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Love Hina Christmas Special: Silent Eve

Alternate title : Love Hina Christmas Movie

Studio : XEBEC

Licenced by : Bandai Entertainment

Length : 1 Special

Year : 2000

Genre : Romance - Fantasy - Ecchi - Drama - Comedy - Adventure

Synopsis :
Professing to your loved one on Christmas Eve is suppose to be special, and Christmas time is coming to Hinata Sou. Naru, Mitsumi and Keitaro are studying for another part of their Tokyo-U entrance exams which will take place on the 24th of December, and not in the same Christmas spirit as the rest of the Hinata crew. While digging for presents, Sue and Sara stumble across a letter that Naru wrote that looks like she is going to finally announce who the person she likes is. Could Naru finally be ready to confess here feelings toward Keitaro, or is there someone else she has in mind? Hilarity ensues in this one shot Christmas Special that looks to delve a little deeper into the crazy Love triangles that have popped up during the TV series. It is recommended that you do watch the 25 TV series episodes before taking this in.

Notes: Series Timeline/Order - Love Hina, Christmas Special, Spring Special, Love Hina Again.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Specky
Last update : 2016-07-04
Last update details : Modifyinfo
Score : 8.82 Ranked #49 by users
Number of reviews : 17

Song(s) :

OP1 : Sakura Saku

ED1 : Kimi Sae Ireba

Release(s) :

2012-04-22 -- Episode(s) 0 by Exiled-Destiny. BT Link

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Seiyuu [View Complete Seiyuu Data]

Original Work
Akamatsu, Ken

Character Design
Makoto, Uno

 Urashima, Keitarou Narusegawa, Naru Maehara, Shinobu Suu, Kaolla Aoyama, Motoko Konno, Mitsune Otohime, Mutsumi Sakata, Kentaro
 McDougal, Sara Urashima, Haruka Seta, Noriyasu

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Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2008-10-04        

This gem is something that should be watched by anime fans even if they do not like the TV series. It did in 45 minutes what Love Hina could not do on TV for 25 episodes. Beautiful plot as well as the wonderful cast of characters make this one of the best OVAs of all time.

It cuts out the random humor that pervades the TV series and you don't ever see a difference. It really elevated the OVA because now we see the more mature side of the characters without distractions. All the characters have been able to shine. The harem did something rather novel in that we now see Keitaro being jealous. Not even School Days had this factor and the OVA actually explores this. For instance, we see Keitaro using Shinobu intentionally to escape from Naru. It's been used before, but there is this emotional impact that the TV series never had. The chemistry between him and Naru works; it just seems so natural.

I can write a whole page on each of the supporting characters but suffice it to say, they were exceptional as well. They had a charm to them that makes me begin to see their TV persona as nothing more than character assassination.

The plot is simple. It is still about a girl loving a guy, but there is thoughtfulness that we saw only glimpses of in the regular series. The Naru and Keitaro coupling is expanded and felt more mature. Still, Akamatsu did have one last laugh (I'll let you find out what it is). The plot is enjoyable and consistent which makes this OVA the best of all that I have currently seen in this genre.

The plot is well-developed and consistent. The characters were wonderful. Music is good. The settings were perfect. There isn't anything I find this series has done that warrants less than 10/10.

Posted by : funnyzombies
Posted on : 2007-08-28        

This Christmas Episode was one of the most emotional anime episodes that I have ever watched. As a guy, I usually don't cry but during this episode, I was almost moved to tears.

Plot: The plot is predictable and is like any other Christmas episode of a romance anime. The story focuses mainly on Keitaro and Naru and expressing their love for each other during Christmas time.

Music: The music fit pretty well with the rest of the episode.

Animation: The animation is just as well done as the rest of the Love Hina Series.

For any Romance anime lovers, this episode is a must see and is my favorite Love Hina Episode.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and watch it!!!

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2007-03-21        

This part of the story is similar to one that happened in the manga and the only reason I watched it is because of the high rating.

It’s somewhat a short movie and a clichéd one, if that is. But I do gonna admit, the storyline of this is really well portrayed, even though it’s short. The mood setting, the lonely atmosphere and the joy in the final parts... They’re all there. Plus, all the Love Hina characters have a role to play.

Same music as the original series, so not much to say. It’s rather cute, but nothing amazing. But the background music is rather good in the OVA itself.

The animation is rather ok; similar to that of the original series.

Well even if you not know the storyline, it’s still quit worth the watch as all the parts that needed explaining is explained. It’s just a short clip of some silly love, but it’s cute and quite pleasant to watch.

Posted by : BrownBatman
Posted on : 2006-11-09        

This was my favorite episode of Love Hina because almost the whole episodes was dedicated to Keitaro and Naru...all the other episodes were funny and all, but this one was probably the most romantic, and I really wanted to see the relationship between them two.

The story pretty much continues with the series, except it is around Christmas time, and it mainly focuses on Keitaro and Naru, which was pretty romantic.

The music is great, and I actually still listen to some of the songs from this Christmas special.

The animation was decent, as it was no different from the rest of the series.

Overall, I really liked this episode because it was romantic and the romance was what I wanted to see from Keitaro and Naru. I give it 9/10.

Posted by : glidedream
Posted on : 2005-06-30        

I think the Love Hina manga is the best love comedy manga ever written. Unfortunately, the Christmas special doesn't exactly come that close to emulating it.

The plot is both too linear and predictable.
The animation is flat and all the characters look short and chubby.
The entire movie builds up to the final scene, making the earlier parts really insignificant.
The scene where Mutsume brings Keitarou into a hotel room ended way too abruptly.
The story brought all the characters together for the final scene, but for seemingly no reason when it was just a confession from Naru. There was no real reason for the others to be there other than the fact that the creators didn't want to cut them out completely.
The last scene brings the romance back to where it is before the movie starts, making the entire movie feel irrelevant.
Naru forgetting her present on the train and then managing to get it back is kind of ridiculous. She could have just made Shibuya her original rendesvous instead of the bridge. I guess making Keitarou wait around in the freezing cold with a broken angle had to be there though for some reason.
Kitsune's speech to Shinobu where she explains their reasoning for hooking up their friends seems really wrong. She says it's because they are all lonely and want to see somebody hook up, but the primary reason should be that they are Naru and Keitarou's friends.
This movie could have been shorter, it seemed prolonged at times.
It can't possibly fit into the storyline because Mutsume talks about not being the girl from Keitarou's promise and Keitarou acts shocked.

I guess they just can't figure out who their target audience is. If this was meant for those who have already seen the show or read the manga then there was no need to show the promise in the beginning and recap so many things. This is obviously not for people who are not familiar with the series though because there are no character introductions. I still don't like how it doesn't fit into the storyline though. In the end, the speech Naru gives is kind of heart warming and probably saves this from a lower score.

Posted by : burnside
Posted on : 2005-04-29        

After sitting through twenty-some episodes of the manga-based romantic comedy anime series, I finally came upon the Christmas Special. The Christmas Special stands out above every episode of the series, or the entire anime interpretation for that matter ( I'd even say it's on equal grounds with its manga counterpart ).

In the special, comedy takes the backseat as it focuses on the relationship between Keitaro and Naru. The story is very heartwarming despite the wintery season potrayed, and is an absolute gem of romantic anime ( even though Naru still remains ambiguous to a certain extent--slightly disappointing, but unavoidable considering the series we're talking about ).

The emotions of each character are conveyed extremely well, and in fact, there was a moment in the episode while Shinobu was speaking that I actually had tears begin to form in my eyes.

There is not much that can be said about this episode without ruining to much of it; basically if you haven't seen it, you must.

Posted by : Masayume3456
Posted on : 2005-03-13        

It's Christmas time at Hinata-sou! Bells are ringing, and lights are shining yet, Keitaro's still studying for Toudai. Tensions brew when Naru starts becoming stern and starts avoiding Keitaro. Keitaro, saving for a Christmas outfit for Naru, is disappointed when he sees Naru giving Seta a present. Rumor has it, that if you confess to the one you love this Christmas, your dreams will come true. Will the couple ever have a Merry Christmas?

Throughout the series, Keitaro has been pummeled to pieces by the famous Naru Punch! This Christmas will certainly be a true test of his love for Naru. Although a little weak at some parts, this Special is full of emotion, and liveliness. A very good romantic comedy for those who love the genre, with a little bit of the explody and punchy type anime.

The same music from the series is used in the Special. It makes sense, because these specials (christmas and spring) are actually within the original storyline of the whole series.

Overall a good Special for the series, and gives light to some future events in the spring special, and the three OVA series: Love Hina Again

Posted by : quoll
Posted on : 2005-01-21        

Love Hina: Christmas Special is one side story from Love Hina series. Well, for this one, it basically focuses on Keitaro and Naru in their romance. This one is very touching. It is less funny than other series but still good to watch.

The instrumental song is the best song throughout the anime. It was played when Keitaro and Naru are running around trying to find each other before the clock strikes midnight.

I don't think there's any difference in animation between this one and the other series.

It seems in the anime that the couple are just destined to be together. Ending was good, surrounded by a nice instrumental song.

Posted by : kendokendokendo
Posted on : 2004-06-09        

The series is great, but the Christmas story wasn't so great because I felt it focused on Keitaro and the woman of his dreams Naru way too much. I was very interested in the side stories with the other girls but they were not developed at all. To me I felt this made it miss a little something.

The music wasn't so good as the series. The art was though, and sometimes it was a little bit better. Animation sequences were about on par with that of the anime. The humor was all there too, but this OVA is much more serious than the anime - there are many more "moments."

It's not as good as the series but is still very enjoyable.

Posted by : fresh_no_concept
Posted on : 2004-01-16        

Ahhh, the Christmas special. Whenever I think about it, I always remember those two girls singing about making a wish on Christmas eve. It seems like many anime are following the trend of having a Christmas episode or special. I guess there's just something romantic about the holidays... =)

This was my favorite of the two specials given that it actually moved the relationship foward (if you don't know what I'm talking about, go watch the Love Hina TV series or read the manga. That should get you up to speed). Keitaro finally gathers the courage to confess. Naru finally acknowledges this. But not without your typical 'get seperated and try to find your lover before time runs out' ploy. Yes, it's been done over and over again. But what the heck. I enjoyed it. Everyone is back to add a little chaos. I enjoyed when Kitsune, Shinobu, Kaolla, Motoko, and Sara start chasing Naru around for awhile, only to seperate themselves and get into even more trouble. Good times. My gosh, even the manga's author makes a cameo appearance.

Animation is a step up from the TV series, although it's hard to tell given the TV series was already nicely animated. I enjoyed the music as well. I liked the song near then end when Keitaro and Naru are running around trying to find each other before the clock strikes midnight. It just made the consequent scene all the more special.

This Christmas special is just plain fun to watch. I enjoyed very much and have watched it repeatedly. Be sure to watch the TV series first though... Oh yeah, the ending of this special sort of resets everything, which was kind of dissapointing. Just stop the movie when you see the hot springs again. See you all around for the Spring special =P.

Posted by : gumwai
Posted on : 2003-11-19        


Posted by : eMpTy265
Posted on : 2003-06-12        

As Christmas nears in Hinata Sou, two important events are coming up for Naru and Keitaro, Toudai entrance exams, and a Christmas in which one can make it a special one by confessing to their loved one. How will this shift Keitaro & Naru's relationship? Definately for the better... at least in terms of Love Hina's value.

Very well-developed plot
Development of many of the characters
Naru/Seta score settled
Keitaro/Mitsumi relationship cleared up
Naru/Keitaro relationship more confirmed
Humour's still there
There's actually very little fanservice...

They HAD to put in a "Naru-punch"... oh well... it's TRADEMARK

This is BY FAR the BEST Love Hina episode that I've seen!

I'm really surprised that the producers were able to put THAT MUCH plot development into the story in just one 45 minute special. I must say that I'm DEFINATELY IMPRESSED

The first PLUS is that this episoded didn't rely on fan-service at all. The fanservice moments were mainly used only to show that the atmosphere is really different.
(e.g. Keitaro touched Mitsume's breast, and Naru DIDN'T EVEN REACT... now that's definately a change)

The second PLUS is that there were able to tie in a great deal of plot elements into this episode. The confession of Keitaro to Naru, Naru's attitude towards Seta, Keitaro's attitude towards toidai, Mitsume's confession etc etc.

Not only is the plot advanced much more than usual, we also get developments into almost all the characters, ranging from Matoko's loneliness and her attitude towards her friends, to Shinobu's thoughts of Christmas and Kitsune comforting her.

The climax of this episode, though rather predictable (well... sort of...), did a really good job in bringing forth Naru's emotions. Definately one of the most touching moments in Love Hina.

In conclusion, this episode is probably THE BEST of all of Love Hina, as they managed to put humour, plot, AND character development into this episode. HECK, they even managed to used fan-service as a PLOT TOOL!!!... how cool is that?

(Now if every Love Hina episode was like that. ^_^)

Definately recommended for everyone...
(though I'd prefer you watch a few LH episodes first.)

As for LH fans, this episode is a MUST!!!!

Posted by : Silent_Hunter
Posted on : 2003-05-19        

I really loved this OAV. The drawings and storyline were great I must say. This is my favorite OAV of all.

I liked all the characters and the roles they played in the OAV. The storyline is more romantic, funny, dramatic and more involving then the Spring Special. The longs are okay but I really like the ending. Just makes me cry *sheds a tear* hehe

Keitaro - Still getting his butt kick.
Naru - The one who does it.
And So On...

This OAV was nicely done. There's nothing better.

Posted by : Jayfaye
Posted on : 2003-05-15        

This episode 26 for the Love Hina series was probably it's best. It really expanded the plot as much as it ever did in the TV series involving Keitarou and Naru. It was mostly a dramatic episode, but it was really good. The only bad thing was that it was a predictable ending, but hey I had a moment where I thought it would twist. I wasn't disapointed at the ending at all though it was pretty good. I forgot to mention this when I reviewed the TV series but the manga is a whole lot better...and even though Love Hina did a mediocre job at best in keeping up with the still did a great job I think. If the anime kept up with the manga better this would be my favorite anime ever, since Fruits Basket and the Love Hina manga are my favorite mangas. If you watched the TV series...I don't know why you would stop there...keep on going.

Posted by : macerboy
Posted on : 2002-11-24        

This is my favourite Love Hina title. The plot made sense(meaning it wasn't out there like lots of episodes in the series), it didn't seem like just a filler added in for more money. It kept everything that made Love Hina the series good and added the element of.. christmas! The way things unravel in this movie is very entertaining and suspenseful(I guess). It also answers a few unanswered questions from the series.

If you are a Love Hina fan you should pick this up for sure! If you haven't seen Love Hina yet don't bother with this one until you've seen the series first. If you aren't a Love Hina fan then don't watch this, I will give it an 8 out of 10.

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