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Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Alternate title : Tenku no shiro Laputa

Studio : Studio Ghibli

Licenced by : Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Length : 1 Movie

Year : 1986

Genre : Science-Fiction - Romance - Adventure - Drama

Synopsis :
Laputa is a legend, a castle that is said to float among the clouds and bear unworldly riches. Few believe it... and naughty but a handful of individuals are willing to risk their lives in search of it.

Those ambitious enough to search for Laputa's treasure are a dangerous lot - pirates, corrupt military and secret operatives. And to the misfortune of Sheeta, a young girl, the key to the location of Laputa is in her hands, passed down her by her mother. Sheeta becomes curious, as to how her family is linked to the floating castle, and is convinced that Laputa holds her answers. She befriends a young boy, Pazu, who is a young boy living in a small village and working in a coal mine. He had found her floating down out of the sky one day and after bringing her back to his house and helping her to escape her pursuers, he wants to protect her and dreams of finding Laputa.

Together Sheeta and Pazu search for Laputa. Sheeta's struggles to escape and to find answers to the questions about her past. The story is the journey of Sheeta and the mysteries of Laputa.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Michael Kim
Last update : 2008-12-25
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Score : 8.95 Ranked #35 by users
Number of reviews : 22

Link(s) :

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Song(s) :

OP1 : Joe Hisaishi - Sora kara Futtekita Shoujo / The Girl Who Fell from the Sky

ED1 : Azumi Inoue - Kimi wo Nosete / Carrying You

Release(s) :

2011-03-13 -- Episode(s) 0 by Coalgirls. BT Link
2011-03-13 -- Episode(s) 0 by Coalgirls. BT Link

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Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2010-04-24        

Laputa: Castle in the Sky doesn't have any memorable main characters, nor is the story exceptionally well done. Yet, the attention to the quality of animation and the overall excitement it generates is retained in Miyazaki's second feature length film.

Sheeta and Pazu are your run-of-the-mill teenage boy and girl seen in most Disney cartoons. There is that recklessness and aloofness that pervades the main characters that makes them unbelievable. They never seem to fully grasp the responsibility for their actions like Chihiro in Spirited Away. But I will give credit for the supporting cast like the bumbling Dola gang, or the devious Colonel Muska who defy expectation. They keep Laputa: Castle in the Sky from being just another kid film.

Miyazaki used inspirations from Britain when animating the towns and machineries used for Laputa: Castle in the Sky. From the way the people dress to the food they eat we can see the lifestyle of miners during the early 20th century (albeit idealized). Although the film appears aged it still has that panoramic feel that keeps one in awe.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky is typical of an adventure film. Sheeta is an orphan who is kidnapped from her farm due to her connection to a mysterious floating island. It's more Indian Jones: The Last Crusade rather than The Da Vinci Code where the chase is the focus. Thus, the plot is actually quite thin as it seems to be designed to jump from point A to B. To Miyazaki's credit he does sprinkle in some great dialogues during the down time. We learn about the characters with my favorite scene being Dola chastising Pazu for his cowardice.

I love anime that tries to pull the audience into the culture of the world. We get captivating sceneries, and the hustle and bustle of regular life. These, combined with a rich musical score breathe life into the characters and plot of any anime. This is what made Twelve Kingdom so good while damning Saiunkoku Monogatari. Miyazaki is well known for his excellence in doing this but everyone has to start with some inexperience. Laputa: Castle in the Sky is one such example.

Hence, 8/10

Posted by : miestersean
Posted on : 2008-07-27        

Plot/story: One long chase scene -- flat and predictable. Action overly dominates the film and gets tiring but is the most interesting part of the film. The moral is cookie-cutter Miyazaki.

Dialogue: The humor falls flat and the lines are cliche. It's nothing but filler between and during the action scenes.

Characters: The only dynamic characters are the pirates, who are unlikeable. Sheeta and Pazu are one-dimensional lead characters who have no internal conflict and no desire except to escape their pursuers. The villains are old greedy industralists, which bored me because I saw "Spirited Away".

Voice acting: Flat and uninteresting, mostly because of the story and dialogue. The lack of creativity and feeling in delivery is frustrating.

Music/sound: The only memorable BGM is when Laputa is unveiled. Like the plot, it's frantic and flavorless: the orchestration is lush but unlyrical. The ending is pleasant but uses a recycled melody.

Animation/Art: Laputa is drawn beautifully. The contraptions are contrived but sometimes awe-inspiring. Explosions and other effects are forgettable. Characters are thinly drawn and have boring design.

Enjoyment: There is a constant waiting for an emotional sequence, which never comes. The high point was the detailed and colorful backdrops; the average was watching action sequences in somewhat interested anticipation; the low was stomaching paper-thin character development.

Overall: The imaginative art is worthwhile, but the plot, characters, and sound are lifeless and bland. Recommended if you love Miyazaki and want to see a flawed variation of his better films.

Score: 6/10

Posted by : Gen3s1s
Posted on : 2008-05-30        

Laputa: Castle in The Sky is one of Studio Ghibli's best works. I was simply mesmerized when I saw this, I couldn't believe that they had this level of animation at 1986. Seeing this more than 10 years after it was released is a true statement to how good the animation is. Aside from the animation it has a strong plot, filled with some incredible characters and an incredibly, wonderfully created and beautiful OST. Hehe... I still remember every moment of it. I love it!

The plot is something I would take an interest in. I mean, a castle built in the sky may sound absurd; however they've created an incredible adventure based on this plot. It's a story I will definitely always remember, and I think that this movie will stand the test of time. It kind of already has, technically. The end isn't too big of a disappointment; it's fitting and it doesn't leave any questions. I guess I just didn't want it to end.

The characters aren't that great, there's only one that I consider unique. That character is Dola, everyone else is far too common. Dola, the witty bad mouthing captain, hard on the outside but soft on the inside. She's probably half the reason why this movie was so good, she was an incredible unique character, whose vision can sometimes be clouded by money.

The music is another incredible feature of the movie. It's so ridiculously catchy, emotional, beautiful, memorable and above all else INCREDIBLE. They basically use one soundtrack throughout the movie and it's one you can never ever get sick of no matter how many times you hear it. They use it at the right times so you get a slight tingle the moment it's played.

To sum up, I consider this an incredible movie, one I watch time and time again. I would totally recommend this; despite the lack of characters it's still remarkable.

Posted by : ricksterx00
Posted on : 2007-08-29        

Castle in the Sky, one of my childhood favorites!

An excellent movie in my opinion, great music for the mood and settings, greatly drawn characters and scenes with alot of detail. Storyline is tense yet romantic with Sheeta and Pazu. Great for kids to adults.

Music: 9
I absolutely love how the music just clicks in with the scene, maybe during one of the action scenes there was a slight wandering around with the music.

Graphics: 10
I absolutely love how the artist drew the characters and the scenes, it has so much detail for a movie made in 1986. In the scene with they see Laputa as a whole, I as astonished with the detail and style drawn, it was beautiful.

Story: 9
Great storyline, interesting when they found out about Laputa and Androids there. The chase scenes were very exhilarating, really got my tense, eager to find out how it ended. I'm still confused in the end though, I didn't understand what she found out in the end.

To summarize all this, I definitely would recommend people to watch this movie, it is absolutely great to watch for the family. What is the castle in the sky? What is Laputa? Pirates?
Go find out by watching!

Posted by : zelliko
Posted on : 2007-04-03        

Castle in the sky was a tale of a boy who lived alone and wanted to see the castle in the sky that were a dream for him from his father. Because his father was one of the few to ever see them. I thought this was an awesome story line and to have the antagonist end up helping the protagonists in the end to ward off the truly evil "bad guys" made the story rock.

The characters were well developed and had lots of emotion. Pazu the boy in the story was a very courageous character. THis made me happy knowing he wasnt a wimp and had some back bone. For those who enjoyed the characters in Spirited away then Sheeta will be a perfect character for you to fall in love with once again.

The story plot was good. It was disappointing to me that they didnt show much of the flying castle as I wanted to but tha'ts ok. They had a lot of chase scenes that made me glued to the tv. Thats always good for keeping the audience entertained. Sometimes I felt that they didn't give enough information about Laputa but other than that I was really pleased with the story.

Music: I don't have much to say with the music because I don't believe my opinon will really be sufficient but I thought that the music fitted the right circumstances in each scene. Sometimes I felt out of place but that was only once or twice.

This anime from Hayao Miyazaki was GREAT I was BLOWN away. You should check this anime out and go watch it

Posted by : unknown1003
Posted on : 2007-03-01        

The story is very interesting, moving, mysterious, adventure, comedy, romance (love). It has all even fighting robots. The anime movie also shown the life in the past, like the living of the people or their taste of clothing.

In the anime, there are many characters but it is very easy to see the difference in them, so no worries. Almost all the characters have different clothings and their hair style are all very original.

The music to me is like the best part, it gives such a high tension. It really control the atmosphere of the anime. In the story there are so many sad parts that when they put a classical sound it makes the audience go all ... MUSHY.

Posted by : hjmaster2
Posted on : 2007-02-25        

Once every few years, an anime director makes an exceptional movie. He develops good characters, makes a great plot, and hires some one to make great music. And this, is obviously, that movie. This movie was my second anime movie I've ever seen, and, many years later, is stilll one of my favorites. The plot was my favorite part of the movie. it flowed so smoothly. Nothing seemed to be eratic, out of place, rushed, or streached out. It was just unbelievably smooth.

However, that wasn't the only good part of the movie. Another good part of the movie was the music. It helped increase the tension when tension was needed, helped increase the happy feeling when that was needed, and gave an unbelievable sense of calm when tha was needed.

This was just an unbelievable movie.

Posted by : arsetothem
Posted on : 2007-02-21        

one of the greatest classics of anime...
beautiful music, great story, unforgettable journey, this is how i feel from watching this anime.
Adventure and love, is the key word for the success of this anime. i fell in-love with it.
the first thing i love is the music and song, it just warms my heart, it so beautiful i played it all over and over again.
then there's the characters, such uniqueness as expected from GHIBLI studios.
conclusion: worth the collection, or better yet, the whole Ghibli studios collection ( which i already have... im so happy!!!)

Posted by : natopa16
Posted on : 2007-02-19        

The adventure perfected.

While Miyazaki's movies have captured many themes perfectly (guilt = porco rosso, perseverance = spirited away, innocence = totoro, etc. etc.) no movie, animated or othewise, quite captures the joy of pure adventure better than Castle in the Sky.

With perhaps Miyazaki's weakest leading lady comes perhaps his strongest leading Man, the hero of this story with humble beginnings and big dreams gets wrapped up in a much larger tale, just like all great adventure stories. With the help of some loveable sky-pirates and the constant threat of a deranged Military man, our two child heroes search for the fabled castle in the sky, traversing a beautifully realized world that only Miyazaki could imagine.

There isn't much depth here, but that isn't what really matters in a story like this. It's the perfect feature-length escape, better than almost anything you find in theaters these days, and it's one of the few movies that never gets dull or boring.

Some criticize it for being too "Disney", especially in its ending. But, thats not the sort of movie Miyazaki wanted to make. He had already done this with Valley of the Wind, and would do it again with Mononoke Hime, all he wanted to do in this one was create a tale of adventure and excitement, and if it had tried to be anything else, it probably wouldn't be the movie it is today.


Posted by : Wingzero899
Posted on : 2006-02-21        

Graphics - 5 Now in terms of graphics it is one of the best looking animes I have seen. In both terms of animation and character feel, if fact I really can't find a single fault in it.

Storyline - 5, Now, the story is just awsome but then again what do you expect from Ghibli. Any ways this movie follows the adventer of a boy and a girl named Sheeta and Pazu. An how when they meet changes there lives in amazing ways.

Music - 5, the music goes great with the storyline and does create a good mood for watching it.

Characters - 5, The charaters are a very flushed out bunch in how they act and react to each other in ways that hold true to there charaters.

Over all if you are in the mood for a get kids movie that you and your can enjoy together look no further, because this little gem is oerfect for you.

Posted by : corrakun
Posted on : 2006-02-17        

This is another work by Mayao Hamasaki, albeit a slightly older work (okay, about 20 years). It chronicles a boy with an impossible dream and a girl with a mysterious history, and all those who are determined to achieve a mysterious goal.

The main characters, Sheeta and Pazu, were played by James van der Beek (Dawson's Creek) and Anna Paquin (Fly Away Home). They incorporated a fair amount of believable drama, but they were slightly forced at times. The emotions could not be clearly felt, but it was an admirable effort nonetheless.

The machines and ideas take us back to the times when we were REALLY young and still believed in floating castles with princesses, flying machines, and the belief that the good guy (and girl) never lost anything. However, this story incorporates fair action and ups and downs as well.

Laputa, a mythical island floating high in the sky, was rumoured to once hold halls of gold and unimaginable treasure. But for some reason, it disappeared, and as time passed by, so did the belief in it. However, one orphan boy, Pazu, still believes in it, and has vowed to one day see this strange castle. His chance arrives sooner than he thinks, as a mysterious young girl floats down from the sky with a glowing crystal around her neck. This girl introduces herself as Sheeta, and soon, the military and a family of pirates are after them. What they are after, well, you have to watch it to find out.

I think the music was fairly acceptable, but it was a little overbearing at times. The dubbing was better than most dubbed films/anime shows. Have no fear about having to resolve for a poorly subbed version.

This is definitely more of a "little boy" film than a "little girl" film due to the amount of machinery and flying through the sky. However, I say, the heck with it! Let your inner child out for about 124 minutes.

Fact you might not know and probably don't want to know, but I'll tell you anyway: The original title for this (Disney version) was "Laputa, the Castle in the Sky," but apparently "laputa" is a bad word in Spanish, so they shortened the title. What's the bad word? I know, but I don't think I'm allowed to type it up....

Posted by : Waffleman
Posted on : 2006-01-31        

This was the first feature-length anime movie I've watched that wasn't nicked from a TV series. I hear Miyazaki is really good; this movie doesn't do much to dispel that notion, really, but in my own personal sense I can't give this more than an eight (or, on the opposite end, less than a seven).

This movie has some deep themes and questions raised at the end of it. For example, it makes the statement that power is easily abused and people easily exploited. But it also makes you wonder: they were ready to die there at the end. They're how old, now? Would you be able to do that?

My point in mentioning these profound messages is that I missed them. I wasn't paying attention to the drama a bit. I couldn't take it seriously, this movie. Every joke, every possibly humorous situation, every place where something could be misinterpreted, I failed to take it seriously. The whole thing was one big comedy act. I have been known to take movies and TV very seriously sometimes; for this movie to fail to make me do so when it had something so deep to say is my only big knock against it.

And now I'm through with why I graded it down. As for why I kept it high at eight: it has an excellent plot, excellent characterization, and a wonderful localization job. I especially enjoyed Mark Hammill (Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series) as Musca. Oh, but I thought Shita's voice actress couldn't decide on an accent. That bugged me.

So, to sum: Good plot, good characters, good English voice actors, but excess of comedy and potentially humorous situations drowned out the deep parts. Eight out of ten.

Posted by : nanson43
Posted on : 2006-01-09        

Another masterpiece frrom the legendary Miyazaki, Castle in the Sky is anything but ordinary. From the very beginning to the very end, this movie draws in the audience's every breath. As the title indicates, the story is about two kids who are searching for a mythical castle hidden in the clouds. As they search for it, they encounter friends who will help them with their quest, and foes who wish to use them to find the castle. The animation is more like that of an old Disney movie and the characters aren't drawn in the usually anime style. This sets the movie apart from others and when you watch it, you forget that it is anime. You feel the story for what it is and can't take your eyes away. A wonderful story, combined with a great cast and excellent animation, makes this a very special movie.

Posted by : novabomb
Posted on : 2005-12-16        

This is my favorite ghibli movie out of them all. Great story. Great graphics, Great music.

Story wise, its amazing. I absolutly loved it, extremly original and a great fantasy, what makes it better is the characters, they have humor, personality just like kids, and very distinct traits. one of the better fantasy stories out there.

Music wise. awsome, got the story moving along and placed the moods extremly well. the intro and ending music are somewhat inspring in the way, also when he plays the trumpet, a part that really got to me.

overall. great movie, a must-see.

Posted by : faebinder
Posted on : 2005-11-20        

If you ever watched the anime Future Boy Conan, you will quickly recognize the artist's similar masterwork. This movie is excellent quality in every aspect but fell slightly short of a perfect 10 in a couple of ways. Details...

1) Graphics: 10/10. I can never say a bad thing about the graphics of this anime. All the scenery was VERY WELL detailed. Granted, the style is exactly similar to future boy conan, but the background scenery of the futuristic theme + post-apocolyptic theme is very nicely done. All action scenes were super fluid.

2) Music: 9/10. Excellent music pieces. The piano parts were masterpieces. I was tempted to download the pieces as they were very relaxing.

3) Story: 8/10. The weakness of the movie. The story was a bit predictable. The boy and girl, meet, fall in love, she is a princess and he is a nobody (sounds like Aladin there.) and there is this big bad evil guy (well at least he doesn't have a mustache.) Slap some imagination on the story and I think you get my point.

4) Character: 8/10. I can pretty much safely say that I did not see any character in there of unique personality for an anime. But I will give the movie credit, all the characters were their classic personality you would expect from their position in the story.

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