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Ultimate Survivor Kaiji

Alternate title : Kaiji

Studio : Madhouse Studios

Length : Unknown

Year : 2007

Genre : Drama

Synopsis :
Wasting his life away gambling and not holding down a job, Kaiji is the lowest of the lowest. His pathetic existence takes a turn for the worse when he finds out that a collection agency is after him for a loan he had co-signed for a friend. He is given the option of repaying back the entire amount of the loan, or he can board a secret cruise and gamble his way out of poverty. Kaiji gladly signs up the cruise not knowing what terrible fate awaits him if he loses...

Added : 2007-10-05
Synopsis by : meeting12
Last update : 2010-08-02
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Score : 9
Number of reviews : 2

Link(s) :

Official #1 : NTV's Kaiji Website (Japanese)

A-Source #1 : Chikage_Shampoo's review of the Live Action Movie

Release(s) :

2017-08-31 -- Episode(s) 1 by Blaze007. BT Link
2013-08-06 -- Episode(s) 1-26 by HorribleSubs. BT Link
2008-04-18 -- Episode(s) 26 by The-Triad. BT Link

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Posted by : Stragus
Posted on : 2009-11-03        

After graduating Kaiji moves to Tokio to get a job but doesn't find one. So he spends his time doing cheap pranks to the rich and gambless. Then dirty loan shark Yūji Endō cons Kaiji to board a gambling ship Espoir ("Hope") in oder to pay his dept which wasn't his to beging with.

This is one of the these new dark toned animes where the darkness doesn't come from violence but from the true feelings of people. This anime really shows that we are no more than animals hiding in a human's clothes.

Animation: This is this anime's biggest problem. Every character has this bold outline on them which is really ugly to look at but backgrounds are quite nice to look at. Animation is in fact quite similar to Akagi which is an animation I really disliked. 4/10

Characters: Some of the side characters are quite anoying but realistic and that was refreshing thing to see in anime. Kaiji himself is quite a petty low life in the beginning of the series but he develops quite nicely and he is quite easy to relate to. 8/10

Story: One of the best in any anime. Kaiji is forced to take part in very dangerous gambling games similar to liar games rounds but with more gore. This really shows the darkness and cruelty of man better than any other anime. It's ending is totally unexpected and to my mind quite artistic. 10/10

Music: OP was good, don't remember anything else so it was there but didn't leave an expression. 7/10

Overall: It had some aspects that I didn't fancy like the animation but I am willing to let it slide because there just isn't an anime like this out there and I think Kaiji has shown that one can make dark toned anime without slaying a random guy every 5 minutes. Kaiji has some involving heavy themes like greed and betrayal but it's still quite easy to watch (not like Grave of the Fireflies) 9/10

This anime actully inspired me to write a novel that I am now trying to publish. So I am quite sure this anime will make one think of this anime and I hope it will have as big impression to you as it had on me.

Posted by : killerdevil
Posted on : 2008-05-03        

When I first started this anime, the first impression on this anime was "I am 100% not going to complete this anime". reason being? The art of this anime at 1st look wouldn't impress you at all.

Art 6/10:
1st I would talk about the art of the characters. All the characters have a bold outline on them, which makes it look weird. Even without the bold outline, the main character was drawn/made quite poorly.

2nd, compared to the character drawing, the background was quite well done.

Story 9/10:
The story smooth, flowing and just incredible action sequences. Kaiji is constantly in debt and unlike most anime where most would think that he would get chased, this anime is totally different, he gambles to clear his debt. After clearing the 1st debt he would have a 2nd debt to clear...

Plot 9/10:
The plot is totally amazing. After each and every single episode will definitely make you want go to the next episode to know what will happen next.

Overall 9/10:
Ultimate Survivor Kaiji is must see. this anime also teaches one about life. It also teaches the lesson of being greedy and also betraying another.

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