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Over Drive

Alternate title : OverDrive

Studio : XEBEC

Length : 26 Episodes

Year : 2007

Genre : Sports - Shounen

Synopsis :
Mikoto Shinozaki is a freshman high-school student that dresses sloppily, has unruly hair, and doesn't excel in much. He has a long time crush since middle-school, Yuki Fukuzawa. Mikoto stays after school one day to do some water painting and that's when he finally converses with Yuki, his crush! She encourages him to join the bicycle club.

When he enters the club room, it's not as he expected. The club only consists of two males and one of them happens to be an intimadating trouble maker. The training involved are nearly impossible tests of stamina and motivation. That's not even the biggest problem, Mikoto doesn't even know how to ride a bike!

Added : 2007-04-14
Synopsis by : Himitsu
Last update : 2009-06-21
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Score : 8.71
Number of reviews : 7

Link(s) :

Official #1 : TV Tokyo's OverDrive Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Shonen Kamikaze - WINDER ~Boku wa Koko ni Iru~

ED1 : Merry - Saihate no Parade

Release(s) :

2012-07-11 -- Episode(s) 1-26 by Coalgirls. BT Link
2008-01-21 -- Episode(s) 26 by Toki-Fansubs. BT Link
2008-01-21 -- Episode(s) 25 by Toki-Fansubs. BT Link

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Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2009-06-21        

I have very mixed feelings about this anime. There were some strange perks in this anime, but at the same time (well, different times...) there were simply strange events. My overall feelings for this anime wavered from one side to the next. In the end, they left a great feeling for the end, so I think OverDrive deserves a decent mark.

The beginning was not that interesting to me. I was more bored and unimpressed by the characters. Shinozaki was not a character I initially warmed up to. He was sloppy and had no traits that were attractive. Even having completed the anime, I don't think the main character will ever be memorable. Speaking of characters, the supporting character was a dud too. Yuki was all over the place in a non-visual way. I could never predict her actions, I never knew what she was thinking. Her character was unlikeable as well (to me).

There is a good variety in the presentation. There were dramatic areas, comedic ones, and motivational ones. As typical shounen goes, there are some tasty fanservice - OverDrive is very modest with its fanservice though - and some very funny moments. The parts I enjoyed most was the main bicycle race. There were so many elements to bike racing I never knew, such as the team effort, the type of cyclist you are, and the different strategies involved.

The music was alright. The OP is very memorable and pumps you up well. There are two Ending songs and both are "alright". What I enjoyed most was Yamato or "Kurosuke's" background single. It would have a heavy guitar riff that was very energetic. Loved it.

There was a character I was interested in getting to know more. I don't know her name, but she was the glasses wearing girl featured in the Opening Theme so I was hoping they would develop her character more. Unfortunately, she didn't obtain any spotlight and had little influence in the anime. The character develop for most of the characters was okay, but I felt it had poor execution. It was simply some forceful flashbacks to the past. The general direction/presentation of this anime was a weird web. I wish I can explain it in better detail than that.

I'll admit, there was a good chunk of OverDrive in which I enjoyed, that's why I stuck with it. It was good. They ended things on a good note and there were entertaining events. I just feel that the planning or editing of the anime could have been better, especially for the character direction.

Posted by : Gen3s1s
Posted on : 2008-05-17        

Animes all about sports have never interested me, unless of course it's just a comedic experience within another anime. I decided to give one a go and I chose Overdrive seeing as it was short. Not expecting much I decided to watch a length of up to roughly 5 or 6 episodes, and unfortunately it didn't hook me in. It was all about this douche (Mikoto Shinozaki) and his life, which wasn't interesting. He was just a puff in my opinion. I kept watching because I was wondering when the hell they would actually start racing, and when they finally did, I got hooked.

The Story is about the bicycle club and the other guy I forget his name, Black Boy is his nickname so I'll go with that, and the big race and basically how much they want to win it. Yes it's very plain but isn't that how all sports anime go. You can expect training scenes, comedic moments, dramatic moments and moments that'll bore the hell out of you, but just keep watching, it's all very worth it.

The Animation is crisp the characters are drawn to suit there personalities amazingly, other then that there's nothing special about it. There are one or two beautiful moments but, there really isn't anything outstanding, it's just up to date in my opinion.

The Characters are great apart from one. The character development is the best thing about this anime. Such incredibly deep stories that explain why the characters are there, why the characters behave the way they do and, most importantly you can feel why those characters are doing this. This is especially true with Mikoto Shinozaki because you see him all the time and, you can finally stop disliking him and actually want to support him.

The Music in this anime can really hype you up. Unfortunately it isn't memorable, but the music does what it's supposed to do, capturing the essence and emotion of the anime. And all with perfect timing. The OP and ED suit it nicely but there not catchy or memorable, so to sum up everything about the music... it's nice but they won't be remembered in my opinion, I'm actually surprised I noticed.

This anime is worth the watch, it was good enough to make me want to see more animes based on sports. I wouldn't consider it a top anime, but I guess if I was actually into sports animes I probably would've given it a higher rating. Biggest downsides to this anime are that it takes to much time for the anime to actually get interesting. The main character (Mikoto Shinozaki) will annoy you at first but, it's all necessary in order for you to understand his participation in the race. All in all an anime that people who watch sports anime will enjoy, but if your a first timer then you won't enjoy this as much, ergo the reason for my rating.

Posted by : sakrash
Posted on : 2008-04-22        

If you're into sports-themed anime, this will definitely suit to your liking. Basically this anime has a lot of genres fit into one. The info relayed by the anime will definitely let you feel the emotions of the characters giving you a chance to explore the mind of a cyclist while racing.

I give the anime a rating of 9 and not a 10 which it deserves because of the episode count. Unfortunately for those who are already addicted to the anime, a race in the anime takes up half of the series, leaving you thirsty for more.

Even with the above said, the long duration of the race will keep you stuck in your seats because of the story itself. Don't mind the low audience count, this anime is a must-watch.

Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2008-03-13        

When I first started watching this show, I originally gave up on it after the first 2 episodes. The main character Shinozaki was simply so horrible, and pathetic, that watching him was painful. However after watching another sports themed anime, with a similarly pathetic person as the lead, I decided to give this one another shot. I am very glad I did. Overdrive is an exciting fun anime adventure. Beginning with Shinozaki being invited to join his high schools Bicycling club, learning to ride a bike for the first time, training hard to become a cyclist, and finally after that buildup, we have the culmination the big race...

The race by far takes up the most time, beginning around episode 11 or 12, and continuing until episode 24. It occasionally seems to last forever. However because of it, we are taken along for the ride as Shinozaki and his team fight for the win, against extremely tough competition.

This show really does a good job of building excitement and interest, I watched with excitement as Shinozaki fought with teammates and competitors. With friends, and even a love interest. The story has everything.

The animation was good, though not outstanding. I have seen better, but nonetheless, it was good. The music really helped to build excitement and suspense in the story. I didn't ever bother to watch the ED, as I was always to anxious to get to the next episode.

Having said all these positive things, there was one thing though that I thought they did poorly. Throughout the show, and especially the race, the anime made use of flashbacks. Intending to give us background on the racers, and their experiences. This was good to a certain point. However after awhile, I simply no longer cared about their history. In some cases, I had already seen it, and with others it wasn't important. What was important was getting back to the story at hand. Then there was the episode where they diverted into talking about the ABCs of love. While interesting separately, it certainly didn't add anything to the story. And since they were right at an exciting moment in the race, I could definitely have done without it.

Overall I do recommend this show. Its fun and exciting and worth the time to watch. You probably need to watch the first 2 episodes just to get a sense of where Shinozaki comes from, as well as to see the girl, otherwise though, just skip to episode 3, when things start to heat up.

Posted by : Vaizard5
Posted on : 2008-02-20        


This is by far the best anime I've seen so far, concerning this genre along with Suzuka! This is the first time I'm writing a review for an anime! I loved it so much that I just couldn't help not to write about it! I was just hooked up after seeing the first episode, It was so addictive with a lot of twists and unexpected things happening throughout the race, it was breathtaking and left me stacked on my chair wanting more not knowing what will happen next!

Storyline 10/10
This is about a boy named Shinozaki Mikoto who is shy and timid, with no friends and even being bullied buy upperclassmen till one day the girl of his dreams that has a crash on since ages come and talks to him and invites him to join the bicycle's club, and he accepts even though he doesn't even know how to ride a bicycle, and from there starts our story with the everyday training, shows how he became to love the bicycle and then takes place in the annual race with the other members of the club!

Characters 9/10
Shinozaki Mikoto the main character was very well developed throughout the series and we can see the changes very clearly! In the start he is shy and timid, he has no friends and he is good at nothing and a coward. Then he finds something that can devote himself on, makes friends and even talk to the girl he likes! Other people that didn't know he exist call him by his name and acknowledge him! He is the person that has that kind of power which can change people to the better! Fukasawa Yuuki wasn't so developed but it can't be helped because the most episodes are during the annual race but i really loved her she is so beautiful and even though at the start she invites Shinozaki to the club because she know he like her so she can get the money for recruiting someone from her brother Yuusuke who is the captain of the club, as we go along her feelings towards Shinozaki changes dramatically! The other characters like Yuusuke, Yuuki's brother and captain of the club, Terrao Koichi the other member and yamato we come to know about there past and how the became to be how they are today during the race!

Music 10/10
I REALLY LOVE the opening song of this anime! It fits the anime perfectly, it's an amazing song! I also love it when it was playing like a soundtrack during some parts of the race! The ending song was also good!

Animation 9/10
The animation was very good especially during the race and the fighting scenes, the mountains, the lake, everything was great! I didn't really like some flashbacks but it was ok we got to know about some characters pasts and bicycle history!

I really enjoyed this anime very much! It was simply amazing and one of the best animes I've seen so far! Along with Suzuka are the best of this genre by far! I really loved the last episode, it was a bit different from the others but it was funny and romantic and with the last sceene, the way it ended this anime is CRYING for a second season! I really want to see a second season and i hope they make one because i want to see more of this TRULY AMAZING anime! It was very enjoyable and inspiring and when you see it just makes you want to be a better person, stronger, more courageous and never give up in anything! I guarantee that you won't regret it! Its a must see anime for everyone who appreciate animes and I'm sure that everyone will love it just like I did :)

Posted by : beastfromdaeast
Posted on : 2008-01-21        


This was a very inspiring anime to watch. I was hooked after watching the first episode but the series ended quicker then I expected. I would have like to seen more episodes that showed Shinozaki’s development. This is different from most sport anime because the main character strives for love instead of becoming the best. Well, Shinozaki does want to be the best but his love for Yuki’s fuels him to keep on riding despite the situation.

Character: 9/10
The main character, Mikoto Shinozaki, was well developed throughout the series. He was a shy, obedient, and benevolent person in the beginning of the anime being bossed around by upperclassmen. Shinozaki was weird and a coward. But throughout the story, Shinozaki gains bravery and determination fueled by his will and promise to his crush. The other characters weren't as developed as I hoped for them to be. Like Yuki Fukazawa, Mikoto's crush. The only significant development I saw, was her feelings towards Mikoto changed.

Music: 10/10
The opening song, is an amazing song. It fits this anime perfectly in every single way. Also the ending songs fit the anime very well also. I thought the second ending song wasn't as strong as the first one. There could have been a better choice. I also liked the soundtrack during the races or epic scenes.

Animation: 10/10
The animation was appealing during the races especially while they are racing in the rain. The scenery of the mountains or the lake is very dazzling too. But I think the strong point of the animation is when the main character is struggling during the races then makes a comeback out of nowhere. The vivid imagery created by those scenes is divine. My favorite part of the animation is radiance of the racers like Takeshi when he is climbing hills or Shinozaki when is training by riding the hills.

Storyline: 10/10
The storyline was very unique and different from most series. The beginning was normal showing character of Shinozaki and how much he strives to be good at cycling. But most of the episodes took place in the Annual race. During the race, the story would focus on certain characters and reveal their cycling history, rather then focusing on the main character like Yosuke and Koichi. It disappointed me that there was a filler episode but it was quite amusing. The plot for the episodes were excellent, I couldn’t tell what would happen next. There were so many plot twists or comebacks that I was amazed. Each episode ended on a cliffhanger, making me die from the anticipation of waiting for the next one.

Overall 10/10:
I enjoyed this anime a lot and thought it would be great to watch again. The ending was a bit surprising to me but still very dramatic. There should be a second season to this series because I would love to see more. Overdrive is one of my favorite anime now because every time I watch it, I feel courageous. I don’t think any other anime in this genre can trump this.

Posted by : deviln3
Posted on : 2007-12-15        

This is a very well done anime, and something you should definitely give a chance!!

Its the story of a boy who is portrayed as.. well a loser, and him finding something he is good at. From there hilarity ensues. The best comparison would be it being similar to Capeta. Although unlike in Capeta, here we find out much more in detail about what drives the other characters and not just the main. Its quite inspirational.

The cycling animation is done very nicely, and the sense of speed and emotion comes across rather well. Since I'm not that well acquainted to the cycling world, the story just seemed real. So give it a try, you won't be let down...

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