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Seto no Hanayome

Alternate title : My Bride is a Mermaid

Studio : Anime International Company, Inc.

Also involved: GONZO

Licenced by : FUNimation

Length : 26 Episodes

Year : 2007

Genre : Comedy - Romance

Synopsis :
Nagasumi Michishio spends the last days of his summer with his family in a quiet town where his grandmother lives. While taking a dip in the ocean, he drowns, but is saved by a girl that has the figure of a mermaid. He learns that the myth of mermaids existing is prominent in that town, and Nagasumi continues to believe that he was indeed saved by a mermaid.

When night falls, a pretty girl visits Nagasumi's grandma's home, where he is currently residing. She introduces herself as San, and proposes that she and Nagasumi should marry?! If they don't marry, both San and Nagasumi will be prosecuted. San's family and the existence of mermaids are encouraged to be kept secret, for then with their existence known to humans, mermaids simply disappear as bubbles. Leaving no choice, Nagasumi and San work hard to create a workable relationship.

Additional Notes: This series ranked #10 in Anime-Source's Best of 2007 poll.

Added : 2007-04-22
Synopsis by : Himitsu
Last update : 2009-02-18
Last update details : Link modified
Score : 9.04 Ranked #28 by users
Number of reviews : 23

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official Seto no Hanayome Website (Japanese)
Official #2 : TV Tokyo's Seto no Hanayome Website (Japanese)

A-Source #1 : * * * Spotlight Preview by xenocrisis0153 * * *

Song(s) :

OP1 : SUN & LUNAR - Romantic summer

ED1 : Asuka Hinoi - Ashita e no Hikari
ED2 : SUN & LUNAR - Dan Dan Dan

Release(s) :

2015-04-16 -- Episode(s) 1-5 by Yabai. BT Link
2012-06-13 -- Episode(s) 1-26 by Exiled-Destiny. BT Link
2010-11-30 -- Episode(s) 7 by Doki. BT Link

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Seiyuu [View Complete Seiyuu Data]

Kishi, Seiji

Original Work
Kimura, Tahiko

Character Design
Morita, Kazuaki

Series Composition
Uezu, Makoto

Color Design
Ito, Sakiko

 Seto, San Michishio, Nagasumi Seto, Gozaburo Seto, Ren Masa Maki the Spiral Shellfish Zenigata, Mawari Edomae, Luna

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Posted by : ashcraft1
Posted on : 2011-02-18        

I watched it so many times, and always got a tummy ache every time.

Storyline (Synopsis): (X) It's about a boy who saved a girl and uncovered the secret of the girl, shotgun marriage is formed and yada yada, it feels like storyline is not exciting at all and is not the reason why this title is one of the best RomCom Animes.

Storyline (Development): (X) I didn't give it a point in the storyline, even if the show is great, because if you narrate it, it seems like it has no story line at all yet there is a development.

Characters: (★) Although they are kinda flat characters, because it has some parodies and other funny twists, the characters are very funny alone. Because it has a weak story, the characters themselves were made funnier because it burst out all the humor, with no storyline limiting them.

Message: (X) It has no message at all. Just Fan Service and the humor was served. If there is a message, I don't know because I didn't feel it.

Animation/Graphics: (★) The graphics are positive. They aren't superb yet they added humor especially some scenes for fan service and comic skits.

Music: (★) I thought that, when I heard the OP, it was an action or drama, but the intro was a fake and suddenly changed to a funny anime. It made me anticipate that there are more surprises to come. But that is not the reason why it has my point in Musicality; the insert songs are very... funny! Especially the song of sleep; it makes me simply laugh.

Charisma: (★) Charisma is the best substance it has. It adds to the length of my laugh because of some special taste which got me and probably other fans.

Theme: (★) Mermaids mixed with Yakuza theme is a good combo to laugh and snap to insanity. It's original and not afraid to try to mix two unusual themes together.

Style: (★) The Parody style with Junior High School Harem is worth watching. Very creative and separates the typical Harem because of some comical and parodied scenes.

Otaku Factor: (★) Fan Service is not the factor because it seems like it is a bit of a stereotype but Nagasumi himself and his sketches are a big factor. The stick drawings and the overrated version of him are so funny and otaku-like.

Overall: You can't narrate the story if you refer this to a friend. Because of that, you will expect that this Anime is very low, because it has a weak plot. But if you watch this, you'll say it is one of the best titles you've ever watched.

Total Stars: 7 Stars

Posted by : Veld
Posted on : 2009-02-23        

A young boy is saved from drowning by a mermaid. Learning of the mermaid's family secret, he must be executed or he could marry the mermaid girl.

The good:
This show has some amazingly funny moments.

The animation is attractive, crisp, and enjoyable.

The bad:
Seto no Hanayome seems really childish to me. A lot of the humor is just extremely middle schoolish, and it was a bit much for me.

The plot does not seem to advance very much. After about the fifth episode, the anime just stayed about the same, and I almost totally lost interest.

Though there is some amazing humor here and there in the series, it is not very constant. Sometimes it goes about two or more episodes without more than a couple genuinely funny moments.


Well, if the plot could have kept going, and the humor could have been a bit less immature and constant, I would have given this anime high marks, but the bad outweighed the good parts by way too much. 7/10

Posted by : Den8383
Posted on : 2009-02-02        

'Love comedy at it's greatest!' is the phrase I would use for Seto no Hanayome. Realizing the essence of a pure hilarious high school story, with a whole cast of mermaids/merman tipping the world upside-down, this series brings along tons of laughter.

The story: A boy (Nagasumi) fell into water, was saved by a mermaid (Sun) and was forced to be betrothed to her due to a law stating that a human has to die if he is to see a mermaid in her true form, and to save him, Sun offered to be married to Nagasumi, which will prevent the other mermaids from killing him.

The main protagonist, Nagasumi, tries his best each day to survive the onslaught of 'limb-breaking' situations while attempting not to hurt his fiancee's, Seto Sun, feelings in handling the challenges thrown to him by Sun's father, Gozoburo, and Sun's 'bodyguard'; the small yet extremely lethal Maki, whom are trying to separate the couple.

Although their meeting was quite cliché, the following encounters with the rest of the Seto family members were so funny that at times, I would laugh my head off and almost fall off my sofa. With the appearance of a 'love rival', Lunar, the superidol and her father aka 'The Terminator', I was really enjoying the hilarious moments when they're together and especially the part when Lunar tried to edge out her rival Sun in a singing contest but ended up turning everyone into mindless zombies; Nagasumi 'transforming' into a lengendary warrior with Sun's song, conquering the odds, turning everyone back to normal.

There is never a dull moment in the whole season, characters are very well developed especially for the protagonists, Nagasumi, Sun and even Lunar, whom I like really much. The multitude of songs and dance in the show was also a major draw point for me, excellent production in all.

I would strongly recommend this series to everyone, just be prepared for a humor-filled time with many comical moments to brighten up your day. A perfect 10 from me.

Posted by : bryanng
Posted on : 2009-01-08        

Seto no Hanayome is mindblowing It is simply madness after madness! In fact, it is beyond insanity! Seto no Hanayome has just so much to offer and it simply lets imaginations run wild. Endowed with a great fantastic, hilarious, varied, and rich soundtrack, ridiculously ludicrous yet hilarious art, and preposterously inconceivable scenarios and exaggeration techniques, Seto no Hanayome sometimes made me wonder whether to simply laugh it out, sweat in cold, or just bang my head on the wall. The pace in which ludicrousness is chucked onto you is just so quick that you don’t know how to respond appropriately. Its comedic moments are ridiculously absurd and exaggerated, and yet they are executed so impeccably, perfectly, and absolutely, which makes Seto no Hanayome such an attractive, amazing, and amusing watch that will throw you out of your seat. The execution in terms of art, visuals, music, and voice acting are simply astounding and out-of-this-world. I have never seen anything like it. And even with all the humor, they still manage to inject seriousness and drama into it at appropriate stages, which is good for a change. I must say, this is the most complete and hardworking piece of work I have ever watched. In the end, they even manage to pull of an awesome and great ending that is utterly satisfying and heartwarming to watch despite its’ frivolous nature. I give it 9.8/10!

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2008-12-25        

Seto no Hanayome works on a very simple concept. Guy meets girl, girl turns out to be from a mermaid clan, "special circumstances" makes them engaged to each other. The guy is the "normal person", while everyone else, including the girl, has eccentric personalities that create the comedy in the series. Yeah, you must be thinking "Hey, haven’t we seen something like this like, 1000 times before?"

Luckily, this concept has never worked as well as it did in Seto no Hanayome mainly because they didn’t try to develop the characters cheaply throughout the series. Well, the development at the end of the series really is cheap, but it wasn’t very bad… I guess. I think most other reviews can agree that what puts Seto no Hanayome above other anime is the non-stop hilarity. The style is never serious, always kept the cheerful mood (even in the midst of Nagasumi’s impending doom), and the blend of the of well-designed characters (particularly San and Masa) kept things interesting. Nagasumi’s many twists of fate and many different forms of expressions/reactions is also an important part of the comedy, even while maintaining his "normal guy" role.

I do have many things to complain about the production quality. While the artwork do helps a lot in the punch lines of the jokes, the overall animation standard is really quite bad. Even if they try to draw it old-style, it could have been much better. The insert songs and the second ED is pretty good, but the other songs and song sequences. Well, unlike popular opinion, I didn’t think much of "Romantic Summer". I didn’t quite enjoy San’s VA either. I’m glad that she can handle the songs, as well as exaggerated and chibi voices, but I find that her usual "San" voice didn’t complement her character.

One thing I find commendable is that the series is not afraid to make fun of San’s face and expressions, even to the extent of making her "ugly". I find that this helps a lot in the comedy as most (all?) series of similar genre would not do that to their "main beautiful heroine" other than giving them chibi faces or shock eyes.

The animation has somewhat improved in the DVD version, but it still didn’t change the lack of detail or gave it smoother animation. It’s still a really enjoyable production though; I can overlook the animation part. I recommend this for everyone.

Plot-wise: 9
Story Style: 10
Production Quality: 4
Value: 8.5 (9)

Posted by : SleepyLafiel
Posted on : 2008-05-01        

Let's just start with, "I don't get it." While I might chuckle at a few of the moments in SnH (such as when a crazily-drawn face suddenly pops up out of nowhere on the screen), I will say that for 95% of the series, I was not laughing. And before anyone claims that I don't have a sense of humor, let's look at my TV humor background. I grew up during the mid-90's to the early part of 2000 in what is easily the renaissance of American animated TV sitcoms in the forms of such as South Park, the Golden Age of Simpsons, and the beginnings of a little show called Family Guy. And yes, I was one of those precocious kids that loved Family Guy half a decade before its resurrection on Adult Swim; one of those kids that "got" the series before everyone else did, a fact that I am very proud of. With that said, I am not an opponent of non-sequitur humor; I love it just as much as well-written fares such as The Simpsons during its O'Brien prime, and it is to these two shows that I look at as the paragon of cartoon comedy. Later on, I moved from cartoons to such shows as Arrested Development, arguably the best written sitcom ever, The Office, the current king of sitcoms, Entourage, a great satirical show that's well grounded in reality, and Chappelle's Show, the sharpest and most dangerous show about race EVER, while passing on such overrated fares as Friends, That 70's Show, the Colbert Report, and Scrubs. Basically, my sense of humor is very well honed and eclectic, open to anything, closed to nothing.

Using that rubric, SnH is not a good comedy. It's just not funny. That's the problem with Japanese humor; it's random for randomness' sake, not to drive a point across like in Family Guy. It's loud, boisterous, and energetic, but to what purpose? In some ways, SnH is like the bastard child of such shows as Puni Puni Poemi and FLCL; a bunch of pointlessness driven by a weak and shoddy premise, relying on its kinetic energy rather than well-written situations for humor. Physical/Pain humor just isn't funny when it's done on an immortal cartoon character that doesn't get hurt; it's been done to death already by the Wily Coyote vs. The Roadrunner sketches from Looney Toons. And maybe that's the problem with Japanese humor; it's 40-50 years late to the party, and have just started to develop. How many times can we laugh at a Coyote falling down a cliff? Probably just as many times as we can laugh when Seto Sun bows down to Enka music while proclaiming her "honor," or as many times as her father goes postal and chases around the main character with a variety of weapons, or as many times as the main character goes gaga over Masa-san. It gets old extremely quickly, and for them to recycle these situations over and over just signifies the laziness of the creators. Unsurprisingly, it's by Gonzo, probably the laziest big-name studio of them all.

Sometimes, humor needs to be subtle to work. Setting up a situation gradually and then letting it explode is the key to great comedy (Arrested Development is a great example of this). SnH has absolutely none of that, and its humor can be segregated into three categories that never evolve: 1. Hyper-animated screaming and movement (resulting in continuous ball-stomps and other kind of physical humor), 2. Inner-thoughts vs. Outer-appearance (this happens way too much and gets weaker and less funny with each iteration), 3. Running-gag Randomness. That's it. Instant gratification. Great for twelve year olds that think toilet humor is the Second Coming of Christ, but for the rest of us... no. No well-written jabs between characters (unless you think one character calling another "sea-louse" 200x is funny and sharp), no satire towards real-life situations (considering the premise... yakuza mermaids that don't really commit any crimes), no "straight man" to make all of the craziness work (think Jim from The Office, to use a more modern example); it completely relies on things that are not very funny, and if you've seen PPP or FLCL, you've seen this entire series before, just considerably shorter and just as lacking in humor.

In many ways, these same complaints can be used for shows like Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh; stupidly random shows with little to no premise that relies on the on-screen antics to elicit laughter. It's also unfortunate because Japanese anime comedy has been done well before in the form of GTO, Lupin 3rd, and FMP: Fumoffu. Yet in the four years since the second FMP, Japanese humor has backslided rather than progressed. But what can I expect? Even if it is well written and subtle, it'll aim primarily towards Japanese audiences with its references, leaving me in the dark. But considering that I've rarely seen a subtle comedy anime because anime has always been designed as a spectacle and energetic feast for the eyes (the main reason why GTO worked was BECAUSE it didn't rely on flashy animation; instead, it went with an incredibly well-written plot and characters. Substance over style.), I'm not too worried about that, and will instead just forgo this particular genre from now on to avoid wasting 9 hours.

I should probably comment on the characters and plot, but there's little reason to. The comedy was the selling point of this anime (failed), and most of the characters are a means to an end for the physical humor and random situations. If you took away the comedic aspects, this would be the most typical harem anime filled with stock characters; very weaksauce. Then there's the animation, which is nice, but too often goes for the pointless hyperkinetics, which would probably be fun for the people that like random images being shown on screen in rapid succession. To be quite honest, this show became something of an annoyance, both because I was trying to force myself to laugh at it, and because the characters were so loud. I will complement it on its single-mindedness towards comedy, but that could be interpreted as a backhanded compliment since the comedy was so poorly executed.

If you really need to laugh, don't watch anime for it. Go download the first three seasons of The Office from the same place you got SnH (not licensed, so don't even lie about where you got it), because this series is not worth the bandwidth or time. And if you really, REALLY, need to watch anime to laugh, go watch FMP2 again, as it's still the best non-sequitur humor anime out there. Overly long, plodding, tedious, and deathly unfunny, SnH should be avoided by anyone who grew up watching American comedies.

Plot: C-
Characters: C
Presentation: D+
Enjoyment: D
Overall: D

Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2008-04-21        

Seto no Hanayome is a silly romantic type comedy, about a kid who upon being saved from drowning by a mermaid, is informed that discovering the secret of the mermaids, means death either for the person or the mermaid. The only way around this is if the guy marries the mermaid, in which case its ok for the guy to know the secret. Thus, a very young man, gets unofficially married to a very young mermaid, and begins a crazy love story.

The artwork is consistent, deliberately done in a unique old-school style, with samurai/yakuza themes throughout. The music, is excellent, and deserves special mention. While I didn't particularly care for the ED, the OP was quite frankly outstanding.

Its hard to actually write this review, as I really enjoyed almost every single one of the episodes. Almost the entire way through, the series never took itself too seriously, was funny, and enjoyable. Watching Nakasumi being chased by a shark, or having his father in law try to kill him to protect his daughter. The Terminator, and of course San being Chivalrous. So much humor all of it outstanding. That is until the very end of the show, when in order to create a climax, they altered the characters a bit, to force the ending.

I would really have liked to have rated this series higher, but in all truthfulness, I really didn't care for the last 3 episodes of the series. Because of this, the show which had previously been inching its way from a 9 towards a 10, dropped briefly in my estimation very close to a 7, before the final climactic ending brought it back up to an 8.

Overall I recommend this series. It is an outstanding show that provides a great deal of humor and enjoyment from watching. I recommend it up through about episode 23, at which point, you would be just fine skipping to the last 5 minutes of episode 26. You won't have missed much humor, and you'll have skipped the dumbest, most irritating, and pointless parts of the show. Even with these problems, this show was definitely worth watching.

Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2008-04-16        

One of the top ten anime releases of 2007, Seto no Hanayome appears to be a have become a firm fan favorite. Most importantly, is it now a favorite of mine?

Quite decent overall, but what really stands out, are the comedic moments of parody. One second, you see Nagasumi as a Masa infatuated schoolboy (with floating flowers and that "wistful" look in his eyes). The next second, he has the look of a Fist of the North Star extra. The parodied drawing styles are impressively numerous and hilarious. Much like the humor, the animation reflected the over-the-top nature of the series. Brilliantly done!

Well, I never expected anything truly epic when I first heard that a 14 year old boy is forced to marry into a family of gangster mermen (a great and original idea, but epic?!). At times there seemed no real direction or story, but consider this: "Do you watch comedies for their plot and story or for the laughs and entertainment?" Silly question to ask, but you have to remind yourself repeatedly when watching this. This is as funny a comedy as you can imagine, with very little in the way of a truly serious nature or plot.

There is such a strange mix of characters here, yet I ended up loving every single one of them. Normally in this section, I would comment on the presence or absence of character development and how it contributed to the overall experience of watching the show. In this case, I'm willing to admit that there is very little in the way of that here. Instead, the characters just go out there and do what they do best; make the viewer laugh again and again. It's rare for me to say this, but even the supposedly "serious" characters (like Masa and Shiranui) had their funny moments. Every single member of the cast was a star in that regard.

I liked the light-hearted, yet catchy OP and ED. Again, the score (much like the animation) borrowed and parodied much from every conceivable entertainment source out there. Very cheesy, but perversely likable. My favorite sound-bite has to be whenever Nagasumi gets "assaulted" and the sound of a whimpering dog is heard in the background!

I haven't laughed this hard since watching School Rumble, Cromartie High School, GTO or Dragon Half. Generally, it was incredibly over-the-top and at times, some of the jokes were "close" to being repetitive. Nevertheless I found myself laughing time and time again (even at the same jokes). My favorite episode has definitely got to be episode 10. Short of spoiling the surprise for you, I don't think I'll be able to find a better Terminator parody anywhere else. As in the opening credits, Seto no Hanayome is a superb "Ninkyo Love Comedy." You definitely won't regret watching this!

Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2008-03-29        

This show is utterly random in everything. Story? Character? who gives a damn so long as we can squeeze in every movie parody. Seto no Hanayome has comedy that works sometimes but frankly most of it is very childish. There's not even an awe factor in its randomness. Personally I think I am not even close to its target group so I recommend this to those under the age 16 or those who just enjoy pure craziness.

As said before Seto no Hanayome had moments of pure gold but most of it falls flat. I liked the yakuza parodies and Maki-chan especially but it really doesn't make me laugh out loud. I just shrug at most of sketches and maybe smile at some of the absurdity. Many of the parodies they do are intriguing at best. The constantly expanding cast starts to feel bland after the idol made her appearance (I think she would make a hilarious addition to Lucky Channel!).

The 7/10 is probably due to the fact that I thought it ended well. It retained it's humor all the way to the end unlike another comedy, Inukami!.

Posted by : NatureDragon
Posted on : 2008-03-21        

Storyline/Plot: 7/10
Seto no Hanayome has a light hearted storyline which is interesting and original. The plot is mainly focused on comedy and romance between Seto San and Nagasumi Michishio. Due to the heavy amount of comedy, the storyline seems lacking in depth.

Character development: 10/10
Character development was focused on quite a handful of characters despite having only 26 episodes. Nagasumi's character was most well crafted as he seems to have evolved as the story goes by. San's and Luna's personalities were well developed. I managed to have a good understanding of all the characters through all their funny expressions and hilarious behaviors.

Animations/Graphics: 9.5/10
The animations used here were not outstanding, however, the many faces of each character covers up for it. Character design was good with the use of chibi or weird (and funny) expressions.

Music/Songs: 10/10
"Romantic summer" by SUN&LUNAR and "Dan Dan Dan" by SUN&LUNAR were very lively. Songs sang by Luna (like "Lunarian") were just wonderful. Songs sang by San (like "Your gravitation") were great too.

Overall: 9.5/10
A lovely comedy which is bound to make you laugh. The characters are cute and have many different funny expressions which just adds on to the comedy level of this anime. The storyline may make little sense but it doesn't really matters as this anime is not made to be serious in anyway. I enjoyed watching this anime =3 as it just lightens the day.

Posted by : MrSentimental
Posted on : 2008-01-25        

All the rave reviews were right on target here! This was a Hoot!!! I laughed harder and more often than with any other comedy I'd seen before (Excel, Fumoffu, Cromartie, Miami Guns , Ninja Nonsense, etc.)!

This is where ANIME can really shine vs. live-action. The extreme emotional expressions and High Drama! The Crazy Action! The slap-stick Booms and Bangs and Socks into the stratosphere! And then there's the Crazy Characters! Gangster Mermaids! The Terminator! Terrifying Kittens! This one's got it ALL!

Even the fact that it was turning all Haremish on us was OK. All the girls were going after the main guy, and of course he wasn't all that virtuous or deserving or anything like that. But throughout most of the show he was getting smashed, shot at, stomped on, and was constantly running for his life and narrowly escaping an untimely doom! BwaHaHaaa!!! I'd want to see numerous other Harem loser-guys get this kind of treatment! But, actually, the guy here isn't all that bad. Especially after he went through a few "transformations". I still can't stop laughing about the F*** of the N**** S*** change! What a RIOT!

The artwork was whacked out when it was needed, and cute and appealing when it was needed. The sounds and voices during the show were perfect (I saw Japanese language with English subs)! The beginning and ending themes were nothing special.

It almost appeared to try to get more serious during the last two episodes, but not enough to spoil things. Thanks a bunch to the crack-pots who made this! I found lots of chuckles and some great laugh-out-louds in almost every episode! 10 out of 10 Rating. 5 STARS! ENJOY!!!

Posted by : beastfromdaeast
Posted on : 2008-01-21        

Seto no Hanayome is one of the most hilarious animes of 2007. The series brought me nonstop laughter. My first impression of this anime wasn't very good, due to the fact that it was a mermaid love comedy. However I was hooked by the end of the first episode. The idea of starting with the action then a flashback to describe background information was very unique and intriguing.

Animation: 9/10
The animation for this series was beautifully done. Like when cherry blossoms fall during San's chivalrous moments. It was better then most romantic comedies that I've seen. Another strong point about the animation was the facial expressions of the characters with the background colors enhancing it. For example, when San's father becomes irate with Nagasumi, there are veins popping out and flames in the background to show his level of ferocity. The best of the animation was the chibi form of San which was very entertaining and the masculine expressions of Nagasumi.

Character: 9/10
The variety of characters in this series creates mayhem. I just love the uniqueness of each character and how they interact with each other like San and Mawari or Nagasumi and Saru. There isn't as much character development as I would have liked for Nagasumi and San, but it didn't affect the anime that much. My favorite character is Luna because of her split personality, the angel or the devil. She acts nice when shes in public but once shes at Nagasumi's house, I wouldn't want to mess with her.

Music: 10/10
The soundtrack of this series was phenomenal, I can't stop listening to it. The opening song sung by Sun and Lunar was very catchy and a perfect song for this anime. I personally think the opening song was better then the ending songs, "Asu e no Hikari" by Asuka Hinoi and "Dan Dan Dan" by Sun and Lunar. The ending songs were excellent though especially "Dan Dan Dan." But my favorite songs of the series were sung during the face off between Luna and San. Also the mermaid battle songs were pretty good too.

Storyline: 8/10
The story was very original but it didn't focus too much of the relationship of San and Nagasumi. Most episodes were just attempts to get rid of Nagasumi, or an introduction to new characters (fillers). I mean there were a few episodes where there was progress in their relationship but there wasn't enough for a twenty-six episode long anime. The ending of the series impressed me though because it was higher then my expectations. I thought the ending would be a bit cheesy but it was quite funny.

Overall: 9/10
Despite the plot of the series, it is still a good anime that will make you roll around the floor laughing. Each episode awaits a new adventure and different jokes. This is probably one of the best romantic comedies out there because its unique. There is more comedy then romance in this series which gives it a different style. Be aware once you watch it once, you're going to want to watch it again.

Posted by : pavyisku
Posted on : 2008-01-04        

Wow. I am currently in pain from watching this show because I laughed sooooo hard throughout the whole thing. Seto no Hanayome, is a ridiculous show but that makes it all the more hysterical to watch. You have a guy as the main character who has like a million different expressions, a chivalrous girl who turns into a mermaid when her legs touch water, a crazy gangster father with who runs around with swords in school hallways and so many other characters who all made me fall in love with this show. All the craziness was a bit too much for me in the beginning, but trust me, it will definitely grow on you. And even though I was really busy laughing at everything they do, this show gave some breathing time to realize all the character progression going on. I found the main characters' relationship to be very romantic and it progressed at a pace where you will always see something new. I also thought this was a pretty unique comedy because of the whole secret sea creature identity motif.

The animation really portrayed the characters' personalities well and I must say that it was very chaotic, but in a good way. Most of the songs from this anime are sung by two of the characters in Seto no Hanayome, which I found to be pretty interesting. And I absolutely loved how they made an arrangement of the opening song and put it in as background music.

Adorable characters, great music, hysterical jokes; Seto no Hanayome overwhelmed me in a good way with the many great traits it had to offer and I would recommend this for every anime comedy lover out there.

Posted by : Tomato-kun
Posted on : 2008-01-01        

Honestly, I can't imagine the last time I watched a show so ridiculously hilarious. It takes a top quality show to make me laugh out loud, and indeed, Seto no Hanayome is probably near the top of its class -- if not at the top.

First of all, getting through the basics, I'll assume you'll have read the synopsis, so I won't need to repeat that. But beyond that, what the story is about is Nagasumi and Sun trying to make something of their sudden new life as fiances. Unfortunately for them, San's yakuza mermaid family doesn't quite agree (especially her family), and it so ends up that one person after another (usually mermaids) try to kill poor Nagasumi as hilarity ensues. The thing is, each of these characters are so well developed, likeable, and especially erratic that there is never a single dull episode. Even the ones that don't try to kill Nagasumi are awesome (Masa-san!).

Another reason why each episode is so enjoyable is the pacing. Seto no Hanayome is quick and quirky, such that the probably the closest comparison is Family Guy, sans the trademark random scenes. Still, SnH isn't even like Family Guy (or School Rumble) in that there's actually some plot development throughout the whole series, resolution (twice, actually, since there's a mini-finale halfway through), and character development. This is pretty uncommon for a comedy and even a bunch of romantic comedies, and yet, SnH never loses any quality throughout. Major props for that.

Finally, on to music and animation. The music is pretty much perfect. The soundtrack might not be the absolute best there is, but it's so fitting, such as the happy-go-lucky OP and EDs, or even just the background music. Add to that the catchy insert songs, all of which are worth listening to outside the show, and we have one quality soundtrack.The animation is beautiful, and much like the music, it's very fitting. One thing I loved about the animation was the random drastic deviations in drawing style. For example, Nagasumi occasionally went all Street Fighter-like where he doesn't even resemble his weak little self, but it was a very nice and comedic touch.

My only complaint is that Seto no Hanayome seems to be flying under the radar in terms of popularity. Unless you don't like random comedy, watch it. You won't be disappointed. And make sure you get your friends to watch it too because this anime is, in my opinion, simply one of the best of all time, especially in its category.

Posted by : Faraz
Posted on : 2007-12-17        

One of the best comedies I’ve seen all year; easily rivaling heavy weights like School Rumble or Fumoffu?. And believe me when I say that the craziness in this show is definitely on par with something like School Rumble; you'll be laughing out load on more than one occasion per episode. I sometimes watch some anime at work if I get the chance but I couldn't do that with this show, since hearing your co-worker laughing for thirty minutes is kind of a big giveaway that he’s doing something else besides work.

The characters are all wonderfully done with their own distinct personalities and quirks and every single one of them gets a lot of screen time. I could write at least a page on each character describing why they’re as funny as they are. But suffice it to say, you’ll love all of them. It gets to the point where if you don’t see a specific character for a while you’ll start to miss their antics; though you shouldn’t worry since as soon as you start to get that feeling he or she will crash back into the story in the craziest possible way.

The story itself is fully character driven which shouldn’t come as a surprise with such a strong cast. And it’s not simply there to connect the comedy scenes; you do get the sense that it is actually going somewhere.

All in all this is a fantastic show and I highly recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in watching a comedy. Two thumbs way up.

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