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Lovely Complex

Studio : Toei Animation

Length : 24 Episodes

Year : 2007

Genre : Shoujo - Romance - Comedy

Synopsis :
Koizumi Risa and Otani Atsushi are known as the comedy duo not just because they are funny together, but mostly because of their height difference. Risa is quite tall for a girl her age, as Otani is short. They are always fighting and teasing each other, until they suddenly felt something more than friendship happening between them.

Additional Notes: This series ranked #08 in Anime-Source's Best of 2007 poll.

Added : 2007-04-19
Synopsis by : meganekko
Last update : 2009-03-30
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Score : 9.31 Ranked #6 by users
Number of reviews : 29

Link(s) :

Official #1 : TBS' Lovely Complex Website (Japanese)
Official #2 : Toei Animation's Lovely Complex Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Tegomass - Kimi + Boku = Love?
OP2 : Hey! Say! - Hey! Say!

ED1 : Tegomass - Kiss ~ Kaerimichi no Love Song
ED2 : Hey! Say! - BON BON

Release(s) :

2016-10-14 -- Episode(s) 23 by KiteSeekers & Kira. BT Link
2016-09-26 -- Episode(s) 22 by KiteSeekers & Kira. BT Link
2016-08-15 -- Episode(s) 21 by KiteSeekers & Kira. BT Link

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Original Work
Nakahara, Ayu

Character Design
Maniwa, Hideaki

Executive Producer
Higuchi, Munahisa

Color Design
Tsukada, Tsutomu

 Koizumi, Risa Otani, Atsushi Ishihara, Nobuko Nakao, Heikichi Tanaka, Chiharu Suzuki, Ryouji Kotobuki, Seiko Fukagawa, Haruka
 Maitake, Kuniumi Yoshioka, Mimi

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Posted by : colddeath723
Posted on : 2011-08-23        

I honestly didn't like this one as much. The middle ws really boring, felt like it was going around in circles... it was a bit too much drama for me and the end was disappointing. I would have loved to see more passion at the end from the guy but that just didn't happen. Don't get me wrong, there were some cute parts and you can get sucked into this a few times. The anime was funny, and there was no real story line outside of the love between the main characters - this was nice, but I wouldn't recommend watching this for a romance anime where the guy and girl fall in endless passionate love. Still entertaining though.

Posted by : ashcraft1
Posted on : 2011-02-18        

I noticed that this Anime is always taking the top of the charts, reviews and polls of many Anime websites, even here, as the Best Shoujo Anime, Best Romantic Comedy Anime, and Best Anime. Then I was teased to watch this. The charts and polls were right.

Storyline (Synopsis): (★) A tall girl meets short boy. The story is very simple yet unique and creative. But later on the story, the story will go deep and romantic as Koizumi and Otani came into a relationship and the obstacles they'd face as an unusual couple.

Storyline (Development): (★) From a simple opening plot of the story and every episode elapsed slowly deepens the development, and with mild twists. Because of that, every episode is fun to watch and you can't wait to watch the next episode.

Characters: (★) The main characters are well rounded and dynamic. Koizumi was well developed as the series revolved as she doesn't stayed on one behavior while staying a finite personality. Otani too was also developed well and took part of some twists of the story.

Message: (★) There are two important message in this story that I think helped it reached to the top of various charts because its messages are quite different to other RomCom Animes: The simple complexes and other "not really quite" physical differences that hinders love; And the advantages and disadvantages of a friend to couple relationship. It's very simple yet only a few expressed the message meaningful like this title.

Animation/Graphics: (★) From the message, you can't illustrate an ugly person on a Shoujo Anime or else it would be a fail. But this Anime has a creative idea to still express the same message, by creating a very tall girl and a Shotacon. And because of well design, the message, the humor and the story collaborated perfectly.

Music: (★) Hey! It's "Hey! Say! Jump!". It's not just the popularity of the song that gave it a point but it harmonized the Anime as well. I think or it's just coincidence, the song tells about that it's now Heisei Era, a new era which is our generation & our time and now we are as we are, no one will stop us from our genaration with no complexes... perfect for RabuKon.

Charisma: (★) Because of the perfect harmony from the design, the storyline, the characters and other stuff, the charisma is in full colors.

Theme: (★) Because of it's creative and original "All Hanshin Kyojin" to a Love Comedy theme, it's not just humorous but very romantic.

Style: (★) The Shoujo style is very classic and experimenting a new theme really made me laughed and felt hoity-toity at the same time.

Otaku Factor: (★) Typically, Shotacons are best paired to older girls or else its lame. Yet, with a new harmonious combination of story elements, even just a tall girl paired with a Shota, it's perfect.

Overall: This would be my first and would be few titles that I'll give a Perfect 10 stars because this Anime is perfect. Even its a Shoujo Anime, I, a straight guy, was enjoyed on this series. I conclude that this is really the top of the charts as one of the best Animes of all time.

Total Stars: 10 Stars

Posted by : CherrynKinnz
Posted on : 2010-06-17        

Joy joy joy. I loved this anime. Truly.

At first, it was pretty unappealing with its old looking animation. Luckily, I stuck with it, and boy, am I glad I did.

The story is unique but it's also predictable. It's so predictable that you're DYING for it to go on. Every episode leaves a cliff hanger leaving you wanting more and more! It's about an unrequited love that turns out to be more compatible than the two main characters were expecting.

The music was perfect. Everything was in excellent timing and I didn't hate one bit of it.

The I mentioned, was unappealing at first. But then, you get used to it, and actually...I noticed throughout the series that the characters were done flawlessly. There's nothing that looks off about them and they'll always remain looking the same way. It's a pet peeve of mine when small things look off as production starts to get lazy. You won't be seeing any of that here.

It was so good that it had me crying before I got half way through the series. You really get into the feeling of Risa and you know what she's going through. Brilliant.

Posted by : Aoren
Posted on : 2010-03-22        

Adorable would be my word to describe this anime.

Story -
Cute and memorable. It takes you through the beginning of their feelings till after they've been together for a while and had problems. The story follows a girl named Risa who falls for a boy (Otani) who is shorter than her. But what I liked about this anime is it also shows (although not in great detail) the relationships of their friends in a episode or two. This anime shows that none of them ever have or ever will have the 'perfect' relationship.

Animation -
Interesting. They draw Risa very ugly and distorted half the time but it still will make you smile because it adds a good comedic effect to everything. Other than that I enjoyed the animation a lot, it was well done.

Characters -
Well crafted. Each character had a different personality. Each character had their own problems. As I said before, although the anime mostly focused on Risa and Otani, it did have an episode or two that involved Nobu and Chiharu (Risa's friends) and each of their boyfriends. Each couple had problems they went through during the anime.

Overall appeal -
Funny as hell, well animated, good story, and great characters. What more could you ask for? 10/10

Posted by : joem20
Posted on : 2009-05-25        

Another unforgettable romantic comedy! Who says a tall girl can't love a short guy? Love knows no boundaries; that's all I can say after finishing this series.

Well done! It is a story about the whole high school life of Risa. It is a complete love story, from the confession of their feelings to each other, to the days of dating, and cycling about again, I really fell in love to this one. It tells you that if you really love someone, never give up because you really don't know what will happen next.

It has unique animation. They have a really great job in every character's hairstyle, accessories and even their dresses. It’s really amazing they have different looks in every episode. I can't stop myself from laughing when Risa's face turns very ugly every time she is with Otani. Very funny drawing.

I love all the characters, even Umibozou! Haha! Risa and Otani are really a good pair, even if they are both idiots in the world of love. Who can't Love Koizumi Risa?!?! Very funny, sweet, cute, has a good fashion sense, hard working and the thing I like the most, she is a Video game addict.

A very funny anime. It will leave you reminiscing about your first love in high school. One of the best romantic comedies I have seen. I really enjoyed it, in fact I watched it three times already.

Posted by : bryanng
Posted on : 2009-01-08        

Lovely complex is the most hilarious anime I have ever watched. At first I wasn’t very inclined to watch it because it was an anime that focused mainly on romance, but after watching it I just couldn’t stop wishing for more. If you’re looking for drama, a compelling storyline, or great action scenes, then stop because there is nothing other than comedy and romance; but if you’re looking for an entertaining anime that can seriously lighten up your mood anytime, then this is it! Lovely Complex is just so funny! Sporadically touching, and remains funny throughout the entire series! The most important part in a comedy, in my opinion, is that the jokes portrayed are not lame. In fact, the jokes in this are intelligent, occasionally plain, but the overall humorousness is cleverly enhanced and exaggerated with remarkably funny graphic styles and fitting music. I watched the whole series in three nights, and I was laughing and laughing until crazy and until my parents (which were in another room across the hall) woke up! Seriously, Lovely Complex is the most hilarious and enjoyable anime I’ve watched, and I believe it will remain so for a long time. What are you waiting for? Go watch it already!

Posted by : Naama
Posted on : 2009-01-02        

Lovely Complex... what can I say about this show that won't fall from its greatness? I'll definitely try! :)
A romantic comedy about a very tall girl befriending a very short guy and eventually falling in love with him. It's a generic concept, but with a lot of originality through the episodes.

Characters 10/10:
Every character is very unique each funny in his/her own way. My favorite character is Risa Koizumi: she is funny, good looking, tall (I love tall girls :) ), and goofy at times, but, most importantly, she is true and strong willed.

Story-line 10/10 (spoiler***):
Even though Koizumi and Otani got together at something like the one millionth episode, it wasn’t that bad of a wait, and the fact that I actually cried when they kissed on the roof top is reason enough to stretch this "happy end". And even after they got together the episodes stayed fresh and original.
****end of spoiler****:
Each episode was unique and funny; I can't come up with a single episode that I can say that wasn't interesting and wonderful.

Animation 10/10:
Wonderful animation - the characters expressions were great and added a lot to the show.

Over-all 10/10:
A must see!!!!!!! And not just for us girls; this anime is just too funny and too brilliant to miss!

Posted by : AJtheFourth
Posted on : 2008-11-28        

This show was very cute. Unfortunately that's all I really have to say about it. It made me laugh a lot, reminded me of my first boyfriend, and was very cute.

Animation: It does take some getting used to. Seemingly, the animators wanted to make Koizumi look as unattractive as possible, because that's what they do to her 90% of the time during this series. This super-deformed look can be annoying, but draws out her comedic aspects well. 6/10

Story: The story puts into play every cliche or every romantic plot device that could happen between two people into Koizumi and Otani's relationship, but it portrays them so well that, while watching, you really won't mind. The standard plot is also what allows the emotions that the characters experience fly off of the screen. Lovely Complex has the potential to resonate with viewers because of its heartfelt character, and draws on feelings and experiences that everyone can relate to. The ending of the series is bittersweet. If you're older, like me, you'll remember exactly how you felt as high school ended. 8/10

Characters: Aside from Koizumi and Otani, not much time is spent flushing out the other characters in the series. Koizumi has two girlfriends: Chiharu-chan (the quiet one) and Nobu-chan (the one with a steady boyfriend). However, I appreciated Nobu-chan and Koizumi's relationship. There are some amazing moments between the two of them that will have you tearing up one minute and cracking up the next. It was nice to see a female friendship portrayed so well without stupid plot devices like jealousy thrown in. Koizumi herself is very likeable, and Otani's indecisiveness can be frustrating at times. 9/10

Music: The background music neither added nor took away from any scene. I was surprised that the ending and opening themes weren't catchier and more entertaining. Overall, a resounding 'meh.' 5/10

Overall: Despite having a cliche story, 'Lovely Complex' delivers it so well that the viewer won't mind. The series flip-flops from teary love confessions and crazy comedic aspects (the episode with Koizumi as the ghost in the class haunted house is particularly spectacular) with ease, but can sometimes drag the story out too long. 7/10

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2008-09-20        

When watching a Toei production I’m more conscious of flaws, because Toei never seems to meet my expectations. So… this is a bit of surprise, claiming the #1 spot in A-S and held it for so long. This anime won’t claim my #1 spot, but I guess I can say it deserves its popularity.

I think Lovely Complex actually got off a pretty bad start. The few introduction episodes spent on their All-Hanshin Kyojin image’s pretty boring; the comedy act between them gets old fast, and because the first few episodes mainly sells on comedy and without the romance, things didn’t get interesting enough for me to enjoy it.

The best thing about this series is definitely the romance-comedy mix, the developing relationship between the two main characters, and the animation style. Overall it’s a pretty light-hearted, the drama didn’t get too heavy and the comedic duo routine lightens things up. The main selling factor would be the unlikely relationship that manages to happen, and how it matures.

There are still some things I can’t get over, which is how they like to drag things. The part about Otani not realizing Risa’s love and the one-sided love parts drag out excruciating long; sometimes, several episodes went by without any progress on Risa’s part. Suzuki and Chiharu’s last minor story was really damn cheap too. Most importantly, even at the end, I feel that Otani and Risa’s relationship feels too much like a friend’s than a couple’s.

After you’ve got used to the animation style; you’ll start to appreciate the comedic effect it has. The series have very boring facial expressions; most of them are expressed by the super-deformed animation, which I didn’t appreciate. Some series, particularly romance series, use facial expressions to sell, but Lovely Complex didn’t do that, or rather, they kept using the SD style, which I didn’t like.

The music is pretty good, but not good enough to end up on my playlist. Their (kansai?) dialect takes a while to get used to, but it didn’t matter much.

A worthy watch, but the good part only starts after the romance kicks in. It won’t be a very memorable watch though.

Plot-wise: 9
Story Style: 7
Animation: 8
Audio: 7
Value: 8

Posted by : MrSentimental
Posted on : 2008-09-10        

This one started off Great! With all the rave reviews, I was ready to enjoy a real gem, and this one was very special for two big reasons:
1.) Koizumi was one of the most cute, appealing, and genuine characters I've seen in Anime. Her smile would light up the TV screen. I really wanted to see how things would turn out for her.
2.) The extreme emotions in this one (mainly for comedy's sake) were some of the best in Anime. With the crazy exaggerated expressions of terror, drama and despair, true sadness, total glee and contagious laughter, fire-breathing and saw-toothed rage, this one was just super entertaining. This is one way Anime can really shine, along with some well-placed comedic slap-stick scenes on occasion. Great Stuff!

But, my excitement seemed to last only up to around the half-way point. Things were slowing down, and not really progressing in an appealing way especially with more and more awkward scenes. And I wasn't really liking how Otani was treating Koizumi. I expected for things to improve, and that perhaps there was some understandable reason for why Otani treated Koizumi like he did. But the ultimate resolution regarding their relationship seemed to be more on the random side rather than something that made clear sense. Towards the end, I was interested on occasion, but too often I was ready to use the fast forward button. The peripheral characters weren't all that well-developed or interesting, so when they were the focus, I did find myself doing the fast forward thing.

The sound and music were good. The second set of opening and closing themes grew on me and were kinda' catchy.

So, this one reminded me of some other shows that had some GREAT Anime features but also had down-turns that had to bring their scores down a notch or two (EVA: Great Action! & lousy ending: Ninja Scroll movie: Great Action! & treats women REAL BAD; Ai Yori Aoshi: very appealing Romance & too much Harem; Aishiteruze Baby: very interesting plot and characters & lousy artwork). So, thoroughly enjoy Koizumi and Otani for the first half, but don't expect the real good stuff to last throughout. 4 STARS. 8 out of 10 Rating.

Posted by : erobe41
Posted on : 2008-07-08        

Lovely Complex or Lovecom is a romantic comedy that centers on the relationship between a really tall girl, Koizoumi Risa, and a really short boy, Otani Atsushi. This show is absolutely hysterical. What I especially liked about the humor was the everyday interactions between the main characters. Their interactions with each other were so fluid that it created humor that wasn’t forced, finally a love comedy that isn't "misunderstanding" based. It was just the two personalities clashing in practical and mundane ways. This is where Lovecom is most appealing: the slice of life feel with humor to make you cry.

The personalities of the two main characters are so compatible with each other that it makes the atmosphere of the show easy to watch. The characters are all well done, each having their own little qualities that give the entire cast a good balance. The only characters that develop are the two main ones, but their development is well done. Both of them realize their feelings for each other and pursue developing their relationship according to their personality. The story is mostly the development of their relationship and the upswing and downswing events that accompany said relationship.

This is a much watch for any fan of the romantic comedy, and this is a good watch for anyone else looking for a good laugh. 10/10.

Posted by : Kitsilver
Posted on : 2008-05-16        

A must see.

Lovely Complex has it all: well developed and endearing main characters, fantastic character dynamics, real humor, and animation that accentuates the humor and romance at the heart of this show.

Otani and Koizumi, despite their initial antagonism and constant bickering, are very similar. One only needs to look at them to know that this comedy duo is perfect for each other, but it takes them a while to realize it. When Koizumi does realize she feels more for him than friendship, comedy and even a bit of angst ensues while she decides what to do about it.

It follows a standard formula, but with everything done right. The characters, their interactions, the humor, the animation, are all well done. I really got attached to the characters and found myself laughing and crying (sometimes multiple times in the same episode x.x) throughout the show.

Watch Lovely Complex. If you're at all a fan of romantic comedies or are in the mood for a light hearted show, you'll like it. 10/10

Posted by : Gen3s1s
Posted on : 2008-04-29        

Lovely Complex is a funny romantic anime that isn't one you'll soon forget. The comedy doesn't do much to stand out from other rom coms, but all in all very funny. Aside from the comedy it has an interesting story, and what makes it great, is that its something not done before.

The characters have such a large difference in height but have a similar personalities. The animation is so and so, though I guess it suits the anime. The character development is basically done on 2 characters but others follow afterwards. Music suits it, or at least its somewhat noticeable but not in an annoying way or in any other way for that matter. The OP and ED are o.k though after the first episode I started to just skip through them.

If your in to romantic comedy's this is the one to watch because the focus on comedy and romance is balanced very well throughout the anime but then there are parts which make you want to turn away (due to certain annoyances) basically put; its great and never boring, always ready to make you laugh, and depending on how sensitive you are cry, but your most probably going to cry from laughing so hard.

Posted by : Chikage_Shampoo
Posted on : 2008-04-26        

A series that brings out the "fun-filled" days of teenage life, Lovely Complex has become one of my all-time favorite romance comedies.

The animation style contained nothing too memorable, but what stood out were the extreme emotions of Risa as she reacts - good or bad - to something. Sometimes these faces scared me, sometimes they amused me, but all in all, they were depicted in a way that overexaggerated and yet brought out her true emotions. Other than that, I did not really notice much in terms of the animation: the backgrounds were plain or even lower than average (considering the time that Lovely Complex was made) and character design, except perhaps that of Otani, was not worth noting at times.

The most charming parts of Lovely Complex were the storyline and the two protagonists, Otani and Risa. I felt myself only piqued at first: There have been many series that showed a relationship between two foils. Here was a somewhat intriguing idea: a short boy and a tall girl, opposite of what is usually expected.

Yet here is where the basic storyline ends. Because of Otani's dense nature, viewers will cheer for Risa as she tries and tries to ensnare his love. However, this cannot be so as Otani does not realize his true feelings for her, and also the many rivals (amusing once you see them) that crop up between the two. The storyline simply gives a glimpse of the innocent trials - her worries, her desires - of a teenage girl as she pursues her crush.

What ties the story up together are the characters. Otani is downright likeable: he became my favorite character almost immediately. He is funny, dense, yet kind to Risa, and attempts to see her side. Risa too is likable, as she adds much to the comedic factor with her emotions. When the two combine together, they deliver well as the comedic All Hanshin Kyojin team. Risa's vain attempts, Otani's oblivious nature, and the entire cast of characters that either cheer for Risa, stand in her way, or serve as other comedic factors, combine to make Lovely Complex a brilliantly made comedy.

And I love their voices, especially Otani's. The Osaka accent just brings them all out.

Other than Risa and Otani, however, I did not really find any one character too memorable, except that they, as aforementioned, merely added to the comedic value of the series. One couple was as a foil to Otani and Risa at first with their utter lovey-dovey actions, but that was about it. I would have been annoyed at the others, if they had stood alone without Otani and Risa.

The opening and ending themes were catchy, and the BGM helped pull along the loveable, innocent (as well as the other emotional) aspects of the series.

All in all, Lovely Complex is a series well worth watching.

Posted by : Kwik-i-mart
Posted on : 2008-04-21        

When I first started watching this show at the recommendation of my brother, and others, I really wasn't expecting much. I mean just because someone gives it a really strong recommendation I thought, that doesn't mean its going to be a good show. And this is a shoujo anime for Gods sake. Imagine my surprise when I found myself cheering for Koizumi to keep trying, and for Otani to finally wake up to his feelings for her. Watching this show, you can't help feel for this extremely unusual pairing, as they are perfect for each other in every way except height.

After watching the entire series, I really think this deserves a perfect score. It is to put it simply, an outstanding story that I could easily watch over and over again. Ya gotta watch this one, even if you typically prefer Shonen type shows. This one is definitely worth watching.

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