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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

Alternate title : Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2

Studio : Sunrise

Licenced by : Bandai Entertainment

Length : 25 Episodes

Year : 2008

Genre : Drama - Mecha - Military - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
It has been a year since the Black Rebellion was ended in Area 11. Its top members missing or arrested, Britannia is now only waiting to deal the finishing blow to the remnants of the rebellion. For Zero, its charismatic and capable leader, has long been pronounced dead.

But trouble is still brewing on the shadows.

Lelouch Lamperouge is alive, blissfully unaware of the past and the rebellion he once commanded, kept under the watchful eye of the Britannian Army. Until the day those longing for Zero's return light the fuse of the rebellion once again, and the struggle against Britannia's worldwide power begins anew... With Zero at the helm.

With new allies and enemies, the battle between the Order of Black Knights and the Empire of Britannia is still far from over!

Additional Notes: Pre-licensed by Bandai Entertainment.

Added : 2008-01-11
Synopsis by : leoxjm
Last update : 2009-02-16
Last update details : Seiyuu modified
Score : 9
Number of reviews : 7

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Bandai Entertainment's Code Geass R2 Website (English)
Official #2 : MBS' Code Geass R2 Website (Japanese)
Official #3 : Official Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Website (Japanese)
Official #4 : Sunrise's Code Geass R2 Website

Song(s) :

OP1 : Orange Range - O2
OP2 : FLOW - World End

ED1 : Orange Range - Shiawase Neiro
ED2 : ALI PROJECT - Waga Routashi Aku no Hana

Release(s) :

2017-07-22 -- Episode(s) 1-25 by Erai-raws. BT Link
2017-07-22 -- Episode(s) 1-25 by Erai-raws. BT Link
2017-07-20 -- Episode(s) 1-25 by ShadyCrab. BT Link

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Original Character Design

 Lamperouge, Lelouch Kururugi, Suzaku C.C. Stadtfeld (Kozuki), Kallen el Britannia, Schniezel di Britannia, Charles V.V. vi Britannia, Nunnally
 Weinberg, Gino Alstreim, Anya Xing-Ke, Li Lamperouge, Rolo Fenette, Shirley Ashford, Milly Cardemonde, Rivalz Nu, Villetta
 Gottwald, Jeremiah Asplund, Lloyd Croomy, Cecile Einstein, Nina li Britannia, Cornelia Guilford, Gilbert Tohdoh, Kyoshiro Ohgi, Kaname
 Ried, Diethard Chawla, Rakshata Sumeragi, Kaguya Tamaki, Shinichiro Shinozaki, Sayoko Tianzi

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Posted by : Lightningcount12
Posted on : 2009-08-15        

The controversial second season of Code Geass has its flaws, especially in comparison to season one, but it still manages to deliver with the complete package.

Story (9/10): Code Geass is very fresh not just for a mecha anime but fiction in general. The story really sticks its neck out from a lot of Sunrise staples and develops on its own. Yes, the start of the second season is somewhat déjŕ vu heavy; however, those beginning episodes are still exciting, and even though the overall story has trouble advancing they manage to still develop the main individual characters. Also, viewers have to remember that director Goro Taniguchi was forced to throw away his original script for season two because of the studio changing the show's time slot; thus, he is unable to pick-up right up where he left off, and some interesting sub-plots had to be dropped. Yet he still seems to get the bulk of his story and themes across as he manages to get his story back on track. This story has twists and turns and a cliffhanger pretty much every episode, which never fails to generate great excitement. All the actions that keep you on the edge of your seat are because the plot is so fast-paced, as Taniguchi and the staff demonstrate how they are masters of fitting so much development and action into one episode. All of this accumulates into a phenomenal ending. The story does well to wrap up the main points with the Geass and the world rebellion. While I do not feel every character needs an epilogue, it would have been nice to fill-in some things about the ending.

Characters (9.5/10): Code Geass has a large cast, and unfortunately it does not always handle it well (again, issues with the forced re-write). But when you create a main character like Lelouch Lamperouge most flaws are forgiven. What is there to say about Lelouch (and his alias Zero)? He has an arguable stake as one of the greatest characters ever created. As I mentioned in my review of season one, he is the driving force of the show with not only his manipulation and strategic mind, but his internal conflict, which R2 really takes time to develop. This season we see how Lelouch himself begins to change and expand his original goal beyond just protecting his sister. C.C. is definitely a change-up from the typical heroine, and while her development is more subtle she also has a significant change this season. I have always loved Kallen and while she got the short end of the stick at one point in R2, I felt she was handled well enough for a main character and one of the show’s aces. I loved her personality and I found myself personally sympathetic to the actions she took. She proved to be a great kick-ass pilot to root for. There is also Suzaku, and even though I somewhat sympathized with him in season one he loses all credibility at the beginning of R2, and is one of the hugest, scumbag mecha villains. Creepy table girl Nina is also back and really annoying here (see what kind of moron she is now). Of course, Orange-kun comes back for another season of pure awesomeness and loyalty (btw watch the season one picture books before watching R2 or you might be confused). One of the good things about the script’s change is the controversial character Rolo, who in spite of everything I liked. The character Li Xingke is pretty cool, and his arc is the best part in the first half. It was nice to see Nunnally have a more direct role this season. Milly and Shirley also get pretty good time for side-characters. The two main villains Schniezel and Charles Britannia are great rivals for Lelouch (Charles’ voice actor is brilliant with this role). But aside from those characters the rest of the cast unfortunately struggles for time. The Knights of the Round were mishandled. Anya and Bismark fulfilled their roles sufficiently but Geno (and Monica and the others) should have just been temporary arc villains like Luciano. While I like Kaguya, Tamaki, and Urabe the rest of the Black Knights come off as morons and their screen time gets degraded. The same is true for Cornelia, Lloyd and Cecile, though it was nice to see Guilford with some legroom. Despite how some characters are mishandled this is a great cast.

Music (10/10): I did not fully appreciate the soundtrack until I got it from season one and loved it. I realize now just how appropriate the sound and instrumentals are for the shows background. R2 also has some new tunes that I cannot wait to own. Finally, I loved both OPs and liked both EDs. The final ending song was good too.

Animation (9/10): I failed to comment in season one just how cool and the mecha designs were for Code Geass. They were much smaller and compact than mobile suits in other series, which makes sense given the "present day" time period. It was cool seeing the Sutherland’s and Burai’s slide across the battle field, and the use of slash harkens is always pretty cool. Not the mention the Guren Nishiki and Lancelot, two of the coolest mecha ever. Their original upgrades for R2 (flying modes) are also good and you wish they clashed more often than they actually did. While their final forms were cool, they were a little over-the-top (trust me, I loved seeing Kallen just fly around and waste an entire army and cook one of the nastiest villains in the show, but I consent to others arguments that it cheapens the battles towards the end). I also really liked the Tristan, Vincent, and Zangetsu designs for R2. I did not mind how they all flew but the ground combat from season one was better. The great thing about the character designs was how you could clearly see the younger characters aged by one year (Lelouch and Kallen had older character traits in their face). Now while Kallen's growth was legitimate, it was a little ridiculous how the older woman all seemed to get boob jobs during the one year time skip. I guess that goes along with the traditional mecha staple of "mid-season/series upgrades."

Entertainment (10/10): The fast-paced excitement carried over from season one and that is really what separates Code Geass from the great to one of the greatest. There is never a dull moment with all cliffhangers, school-life comedy, political intrigue, and internal and exterior conflicts experienced in the world of Code Geass. Code Geass is one of those shows which I can never get enough of. I can remember desperately wanting more at the end of every episode. Thanks mainly to Leouch’s tactics the battles are some of the best in anime, and the individual fights between the pilots are quite good as well. The final battle between Kallen and Suzaku is one of the best 1-on-1 fights I have ever seen, and not just in mecha history. Every episode left my heart pounding, as my head was completely absorbed by this show.

In the first season Taniguchi overcomes being only three episodes ahead (most anime are 10 episodes ahead). In this season Taniguchi overcomes being forced to re-do the start of R2. In the end the complete product we get (while maybe not as great as it could have been) is an incredibly breathtaking, memorable, and unique mecha anime, with probably the most epic ending since Cowboy Beebop. Code Geass develops into a mecha legend for this decade, which could spawn a franchise.

Posted by : rebeto
Posted on : 2009-03-18        

Code Geass deserves a perfect score flawlessly.

Thinking about the plot, Lelouch somehow manages to get control over his geass again and starts his way up again. The first episode of season 2 is almost a copy of the season 1. The introduction of Rolo is one of the features here.

At the characters, I don't have words for the development Lelouch made through the series. Cruel as the devil, but yet kind when the situation requires it. Lelouch easily is the most unpredictable character here, a strategist? a devil? a savior? maybe all... who knows?

In this season, his sister Nunally plays an important role because somehow she's the detonant to a twist that will determine unexpected future actions that Lelouch must make.

Rolo is like Robin here. He's always by Lelouch's side. At the beginning he's like a robot who only follows orders, but, when the series advances he becomes more "human" and starts to follow his supressed feelings.

What I liked a lot was the twist that every episode made at the end. It made me want to continue watching till the end though I'm not very fan of mecha genre.

The ending guys... Beautifully well chosen. I didn't expect to be that way. It perfectly fits to be qualified the best of the 2008 year.

I recommend this to all viewers. It leaves a huge impact: You'll expect every feeling, sadness, happiness, fun, joy and rage!, YES, rage... This is the first one that make me feel almost all emotions.

10 of 10. Extra points added if possible.

Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2009-03-10        

It's about damn time Lelouch conquered the world. With the bar set so high by the previous season this one better offer something just as good. To a degree it succeeds as the season delivers what fans wanted, but it falls short in many other respects. Many of the characters are portrayed quite well, and their fates are handled accordingly except Charles De Britannia. The story is adequate, but some of the solutions are still mundane. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 is a good season so if the first one appealed to you then I recommend this season to you.

The story did resolve many of the character relationships properly though. I especially thought the resolution of Kururugi Suzaku and Lelouch Lamperouge is quite fitting. I don't think, with the sins they both accumulated, it could have ended any other way. Interestingly, this season took a more optimistic tone. Forgiveness is the new flavor, and many of the characters seem to let their grudge almost melt away.

It's beyond comprehension why the anime castrated as a character a villain as good as Charles De Britannia. He went from a man that oozed absolute monarchy to one of those Korean boy-toys that women love to keep as pets. This has the effect of making all his actions in the previous season seem senile and impotent. The emotional scenes involving Charles are jarring and just unfathomable.

As Lelouch puts it most succinctly: "Zero's entity shouldn't be defined by his identity but by his actions". The first season defined itself by having Lelouch actually demonstrate that he is a genius instead of being categorized as one. This season is ambitious and it still demonstrated the same level of intelligence. My favorite would be the battle formations that Lelouch uses to duel with Schneizel and Li Xing Ke.

The story is pretty good. Lelouch still desires to conquer the world and get revenge for his mother's killer. Unfortunately, the idea of building better robots as a solution to some of the problems in the anime is still prevalent. It's a tiring formula, but Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 is made by the same people that created the Gundam franchise so I guess it is unavoidable.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 is a good sequel and brings a fitting conclusion to the series. It's just not as revolutionary as the first season. 8/10

Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2008-11-29        

It truly has been a very very long wait… the much anticipated second season of 2006’s smash hit, Code Geass. Despite trepidation from hype and widely divisive opinion, here's my review.

Thankfully, the studio Sunrise continued where they left off by treating us with some of the best quality animation I've seen. I can't find fault anywhere. The costume designs were highly original with a distinct aristocratic look for the Britannians and a very pragmatic but stylised uniformity for the Rebellion. As expected from Clamp, the characters were trademark gangly and lanky. Usually I would make quite an issue with this, but it was just the perfect look for Code Geass: R2. Unusually even though I wouldn't consider this a predominantly mecha-based show, the mecha were almost as eye-catching as the flamboyant costumes or the immensely colourful characters.

I was just left shell-shocked when the first season ended on such a cliff-hanger. Since then I have waited patiently for what has been one of the most dramatic shows of the past ten years or so. From the tragic to the traumatic CC: R2 took me on an amazingly intense ride of excitement and suspense. I was left laughing out loud at the number of occasions where I was taken by utter surprise by an unexpected strategic counter-move or decision by Lelouch. Drama at its very best!

At times though, I was left completely bewildered at some scenes. For example, once Lelouch had cornered a suicidal Lord Schniezel onboard the flying fortress he had recorded pre-emptively his conversation so has to use his Geass on Schniezel. Even Lelouch admitted that out of all the people on earth he had never out-witted his brother. So how and why then with time clearly not at his disposal? Not that the occasional plot-holes detracted hugely from the entire story. Overall there was so much in terms of story that the odd discrepancy here and there could be over-looked on the grand scheme of things. Fortunately, there was only the one filler episode (number 12) and even then it was a welcome breather from the near chaotic pacing of the show. The last 3 to 4 episodes were initially confusing due to the near finicky change of allegiance from some of the main protagonists and antagonists. However, the ending made EVERYTHING completely clear for all to see. It as a brilliantly crafted ending to finish one of the best entertainment sagas I've seen.

Looking retrospectively back at both seasons with three days worth of contemplation I can now understand why Lelouch was recently voted the best anime character of 2008. Only Light Yagami from Death Note comes close to the ruthlessness and calculating monstrosity that is Lelouch Lamperouge.

To quote Mr Spock from the ending of Star Trek IV: "The needs of the one, outweigh the needs of the many."

This single quote summed up the sacrifices that the lead character took in order to create a better world for his beloved Nunnally. He showed no hesitation in realising his ambition to achieve this most noble and selfless of goals. Even if it meant destroying the world as we know it, betraying everyone that he held dearest and becoming the most hated man in history he pursused it with absolute conviction and supposed heroism.

As for the rest of the characters; there was a large cast with interesting and individual personas that kept things interesting right to the very end. As a stand-alone series, much has been left out regarding character development. I would recommend watching the previous season to get a better understanding of the drives of some of the more important peripheral cast members. I was shocked that Charles vi Britannia, the main antagonist and the main driving force of Lelouch's vengeance was killed off along with his own mother so quickly. In a way this altered the perception of just who the 'bad guy' really was. Everyone had their own ideas and motivations for doing what they felt were the just thing.

The music was excellent. I adored the immense dramatic variety encompassed in the score. There was innovative variation in tempo and composition where there were some excellent musical moments that were reminiscent of John Powell's "Bourne trilogy".

At times, it was almost as epic and moving as Howard Shore's "Lord of the Rings" when a truly emotional scene was played out. I can not think of no higher praise than to say that the compositions by Hitomi Kuroishi and Kotaro Nakagawa for CC: R2 are on par with some of Yoko Kanno's greatest works. The OPs and EDs were easy on the ear, especially the songs made by Orange Range.

Of special mention are the voice talents of Jun Fukuyama. His momentous efforts in bringing to life one of anime's more unique icons most certainly did not go unnoticed. Hard to think he was also the same VA for xxxHolic's Kimihiro Watanuki!

For the most part, CC: R2 was one of the better shows of 2008. Yes, it had some plot holes that with hind-sight didn't make any sense whatsoever. The fact that I didn't think about these little quirks DURING the episodes shows just how compelling and exciting the story was. Aside from this little problem and perhaps being not as brilliantly innovative as its predecessor, there were still so many plus points.

The near perfect animation with original designs (character, mecha, background etc)
The innovatively crafted cast of characters that never seemed dull or shallow
Brilliantly composed and arranged score
An ending that was nearly as shocking as The Usual Suspects
A rollercoaster of a story that was as momumental as it was intriguing.

When this series is finally available for purchase in Europe, I'd be buying the entire box-set. Definitely worth buying and highly recommended!

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2008-10-03        

Aw… man… now where do I begin?

The good stuff first. We all know Sunrise; they sure know how to sell a story, be it a good one or a lousy one. What you’ll need is fan service, a lot of kickass mecha, more fan service, a lot of plot twist and surprise, a lot more kickass mecha, etc. Code Geass had a lot of these. Code Geass R2 is practically made these. I’m not really gonna complain about this because it still adds entertainment value to the series, but it has its backlash. I can no longer enjoyed the action of a single mecha pawning a couple dozen of other mecha just to show off its power. We’ve seen in so many times in Gundam and it still never change. And poor Kallen; Sunrise whore her out so much, I can’t help but be more interested in her bouncing chest in her motorcycle pose cockpit than whatever she’s saying.

I gotta admit, in terms of the plot, the ending’s pretty cool. I can’t think of any other parts of the plot that is worthy of praise. A little extra info here; there’s actually an original storyline that continues directly after the end of season 1; but because of the new time slot, they decide to scrap the whole thing and make it into something that people who never watched the first season could get into. I heard Rollo didn’t even exist in that version. I suppose this is the reason why the plot went to hell. Admin leoxjm have put many of my thoughts into words that I have difficulty to… which is, how most of the characters turn into shallow plot-devices, particularly Rollo, Shirley and Jeremiah. They had so many plot twists, but only few carry any significant meaning to the storyline. Several parts were terribly executed, like when Shirley suddenly went paranoid and jumped off a building without warning, Lelouch and Suzaku saves her, sits around for a bit, and separated as if nothing happened? Wtf? You don’t even ask why did your friend suddenly went suicidal?

After watching the ending for a second time, I guess I enjoyed it quite a bit, though I still feel that it’s terribly cheap. With so many plot twists they came up with, I thought they’ll go with a more complicated ending, but they opt for a simple suicide plan. This likely means that Sunrise planned the ending first and never really thought about how it will connect with the middle and other parts of the plot.

The animation is brilliant, or should I say, perfect. Like Kyoto Animation perfect, but Sunrise has it’s own style. In terms of the music, I didn’t get attracted to any of the OPs or EDs, but they’re still pretty fitting nonetheless (though, a lot of people didn’t like the second ALI PROJECT OP).

This is probably proof that as long you have a solid ending, a good studio can turn a sh*t plot into something enjoyable. Yeah, this show is still somewhat enjoyable.

Plot-wise: 3
Story Style: 9
Production Quality: 10
Value: 6

Posted by : seefutbow
Posted on : 2008-10-02        

Wow... what a ride. Code Geass is a emotional roller coaster ride from beginning to end, and the series never ceases to surprise you. Granted I'm not sure if some of the side plots were resolved, but the main plot was resolved. If you're looking for a conclusive ending, Geass gives you that and more.

-The animation was amazing throughout the series. Character designs, colors, backgrounds, fluidity, the whole series oozed quality in animation. The series also lacked as many reused screens as other series Sunrise has done(Gundam Seed coff coff).
-The ending was simply amazing. I loved the ending. Lelouch was simply the best man for the job. His character did exactly as he said he would. I can't say much more without revealing the great ending.
-The music throughout the entire series was simply great. Code Geass was an auditory delight. The background music enhanced the moods from mysterious C.C., to fiery Kallen, to the battle scenes, or in the more emotional scenes.
-Lelouch was an amazing lead character. He's probably the cruelest but kindest character ever. His conviction and determination to accomplish what he set out to do was amazing.

-At times, certain events seemed to happen, not to advance the story, but to create a certain train wreck effect to keep the viewers on their feet. I didn't really like this, though it did keep me surprised.

-The end of the series did seem a bit rushed. I do think the series would have been better served if the end was fleshed out a bit more. The series did do a sufficient job though so I was content.

Code Geass was a long ride (50 episodes long), and I enjoyed most of it. Code Geass had everything I like in a series, great animation, attractive characters, good voice actors, great music, and a good story to keep it all together. Perhaps the thing that stood out the most in Geass for me was the ending. I loved the ending. No series in recent memory has done a better job at ending the series then Geass. I'd recommend Geass to any and everyone.

Posted by : NatureDragon
Posted on : 2008-09-29        

Storyline/Plot: 10/10
The story of Code Geass R2 is full of twists and surprises. It was hard to predict what was going to happen next as many events seemed to occur too fast and sudden. Every episode contains its own set of plot mysteries and excitement, making it extremely exhilarating for the viewers. Ideologies with divergent principles were deeply rooted in the storyline, hence, causing the whole story to be profound. With such impressive story development and substance, it is easily the best in its genre.

Character Development: 10/10
Lelouch Lamperouge is the male protagonist who is intelligent and brilliant. His character was strengthen through the series of events that had happened. Behind his ruthless and decisive mask, he is actually a guy who is emotional towards his love ones and cares greatly about the future of mankind. His personalities was greatly exemplified and developed, together with the female protagonist, C.C. As the Eternal Witch, C.C.'s character was also beautifully displayed. Her indifferent expressions was actually filled with warmth and concern. Other main characters such as Suzaku Kururugi and Kallen Stadtfeld were also placed at a high importance. Other minor characters were also given sufficient time to show their different personalities while they play their part in the anime.

Animation/Graphics: 10/10
Beautiful character designs coupled with magnificent battle scenes and mecha gives off an overall wonderful visual experience. The scenarios were also very well drawn with a high amount of detail. The many various character faces and different mecha designs also help to contribute to a better graphic experience.

Songs/Music: 9/10
Having a long list of background musics, they were able to use the right music for the right scene, making the anime even better.
Both the op songs, "O2" by ORANGE RANGE, "WORLD END" by FLOW were quite good while the ed songs, "Shiawase Neiro" by ORANGE RANGE and "Waga Routashi Aku no Hana" by ALI PROJECT was just above average.

Overall: 10+/10
This anime truly deserve a even better than perfect score. The complex and compelling storyline was very well crafted. The ending was truly brilliant. Code Geass R2 is the one of the best anime that I had watched and I strongly recommend this for all anime fans. (It is a must to watch for those who loved the first season)
This anime has set a new standard for this genre.

I greatly enjoyed and loved this anime =)

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