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Studio : Hal Film Maker

Length : 2 OVA

Year : 2008

Genre : Romance

Synopsis :
In their last day at school, the members of the Mochitsuki Academy's music club buried a time capsule and promised to return three years later to retrieve it. Now the time has passed and Nono, Makoto, Matsuri and Yuzu-nee have returned... only to find out that a teacher has hidden the capsule's contents elsewhere.

As they reunite after all that time and look for their mementos, the four of them also start to remember their times together...

Added : 2008-03-03
Synopsis by : leoxjm
Last update : 2008-03-18
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Score : 4
Number of reviews : 1

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official Yotsunoha Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Yui Sakakibara - Koisuru Kioku

ED1 : Chata - Negai

Release(s) :

2015-03-25 -- Episode(s) 1-2 by TsUNDeRe. BT Link
2010-03-12 -- Episode(s) 1-2 by Formula Sub. BT Link
2008-07-08 -- Episode(s) 2 by Aquastar & Orange-Side. BT Link

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Character Design
Motomura, Kouichi

 Nekomiya, Nono Yuki, Makoto Amachi, Matsuri Yuzuki, Iori

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Posted by : leoxjm
Posted on : 2008-04-07        

Yotsunoha is a shrug-worthy OVA adaptation of an H-game (minus the sex), something it makes no effort to hide. Uninspired and cheesy, it lacks the humor of other harem animes such as Love Hina or the elegance of Kanon. Instead what we get is a straightforward tale of a guy who has to choose which girl he really likes between 2 of them (the third is never really an option). It's probably gonna float your boat if you're into romance animes or H-games, but I get the feeling that even then Yotsunoha is just gonna come across tasting stale.

The story of Yotsunoha doesn't take place entirely in a school-life context; though it relies heavily on the characters' reminiscence of their time together at school. While these two OVAs do in fact have more flashbacks than Gundam SEED Destiny, they're essential to move the character relations forward for the sake of the audience (instead of being used to kill time). It's true that I wasn't fond of Yotsunoha as a whole, but I think it managed its choice of storytelling competently enough. It's the quality of the rest of the content what I find debatable.

The characters are your stereotypical lot of harem characters. We have the nice male guy who is friendly but kind of dumb (this one is only good at the game Othello). As the females we get the nice and diligent loli, the tough girl who is actually sensitive, and the hot but dumb one. Yawn. Oh, there's also the quiet and mysterious type too, but she only comes up in the flashbacks. They're as run-off-the-mill as you can imagine. Really. They are all linked by a "friends 4ever" relationship with some romantic overtones that wasn't nearly enough to pique my interest. it doesn't help that the OVA's main character, Nono, was the one I ound most annoying. Perhaps I wouldn't have minded it so much if Matsuri or Yuzu had been it... but why Nono? And what was with her "catgirl" flashback? It seemed more like lolicon-oriented fanservice than anything else.

Then, when it comes to the resolution of the "love angle" the male character's choice is... odd. Predictable, but odd. I mean, it's obvious that the girl has liked him since forever, but not the other way around. The writers kinda work up something in retrospect to justify it, but the pull and the chemistry are never really there. In the end it's an alright ending, I guess... but that's because the rest of the OVA is just so mediocre that a mediocre ending fits right in.

The animation is unimpressive. Some frames are gorgeous, in others the quality obviously plummets. I guess Yotunoha didn't involve the kind of budget that other productions of its kind usually do. Not for animation, at least. The design work seems to have been rather attractive, although Matsuri's uniform looks more like something a Magical Girl would wear than an actual school uniform. Well, it's anime, right? That's forgivable. Still, the animation quality is not a reason to watch this anime. Not even a secondary appeal. That's for sure.

The music is also unimpressive, and the OP is rather crappy. It is sung by Nono's voice actress. Now, all the characters voices were done well, except hers. Damn, her voice and accent really grated my nerves! Seriously! Her "Ma-kun" was... oh... Annoying! I didn't like her character and her obnoxious voice didn't make that any better. Everyone else's voice is good, which probably just makes Nono's odd talk stand out even more. Bad stuff.

In short, if you want to watch a short anime with cookie-cutter characters, cookie-cutter relations, a cookie-cutter plot, unimpressive animation and annoying voicework, give Yotsunoha a go. This anime isn't completely bad, but it is the pinnacle of mediocrity. At least for me, it definitely holds no appeal. In fact, I don't doubt you'll find "mediocre anime" that are more likable than Yotsunoha.

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