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Tokyo Marble Chocolate

Studio : Production I.G.

Length : 2 OVA

Year : 2007

Genre : Romance - Drama

Synopsis :
Yuudai - a coward who cannot say three simple words: "I love you."
Chizuru - a girl who has no more hope in her romantic life.

Both have failed in past relationships.

Both in love with each other, one wants to break it off, the other, to finally make the relationship "whole."

But all that changes when Yuudai wants to give Chizuru a rabbit and mistakenly replaces it with a donkey.

Additional Note : This 2 part OVA tells the same story but from different perspectives: Mata Aimashou (girl part) and Zenryoku Shounen (boy part). The episodes carry several small references to each other that you might want to look out for.

Added : 2008-01-14
Synopsis by : Chikage_Shampoo
Last update : 2008-08-10
Last update details : Modify info
Score : 6
Number of reviews : 2

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official Tokyo Marble Chocolate Website (Japanese)
Official #2 : Production I.G. Tokyo Marble Chocolate Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

ED1 : Seamo - Mata Aimashou
ED2 : Sukima Switch - Zenryoku Shounen

Release(s) :

2012-06-13 -- Episode(s) 1 by Patchinko. BT Link
2010-03-10 -- Episode(s) 1-2 by Live-eviL. BT Link
2010-02-16 -- Episode(s) 1-2 by Diffusion. BT Link

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Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2008-08-12        

Tokyo Marble Chocolate was everything I suspected it to be. Perhaps a little more annoying than that, but it was still enjoyable.

It was Bokura ga Ita all over again. The art was cute, pastel-like, characters looked simple, and it was very shoujo. Unfortunately, it also kept the common romantic misunderstandings, droneful drama, and unlikeable events. It's the type of show where "anything can go wrong"; for example, things never reach their destination or meaningful words are always disrupted.

What I liked most about Tokyo Marble Chocolate is that there were some very touching moments. The music really aided in these feelings. I especially liked the song playing during the "girl part". The chorus really uplifted feelings of love executed in the OVA.

The characters are almost forgetful. Chizuru was simple with an airy personality. Just like Chikage_Shampoo said, I also liked Yuudai but I may be confusing it with pity. Unlike Chikage, though, I found the donkey/mule thing really annoying. As for the ending, I'd be lying if I said I was completely satisfied with its ending, however, I'm not unhappy with it.

I enjoy the different perspectives of characters of the same event. This OVA gave me some touching moments which I always embrace. I do think that the execution of the story could have been better though.

Posted by : Chikage_Shampoo
Posted on : 2008-06-27        

Tokyo Marble Chocolate is a sweet one-shot that fails to deliver in many aspects.

Like the title emphasizes, this OAV emphasizes a couple's relationship from two distinct points of view: that of the boy and that of the girl. And, like a piece of marble, these points of views are divided between the good and the bad - the boy and the girl, respectively. Black and white - both very different, yet both part of the same piece of chocolate. This mirrors the fact that the characters contain some striking similarities (Say that five times fast!).

The main appeal of this OAV lies in its power to progress from the sketchy to the specific. This is most noticeable in the animation. For instance, in one of the scenes, the buildings turn from blobs, to lines, to a distinguishable building. Even the storyline, especially when progressing from the girl's to the guy's (or perhaps vice versa; I watched the girl's episode first), also follows this pattern. The animators purposely leave holes in the storyline on purpose in the girl's part, in order to be filled later, though the main question that appears throughout the series is implied but never explicitly stated. Likewise, this progression mirrors the characters, who do not, as viewers may come to realize, understand "anything" about each other until the very end.

In fact, this whole anime allows viewers to concentrate solely on the main characters: the boy, the girl, and the donkey. Others seem blurred or remain in a still shot as the main characters move and interact with one another. Unless the other person is noticed by one of the main characters, or unless the particular guy or gal plays some part in the story, viewers can expect not to notice them.

Yet this anime's greatest strength is also one of its downfalls. Because one is led to ultimately concentrate on watching the characters, one cannot focus on anything else. Unfortunately, this anime fails in this aspect. Although the characters are sweet, they are predictable (with the saving grace that both characters have actually dated other males/females before), and this leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. The girl is set up to be somewhat hated, the guy somewhat pitied; the animation is bland and mostly has no shading. The mule, however cute with its antics, only serves to detract from the otherwise calm and peaceful ambience - like a memory - of the OAV.

Meanwhile, the background music plays an important role in this anime. Even though the music is not memorable, it certainly sets the simplistic, sweet scene that this anime attempts to convey. However, one barely notices this music (unless it is the rapping or singing at the end, depending on which one you choose to view) due to the animation and the characters. One is simply waiting for the hour to end.

This hour consists of two episodes. Both certainly have different tones about them. The girl's focuses on the bad, the guy's on the good. As a result, I was first disgusted with and then cheering for the couple (Should I say "couple" or "guy"?). I say "cheering for," but unfortunately the OAV was too short for me to develop a liking to any of the characters (except perhaps the mule, which is surprising). I had at most three somewhat emotional pangs (in the second episode) during the course of this drama, but everything else seemed predictably dry.

I'd recommend that you skip this anime, even if it's short.

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