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Descendants of Darkness

Alternate title : Yami no Matsuei

Studio : J.C. STAFF

Licenced by : Central Park Media

Length : 13 Episodes

Year : 2000

Genre : Comedy - Horror - Mystery - Psychological - Supernatural

Synopsis :
Literally "Descendant of Darkness", Yami no Matsuei follows the life of Tsuzuki, an investigator for well, the Department of Death. He's a shinigami who deals with people who are supposed to have died, but are mysteriously missing. He also attempts to keep people from dying before they are supposed to, which sets him on the trail of Muraki, a rather odd "doctor" who seems to be involved with the lives and deaths of many people

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Kflute
Last update : 2007-08-22
Last update details : Seiyuu added
Score : 7.5
Number of reviews : 12

Link(s) :

Official #1 : J.C. Staff's Yami no Matsuei Website (Japanese)
Official #2 : The Sweetest Way to Die: A Yami no Matsuei Fansite (English)

Song(s) :

OP1 : To Destination - Eden

ED1 : The Hong Kong Knife - Love Me

Release(s) :

There are no release available for this anime.

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Yamazaki, Kazuo


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Posted by : ringo_jihen
Posted on : 2006-09-10        

Wow. It's hard to really explain just why this anime was so awful. Was it the horrible music? The dreadful plot? The unneeded gayness? I'm all for slash, but this series was ridiculous. And the manga-ka claims her characters are straight. (Well, except for Muraki.) Sigh.

This show is just really bad. Don't waste your time with it. Read the manga instead.

Posted by : ultimasome
Posted on : 2006-08-26        

My best friend gave me this anime.She said "watch it alone"…I didn’t understand her well….but after watching it I became shounen-ai lover.

The story is okay but confusing (maybe because I didn’t read the manga) and too short. The comedy scenes are perfect and the bishies scenes made the anime taste good. I think eps3 and 4 are waste I didn’t like it. The animation is good there aren’t many flaws(though everyone says but I didn’t saw any).

The characters design are well done I loved everyone especially Tsuzuki he is so hot that’s why Muraki is after him and their voices are good.

The music is good.The opening theme and song are nice but the ending aren’t.

My opinion:
Watch this anime its more interesting and about shounen-ai scenes it isn’t that bad to throw the anime away.

Posted by : crashoverride
Posted on : 2005-11-25        

Yami no Matsuei or also known as Descendants of Darkness is definitely an anime worth watching.

The anime is rather confusing therefore reading the manga before watching the anime will make the story easier to understand.

Yami no Matsuei has nice graphics. The characters are drawn very detailly. But the music didn't really get my attention.

The story is more for people who enjoy angst. Watching this anime is like an emotional roller coaster. It's sad because Hisoka is disown and badly treated by his family just because he's an empath. I really pity Hisoka and not to mention angry at his family.

Although it's quite a sad story, there's comedy in it as well. Tsuzuki is the comedian in the anime but he's a completely different person when it comes to Muraki, a mad doctor obsessed with immortality.

When I first saw Muraki, I thought he's a nice person judging by his appearance and manners. But turns out he's a rapist, murderer and completely insane. I was shocked not to mention creeped out. Imagine a prince entirely dressed in white but has a very dark side. 'gulp'.

Anyway, many thought that Yami no Matsuei is a yaoi anime but it's not. It's something like a slash.

Yami no Matsuei is definitely not to be missed. I love it and I'm currently collecting the manga. The manga is way better than the anime though.

Posted by : terramorph
Posted on : 2005-07-29        

I saw the anime first, and the main reason that I do not give it a 10 is because it has an open kind of ending that doesn't tie all the loose strings together. However, the manga, although not completed, does a better job at connecting everything, as it is actually much longer than where the anime leaves off.

What attracted me to the anime was initially the plot. Once you find out more about the Shinigami (Death Gods) and the synopsis of their duties, etc. you wish you'd have thought of it! Very creative idea. Most animes are about "let's save the world" and whatnot, whereas Yami No Matsuei is really a more character driven anime. Of course, it is Shonen-ai, and there are plenty of bishies as well - all the characters for the most part.

Over the short thirteen episodes, you learn more about the main character, Tsuzuki: he is the best summoner in the Shokan Bureau. He is very likeable, but has this guilty persona that can be annoying. The other characters that the anime is really based around are Hisoka, Tsuzuki's new partner, the traditional brash youth with a story who begins to learn a thing or two. And Muraki: the traditional crazy bad guy. What makes this anime amazing, however is how it uses an extraordinary storyline to make normal characters become important to you. Yami actually endears these characters and their stories to you. You find yourself thinking about them and their stories even after the anime has ended. Even after manga as well.

I laughed, I cried and I found myself feeling more for the characters than I have in most other animes I've watched. It's almost as if everything in Yami No Matsuei is over-the-top, but in a good way. Take the heartfelt, tear-wrenching confessions and intense character backstories sealed underneath layers of rich musical sequences, add to that the blossoming-under-wraps romances and mysterious plots, and Yami unfolds like a secret being told and you can't resist telling the secret to everyone you know.

Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2005-07-18        

I still don't entirely understand the writer's motive, or the storyline, or the themes...

Yami no Matsuei didn't have as much "yaoi goodness" as Gravitation. But it did have the many bishies. Watching this was entertaining, but I wish they tied up the loose ends from the many cases they "solved". I actually looked at the cases as short and separate stories. Well, except it involves the same characters. This series didn't have a good gradual development in characters. Instead, the Hisoka-Tsuzuki pair abruptly become good partners.

The writers were sure creative. I didn't have trouble following the leeway of the story, but to come up with those thoughts, and present them in way that any audience can understand, is not easy to do. I enjoyed the "mystery" feel of this show. However, I did not get the overall theme. What exactly was solved in the end? Why would Muraki want to do that?

I personally liked the music. Not particularly the opening and ending, but the music in the background was nicely added in the appropriate situations. Sometimes it would come too early or lag too long though. The opening theme tricks you! It bombards you with so many flashy, cool images of them summoning spiritual beings, yet, you only get the actual taste in a few episodes.

I loved the character designs. For some reason, they reminded me of Pretear. Hisoka is a lovable character, liked him from the start, it's just the persona he releases. The art was at its best during the fighting scenes. The animation, unfortunately, was not very smooth.

Either way, Yami no Matsuei was fun to watch. Watching this is not a waste.

Posted by : Yukishiro
Posted on : 2005-06-13        

The very first Shonen-ai show I've ever seen.. I gotta say, It took me some time to get used to all the boys on boys action, and I'm still not quite used to it.

Yami No Matsuei revolves around the Shinigami, who are the gods of death. Their job is to guide the souls of the diceased to the next world. We follow Asato Tsuzuki, the best Shinigami of the Summoning Division. The story is divided in different story arcs, in which the characters slowly develope.

The Animation in Yami No Matsuei is good, there aren't many flaws and everything moves fluid too.

Music was also good. It reflected the mood of the scene very well. The OP was nice too, but the ED I found less..

I guess the story is somewhat vague. In the end there are still many unanswered questions. It gets very dramatic from time to time, and there are several love interests too.

The characters didn't stand out, but were still pretty good. I didn't quite get the motif Muraki had for being the bad guy, or being so fond of Tsuziki.. ^^'

The value and enjoyment drop in score because of the fact that Shonen-ai isn't something I would enjoy watching again..

For me, this Anime was pretty good to watch once, but I would not watch it again.

Posted by : DragonLadysupreme
Posted on : 2005-05-14        

If someone were to ask me which was better, the anime or manga, admittingly I'd go for the manga. Yet at the same time, urge the person to watch over the anime as well. While not even showing all of the content, the more confusing sections in the manga seem to be easier to follow along the episodes.

Voice Acting:
Personally, I preferred the Seiiyu over the English Dub; In the voices themselves and script. With the subbed, dialogue seems to make more sense and flow a lot better. Not to mention that the people themselves sound better just in general.

Content Differences:
They dont show as much in the characters and histories like the manga. This was the highest of disappointments. Personally, being a fan of Yuma, Saya, Oriya, Terazuma and Watari, more screen time was yearned for. Also, I don't seem to get the storyline so much in the DVD's, as I would while reading over all the volumes. So much being cut out, but leaving just enough to keep others following... Well, you can guess how one would feel. The slight shonen-ai and yaoi content was held down in the anime it seems, but kept the obvious intentions full on. Examples being all of Muraki's attempts towards Tsuzuki.

I always love music, and the opening is one of my favorite songs. You listen to the soundtrack, and that alone gives the person a higher respect overall towards what is put into the shows. Not all the time would a track be recycled into the episodes constantly.

As mentioned, quite the amount was cut out. It's still something to get caught into, as the mystery elements hold onto viewers. The quirks are lovable, and with the limitations the animators are given I think they did their best in sticking to just what Matsushita-sensei had done. Oh, and never forget the true plot that seems to hint in each episode. No episode is an actual waste.

Hawt... I love Tatsumi. Comparing the art, it seems like the guy was given a bit of a make-over, but still with the heart-throb approach. Truly, this was where the dedication to the manga was pushed forward. Even with the voices put into it, the personalities were held to what I had hoped it to be.

Yes, some disappointment, but when considering everything I still highly enjoyed and loved the series. While not the type to amount up to or surpass it's parenting manga, the varied zest brought this up to 8 stars for me. ^^

Posted by : miss_mikura
Posted on : 2005-04-22        

Yami no Matsuei (the anime) did nothing for me. I love the manga, and after seeing the anime, I was a little disappointed.

Art: The art was very good. I liked the character design, so the series redeemed itself a little with that.

Voice actors: EEK! I was not happy with Dr.Muraki's voice. I'd rather eat glass than listen to it again. I believe that Watari's voice was the voice of James from Pokemon...weird. The one thing that makes up for it all was Tsuzuki's voice. Aah, how sweet and soothing.

Story: The story sort of followed the manga, but it needs more detail. With only 13 episodes, the series doesn't cover much. (It left out a whole book from the manga! Grr....)

Overall: Although it seems as though I gave YnM a bad time, I sort of enjoyed watching the series. I give YnM a 7/10, but the manga is great.

Posted by : xacidicx
Posted on : 2005-04-18        

Yami No Matsuei to me was a disappointment. I've read all of the YnM manga released where I live and the anime series does not completely follow it. So far, I know it's left out at least one manga volume. -sob-

All the same, Yami No Matsuei is a very fast paced, action packed, you-can't-stop-watching anime. I enjoyed the art and music and the way that the voice actors brought the characters to life. In themselves, the characters are very realistic and have to face their fears and the problems of life. It's not just your average 'What's good and what's bad?' conflicts either.

Speaking of characters, not all of them are explained at all or even in depth. I found when I first started watching Descendants of Darkness ( Yami no Matsuei) that I had to guess about what exactly happened to the characters. If you want more explanations you will have to read the manga. Be warned, there is more shounen-ai in the manga than in the anime.

On that note, there is a bit of shounen-ai/ yaoi in Yami no Matsuei but not enough to gross people out who are not used to it. Actually, you get over it quite quickly. Personally, I think the romance brings the characters closer together and that it gives them more understanding.

All the people that I've spoken to so far that have either read or watched Yami No Matsuei have given positive remarks on the series, though I cannot say that I would recommend YnM/DoD to just anyone. My explination on this is that, well, I don't know. I just wouldn't. Maybe I'm selfish. I've fallen in love with the characters, both the good and the bad because even the evil are not truly evil and just misguided. At least, they are to me and my selfish self. So if you watch this, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Posted by : Egeria
Posted on : 2004-06-16        

In the land of the dead, commonly known as "Hades," lies a place at which those who have died assemble. Juuouchou. It is in Juuouchou, too, that the Hades Agency makes its base while supporting the Hades government. Lost and wandering souls in the afterlife are drawn to the Hades Agency where they are employed as Shinigami.

Yami no Matsuei follows a Shinigami named Tsuzuki and his new partner Hisoka as they investigate unregistered deaths only to find themselves on a hunt for Muraki, a mysterious doctor who has had his hands in far too many unnatural deaths.

The graphics were pretty interesting. Plenty of bright colors. My favorite part of this anime was definitely Tsuzuki's summons. A nice touch with the good guy wearing black while the bad guy wore white. Character design was as can be expected from a yaoi series--very thin, tall, and feminine characters.

Let's say that the music was not the best part of this series. Opening song was drawn out and bordered on annoyance; ending song sounded alot happier but doesn't really have a catchy beat. Tunes and melodies were pretty much standard, none of them stood out above the others.

This one was slightly above average for me, I'm still impressed by Tsuzuki's summons. There were alot of things in this series that didn't make much sense and the motive behind Muraki's murdering spree was pretty bizarre. Character development just wasn't all there and so the characters remained pretty flat. The two main characters were Tsuzuki and Hisoka. Tsuzuki is the sweets driven, happy happy character, with a mysterious and difficult past he's been hiding from all this time; unlike Tsuzuki, Hisoka's got problems that show in his attitude and the way he hesitates in trusting people. Both Tsuzuki and Hisoka were mentally weak and despite everything the other characters say, the two of them don't seem to be good partners. At the rate they're going the two of them are likely to drown themselves or each other with all their problems. My favorite character was a side character in the "Devil's Trill" case. Little Kazusa. Kazusa is the daughter of a Mr. Otonashi, a talented and dedicated violinist who made the ultimate sacrifice for what he wanted. Young Kazusa is innocent and kind, very much unaware of the darker things that surround her. The ending of this series wasn't really an ending. Loose ends were still.......loose ends. The characters didn't really seem to learn much about themselves and what they learned about each other was pretty surface material. This series was not spectacular but it wasn't really a waste of time either. If you're into shounen-ai I'm sure you'll find plenty to enjoy from this series.

Posted by : aki_chan
Posted on : 2003-12-31        

Hot bishies are a must and this anime sure has lots of eye candy! *wink* Just check out Tsuzuki, how can you not fall for him the moment you look into his purple eyes, right? Anyway, back to the point. YnM is a unique anime with an original plot that doesn't fail to entertain even the most die-hard anime fans who think that they've seen it all. As for the shounen ai/yaoi content, it's pretty mild (nothing that will make you gag) so unless you're pretty aversed to this sort of stuff, don't give YnM a miss as it might turn out to be one of the most memorable animes you've ever seen.

Posted by : fifaychu
Posted on : 2003-05-16        

The shounen-ai/yaoi is my favourite genre. I like to watch such animes or read such mangas, so I can ggigle freely with or without anybody else. I especialy can push my husband out of our rec-room ("It is girl stuff. Go to watch your baseball games!").

So, you can predict my list of favourites. Yami no Matsuei is one of them.

Technically speaking, Yamino is not behind any other recent animations. They all get digitalized or computer-graphicalized (hi, did I just cook up those to verbs?). the colors and lines of Yamino are very nicely done. And, the storyline is better organized than it was in the manga.

The only problem of the anime is on its shounen-ai content, the professional critics do not like to give such thing 5 stars (how can they?). Me either. Although Yamino is one of my favourites, I only can say it at home:"I want to watch it again." By the way, I rarely watch a baseball game because I do not get it that how people can wait for 20 minutes just for ONE strike???

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