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Lucky Star

Studio : Kyoto Animation

Licenced by : Bandai Entertainment

Length : 24 Episodes

Year : 2007

Genre : Slice of Life - Comedy

Synopsis :
It's the anime about nothing. Follow the daily conversations and activities of schoolgirls Kona-chan, Miyuki-san, Tsukasa-chan and Kagami-chan as they make their way through life.

Additional Notes: This series ranked #4 in Anime-Source's Best of 2007 poll.

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Score : 8.9 Ranked #41 by users
Number of reviews : 20

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Official #1 : Official Lucky Star Website (Japanese)

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Song(s) :

OP1 : Aya Hirano, Emiri Katou, Kaori Fukuhara, Aya Endo - Motteke! Sailor Fuku

Release(s) :

2016-02-23 -- Episode(s) 11-12 by TsUNDeRe. BT Link
2016-01-28 -- Episode(s) 9-10 by TsUNDeRe. BT Link
2016-01-22 -- Episode(s) 7-8 by TsUNDeRe. BT Link

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Seiyuu [View Complete Seiyuu Data]

 Izumi, Konata Hiiragi, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Takara, Miyuki Kuroi, Nanako Kobayakawa, Yutaka Iwasaki, Minami Kusakabe, Misao
 Minegishi, Ayano Tamura, Hiyori Martin, Patricia Hiiragi, Inori Hiiragi, Matsuri Narumi, Yui Kogami, Akira Shiraishi, Minoru

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Posted by : AJtheFourth
Posted on : 2008-11-28        

Lucky Star aims for a niche market and hits with deadly accuracy. If you are outside of that niche market, you will not enjoy this show.

Animation: It's not as brilliant as say, 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya,' (to which there will be many, many references) and the style can take some getting used to. I thought that the immature character designs would bug, but they ended up coming off colorful and well-done. There's also not too many super-deformed moments, but when they happen, they work. 8/10

Story: There was no story to 'Lucky Star.' It was a pop culture show based on random anime and manga facts. Like all pop culture shows, you won't like it if you don't know many of the references. Specifically, if you haven't watched 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya' then you won't get at least half of the references in this show. Other topics of discussion include what end of a pastry looks like a head, and what end looks like a butt, whether twins have powers of empathy when they are apart, and why one dentist's visits only leads to more dentist's visits. Each episode is separate, almost completely, from the one previous, and the entirety of the episodes are made up of random conversations between the main characters. If you like shows with a distinct plotline and story arc, 'Lucky Star' is not for you. If you like anime but dislike pop culture shows like 'Seinfeld,' you will hate this show. I personally loved it, but the style is very polarizing. The Lucky Channel is hit or miss. Some episodes are genuinely funny, others are tedious and boring. 9/10

Characters: For anyone who is not an otaku in the Japanese sense (sitting at home, not showering, confusing real people when you meet them the one time a week you actually leave your house with characters from your dating sim) and loves anime, the character of Konata will ring very true to you. Tsukasa, Kogami, and Konata get fairly equal screen time with Miyuki shown the least amount out of the four friends. Their characters are distinctly unique and simple. They don't develop in the traditional sense. Instead, their personalities shine in the conversations they have and the situations they experience with each other. 10/10

Music: 'Motteke! Sailor Fuku' is energetic and bouncy with lyrics as random as 'Lucky Star's' episode content. It's very hard not to draw comparisons between the 'Lucky Star' dance and 'Hare Hare Yukai,' but this also shows how well the producers knew their audience. I loved the idea of ever-changing ending themes sung in a karaoke booth. It was original and often very funny. 9/10

Overall: 'Lucky Star' is the type of show that a viewer could give a 1/10 or a 10/10 and you would be able to understand where each opinion was coming from. I loved it. 9/10

Posted by : kevinchaosvs
Posted on : 2008-05-17        

First and foremost, all though this is a great series, I won't recommend this to just about everyone. Strictly to be enjoyed by Otakus only, as it is full of references to lots of anime and otaku culture; casual anime viewers (or those who have not watched that many anime)might probably find themselves go “huh?�? for a lot of the gags. Also, one has to have watched (and is a fan of) Suzumiya Haruhi and FMP?Fumoffu! at the very least, as those two are the most heavily referenced anime in the series. (especially Suzumiya Haruhi—Lucky Star is not called the sister series of Suzumiya Haruhi without a reason)

Story/Dev :
It’s just a simple slice of life, revolving mainly around the girls, as such no distinct storyline, plot progress. Since this was originally in the form of yon-koma (or “four-panel�? comic strips), the episodes each consists mainly of little scenes rather than one main event in chronological order. Apart from looking into the lives of the girls, we get to explore “the lives of an Otaku�?. Yes, this is a very otaku-oriented series.

On the other hand, Lucky Star isn’t just purely senseless humor. Some of the punch lines are rather witty and clever. One really has to be attentive in catching all the little subtle jokes and punch lines, be it the anime-related ones, or those of societal trends and issue.(eg the seemingly mundane and boring discussions aren’t as bland as they are made out to be) Also, the subtle scenes where Konata seems to break the 4th-wall.

Having watched many slice-of-lifes, I’ll say that this is one that relates to me the most.
For one thing, the I see myself very similar to Konata, and the only few things that prevents me from being a living replica of her are, I don’t live in Japan (thus, even if I intend to blow my cash on anime merchandise, I can’t, since a lot of them are available only in Japan) and that I’m not that much a gamer that she is. Well, it’s not just about Konata, there are many little events here and there that makes the viewers go “Hey! I do that too!�?

Simple and bright, which is effective and sufficient, for an anime of a simple theme.
Characters are simply drawn, nevertheless, cute and attractive

It sure is interesting how the series captured me despite consisting of casts that is totally typical in anime (excluding Konata, of course).Yet in a way, they are all unique at the same time.

My favorite characters have got to be Kagami (the tsundere) and Konata(the otaku). The discussions (and gags) between both of them are just so hilarious. And of course, how can one forget about Hirano Aya’s wonderful voice-acting as Konata?

The mild Drawback:
I dislike the “Lucky Channel�?, which gets progressively annoying and boring. I understand that the point was taking a tab at celebrities and idols, but I just don’t find it funny.
I also dislike how they deliberately use only one voice to fit all the background/unimportant character. Then there’s also the use of “Shiraishi Live –action�? for the later half of the series’ endings. (His version of Hare Hare Yukai! AARGH! )
And also, they seem to be making way too many cameos/references to Suzumiya Haruhi, to the point of overkill, at times.

Music: 80%
I absolutely love the OP which is just so kawaii and genki.(not to forget addictive)
The background music is great, too, and I particularly love the BGM played whenever Konata express her views on matters from the perspective of an Otaku, which the others (usually Kagami) find odd. The ending themes are so innovative, some of which are just so nostalgic.

Lucky Star is a simple, cute and memorable series, which is highly entertaining, amusing me to no end. This is a pure winner-- simply loved this series !

Personal overall rating : 95%

Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2008-04-17        

Lucky Star
This was also one of the supposed "must watch" shows of 2007 and it as a result it polled at number 4 for 2007's anime of the year. The key question is did it live up to the hype?

Lucky Star is a very bright and cheerfully animated show with gorgeously cute characters. They wouldn't look out of place of a kindergarten class except for one key problem; they're meant to be senior high schoolers! I'm not complaining though as it was very easy on the eye. The opening credits are some of the most colorful title sequences I've ever seen and never once did I skip the cheerleader routine :-)

Even though the series is told chronologically, each episode can be self-contained and you wouldn't necessarily need to watch them all in order. Most of what goes on is just social commentary and talking amongst the main group of characters. Apart from when they meet up and talk, nothing spectacular really happens. If you're into anime where nothing in the way of weird stuff ever happens, Lucky Star is the show for you. Look away if you are expecting action, mecha, monsters or explosions. I found it interesting looking into how the main characters end up talking about some really mundane things in their life. Then again, don't we all? There is a fair bit on the social side and perception of an otaku, and listening to Konata's perspective on this issue was hilarious at times. Additionally, the Lucky Channel segment was a stroke of genius! Akira was such a mega bitch that you loved to hate her. Superb stuff!

With the exception of Konata, they were all pretty normal girls (with the odd eccentricities). There was nothing in the way of major character development. Basically, you didn't really see any mysterious side to any of the characters'background. This lack of character development didn't really spoil the show. I felt it more important that an individual's personality shone through instead and thankfully, the entire cast had their own quirks and distinct idiosyncrasies.

Lucky Star has a really catchy OP. So much so that I never once skipped it throughout all of the 24 episodes. It was an interesting touch to have a different ED for each of the episodes during the first half of the season. It got really strange when Shiraishi started making real-life appearances in the second half with some renditions of anime songs.

I enjoyed Lucky Star as a whole, but I perhaps was expecting too much. This isn't a laugh a minute show of stupidity much like Cromartie High School or School Rumble. I suppose it was more of a sharp, but clever dig at anime otaku sub-culture in Japan as seen through the eyes of 4 senior high school girls. I'm not saying that it wasn't funny, far from it, but it was one of those shows with thought-provoking humor that you'd only get when you sit back and think about it. Overall Lucky Star was an entertaining show with very little in the way of criticism. Perhaps there was too much plugging for Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and in my eyes, this nearly spoilt it (Haruhi and Konata were voiced by the excellent Hirano Aya). Like all good shows, it was good whilst it lasted.

Posted by : Youki18
Posted on : 2008-03-31        

Lucky Star is an incredibly funny show. While it pokes and praises many different animes throughout the series, it also brings up basic everyday stuff that even people who aren't Japanese can relate to!

Story: To be honest, it's all over the place, but that's what makes it so easy to watch. Nothing is really ever serious and it's all about making you laugh, so I think that the story line is better off like scrambled eggs.

Music: One of the many great things about this show is its incredible opening song.. and the opening song is a joke in itself and I think that is something I want to see more in my anime comedies! You have to stop and pause a lot to understand what they are singing but it's all making fun at stereotypes (like high school girls etc) but its very true! Make sure to listen to it properly!

Characters: The characters are quite a crazy mix, a couple of generic characters. I think, though, that they made them that way on purpose because the characters often pick on each others typical anime nature. But they are a couple of crazy ones in there, as well a crazy gamer chick. Reminds me of myself when I was a kid.

Posted by : Lightningcount12
Posted on : 2008-03-20        

Lucky Star is somewhat the second coming of Azumanga Daioh, though not as funny.

Story (NA): Being another Azumanga Daioh, there is no story. Lucky Star is about the everyday lives of its characters, which are mostly high school girls.

Characters (9/10): The characters are all enjoyable in their own way. Konata is an entertaining smart-ass otaku, but she doesn't strike me as the phenomenal character otaku play her up to be. I actually found Misao to be the funnier slacker, and Patricia and Hiyori to be the better otaku. It is a shame viewers don't get to enjoy Hiyori's closet perversion and Patricia's confusing true Japanese culture with otaku culture, for only they only appear in end part of the series (honestly, how do you not focus more on the foreign otaku that goes to Japan?). In my opinion, the best character in the show is Kagami. Her more serious personality makes her the voice of reason, but in a comedic light. It opens her up to embarrassing situations and amusing insults from Konata. It is funny to see her reprimand the ridiculous comments and behaviors of her friends and acquaintances. But, her stern attitude is only a cover up for the similarities she has with her silly friends. Kagami is a character who through all the irritation and grief her friends give her, proves to be a very caring character towards those same friends, which makes her one of the more versatile characters to watch in Lucky Star. Akira is another great versatile character. She is probably the funniest in the show, going from bubbly pop-star to snide brat to just being flat-out angry and mean. The rest of the cast is also good, but outside of the irresponsible police officer Yui and Konata's perverted otaku father, the rest of the cast is not brimming with great comedy. The ultimate flaw of these characters is that they just do not come off as constantly hilarious, a necessity in a mindless comedy like this.

Animation (6/10): The animation in Lucky Star isn't bad, but it's not special. The bright colors of the characters' hair and eyes are good. The way the primary manga vendors are animated is also a cool gimmick (as is the fake geass one of them uses). This is the kind of good and basic animation that viewers expect this day and age, but it does nothing new (though I don't think it’s supposed to).

Music (5/10): The OP, Sailor Fuku, is obviously very likable. I also found the Karaoke EDs for the first half of the series entertaining. But the EDs in the second half were annoying and I always skipped them. In fact, I hated them. Sound is okay, I can't compliment or bash it. No good tunes within the actual episodes.

Entertainment (7.5/10): I enjoyed watching this anime, and at times I definitely had urges to watch an episode or two. But as entertaining as it was there are two notable flaws. One was that at times the characters would rant so much that it was hard to follow their ridiculous conversations. I can only laugh so many times at non-stop ranting, and that is only when the topic is particularly privy to comedy. But too often their conversations kind of lagged and were incoherent to the point that they were not funny. Overall, it was enjoyable to watch, but it was not laugh-out-loud funny. Because of the nature of this anime it must be compared with Azumanga Daioh. I have only seen the first disc of Azumanga Daioh (about 5 episodes I think) and I could not stop laughing. With Lucky Star I laughed, occasionally. In an anime like this I think viewers must be constantly on the ground laughing. Lucky Star is an entertaining anime; it just does not produce the amount of hilarity to match its high level of popularity.

Lucky Star is not an addictive anime that you will watch in a short span of time. But it is a good anime to get a hold of and watch off-and-on. I would recommend it, despite not being the funniest show out there.

Posted by : JaMaJuice
Posted on : 2008-03-07        

You know, I actually don't even know what the point of this anime really is. There is no plot, no character development, and no action. However, what Lucky Star really caught onto my attention were the cute girls. And after that, I can say that this anime is an approved slice-of-life comedy. Actually, I thought this anime was for kids because these "high school girls" looked like elementary schoolers and it wasn't until I learned that Konata wasn't your average Japanese school girl. I really like Kagami and Tsukasa, and Miyuki is just well too informed. What makes this anime so popular is because of the hilarity of the life of these four girls encounter. I especially love how Konata spends her life playing games, reading manga, and watching anime. Her dad may be a pedophile but he's definitely funny on queue. My favorite character would be Kagami because somehow the tsunderes are always attractive in my taste. You can probably guess my favorite character in School Rumble. Anyways, the little spoofs from different animes were definitely hilarious, from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya to Initial D. As everyone might have guessed, Lucky Channel wasn't such a hit and I would definitely extend those minutes for more screentime for the four girls. If there was more romance in the midst, then this anime would be a cute and perfect slice-of-life comedy.

Posted by : leoxjm
Posted on : 2008-02-15        

While I think Lucky Star was overhyped, I really can't say that it a bad show at all. It does pretty well as a lighthearted comedy with a variable pace and lots of talking. Well, I guess you have to see it to really get what I'm talking about... Not a bad thing, though.

Well, Lucky Star is mostly a dialog comedy. Most of the time is spent by characters talking about stuff than actually doing it. It's very much aimed at the Otaku community or, at the very least, to the anime-wise one, since much of the talk, show themes and character behavior (especially Konata's) has much to do with it. A viewer who fits in this range will have 24 episodes of amusement and some commentary to look forward to, while anime newcomers will probably find the show confusing or perhaps even boring. In the case of Lucky Star, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

The show moves at a very slow pace. As I said, it is very much about talking, and the episodes seem longer than they actually are; probably because there isn't an overarching storyline and the bunch of "slices" that each episode is comprised of make it seem that you've seen a lot of things but that nothing has happened at the same time. It was impossible for me to watch it in a single sitting and I just had to take breaks, lest my mind would just start drifting. Although, considering the show itself, that couldn't be helped.

Since Lucky Star is very much a slice-of-life anime, the characters are also pretty slice-of-life too. There's nothing really outstanding about them in a "mundane" sense. Aside from the eccentricities you'd expect from a normal person, they're, well, normal. Much of Lucky Star's charm lies in this fact, as we get to see the otaku Konata interact with her friends and show how people who are so different with each other can get along so well. If you're looking for a good anime on friendship, you need not look further than this. Since there is no overarching story, there is no real need to have characters change (they're static); but their development is more focused on understanding them. Anyway, character development has little to nothing to do with what Lucky Star is supposed to be about; it's more about relations and interactions, so I wasn't bothered by it in the least. On a bit of a personal note, I was a Kagami-like character around that age, so I have to say I enjoyed her scenes a lot. Some sort of empathy perhaps?

A special aside should be made for the Lucky Channel segment that appeared at the end of the show, with the moody Akira and yes-man Shiraishi. A lot of times it was dumb, but most of the time it was pretty amusing too. I usually liked how this section was the wrap-up of the show, although I have to admit that sometimes I did think "Ugh... Again?". The ED sequences, unique to each episode, go somewhat along the same line. I can't say I appreciated the girls' karaoke singing, but since it's just the ED, I can't possibly complain. In fact, I don't doubt that many people will think of that as a plus. Watching the real-life Shiraishi make a fool of himself in the ED during the series' later half was something I appreciated, although it got annoying really quickly.

The music and animation of this show would have been terrible if used on something else, but they work perfectly given the mood, pace, and characters of Lucky Star. Soft and simple, yet colorful and attractive. It was managed pretty well. Besides, why bother with too much detail or realism if it isn't necessary for a show like this? Lucky Star's unique audio-visual style is definitely a plus.

The one thing that bothered me, and a lot at that, was the fact that the show seemed too far into product placement for Kyoto Animation productions. I certainly did find annoying that many (if not most) of the "otaku references" were about The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and, to a much lesser extent, the Full Metal Panic! series. They were simply too pervasive and blatantly obvious to be passed up as mere references. Existing MOHS products were referred to constantly throughout the series, and if I were Aya Hirano I would be somewhat embarrassed about voicing a character that is so obvious about promoting/idolizing another character that I voiced too. While I won't claim that Lucky Star was made with hubris in mind or with the intention of being a 24 episode-long promo for MOHS, it certainly DID look like it to me more than once. Especially since references to other companies' products were more veiled, though only thinly a lot of times. I wish they had chosen an approach more similar to that of Genshiken, which was more reference-like and even made up products of its own.

To sum up, Lucky Star is a funny and amusing comedy tat takes a jab at the otaku style and mindset. It's not profound, it's not intriguing; it's just supposed to be fun. Admittedly, I had more fun with other silly school-life comedies such as School Rumble, Azumanga Daioh and Cromartie High School, and it is unfortunate that Lucky Star didn't ever hype me up as other good shows in recent memory either. Still, Lucky Star does indeed have merit. I'm still a bit undecided as to whether it deserves a score of 7 or 8 in my book. I'm more inclined toward the 7 because the product placement was never really compensated for (the pacing doesn't help here), but toward the 8 for being the most successful at directly poking fun at the Otaku phenomenon that I've seen so far and for the well-done character interactions.

7.5 overall, but since no such rating is available, I'm gonna round it up to 8 (mostly because 7 seems too unfair). Note my reservations about the number score, though.

Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2007-11-19        

I recommend this to anybody who enjoys the first two minutes of the anime. If you love the dancing scene then this show is for you.

Story was... well... non-existent. It's just the days in the lives of girls at high school. All the quirks are distinctly japanese and so were the many daily problems faced by the characters. They of course lean heavily towards the otaku culture but that is what makes this anime interesting. It could also be a pitfall since I found some of their jokes not funny at all; probably lost in translation.

The music... is it ever entertaining! The dance scene is awesome. Music in the episodes were pretty good but there wasn't a tune that I thought was memorable (except the opening song).

I think it's fair to see this anime as the japanese version of Charlie Brown. Each character is very different from one another and their problems are also unique but amusing. We have the main character Konata who is the uber-anime geek and seems to be the most athletic of the bunch. Then there's the twins Kagami and Tsukasa. One is the perfect housewife and the other will kick the husband out of the house if he smokes inside. The last of the main quartet is Miyuki who is very cute and smart. She is a bit clumsy and is constantly harassed for her cuteness by Konata.

My score for this anime is basically how well I think the characters were developed. This anime uses their personalities as the main attraction for the anime so it's only fair to judge this show from that. And I have to admit they need improvement. Lucky Star needs a second season. There was nothing seriously wrong with the four I described but the other characters were never fleshed out. I can write pages about Konata or Kagami but I can't tell you anything about Konata's cousin or her friends beyond a few sentences. They were just simply dumped into the anime with nothing more then dating simulation attributes. Kyoto Animation is pretty good in terms of their quality so I really wonder why they did this.

7/10 is the score I give this anime. What kept me from giving this a 6/10 was because the anime was quite funny at the end with the Lucky Channel segment.

Posted by : sssl0202
Posted on : 2007-11-06        


that word probably sums up this anime pretty much. Lucky Star is sort of slice of life type of anime that really doesn't have central story to focus on but more of going with the flow of daily lives of number of high school girls that has different moe elements.

You can kind of see it as Azumanga Daioh with energy.

It is a good anime to get a small taste of modern Japanese culture and to enjoy heavy amount of gags and parodies, especially Haruhi parody.

There isn't anything really spectacular about this anime, but it stands really solid and incredibly entertaining if you are into gags and moe. If Genshiken was anime that was created to share common ground with otakus, Lucky star is anime that was created to satisfy otakus.

It is rather difficult anime to describe. If you want anything spectacular, this probably isn't the anime you would look for. If you want anything deep or serious, this is complete opposite of what you are looking for. If you just want to enjoy some light-hearted anime with full of gags, this is your heaven.

Posted by : konakona
Posted on : 2007-10-25        

Overall ∞/10
Is what I'd like to give it if it were posible. This series has you in a laughing frenzy thoughout each and every episode. There wasn't a single scene in this anime that didn't make me laugh. The otaku theme gave the anime a lot to work with and you can't miss the several references to other animes; a lot of these were the highlights of my day when I saw them.

Characters 10/10
In this series, each character is hilarious and interesting in his/her own way. For the first half of the series the main focus in on Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki, then other characters are introduced later.
Konata has to be the best otaku I've ever seen, the hardcore references just keep coming.
Kagami is the character who opposes most of the things Konata says, mostly because she's constantly intimidated by her (priceless if i may say so) but she also has her cute side.
Tsukasa is the cute character, also a natural airhead. She can never seem to get things right and relies on others often.
Miyuki is the moe character in the series, and with her lack of concentration she deserves the title.

Music 10/10
The OP to this anime is similar to Haruhi's ending theme (and I believe this is what Kyoto Animation was going for when they made it). A crazy song with a dance that fits. I can see this being performed in big groups in the streets of Japan. Another thing to point out is that the ending theme's change every time. I find this a good idea as most people usually skip the ending theme after hearing it once or twice, and it's always interesting. During the anime you may hear songs in the background that sound like they belong in a nursery, but they fit the anime very well and always come at the right time.

Story line
To put it simply, there isn't one. But this anime really doesn't need it. Just watching the everyday lives of theses girls is entertainment 100 times over. And also, because of this, after watching the series 4 times, I'm still not tired of it!

Animation 10/10
The individual characters are very well drawn, and although the backgrounds are simple as many people say, I believe this was done purposely as it fits the anime perfectly! The level this is at is definitely worthy of Kyoto Animation.

Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2007-10-24        

Lucky Star is definitely a valuable title in my collection, probably because it was so refreshing and made me chuckle. What I especially liked about Lucky Star was that it brought in Otaku culture. Having Konata as the main character, I think, engaged me more into the events that were occuring.

What I loved most about Lucky Star was that it made reference to a lot of other anime, I can probably name about ten other anime series, the most prominent ones were Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (of course), Full Metal Panic, and Shuffle. But what impressed me most was that it made a reference to Cat's Eye!

I love Hirano Aya <3

The background art was very plain, but at the same time ostentatious, this and the loli character design will probably throw people away from this one. They're highschool students but they look nothing of that sort. However, you shouldn't let art alone determine whether to watch an anime or not. Lucky Star is fun and energetic.

The background music was unique, complementary, and memorable; but it's also not something I particularly enjoyed listening to.

People have said that they liked the Lucky Channel areas of the anime, but I personally didn't favour them too much from the start. As the anime continued, Lucky Channel became even more distineresting.

I learned a lot of little things that you would probably feel stupid not knowing about, so I'm proud to say that I enjoyed the random events.

Posted by : pavyisku
Posted on : 2007-10-22        

There was some good and some bad in this anime, but mostly good I'd say. I'll list the bad to get it over with: 2 things. The way it doesn't have a story can make it kinda boring at times. I mean, every moment wasn't too exciting, but then again all anime has its boring moments. The second thing that kinda annoyed me is that this show seemed to lack voice actors. I don't know if it's just me, but all the random people in the show seemed to have the same voices which was kinda irritating, but I guess it wasn't that big of a deal. Okay, with all the bads aside I can now say that I pretty much enjoyed watching this anime. The animation wasn't too detailed but it was cute and it fit the atmosphere of the show very well. The way the characters bonded reminds us all of our carefree friendships without all the stupid drama. I also found this show very informative because they all talk about things that can be found in everyday conversations. It seemed like a random barrage of info at times, but I must say that I learned a few things just from watching. And I must admit that I found the opening choreographed dance very adorable and addicting. I found myself watching it over and over again. But all in all, this is one of the most relaxing animes you can watch and get a few laughs in at the same time.

Posted by : congee
Posted on : 2007-10-14        

The characters are great. They really are. I loved all of them. It's great that Konata is someone that many of us (the population that would actually be watching these sorts of shots) can relate to. Being a female anime-watcher and gamer, I can relate even more to her. She is simply hilarious in the things she does.
The other characters are also good. It pretty much contains all the typical personalities that you would find in any anime, and makes it a little more stereotypical. Hilarity is sure to ensue with that sort of combination.
Really, all the characters are great and have good personalities. Their personalities and how they interact with each other are really what made the show most attractive.

Well, it's a show based on a 4koma, I believe, so you can't get too much story out of that. The show spanned their 3 years of high school in just 20 something episodes. That's a lot to go through in a short amount of time. So if you can't stand that it jumps around so much, it's not a show for you. The lack of a real story, or at least a consistent one, did bother me, and it was why I initially did not feel like watching the show. It gets really random at times. If you don't like that, it certainly isn't a show for you to watch.

BUT it parodies and references to a lot of other animes/games, and that is part of what makes the show so attractive and fun. I enjoyed it because of how it pokes fun of the other shows.

Well, there wasn't much of it. I will give this part a 10 though for the constant changing of the ED, as well has having the Seiyuu's sing/dance to the song in the latter half of the series. Some of those were really quite hilarious.

Can't say much for the art at all. It wasn't that impressive, but again, it's based on a strip comic, so I don't expect it to be. Considering the show itself, the art works just fine.

Anyway, a point off for the randomness that really just got me bored and not wanting to pay attention at times.

Posted by : solidsnakex
Posted on : 2007-10-14        

Ok here's a good anime for those who seek to relieve stress either from work or study. No actual hard plot or storyline, like those which keeps you wondering what's going to happen next, that wont relax you right?

As stated above, Lucky Star is a simple story about the lives of 4 female friends (their daily school lives mostly). But DONT BE TURNED OFF by the simpleness or the 1st episode (it actually took me about 3 months to start watching the 2nd episode from the 1st one, but I completed the series within the next few days). Why? Because this anime is kinda different from any other light-hearted anime I've watched. Though there is no real link between each of the episodes, the character development and story still continue. And they really make good jokes out of simple stuff and daily life which may happen to any of us. Don't expect any action except for a Initial-D parody. They really bring in a lot of other anime themes into it.(promoting for them or making fun of them??) And they have alot of special things you don't usually see in anime series, like this Lucky Channel thing which is a totally whole new unrelated part of the anime and the ending is really well done, this is the first anime that I watched all the way through the ending credits of each episode!

The character designs are simple yet VERY KAWAII(cute) in my own opinion especially Konata and Tsukasa. No great character development (what you expect from a 24 episodes short school life story about 4 girls?). BUT they already made an impact with each their own distinct character like Konata (Sports, anime, manga and game geek), Kagami (typical tsundere with high intellect or maybe u can say hardworking), Tsukasa (Cute, Naive, Clumsy and Silly...Moe?) and lastly Miyuki (Big Breast Intelligent Cute Silly Girl?).

The soundtracks are ok, the opening is nice, the ending.....what can I say about that? No ending themes's just some random music sang by a seiyuu (some from Suuzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu).

A well done anime, live up to the name of the creator of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. If you like that anime, this is really for you. And it's also worth to watch again. Only bad thing is the ending at the last few episodes, really turnoff for me(why do you have that at the final episode??? Kills my mood). Oh man i really hope more of such anime comes out to relieve my stress, it stills beats those animes with fillers and lousy cliffhanger endings.

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2007-10-02        

At first my impression was “oh no, not another Azumanga Daioh". Then I realized that it wasn’t totally like that. Well, at least they generate humor in a slightly different direction.

The no real plot, or rather, there’s no real drive to the series, as there is little connection between the episodes. Perhaps the lack of plot is also of its attraction for it’s never a chore to watch. Sadly, one thing about series of such genre is there can never be a powerful ending. And actually, I never really liked Lucky Channel.

Story Style
I’ll be real and say that Lucky Star is all that funny, but most of what drives people to watch is how the series generate moé from the friendship between the main characters, the cuteness and silliness, stuff like that. But of course there are the funny stuff too, like the Initial-D parody. Although a lot of screen time is on the character’s sarcastic and/or awkward conversations, it’s all part of humor you find in 4-koma comics.

The style’s really simple, but they kept it smooth. And sometimes, messy hair and some exaggerated expressions are really well done. About the opening song, I do not know why people like it so much. It’s nice, but not THAT nice… at least in my opinion. And oh, Hirano Aya voiced Konata if you didn’t already know, so you’ll probably know it’s good. Well, it is.

I’m not gonna overate this as I do think that this does not really count as one of the best anime of all time, but it still rather good. 4.5 for quality and 5 for enjoyment, making it 9 (tilt).

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