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Clannad ~After Story~

Studio : Kyoto Animation

Length : 24 Episodes

Year : 2008

Genre : Drama - Comedy - Slice of Life - Harem

Synopsis :
In a small city, a group of high school students become friends gradually over time. Each of them has their own respective troubles within their families and rely on the help of one another to battle what's bothering them. With that support, they can achieve a dream they once felt may have been impossible... all the while creating new and enjoyable memories to make their darker days all the more brighter.

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Synopsis by : xenocrisis0153
Last update : 2009-07-04
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Score : 8.38
Number of reviews : 8

Song(s) :

OP1 : Lia - Toki wo Kizamu Uta

ED1 : Lia - Torch

Release(s) :

2017-09-12 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by Anime4Life. BT Link
2017-08-06 -- Episode(s) 1-23 by Doki. BT Link
2017-08-06 -- Episode(s) 1-23 by Doki. BT Link

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Original Work

 Okazaki, Tomoya Furukawa, Nagisa Fujibayashi, Kyou Fujibayashi, Ryou Ichinose, Kotomi Sakagami, Tomoyo Sunohara, Youhei Miyazawa, Yukine
 Furukawa, Sanae Furukawa, Akio Sagara, Misae

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Posted by : newken
Posted on : 2011-09-01        

Clannad: After Story changed my view on anime forever. It's a beautiful ending to a beautiful show. I shed tears of laughter, happiness and sadness. All in all, watching this was an emotional roller coaster and by far one of my favourite series of all time. In just five episodes I grew to love the characters in this show, The character development was very well done. Every arc brought on a lump in my throat right from the beginning of the first series to the end.

Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2010-08-02        

I had regarded the first Clannad as one of my all-time favourite shows. It had a near perfect mix of humour with drama. Love with angst and for over 2 years I had waited anxiously for the sequel. After nearly a year of procrastination I have finally found the nerve to write a review for its sequel: Clannad ~After Story~.

I absolutely adored all of the character designs of Kyoto Animation. Nearly all of their shows that have been taken from the Visual Arts/Key catalogue have been faithful in aesthetics. The facial expressions were always a joy to behold and the backgrounds were once again highly detailed. Of note the use of shadowing and darkened colours in some of the key scenes were just gorgeous. For example, the animated fields and sunsets in episode 16 were as beautiful as they were picturesque. Very vivid with a bright colour palette ~After Story~ continues on where its predecessor left off.

The story this time around was much more insular and more dramatic. Where there was innocence, there was now maturity. Where once there was humour there was sadness. Seeing the story and the cast mature before my eyes was both saddening and moving. If there was one criticism I had of ~After Story~ it was that there wasn't enough of a balance between the positive and tragic scenes. What made the first season such a fantastic experience was the near manic change of mood from 'a laugh minute' spectacle to a highly-charged soap drama. This time round the story was far more serious. As a result there was this feeling that much of this balance had been lost. At times it almost felt like a chore to watch through some of the more emotional episodes. No matter how much I loved the series, there will always be a limit to how much suffering I would be able to endure when a cast member is made to go through hell.

On a truly positive note however, the highlight of the entire show (and perhaps the ENTIRE FRANCHISE) was the truly horrific emotional scenes in episode 16. I have never since seen such a moving episode that drove me to tears as quickly as this and hopefully I never will again.

Perhaps the greatest weakness of this sequel was the small nuclear cast of Tomoyo and Nagisa, followed by the tragic arrival of Ushio. Much more emphasis was placed on the developing yet burgeoning love between Tomoyo and Nagisa which soon becomes Tomoyo and Ushio. These two relationships in themselves were great to watch, but what about the rest of the supporting characters from the first season? The Fujibayashi twins, Tomoyo Sakagami and of course Sunohara were almost absent in the last two thirds of ~After Story~. This fundamental shift from an 'extended family' to 'nuclear family' dynamic of only Nagisa and Tomoyo was perhaps the underlying premise of the entire story arc (with the extended family being all of Nagisa's and Tomoyo's high school friends in the first Clannad). However the character dynamic never quite felt right and unfortunately after Tomoyo had graduated from high school it never fully recovered until near the show's conclusion.

The music was again brilliant. The opening and ending were perhaps not as iconic as the first Clannad but nevertheless the songs used were both very catchy and cheerful. The voice acting again was top-notch and once again maintained the very high standards of raw emotion (and on the rarer occasions the humour) established by this series' predecessor.

I had perhaps expected far too much from ~After Story~. There were quite a few key elements missing that made the first Clannad a classic. The large varied supporting cast, the near manic humour, the iconic opening and ending theme songs were all missing this time round. I found it less of an emotional roller coaster and more of an exercise in sky-diving. Things just kept on falling to pieces for the likes of Tomoyo and Nagisa. As a result it never was truly as enjoyable as I had expected. As a fan of the franchise I still found it a fascinating watch but as the previous reviews have testified ~After Story~ could never replicate the sheer spectacle of the first Clannad. There were still many more plus points, but unfortunately there were enough negatives to have made me award a lower than expected score. Three to four steps short of the perfection I had expected I can only award 4 stars.

Posted by : NatureDragon
Posted on : 2009-05-12        

Storyline/Plot: 9.5/10
The story style of Clannad ~ After Story is very similar to that of Clannad. The whole plot is divided into different smaller story arcs which focus on different characters. In the beginning portion of the anime, much emphasis is placed on side characters. This felt a little out of place at times as I felt that they should have given the five supporting female leads (Kyou, Ryou, Kotomi, Fuko and Tomoyo) better emphasis. Nonetheless, I find the story arcs quite interesting, especially the one that focuses on Sunohara and Mei (One of the most lighthearted arcs in the entire anime). The Middle portion of the anime became rather dull and dramatic as there is no longer the good old high school life. Just Tomoya's and Nagisa's struggles as they face with many challengers and problems. Some comedy was still present, which really helps to lift the gloomy mood at times. In the final portion of the anime, the story was all about Tomoya and his new life with Ushio (not a pretty one).

The ending of this anime is rather predictable as Key plus Kyoto Animation tends to give you happy endings (if you have watched Kanon, you would know what I meant.) I am a fan of good endings so I do not have much to complain about. However, the way that they link the Robot and lonely girl in an alternate world with the actual world at the end was puzzling and difficult to understand.

In all, I find Clannad ~ After Story pretty good though it might have been better. The whole anime was very, very emotional and made me felt like crying at certain points.
The story follows closely to the Nagisa's route in the game plus the alternate ending in the game (the one that can be unlockedif you have to collect all the pretty lights as the robot).

Character Development: 9/10
Most of the anime focuses on Tomoya and Nagisa plus one side character. Nagisa's parents (Akio and Sanae) played a very important role this time around. Akio and Sanae actually felt like Tomoya and Nagisa's brother and sister instead. The supporting female leads from the original Clannad played very minor roles this time around.

Animation/Graphics: 10/10
The animation produced by Kyoto animations was great with realistic enviroments and lovely character designs. The characters' facial expressions were dramatic yet life-like. I really like the eyes and face of each character as they seems to give lots of life to the anime. Overall graphics quality is top-notch.

Songs/Music: 10/10
I really love both the OP and ED songs by Lia. The opening song was very appropriate and very impactful. I find "Dango Daikazoku" by Chata very cute and lovable. The BGM quality was great and is the same as the original.

Overall: 10/10
I find Clannad ~ After Story a good sequel to the original Clannad. Although there is less high school life and less focus on my favourite character (I like Kotomi the most, though all the other characters were very likeable as well), the story was seriously heart-wrenching.
Tomoya's chains of unfortunate events were just so pitiful and perfectly crafted. It felt a little cliche at times but I seriously felt that it was a great overall experience.
I do recommend Clannad ~ After Story for anyone who is looking for a great emotional story.

Posted by : Chikage_Shampoo
Posted on : 2009-04-17        

I was not impressed with Clannad, nor with its successor, Clannad After Story. There really is not much to review in this series: in a nutshell (if you're too lazy to read the rest of this), the art was nice, some of the music was awful, the characters were copies of each other, and I hated the ending. The series has much unfulfilled potential but that isn't surprising since it's from Key.

All Key has in its two series that I've seen - Clannad and Air (I hope to get to Kanon sometime over the summer) - is its beautiful art and, at least for Air, its music. The storyline has so much potential but Clannad's drawback is that it took way too long reaching an explanation (contrasting Air's problem of using only 13 episodes), and when that explanation was finally reached it proved highly unsatisfying. Furthermore, each of the characters have some potential, but the girls seem like copies of one another with very slight differences. Were Kyou and Ryou's pasts even explored? I don't really remember.

Luckily this series, at least for the second half, focuses more on the protagonists and attempts to develop their relationship and even make them seem a little more human and not just some superficial couple. In this it succeeded a bit, but by the end I just gave up and focused more on the dramatics (where Key seems to put forth all its effort in) and comedy. I ended up feeling quite, quite, quite frustrated with a few of the characters, and older characters from the other series seemed to just be stuck in - appearing when they were needed. And I quite despised the ending - I was expecting it somewhat, but I was earnestly hoping that it would not happen. When it did, I just let out a heavy sigh in the back of my mind. Tomoya is a yo-yo sort of character - you might hate him one moment, like him for a bit the next. His father finally had something to do with the story but overall I was frustrated, especially with that "mystical background storyline" about the lonely girl.

The storyline? What exactly what was the storyline? How was it connected? A connection is made, but I don't know - it happened too briefly, and the story was jerky at moments.

I liked some of the music, but what seems to pop up most in my mind is that abhorrent Dango Family song. I cannot, absolutely cannot stand it, and they kept singing it throughout the series. Someone spare the poor viewer from it! [Apologies to those who like/love the song.] I've lost my will to write down some more for a moment just thinking about it. Luckily I did enjoy Lia's new songs.

There were many, many quirks I had with this series, but I can't write them down because of spoiler problems that would arise. Overall, a nice series for the art - you just can't beat Kyoto Animation. But as for fulfillment, you might want to try another anime.

Posted by : AJtheFourth
Posted on : 2009-04-09        

I am extremely sad to write that I did not find Clannad: After Story nearly as good as its predecessor.

Animation: The animation, as always from KyoAni, is beautifully done. Like Clannad, Clannad: After Story uses a soft color palette and softens its edges in many scenes. Characters and backgrounds are developed with meticulous detail and the animation flows very well. 10/10

Story: Being a visual novel adaptation, the plot is very character driven. After Story flounders a bit in the first series of episodes, giving us a very short Sunohara arc, an even shorter Misae arc, and another short story arc focusing on Yukine (the research room girl). Yukine's was the most interesting, and although we had a few moments of comic relief from Sunohara (and a toilet seat cover!) the plot is a bit lifeless when it shifts the focus away from Tomoya, Nagisa, and the other four girls who once vied for his affections. Where the first season genuinely established their friendships, After Story ignores them to focus on more bit characters.

Later on, the series narrows its focus onto Tomoya and Nagisa, and their life together after they graduate. The story shines a bit brighter here, only to dull again after shifting focus to Tomoya's relationship with his daughter, Ushio. The tragic aspects are played up for maximum effect, but unlike the first season, we don't have the touching bonds of friendship, a budding romance, or Akio's comedic relief to break up the story. The ending is also a bit confusing and very predictable, although I'm glad to that the girl and her junk robot in the illusionary world did have a purpose after all. It's not bad, it's just not as fantastic as I was used to seeing from this franchise. A more realistic and elongated portrayal of Tomoya's grief would have done this story wonders. 6/10

Characters: Tomoya's character development is handled well for most of the series. As I mentioned above, I would have liked to see him grieve more realistically. We also never really get to know, or love, Ushio as much as Nagisa, so the events surrounding her character aren't fleshed out as much as they could have been. I loved the cast of characters in Clannad, and unfortunately most of them are scarce in After Story. Where was my favorite, Kotomi? Kyou and Fuuko make a few appearances, and I was pleased at how Fuuko's character came across in this season. All in all, the characters are still fantastic, but I would have liked to have seen more of my favorites. 8/10

Music: KyoAni almost always makes fantastic music choices and this is no exception for the opening, Toki o Kizamu Uta. Sung by Lia of AIR fame, this song suits the series very well. Lia also sings the ending Torch, and although it's a pretty song, it sometimes doesn't fit the gravity of an episode. Something serious happens...and the episode ends...and suddenly Nagisa is skipping happily and dango are popping up everywhere! The background music mirrors the first season and I appreciated the continuity. 8/10

Overall: If you were a fan of the first season, then After Story is a much watch. If you only liked the first season okay, mainly because of the comedy, then I might pass on this season. I loved Clannad, but I only liked Clannad: After Story. It's still a fantastic season, but it could have been so much more. 8/10

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2009-04-05        

I'll say this first; seeing how Clannad: After Story ranked in A-S's top 100 series of 2008, this is not gonna be popular opinion; for in fact, I didn't really like Clannad: After Story. I'll say that I enjoyed the first season more.

Like the problem with the first season, I find Clannad EXTREMELY cheesy. The climax of each arc felt incredibly melodramatic, especially that of Sunohara and Mei's arc, when she got herself into a very cliched situation at the end. If you think about it, Clannads plot twists and climaxes are all too normal to be hailed as one of the best series this year. It was due to lot of help from KyoAni's story and animation style that made it dramatic, but for me it because counter-productive, as some scenes becomes very forcefully dramatic that I, 100% truthfully, almost can't bear to watch.

Since they are not exactly going to be unique, they could have chose to go for a more popular direction, because there's a blatant lack of fan-service and intimate scenes, even though romance is one of Clannad's genre. There's not even one kiss scene between Tomoya and Nagisa. There's also a painful lack of popular characters like Kyou, Tomoyo and even Fuko, even though they seemed to be much more popular than main character Nagisa (FYI: amongst the main 5 heroines, only Nagisa didn't make it into A-S's top 100 favourite characters of 2008)

About the finale; unlike other, too, I find it just okay, and it's largely due to KyoAni's excellent story presentation, because I feel that this ending have a huge lack of impact as compared to the game, which I felt was excellent. For the anime, despite seeing many popular opinions I can't shake the feeling that it's just a Deus Ex Machina ending. And no, I didn't mean it's a good one.

Lia's two songs for Clannad: After Story was very good, and have the same power like the one she sang for Air. Though, playing such a cheerful ending at the end of the incredibly sad episode kinda makes it a waste.

I've almost always enjoyed Clannad: After Story's comedic moments, because they're really good at it, I give you that. Sadly, it seems like it's the only thing I can really praise. I've lost a lot of confidence with KyoAni this time round.

Plot-wise: Pass
Story Style: Good
Production Quality: Excellent
Value: 6

Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2009-04-05        

Clannad - After Story... you are such a tease. You got rid of your goddess who plays weaponized violin tunes. You even covered up the twins after giving them such an interesting role. All the comedy is dead, and you still maintain a slightly immature side, but all who came to you expecting a cute tween harem anime will instead find a profoundly deep drama.

The first season is very standard in terms of story but had a sense of humor. This season reverses that, and we are treated to a wonderful drama. Tomoya has finally settled down with Nagisa and their love for each other is greatly reflected in their exuberant child Ushio. Harem anime rarely goes beyond high school. The reason probably has to do with the despair of being one individual amongst millions, and the lost of intimacy in an environment like high school. Clannad - After Story does go beyond high school, and draws on this despair as we see Tomoya trying to find a job as well as coping with his personal life. What's even better is the focus on family.

Unlike Naruto, the theme of family in Clannad - After Story is not one-dimensional, and centered selfishly on the main character. We get to see the feelings that each of the family members feel, and the anime takes great pains to ensure that every character has their feelings sorted. It's rare for an anime that would take time to allow Akii and Sanae some time to cry and console themselves. It's rare for an anime that focuses an entire arc in getting the estranged father Tomoya to bond with his daughter Ushio. The attention to details, and the tenderness of Clannad - After Story is astonishing.

Yet, Clannad - After Story falls short in one respect. The show is immature in handling tragedy. I agree that using a miracle is the only way to tie in the weird dream sequence, and the role it has in the story. What I do not agree with is the consequence of resolving the two stories. The resolution requires throwing away the emotions Tomoya painfully obtained after the tragedy involving Nagisa. Tomoya had spent a greater part of an arc in re-connecting with his daughter, and accepted the hand fate gave him. A great thing about family is the ability to adapt with tragedy, and Clannad - After Story demonstrated many times it understood this. Therefore to suddenly jump back in time, and have Nagisa wake up as if nothing happened is like Ashton Kutcher coming out, and say fate has Punk'd Tomoya. The happy ending is forced, and completely unnecessary as it destroys the whole theme of family.

Clannad - After Story is a greatly improved sequel. Although not as humorous, the story is focused and touching. Many of the characters are cleverly portrayed, and elicit genuine affection. This anime is crafted with such quality that only a few others in its' genre as a drama can compare to it; highly recommended to all.

Hence, 9/10

Posted by : kannagisai
Posted on : 2009-03-28        

I absolutely cannot believe how much better this series is than its predecessor. It is so exponentially superior that it’s almost like an entirely different show. I have always been a big fan of Kyoto Animation and its productions (to put it mildly) but, after a few sub-par efforts recently, I had begun to wonder if they had anything left. The first series had so many poorly executed elements and outright awful plot lines that many probably won’t give this a chance. What a difference a year makes…

I want to start off by saying that this is Kyoto's best drama; period. I loved Kanon, and thought Air was pretty good, but this is nothing short of brilliant. Since Kyoto generally deals with original compositions and doesn't get its source material from manga or video games, their bound to miss the mark once in a while I suppose. It’s not easy to continually come up with fresh stories. I was so disappointed with the first series but now I truly think that this was just a minor misstep. Clannad After Story continues on with the lives of Tomoya, Nagisa, and their ensemble of friends and acquaintances, but this time around focuses on the period following graduation – specifically, the relationship between Tomoya and Nagisa. There is a real sense of kinship to these two which is why you will absolutely fail to realize that virtually the entire supplemental cast from the first show is like minor window dressing to the amazing story focused on the two leads. There are small moments with their former friends and classmates, but they are few and don’t really add anything to the story. They don’t necessarily detract from it either -- which is a good thing. All the padding and extraneous sub-plots finally fade away and a simply stunning and powerful tale unwinds revealing and finally putting closure to every single hanging allusion from the previous installment. Where on earth did this splendor come from?? I sort-of felt ripped-off after part one but I cannot possibly complain about this. It’s practically perfect. Why two shows then?? Like I stated earlier, many people may dismiss this as a simple an extension of the first thinking it's just a cash grab for the production company. But, if you have seen the first series and are reading this; go watch it now!!

Without giving too much away, I will finish by saying that this series gets very serious very quickly. It seems that it took nearly one and a half seasons to get to all of the demons that they vaguely touched upon earlier, but when they finally reveal themselves, they have proven to be well worth the wait. In fact, you will thank the anime gods when you see the magnificence that is episode 18. The single best twenty-something minutes in anime history; seriously. Lives are changed drastically, love is pushed to its limits, and through it all you will be much more involved than last time around. It’s a simple example of why we love anime.

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