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Shakugan no Shana II

Studio : J.C. STAFF

Length : 24 Episodes

Year : 2007

Genre : Fantasy - Action - Romance - Magic

Synopsis :
Sakai Yuji finds himself repeating the past, the life that he lives is being replayed, and only he notices this. It's a rather odd situation, but he figures out the problem and breaks free. It seems that Yuji was put into a dream during a battle, a dream that Yuji created himself. But how did the enemy cast this spell? Was in an unrestricted spell? If so, Shana would have predicted the enemy's move. Shana convinces Yuji not to worry, the enemy is very weak, otherwise she would have noticed her presence; but is this really the case?

Additional Notes: This series ranked #15 in Anime-Source's Best of 2007 poll.

Added : 2007-10-07
Synopsis by : v-boi2002
Last update : 2008-04-03
Last update details : Song added
Score : 7.71
Number of reviews : 7

Song(s) :

OP1 : Mami Kawada - JOINT
OP2 : Kotoko - Blaze

ED1 : Mami Kawada - triangle
ED2 : Kotoko - Sociometry
ED3 : Mami Kawada - Sense

Release(s) :

2009-11-22 -- Episode(s) 0 by Static-Subs & Eclipse. BT Link
2009-11-22 -- Episode(s) 0 by Static-Subs & Eclipse. BT Link
2008-03-31 -- Episode(s) 24 by Static-Subs & Eclipse. BT Link

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Posted by : kevinchaosvs
Posted on : 2010-01-25        

[Story: 6.5] My main grip with Shakugan no Shana is that its pacing is a little too slow to my liking. Though I understand the need for the school life aspect due to the introduction of Fumino, I felt that the studio spent a little too much of the series on it. The first half of the show is thus rather mundanely prosaic due to lots of fillers of slice-lifes with minimal plot progress. They spent so much time setting up the scenario for Fumino, yet towards the later part of the show, there is very little that shows how Fumino deals with the situation, making it seem like

Thankfully, the story itself is interesting for me to not drop it halfway, because once the second half began and the story quickens, the series did get more engaging. True, it’s a typical save the city scenario, but it is nonetheless entertaining and it does have rather enthralling concepts. Besides, I’m a big fan of Fantasy/Magic genre. Lastly, although there is quite a fair bit of dues ex machine going on, I won’t be too picky on it.

[Characters: 6.0] As briefly mentioned in my review for season1, Shakugan no Shana has an interesting plot but unappealing protagonists. The minor characters easily outshone the main. For example, Johan and Pheles were way more interesting and I found myself more interested in their back-story. Furthermore, the villains are more interesting than those of season 1. Also, I like how the characters have stylish titles/ nicknames to go with their personality or ability.

Simply put, the Shana herself doesn’t really hold much weight in the show. Sure, she’s displaying more of her dere side and the scenes where she confronts her various conflicts are rather good, but for a series that’s at its second season, Shana didn’t really develop much as a main character. On the other hand, Yuuji’s character definitely grew a lot in this season. No longer is he that bland school boy who just happened to stumble into the action. Now, he is able to hold his ground in the fights.

[Art: 8.0] The art quality seems to be somewhat higher and the fight scenes are somewhat better. Not excellent, but at least they are more enjoyable than those in the previous season. I particularly like the character designs, including their various combat costumes.

[Music:9.0]The music style’s also the same, which is definitely a good thing. I’ve always like the songs in Shakuga no Shana; Shana II is no exception and the theme songs are all very enjoyable, addictive even. Similarly, the quality of the bgm is as good as ever. On the whole, the music is no doubt the strong point of the series.

[Summary] Shakugan no Shana may not be on make it to my list of favorites, it is a fun series to watch. Also, if there is to be season 3 (which is very likely) I hope the studio would throw in more fantasy and less school-life setting. It would have been quite a waste because, clearly, the fantasy elements of the plot are way more intriguing than the insipid school-life aspects.

Personal Overall Rating: 6.5

Posted by : AJtheFourth
Posted on : 2009-12-03        

A little while ago, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands and decided to revisit the Shakugan no Shana universe. Like a few other reviewers here, I was less than impressed with the first series, but entertained by it enough to want to find out what happens to our protagonists.

The answer is, not a whole lot in the first half of the series. Shana and Kazumi still try valiantly to express their feelings to Yuuji (Kazumi more successfully than Shana) and the entire gang gets a new member in the form of Konoe Fumina, who ends up having a much larger part to play. In most series, character development is a good thing, but in this season of Shakugan no Shana it felt a bit forced at times. This could also be because the development around side characters, like Keisaku, Eita, and Ogata, was a lot more interesting than when the series shifts its focus to our hero, Yuuji, and his love triangle/rectangle. Where the first season bogged us down in technical terms to learn, this season gets mired in the presentation of a romance in which we already know the eventual outcome.

Luckily, like the first season, this second season figures it out halfway through, and delivers with a large amount of plot development and action from the midway point of the series all the way to the finale. Despite a lot of new information being thrown at the viewer, it all slowly begins to tie together. We also see Yuuji finally man up and become a whole lot stronger than he was previously. So much so, that he is even able to fight a small battle on his own. This season also shows off his logic and problem-solving skills, which really help in the development of his character.

Unfortunately, this season ends a lot more abruptly than the first, just when things are beginning to make sense to the viewer. New characters are introduced and abandoned abruptly. When Yuuji's old enemies, Bal Masque, finally surface, there are only a few episodes left, leaving the viewer feeling rushed. In addition to this, there's no large improvement in the animation, with the exception of the very well-done fight scenes, and none of the songs used are anything spectacular.

This second series is split into two sections, the romance part and the action part. Only if the viewer already cares about Shakugan no Shana will they keep following until the plot really picks up steam. That being said, once the plot does get interesting it's highly entertaining and enjoyable to watch. Definitely not recommended for anyone who hasn't seen season one. 6/10

Posted by : NatureDragon
Posted on : 2009-02-22        

Storyline/plot: 8.5/10
In this season of Shakugan no Shana, more emphasise has been placed on the love relations between Yuuji, Shana and Yoshida Kazumi. The first episode started off well as it allows new viewers to have a summary of what had happened during the first season. However, all the action and fighting vanish for around the 1st half of this series. It became almost like a high school love story featuring daily activities. The anime begin to pick up its pace after episode 12 when Pheles appears, and became much more interesting and exciting. History of Yuuji's treasure was also explained.

Character development: 9/10
A few new side characters were added and provided the necessary situations for main characters such as Yuuji and Shana to display their friendship/love between one another. Yoshida's lack of power/abilities made her seems like a nuisance and provided little challenge as Shana's love rival. Side characters (such as Yuuji's classmates) play quite an important role in the 1st half of this series.

Animation/Graphics: 10/10
Character design remains detailed and beautifully drawn. The fighting scenes were great and the visual effects were brilliant. The opening sequences were exciting and eye-catching.

Songs/Music: 10/10
Both the opening themes and ending themes were great. The background music were appropriate.

Overall: 10/10
I find that Shakugan no Shana II is a great anime with a good mix of romance, action and a bit of drama. The cute voice of Shana (Seiyuu: Kugimiya Rie) and her trademark "Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!" remains and this uniqueness is what makes Shakugan no Shana II one of my favourite animes.

Posted by : nitrojin
Posted on : 2008-10-03        

Shakugan no Shana -- probably best known for the melon-pan eating girl, Shana… And the plot too .Let's not forget the fact that Sekai Yuuji, the man who has broken the world record for being “idiotically dense," can hold a gigantic sword without anabolic steroids, and has taken the love triangle to the next level. Err… or shall I say love rectangle? Anyway, back to the review:

Story: (8/10) Just enough “Living" and just enough fighting. The show pretty much stuck to the plot, only a few sidetracks. The story has improved apparently.

Music/Soundtrack/VC: (10/10) Oh yes, I love shows with multiple enjoyable feats. I tell you what, you can keep listening to this music even after the show is done and still appreciate them. Also, the VC were great. I just loved the seiyuu.

Art: (10/10) Whoosh! Smack down right in the middle of one of THE best anime (artwork-wise) -- and even though that was pure opinion, you can just get an idea about how crazy I am over this feat…..

Character: (8/10) Very dynamic characters and a lot of realistic reactions. And… a love rectangle… even if it's just temporary.

Overall: (9/10) Shakugan no Shana II was an astounding show. From beginning to end I was hooked, and on both opening and ending I was hooked, and finally, the ending music for the series went so perfectly it was refreshing and great -- So if it sounds good, go get some melon-pan and sit back and start watching.

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2008-09-20        

Despite Shana’s huge fan base, I didn’t really enjoy the first season of Shakugan no Shana. Its popularity was probably due to Shana’s character, but I found her terribly one-dimensional and thus… didn’t like it as much as others (I didn’t say this on my SnS review cause I suck at reviewing back then). Luckily this season on SnS have quite a difference in the story style, and it gives Shana a lot more depth in her character, which made enjoy this show. Of course, characters like Wilhelmina have lot more depth this time round too, and I got really attracted to her character. And Yuji ain’t a complete pussy in battle now.

I can say for certain that I enjoy this season much more than I enjoy the first… until the end of the series, which is damn anti-climatic. Although it’s some sort of a cliffhanger at the end a promises another season, the last fight was terribly unexciting for an ending, and the second last major battle in the series was much more interesting. So in the end, I can’t really place more value in this season than the last. I really enjoyed the wonderful increase in the depth of the characters, but the story itself kind of spoiled it.

I loved the step-up in the animation, which in the first season, I found very dull and depressing. The colour styles didn’t change but at least the details are pretty good. The OP and ED songs are good; though it probably won’t be as famous as SnS OP1 Hishoku no Sora, but I enjoyed the EDs much, much more than the SnS ED1.

It’s was overall pretty entertaining… but must-watch only for Shana fans.

Plot-wise: 6
Story Style: 9
Animation: 9
Audio: 9
Value: 7

Posted by : SleepyLafiel
Posted on : 2008-04-24        

To be completely honest, I came into SnS2 with a significant amount of reservation. I had watched the first in the series nearly two years ago, and aside from a few details, the majority of the plot had been forgotten by me, never a good sign. Great anime is unforgettable; the trials titillating, the heroes interesting, the journey necessary. Mediocre anime... well, SnS would qualify for that competition, and place rather high in the standings. While superbly executed and filled with wonderful production values, it seemed too small; instead of creating something everlasting, it goes for the bronze, crafting yet another magical-girl-magic-sword-meets-boy-versus-badguy-of-the-week series that does little to distinguish itself from the rest of the pack. Like I said, reservation. To spend another 9 hours on mediocrity...

Fortunately, SnS2 surpasses the mediocre, but not by much. It doesn't do anything new (but what does nowadays?), but it does everything incredibly well. Production values, present; much better cast, present; powerful antagonists, present; a cause worth fighting for (even if its the same one in every anime), present; it was everything an audience can ask for in a sequel, and makes up mostly for the expository nature of SnS. The animation, sound, and general feel of the series is much improved and memorable, although Shana's DBZ moments are slightly annoying. It also requires the audience to have seen the previous installation, as very little is explained overtly, thus requiring another 9 hours of time.

The characters themselves are much improved, cutting out much of the more annoying or pointless characters and strengthening the previously introduced ones. It also, to some degree, remove the bad guy of the week syndrome, although the series does set up a number of interactions that go completely unrewarded, such as that between the Engaged Link. And the most important one, between Yuji and Shana (and to a certain extent, the other girl), doesn't seem particularly progressed even after 24 more episodes, a serious oversight. Overall, the plot just doesn't seem like it progressed very much; characters might be more resolved, but to what end? Series 3? But a lot of that can be attributed to the medium it was adapted from; Light Novels that number 16 and still going. It is, however, still disappointing, even if much improved from the original.

One of the biggest problems with the first SnS was easily the format of the series, and SnS2 does away with this very well. Bad guys who play with dolls... probably doesn't strike fear in anyone; bad guys who only weaken slightly after an entire city has been lifted... a little more intimidating, a little better. The questionable decision to place the hero origin story near the end in the first series also raised eyebrows, at least mine, but here, because all the exposition had been done with, the end sequence felt like one big, solid arc.

Consistency was also a problem, and while the first half of SnS2 did seem like throwaway detritus, it went the distance in creating a bond between the cast members, enough that there was a believable emotion when one of them decides to leave the pack for a personal reason. Although, the other departure was much weaker, probably because it was telegraphed verbatim up until that point.

One major problem remained; the series' habit of creating rules as it went along. While "Calvinball" is something many series with magical background uses liberally, SnS2 uses it in a disgusting, Deus ex Machina method. Nearly everything is caused or resolved by new rules being made up on the spot. One glaring example is when one of the main villains shows up out of nowhere and snatches the one item the entire franchise spent protecting, with only a scream in protest. That scream reflected the audiences' collective sound of confusion and disbelief. If it was that easy for them to take it, why didn't they take it in the first series, when the character in possession of the item was IN THEIR CUSTODY? Consistency, it's a female dog sometimes.

The problem is that plot twists, when not established FIRMLY beforehand, are always letdowns. The series does very little to introduce what would happen, liberally using past events to justify the twists, and creating an unsatisfying round plothole that the square peg doesn't fit into. It's almost as if the director wanted the audience to close their minds and say "ahhh" while being spoon ed cool animations to reward conformity. I'm supposing the novels provide a better exposition to everything, but as it stands, this was the weakest link of SnS2, as it was in SnS. Terrifying flashbacks of the "You just have a lot of power" explanation in the first series' ending are abundant and unwanted.

Still, I did enjoy SnS2 quite a bit, finishing the series with the stamina reserved for magnum opuses such as TTGL, and although it does little to bolster my faith in anime's ability to diversify and create, it does provide a wealth of entertainment. It had the rare balance of humor and morbidity, and combined action with plot, so while not the greatest in any of those categories and being rather inconclusive, SnS2 is a marked improvement over the first series, and deserve recommendation, even if it's just a little. An agreeable little romp that has me looking forward to SnS3, although unlikely with Geneon biting the dust.

Plot: C+
Characters: B
Presentation: A-
Overall: B

Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2008-04-02        

There were three things that I thought the first Shakugan no Shana did that made it unique amongst its genre:

1. The nihilistic tendency of the flame hazes
2. Able to tell a solid story that doesn't require 100+ episodes
3. The main heroine is selfish and possessive

Therefore, the sequel improves on certain things while it detracts from others compared to the first season. All the flame hazes appear very tame. Shana has lost most of her temper which is quite iconic (another loss is "You're Noisy, You're Noisy, You're Noisy"). Nothing seems to be driving them. The first season had quite an introduction for each flame haze which involves a lot of destruction. Now you have whole episodes dedicated to Wilhelmina trying to learn cooking or Margery reminiscing for three episodes to get a point across. To put it bluntly: the characters are boring.

One exception is the character Konoe Fumina. I personally find her enjoyable. Shana is selfish, Kazumi is shy but forceful when need be and they were both defeated by Konoe! I like the fact that she is simple and it’s her nature. No dark past, anguish, or any hidden powers causes her to be that way. She comes off as a genuinely sincere and sweet person.

The fighting is more intense but at a cost of very pointless and un-funny fillers that have multiplied. There were fillers in this season and most of them are not worth watching. Even the funny ones are quite bland; what really saved them I find is the character Konoe Fumina. But when the action starts this season beats the previous one by a lot. The combat is more stylish, broader, and grander. The best one I find is the fight with Sabraq.

The last thing I want to mention is the poor handling of plots. This season is unfinished and needs a third season, which I suppose is the animation studios' intention. There is one big subplot that I find is unacceptable for its poor handling. I am talking about the Shana-Yuji-Kazumi love triangle. They dragged it on for too long and diluted it by making the characters not fight for their love. The one thing I liked about Shakugan no Shana as said above is its ability to wrap things up in 24 episodes, so it’s very unfortunate that it turns into a Naruto derivative.

The plot handling is poor but the fighting is much more intense. The introduction of Konoe Fumina balances the poor quality of the fillers. Nothing really improved but nothing really significant lost. Therefore, 7/10 is the score I give. Watch this season if you have already seen the first, as its quality is about the same.

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