x Haruhi from OHSHC. NODAME X CHIAKI FOREVER!!! I loved the scene when Chiaki hugged nodame from behind, it's really romantic!! How could such awesome guy take interest in this messy Nodame?? LOL!! That's the best part!!

It's not really satisfying for the first impression, the scratches on character's face are a bit weird, this was a really different art style that I've ever seen. BUT, the CG animation while playing piano and instruments were real, no faking like La Corda D'oro. That's the best part!! anyway, a bit dissapointed with Chiaki's conducting which was just showing slides without any moving.

Overall: 10/10
One of the best romance comedies!!! If you are music background people, you will really be drawn to this anime!!!! NODAME CANTABILE IS THE BEST!! Kinda short somehow, I wish to hear more music, LOL!!

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